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Azureus Torrent Download Speed Tips

Posted in azureus,bit torrent,bittorrent,P2P by Elliott Back on May 15th, 2006.

If your torrents are downloading too slowly and you want to improve your download speed in Azureus, you’ve come to the right place. Azureus is a bittorrent client, namely, a program you can use to download files at high rates across the internet from a variety of peers. It’s a p2p (peer to peer) filesharing program, and may get you in trouble with legal authorities (RIAA, MPAA) if you use it illegally. However, it has plenty of non-infringing uses, as well.

Today I downloaded a torrent at 1.12 MB/s:


On a regular 10 Mb/s LAN that’s the best you’re going to be able to do, but only if your bit torrent program is configured properly. There are a few things you can do to improve performance in Azureus, and here they are:

1) Uncap the Windows XP SP2 Connections Limit

Service pack 2 limited the TCP/IP stack to 10 half-open connections–there rest are queued–to reduce virus spread rate. Unfortunately, this cripples a p2p program. Open those connections with this patch: EvID4226Patch223d-en.zip. Install at your own risk, but it works great for me with the limit increased from 10 to 100 or 200. You could go as high as 500 if you wanted, but that might be overkill.

2) Setup Port Forwarding

You need a path from your p2p program to the peers, and if you’re using a home firewall, make sure you forward the port that Azureus uses to your computer. This tutorial will help you–you can find the find the Azureus port in the first Options screen:


3) Setup Advanced Network Settings

Go to Options->Connection->Advanced Network Settings. You’ll see a screen like this:


You want a lot of simultaneous connections, so set the “max simultaneous outbound connection attempts” field to something just under what you set the Windows XP connection limit to in the hack in #1. I had 100 XP connections, so I set 64 in Azureus.

4) Upload Transfer

Go to Options->Transfer. You’ll see this screen:


You should set the “global max upload speed” 100-300KB/s, so that you can spend most of your connection bandwidth on downloading, and not uploading. However, the bit torrent protocol requires you to upload, so you should not set this less than 100 KB/s unless you’re on a very slow connection.

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120 Responses to “Azureus Torrent Download Speed Tips”

  1. hari says:

    patch is not working

  2. iftekhar says:

    hi dear im using windows xp 2006 the downloading speed going on 20 kbs why its not increasing and im using 1MB internet so plz tell me tips

  3. liam dolan says:

    my connections have dropped below 1kb each ( I only have 2 running) and I put a linux torrent on to make sure its not just the torrent (kubuntu 9.10) and its still not working! Please can some one tell me how to revert to the default settings please this isnt funny

  4. liam dolan says:

    I dont know what happened but since I installed the patch I am now unable to download! NOt impressed! How can I undo the patch

  5. Listen to me says:

    Download one thing at a time and it will be very fast.

  6. morren says:

    after i changed the port to 1337, it was much faster. THANK YOU :P

  7. Azuerus user says:

    Wow, your tutorial works! From a crappy 2-3kbps to a whopping 90kbps. Cheers :D

  8. Ben A. says:

    Can someone write this in n00b language? I'm confuddled :D

  9. confused says:

    When I tried to unzip the patch, my virus software came up and said there is a virus?!? pak_generic001

  10. Jimmy says:


  11. luigi says:

    i use BitTorrent NOT Azureus, would this be the reason why the patch won’t work?

  12. Robin Bach says:

    It’s great! It’s true the patch stated above doesn’t work but somewhere in the comments I thought was a working link, but if not just use google.
    It isn’t a virus, but it tells your Azureus to CHANGE something, and that’s what some virus blockers block. It’s not harmful in any way.
    First I downloaded with 5 kb/s, now I’m downloading Spore with 125 kb/s. Thank you so much for these great tips, although I had to fiddle a little with your instructions myself about setting up the router.

    ~ Robin ~

  13. Sunit says:

    The patch you gave above (EvID4226Patch223d-en.zip) is not working.
    I am having vista. is this the reason the patch is not installing. i have winrar.

  14. Oscar says:

    Very nice! My download speed went from an average 38 kb/s up to 200 kb/s after following all your instructions! Especially port forwarding makes a huge difference! Thanks a lot!

  15. Wooper95 says:

    In the new Azureus called Vuze the Autospeed works nice for me. In the old it did not work that good, but it was not slow.

