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Top Search Terms for 2006

Posted in AOL,Blogging,Computers & Technology,Google,Search,SEO,Yahoo by Elliott Back on December 20th, 2006.

As 2006 comes to a close, a number of major search providers have released their top search queries. Even though the results may be heavily doctored, they’re still valuable insights into the PPC industry.

Yahoo: Britney Spears, WWE, Shakira, Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, American Idol, Beyonce Knowles, Chris Brown, Pamela Anderson, Lindsay Lohan

Google: bebo , myspace, world cup, metacafe, radioblog, wikipedia, video, rebelde, mininova, wiki

Lycos: Poker, MySpace, RuneScape, Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, Pokemon, WWE, Golf, Spyware, Britney Spears

MSN Live: Ronaldinho, Shakira, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Harry Potter, Eminem, Pamela Anderson, Hilary Duff, Rebelde, Angelina Jolie

AOL: Weather, Dictionary, Dogs, American Idol, Maps, Cars, Games, Tattoo, Horoscopes, Lyrics

You can view the Top 10 Searches of 2006 spreadsheet on Google Docs, if you’d like. The data came from the following sources: Yahoo, Google, Lycos, MSN, and AOL.

Initial observation shows that searches are primarily dominated by celebrity terms, and that AOL’s searches are corrupted by their “AOL Keyword” search system. Google’s are likewise corrupted by what I suspect is manual filtering to produce tailored techie terms. Yahoo, MSN Live, and Lycos share 50% of their terms with others’ top terms, while Google and AOL come in last at 20% and 10% respectively, an indication of poor search quality.

Today’s WordPress Question #1

Posted in Blogging by Elliott Back on April 15th, 2005.

So, random people email me with WordPress support questions. Here’s the first I got today, and the solution:

Hi Elliott – I landed on your blog through a search on how to implement WordPress patches. I think my question is much too simple for the techies in the forum because no one seems to understand it.

Because of comment moderation issues, I’m trying to fix with the patch pasted below. I have no idea where to paste in the commen-functions.php file. I understand that the sumber 725 is the line in the code, but what’s with the negative sign in front of it and the 8 behind it and the positive 725, etc?

This isn’t a complicated question, is it? Nobody will tell me what to do. I’d appreciate if you explained it to me. I’d be very grateful. :)

— wordpress/comment-functions.php Tue Jan 11
23:41:18 2005
+++ wptest/comment-functions.php Tue Jan 11 23:38:54
@@ -725,8 +725,11 @@
if ( 1 == get_settings(‘comment_whitelist’)) {
if( $author != ” && $email != ” ) {
$ok_to_comment = $wpdb->get_var(“SELECT
comment_approved FROM $wpdb->comments WHERE
comment_author = ‘$author’ AND comment_author_email =
‘$email’ and comment_approved = ‘1’ “);
– if ( 1 == $ok_to_comment && false === strpos(
$email, get_settings(‘moderation_keys’)) )
+ if ( 1 == $ok_to_comment && false === strpos(
$email, get_settings(‘moderation_keys’)) ) {
return true;
+ } else {
+ return false;
+ }
if ( ‘trackback’ == $comment_type || ‘pingback’ ==
$comment_type ) { // check if domain is in blogroll
$uri = parse_url($url);
@@ -764,4 +767,4 @@
return true;

No newline at end of file

This patch is in diff format. When lines marked – are the “old” lines, and the lines marked with + are new lines that you should be inserting into your wp-comments file. To actually apply the patch, use the patch command. For more information about the diff format you’re having trouble reading, see this definition.