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Adsense Image Placement Policy

Posted in Adsense,Google,Optimization,Photo,SEO by Elliott Back on December 18th, 2006.

Our friends at the Adsense Blog have clarified their official image-placement policy. Basically, don’t put images near ads which could distract your readers into clicking them. One must not “suggest a relationship” between your images, and Google’s ads. Clearly, they want to disassociate themselves with anything unsavory a webmaster might do to increase his or her click-through-rate (CTR).

So, here’s an example of “badsense:”


I’m not sure if any of my blogs use this technique; I’m in the middle of a redesign and I’ll make sure to stay as far away from it in the future as I can.

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3 Responses to “Adsense Image Placement Policy”

  1. ash says:

    hey there. First time on this amazing blog. It is great. And judging by page views etc, I can say you are a bloging genius. I currently have a blog, AceTech which I think is ok. Nothng as good as yours.

    On this adsense stuff. Wont bloggers and other adsense users feel hard done by that they cant use images anymore. Doesn’t that mean adsense in the post body which has a pic which is part of the post will not be counted??? Surely this disrupts bloggers and how they blog. Also, did they mention anything about the use of videos near adsense??

    Also, photoblogs. Won’t they be affected the most???

    Please visit my blog.www.tech1024.blogspot.com

    Link exchange??? or possibly put up a post bout my blog?? Nah, thats pushing it right??

    Thank you for this wonderful blog.

    17 year old blogger

  2. Pedro's Spot says:

    Google AdSense fair use…

    Adsense is [most certainly] bloggers’ prime stream of revenues. Therefore everyone tries to increase his/hers CTR, often using some techniques that are, at least, questionable.
    One of those techniques is to lay images side-by-side with Google ads…

  3. TechSay says:

    Thanks. I will need to look over my blogs and hope I do not need to do a redesign myself.

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