    I’m downloading up to 1MBps (MegaByte and not megabits) on cable and up to 600KBps (KiloByte and not kilobits) on wireless with the new Vuze. No configuration just download. I’m happy with this speed compare to the speed on the line I got. I got 10000kbps/1000kbps (about 1,4MBps/1MBps).

    Lucky me!

    About speed:

    You line speed is usually measured in kbps if you want to now the KBps speed you have to divide by 8.

    8000kbps or 8mbps is about 1000KBps or 1MBps. So downloading 60MB takes about 60 seconds or 1 minute if the speed is 1MBps (or 8000kbps) all the time.

    Speed during downloading torrent is up and down. Depends mostly on how many sharing it, their total speed and your line speed.
    Correct me if I’m wrong.

  16. wasabi says:

    The Autospeed definitely works. Try it out. It almost doubled my speed.

  17. misko says:

    Guys i don’t understand this…where is Options->Connection->Advanced Network Settings… i do not understand anything here…

  18. sam says:

    does anyone know where i can find a similar website, but which is updated to correlate to the new updated azureus?


  19. MasterToci says:

    BTW… If you really want to maximize your download speed, I’d recommend using the auto-speed feature (in the newer Azureus versions, it seems to be a built-in feature). As far as I understand it, it won’t actually increase your maximum download speed, but instead, it will automatically calibrate your upload speed, so that your download speed can always be kept close to it’s maximum. For example, my download speed always used to fluctuate between 180 kB/s and 20 kB/s, which was really annoying, because it ensured a painfully slow download process, and it was impossible to predict the completion of a download from the constantly changing remaining times. With the patch installed and the auto-speed engaged, my download is finally solid and the fluctuations occur between 270 kB/s and 220 kB/s. : ) This is practically insane, I still can’t belive what I’m seeing.

  20. MasterToci says:

    I had 120 kB/s download speed before applying the patch. Afterwards my download speed dropped to about 60 kB/s and never made it past 70… I got very angry and was about to write a post to warn the people on this forum, when – after about 40 minutes – my download speed suddenly began to skyrocket. I’m just moving past 220 kB/s and it’s still rising. Pretty exciting stuff!

  21. Mujahid says:

    It has increased my upload speed, but not download speed.Plssssssss.help me out.

  22. rick says:

    sometimes its the seeds n peers sometimes i get one with 50 seed and 50 peers example.. and i get around download speed at 200-300 but when i get 1 with 300 seeds ect… i seem to get a download speed at around 20-30 even when i leave it overnight :O

  23. Asmodeus says:

    Will the lvllord.de patch work with Vista?

    Just to go more in depth, I am using Vista Business,


  24. Cutwater says:

    Enable DMZ and then add your machines IP address. Watch your speed jump by a factor of 10.

  25. Los says:

    If I just install the patch should that help with the speeds?

  26. Ikki1800 says:

    Y i follow all the thing u teach to torrent download speed but my download speed still the same……… Can SOMEONE explain Y and HW TO MAKE IT SPEED UP PLSSSSSS

  27. victor1000 says:

    I can’t say that it didn’t work,I did receive 250k …………….. IN UPLOAD! and a measly 18k in download SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME.

  28. shashi says:

    hi guys i m using 256 kbps broadband connection.i did some setting on azureus client bt i dint find any difference on my download speed.
    My upload speed is double than my download speed coz today i saw my download speed was 7.1kB where as my upload speed was 15kB.even though i have disabled my windows firewall.dont know wat to do..
    pls guys help me…. my downloads are realy killin me. pls
    thanks takcare

  29. bla blas says:

    The auto upload speed problem can be fixed / changed / disabled by right clicking at the bottom right of the azureus screen on the “download upload speed details” arrows and changing to something other than auto. all other changes seem to auto revert

  30. jesse says:

    anyone know how to improve utorrent speeds on vista?

  31. sglider12 says:

    Hey thanks for the guide. My download speed in Azureus has improved dramatically!!!

    Thanks again!

  32. nelly says:


  33. papichulo says:

    thanks great improvment

  34. elia says:

    well i have probs wen i wright 80 it changes imiditly in 20.and in and in Advanced Network Settings i have nothing in it plz help me plz

  35. Vista says:

    Made the changes to my desktop (XP) – worked great. Made changes to my notebook (Vista) and also improved but very strange thing happens. Every time I change the “Kb/s global max upload speed” it reverts back to 18; i.e. I navigate away from the view and then go back and all my changes are saved except for “kb/s global max upload speed”.

