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Broken Creative Vision:M LCD Screen

Posted in Apple,Graphics,iPod,MP3,Music by Elliott Back on August 11th, 2006.

Today I had the bad luck of getting off the subway and finding that my Vision:M screen had mysteriously imploded:


The iPod clone was wearing an invisiSHIELD cover, sitting in a leather case, and in a side pocket of my pants with nothing else in it. It wasn’t sat on, crushed, or banged to my knowledge, yet the LCD is totally kaput. I’ll be calling Creative to see if I can get an RMA for a new screen, exchange it up for a new Vision:M, or if I can just buy and install the LCD parts for myself.

Update: Buying an iPod (which I like better) was the solution…

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299 Responses to “Broken Creative Vision:M LCD Screen”

  1. If anyone is still looking for Zen Vision M LCD screens, you can find them brand new for cheap at www.TheGadgetDr.com.

  2. Sing BSN says:

    My Zen X-Fi’s LCD screen also imploded out of the blue this morning. It was not dropped, not hit, or anything like that. But the LCD screen just went kaput, when the glass hard cover is completely intact. My X-Fi is only 16 months old. Creative products are really unreliable, and worse, the service coverage is really poor, as they refuse to honour any claim. This is the last time I’m buying a Creative product!

  3. iconoclast says:

    I happened to get two Zen Vision M’s as a shipping error. The first one lasted a few years until it would no longer charge. I started using the second one last year and had the screen break yesterday. Following the directions cited at the beginning of the replies (maps.google.com/maps/place?cid=9201331443198664385&q=wolf%27s+fresh+market+media+pa&hl=en&gl=us) I was able to swap the LCD out with no problem… However, the boards and the HDDs were not the same between the two that I have… I also seem to think there might be a difference between the two cases, but I’m not sure.

  4. John says:

    I was just looking into buying a new ZEN when my son told me of the old one he had. I looked into fixing the screen only to find everyone seems to be out of replacement screens.

    After digging into the unit it looks like the battery got hot sitting in the charger after my son let it discharge completely and destroyed the screen. It may of even expanded a little putting pressure on the screen as it sits directly behind the screen with some pressure on the screen when the case is closed.

    Externally, there seems to be no physical damage to the screen at all.

    Putting the Zen into a leather case when charging it up would only make the heat problem much worse.

    I’m on the fence now about buying a Zen. I love the ZEN but the design seems poor to me.

    Maybe I’ll buy the cheap 16-Gig model and keep it charged and out in the air were it can be kept cool.

  5. Rajiv Bansal says:

    i also was having a Zen-4GB which was working fine till now, but what happened yesterday was it stop functioning i.e. not starting ….rather it was not in warranty…but can be repaired..but in india the situation is literally worse…Creative is not providing the spare parts of their products…in these scenario i think we should stop buying creative products as Apple’s norms are very good and their replacement policy is rather better than creative.

  6. Slogger says:

    I Supply useb but in good condition creative zen M screens for £38.99 and can fit them for you for £48.99.
    please email trm683@bham.ac.uk if interested

  7. Alex says:

    Same thing happened to my creative Mozaic 4Go today !

  8. jason says:

    i have had 2 creative zen mosaic’s and both had the same problem both screens just broke out of the blue without any reason

  9. Baris says:

    Everything was perfect since couple days ago. I have taken out my creative zen vision M 30G from its case then turned on and seen that all over the screen covered with horizontal white lines.
    As I understand from all your emails that this is something with the design of this player.
    My email traffic with creative customer support proved it as well. They do not even want to hear this issue. Mine was bought three years ago and I have been son gentle on my player. Even the original screen protector on it, never carried without a case etc. But finally what they say shortly is you are on your own. We are not dealing this issue because of EOSL This is ridicules. What am I going to do now? Throw it away? I have always used it as portable video player.
    I live in Turkey and getting a spare part from let’s say ebay or etc. will cost me lots of money…

  10. […] Broken Creative Vision:M LCD Screen — Elliott C. Back […]

  11. croozlinduh says:

    Well, here is the conclusion to my ZVM drama (for anyone who cares)…

    I feel that creative screwed me over, and for that I will not buy from them anymore. They gave me the runaround when I e-mailed them, and eventually just stopped replying to my messages. I was firm, but not over the top angry in my e-mails to them. I basically asked them why I was expected to pay for something that was their fault.

    I did end up getting an iPod touch. It is awesomeness and I love it! I actually like it better than I did my ZVM. I’ve gotta admit though, when I have the money I may just buy a screen replacement for my ZVM and use it as a back-up. Besides, TV out still works fine, so that counts for something.

    Anyway, my recommendation would be to not buy from Creative. I feel that with their market share being what it is in the MP3 player arena, that they shouldn’t be treating their customers the way that they do.

  12. Karol says:

    Hi, I have the same problem with my Zen X-Fi player. I found an e-shop with spare parts www.thegadgetdr.com/ . Hopefully you will find what you need there. They can also repair the player for you with guarantee. Good luck.

  13. croozlinduh says:

    I emailed Creative about my issue, and they basically said to buy a new one. Well, after I told them that they shouldn’t be pissing their customers off when their competition is the ipod I got another email with a link to a recovery tool on their site. I highly doubt that software will fix the problem, but maybe it’ll work some voodoo magic or something.

    If, in the highly likely case, that doesn’t work, I’m going to keep bugging them until they do *something* to help me out. This is stupid, I didn’t pay that much money to have that thing take a **** for no reason.

    If all else fails, I’m saving up for an ipod touch (I feel so dirty saying that)

  14. Hitthebricks says:

    I havn’t had any problems with the screen but a plug for the battery on the circut board did break off so now I need a new circut board. I found site with any and all replacment parts for MP3’s, 59.99 for a new one.

  15. croozlinduh says:

    For the past 2 years I have been more than happy with my zvm. I always told people they were the best, etc. Well, today my screen did the cute little implosion trick. I have no idea why it did this, it was just sitting safely in my purse. Over a year ago I accidently dropped it like 4 feet onto the sidewalk and it was fine! Strange that it could take that but sitting in my purse was obviously too much for it.

    Well, it seems I don’t qualify for the claims process, but oh well. I got two years of use out of it, plus I can still use it using the a/v out cord, plus it’s still useful as a portable hard drive.

    Yeah, I’m not exactly thrilled that it crapped out, but no use crying over spilt milk. I’m just happy that all of my friends decided (against my advice) to be iTools, otherwise I would have had to explain this to them!

    Anyway, I loved the way I could organize the media on this device. I really don’t think another brand would do it for me, but I’m not buying another creative product either. Instead I guess I’ll just put a 32gb card in my phone and use that as my video/mp3 player.

    Man, still, this sucks.

    RIP Zen Vision M Screen 2007-2009
    (Seems it made it a lot longer than some of the other posters, sorry to hear that so many new units did that too)

  16. Vee says:

    check this link,

    Creative is processing claims for imploded lcd screens.

    • Loren says:

      Wow, I just got some respect back for Creative. I’m going to see if they actually will give the 50 bucks they owe me for this.

  17. Casey says:

    Any kind of impact indicates neglect from the user. No if’s, and’s, or but’s. It is not a problem with the unit, it’s the users. I’ve worked for “extended warranty’s” doing online tech support and things don’t break by themselves.

  18. Sergey says:

    The same thin happened to my zen vision m with the white lines. I had mine for 3 years and im aiming for an ipod cuz this is ridiculus

  19. Ian23 says:

    Just an idea you might want to try before considering changing screen/player. I've had screen problems with my Zen Vision M, not exactly the same as you describe: they were more like moving green and purple stains/blotches, which made the whole screen fuzzy. Turned out the player was at almost full capacity and couldn't deal with that much stuff in it. So I removed a few bulky videos, played a couple of films to empty the batteries out, charged it, and it came back to how it was before. Can't promise it'll work but give it a go.

  20. taylor says:

    I was just wondering how you got it fixed, because after buying a broken 8gb creative zen from ebay with a broken screen I have no warenty. I was also wondering what your expenses were becuase i'm not looking to spend a fortune on fixing this but don't want to waste my money with doing nothing to it. Please e-mail.


  21. Delirium says:

    I've had my Vision M for a long time compared to the other people that posted. I've been extremely careful with mine. I've been using a Zen Stone as my daily player lately and my Vision M has been sitting on the coffee table. It has not been bumped, dropped, looked at funny, etc. I went to charge it today and the screen suddenly has white lines all across it. It is still in it's silicone case with the hard plastic screen protector. I've already been through 2 Nomads with the headphone jack problem. I hate to say it, but I think I'm done with Creative. If I had done something to it that would be one thing, but an MP3 player should be abe to withstand sitting on a table,

  22. carolyn says:

    Mr. Black I understand exactly how you feel. I recently bought a creative zen xfi. I placed it to be charged and left home. I arrived and the results were the same as your imploded. How can that happen? Creative zen does not cover that on the warranty. Perhaps if there products continue to implode, they should include that with the warranty.

  23. Giles says:

    It finally happened to me… Turned it on today to put some music on, only to see it cracked on one half, and just white on the other. I think it was because of all the books in my school bag, as well as the really hot weather (it's summer here at the moment). Just emailed creative, hopefully something can be done. Doesn't sound like it though. Thing is, there's nothing like the ZVM anymore, other than iPod, which I will NOT get

  24. grant says:

    creative dont care i have repaired 4 of these and then mine went so i feel ya bro the screens on those devices suck and i have a vision m i had to order another one almost not worth the price to repair and they discontinued the model hit me up at gcool@vzw.blackberry.net laters

  25. jerry says:

    me again. and i am PISSED!! i only had it for 3 weeks and i droped it ONCE!!! and the screen cracked!!
    and my whole life i have been buying creative mp3's and when i call them, they dont even help! they just said that i will have to buy a new one cause they wont do repairs!
    they should at least do repairs!!!!

    =*[ i love my ZEN.. it was my world!! lol people say that when i talk about my mp3 it sounds like im talking about a girl.lol

  26. jerr says:

    yeah, thats what happen to my creative ZEN 2 gb. and i called creative and they said i just had to buy a new one.. and i only have it for like 3 or 4 weeks! i was pissed!!!

  27. Curtis says:

    I had no idea so many people had the same problem as I did. I loved my player up until the screen cracked last summer. The outside looks fine but when I turn it on, I can't see anything but black ink or lines. I did a lot of research before purchasing my player and it worked well for about 1 year or so, then poof, there went my screen. If you guys go ahead with the lawsuit, please email me at chart333@yahoo.com.

  28. Bernardo says:

    Good post.
    Today i picked up my Zen X-Fi 8 Gb, wich was bought 2 weeks ago for my birthday, and realized the screen had imploded too.

    It wasn't my fault beacause yesterday i was listening to music and it got low battery, so i puttted it on my desk, and today i picked him up so i could put him to charge and the screen was like that.
    I cried, it also happened to my PSP and my parents paid the fix, so i am so ashamed to tell them that it happened again :/

    If you can find something please send me to my e-mail, please : (bernardinho_f1@hotmail.com)

    Thanks ;D

  29. Amaya says:

    GO TO
    its the cheapest one i have found so far

  30. Brand New screens for $89.99! Just got them fresh from the manufacturer. www.thegadgetdr.com/Zen-Vision-M-LCD-Screen-p/zvm-lcd-new.htm

  31. jordan says:

    well i have had mine over a year and a half now. dropped sat on stood on etc and still works perfect i just think there was a bad batch of screens or somethin and you all were unlucky in geting one of them but ive never had trouble with creatvie products most of my stuff is thires.

  32. LCDchallenged says:

    My ZVM’s screen broke a while back. The screen replacement procedure looks possible but obtaining a replacement screen isn’t easy. With so many high quality LCD screens available across the portable electronics industry it should be possible to find a way to make a substitute 2.5″ LCD work as a replacement if an original isn’t available. Hopefully it wouldn’t take an inordinate amount of electronics knowledge to get something like this working.

    Without an LCD the ZVM is a tricky to use iPod Shuffle. Is there any PC software that I can use to select what songs will play when I power up? I suppose that an A/V cable is the simple fix to program my hefty ZVM Shuffle.

    30GB is 30GB, its hard to throw a ZVM away!

  33. GravityDragon says:

    I feel the same pain. Mine was kind of my fault though. As much a getting hit with a 2000lb trailer can be my fault. I have been trying to get a new screen for months. I love my player, but parts are almost nonexistent. E-Bay has been no help because they don’t have any of them up for auction any more. I guess I will have to shell out the $90 to get a new screen. Oh well.

  34. Unfortunately these things break all the time and its not only because of stepping on it or dropping it. They just break by sitting there!

    We offer repair services for $29.99, and LCD screens for $89.99 at www.TheGadgetDr.com.

  35. aron78 says:

    I had an issue with restoring the firmware of my creative zen and I send it to this creative labs repair service. They ended up charging me 30 bucks for the fix.

  36. gus says:

    i purchased my zen vision M about a year ago. Never had any problems with it. Today I come home from work, put an album on and 15 minutes later when I’m home the screen exploded. I didn’t drop it, didn’t bump into it, it was just turned on for no loner then 15 minutes and it didn’t endure any stress whatsoever. I’m looking into replacing the screen, but if it’s as expensive as people say it is on this site then I am at a loss. I expected more from a company like creative.

  37. Music Is Life says:

    LMAO!!!! It is a freakin relief to find this blog!!! Please excuse me while a rant for a moment….

    Today is Aug. 6th..it’s a little after 11 here in TX…I’ve been reading this blog for the last hour and I can tell you…I find comfort amongst all of this misery!!!!

    I got to the point of google-ing this topic b/c I got psssd….I was sitting out back enjoying my tunes…looking at the screen shaking my head like what a dam shame…what a waste of $300 bucks!!! I have thousands of great songs and videos…and can’t enjoy the luxury of choosing what I want to listen to…I’m stuck getting the luck of the draw on FREAKIN SHUFFLE!!!

    So when I googled this topic..this was the first hit!!!! When the screen came up and I saw that photo..I just started LMFAO!!!!!

