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50 Cent, Game: Hate it or Love it

Posted in Music by Elliott Back on April 16th, 2005.

There’s one song on 50’s new album, The Massacre, that I actually like: Hate it or love it. Besides the flow and lyrics, the video opens with an incredible shot:

50 Cent, Game, Hate it or love it

It’s a 360 rotation focused around Game rousing birds to air with claps. The saturated colors and affect remind me of a primordial scene with man and nature–and I’m not quite sure why I like those first few seconds so much. (more…)

2005 Oscar Awards Predictions

Posted in Movies by Elliott Back on February 28th, 2005.

All the net is abuzz with Oscar talk, and someone has guessed using Google the winners. Personally, I think the Google index is both too slow to update, and far too old to effectively gauge current movie interest. Instead, I’d prefer to use something like Technorati to make my Oscar predictions.

There are a lot of ways to do this, of course–using a combination of averaged, weighted Netflix, Amazon, Google, Technorati, etc. data would be one way to go, but it’s almost as arbitrary as any one of the services, depending on how you weight them. The goal is to break each nominee into obvious clusters, for each award. So, I’ll just Technorati counts, even though perhaps I should weight them by authority.

  • Best Picture goes to Ray
  • Best Actor goes to Jamie Foxx for Ray
  • Best Actress goes to Hilary Swank for Million Dollar Baby
  • Best Animated Film goes to The Incredibles
  • Best Foreign Film goes to The Chorus

But the Oscars are due in any minute–so lets see how I do!!

Update: Get the Oscar winners here. I was wrong on Best Picture, which went to Million Dollar Baby, and Best Foreign Film, which went to The Sea Inside. I did get the rest right, for a blogosphere prediction rate of 60%. Not bad, guys!

Complete GLAT Solutions

Posted in Code,Google by Elliott Back on January 20th, 2005.

I used to have an extremely long post containing the full GLAT solutions, but it was on the old blog and I never fully migrated. Well, now’s the time. For those who don’t remember, the GLAT was the Google Labs Aptitude Test that Google mailed to a number of institutions and placed in a lot of magazine ads to try and recruit some bright individuals. I took it, and with my own brains and Google figured out most of the problems. So, either read on, or download the glat solutions (doc)!