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Geek Tech Cufflinks

Posted in Fashion,Hardware by Elliott Back on December 4th, 2006.

Since I’ve started dressing up these days, I’ve been very interested in finding interesting cufflinks. What better then, to compile a list of technology-themed cuff links for your favorite nerd or geek! Start up your shopping engines, because it’s …

Microcontroller Cufflinks


These micro integrated circuit cufflinks will set you back just $45. You can order them from ZelleStyle, the brain child of Liz McLean Knight. Cufflinks also sells integrated circuit cuffs, but they’re clumsier looking. There’s also a slick set of recycled circuit board cufflinks for $95.

Chess Board Cufflinks


Nothing says you’re a smart intelligent bachelor than a chessboard on your arms. If you drop $35 on the cuffs everyone will know you’re smart.

Dice Cufflinks


Chess is too safe, so why not buy a pair of Dice cufflinks to flaunt your daring side. Of course, as a geek, you play the odds, not the thrill.

Internet Boom WWW Cufflinks


Did you make money during the great internet bubble? Did you lose big when Yahoo and bunch dropped all their stock value overnight? Were you a startup founder? Did you want to be? Check out these WWW dot COM cuff links!

Robot Cufflinks


At $235 a pair, these are by far the most expensive tech cufflinks on the list. But, with memories of Asimov and HAL, can you pass up the chance to literally wear GEEK GEEK GEEK every day stamped into your fashion?

Some real Star Wars geeks

Posted in Graphics,Humour by Elliott Back on May 23rd, 2005.

The Guru of Tangerines points out this hilarious Star Wars cartoon. It’s so true, and so sad:

Anatomy of a Star Wars Geek

Thinkgeek Haiku Winner

Posted in Computers & Technology,Humour by Elliott Back on January 28th, 2005.

Reposting the ThinkGeek Winning Haiku for December 2004:

I had a dream where
I was in an infinite
loop, then the next night

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