    I was at work one sunny morning 9 months ago and I had my Zen M on my desk bumping my tunes…when I accidentally knocked off the edge of the desk. It fell about 21/2 ft to the carpeted floor. It was no bother to me b/c it didn’t fall very hard and I had no worry about it being broken..so I picked up..dusted it off..lol..and with HORROR…I saw my precious screen look exactly like the photo above. I did everything I could think of to fix it..but no happs!!! I called creative..but I could see the BS coming a mile away, so I did not even have the patience to pursue it.

    Since I’m a jogger who REQUIRE’s music! And since It was around X-Mas…I broke down and got myself a the lil 4 gig to get me by until I purchase my IPod! I went smaller b/c that dayum 30gig from 3 years ago is a freakin brick!!! I needed something more mobile!! lol My 4 gig creative is a piece of **** also..it doesn’t pick up stations well and it freezes up about every other song! So needless to say I will not be purchasing anymore Creative products! I guess the most bang for your buck is not always worth it!!!

    Thanks for letting me vent family…I feel great now!!! It’s fugged up that Creative doesn’t do something to rectify this serious problem!!!

  38. hean the bean says:

    im bummed about it because mine was a birthday present from my mum and dad.

    Anyway I put it in my pocket and it just broke. From what i know it wasn’t bang or crushed or anything. It just died.

  39. Agh pissed off. says:

    LOL look at all these comments! looks like im not the only one with this problem.

    SAME thing happened to mine today.
    The screen cracked. (not literally)…
    the inside just seems cracked.

    anyways it still plays music, and i can still see most of the screen (yet it is faded), so i’ll just use it until i get a new MP3 player.

    Seriously though -.- the Zen VM is like a frken brick.
    its too big. I don’t think its worth fixing…even though i did have it for 3 years now.

    It served me well, but i think its time for it to go.


    anyways good luck to everyone else.

    im just going to buy a new mp3.

  40. ANton says:

    buy you vM as long as the motherboard is good, my vM is functioning well but i cant sync it anymore cuz i fryied it by pluging it into apple dock(experiment, DO NOT TRY)… is someone is interested please give a shout P.S: oh, creative parts are available here: www.aerozbooks.com these guys can fix em of just give an advice, prices are quite high but if you just buy and do it your self like me it shouldnt be too hard as long as your hands are groing from the right spot… please tell me sm1 has a sense priced motherboard, ill pray for you when im sleepin, i need dis ting to work again for work

  41. HUgo Mejia says:

    I am part of this elite crew sadly enough. My screen is also imploded and it is the second time. I had sent the uit to creative back approx. 7 months ago for the same thing I even had the extended warranty but they said it was not a warranty deal so I had to pay like $87 i believe when it was all said and done. This time the screen again just blew up I am soo pissed piss of &*^%, I paid like $300 when I got it and have used it very seldomly. I am doing what another person said hooking it up to TV and setting on random shuffle and taking to work.

  42. Loren says:

    Ok, haha, i’m so glad i found this site. It’s a relief, although I’m furious. I was sitting at my desk watching a movie and my Zen was sitting on the desk, off, I repeat, OFF. I didn’t drop it, knock it, scratch it, touch it, or even look at it. Suddenly, out of the conner of my eye, i notice the screen flashes on. Just for a sec, it flashes. Odd, I think. Did I just imagine that? Was it me blinking and being stupid? It’s not plugged it, it wasn’t on, did it just auto off or something by accident?

    So, I investigate. I turn it on.

    The screen is exploded. That’s the best way i can describe it. Like the pic above. And this thing wasnt even ON.

    So, if it’s any consolation to all of you who put it away and then when you turn it on it’s broken and you wonder, “did I bang it or drop it?”

    No, you didn’t. I witnessed mine with my own eyes literally exploding while sitting in front of me, stationary, not plugged in, not doing anything.

    Now, what am I suppose to say? I loved this thing. I feel betrayed. Should I bother with another Zen? Is it time to switch to …. ipod???? AAHHHH!

  43. Bijoy says:

    Same thing happened to me. I paid $100 after rebates for the refurbished player, so I have no intentions of paying $122 for a replacement screen. You can find the video out cables on Amazon for less than $5.00. That’s what I am going to use.

  44. R O M A R X says:

    And to think, that I was the only person out there with this particular problem and bad luck!. I have 2 boys and did a lot of research into buying them high quality Mp3 players for Christmas. Chose the Creative Zen M Vision 30 GB for both of them over the Ipod, because it had great reviews and on top of everything, it had the cool feature of having FM radio feature. After about 5 months of use and of enjoyment of their ZVM players, both of the screens on both players called it quits. One looked like the picture above, but worse and the other just shows a white screen with thick lines across it and that’s it. Got in touch with CREATIVE and the want $115 for each player. That’s insane. Will NEVER consider buying any Creative products again, not even as a gift. And for that money, will buy Ipods instead, hands down. Good Luck 2 All. I googled alot and found that some replacement screens are just as expensive. What hope do we have here?…

  45. jake says:

    same thing has happened to me, cant find an lcd anywhere these things must have a fault of some kind there is no way this many screens can just implode mysteriously…

  46. superp says:

    This just happened to me, it was sitting in my pocket and it was fine next thing I know I take it out and the screens gone…..I WANT A REPLACEMENT

  47. Portlawslim says:

    Just got an e-mail to say they have posted a replacement for me.In a previous e-mail they offered me a 30gig vision W as an exchange. I didn’t get a chance to make my mind up when I went to reply later another e-mail had been sent to tell me that a replacement has be sent!!

  48. Portlawslim says:

    Same thing happened to my screen, just turned it on one day and the screen was broken and it was never dropped,Just waiting to see if Creative will replace mine got an RMA from them…fingers crossed

  49. JackRubysDog says:

    I broke my LCD screen a year ago and finally got a replacement off Ebay for $80 and $10 P+P.

    Fitting the new screen was fairly simple aside from getting the screen connector into the socket which was very fiddly but I managed it in the end okay.


    All I need now is the replacement plastic cover as that too is cracked, but at least I can operate the thing again.

    Creative Helpdesk are NO help!

  50. Hyperion says:

    My Screens out too it looks like it was shot or somethin anyway ill just use the av cords to see what im doin on the tv
    that or just use it as a 16GB flash drive….
    a really big and bulky 16GB flash drive

  51. Michelle McGill says:

    So all of the post on the same thing. I can’t read all of them. What should I do to fix the problem. Where did you find the screen and did it
    work to replace. My son has had his 3 years and loves it and doesn’t want anything else. harrellst@yahoo.com

  52. mex says:

    I recently had my screen implode too. I’m going to take it to the vendor soon because i think it should still be covered by warranty.

    However, I was talking to my friend and it turned out that his brother had the same zen vision:m which didn’t work anymore but the screen was fine. so he came over and we took it apart using these instructions…


    It was straightforward enough except for the very last bit with the hinge. It would be beneficial to keep a note of which screws go where as you go along. If my warranty with the vendor doesn’t work out i’m going to have a go at replacing the screen of my zen with his old one because i have had the benefit of already taking a zen apart.

    will let you know how it goes!

    My plan is that if the warrant doesn’t cover me I am going to

  53. Guy says:

    I was walking home, and wanted to change the song i was listening to…

    i unlocked my Vision M, just to find…a cracked screen

    my last Vision M’s hard drive broke, and i only just started using this one last week!

    And on the Creative website, it says that it must have been an unfortunate accident…

    Now THATS customer support…

  54. Katy says:

    Wow it is a lot of people having problems.. i have the Zen Vision:M 30GB and i turned the screen on one day abnd i get horiztonal lines scrolling up and other random things liek that happening.. What do i do?! I have no warrantly or anything, can i get a replacement? or can they fix it? I don’t mind paying for it, I just don’t know who to phone or whatever and whther they can do it?
    Thanks anyone for help

  55. Hal says:

    Nick said:

    on September 2nd, 2007 at 11:51 pm


    Also here’s a site to install the LCD yourself…. it’s pretty easy to take apart mp3 players I’ve had to replace the LCD screen and hard drives of my friend’s 80gb Ipod….. no electronic device is bulletproof or even bump proof and remember if you’re using an mp3 player on the move, there is a chance your walking around and bumping it can disturb the hard drive because it does possess moving parts inside of it so don’t blame creative for being unreliable.. lol they use the same Toshiba hard drives that Ipod does

    Anybody try this on a Creative Zen MP3 player? Please post a comment with your experience and advice if you have. Thanks.

  56. Hal says:

    In the end I agreed to pay $200 for a new one from Creative, although they originally asked for $240 — the 20% discount KingGnome mentioned. But I whined a lot and was offered the $200 price and will get my old one back too.

    2 things:
    1. So, I am thinking that if I can replace the screen in my old one, that would be great. Then I could give my new one to someone else as a gift.

    2. What can be done to protect the screen on the Zen? I see that breakage is common, for whatever reason. I order the screen protector, but I am skeptical that it will really prevent what happened to my Zen. Is the device so fragile that it cannot handle a little bit of heavy use? One of its best features is its compactness and lightweight. Is it necessary to defeat those virtues with a large case to protect it against screen damage?

  57. KingGnome says:

    Hey Hal, jopin the club your screwed. Although they will offer you a 20% discount on another c reative product but you must purchase it through them which pretty much means your gonna over pay for a new product and then get 20% off. Its cheaper just to go to pricegrabber and find a place with free shipping and no tax for whatever your looking for. They discontinued the zen vision m’s and i belive the w’s now as well When I spoke with thenm last week the lady even happened to mention that they didn;t have enough screens to really cover the people that the warranty was still good for. Another thought. buy a cheap used one off of ebay for 100 bucks or less and change the screen yourself. you can buy refurbished ones for $150-165 on ebay as well. Prolly what i’m gonna do to day…

  58. Hal says:

    I bought a Creative Zen 32GB MP3 player from Creative Labs. 30 days after I received it, the screen failed. It looked just like the photo of the failed screen posted on this discussion.

    Creative Labs claims the screen was cracked by user damage. They want $240 to replace it. It retails for $300 – I paid $280 for the player..

    It looked exactly like photos on the discussion with posts by 237 responses from other folks whose Creative Labs Vision M screens failed — read all about it at elliottback.com/wp/archives/2006/08/11/broken-creative-visionm-lcd-screen/

    How can I address the Creative assertion that the screen was “cracked” and therefore that I damaged it and the warranty did not cover the damage? They have the player. How does one ascertain whether the screen “failed” or was “damaged” by the user?

    The retailer was the Nerds. Their policy explicitly states that the 30 days runs from the date of purchase, not the date of receipt. This of course is a ridiculous policy, and the fact is that the device failed on the 29th day after I received it by the 31st day after I ordered it and that I ordered it for next day delivery but it was not sent until the next day and therefore arrived two days after the order was place. — A good postscript for the Nerds — I called back later to follow-up on the claim of the 30 day warranty and the gentleman I spoke with told me he would do what was necessary to replace it. But, unfortunately, because I was eager to have it replace, I had already mailed it to Creative, so I could not take advantage of his willingness to make the replacement.

    I am now waiting to hear from a supervisor at Creative Labs regarding their determination of a cracked screen and user damage. Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with this now?

  59. Daniel says:

    So anyone here found a replacement lcd for Creative Zen?

  60. Theo says:

    My 8GB Zen’s screen just died.

    Right before a 14-hour drive, a 2-hour train ride, two 7-hour flights, and a 3-hour flight.

  61. selyn says:

    around october i noticed something odd with my zen v, the lcd screen kept getting darker and darker, then suddenly one day it was totally black. The screen doesn’t show anything, still plays music though. When i try to change it won’t even update anymore. Can someone help me?

  62. Jessica says:

    I stepped on mine :) go me!
    I lost my box and proof of purchase.

    Whats the best way to find a new screen, ebay?
    Those 120$ dollars are crazy I could buy a new one for that price.

  63. philip says:

    My vision m was stored on the dash of my car and overnight the temp. dropped to about 18F and the next morning the screen was cracked.

    Does anyone know who the manufacturer of the screen is?

    Has anyone tried to contact the screen manufacturer directly?

  64. Daan says:

    ‘ipod clone’?!

  65. AerozBooks says:

    That is a terrible story, Gordon, but that is how any manufacturer of any product will treat you. Microsoft treats Zune owners even worse. And Apple is just as bad as Creative regarding customer service.

    Thats why there exist small, third-party operations like me to do much lower cost repairs.

  66. Gordon Starr says:

    I sent my 60g unit back to Creative after spending $25.00 for the RMA and $15.00 for shipping. They told me that the screen broke because of damage! ^&%#^! I was using the unit while it was just sitting on the bench. When I looked at it, the screen it was trashed. It had been in the sun for a little for about an hour. They told me that they would be glad to repair/replace it for $265.00! Great deal huh! I bought 3 of these units so now I’m expecting the other 2 to **** out. I had Creative just send my unit back to me. I’ll find a display and fix it myself. Then I’ll sell all 3. I’ve bought my last items from Creative.

  67. Stephen says:

    I was supposed to update a while ago, but anyway…

    It took a long time for me to get “mine” back from Creative. As stated before, I okay’d the repair of it on the 28th of November 2007 and I believe that it finally got to the mailing address on the 24th or 26th of December. So, it took about a month to get back to me and it cost $82.50. It wasn’t new like someone from Creative said that it might be, but it works just like mine did before the vertical lines. I’m thinking that the one I got back is a refurbished player, because I know that it’s not mine. The only thing is that it doesn’t have any of the original pictures except for one, and I really liked the pictures. Other than that I love it like I did before. It wasn’t dirty or anything, except for 2 tiny smudges on the bottom half that went away when rubbed off.

  68. robert says:

    mine did the same thing was in my pocket w case and was fine i took out to change to radio and the screen was shot………..trying to find replacement

  69. steve says:

    What are you talking about Matt? The Creative Zen M comes with a 1 YEAR warranty.

  70. MAtt says:

    I have had 2 zen’s **** out on me now, the first was a zen micro, then I got this Zen vision, and without any abuse just sitting there the screen got all jacked up. Most mfg’s offer a 1 year warranty, the zen vision, 30 days… what kind of **** is that. CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT, let’s get it going.

  71. GL says:

    Do you have the plastic cover for the bottom also? If so please email me at miss_friendlie@yahoo.com so we can discuss. Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.

  72. aerozbooks says:


    Sounds like you got a Zen that has been previously opened and poorly put back together.

