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Single Harts: E-Dating Naming Gone Wrong

Posted in Spam by Elliott Back 1 week, 1 day ago.

I just received this hilarious spam from SingleHarts.com, which makes me want to burst out laughing. Never has LOL been so necessary, or LMAO the perfect choice of words! Contrary to its intended purpose, this email will ensure I never take their site seriously. Well, I’d never take any e-dating site seriously, but on a professional basis I am just laughing. Why would you name it that?

I would like to introduce SingleHarts.com, the hottest new Community Dating site. SingleHarts was established for people of all race gender and sexual preference to meet each other in an environment that is not only safe but free from those awkward situations associated with dating such as meeting face to face for the first time, or trying to attract your perfect partner in a crowded room. So with that in mind create your profile today and enjoy the benefits that SingleHarts has to offer and we wish you the very best in your future dating experiences.

SingleHarts is an online community that has much to offer these feature include

* Untill July 31st 2007, join up for free and enjoy all features of SingleHarts.
* Personal profiles with photos, video and your own personal blog.
* Send potential friends and partners flirts virtual kisses and emails to express your interests.
* Chat online with the people you meet in our group chat or go one on one with someone special for a more private conversation.
* Or perhaps invite someone you know or someone you would like to know to join.

These are just some of the things that you will find here at SingleHarts. So if you want to meet some friendly new people, then come join us here at SingleHarts and start meeting people today. the person of you dreams could be just a few clicks away. Sign up free member here.

Yours truly.

When I go to their webpage, here’s what I see instead of what they want me to see:


hart: A male deer, commonly of the red deer, Cervus elaphus, esp. after its fifth year.

Indeed, a Hart is a kind of deer good for hunting–I’ve substituted a hare instead, for the day that SingleHares.com becomes a reality.

The Latest Bugs and Naming from our “friends” at Redmond…

Posted in Computers & Technology,Microsoft,Spread IE by Elliott Back on July 21st, 2005.

CNET is carrying two Microsoft stories today. The first is about unpatched image vulnerabilities in IE SP2. According to the release, four proof of concepts have been released that crash the latest version of internet explorer. The bug release, on security focus, reads:

Microsoft Internet Explorer is prone to a buffer overflow vulnerability in the JPEG image rendering library used by the browser. This issue is due to a failure of the application to properly bounds check input data prior to copying it to a fixed size memory buffer.

This issue was identified by creating random input for the browser, and has not been researched further at this time. This BID will be updated as further information is disclosed.

Successful exploitation may result in execution of arbitrary code in the context of the user executing the affected browser.

As such, it may or may not be exploitable, but it certainly is a bug. The second is advance speculation on the true name of Longhorn:

Rumor has it that Microsoft plans to use Vista as the official name for the next version of Windows, which has been known by its codename, Longhorn.

Personally, I think Windows Vista sounds a bit odd…

Yahoo’s PIPE api

Posted in AJAX,Blogging,Hacking,UI,Web 2.0,Yahoo by Elliott Back on February 12th, 2007.

In a much better naming than Technorati’s immature WTF (Where’s the fire), Yahoo today released a labs product called Yahoo Pipes. The name comes from linux file handle terminology:

Pipes is a hosted service that lets you remix feeds and create new data mashups in a visual programming environment. The name of the service pays tribute to Unix pipes, which let programmers do astonishingly clever things by making it easy to chain simple utilities together on the command line.

The idea is quite simple. Yahoo Pipes lets users take everyday RSS feeds and mash them together with Yahoo APIs, other feeds, and programmatic building blocks in an easy to use graphical environment. Unfortunately, the execution is terrible and buggy. Take, for example, this yahoo pipe I created to scan the NYT feed for locations / keywords and insert flickr images as appropriate:


The first thing you might notice is that it doesn’t really do what it’s supposed to. Well, we’ll come to that in a minute. You’ll also notice a lot of & going around–every time I hit save it re-encoded the original ampersand. How irritating. Worse is how their pipes are so watered down they can’t do anything:


All I wanted to do was take some content, for each item do content analysis and geo analysis, and use those outputs as the input to a flickr search, then append the photo to the text snippet. Well, first you can’t fork a data stream into two bits and recombine them later. So scratch two kinds of analysis. Second, the outputs of content/geo analysis can’t be used to populate the inputs of the flickr data source–an obvious problem. And third, the annotation feature useless doesn’t annotate, it just replaces chunks messily.

Yahoo, your pipes are indeed clogged.

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