  36. rj says:

    i’ve follow your tips, but no significant change happen.
    btw, when im running the EvID4226Patch223d-en.exe it tells me that my half-open connections :1000

    what does that mean? does it means my half-open connections is stack up to 1000 already?
    im using service pack 2.

  37. Loulou says:

    Thanks very much for these tips! I’ve just started using Azureus (today – actually) and am no pro in IT stuff but this is really very helpful! My download speed is not up to max but really got better (can’t find out the “real” DNS IP and it’s to late to call my ISP)! Thanks again.


  38. jason kudla says:

    DMZ your machine. GO into the start bar and click RUN type CMD or COMMAND and then enter after the command prompt open type ipconfig and press enter get your ip address and if its internal EX. 192.168.X.***
    you may need to enable demilitarized access to your computer opens all ports. go into your router settings which can be accessed by typing your gateway ip address from the command prompt window into an internet explorer window and pressing enter. enter your password and user name find your dmz settings which will be under wan or lan firewall settings possibly port fowarding enter your ip address and press apply enjoy :)

  39. Nick from NZ says:

    Hey guys awesome stuff but can you run us through all of this but for a mac osx im only getting 5.2kbps !!!! help me

  40. Arnav Ajwani says:

    Sup guys i’ve have just upgraded my internet speed from 512k/256k to 8000k/384k but my download speed in Azureus avg around 30 Kb/s & i’m struggling to maximize my speed so can anyone guide me through da process to enhance my download speed.
    Thnx in anticipation

  41. Janus Legion says:

    I have just done the patch and adjusted Azureus and noted 25% speed increase. The only part I have not done yet is the port forwarding will do that tomorrow. Thank you for the information.

  42. michael says:

    ive installed the patch and the smiley is showing green but i still have slow download speed like 5kb/s pliz help i really dont know whats wrong with it so pliz help me

  43. Solid says:

    nope dousnt really help :/ … i installed the patch restarted the computer my download speed went from 70kbps to 30 :/

  44. jack skrilla says:

    i don’t have a router, i’m running a wired connection. what can i do to get my torrents to download faster. i’m getting now about 20kb/s. i’m using azureus, i use demonoid. have a 84 gig hard drive, and amd turion 64 turion64 x2 processor. don’t know what else i need to tell you guys about my computer are connection. pretty new at this . pretty much computer illiterate. any help would be great . can i change any of the settings of azureus or utorrent that i’m using to get my torrents to go any faster.

    jack skrilla

  45. Me says:

    I found out that in the new Azureus (Vuze beta) there’s an auto-speed regulator, I’m not sure if this is in other versions but that was a major cause of my download speed problems as it kept resetting the speed caps that I set.

  46. JN says:

    I followed all the instructions to a te, however when i go back into Azureus it tells me that my port is closed when I do a Nat test…..all faces remain yellow!

    Any tips

  47. Bunian says:

    I wonder if you can give some tips in improving my speed. Your patch doesn’t work with Windows Vista but no problem with Azureus only slow download. Thanks.

  48. JB says:

    Somehow my Azureus can not download more then 1!? how can set it up to download 4-5 and also my Azureus download speed limited at 153 or 154 KB no more then that. how can i bring it higer then that.

  49. jun says:


    how do you get 1mbps?
    i did like you said and all im getting is 2kbps

  50. evilandie says:

    There is a different patch for Vista. Don’t use the patch from above if you run Vista. Just Google Vista Connections Patch.

  51. 1485 says:

    hmmms………well my max speed i ever got on Bitcomet was like 250kb/s but on Azureus i had it up to 400 kb/s per torrent and without config. but i do hope i get it faster at least up to 1mb/s or somethin cuz i got 10mb/s line….aka COMCAST

  52. Wooper95 says:

    Even if your Antivirus progs screems “This is a virus, trojan, worm bla bla bla” It is not always a virus, trojan, worm. But when it say be sure to see what type of file it is. You can always search Google and see what others think of the same file. You be amazed about the answares you get! But then again it is not always trustful information you get.

    I installed Azureus because my uTorrent kept crashing all the time. I think that was something I did in the configuration files somewhere. Did not work to reinstall it. Maybe I just reinstall the whole system?

    The tips are good but there are some errors (see posted Replies).

    Be nice and share more tips if you got any.


  53. TD says:

    If I install this patch, can I undo the changes it makes to my computer? If so, how?


  54. Rodney says:

    I tried to run the patch, but it looks like windows deletes it before i can run it – it says that “Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file”, then the file disappears from the folder. Any hints? Or if not, alternatives?