    I have screws; I can sell you the 2 screws for a total of $3 (includes shipping by USPS First Class).

  73. GL says:

    I would like to know what is the size screw at the bottom of the Zen Vision M. My screen hasn’t exploded yet, Lord forbid, but for some reason my little plastic piece at the bottom fell off and I don’t see any screws. I had it over a yrs now. I don’t feel comfortable toting this around with no screws and it could just very well fall apart, and Zen wants money for testing and repair when I just need screws. It looks likes 2 screws are needed but I never saw them so I don’t know what happened to them. Why would they just fall out, how did they become loose. Please help.

  74. Vanquish says:

    Here is an update…
    I just picked up my 80GB iPod Classic that is an early Christmas present from my mother…
    Way to go creative, you have lost my business forever, I will not buy another Creative product again.

  75. Courtney says:

    Same thing happened to me, I listened to my Zen Sunday night, it worked great. I set it on me desk, went to bed, and grabbed it the next day. I held it in my hand, didn’t bang it on anything, but when I turned it on the screen was completely busted! Unfortunately, I bought it almost a year ago, so warranty is out. I’m a college student, and I can’t afford to pay for a new one. If anyone knows of a place in the states that does LCD repairs for cheap please let me know.

  76. Steve says:

    I, too have been gotten by the dead Zen screen horror. Hopped in my car this morning after having my Zen in my inside jacket pocket (chest pocket), plugged it in, looked down, and the screen was completely white with a big crack in it. I have two business days left on my warranty. I bought directly from Creative, so hopefully I can still RMA just fine. I really love my Zen, but this problem is really ridiculous.

  77. Ethan says:

    Wow I can’t believe how many people have had the same problem as me. I got my Zen Vision M for Christmas and in September one day it was in its case in my backpack. I leave my backpack in my locker all day and just grab the books I need. When I got it out at the end of the day to listen to half the screen is completely black and the other half is fuzzy with white vertical lines. This is really annoying. I like it alot, but now dont’ know what to do. I was thinking about upgrading to an Archos 605 Wifi but it seems wasteful to have this perfectly good Vision M that isn’t usable due to a screen? I would like to at least sell it but I don’t know who’d want a broken Vision M.

  78. Stephen says:


    I have a 30GB black Zen Vision:M. I got it for Christmas last year. Over the summer, probably in June or July, I had it in my pocket. Unfortunately, my mom decided to put her cell phone in the same pocket with my player (she was doing something, didn’t want to lose it, but my hands were full, so she put it in my pocket). Got to the car, pulled it out, and I had the white lines going across the screen. I was upset but I’m a college student, so I’m definitely broke, lol. Plus, the music worked fine and I could still see, it just bothered me. I knew that at some point I wanted it fixed, but it was already out of warranty then so I decided to wait to see if Creative’s price would drop (I think I read somewhere, maybe some other site, about $122 and that was too much for me at the time). Recently, though, I decided that I wanted my player fixed, and I figured that the best solution would be to get it fixed by the manufacturer. I paid $25 to get my RMA number and mailed it in without a receipt. Checked on their website, got a page saying that the RMA was on hold, so I called. Basically they told me what I knew, that the screen was corrupted or something, but the guy was really nice about it. It was on hold because they needed to see if I wanted it repaired. He told me that the total would be $82.50, and since I paid $25 before, I needed to just pay $57.50 more. So I said ok, they charged my card, and now I’m waiting for it to be sent back. The guy said that they’ll “probably” give me a new player, but I’ll be glad to get any one that works. All in all, this was cheaper than a refurbished one, and I can’t bash Creative cuz I love the player. My only thing is that I ok’d the repair and payment on 11/28 and I don’t have it back, but I’ll be back on this site when I get it to tell you all my result.

    P.S. I called the next day (11/29) because the site where you can track your repair still said that it was on hold, but I was told that everything was fine and that they may not have had enough in stock. I’ve called once more since then and I was told that, once again, everything was fine with the payments and what not, so I guess I just have to wait until it’s ready.

  79. Matt says:

    Add me to this ever growing list. The player survived lots of hard falls but once it was just in my pocket and it came up with a screen just like the picture. Is it worth me trying to contact creative if i’ve had the player for over a year? I purchased it off ebay from an American seller. I live in Australia, so www.aerozbooks.com really doesn’t seem feasible. Perhaps another Australian mp3 player repair shop will do it.

  80. Vanquish says:

    Add another to the list… had it in my pocket, take it out to listen and wtf? White lines across and black screen.
    I wouldn’t even be SO angry if the player didn’t cost so much money initially ( I purchased the 80 GB model) and then they charge such a ridiculous amount to replace the LCD.
    I’m currently a student enrolled in university and I thought I would try to purchase an MP3 player that would last me my 5 years of studies because I will not have money to spend on an additional player, in the case that my first breaks, however this did not last me though the first two months!
    I previously convinced many of my friends to purchase a Zen instead of an iPod but I’m sorry, with un-reliable products and poor customer service my business will be going directly to Apple from now on, as will be the choice of many of my friends for sure, as I will be for sure telling them of such problems.

  81. ihatethis says:

    I just had this happen to my zen i use to say apple = lemon but now i will not hear the end of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate to say it but if this is what i am to get from a 300 dollar player thats a joke !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was going out this weekend to buy 3 more for the kids because they love mp3 and i keep tell them apple stinks with Christmas coming i was going to buy 3 more but now i know it wont be anything from creative labs and I will never use their sound boards in the computers i build anymore !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope they go bankrupt JERKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and to think i use to say nothing but good about them WOW i was blind guess its good that it did this so i could see all the other people having problems before i bought 3 more now i hate to say it its ether zune or apple.

  82. AerozBooks says:

    Its true though, the screens really do self-implode. It happens. Its rare but I have read the stories. Its just sitting there on the desk and then implodes. These screens are the best on the market for viewing, but they also break the easiest. Creative decided to sacrifice some hardiness for viewing quality.

  83. scandi says:

    you al dont seem to understand that any item with a harddisc need to be treated with care!!
    you also dont seem that any item with an LCD screen should be treated with care!!
    dont blame creative for this….
    i woke up in the morning and the screen was broken…come on man!!!
    get real, its like some dark entity going round breaking screens.


  84. AerozBooks says:

    LCD screens, motherboards, hard drives, body plates, batteries, and much more here: www.aerozbooks.com

  85. Aaron says:

    I am looking for a replacment motherboard for my zen 60g (I think a 30 will work) if anyone has given up on fixing their broken screen unit and is interested in selling it for parts, please email me
    aaronlishman + yahoo.com
    (replace the + with @ – to avoid spam)


  86. Kevin Saw says:

    I have come up with a temporary solution!

    If you have an AV out cable for the zen vision, simple connect it to your dongle, then connect the cable to the tv!

    I do this in the morning before going to school, Quickly pick a nice artist, Click Play so it plays all his/her songs, unplug, and go!

    I’ve set it on random shuffle so if i dont like a song, I just push next!

    Hopefully this will help until a cheaper screen comes out!

    I got my cable from this guy on ebay-

    $6 bid or $7 buy now, which includes shipping is well worth it, if you can’t afford the $90+ change!

  87. AerozBooks says:

    Hello everyone,

    If your screen is cracked and out of warranty I can replace your screen or sell you a screen. There are about 3 people who have already used my services whom have posted on this forum here, just search by “aerozbooks” and see who has commented. So far 100% satisfaction.

    Just go to www.aerozbooks.com to see pricing.

  88. tom m-d says:

    Has anyone used aerozbooks yet? Im wondering what their like.

    This happened to me also for no reason, and im waiting on creative to mail me a price for repair/replace.

  89. Scott Marlowe says:

    Look, everthing that’s ever been made will have some units that fail outright near the beginning of its life. It’s called the bathtub curve, look it up.

    I bought myself and my two sons Creative Zen M s last year. Mine is going strong, and so is my youngest son’s. My eldest son dropped his from a couple of feet onto a tile floor and the LCD developed some isses with vertical lines. Surprise surprise, you abuse something and it may not work afterwards. The other two, which have been better treated, have had no problems. I watch mine on the L in Chicago going to work everyday, and ride the bus as well. I’m careful not to lean on it when standing up and have a cover for it.

    I’ve seen just as many Ipods, percentage-wise, with broken screens. Guess what? LCD screens are fragile things, and if you abuse them they will break.

  90. Ricky says:

    Count me in! I had fumbled my Zen onto my desk Monday, removing it from the charger, but that was maaaybe a 3 inch drop. Used it for 2 days, plugged it in to charge on Wednesday night. Woke up Thursday morning and, you guessed it, screen’s shattered. This upsets me greatly, as I loved my Zen. Talked down the iPod and the Zune, thinking I had the supreme machine. Unfortunately, I purchased it in March, so my 6 month period was up 2 months ago. Let’s hope Buy.com steps up to the plate here. I just e-mailed them.

  91. Callie says:

    I have had the SAME problem… CSR on the phone said it would cost 82.50… I said OK, wrapped it up and sent it on to the factory. Got an email back five days later saying it would cost 195.69. Called Customer Service again, the guy tries to sell me a brand new player AND more insurance… WTF? I got them to send it back to me un-repaired because I didn’t want them selling it as refurbished and getting MORE money.
    I’m going to try taking it to future shop (and showing them this website as well as the correspondence from Creative).
    For all of you who don’t know who to e-mail, I have been corresponding with a woman named Christina… Why don’t you email her? christina_sazama@clok.creative.com

  92. Martin G says:

    The same thing happened to little old me! No trauma it just imploded. I bought mine while on vacation in the USA (i live in Ireland) so Creative have been no help at all as they say i need to take it back to my vendor (walmart). Now to do that would be costly as transatlantic flights don’t come cheap. My unit has 3 more months to run on it’s warranty but Creative again say it’s my fault becasue ‘i must have dropped it’. Great customer service there! I’m now looking into buying a new player but i’ve been scared off by this experience. I’ve championed Creative players to all my mates and they purchased units on this advice. I will be publically telling alunsundary that they are rubbish and buy something else instead. I still hate ipods and won’t get one so that’s me screwed then! Stuck with a broken screen and mp3 player that only works on radio and shuffle! Rubbish Creative. You should be ashamed of yourselves!

  93. Bob O says:

    Well, sign me up for the club! I bought my Zen M last christmas. I have used it sparingly and have only used it handful of times. I keep it stored in my home office desk drawer in a cushioned Case Logic mp3 player case. Put it away a few weeks ago working perfectly. Took it out today and the LCD screen has imploded. I was dumbfounded. Mine is in a practically new condition. Yes, it is black. I can testify with 100% certainty that nothing touched this player in any way. I don’t even take it out of the house! Judging by the scope of this problem it is hard to believe that Creative still tries to pretend that this is not a big problem and still tells it’s customers that they are causing this with a straight face. Unbelievable! I am not an Ipod fan but I can tell you that my 12 year old son has an older 4gb ipod that has been abused and passed down to my 9 year old son. It has been dropped 100 times. I replaced the hard drive in it with a much more sturdy falsh drive when the older style disc drive crapped out. It is a work horse. I really loved the look and feel of the Zen M. It’s a shame.

  94. Tom Fulp says:

    My Zen did this today at school, got out from my lesson and the screen was all cracked :(

    I want a replacement because ive only had it for 3 weeks :'(

  95. abc says:

    ZENS ARE EXTREMELY STURDY. I Know this because once my neighbor draged it on the ground accross hard dirt with a saxiphone, trombone, and 2 10 pound backpacks. Its screen was fine. Then, a week later, it was fine, That night, it was working perfectly. I went to computer animating class. I went to my car, took it out, turned it on, and the screen was all messed up. Zens are more sturdy then ipods. My friend droped an 80 gigabyte ipod on a cusioned surface 6 only two inches up, and it broke. ZEN is going to lose a lot of money if this keeps up. Id rather get a kind of sturdy 30 gigabyte ipod than a zen with a falty zen. Anyway im getting another zen because i still think they are better than ipod. But i will not invest as much money in it as i would have, Thanks to there most likely cheap methods of constructing these things.

  96. AerozBooks says:

    Hello everyone,

    First off, thank you Heinz and Aaron for your kind comments. :) My business is pretty new, I just recently started it. I love Creative Zen products and own a Zen Micro myself. Love it to death.

    Second, I’m not a guy–I’m a woman. I’m also an Engineering student, and I enjoy taking things apart and repairing them. I believe I’ve gotten quite good at it. I can likely repair any problems your Zen is having.

    And third: my website www.aerozbooks.com will soon be gone; I’m moving to another site. Haven’t decided on a name yet, or what services I am going to offer. But I am expanding; I will be offering LCD screen installation for not only the Zen Vision:M, but also the Zen V model. I will also offer hard drive installations, upgrades, and free estimates for those unsure of what is wrong with their Zen. My site will also sell repair kits for those of you who feel confident enough to do the repairs yourself.

    I have had to temporarily discontinue my Zen Vision:M LCD Screen installation service and stop selling the screens because my supplier ran out and now I have to find another supplier. These screens were discontinued in 2006 I believe, and they are getting very hard to find. Wish me luck!

  97. Jon says:

    If you guys want something to vent your frustrations on, sign up on this website. Hopefully enough will complain and then we can see if we can corner Creative on this issue.


  98. idiosyncratic says:

    kinda pricey enjoy

    Zen Parts

    Products in: /Zen Parts
    Image Description Price
    Zen Vision:M 30GB Hard Drive w/ZIF Connector
    This is a used 30GB hard drive, but it has been tested and is in excellent condition.… $60.00 Buy More
    Zen Vision:M 30GB Hard Drive w/Pins Connector
    This is a used 30GB hard drive, but it has been tested and is in excellent condition.… $60.00 Buy More
    Zen Vision:M Motherboard
    This is a used motherboard, but it has been tested and is in excellent condition. … $70.00 Buy More
    Zen Vision:M LCD Screen
    These screens are used but have been tested and are in excellent working and cosmetic condition. UNITED STATES BUYERS, please click below: …

  99. Jason says:

    well, I bought my zen vision M 4 months ago and the same thing: I know I didn’t drop or otherwise abuse my player. BTW, has anyone seen this website: aerozbooks.com. This guy claims to repair zens and charges $90 to replace the lcd. Or you can buy an lcd from him for $70. I’m still debating whether or not to buy an lcd from him (i’ve seen a website that shows how to replace the screen yourself) or use the $70 toward an ipod.

