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Allergy-free cats for sale

Posted in Family by Elliott Back on October 27th, 2004.


“The genetically engineered feline, which is expected to be available from 2007, is the first in a planned series of lifestyle pets, Los Angeles-based Allerca said in a press release.”

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30 Responses to “Allergy-free cats for sale”

  1. Yousaf M. Shaikh says:


    All of you……nuts.

  2. sophia says:

    wow that’s really stupid!!!!!!

  3. sophia says:

    what the heck that must be not true i agree with zenith you can’t make them into something their not!

  4. Terry says:

    These cats are not allergy free. We had one and my son was still allergic and they’re hiking the price up to $15,000 big ones come november 2nd. So I wouldn’t think of anyone but the rich and famous that could afford it now.

  5. BotchedExperiment says:

    The animals are NOT being genetically engineered. At least not in the way you’re thinking. They are being genetically engineered the old fashioned way by breeding.

    They’re just screening cats to find those with mutations in a specific gene (ld-1?) that is transcribed and traslated into the protein that has been shown to be responsible for a majority of humans’ allergic reaction to cats.

  6. RocknRoll Angel says:

    I heard the add for this on the readio tonight and seriously had my doubts. I was thinking of Genetic experiments… Little gundum suits for the kittens or bubbles… Over active imagination aside I looked into the website. This would be a great Idea for people with allergies so severe they cant even be in the same vacinity as a cat but the price is ridiculous. Perhaps there will be better prices when the cats are not so rare. and as for the education lesson before…Not all dogs came from wolves. Wild/feral dogs yes but not all from Wolves.

  7. tieInter says:

    what are you all talking about horrible genetic experiments!?? have you seen alien4 the other day on tv and you got paranoid or something?

    now for the real world information:

    1 every 50.000 cat’s are naturally born without the gene that makes their hair and saliva create an allergic reaction on humans.

    the only thing they did is find enough of those rare cats, and mate them, so their offspring has that quality on them too.

    all natural.

    since every dog that we have comes from the wolf, and has been selectively breed to be smaller or bigger, or a shepherd, the ones that think that naturally breeding animals for their qualities is bad, then they should stop having pets, and stop eating most of the fruits and vegetables that we have, (the carrots natural color was purple, until they breed an orange variaty by carefull selection).

    now you are all schooled.

    Ignorance is bliss, but also annoying as hell.

  8. Trevor says:

    I personally would love to have one of these cats, you people talk like its some kind of horrible torture to the cats, its not. They don’t even know they are different. I really love cats, but im also allergic to them, so i cant have any in my house like i would really like to. I’m very tired of having to wash my hands every time after i pet my outdoor cats…its terrible. the most attention they get is when my nieces come over and play with them, i do my best to give them attention but its hard with allergies. If you dont have allergies then you shouldnt say ANYTHING about this, you have no idea what its like to see your poor animal all fluffy and cute and not be able to cuddle with it, and the animal also suffering from lack of attention.

  9. lelly says:

    My daughter would love to have a cat. She pretends to be a cat everyday but my goodness 4,000 or more for a stinken cat when there are so many with out homes for free. This to me seems totally wrong. If you are truly out there to help people who have allergies with cats make them affordable for most people not the rich and famous. They are exploiting the emotions of those who can’t have pets or are allergic. People are allergic to dogs put you don’t see them paying thousands of dollars for a poodle.
    That to me is just insane and unreasonable.

  10. Sarah says:

    Do you still have any Siberian kittens you are selling?
    I am in Wisconsin and have twin 10 year old daughters who would love a cat. Their allergies have prevented so far, but they are willing to take addl meds for a cat.

  11. Jasmine says:

    I think this is great! it is not natural, but if safely done- I think it will be a great solution for cat lovers that are allergic…Like my fiance.

  12. Zoe says:

    Also, I’m pretty sure that after more of these cats exist, they’ll be much cheaper. In fact, the company is taking a year off so that they can eliminate the waiting period and breed more cats.
    Who knows, maybe in more generations, these cats will be allowed in college dorms.
    I hope they maintain humane breeding standards though.

  13. Matti says:

    If ur allergic to an animal, but u still love it, it would be sensible to make it so that u wont have as much trouble duh. besides, making dogs w/out teeth would help it from not biting, but it will be pretty much defensless

  14. Terri says:

    I stand corrected. The company stressed that their cats are not the result of genetic engineering. About one in 50,000 cats do not carry Glycoprotein Fel d1 – it was a question of finding them and breeding them, there was no genetic modification.