  55. Roger Grove, Jr. says:

    Brandy, I’m sure it (patch) will work with all of them. Because the patch is not exactly doing anything to the client but it is actually changing things inside Windows itself.

  56. brandy says:

    Will it work with other P2P programs? People here are commenting on improvements in Azureus but will it work for uTorrent?

  57. Roger says:

    The only problem I’m having is that I use Vonage (sucks) and whenever I try using my router, my connection speed and download is extremely slow. If I bypassed my router (which makes my Vonage un-operable) I get tremendously high download speeds. (For my connection that is)

  58. Roger says:

    pavan… delete Zone Alarm first and try something else like PC Tools Fire Wall Plus for example. (It’s Free) Zone Alarm is a complete piece of trash!

  59. miklos says:

    If you doubt about that patch Feel free to scan www.virustotal.com

  60. pavan says:

    Doesnt work, I have tried every thing, I use a zone alarm, I have changed every thing as suggested also, I have changed the settings in zone alarm firewall. It made the download speed worse its gone to 139 b/sec. But my upload is about 25 kbps/s. Can soem one help???

  61. deano says:

    does this patch work with vista

  62. ty says:

    PLZ HELP IT DONT WORK, when it says its downloading, it goes 0 bytes a second!! i even do EXACTLY WUT U SAY!

  63. Dave says:

    Remove GIJ and install Sun’s JVM.

    It seems GIJ, which is the Java Virtual Machine installed by Feisty, cannot handle the connection load required for Azureus to perform properly.

    1. sudo apt-get remove gij
    2. rm /usr/bin/java
    3. Download Sun’s JVM (java.sun.com); try “Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6u1″
    4. Install Sun’s JVM into /opt/jdk1.6.0
    5. Set your PATH to include /opt/jdk1.6.0/bin
    6. Close your shell window.
    7. Open a new shell window.
    8. Run Azureus.
    9. Help -> About
    10. You should see “Java 1.6.0″ in the “System” pane.
    11. Enjoy faster download speeds!

  64. Superblood says:

    Nice now 250 kb instead of 10kb.. :D

  65. arson51 says:

    that zip program is a trojan…DO NOT DOWNLOAD

  66. pavlaras says:

    So, if I understood right, we DO NOT have to put the “SP 2 cd” when it ask for it. We just ignore this message.. Am I right??

    Thanx for the guide..

  67. Andrew says:

    Anyone know how to change to Advanced Mode in Azeurus? I’m in intermediate and it won’t let me do the above setting changes…. just says this is for advanced user!

    I’ve downloaded the patch and changed the limit and still getting d/l speeds of upto 10kB/s max

    any help appreciated

  68. Enzo says:

    Havn dramas running patch, says i dont have permission to open…how do i fix that?

  69. mc says:

    i cant find my DSL number on the tutorial
    please help .(BT voyager 105)

  70. PandaLand says:

    Also, when contacting your ISP regarding your upload and/or download speeds, make sure you’re clear about the difference between bits and bytes.

    8 megabits = 1 megabyte
    8 kilobits = 1 kilobyte
    8 bits = 1 byte
    and so on.

  71. PandaLand says:

    He’s got the upload and download switched.

    Having 300 KB/s upload is pointless. The Torrent protocol demands that you share. Check with your ISP what your maximum upload is and set it to very near that. Set your Download speed to 0 (which is unlimited)

    The patch is NOT a virus, however it does change Windows in a manner that causes it to prompt you to change stuff. Hit yes, ignore Norton or whatever else is freaking out at you and run the patch. After doing so reboot, do the above, and yer golden.

  72. Wilson says:


  73. Muna says:

    worse than before

  74. mrme says:

    yeh this aint workin on Vista (need to open them capped ports some how.

  75. That Guy says:

    My up speed is about 40KB/s while my down is about 5KB/s… now only if I could switch that…

  76. Neil says:

    Without SP2 does windows limit the connections at all? If so is there a way to patch that too?

  77. Murph says:


    That patch worked like a charm!!!

    Good stuff!!!

  78. one4one says:

    can you delete the patch??

  79. kakz says:

    cheers got me another 30-40 kps quicker i get about 110-120 kps thx for the tips whoever

  80. mahmoud says:

    merci ya pop

  81. Zwampen says:

    This is f***ing great :D
    I have more than doubled my d/l
    And the good thing ppl.. This takes as long to configure as it takes to drink a few cans of beer :P

  82. Guy says:

    my router is nooot listed in that port forwarding tutorial, any other way??

