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Canadian Passport Photos

Posted in Canada,Graphics,Law by Elliott Back on March 9th, 2006.

If you’ve ever tried to get your Canadian passport, you know the photos are the hardest part. They must be taken at a professional photo studio, stamped and dated, and signed by your guaranteer. They must be shadow-free. Mine weren’t, apparently:

Question: I recently applied for a Canadian passport while I was at home over winter break in Phoenix, AZ. My case number is USXXXXX. However, it was denied due to shadows on the photograph. However, I am a senior at Cornell University and cannot have the photos retaken and re-signed by the guaranteer who is my family Dr. in Phoenix because I am in Ithaca, NY right now. How should I proceed?

The Passport Office of Canada kindly replied:

Thank you for your message of March 7, 2006. You may submit new photos without the guarantors signature. Please include your file number on the outside of the envelope. We trust this information is of assistance to you.

How awesome! I will have the photos redone this Friday.

Update: For the official passport guidelines, please read Passport Application PHOTO SPECIFICATIONS, a PDF you can print out and take to your photographer.

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  1. I have had an established photography studio in Elgin, IL since 1979 and have been taking Canadian passport/citizenship photos ever since. I do take them by appointment.

    164 DIVISION ST STE 101
    (847) 931-5225

  2. F Dawdy says:

    We take Canadian Passport Photos , Canadian immigration photos, Canadian Citizenship photos.
    We are located near the SFO in Burlingame, California 94010

    Dawdy Photography
    821 California Drive
    Burlingame, CA 94010

  3. Iffee says:

    Need your reply urgently actually my GF is living Canada…….I am bit doubtful about her if she is not scam. So I had asked her for the copy of her Passport which she sent.Will you help me how can I check if the given copy is correct. Thanks a million for your help.

  4. Iffee says:

    Hi, Please guide me how can I check passport of Canadian citizen.

  5. Nims says:

    Anyone know where I can get Canadian passport pictures taken in Atlanta, GA? Apparently, Arizona has lots of places :) Thank you in advance!

  6. LL Murley says:

    Looking for a place to get Canadian passport photos in Cincinnati area – any ideas?

  7. Henry says:

    For those who need international passport photos for US, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, China (not inclusive) and lives in the Philadelphia or Delaware County, go directly to:

    Pretty Photo
    1017 Arch Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19107

    They have recently moved and is right across from Greyhound Bus Station.

  8. wes says:

    God bless mr hassan
    He took my canadian passport and i had no problem.
    His studio number is 602 279 1199 his studio name is
    HASSAN Photography in pheinex.
    He is a very good man
    I hope this info help you all.
    God bless

  9. Heather says:

    I have had the same ridiculous experience this year trying to get my passport pictures done…I am starting to feel like I am in a Goldilocks nightmare!! I have gone to the USPS and CVS, DO NOT get them done at either of those places. This will be my 4th passport photo so out of desperation I called Canada for their recommendation and they said Walgreens or Sears. So this is just an FYI to help some poor soul who is going through the same bologny. Hope this helps!

    • Heather says:

      I had two Canadian Passport photos done at Sears and both were rejected. Anyone know of a place in Lancaster PA where I can get a Canadian passport photo taken? Thanks for any help!!

      • kd says:

        Hi i saw your post that it got rejected in Lancaster,pa. I am in Mechanicsburg. Where you went to have pics?

  10. Vic says:

    Anyone know of a studio in Charleston, Sc or anywhere within a 2-3 hour drive that can get Cdn photos right? This is the second time that I’m trying to get my passport renewed from the States, and it’s a nightmare! Five years ago I had my photos taken in NY rejected twice – shadows, then reflection. I finally had them done and had the passport renewed during a business trip to Toronto. This time around I went to a studio near the UN in Manhattan that specialized in international passport photos, but they were rejected because the paper was too thick! You’d need to have research-lab quality equipment to measure the difference. My daughter is also renewing her passport and her pictures (on the same paper) were rejected because her face was too large. No mention of the paper. With no trips to Canada inthe foreseeable future, I need to try again, so any help would be appreciated.