  100. kevin says:

    my player had the exact same thing happen while sitting on my desk overnight…literally just sitting there i’d like to know how david got his replacement they refuse to beleive i didn’t break it. if anyone an tell me what i need to do to get creative to hook me up with a good one please tell me. i’ll give out my email at this point…obiwan_207@hotmail.com any help here would be very appreciated

  101. Rees says:

    Hey guys-I cracked my Zen Sleek screen a couple of months ago and Its been sitting in my draw ever since. I did find a guide on how to dismantle it which I have done but I have a question I hope someone can answer.

    I have found Zen Touch parts on ebay-I was wondering whether the screen from a Touch would be compatible with my Sleek?

    Any contributions appreciated, Thanks ; )

  102. chuck says:

    my name is chuck i had just recently bought a zen i had it in a case on my hip when i got in my car the screen was cracked i was doing anything to harm it i have a bad knee so i couldint of been doing anything to make it break like it did i need to know if anybody knows were i can find a screen for a good price ive seen that theres been many problems with the screen creative needs to replace them with better screens

  103. Johnno says:

    I have been investigating my Nokia 6288 phone that had the LCD screen crack on my side table. I see thet on April 30th, 2007 at 11:28 am James said: He found the folowing numbers on the back of the LCD – (GA060913 AO, LTV250QV & V250QVF02S6904N32 USP5280371)

    I also dismanteled mine(Nokia 6288) and found a corresponding number – USP5280371

    On the net many disgruntled Nokia customers are not getting their sreens fixed under warranty. I am going to investigate the screen manufacturer to get to the bottom of this.

  104. Conor says:

    Same thing with me and mine was in a leather case aswell

  105. bryan says:


  106. Gcnkirby says:

    I hear ya there.

    I’m thinking about getting a Zune and putting the HDD from my zen vision m in the zune.

    I’m pretty sure that if I install the proper OS on it for the zune or whatever it’ll work. They’re both 1.8” HDD.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but it should work like that. . . Right?

  107. Mike says:

    yeah, this is bull, i think this is a conspiracy with creative. Products don’t just crack on their own for no reason. And of course its not covered under the 1 year warranty and of course it costs nearly $100 to repair it no matter where you look. Who wants to replace it if its just gonna happen again?! I might as well buy a cheap ipod that wont crack and break.

  108. Gcnkirby says:

    Well, I’m on the bandwagon now!

    I’ve had my zen vision m for nearly 9 months. Never had any problems that were too worrisome. So one day I left it plugged in to charge while I went out for the night. I came back and wanted to listen to some music, so I unplugged it and turned it on. To my surprise, there was a giant blob of ink on the right hand side and nothing showed up on my screen. So I turned it off, and emailed tech support.

    Still no reply.

    How exactly does a screen do this on a desk in a locked room in an empty house? Thats what I want to know.

    If they start throwing stuff like I broke it due to recklessness or what have you, I think I’m gonna just drop creative. I heard the Zune is okay. But hopefully it won’t have to come to that. Definitely don’t want to sell my soul to the devils at Apple ;-;

  109. happy boi says:

    is it true that the lcd of vision M is very poor in terms of durability? coz im planning to buy one.. please answer the question…

  110. annie says:

    afer arguing for 3 nearly 4 months about the fault in my zen creative have eventually agreed to send me a replacement free of charge though not after some hassel and researching the legal stuff

  111. Rambo says:

    Does anybody know what is going on with the lawsuit…

    Yesterday coming home from an away football game the same thing happened to my player. I have had it for nearly a year.And i treasure that thing….im not rich so i keep it in mint condition. Its so frustrating that a company of this magnitude can get away with selling defective products after selling them for as much money as they do.

  112. aaron says:

    I just got an LCD and Screen Cover from www.aerozbooks.com/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=10
    the screen works fine. The screen cover was a used part with some scratches, but better than the one I had. Overall it was worth it to have the unit back up and running.

  113. penn says:

    hi i am looking for a replacement cover (not the screen) – any colour, if anyone has a spare one or knows where i can get one? mine got badly scratched on moving house

    please email webmasterNOatSPAMbuffyslay.co.uk – remove NO SPAM

  114. Goldenmxpx says:

    I have had the same problem, white lines after charging overnight, followed by imploding and the lcd screen cracking. I just got through with creatives “wonderful” customer service regarding my RMA. they want $80 total to repair it. that’s 1/3 of what it cost me in the first place. I am now boycotting creative and trying to get everyone that i know to do the same.

  115. Beastie59 says:

    Now I’m well p’d off. Just lost my bid on ebay for a replacement screen for my son’s Zen! Now what’l I do??? I live in UK and as usual I can’t get any joy from Creative!

  116. pissedoff says:

    hey guys same problem here, put it in a locked cupboard which only i had access too, next thing i knew the lcd broke.. gonna fight creative for this

  117. Heinz says:

    Well hard drives aside, I’d say the screen mounting, and shock worthiness is well below par for the industry… this web page and my experiences confirm that. And it’s way lame for Creative to ignore it’s customers and refuse to acknowledge this flaw. They suck.

    Thumbs Up for Aerozbooks, this guy is straight up and did a great screen repair on my Vision:M, super fast turnaround. Just got it back today, it is great to have it working again. Now I just need to find a 1″ rubber case for it LOL.

  118. Nick says:


    Also here’s a site to install the LCD yourself…. it’s pretty easy to take apart mp3 players I’ve had to replace the LCD screen and hard drives of my friend’s 80gb Ipod….. no electronic device is bulletproof or even bump proof and remember if you’re using an mp3 player on the move, there is a chance your walking around and bumping it can disturb the hard drive because it does possess moving parts inside of it so don’t blame creative for being unreliable.. lol they use the same Toshiba hard drives that Ipod does

  119. Nick says:

    Also here’s a site to install the LCD yourself…. it’s pretty easy to take apart mp3 players I’ve had to replace the LCD screen and hard drives of my friend’s 80gb Ipod….. no electronic device is bulletproof or even bump proof and remember if you’re using an mp3 player on the move, there is a chance your walking around and bumping it can disturb the hard drive because it does possess moving parts inside of it so don’t blame creative for being unreliable.. lol they use the same Toshiba hard drives that Ipod does

  120. Jamez says:

    I gave in. I posted on this site about 7 or 8 months ago telling my story. I was sick of seeing my Zen Vision M sitting on my desk doing nothing so i gave in and sent it to Creative to get it fixed for an outragous $180. Worst thing is I have to wait 2 weeks. Its been 5 days so far and I it feels like 3 weeks already lol. Cant get the damn thing off my mind. Cant wait to get it back and hope this damn problem is fixed.

    Oh, and when i walked in and gave it to the lady at creative and told of my LCD screen break she said “Ah, yes, one of those black ones right?”. Is anybodys elses Zen black? Mine was? How did she know? Maybe mostly blacks are prone to this. Meh.

  121. Zach says:

    This just happened to me! My Vision M now has a tone of white lines running through it! :( I think it is still under warrenty though, if I can ever get a hold on their crappy tech support!

  122. Jamie says:

    I have the same problem… My Zen is only 1 years old and the LCD is gone! Unbelievable! Zen, I really like the player, but please do something about this! Maybe they will see that this is a real prob and help us all out!

  123. aaron says:

    I too have a vision m with a malfuntioning LCD, I found this link on google, has anyone here used this guy? He will replace the screen for $80


  124. Curtis says:

    I can’t believe that there are so many people that have had this same problem….. My story is pretty much the same as the one’s above. I have an 8 month old Vision M and the screen has blown. I sent it off to Creative for them to test but they say that the screen must have been put under excessive force!!?? I can tell you now it wasn’t… The only solution I found was to buy an i-Pod!! Never buying a Creative again. Talk about a lack of customer care. It seems to me that must be a problem with the hardware if all these people on this site ahve got the same problem?? Good Luck.

  125. Alex says:

    Same exact thing happened to me. I seriously think someone should file a lawsuit, im too young. lol i would if i was older though.If creative does not cover mine and it IS within warranty, because the screen is obviously a defective part accordign to this huge list here, then I am going to flip out and do everything i can besides that aforementioned lawsuit. First I will digg this, create a petition and publicize this as much as i can. lol, but if they fix mine i’ll be fine.

  126. Ryan says:

    Sign me up for any type of class action lawsuit. I went to sleep with a nice pristine Zen Vision: M that I’ve had for nine months now. Plugged it into the wall for it to be charged like I do every night. Woke up to a basically destroyed… LCD Bleed… screen. I’m well beyond the 90 day warranty so this sucks. It’s not exactly a paperweight… I can still use it as a portable 30gig usb hard drive, I guess. But this stinks. I just bought a Zen Vision W from dell and got a one year warranty. That way I can just get the damn thing replaced if this happens.

  127. lud_08 says:

    I’m pretty mad. I put my mp3 player in my pocket and got on the train, I pull it out of my pocket and turn it on and the bottom corner looks like it just cracked off. 2 mm of the screen is white (where the crack is) and the rest of the screen has lines across it. I’m pretty mad because I bought this 6 months ago and I have never dropped it once or anything. I emailed creative and they want me to pay even though its still in warranty and its not covered because I inflicted Physical damage to it. I want to know when did a physically damaging action become putting it in my pocket and putting it on my dresser.

    I also have a zen microphoto and the hard drive failed on it. they also said it wasn’t covered by warranty because the only way the hard drive can fail is by physical damage. I wonder what can be covered by creative’s warranty, a new box?

  128. zack says:

    So this just happened to me. I Came downstairs this morning and it was just cracked. Luckily recently the only thing I use it for is music in my car, And I still can see everything since I plug it up to a monitor.

  129. Desai says:

    Does ANYONE know where to get OEM or GENERIC front and back plates of ZEN VISION M? I dont need case, I like to replace body plates itself by dissembling it. anyone please/ I want to replace my scratches ZVM to make it look new. I googled for hours but nothing found. your help be greatly appreciated>>>>>>>>thank you

  130. Lisa Gansky says:

    Well, it’s happened to me as well, but it is not as bad as in your photo. You see in the bottom left corner, the horizontal whitish lines? That’s what mine looks like at this point (so watching videos isn’t very good). I’m going to contact them, but I’m thinking probably getting a new one once I get some $ would be a better solution since they’re charging you almost as much as a new player anyway. I have loved this player… been using it almost every day the last seven months. But if this many people are having problems, Creative should certainly offer more support.

  131. Matt Williams says:

    Looks like I’m the latest in a very long list. I accidently stood on mine last night.

  132. Eva says:

    Same thing too me as well. after getting cas, etc. from future shop, ended up spending about $480 CND. Am REALLY mad about Creative Labs “support services”. I couldn’t even FIND their email or phone number.
    Would someone please tell me!
    My email is shimmer_lynx@yahoo.ca
    P.S. Wall charger is a piece of ****. does NOT work

  133. Angelo says:

    I’ve the same problem with my screen! :-(

  134. Tom says:

    I sent mine in to Creative with a $25 money order for a “Diagnostic Fee” Then a week later I get an email telling me…

    Dear Thomas

    We have received your unit and after inspection of your unit it has been placed out of warranty due to physical damage. The cost to replace/repair your unit will be $57.50.

    To contact us concerning this matter or to pay by Credit Card by calling 405-742-2372, M-F 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Central Standard Time. Please be prepared with your RMA reference number 7MAR47292, when you call.


    Creative Labs Rma
    (405) 742-6600

    I paid over the phone with my credit card. Three weeks later I get the same one back and you can see the marks where they pryed the thing open, and now it freezes up all the time.

  135. Pete says:

    Same thing happened to me. Three months old, big black hole left from the cracked LCD that imploded spontaniously. Retarded. They say you can’t buy a replacement screen anywhere and I need to send it back with a check for $82.50! Rediculous! NOTHING happened to it! Didn’t drop it, sit on it or anything!

  136. GaryD says:

    Just an update Amazon have confirmed that they will replace free of charge without even looking at the device and will send to me within 2 to 3 days then all I have to do is return the faulty one within 30 days – full credit to Amazon – Creative still sucks – will I ever buy another Creative item – I think not!

  137. GaryD says:

    The touch pad on my Zen M 60Gb player has become loose on the left hand side of the unit (less than 6 months old) – never mishandled. Creative would not accept that this was not mis-use – went to trading standrards in the UK and at present am negotiating with Amazon (seller) for a free repair or replacement although creative confirmed that they had no spare parts and did not know when they would have even for a non warranty repair. As the unit is less than 6 months old it is up to the supplier to prove mis-use or repair / supply free of charge trading standards cover you for fit for intended purpose and durable for intended service. Creative after sales service sucks big time Amazon are at present looking into this with a view to repair or replace free of charge!


  138. Eadillard says:

    Wow! I purchased one for my son’s 16th 10/3/2006. Shortly after receiving he complained it kept on freezing up. We did all the troubleshooting. It kept on freezing. On Novebmer 17, his father passed away unexpectedly. Needless to say, I forgot about the problems with the Zen when it would have still be under warrant. I sent it back a week ago. I get an email back from claiming $82 charge to replace broken LCD. They claim it was cracked. It was fine when it left here. I have bought and shipped more items than I can remember and have never ever had this problem on my end or the other. Of course, Creative suggests I might file an insurance claim (of course – so they don’t have to honor), but I doubt that will be fruitful if they can’t show a damaged package. Hey, what gives with all the different prices quoted for replacements. I can understand different prices outside the US, but ???

  139. Ryan says:

    My screen imploded after being in my pocket, but only because somebody sat directly upon it while on my lap. I therefore find it hard to believe that there are so many screens that seem to magically mess up on their own.

  140. Deus says:

    Creative didn’t solve my problem. I love the Zen. I think it’s way better than the Ipod. (Itunes likes to make duplicates of your music, it’s also a ****). But unfortunately they need to seriously improve their quality control.

  141. Juan A says:

    Happened to me today. When I was on the bus home from work I pulled it out of my pocket like every other day before it. Turned it on to see the screen that way. Going to call creative even though they making finding the numbers a *****.