  83. MrX says:

    Everything the Guide says is true! Your AV MAY pick up the tool as a virus!! but its only to edit your settings cos its a script "man made" it saves u time looking for the settings!! so someone made it there is nothing wrong with it!

  84. kurupt says:

    thanx the tips worked for me

  85. DT says:

    I followed all the steps,

    I loaded the XPSP2 fix, I adjusted my firewall to accept port for Azureus, I adjusted all the setting in Azureus.

    I don’t see any difference in downoad speeds.

    I am on ADSL and I get the same download speeds I got while on dial-up which is about 1.4kb – 3.9kb. Thats’ it.

    Whats that about?

  86. redromski says:

    just in case patch goes wrong is there anyway to revert back and undo any changes….Have installed patch i am using utorrent and no change still very slow first 10% of a movie goes pretty fast then drops to 0.2kbs to 0.10kbs max ANY IDEAS. thanks

  87. Shintri says:

    Is there a way to revert the patch installation if I’m not happy with it? Just in case to close the portals again?

  88. Nick says:

    Nice guide !
    Got my azureus going pretty good now ;)
    20mbit conection + this is uber ^^

  89. xXsupern00bXx says:

    i’ve done everything you have said and what most others say to do. forward ports static ip and i got the patch dont even have a firewall up and i am still getting low DL speeds like under 20kb/s but when i download something from anywhere else i get like 100kb/s and up never anywhere below 20kb/s someone plz help me

  90. Ravi says:

    good guide but i feel that uTorrent is the best, as it is nearly the same as Azureus, with nearly all the same features, but it takes up much less cpu and ram, and it gives me excellent dl rates over a 2 meg connection. When I use Azureus, even though i configure it properly, it uses up ALL my bandwith and uTorrent does not!

  91. kimo says:

    i’ve done what you’ve said but nothing happend it is still 1 kilobytes.
    plaese help me

  92. Darknight says:



  93. Notvirusman says:

    IT IS NOT A VIRUS, the instructions even tell you this on the parent site!!!

  94. IT Tech says:

    This site explains more… and it’s legit you nubs!

  95. Pranav says:

    McAfee error comes while trying to install the patch. Its a virus dude …

  96. IT Tech says:

    I was downloading a torrent with Azureus @ 115kB/s before this patch. I installed, restarted my computer, then restarted azureus. At first it was going really slow… now it is up to 230+ I have seen speeds this fast before, but not very often. Here is another link to a site that explains a little more on the patch . If you are worried about it being a virus, then I would download from that site!

  97. mike says:

    I need advise for speeding up downloads on a mac.I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

    mike cathcart

  98. sonix2407 says:

    I have a 10MBps connection (Blueyonder) and I can never get over 40KB/s which is hell when trying to download large files. I’ve tried everything above but nothing helps, can someone help?

  99. tom ford says:

    This is a great site. My face beside the torrent always showed red or sometimes yellow but it is now green and has increased my speed by around 20% for the torrent I am currently downloading. I am in the UK and the broadband I have is quite slow but I have set upload to 20k and this ensures the right balance between seed and download. I get around 50-80k/s download speed now with a big smiling green face


  100. metaluna says:

    WOW!!! What a great difference I see now! It is NOT a virus and your registry will pop up, but just follow a few prompts. (My Norton is set to show “intrusion attempts” so I’m allowing all of them and I keep on connecting to more peers) It’s annoying but I hate to change that setting due to fear. lol – Last step in installing is to ignore the request to put in installation CDs, as evilandie said. I skipped it by just closing the window. This patch is wonderful because I had no clue what was stopping most of my connections and once I had a few, I couldn’t keep them. I didn’t know if it was my router or Norton. Now I don’t have to figure anything out now. Thanks for the patch!!!

  101. evilandie says:

    ITS NOT A VIRUS! Just because your AV software pops up does not mean its a virus. This is software that changes files in Windows…so, of course the AV programs and MS are going to have issues…which is what causes the dialog windows to come up.

    With NAV, I received no error…but Windows wants you to put the installation CD in because they are trying to revert your changes. Just say no. These file changes are safe.

    Just needed to put my 2 cents in.

  102. flyingkiwi says:

    Hey this works well for me. Speed nearly doubles on the one file I was downloading at that time. Yes you do yet the Windows pop up thing but wait till its all done and hit cancel.