  11. Lyn says:

    My Canadian passport photos were rejected twice – one from Walgreens and one from Costco. Very frustrated, I called the Canadian Consulate in LA. They recommended I go to Hassan Photography in Phoenix: 444 West Camelback Road, Phoenix, Arizona 85013; phone number 602-279-1199.

    I did go to Hassan Photography and they were extremely courteous and professional and it took about 10 minutes to get my photos. Two weeks later I finally have my Canadian passport.

    I highly recommend anyone needing Canadian passport photos in the Phoenix metro area go to Hassan Photography. They will take great care of you. Call them today – their phone number is: 602-279-1199.

    • Juzu says:

      How long it takes for the rejection of passport photos from Canada passport? I have sent my application but have not heard back for 2 weeks. Does it mean my photos were approved?

  12. Norm Lemire says:

    I live in Phoenix, AZ and need a list of photographers that will do Canadian Passport photos.

  13. Damas says:

    Here is a location in Detroit that takes Canadian Passport and Visa Photos:
    Immigration Photos
    266 Mount Elliott St, Detroit, MI 48207-4322
    (313) 567-2550 ‎

  14. Matilde says:


    CALL US 617 859 8922


  15. Maureen says:

    where in Las Vegas Nevada can a (Canadian) find a photographer to get Canadian Passport photo that can size-it as per the requirements? Please help.

    • Leon says:

      Best advice is to make a road trip to LA, had two sets done in LV rejected. Follow the advice on this page & the LA consulate office; go to PrismPhotoImaging they got it done in one try

  16. Katrina says:

    From the Canadian Embassy in DC:


    Sears Portrait Studio, 1000 Dover Mall, Dover, DE 19901, (302) 634-6153


    Embassy Camera, 1735 Connecticut Ave NW, (202) 483-4144
    Motophoto, 660 Pennsylvania Ave SE, (202) 547-2100


    Annapolis Custom Photo, 134 Holiday Ct., Suite 303, Annapolis, (410) 266-8306
    Motophoto, 5249 River Rd, Bethesda, (301) 656-4433
    Techlab Photo, 518 E. Belvedere, Baltimore, (410) 433-2000
    Photo Gallery, 9350 Snowden River Pkwy, Columbia, (410) 381-7606
    Dunkirk Pack N Ship, 10302 S Maryland Blvd, Dunkirk, (410) 257-7008
    Techlab Photo, 8170 Maple Lawn Blvd, Suite 170, Fulton, (240) 295-1095
    HITEK Studio, 1E Diamond Ave, Ste D, Gaithersburg, (301) 947-3686
    National Photo, 612 Reisterstown Rd., Pikesville, (410) 486-2006
    Travelco International, 914 Silver Spring Ave, #102, Silver Spring, (301) 562-8101


    Photo Scope, 5040 Lee Hwy, Arlington, (703) 532-7717
    Motophoto, 210 North Lee Street, Suite #106, Alexandria, (703) 548-1145
    Picasso Photo, 7849 Richmond Hwy, Alexandria, (703) 360-8424
    Express Photo, 14200-C Centreville Sq., Centreville, (703) 968-9515
    Photoworks, 2 Loudoun St SW, Leesburg, (703) 777-4002
    Motophoto, 155 W Maple Ave, Vienna, (703) 281-6811
    Holmans Photography Studio, 1917 Laskin Rd, Virginia Beach, (757) 491-9111

    NOTE: The Canadian Embassy will not be held responsible for the photos issued at these locations.
    It is the client s responsibility to ensure that Passport Photos meet the specifications outlined by
    Passport Canada. // Veuillez noter que l Ambassade Canadienne ne sera pas tenue responsable
    des photos émises dans ces lieux. La responsabilité demeure celle du client de s assurer que les
    photos de passeports rencontrent les spécifications établies par Passeport Canada.Ave SE, (202) 547-2100

    • Fred says:

