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Raspberry Pi Setup – First Steps

Posted in Hardware, Raspberry Pi by Elliott Back on March 26th, 2014.
  1. Change the default password–simply run sudo raspi-config and select the option from the menu
  2. Update all your packages:
  3. sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade

  4. Give your raspberry pi a network name (hostname.local as per raspi-config), using Apple’s zeroconf/bonjour protocol:
  5. sudo apt-get install avahi-daemon
    sudo insserv avahi-daemon

  6. Install airplay using shairport (if you want it)
  7. Setup your wifi card using wicd

How to Make a Dark & Stormy

Posted in Food by Elliott Back on June 3rd, 2012.

You can accomplish this in a few simple steps:

  • Add ice cubes to a tall glass
  • Fill 3/4 with ginger beer
  • Top off with dark rum
  • Stir until the rum storms down to the bottom

Don’t over stir it! You want the rum / ginger beer mixture to be ununiform and chaotic, representing the stormy nature of the drink.

The iPhone 4S Leaves Me Sated

Posted in Apple, iPhone by Elliott Back on December 13th, 2011.

Pocket Lint has an article today, Nokia: Youths are fed up with iPhone, baffled by Android. I’d like to say that it’s not true. Perhaps, at twenty-seven years old, I am no longer a youth, but my iPhone, iPhone 3GS, and now iPhone 4S have left me completely satisfied. Ever since the first iPhone that combined an mp3 player (iPod) and a phone (i thew away my Motorola Razr), I’ve been delighted to find such a wide range of functionality in a single device.

I’m well known to be a cranky Apple fan, begrudging them of praise, but the Pocket Lint article steps too far over the line:

“What we see is that youth are pretty much fed up with iPhones. Everyone has the iPhone,” he said. “So we do increasingly see that the youth that wants to be on the cutting edge and try something new are turning to the Windows phone platform.”

Yes, it is pure PR, coming from Nokia.

It’s also pure BS.

Every iPhone user I know, universally, love their phone. Apple, in producing a single phone productline, has ensured a consistent end-user experience that blows any other handset manufacturer or OS provider out of the water.

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