    Not sure what anti virus you guys getting the warnings are using but its a safe tool!!

  103. n00pster says:

    the patch has a virus hidden. take care..

  104. dave420 says:

    I can download at 10Mb/s and only upload at 40KB/s (blueyonder sucks for that), so I cap my upload to 20-25KB/s (to keep my connection working), and I can still download at 1.17MB/s, so upload speed isn’t that much of a problem. If you want to download quickly, just make sure you’re near lots of sources for what you want to download. Nothing you can change in Azureus can make up for that :)

  105. Brainy says:

    You mentioned that port forwarding is necessary to facilitate proper communication between Azureus and client/servers outside of my local network. Well, I am ready now…

    Can someone show me how to use Google to look up the information on how I can give my router permission to forward user-selected virtual ports?


    nevermind I found it :-p

  106. TheOtherGuy says:

    I think your suggestion for 250KB/s is wrong. Here’s why:

    If you are on either cable or DSL with normal bandwidth, upload speed limits are 256 or 384 Kbps – thats kilo **bits** per second, not kilobytes per second. For cable with 384 Kbps, then 90% of bandwidth is 43 KByte/sec. In the real world, I generally get 38 KByte/sec max up. Ok, so if you want to use your internet connection for anything else, some lower number is needed.

    Ok, if you are in a college LAN or other high speed Internet connection, then higher numbers make sense.

    Failing to convert between Bytes and Bits is a common mistake. Network bandwidth is **anyways** bits unless a software weenie does it.

  107. somone again says:

    if your still downloading slow, it might be your firewall (since some scramble everything going in and out and that can slow some things) or maybe even a slow torrent.

  108. somone says:

    all you do is run the patch and press yes a couple of times…
    and there is no virus, thats just xp informing you something’s changed

  109. john says:

    any tips for mac osx?

  110. zerokool says:

    i don’t get that first step, i have the patch but where do i put it? help!!!

  111. moddabox says:

    im getting 527kb on my comcast on pc with staic portsing and no firewall
    and at the same time im getting 124 aprox kb on laptop on seprate port
    i tried your ad on my other pc it failed to increase preformance

  112. tieio says:

    Is that a virus? Windows File Protection pops up, what is that doing?

  113. Borg_Illuminati says:

    Your link to Patch above has a virus

  114. NoObKilla says:

    i don’t understand how i use it.

  115. David says:

    I still bet speed between 1-10 kb/s :( i am using azureus

  116. 3blindmice says:

    Wow!!! I installed this an hour ago and I went from 150 Kb/sec to up to 427Kb/sec. It’s pretty exciting to watch. Thank you!!!

  117. JeePee says:

    I have opened a port of port forwarding and this works great. The only thing that is missing here (as well as on the provided link) is that apart from openking the port on the router, you will also need to do that in your firewall software if you use any. E.g. I use McAfee Personal Firewall Plus. Opening the port on just the router did not help. I also needed to open the same port in the firewall.

    Now I did all that, I am a little worried of the security risk. What is the risk of opening a port? I read somewhere that there is no risk when there is no program/service is listening at the port (hence azureus). However, Azureus is open source and also allows for plugins. So what is the risk of these apps to be posing a risk? Moreover, what exactly could be the risk when a faulty app missuses the open port? What can an app/hacker do with it?


  118. steve says:

    When setting up Azureas i allowed it through the firewall using windows message popup blocker that give the option of allowing exceptions through. Do i still need to set up port forwarding. I’m on a 2meg line and achieve download speed (max) of 70kb/s

  119. Jan says:

    Microsoft first had the connection limit in SP2 for WinXP. They wanted to stop viruses and worms from spreading too fast. So they limited the connections… I dont think Apple would do so, too.

    Speed in any P2P network mainly depends on your upload speed and how good your file is spread over the peers. If just one or two computers have the full file, your speed won’t be much higher than the upload speed of those two guys together! But if there are some hundret seeds and you’re sharing much of your bandwidth you’ll get your download limit even with standard configuration.

    Thats because all the settings about connection limit and simultaneous only affects the search for new available peers. Once Azureus gets a bunch of new IP addresses, it has to check every address and register for a download slot. So you can speed that process up and maybe get to a higher amount of peers faster. But your download speed won’t be much better.

  120. Your TCP/UDP listen port is, well, leet. :-D Otherwise, great set of tips. I wonder if OS X has a similar limit for connections.

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