      Canadians in South Florida have an option for professional quality passport photos, fully compliant with the Canadian Passport regulations. Serving the Canadian community since 2009 without any single rejection. Please call Fred 954-752-1577 or visit www.fredsphoto.com for an appointment or more info… Located in Coral Springs, Florida

  17. John says:

    I live in Abuja in Nigeria, does anyone know a photographer in this area who knows the Canadian passport photo regulations

    • Ted says:


      I was tired of finding a place in seattle that can do canadian passport photos according to the specification. then I googled and found this place,yes they do great and while I was there he was busy with three other people who wanted the same canadian photos, good place and they make sure that you get the right picture before they hand it to you.

      their number: 206-280-4666

  18. lynnie says:

    Dear Elliot Thank you so much for referring Hassan Photography for Canadian passport photos. They were very nice people and very professional. I received my photos in about 15 minutes, and I finally have received my Canadian passport. Thanks, again, for the referral. Hassan Photography is defintely the place to go for your Canadian passport photos. Thanks for the Canadian Consulate for referring them. Here’s their contact information:

    Hassan Photography
    444 W. Camelback Road #103
    Phoenix, AZ 85013

    You will not be disappointed!

    They are very nice poeple, cod bless them

  19. Susan Gervais says:

    I live in South Jersey…Moorestown….anywhere I can get Canadian Passport photo done?

  20. B> Vogt says:

    Does anyone know of a place in the Wayzata,Minnetonka,or Minneapolis area in Minnesota to get a Canadian Passport photo? All of the places I have called haved closed.This should not be so difficult!! Thanks.BV

    • Dana says:

      My husband also needs his passport photo taken for his Canadian Passport. He had it taken in Canada from guy who usually gets the job done, but this one was rejected (shiny forehead!). We haven’t had much luck with MN photographers.

      Any suggestions?

  21. andy says:

    There is one place in the university district seattle, They do canadian passport photos very fast .it looked as if they have done this format for many times.Below is there address.Hope this helps all loking for canadian passport photos.

    4536 university Way NE
    Seattle WA 98105.

    tel: 206-280-4666

    • john says:

      Thanks for the info yes they did my canadian passport photos fast, the girl here was really friendly and its Rainier copy and print shop located in university district between 45th and 47th street their number is 206-280-4666

      • chang says:

        yes canadian visa requirement photos are done here

        • sanjay says:

          I made an effort to come to this blog and share my view about this canadian photos as it has some specefic requirements, I first did my canadian photos at WALGREENS and they got rejected and I wasted my time I went back to walgreens and told them that you guys did my photos wrong then they said they will return my money i mean money is not the case i wasted my time 2 weeks. THEN I SEARCHED ONLINE AND FOUND THIS PLACE ITS CALLED RAINIER COPY AND PRINT STORE LOCATED IN UNIVERSITY DISTRICT SEATTLE THIS PEOPLE KNOW ALL THE REQUIREMENTS AND I TOTALLY RECOMEND THIS PEOPLE.IT WAS WORTH TRAVELLING TO THIS PLACE.COPY AND PASTE THE BELOW LINK FOR DETAILS.THATS IT


  22. Matilde says:

    Our Canadian Passport Photos are NEVER rejected.
    We follow every required measurement not only for the Passport but also for the Canadian Citizenship, and Canadian Visa.
    At the Canadian Consulate in Boston, there is a link to our store.
    We are at 441 Stuart St. Boston Massachusetts.

    For more info call us at: 617 859 8922

    Matilde Barbosa

  23. Pretty Photo says:

    For those in the east coast who needs Canadian passport photos, please contact:

    Pretty Photo
    934 Arch Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19107

    Canadian Immigration Center has been referring people from all over the tri-state area for our service. No photo rejections!

    • ssd says:

      Thank you so much for this information. Our PR card is withheld due to photo reasons.

      • Henry says:

        The shop has recently been moved a block away from the original location and directly across from Greyhound Bus Station. The new address is located at:

        Pretty Photo
        1017 Arch Street
        Philadelphia, PA 19107

  24. Olympia says:

    Hello All,

    Can any one suggest a photo studio that is in Olympia, WA area for Canada immigration photos.