  15. Terri says:

    The company that engineered the cats is called Allerca. You can get one for $3,950 and a delivery cost of $995. That price does include some veterinary work. Check the website for details. WWW.ALLERCA.COM Placement would not be for 2 years even at that price. But, they say you can get premium placement for an extra $1,950 and get one in a few months. That would bring the price to $7,000. That is just wrong.

  16. Terri says:

    I love pets and my husband is severely allergic to all pets. It makes me so sad that I cannot have pets, but I wouldn’t trade my husband for the world. I love the idea of being able to have a pet. I think it is awesome that we may be able to have one someday. I think the price is ridiculous and hopefully that will come down so that we can afford one. I think it is wonderful.

  17. kassandra says:

    now he just said he wouldnt take a pill. he hates my cat

  18. kassandra says:

    i love cats so very much and my live with my boyfriend is horribly terribly allergic. i had to give my darling and sweet baby cat who has been my best friend for six years to mymom because my bull-man would suffer so drastically.
    its been a few months now and i still cry thinking about my baby kitty.
    my mom loves cats too and loves and adores my cat but i still miss him dearly.
    i ve spent countless hours on the computer trying to find a way to remedy my b.f. s allergies..to no avail..when my b.f. s dad told me an allergy free cat existed i was really happy
    please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i dont like that animals are genetically engineered. im sure many bizarre experiments took place in order to produce such an animal..
    but the idea of having a cat that doesnt make the man you love gasp for air and cough for days on end..is a delight to be told!
    what Id rather, is if all those scientists made an allergy pill that would allow us to keep our beloved men allergy free!

  19. Yousaf M. Shaikh says:

    You’re all nuts.

  20. Kylie says:

    Get over it! There just bloomin cats.
    My daughter has an absolute love for animals but suffers from terrible allergies. She desperately wants a cuddly cat, we bought one that I found (also allergic to some cats) she came to life with this gorgeous little creature, but the bloomin thing made her sneeze & wheeze & cough. I am finding it very difficult to find the right breed in our local area.
    I’m all for it. Sometimes you have to way up whats important. I mean if this was really cruelty to animals yeah get up on your high horse, otherwise find some thin else to whinge about.

  21. Matt says:

    We’ve been breeding them since before written history, the only difference between selective breeding and genetic engineering is accuracy. It’s no more inhumane than forcing the current breeds of cats to listen to animal rights protestors outside the otherwise peaceful facility they’re waiting to be euthanized in.

  22. George says:

    There is already a breed of Hypoallergenic cats! They are called Siberians. They do not cause allergies in most people who are allergic to cats.

  23. lovecats says:

    I’m really interested in this ’cause the obvious problems i’ve a strongest cat allergy. I agree with the ethical problems wrote upon, for anyone curious about cat allergy seem than siberian cats (a big wonderful long hair cat) have a low level production of fel d1 protein. Many tests has been made and the results are ever the same, this kind of cat (common in russia) have low level of fel d1 protein.This with the weekly use of a common medication selled in the most of pet shop accessories and a daily house clean with microfilters can solve the problem.
    hope to be helpfull…

  24. Sharla says:

    Hi, quick question, if you only suppress an allergen gene is that then true “genetically modification” or is that simply “pet alteration” just a curiousity?

    My other question is do the Allergy Free cats tend to be mousers (anyone who has one and wants to reply with an answer would be incredible) as normal house cats do or are they simply a household addition that will eat, sleep and do nothing – Thanks.

  25. sakinah gibson says:


  26. karen gibbs says:

    this is Mrs Karen Gibbs and i am sending this mail to you because i need a Cat and i will like to buy it from this company so i would like to know how you sell and i would like to know the price of each of every one you show me with the picture as sample so i can look further to it …
    thanks and i am waiting for your reply.
    karen gibbs..

  27. Shane says:

    I saw this on CNN.com and am so glad you picked up on it for your blog. I also love that tucked down in there was the mention of the GloFish and the ability to clone your pet for only $500,000.

    I missed out on the opportunity to see my cat as a kitten (got her at 7 months), so even though it’s a little science-fiction-horror-esque… if it was a whole lot less money I’d consider it.

  28. Zeke says:

    If I had money to waste on a cat, I would so buy one.

  29. Zenith says:

    I think it’s disgusting that pets are pretty much being engineered to suit prospective owners. These are living beings, not fashion accessories.

    What’s next, dogs without teeth to prevent a potential bite?

    It’s ridiculous!

  30. Elliott Back says:

    Don’t you find it scary that designer genetic engineered cats are being sold? I have a feeling that the next big disasters are going to be from unexpected genetic side effects from these modifications…

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