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Apple TV Review Roundup

Posted in Apple,Hardware,TV by Elliott Back on March 24th, 2007.

Now that the highly acclaimed Apple TV has been out for a few days, interesting bits of news, reviews, and hacks are starting to appear all over the intertubes. The Apple TV, for those who don’t know, is a personal video recorder (PVR) device that let’s you stream all your iTunes content to your TV. Got shows, movies, or music on your pc? Now you can deliver them to your living room.

Apple TV Hacks

Apple TV Hard Drive Upgrade

This hack lets you upgrade your Apple TV hard drive from the tiny 40GB to any size, say a gigantic 120 GB. It’s probably as simple as replacing the harddrive with a new one with a mirror’d image of the old one.

Apple TV Codec Upgrade

Want to watch xvid, divx, or another hot codec from your torrent stash on the Apple TV? No problem! Just install the Perian codec pack for Quicktime on the drive after you take it out the Apple TV. Watch for an automatic upgrade patch in the future from our young hacker friends.

Apple TV on 4:3 TVs

The Apple TV is made for widescreen, but it will *work* on older 4:3 480p TVs. It’s just going to be a viewing experience you won’t get much out of, except the thrill of connecting hardware that should never have been fit together. Still, “it’s worth trying something really really weird every now and then to see if it works!”

Apple TV reviews

Apple Gazzette Review

AG doesn’t think it’s worth it without more HD content: “wait until HD content makes its way to iTunes before you run out to buy one. When that time comes…this is going to be a must have…”

Apple TV Photos

Interface Gallery

Engaget posted a random collection of about 90 photos of the Apple TV interface, so if you’re curious to know what it will look like *before* you shell out the $300, you should check it out. And, that $300 is still less than a Fendi wallet!

Apple TV Dissected

Why would someone be so cruel to dissect their apple TV? And did they perform this abomination while it was running? Bloggers against gadget vivisection!!!

Apple TV Unboxing

What makes a blogger think “oh yay I got a gadget in the mail, let’s take pictures of opening the box?” We don’t know, but feel free to drool over Apple Gazette’s new TV.

Apple TV Sex

Olivia Munn Licks Apple TV

Host of Attack of the Show, Olivia Munn goes the apple-girls-gone-wild way and licks her TV. But, she’s just imitating Ms. Chobot who licked her PSP before licking consumer electronics was popular.

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