    Thank you,


    • Sally says:

      Passport Canada recommended Sears or SuperTarget to me this week. My photos recently taken at a well known pharmaceutical chain advertising passport photos were rejected by Passport Canada due to impaired clarity.
      Good luck ~ print the photo stipulations page from passportcanada.gc.ca website and take along with you with a ruler to measure the actual print size .. needs to be 2″ wide x 2 3/4″ high. U.S. passport photos are 2″ x 2″ and the photographer may give you this size thinking it’s OK but unfortunately it’s not. Make sure the back is store stamped and dated too.
      Just spoke to Sears on the phone and went over every detail so I’m heading to their closest store with fingers crossed. Receptionist said that they rarely get any Canadian passport photos rejected. Make sure they have the correct specs Length from chin to crown of head (natural top of head) must be between 31mm and 36mm (1 1/4in. and 1 7/16in). Also there’s other pertinent information listed under Image Information .. white background etc.

  25. Irene says:

    For those on the east coast, Canadian Passport Pictures can be taken at:

    Pretty Photo
    934 Arch Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19107

    Highly recommended by the Canadian Consulate!

  26. Terry Frizzell says:

    I live in Brownsville Texas. does anyone know a photographer in this area who knows the Canadian passport photo regulations?

  27. fay says:

    In Los Angeles, go to Photo Experts 310-444-9000 or 310-9033941 for Canadian and Dutch passport.

  28. fay says:

    In Los Angeles, Photo Experts IS the place for both Canadian and Ducth passport photos. 11766 Wilshire Blvd, Suite #110, 90025 310-444-9000, 310-9033941

  29. Emily says:

    If you’re in Dallas, Texas, or just can’t find anyone near you to help you with you’re Canadian Passport, Canadian Citizenship, or Canadian Immigration photos, I recommend you go to Affordable Photo Lab / APV Studios.

    There phone number is 972-986-8398, and here is a link to a page on their site showing their expertise in different passport pictures for various countries:


  30. David Roth says:

    We take Canadian Passport photos and print them while you wait. We stay updated on all of the passport and/or citizenship photo requirements. If you are in the Santa Barbara, CA area, we can help you with your photos. David & Leanne Roth
    David Roth Photography (805)682-4666

  31. In response to anyone in need of a Canadian passport photo in Northern California, we do them!

    I have many people come to our studio expressing their frustration in locating a business that can do them in Northern California. We can accomodate to pretty much any countries identification, passport, citizenship etc. requirements. Our information is below. Hope that helps!

    Chantel Elder

    Eleakis & Elder Photography
    4625 Freeport Blvd.
    Sacramento, CA 95822

  32. marcela says:

    Anyone know of a place in Sacramento to get a Canadian Passport photo?
    Any help os greatly appreciated!


  33. matilde says:

    Hello to everyone in need of:

    Canadian passport Photo
    Canadian Citizenship Photo
    Canadian Visa & Immigration Photo

    We can help.
    Call us 617 859 8922


  34. Sheila says:

    Does anyone know of a portrait studio in the Vancouver, Washington/Portland, Oregon area that is experienced at taking Canadian passport photos? Thank you.

    • Phyllis says:

      One is Action Fast Photo (passport & citizenship), 9889 SW Barbur Blvd., Portland 503-245-9898 and the other is: Focus Foto (passport & citizenship), 712 SW 12th Ave, Portland 503-243-1111.

  35. Sarah says:

    Anyone know of a place in Austin or San Antonio to get a Canadian Passport photo?

  36. Mike says:

    This Photography Studio Provides the CORRECT size photos for the Canadian Passport and with all the stamps and information on the back of one photo.
    Their blog also contains info on the Passport “clinics” the Canadian Consulate in South Florida holds from time to time.

  37. George says:

    thank you for referring Sheena Studios, Philadelphia, They were very professional and helpfull, i got the passport without any problem with photos from them, if you need Canadian Passport photos only one place i could find in philadelphia
    sheena studios. 215 725 6030,i strongly recoment them.

