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Blurry iPhone 3G Photo, Allegedly

Posted in Apple,iPhone by Elliott Back on April 4th, 2008.

The iPodObserver is claiming that the new iPhone 3G will have a uniform, glossy back surface. As this proved to be true with iPods as they evolved and became sleeker, single-piece-construction units, there’s no reason why it is not also true for the iPhone 2.0:


If this photo is real, it wouldn’t be the first time a photo leaked of a new Apple product. We’ll wait for the lawyers to come knocking, at which point we will all know.


Wow, Engadget has some more photos of a white 3G iPhone; they’re blurry but in line with the black one I posted weeks ago:


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3 Responses to “Blurry iPhone 3G Photo, Allegedly”

  1. Apple iPhone 3G says:

    Apple iPhone 3G to be released| JUNE 2008

    *** CHECK ***


  2. Jean says:

    haha, elliott, you remind me of the stories i’ve heard about my uncle. when he was young, he accidentally crashed into a beehive on his bike. the bees chased him and stung him until his face wasn’t recognizeable anymore. then as soon as he healed, he went right back and hit the beehive with a stick. and then the cycle kept repeating itself ^_^;……

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