  142. kara says:

    Hi, Not an imploded screen, but I have the white lines going through my screen. I have had my vision:m for 5 months, Was working fine one day, turned it on the next (after it had been sitting on a table overnight) and I have a broken screen. Its like others have said, seems like every other line of pixels has broken giving the overall look of a cloudy screen.
    Contacted Creative, but as i bought it from ebay (brand new, sealed box, i registered the serial number) they wont do anything. What a waste of money, why cant the see there’s a problem, and start making these players more longlasting! £150 for 5 months low usage is rather steep!

    Wont be buying another, i was considering getting one from a actual retail store so i have the warranty back up, but doesnt even seem like thats worth it!


  143. Sheila says:

    Yet another Vision M implosion, with no apparent trauma to the player.
    I had bought an extended warranty and called that company first and they said a screen can onlycrack by something hitting it or some kind of accident , well I know it was stored in a safe place and used a firm case while using it. So after that I went back to Staples where I bought it from and they replaced it, although with a different player because they carry the Zune now and not the Vision M. They told me if I have any troubles to just come to the store and they would take care of it. Well I was very pleased with the way they treated me in the store. Thanks again Staples.

  144. Tim says:

    OK so I got a response back from Amazon after sending them a letter and they said they can’t replace my Zen since it’s been well over 30 days. So that upsets me. All I got back from Creative after sending them a letter as well was a response from tech support apologizing and they said they have sent my letter to upper management. Well it’s been several days now and I haven’t heard anything else from Creative so I sent them a second letter stating how upset I am with how they treat their customers and how my letter seemingly went ignored by “upper management.” So lets see what happens now. All I know is that I will never buy anything from Creative again. I hate to say it but it looks like I’ll be buying an iPod.

    Does anybody know if the Zune is any good?

  145. Parris says:

    The same thing happened to my Zen when i went to south carolina last week. I put it down for the night, picked it up the next morning and the inside was f’ed up. Not at bad as the picture above, but cracked under the screen none the less. After seeing all these comments, selling my soul to the devil himself (steve jobs) and getting an ipod doesn’t seem so bad after all. Hell, I might even go back to a CD player, at least those dont explode in your pocket or install a dozen crappy programs on your computer.

  146. Tom says:

    Ok guys, heres what happend, went to argos, and told them, they looked, got the manager and he tried to give me the number to the helpline.I refused to sort it through creative, and told them about this and the amount of people.

    Got a brand new one =]

    Thanks argos.

    By the way, for all the people that are looking for a new screen, go on ebay and search the mp3 player, theres faultyones for like £1, and its a software fault mostly, so you can just take the screen out and fit it yourself.


  147. Martin says:

    Hi all,
    Same thing happened to me. I took it out of my bag, turned it on and boom, screens broken. I was gutted!
    Sent an email to Creative, swift reply saying send a picture. I did and now they’ve just sent one back saying its not covered by warranty and so they can’t do anything!!
    I can’t believe it was anything that I did as it has happened to sooooooo many other people on here.
    Anyway, just sent one back with a link to this forum, hopefully they can do something as I really can’t afford another £140!!
    Thanks, Martin.

  148. Tom says:

    Ok, so i brought a microphoto from argos, it had a software fault and it completly screwed it up.

    Got the vision M and the screen just randomyl did what everyone else’s has done.

    Took it to argos and they replaced it. Good service :)

    After having this for like 4 months, its done the exact same thing today, I always take very good care of my zen, yet it randomly does that. Something is realy up.

    So tomorrow im taking this on to argos, hopefully i can get a replacement or a refund,if i get a refund, I-pod it is.

    If they refuse to take it back, ill try to get an RMA.

    Theres no chance I am paying like $118 for an LCD screen when ipod ones are like £10 on ebay. And especially as i didnt even break it.

    Ill Let you know what argos say tomorrow afterschool :)

  149. RZR911 says:

    I did think its a bit odd that my screen should break by itself on the side table. But i see from all these comments that its obviously a fault with the Zen Vision M , can not believe i mocked my friend for buying a I-Pod :( Least his player still work’ s.
    And it appears Zen is only gonna screw me over, so insurance fraud may be the only option :)

    Interested to hear if that guy that returned the store brought one got any problems.

  150. Tim says:

    I guess I can join the club. The same thing happened to my Zen about 2 weeks ago. I stepped out of my friend’s truck, pulled it out of my pocket and the screen look just like that one in the pic. I actually wrote a letter to Creative and I meantioned that I found so many people online with the same problem. I also sent a letter to Amazon because I bought it through them. Hopfully one of them can help me out and cut me a deal. I’ll let you know what happens. I’d be really nice if one of them replaces the Zen for free. Lets hope.

  151. tom says:

    i had mine in my bag, looked like that when i got home. Now i have a 400 dollar 30gb hard drive. Right on, i would have been fine if it was my fault, but this is a creative issue????what a waste of money, and after all the bragging up i did for them!!

  152. Chris says:

    I had this same problem a while back, but didn’t want to shell out a bunch of money to repair the screen if it is just going to break again anyway. I have been battling Creative email tech support for a while. I actually received the number for one of the customer service supervisors and am going to call him shortly. I’ll let you know how it turns out.
    In response to the posts by visionm sucks…I would not recommend dismantling a store bought vision and returning it with the broken screen, as this does in fact constitute fraud, which can carry some pretty hefty penalties.

  153. kim says:

    My first post was Thurs June 8 . I waited till Mon to contact Newegg.com about my inploded screen and told them bout this web site and within 5 min i had a new one being sent to me . no questions asked no problems at all !!!!! i didnt even have to deal with the JACK-***’s at creative.

  154. Icypurplepants says:

    Hey all,

    just my comments for what it’s worth. I had the same problem as most of you whereby I suddenly discovered that the screen of my lovingly cared for Zen Vision M had cracked on the inside (ie no external scratches or cracks) for no reason what-so-ever.

    I immediately emailed Creative and have not heard anything (this was only yesterday, so I should give them a chance). Having discovered this page, I realised that it definitely wasn’t something I did and is obviously a fault with these models. Such a shame because it is simply the best MP3 player I have come across!

    Anyway, in desperation, I also emailed Amazon (.co.uk) about this explaining what happened and asking them whether there was anything they could do to help (I even said I expected to have to pay for repair, despite it not being my fault). Less than 2 hours later I received an email back from Amazon to tell me they have despatched me a replacement device which will be with me tomorrow, along with packaging to return the original!

    Now that is what I call service!

    If Creative do ever reply to my email, I shall let them know what Amazon have done, maybe, just maybe, they will learn something.

    Good luck to all of you out there, regardless of the **** customer service, I beg each and every one of you to keep the faith, stay original and DO NOT BUY AN APPLE iPOD (or i-anything for that matter!), they really are such a waste of money!


  155. I am manufacturing aluminum cases for the zen vision m 30 gig , these cases are made from aircraft grade 6061 T6 billet aluminium . they are made on high precision CNC machines
    if any one wants to order one please email me at mesaazguy00@gmil.com
    price goes for 34.99 plus s+h
    there is currently no hard case for the creative zen vision m

  156. My only choice was to buy a new zen vison m, take it apart , take my old zen vision m apart an switched the insides out ,
    then i returned it back to the store and said it was like that when i bought it and got a refund. in this case the store doesnt lose money , creative does , if creative gets alot of returns from its blood line(the stores) it will fix this problem

    so everyone with a cracked screen please do this

  157. Simbamef says:

    Hello. My Vision M is working but plastic chase is damaged, because of my carelessness. Where I can buy a new one? I am from Croatia. simbamef@gmail.com

  158. Micky Dey says:

    it’s happened to me too… my idiot friend tripped me up, i fell over, i broke it.

    never been more angry in my life.

    Creative were no help. lost every ounce of faith in them i had.

    this website does actually repair and install it cheaper than Creative, though sadly they’re based in america, so shipping is expensive.


  159. Sean V says:

    Attempted to turn my player on today after I had woken up on Saturday morning, as soon as it turned on I could see the screen had somehow imploded and had a massive crack and/or bullet hole look to the LCD screen.

    Damn, I had the thing for no more than 3 – 5 months and this happens, no trauma, it was in a silicone case, pisses me off.

  160. kim says:

    My daughter just got hers…has had it for 7 days exactly and found it today with the screen looking like it was shattered…bought from NEWEGG.COM i am going to contact them first thing monday morning and see if they can help if not i am going to go to CREATIVE and also the BBB….will keep u informed

  161. Jeremy says:

    My sons Zen M screen just crapped out today. White lines in the LCD and washed out, hard to see now. I know this was not dropped or abused, the case is in good condition with no scratches or dents. Now I cant find the receipt, am I out of luck?

  162. Webby says:

    Got mine from Currys. Went in and explained what happend and he gave me a “whateverHappens” plan and told me to wait a month to claim it. After 3 weeks i went in and claimed a brand new Vision M. Very nice man =]

  163. Kim C says:

    There is a website to purchase just the screens, but they are charging 118.00 without installation and another 30 for installation. I think that is a little bit much :(

    Does anyone know if i can even e-mail CREATIVE for free if my player isn’t under warranty? im not going to pay 13 dollars just for them to tell me that i need to spend 120 dollars on a new screen.

  164. Mike B says:

    I am a soldier in the US Army, I am currently serving in Iraq. Well I just had a 4 day pass, I boarded the military aircraft with my Zen playing and in perfect condition! Well after I landed I turned of my Zen and put it back in my pocket (in a foam sleeve) I did not hit anything, I did not crush my pocket with anything, and I did not drop my Zen! Yet the screen was the exact same as the above pic! WTF Creative? I am sure they know this will happen and that is why the parts warranty is so damn short! I think I am buying a Zune for my next Mp3 player!!

  165. chris f says:

    My Lcd broke a few weeks ago and creative are basically blaming me even tho nothing hit my creative it wasnt dropped and was in my loose work pockets theyve put up this whole front that ive dropped it and basically calling me a liar. What sort of customer service is that? I think im gonna repair my ipod cause that was a million times better id only had my creative a month

  166. Joe cus says:

    Well just another sucker who bought a product thinking a company would stand behind there product .My screen broke also (Zen 20GB) , was in my backpack took it out and lucky me it looked like spin art. Reading all the comments sent in by other consumers it is quite obvious I am scrwed , why its only money I only had to bust my arse to save to buy one hey but why complain I dont matter to them there are a million more people out there behind me waiting to put there money down , isnt this the way things are done today ; no class no pride but they are there waiting behind your screen to take the money and run . Thanks creative labs (not) for nothing.

  167. Scoob says:

    My screen died on me today at work..Nothing hit it, etc, etc. I’m just gonna write it off because i refuse to pay $100 to replace it.(I really should’ve bought that buyer protection plan from Circuit City) I didn’t watch that many video’s on it plus it still plays music..Funny how people called I-Pods ****..Yet my Ipod is 2 years old still going strong.

  168. J* says:

    i found this website they deliver round the world but i cant tell if this screen is compatible with the Vision M ~

  169. jeff says:

    I had the same problem like 3 months ago. Did nothing and screen magically broken when I check it later. 100 bucks to replace the screen because I had it 5 months, pfft. 20 bucks I can see, 30 maybe, 100 is just stupid.

  170. joe says:

    sorry james. No i havent bought the screen. I just used one from a friends iopd and realized it didnt work. The price on the zen screen is too pricey for me as I have already paid to replace the zen with an 80g ipod.

  171. Eliot says:


    Dear Eliot,

    Thank you for contacting Creative Technical Support Services.

    I understand that the screen of your Zen Vision: M appears to be cracked
    and it shows blurry colors.

    All apologies for any inconvenience caused. I know how frustrating this
    is. However, let me try my best to help you out. We appreciate your
    patience in cooperating with us to get the issue/s resolved.

    The problem you described indicates your unit may require repair or
    replacement. If possible, try exchanging the product for another from
    the vendor, for this may be much quicker and easier than having an RMA
    (Return Merchandise Authorization) issued. If this is not possible, an
    RMA will need to be arranged to have your product tested for

    If the product has exceeded its three month labor warranty period, a
    non-refundable US $25.00 diagnostics and handling fee will be required.
    The fee is applied toward the complete cost of repair/replacement. If
    the cost of the repair/replacement exceeds the initial diagnostic fee,
    the RMA department will contact you to obtain your authorization for
    finance of the remaining fee. If the product is still within the 1 year
    hardware warranty, as long as there is no physical damage, all hardware
    component replacement costs will be covered by the hardware warranty. If
    the product is not outside its three month labor warranty, no diagnostic
    fee is required.

  172. Eliot says:

    okay i just emailed creative im hoping that my letter to them was good enough to get a new one if not im gonna be sorta pissed My Letter:
    Dear Zen Support Staff
    Today as I was walking home from school a song started playing on my MP3 that I did not care to listen for. So, I took the MP3 out of my right pocket where it was encased in the leather case specially made for the Creative Zen Vision M. To my dismay I saw the screen in a blurry of colors, and what appeared to be a crack on my screen. At first I thought I acquired this scratch from the outside of my MP3 and that it was my fault. However, then I took my Zen out of the leather case (something I haven’t done since I first got the MP3), and felt the screen. I felt nothing but smoothness. I realized then that the problem was from the inside and for some strange reason unknown to me, my screen was cracked. I quickly panicked and went home to see if there was anything that could be done. I went online and searched my problem hoping to find out if my MP3 could be replaced. To my surprise I found out that I was not the first person with this problem. There seemed to be a bunch of people who had their LCD screen also broke for seemingly no reason. However, most were unlucky and their warranty expired. Though some people did get theirs replaced just in time. I’m writing in the hopes of getting the same treatment. I shall look forward to hearing from you.
    Your Loyal customer,
    Ill keep u guys poseted

  173. Eliot says:

    hey i just my lcd screen just imploded to i was listening to my mp3 walking home from school i go in my pocket to change the song and my screen is messed up. its not even on the outside either all on the inside total bull i got my mp3 like a month ago and since i got it was in the leather case not one scratch on the thing total bull anyone know if they actually reaplce ur mp3 cause im a bit upset by the whole deal being 14 and totally broke i need my music

  174. Deus says:

    They had the balls to send me an email asking about there customer service.
    The CS was polite, etc., etc., but they didn’t solve my problem. I urge everyone to bombard them with letters about the imploding screen. I live in the US and I’m also all for a class action suit but I don’t know how to go about it. Thoughts?

