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Bitty Browser Plug

Posted in Code,Computers & Technology,Interface,UI,Web 2.0 by Elliott Back on March 3rd, 2006.

A loyal reader sent in a snippet about Bitty Browser, what he calls Picture in Picture for the internet. You can create your own Bitty Browser for inlining things like OPML lists:

While it’s still under development, in the future or right now this could be a very useful tool for embedding virtually any kind of content into your blog posts, or elsewhere. The author has already created quick links for Technorati, Google, Bloglines, Flickr, Digg, Web pages, and other common rich media applications.

Why I wish there were 1 browser

Posted in My Blog by Elliott Back on December 30th, 2004.

There are times I wish it were either just IE or Firefox in circulation, and not both. And these are days when I run into differences in the rendering engines of those browsers. Right now my single pages render fine in IE, validate, but show a break in Firefox between the header and the little header-bit. The menu-bar is also 1-pixel off in Firefox, which is extremely annoying. Take a look at these illustrations:

break in header

gap in menu

I suppose I should fix this sometime…. sigh…

Google Browser

Posted in Google,Search by Elliott Back on October 26th, 2004.

When Google registered “GBrowser.com” it quickly became the source of a lot of speculation. So today it was interesting when a kid at Cornell’s Google infosession asked:

“Can you talk about the web browser you’re building”

and the presenter, with an embarrassed blush and pause, replied:


“I can’t talk about it” is more telling than a denial. When asked about internal deployments he didn’t know about, or knew weren’t being used, the presenter would answer in the negative. When asked about a Google Browser, we got this. Interesting.

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