  38. Shelly says:

    Thank you so much for referring Hassan Photography for Canadian passport photos. They were very nice people and very professional. I received my photos in about 15 minutes, and I finally have received my Canadian passport. Thanks, again, for the referral. Hassan Photography is defintely the place to go for your Canadian passport photos. Thanks for the Canadian Consulate for referring them. Here’s their contact information:

    Hassan Photography
    444 W. Camelback Road #103
    Phoenix, AZ 85013

    You will not be disappointed!

  39. George says:

    sheena studios philadelphia,Pa, will take canadian
    passport picture with the exact requirements
    please contact them at
    215 725 6030
    6522 Rising sun ave, Philadelphia, Pa. 19111

  40. Akil says:

    Anyone knows the company that can take photos for CITIZENSHIP in Atlanta Georgia or Greenville, SC?

    • Matilde says:

      Dear Akil,
      If you email us a clear picture of yourself, we may be able to transform it into a Canadian Citizenship photo.
      The photo will have our stamp and date in the back, the measurements will be 35mmX53mm, and you will have the white strip in the bottom for signing.
      Our studio is highly recommended by the Canadian Consulate in Boston, therefore, if your picture is of good quality, we can guarantee it will be accepted.
      Matilde’s Photo & Framing, Inc.

  41. Marilu says:

    Hello, I’ve read most of the stories and I’m terrified! Does anyone know about a good place in Detroit to take the pictures? That is the only thing I’m missing!

  42. Bonnie says:

    Anyone know of a place to get Canadaian Passport photos done in Tampa, FL …..the right way?

  43. Vautour 110 says:

    In DALLAS, TEXAS, the following shop answers to Canada’s pic requirement: COOTER’S VILLAGE CAMERA SHOP – 12 HIGHLAND PARK VILLAGE, DALLAS, TEXAS 75205 – TEL: 214-521-4553. They are experts at it and have the requirements of many countries – of which: Canada. Good luck.

    • SEG says:

      Cooter’s Village was a saviour. I went to 3 different places and read about them on here and they actually knew what to do. If you’re in Dallas and need to renew I would suggest them in a heartbeat.

    • texancanuck says:

      needed a Canadian passport photo in Dallas area on Memorial day when the locations recommended by prior posters were closed. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Walgreens on 3418 McKinney knew all about Canadian passport specifications, and did a great job doing the photos in only about 15 minutes, for the same price as US passport photos.

      • Charles says:

        TexanCanuck: Don’t be surprised when you get your photos returned to you in 6 weeks with a rejection letter. I used Walgreen’s and just got mine returned to me saying there are shadows and a flash reflection. I thought they looked great but apparently immigration Canada thought otherwise. I’m looking for someplace in Salt Lake City that will do a better job.

  44. Vautour 110 says:

    Acquirement of photos for Canadian passports constitute the most difficult activity in the process of getting or renewing a Can passport. Very few photo places exist in the Western world (ex: The US) which can answer to that specific need. And if you try to contact a Canadian Consulate Rep – forget it: There are no more humans available to answer the phones, and the answering menus available do not have a function to answer “Where Can I get a Pic?”. It took me two (2) days to work on the activity of acquiring a pic of myself. However: In Dallas, the following shop answers to the need: COOTER’S VILLAGE CAMERA SHOP – 12 HIGHLAND PARK VILLAGE, DALLAS, TEXAS 75205 – TEL: 214-521-4553. They are experts at it and have the requirements of many countries – of which: Canada. Good luck.

    • Emily says:

      I had the best experience with Affordable Photo Lab in Irving, TX. They have also been recommended above by other posters as APV Studios (same place) for people in the Dallas / DFW area. I have never had nicer quality photos done. And it’s true what everyone else has said about them, they absolutely know what they are doing and they know our needs as Canadians.


  45. sandee says:

    Is there anyone in Lansdale Pa. Montgomery county area that does pics for Canadian passport?????