  175. Ben says:

    I bought a Zen 30GB for my daughter in Dec’06 and she just called to say that she had left the Zen on the charger last night, turned it on, and Voila, imploded LCD. I am in Canada and Creative just got back to me and wants $117 for repair, thats 40% of the damn cost of the thing, I’m all for starting a class action suit since I am involved with the law community, All Canadians that have a problem and wish to support this should contact me at bwolters@iuoe115.com with ZEN in the Subject line.

    You will need to forward a affvidavit that may need to be notorized or a commisioner for oaths to verify your signature. Lastly there may be start up cost if this doesn’t move to a contigency basis (which it must, because 200-1000 of us can’t afford to throw another 100$ into the pot, although, I would on principal)

    It is obvious from this thread that Creative has put out a less than durable product. Vámonos Muchachos!

  176. James says:

    Joe. Have you actually boutght the screen? I’m kinda living in hope that they were too lazy to put up a pic of the correct screen, and at least it’s cheaper than buying a new zen (or getting it fixed by creative if i’ve heard the european prices correctly)

  177. Sylvain Beaudoin says:

    I now have two Zen Vision M’s. The first screen cracked after warranty ran out. I bought a replacement unit (used) but now that screen has cracked. I didn’t even get to use that one, only turned it on to make sure it worked, now it doesn’t.

  178. joe says:

    James. I checked out the website and found a pic of an ipod screen saying it was a creative screen. You can’t use the ipod screen with your vision. Also took apart mine and tried the swap but they don’t match up. Maybe they send u a zen screen if asked but still quite a bit of coin.

  179. Deus says:

    The same thing happened to me. I sent creative an email…let’s see what they tell me.

  180. James says:

    also, did anyone have any luck with the website provided in one of these comments? is it worth it?

  181. James says:

    I’ve had the exact same problem, but out of boredom have dismantled my sen to look at the probability of fixing it

    In addition the th numbers already found on the LCD casing (GA060913 AO, LTV250QV & V250QVF02S6904N32 USP5280371) i found that if you take the front of the screen casing off, it reveals another number on the actual screen, 2P5(0 or O, i can’t quite tell)QV

    If that helps anyone, good, please share it, we all need the help


      Hi I has the same problem with my creative zen vision m, 30 gig. The LCd is kaput. Stupid creative says that don carry the parts anymore. M disgusted with their service support.

      Btw m not sure nut the Apple ippod classic seems to have the same screen size as the zen. not sure if it fits. saw it in the Apple show room.

  182. alexi laiho says:

    Dude, i srsly thnk i need to git a ipod-30 gbs are on ebay now for like $80 new
    i had a vision and the screen imploded, and since im a loyal ******, i bot another 1- gess wat hapnd, the piece o **** bustd on me agn-
    iv spent 350 on visions and now they want me to pay thm 12.99 to talk on the phone, HEL NO- im haf tempted to go git a f$&* record playr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!tisk-tisk


  183. Dan says:

    I got my creative 4 days ago and i went to sleep and it was fine and I left it on topof my jeans. I woke p the next morning and picked it up from my jeans and turned it on and there wa a big black inky spot on the right ssurounded by white. And the other half is dim. They are sending a replacement though.

  184. Blake says:

    I got my Zen Vision:M a few months ago and today, when going on a class field trip, I decided to put it in my pocket to get on the bus. After I get on and take it out to listen to my music, i notice a black ink-like blob on the screen. I’ve seen LCDs crack before but I powered it on to see what the damage really was. I found that I could only see about 1/3 of my screen and that that part was really dim. The rest of the screen is just white and I can see the cracks. I’ve e-mailed Creative about the problem and I haven’t gotten a reply quite yet other than the automated one saying they’ve received my message and that I can go to their knowledge base for help. I didn’t do anything to the player at all, I just simply put it in my pocket and when I take it out, the screen has just exploded! I don’t know what the problem is but I’m seriously hoping I can talk tech support into sending me a replacement… I don’t care if it is refurbished or not, as long as the screen looks ok and it doesn’t have more scratches than mine already did (Zen=scratch magnet) then I’d be happy with it. If anyone knows how to get creative to give you this response, please post it. Thank you. I see that a lot of people have had this same problem… last Creative I had had really weird problem where the screen would display Firmware Problem every time I powered on and the PC wouldn’t detect it because it couldn’t get booted so I couldn’t reload firmware and eventually it got where these gray static things flew across the screen and it went to the recovery menu. If I can’t get this one fixed I doubt my next player will be a Creative… (even though I like their players so much.) I specified this in my first e-mail which might have been a good or bad idea… Hopefully everything will work out though because I’m really upset about it. All I did was stick it in my pocket for like 1 min…

  185. John says:

    zen’s suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk…. i went through 3 micro’s and now about to need a replacement on my vision:m. Dont know why the hell i bought another zen…theyre so unreliable. I guess the reason I did was because Creative replaced my product 2 times without even charging me, after my warranty was up. But if I could make the choice again, I would have chosen an Ipod over the Vision:M.

    piece of ****.

  186. Todd says:

    Count me in on (2) Vision M units both with cracked screens from puting in my pocket. Waht a nice unit but a bad design they make it small and portable and pocket size but dont dare put in your pocket as it will crack for sure..:( Very Sad to have such a great product and such a lousy design..

  187. James says:

    Yep, same problem with my Zen Vision:M. I take mine to school but to avoid the thing getting stolen i put it in a seperate pocket in my pencil case. I can admit my method was a bit stupid and i deserve my screen to brake, but look at other peoples stories? Creative really has something to answer for right? I researched on all mp3’s and found this to be the best option and only had it for about 4 months and now the screen brakes like this? Not a happy customer.Please conitibue posting, i really want to get this thing fixed and not buy something else. If so ive then bought an mp3 for roughly $100 a month??

    Ps. I used to also have a MicroPhoto, yes, it has broken as well.

  188. joe says:

    well that sucks! Why would you(Daniel) bother posting stupid advice if you weren’t sure about it. Seems like some peeps have now wasted more money on ipod screens.

  189. bobby says:

    Update II: Just got an answer from my post on the creative forms and the poster says that since the screens have different colors and resolutions, they are completely incompatible. Oh, well, there goes $20. Now, on to finding out what kind of customer service J & R music world has…

  190. bobby says:


    Just got back from radio shack and they had no clue as to how to even go about adapting the ipod screen to the zen. The only thing I can think of is to solder the ribbon wires from the old screen to the contacts from the new screen, but the contacts are so close together (closer on the ipod screen) that I need a soldering black belt to get all 32 connected correctly. And even then there is no guarantee that they are compatible. It could be different voltage, amperage, wires could be configured differently…oh, man…by the time I am done trying cheap fixes, I will probably have spent the $120. Well, I can keep bugging J & R music world…

  191. Theresa says:

    In regards to my statement the other day. I went to the creative website and emailed them the problem. They got right back to me within a couple hours then I responded to them and again they responded to me right away. They “said” they will send me a brand new one ( they even asked which color my daughter wanted) and I am to return the damaged one to them in the postage paid bubble pack bag that will come with the new one. I will keep you posted if they keep their word.

  192. Sara CW says:

    I am experiencing the same thing: Broken Zen and poor Customer Service. I plan on taking legal action. I’ll keep you posted.

  193. Ritchie says:

    My sons Zen M, 3 months old, screen just stopped working at all. Because it has a green mark on the screen the oik from Currys says is it not warranty and they will not replace it or send it to Creative to repair. Redaing these comments it seems most others have a cracked screen, and some of you have had FOC replacements. Anybody had any better success with Currys?

  194. Theresa says:

    My 9 year old saved her Christmas and Birthday money for this Creeative Zen M we just got it last week when it was on sale for $199 from $249…6 days later after I connected it to charge i diconnected it, turnined it on and found a crack down the near middle of the screen. How is this possible when it is sitting on the counter of a closed computer cabinet in a leather case? Very bizarre! I went back to bestbuy at day 8 and the guy took one look at it and laughed in my face and my daughter burst into tears. What the heck???? Any suggections please let me know…I can;t get through to anyone at creative….

  195. Parvin says:

    So i had contacted AMAZON and they are accepting my item as a return even after 9 months of using it. This is GREAT. I am just gonna go the ipod route. My friends have cracked their screens and applecare has them covered. Bye bye creative.

  196. Odell says:

    Adapter? New Screen?
    I will not pay over $100 for a replacement screen. I’ve basically been using the mp3 player in my car since the screen broke like 5 months ago. I used the transfer plug to hook it up to my TV via a rca cable to set up my playlist, or to put it on random. You have to buy a cable that will be one side male (looks like a stereo plug) and one side male Yellow Video ( like the red, for right audio, white, for left audio, and yellow for video.) Hope I didn’t confuse anyone. I’m just not turned on by Creative, and will not pay that amount for an lcd screen. $50 maybe

  197. joe says:

    bobby plz try to find a way to make an adaptor, ive just bought an ipod screen off ebay for £10 and hav now just realised it wont work :(

  198. bobby says:


    I just wasted about 20 bucks for an ipod screen from ebay and contrary to daniel’s (previous poster) assertion, it is not the same. The only thing I can say is that it has the same number of pins, but I don’t even know if they match up. The zen screen connector is significantly larger than the ipod’s. I still refuse to buy a new one or pay over $100 for repair, so I’m going to try to find a way to make an adapter…stay posted. Otherwise, I’ll just buy someone else’s broken one off of ebay and eat the extra $60.

    Also, I spoke with a manager at creative customer service and he was very friendly and helpful, but lamented that he has no way to even sell me a screen as they are all manufactured in asia by creative and shipped already assembled.

  199. Parvin says:

    I had this happen to me randomly. I got mine from amazon last may 2006 and i even got the warranty plan from amazon. They refuse to fix it even though there is no visible damage to the outside of the MP3 player. I am so pissed off.

  200. Ryan says:

    Haha jesus and her I thought I was alone. If you guys click on my name it’ll link you to my blog where I wrote about this exact same thing happening to me. Creative in the Philippines i damn near useless, and they say to ship it to Singapore it’ll cost me 8000 pesos (roughly $150). At that price, i’d be better off buying a new DAP.

    You carlos if you come back to this site holler back. I had my folks buy mine in circuitcity cause they were on sale for $199 over christmas, and I absolutely loved the player until…well this happened. I guess I’ll try emailing creative or circuitcity but I don’t know how that’ll pan out since I’m in another country.

  201. John says:

    It appears that Microsoft is having a similar problem with there zune screens cracking without any know trauma caused by the owner link

  202. Kelsey says:

    I purchased my Vision M in February. Last night I was scrolling through photos and all of a sudden there are white lines across the whole screen distorting the picture. The reason I bought the Vision M was specifically for the video capabilities and pictures (no duh). I bought a warranty. We’ll see what happens. If they don’t fix it or replace it I definitely won’t purchase another Creative product ever. It’s too much money to waste on defective merchandise if they won’t stand behind their products.

  203. Sent mine last tuesday got word back today they have shipped replacement not bad considering they only got it yesterday due to easter holidays


  204. Joe says:

    Hey Daniel! I have both a Zen Vision M and an Ipod Video here. I’ve taken apart both and have both screens here. The connections are not the same. I tried to connect but it hasn’t worked. Did you have any luck? I also looked at the website that was posted here and see that they are advertising a pic of an Ipod screen as a ZVM screen.

  205. Jason says:

    Guess I’m joining the club. Honestly, does any company make decent players? First a crappy experience with apple, and now a cracked/imploded screen from creative. I don’t know what to do next. I don’t, well didn’t use the player much, usually kept it in my school bag that has plenty of free space. I don’t know if it’s worth all the hassle, I only used the shuffle anyways. Still, I am pretty pissed.

  206. Vicki says:

    My daughter’s screen is cracked too! We just assumed that it had probably been stepped on, as she had it in a bag at a slumber party; however, by coming across this website, I am starting to believe it may have cracked on its own. I have written to Creative (as they have no “FREE” phone number for me to utilize to reach customer service regarding an RMA), and I am awaiting a reply. But I am certain they will tell me the same thing: over $100 to repair. I am a single mom and this was the ONLY gift I purchased for my 12-year-old daughter for Christmas. Now I will have to shell out another $100 to make it functional? That doesn’t sound right to me. Come on, Creative!!! Support your customers!

  207. Michael says:

    I hate this so much, mine did the exact same thing, it was sitting on the desk in front of me for like 30 min without being touched, then I turned it on and almost cried, I spent 250$ freaking dollars that I saved up for at least a year to have it break within the first 3 months.

  208. Daniel says:

    guys. buy a iPod screen off ebay…

    there £9.99 GBP.

    buy it now^

    but this site sells the ZVM screens for $110 and the iPod ones for the same price, and they have the same pic and everything, bassically if u get a iPod LCD, its the same as the ZVM LCD…

    Hope this helps.

  209. Griff says:

    I am in the same boat as everyone else with a broken screen. I laid my player on my dresser for the night after shutting it off, and got up the next morning only to find that my screen was cracked. I have contacted two different law firms, one actually in my area code (Starr, Austen, Myers and Miller), and another in California. Also, I have a support/replacement query submitted to Creative hoping that they will realize that they suck and need to stop turning the other cheek to their mess ups.

  210. Tobias says:

    Hi my vision m screen is broken as well so i did a google and found this site.

    hope it will help you!


  211. David says:

    Hey anyone know where to get new screens from?
    Mines stuffed as well. I had the earphones wrapped around the player and i lent on it and heared a crack. Didn’t think anything of it. Went to use it again and the screen looks like the picture. The earphone dug into the screen. There didn’t appear to be any damage until i turned it on.
    Please could you let me know if anyone has any luck. wart-23@hotmail.com

  212. Kasper says:

    Hey, I’m looking for a broken Creative Zen. If anybody wants to get rid of theirs, I will pay for shipping to my house. I just really need one for some spare parts, etc. Please email me if anyone is willing to help me with this at cliffkasper@hotmail.com

  213. Jason says:

    My screen also cracked. I lightly bumped it against a table and it was damaged so bad that I can just barely see some of the menus. I had my Zen in a protective silicone case and took out just for a short time before bumping it.


    I am now looking for an alternative to the Zen as I do not want to repeat this scenario with another one!

