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Angry Birds in Real Life / Nature

Posted in Cute,Games,Humour,Science by Elliott Back on April 16th, 2011.

Are there real-life versions of the Angry Birds? What inspired Rovio to make their angry birds the way they are? Did they model the birds after nature in either look or function? These are questions worth answering; if you’ve played the game, you might wonder where all the angry birds came from. The real angry birds!

Red Angry Bird

Our first contestant, the bird you get first in Angry Birds, is Mr. Red. We speculate that he might actually be a Blue-throated Brown Sunbird, or perhaps Gould’s Sunbird. From the round, rotund shape of his body, we definitely know it’s from Aethopyga:

Is the red angry bird actually a sunbird?

The Angry Blue Splitters

The blue flycatcher known as Plumbeous Water-redstart, or red-tailed robin, is a kind of water bird which loves to feed on insects. They are territorial and have a red tail, a flash of contrasting colours:

What a beautiful bluebird!

The Yellow Bird

I think this is most like a baby Martin Branch Swallow, with its yellow coloration, angry face, and wide beak. In fact, the swallows and the triangle of the “little yellow bird” have something in common, a certain “hard acceleration” property. Swallows have one of the best flying air technique of all the birds, by far the fastest.

Fly fast, yellow Swallows!

Fat Black Bird

Perfectly coal black, the Common Blackbird is definitely the model for Angry Birds. The real life bird is notable for mimicry of other sounds, and is a sly trixster.

Serious business, the Blackbird

White Egg-Bomber

The white angry bird which drops explosive eggs is probably a Snow Bunting, a sort of mottled white and brown bird which lives in naturally cold climes. Sometimes they’re called “snowflake.”

Or maybe it’s a Chicken, IDK

Pictures and the idea from 如果愤怒的小鸟要拍电影; we thought it worth bringing some of the concept to English too.

Tha Last Meal: USDA Edition (Remastered)

Posted in MP3,Music,Scandal by Elliott Back on January 2nd, 2011.

I was really excited about the remaster of Snoop Dogg’s Tha Last Meal, titled Tha Last Meal: USDA Edition, but listening to it, I can’t tell any difference between the two albums. They contain an identical number of tracks, with an identical length per track. Pulling up the old/new versions of Hennesey N Buddah (Feat. Kokane) (Produced By Dr. Dre & Mike Elizondo), I imported them into Audacity to look at their spectrums:

This is just the first six seconds of the stereo tracks, with old on top, and new “remaster” on the bottom. I see no difference layering them on top of each other at 50% opacity:

As far as I can tell, the newer remaster of Snoop’s classic album is a reissue, rather than any actual remaster. Perhaps you are paying an extra $5 for new album art?

Google’s 2010 Christmas Holiday Doodle

Posted in Art,Google by Elliott Back on December 23rd, 2010.

Chinese readers should check out Wendy’s great post 来自谷歌首页的圣诞祝福!

Combining 17 different images together, Google’s prime Doodler Micheal Lopez spent 250 hours to create their latest Christmas-card masterpiece, a beautiful, abstract rendition approximating the Google logo. According to the WSJ, Chief-Doddler Lopez said, “We want to end the year with a bang.”

As seen on Google’s homepage

Each of the 17 images represents an image of holiday cheer, a sort of cultural Christmas card. So, the entire Google represents a global merry Christmas! Below, I will explode each image into its component links.


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