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Colorize your old black and white pictures

Posted in Computers & Technology,Graphics by Elliott Back on January 19th, 2006.

If you’ve ever wanted to color your old black and white photos, recolored is the software for you. Its free and easy to use. Just choose colors from the palette or common gallery (skin, eyes, face). Then, draw lines to show the basic areas that should be colored, hit c, and wait.

Here’s what it can do:

Old Band PicOld Band PicOld Band Pic

Pretty cool and easy to use! You can read about the original research by Anat Levin, Dani Lischinski, and Yair Weiss, or download Matlab source code.

Michael Jackson’s White Glove for sale on … Ebay!

Posted in Deals & Savings,Music by Elliott Back on August 28th, 2005.

Did you know you can buy Michael Jackson’s white glove on ebay for the low price of $388,000? For future preservation, here’s the text of the article on the glove’s history:

Michael Jackson's White Glove

This white glove with crystals formerly belonging to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee came from the Bonnie Doone Estate in Palomares Canyon, California, in the San Francisco Bay area. There are traces of pancake make-up in the glove. The crystals are faceted like diamonds. The Victorian farm house built in 1870 is pictured below and was in my family for years. When I sold it in 1995, I took the glove with me to Challis, Idaho.

We purchased this glove from the estate of Grammy and Emmy award winning performer Sammy Davis, Jr. at an IRS seizure auction in 1992. The Glove was in one of Sammy’s Louis Vuitton trunks which we purchased at the auction. The article from the Contra Costa Times discusses these trunks and the broad spectrum of items enclosed within. Michael personally presented one of his trademark gloves to Sammy on stage at a tribute to Sammy Davis, Jr. We believe this occurred in the early eighties. If anyone has more information, we would appreciate it. The photograph, which was also from the estate, goes with the glove. Sammy always decorated his dressing rooms with photos of family and friends, many of which he took himself.

We will be selling many personal Sammy Davis, Jr. items on eBay over the next few months. Included in his estate were platinum and gold records, crystal trophies, awards, plaques, personal photos, and stage costumes. There will be enough to put together a museum.

Look at the other auctions for antique, vintage treasures from the estate. I will be selling more every month, such as oil paintings by California and European artists, original works by Pablo Picasso with provenance, cast iron and copper kitchen accessories, molds, weathervane, whirlygig, folk art, and much, much more. Unfortunately, the vintage Rolls Royce limousine in the photo has already been sold.

I LOVE Roses: White & Red

Posted in Friends,Moblog by Elliott Back 1 week, 1 day ago.
White and Red Roses

My girlfriend gave me these beautiful white and red roses, a half dozen, and I am so happy right now that I could sleep for 1000 years….

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