    Any suggestions?

  214. Angela Wilens says:

    Well here’s an update to my post of 3/21. Both Creative and Amazon responded to my emails. Creative will fix the problem, but I have to pay a non-refundable $25 diagnostic fee plus any labor charges (it’s 20 days past their cheapo labor warranty). Amazon.com will refund the entire purchase price because they agree the product is defective (even though I purchased it more than 30 days ago). Way to go Amazon! That’s how you get repeat customers. I’m returning it to Amazon for a refund. I’m not sure if I’ll get a new Zen.

  215. Angela Wilens says:

    Yikes!! I guess I’ve joined this club. My daughter just came to me in tears because she turned on her Zen only to find her screen looking very similar to the one pictured above. Her Zen is only 3 months old and it has not been mishandled. I’ve contacted Creative, but I’ve not heard back as yet. Ours is still under warranty. I’ll try contacting Amazon as well. I’m not quite ready to join a class action suit. I guess that depends on what kind of resolution I’m offered from Creative and/or Amazon.

  216. Dillon Barton says:

    Same thing happened here last night, i was watching a video and i had it in my hands, when all of the sudden the screen just cracked and slowly seeped into what it looks like now, which is minimal visibility. White stripes everywhere, and half the screen solid white, with a huge diagonal split of black in the middle. I havent tried contacting customer service yet, but when i do i am going to be demanding and show that the consumer is in charge, i will refer to this blog and tell them about the lawsuit if nessecary

  217. Eugene Donaghy says:

    Guess what I have white stripes across my screen as well slightly more than 3 months old and I lost the receipt :(

  218. As we continue to investigate the problems with the Creative Zen Vision: M, we are interested in purchasing broken Vision M players. Please contact me at greiner@starrausten.com or call collect and ask for Terri Greiner to discuss the details.

  219. Mark says:

    Sigh, same problem with me. I got off the subway and found the same problem. This sucks big time, and I only had it for 2 weeks!! What kind of lame *** product is this? I’m pissed.

  220. Thomas A. Johnson says:

    I guess I’m not alone. Have the same broken LCD screen as what everyone here is describing. And for me I have no clue why. It was perfect when I turned it off and placed on shelf and when I went to retrieve it, it was broke. Went to Creative. Read about the Repair, followed the link for repairs, and got a self help page instead! Ultimately after answering no to several questions, I was privlaged enough to eb able to send an email to Creative asking how to get Repair service. Now after seeing other people with the same issue, I emailed that law firm instead. I just thought something must of happened I didn’t and I didn’t relaize it, now I know better.

  221. Solaris says:

    Happened to me tonight, I had it in my coat with no trauma and I got it out and suddenly it was white on the left with white lines covering the screen, what a poorly built product, I really liked the player, will I have to keep buying a new one every few months?

  222. Ewan says:

    This BS happened to me tonight. i took my zen out of my bag, it was fine and worked perfectly so i put it on to charge, and when i was gonna do my homework i took it off the chrage, and there is a massive black splodge on it on one side with white behind it, and on the other side the display is a lot paler and harder to read. its damn annoying having to take a few tries guessing at what songs your putting on for a few times.

  223. Ryan Williams says:

    my screen did not implode like the picture but is much like what happened to the owner of the last post. before i went to sleep my zen was workin perfectly crisp display everything i wake up turn it on and, it has white stripes all over it and white pixels. it is like a white transparent layer over what would usually be displayed. my zen is plotected by a glove and had no way of contact with anything at all. is this a technical problem and if so can it be resolved with outh the purchase of a new screen? thnkz

  224. Chris Cox says:

    My Zen Vision:M now has white stripes across the screen. While Creative’s support team did contact me… I pretty much got the big boot. Cost is $103 minimum to replace the screen. Tell you the truth, this player isn’t worth much more than $103. I bought a Cowon A2, and now I have a working Vision:M with permanent white stripes and a bad taste for Creative and Creative’s support… and a VERY nice Cowon A2 which is everything the Vision:M is and a WHOLE lot more. Bye, bye Creative.

  225. David says:

    Same problem here! I was at a track meet today, I was watching a Colbert Report on my Zen, I put it in my sweatshirt pocket for a little while, took it out, turned it on, and the screen was ruined.

    I won’t stop harassing Amazon.com and Creative until I have a refund or a replacement. There is a 90 day warranty, and its been about 88 days, so I hope that if I cannot get into contact with them in the next 2 days that they don’t screw me over.

  226. JPR says:

    Me and my friend had very similar problems with the screen;
    mine became illegible thanks to white lines covering the display, my friends did the same followed by the now infamous "imploding" trick.
    We cant get RMA’s because we moved house and lost the reciepts in the ensuing chaos. This happened AFTER I swapped the player because the first players battery wouldn’t charge. I was dead against going to iPod, but I dont have much choice; If Creative wont fix the problem Im going to have to swap the player for one of equal value, as the shop doesn’t stock them anymore (probably due to the ammount of returns).

  227. Our law firm continues to investigate various problems with the Creative Zen Vision:M. Consumers have reported numerous complaints with the screen (excessive scratching, internal failure, etc.) We have heard from many of you. Please note that the name of our firm has changed, as well as our e-mail and website address. If you have experienced problems with your Creative Zen Vision:M, please contact us at (574) 722-6676. Please call collect and ask for Scott Starr, Andrew Miller, or Joseph Williams. You may also contact us via email at one of the following addresses: starr@starrausten.com; miller@starrausten.com; or williams@starrausten.com.

  228. james says:

    yeah mine broke at school after 5 days of use…looks almost exactly like that photo

    i love the thing to death because of how easy it is to add media but damn dude idk about this whole screen thing

  229. Dj says:

    Ugh. Same thing happened with my screen. Was doing a ride-along with the Union Star P.D., with Zen in my coat pocket. I get out of the car, pull the Zen out, and lo and behold, the screen has imploded.

    Talked with Creative, was told I’d have to shell out $130, for the screen, and a ‘diagnostic’ fee.

    If someone can’t find any replacement LCDs, I’ll have to just got with the Zune.

  230. […] One issue I’d like to talk about is the durability of the Creative Vision M’s LCD which is not exactly to die for.  I’ve never had it happen to mine (but mine is pretty new.)   I’ve had friends who had this happen to theirs and response from technical support have greatly varied. […]

    • kat says:

      the screens cracked on my last 3 vision M’s and when i emailed them they said 90 quid each to fix em, i am obviously a good customer and it is obviously a design fault with so many people having the same problem :( meanies!!! if anyone is doing any sort of lawsuit let me know too! katrinae83@yahoo.co.uk

  231. Nick says:

    OMG! wow! its not just me! i was listening to my creative after getting it for christmas, i put it in my draw so i could go to sleep and i woke up the next morning with a HUGE crack rite down the middle of the screen! it still plays music i just dont know what its playing! the worst thing is, its got a small chip out of the back of it when i dropped it, not from a high place or anything, so i cant send it back and get a new one as theyl send it back saying ive dropped it and thats why the screens gone, WHEN ITS NOT AT ALL!!! if anyone finds where i can get a preplacement screen, email me? please? it would be much appriciated! ( nick_merry@hotmail.com ) thanks guys, creative zen need stopping!

  232. Damien says:

    Mine broke as well, such a waste of money. And there is no way in hell i’m paying that amount of money for something that shouldn’t happen. I would understand stepping on ity, dropping it or banging it. But I was only walking home form town, with it in my trousers pocket along with my mobile. Then when i got home to turn it off it had a blood stain and a 3rd of the screen not showing up.

  233. Danielle says:

    best buy is being a jerk and blaming the company
    the company is being a jerk and blaming me
    i don’t know what could have happened. it was charging and when i came back the screen looked crazy.
    i would love a new one or my money back but in reality i think im just screwed

  234. Heinz says:

    Well hate to say it but I’m now a member of this unfortunate club.

    Was on my hands and knees pickup up some wood from the floor when it slipped out of my pocket and fell just over 1 foot onto the kitchen floor.

    Broken lcd just like the picture above.

    Glad to find this site, will follow up with Creative and if they jack me I will contact Lawyer Dude in this thread. :)

    What a disappointment I only had it a week. :(

  235. Louis Worthington says:

    Hi, i posted AAAAAGES ago about my broken zen, however, after about 3 months of hassle, i managed to get a full refund, No No not from those rats at creative, but from the nice people at play.com, which is where i bought it from, and although they didnt have to take mine back and give me a replacement they did, whic i am very grateful. If you boought your zen from amazon or play etc, i recommend that you put your energy into getting their help, not creative, SO I BEAT CREATIVE AHAHA, got myself a nice little mp3 player for 100quid, im happy with that.

  236. Evan says:

    Creative it the worst company for customer servive I have ever work with. I’ve been trying since 1/07 to get my screen fixed. The sad this is that I was not even using it. Came back fron vacation got it from where I left it and yes the screen looks just like the one at the top. No one was even home. They do not even reply to email and now I can even send them anymore.
    Message could not be delivered for 5 days
    Message will be deleted from queue

    I have forwarded parts of this blog and my emails to channel 12 news in Phoenix,AZ. I hoping they can do something and let everybody now that CREATIVE S*cks

    Best of luck to all

  237. Austin says:

    This post was really helpful but I am really confused. What is the best thing to do? Paying about 100 dollars for a repair, or buying an extra LCD screen and repairing it yourself? And exactly how did it go for you guys that got a free replacement from Creative? What do they ask you and what do you need to tell them in order for them to send it for free?

  238. Nikki says:

    I’m so glad I found these posts. I really thought this only happened to me! My MP3 player was 5 months old and the same thing happened to the screen. I really don’t know what to do.

  239. Ingrid says:

    I was inlove with this unit until the screen cracked like many other people i have no idea how it happened one day is fine next day is craked . Creative wont even reply to my emails. I think we can sue this people whos with me on this??

  240. carlos says:

    My creative zen vision m’s lcd is broken too. Dunno why or how btu when I took it out from the case the internal screen had cracks on it. at first It didnt have anything on screen, but after a while half of the screen showed up blurry and had white lines all over. half of the screen which had the cracks is no good. =(
    bought this in the US (am here in the Philippines), dunno how I can get a replacement for the unit or at least the screen. not even sure if creative has support people here.
    anyone in the Phils who had the same prob?

  241. daniel says:

    has anyone tried using a Ipod 2.5 LCD and wiring it to work with the zen? as long as it fit, couldn’t you just replace the wiring harnesses? you can buy a Ipod 2.5 screen anywhere for $30 US.

  242. Brian says:

    Mine might not be a Vision M but yes about a month back now my Zen nomad Jukebox Xtra’s screen just demolished itself with nothing else in my pockets and no trauma whatsoever…. i cannot believe that Creatize allow their products to come of the line with this sh*te build quality.

    After hearing now that its not possible to get replacement screens of the net/shop etc would anyone be able to tell me if its possible to go out and buy a generic 2.5" lcd screen and hope it works…. surely it’ll be same connections and not a lot of differance
    email me back at brianbunting155@hotmail.com
    ….if there is….

    then f**k Creative

  243. paul says:

    Have any luck getting a replacement?

  244. Caitlin says:

    SOOOO same thing happened to me. I went for a walk with my Zen in my downvest pocket, and i took it out to change the song, and i saw something like that.. Now, the thing I am wondering about, sorry to be so dumb, is what is a RMA? How do I get ahold of Creative? I am VERY confused right now. Do I e-mail them? Because they have not given me a address on the Canada website. Can someone please help?

  245. Airliner says:

    Funny thing, when i first called creative they told me they will not replace it since the display was f*cked. Anyway, I wrote them a letter and i made clear to them i DID NOT sit on the stupid player. when i sent it in via RMA, 3 days after reciveing it at Creative in Ireland, (today) they sent me a replacement, without making any troubles.

    So actually I don’t hate Creative, coz the player had some other problems, it was scrambling when you shaked the player a bit, maybe a bit of plastic or screw broke from shaking the player too much. some scratches on the players outside. Allthough I was very careful for pressure, so the display got blury/foggy, horizontal white lines on the whole player display making the player almost useless for video. So anyway, it looked like a warranty problem. So I sent the player in almost 2weeks ago. Now the player is on its way back to me in Sweden.

    A whole new player, feels really good honestly. No scratches and no scrambling. No, I don’t think I broke the display by my own fault, it looked like a production error. Anyway. New player :)

    Good luck with you guys!

  246. The law firm of Starr Austen Tribbett Myers & Miller is currently investigating various problems with the Creative Zen Vision:M. Consumers have reported numerous complaints with the screen (excessive scratching, internal failure, etc.) If you have experienced problems with your Creative Zen Vision: M, please contact us at (574) 722-6676. Please call collect and ask for Scott Starr, Andrew Miller or Joseph Williams. You may also contact us via email at one of the following addresses: starr@satmlaw.com; miller@satmlaw.com; or williams@satmlaw.com.

  247. Blair says:

    Yeeeep, the exact same thing happened to me this morning, I picked up my Zen Vision:M off my bedside table, and it looks fine. Then I turn it on and "….WHAAAT THE HELL", mine looks alot like the one at the top except the cracking is more focused in the middle, and it really has get me edgy because when I turned it off last night everythin was fine, I placed it on the table and what do you know eh. 4 months old, no real problems until now, looks like I will cool up tech support and see what the price deal is in australia, all I know is…..DAAAMNIT

    Thats life I guess, well my life anyway

    awell, let the dealings begin

  248. Matt Fugitive says:

    Ok guys here’s the skinny. There are NO REPLACEMENT LCD’s for the ZEN. You have four choices:

    Choice 1: You can still listen to it till you can afford a replacement.

    Choice 2: Deal with Creative’s ****** *** tech support and pay however many dollars for for them to fix it.

    Choice 3: Try your *** to get a class action lawsuit, only to have it thrown out cause Creative don’t cover random act’s of god "trust me I tried".

    Choice 4: Buy an iPod and relish in the fact that you got to deal with iTunes, DRM, Apples ****** video quality, and so on and so forth.

    If you expect to try and repair any damages to your Zen, be very cautious. I ripped the battery connector from the board by accident and had to solder he damn thing on. It wasn’t easy and it’s not worth the time cause Creative are a bunch of crackheads and don’t want there technology falling into the hands of Apple "don’t blame them". In the end, if you want the best of the MP3 players, Zen it is. Just be VERY CAUTIOUS and CAREFUL. Trust me I will from now on.

    BTW I too killed my LCD. I accidentally stepped on it the night prior to this post and rest assured I’m pissed at Creative for the **** tech support, but I grew wiser and smarter.

    Next one I buy I’m getting from DELL again and I’m getting the damn replacement warranty they offer. Which does cover stupidity, late drunking nights and of course.. ACT’S OF GOD and is only a mere 50 bucks for a shitload of time "pretty much covers, from what I read, the lifespan of the Zens drives and LCD’s. That and buying from DELL is a HELLA LOT CHEAPER. After shipping, for a 30gig Zen your only paying 218.00 out the door (that’s 218 USD’s for our friends overseas). That and they got the 60 gig version for what the stores are charging for the 30 gig. So yeah I’ll save my nickelss and dimes and have my cable turned off just so I can buy another one. The tech support sucks, but like my old gateway, it’s worth every fricking dime.

  249. chad says:

    Yeah, uhh .I was listening to my vision m and I put it in my pocket. A few minutes later, I went to get it out ,and the screen was cracked undreneath(the inside)> i guess i’m stuck listening to Bodom for the rest of my life.

  250. kiss says:

    I work for creative and I have put many a player in warranty for the screen. The screen does not just shatter on its own, promise. Mind you the slightest bump can damge it because you know it is Liquid Crystal so it can break. My best suggestion is if you have a problem with the screen call tech support get an rma and send it in with your receipt. You never know you might have a case depending on how the unit looks and how bad the shatter is. By the way it is 102 to replace the LCD screen and most likely you are going to get a new unit because we don’t generally repair lcd screens.

  251. Luke says:

    I have the same problem as quiet a few of the above: today i turned on my ZEN and the inside screen was completely shattered, u can’t see any damage when its turned off. it still plays music and all, but the screen looks just like a cracked window where a football flew threw or so…
    i sure dont wanna pay the stupid $199 creative wants for that ****
    so, if anyone finds a solution to fix it or if you guys reach something with the lawsuit..let me know, please!


    aah jeah and: my ZEN was already the 2nd also, the first had a harddrive problem…

  252. Danny says:

    I wasn’t as unfortunate as some of you guys. But the same thing happened to my screen just like one of the other posts. I lost about half of my pixels that just turned white. About every other horizontal row is white. While it is still fully functional with music and all. It is a pain in the *** for photos and videos.

    The really bad part about this is that ive only had it for about 2 DAMN DAYS!!!Brand new!!
    Absolutely no trauma. Only used once!

    Any one know if it will be covered by warranty!!

  253. Miklos says:

    Same situation. I haven’t found an LCD replacement either. Maybe we could pressure Creative as a collective to make a better for repair. At least to offer the LCD so that we can repair it ourselves (the cost of manufacture only).

    Has anyone forwarded this Website to a Creative representative?

  254. odell says:

    Any word on the class action lawsuit, or did someone talk to their lawyer friend?
    They can’t get away with charging $150 to fix a lcd screen.
    Or did anyone find a site that sell replacement screens?

  255. Ryan says:

    Well, I guess that makes a many of us…
    I sure don’t wanna pay $120 to fix it, I was wearing at work, I have the DLO Action Jacket… which is supposed to keep it so safe. well, I go home, turned it o, and what do you know…. It looks just like the one above… And how you ask, F*ck if I know….

  256. David says:

    I had the same imploded issue with this 3 months old zen. I can not believe all of you encounter this screen problems. We should make creative cover it under warranty or something. Now I’m gonna have to choose IPOD instead if all else fail.

  257. Daniel says:

    No trauma to my zen vison:m, just had it in my pocket – the screen got all fuzzy and had little horizontal lines running all through it. If I get to return it to Best Buy i’m getting an ipod.

  258. problemed says:

    i have an Zen Vision which was working fine but after a couple of days the screen has broken. I was lying on the bed and lent on it with my elbow and now the screens screwed up. It’s not as bad as the unfortuneate guys in the picture but it does have tiny white horizontal lines running through the screen constantly. Have tried reseting it etc. and can’t get in touch with creative. It still works fine but the screen is annoyingly light and almost useless for watching videos on. Was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to fix it?
    Thanks very much

  259. Johnathan says:

    Same story apparently. Let me know about the class action lawsuit. I’ll see if I can’t ask a lawyer friend. This sucks. I couldn’t figure out what had happened to my screen. Like so many others, it was in a secure spot in my backpack.
    Creative needs to get with the program.

  260. Josh says:

    This site tells you how to open it.

    I know it’s been asked several times, but I ask again… has anyone found anywhere online to buy a replacement screen? I bought mine from Creative as soon as they were released and had no problems at all (aside from a freezing problem that firmware updates still didn’t help), but I came home from shopping today to see my dog chowing down on the damn thing. However, everything but the screen is fine, just a few tooth marks on the case. I know Creative isn’t going to help me a bit, and I’d like to repair it myself if possible…

  261. James says:

    Hey I have a Zen Vision M as well and I guess I am one of the lucky ones. I am in Iraq and as you can imagin it is rough out here. I am wondering if yall have figured out how to take apart the zen with out breaking it. My screen cover is warped and I am looking to replace it. (don’t ask how it got warped) I am also looking for part if anyone wants to sell me a parts Zen. Contact me at j_shaler@hotmail.com

  262. Airliner says:

    Yeah, I am on it.But how are we suppose to do that? Make a E-mail list and really put time into this? Come on, somebody has to do this!!

    And by the way, by the look of my players display, the LCD is blury, i cant find anything wich says the display has been pressed on really hard. It is just half white, half of the pixels seems to have died and there is a few dark stripes over the text. but funny thing, display is working except its very blury. not useful, not to show people and not to be using videos with.


  263. Odell says:

    My LCD SCREEN looks exactly like that after 3 months of buying the damn thing. We really should file a lawsuit, because it happened to a few people I know, plus Creative’s customer service sux…..

    let’s do it.

  264. Nick Law says:

    Same thing happened to my son’s Vision M. Creative’s prices are a bit expensive. It’s hardly worth repairing if the cost of the LCD is as described above, which would put me off buying another. If the LCD was 50 max then I’d pay up. Because the case wasn’t damaged I would imagine that the cushioning around the LCD is poor making it susceptible to damage due to a minor knock.

    Creative should investigate & sort this out because it will affect their sales once this problem starts to become well known.

    Does anybody know where you can purchase the LCD online ?

  265. Airliner says:

    Hey guys, this was really strange. I had been on my class and was changing songs, after that i just put it back in my pocket. i had’nt even been sitting on the player! Before I started to walk home i noticed the display was doing strange things, i could see the songs beeing played, but the display is so bad atm. I reaaaally didn’t expect this to happend, such a nice player. I checked so many things before buying this player. and now what? the display is broke. and the dude on the creative supportphone wanted 1420 SEK (Swedish crownes) to fix it. its more than half the price i payed for it when i bought it. and thats the replacement player, since the player is not being fixed any more. i can buy a new player and still use this. maybe i could even change display in the future, or will i do it now? the player is less than 3 months old :(

    hope u guys figure something out. sorry for my bad english, over and out.

  266. ShaftedTwice says:

    Ha! I thought that I was the only one with this problem – seems like there are more in the same situation.. Thing is, I got mine used without a warranty or anything, never expected this to happen to be honest. I’m afraid to even buy a replacement screen on the hunch that it might just implode again. Sadly, very very sadly, I am considering an Ipod at this point..

  267. Chris G says:

    The same thing that happend to all of you has happened to me, my screen was just magically broken one day and its mysteriously the one uncovered part according to futureshop. I dont really feel like coughing up all that much money to have creative replace it so if anyone know where to get replacement screens online PLEASE tell me


  268. john francis says:

    Hi, does anyone know where i can get a replacement screen (UK) from? I actually trod on mine, whoops, but can’t get any joy from creative. Searched google and found this!!

    All help appreciated

  269. Eric says:

    I had the same thing happen to me about a week ago. It was in a backpack with clothes around it and I pull it out and the screen is cracked like that. There does seem to be some kind of problem with their screens. If anyone has found someplace to but them please post it.

  270. Louis Worthington says:

    Hi, same thing happened to me, told today iwould have to buy a replacement for 90 quid, they said they didnt do repairs, well my mums a barrister (now law reporter) gonna see if theres anyway i can take this thing a step further i definatly have a case as i did everything i did to look after that thing. will keep u informed.

  271. HC says:

    When i first read all those notes i thoguht “Well, HC, welcome to the club” Me and my wife felt in love with the device after a while enjoying a zen xtra which is by the way a lot better in terms of durability. This one (Zen M Vision) is too weak, particularly the lcd screen, which in my opinion too exposed to damage. My device’s screen is really distorted, same as the picture above, and it was all of the sudden. Count me in for anything you plan, whereas you are going to file a claim or find a liable solution. Please count me in!

  272. double d says:

    i say we file a class action lawsuit…it worked for those guys who went against apple.

  273. Kevin says:

    Broken LCD screen on Zen Vision M four months old – no trauma causd his to the best of my knowledge. Creative insist that the damage falls within remiot of accidenrtal and therfore NOT covered by warranty – charged me 99 to replace unit. One month later – same thing happens to new unit even though it was in a protective case and screen protector in situ. Once again I would insist that no trauma has caused this and in my view its a fault with the unit. Sounds like its happening to more people out there – come on Creative – surely this needs reviewing.

  274. Richard says:

    I have been searching the web for days trying to find a place that sells replacement screens for my vision m. Has anybody had any luck? Would hate to have to pay creative and wait days and days when I could replace myself. Anyways please email and let me know if anybody knows of a place. Thanks. hcir24@msn.com

  275. bruce says:

    Does anyone here want to sell me there broken zen vision m email me at bruce_cheng@hotmail.com

  276. Kyle says:

    My screen broke this week too. It was in my pocket and while i was walking it hit against a desk. the outside cover is perfect but when i turn it on the screen inside is shattered. Seems like the outside should break before the insides break. Creative hasnt replied to me either. I couldn’t even call them without having to pay $13 to talk to someone so i sent them an email. Seems like if i bought their $300 mp3 player i could at least get a phone call…

  277. dos says:

    my LCD broke last week, 1 week after I got a new one off an RMA from the hard drive dying. And I had to take it back once before for a broken button… this is all in the span of three months.

    I’m done with it. Not going to throw another $120 to creative just to fix a player that will probably bust 6 months down the road.

  278. Jarrod says:

    well, my screen broke, because of my carelessness. I was playing gym in my school and stuipedly left it in my pocket. When i was playing matt ball (it is like kick ball), i dived down to dodge the ball, and landed flat on my zen, and broke the the screen to hell and back. I was and still am very pissed off.

    Oh, and p.s. i think the screen imploded (my opion) because it probably overheated or was really hot (internal), a it happens. Usually with a case covering it. But hey what do i know, i mean i just broke my screen by falling on mine, so i am not one to talk.

  279. David says:

    I contacted creative (as I said in the mail above dated 10/10/06), explained the situation and they asked me how it broke and to send them a digital photo of it, then they sent me an RMA number, asked some questions about my player- serial number etc and I’m now sitting here, very pleased, with my brand new replacement. So its taken 20 days from sending my mail to creative, to me sitting here with a new one.
    Next step- buy a case.

  280. Dan says:

    I’ve also sendt a mail to creative, to see if i could buy a screen from them.
    I sendt the mail on oct. the 6th and haven’t got an answer yet! :(
    And i’m not buying a new one or ipod either!

  281. David says:

    Ive had my vision M for just over two weeks and my screen has popped- much like the picture above. Has anyone else managed to get theirs replaced or sucessfully changed screens. I’d rather that than buy a new one or buy an Ipod. Seems there’s a fari number of us in the same boat. The only action ive taken so far is to mail the creative support address.

  282. Dan says:

    My vision M also mysteriously got its screen broken! I have no idea how!:S
    Trying to find some store or something where i can buy a new screen

  283. Cussy101 says:

    If you do get a screen then here is how to get in to fix it! www.anythingbutipod.com/archives/2006/02/how-to-disassemble-the-creative-zen-vision-m.php

  284. madskillz18 says:

    Same thing happened to me just last night. To my knowledge nothing fell on it, and it didn’t drop. It just…..exploded. :( I guess if I have to shell out 122 bucks I’ll have to.

  285. Ch4ngo says:

    This mornig the same thing happened to me. I woke up a want put some music and saw the screen the same way as tha picture up there (i start crying) even i only use the shuffle mode i cant put videos or see the menus please if you find some place to buy the screen you become a hero for all of us because i’m in central america and i think i throw the bill so i cant do the RMA.

    PD. Creative has bad quality screens!!!!
    If you have an email where to contact directly to creative please post too!!

  286. Oliver Gray says:

    If anyone finds out where someone can purchase a new replacement screen, please post the information here. I imagine buying the screen from its manufacturer would cost much less than the $122 that Creative is charging for the replacement.

  287. Patrick says:

    This just happened to me the other day. half of it cracked so i can barely see what is playing. I called and the guy said it would be $122. I didnt have time to argue it so i hung up. I plan on arguing this a little bit or at lleast finding a replacement lcd and putting it in myself.

  288. Leigh Gilmore says:

    Ya ive gone though 2 of these already the first one i had had a hard drive problem the second one i had the screen ” imploded” as you said.. it was in a special ipod case in my backpack and i took it out and the screen was dead. These things are great in theory but arent realiable at all.

  289. Dj Slash says:

    Dude..I was scared out of my mind when this same thing happend to me (just yesterday). I googled (Creative Zen Vision: M Parts) and got this post and it helped me out a great deal. I will now attempt to contact Creative about replacing the LCD as well.I was thinking they wouldn’t help me out since it’s damaged due to “my lack of care” Thank God I found this post! W00!…

  290. William Francis says:

    I Encounter The Same Thing With My Friends Creative Vision M The Screen Cracked For No Reason. Shouldn’t MP3 Players Be A Little More Durable.

  291. magnus says:

    How did your RMA process go. I broke my Zen Vision M this Tuesday in the same way. I also had my leather case on. Hopefully I can get a replacement.

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