  46. Matilde says:

    If you are in the Boston area and need the perfect Canadian Passport Photo, Citizenship, Visa, and Canadian Immigration photos, you can visit our Studio at: 441 Stuart Street, Boston MA.
    Call us 617 859 8922.
    Our store is highly recommended by the Canadian Consulate in Boston.

  47. sage says:

    Hi I was wondering if someone can help me to locate a place in Buffalo, NY or Amherst, NY that does canadian visa photographs. Its been hard to find a place.

    Thanks a lot for your help.

  48. Lindsey says:

    I just called the Canadian Embassy in DC and was immediately emailed a list of local (DC/ Maryland/Virginia) photographers who are willing to do the passport photos and are familiar with the requirements. So, if you are still looking for photogs, call your local embassy to get listings!

  49. Ellen says:


    For anyone in the PHOENIX metropolitan area who is looking for Canadian passport photos, I urge you to go to Hassan Photography. They were recommended by the Canadian Consulate in LA, and I am glad I found them. They have never had any photos rejected, and I took my passport photos there recently and have already received my passport. The folks at HASSAN PHOTOGRAPHY were extremely courteous and very professional. You will not be disappointed!

    444 West Camelback Road
    Phoenix, AZ 85013

    I hope that helps you out.

  50. Cathy McAuley says:

    Does anyone know where to get good Canadian passport photos in or around Laguna Hills, Ca?

    Any new rules on the Guraantor?

  51. Jens says:

    For Canadian Passport photos in SW Florida go to:

    Harmon Photo & Video
    (239) 482-6661
    5661 Independence Cir, Fort Myers, FL 33912

    My wife got hers done there.

  52. OLGA says:

    Canadian passport pictures in Miami
    6055 SW 8th St
    West Miami, FL 33144
    (305) 261-7777

    They know all requirements, just perfect!!

  53. Alana says:

    As much as this blog is for Canadian passport photos, I was looking for Canadian Immigration photos as there are also unique and specific photo measurement requirements. I live in Hoffman Estates, Illinois and could not find anywhere that would take Canadian Immigration photos. However I found one guy, Ricardo Manchu. He is a photographer by profession but the good news is that he takes both Canadian passport and immigration photos. He is a really nice and friendly person. Although I have not yet submitted my Canadian immigration package, I did get the required photos. Since it was hard for me to find someone, I wanted to share Mr. Ricardo’s details with whoever needs a similar service (passport or immigration photos). Also, Mr. Ricardo can provide passport and immigration photos to meet almost any country’s photo specifications. It is worth noting for future reference.
    Ricardo Manchu
    JR Photographics
    164 Division Street, Suite 101
    Elgin, Illinois 60120
    Phone: 847-931-5225
    Email: jrm@foxvalley.net

    • Paul Solomon says:

      Orlando, FL: Canadian Passport Photos.

      I’m a Canadian Citizen living in Orlando, FL. After doing some research, I found that most places do not take proper Canadian Passport photos with all the specific requirements. I looked into Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, JC Penney’s, AAA, and Target. I ended up calling a private photographer’s studio in Kissimmee, FL and they were very familiar with the Canadian standards. A little more expensive than U.S. passport photos but worth the price to have it done right the first time. I had my photo taken on May 1, mailed the renewal application at the post office on May 2 and received my new passport on May 20. All within three weeks! I’m leaving the name and address for the photographer to help anyone else who is in the same situation that I was in. I hope this helps you all out!

      Bruce Wilson Photography
      100 Stewart Ave
      Kissimmee, FL 34741

  54. Marc says:

    If anyone can help me with my questions that would be awesome. PLEASE HELP!

    I’m having a hard time renewing my passport because of the damn guarantor. Can i renew my passport while visiting Canada if I’m living abroad??
    I mean, I want to apply my Canadian Passport in Canada, so can my guarantor be Canadian living in Canada??
    And my references, can they be American citizens or do they have to be Canadians??

    Please help me, thanks!

  55. linda Chase says:

    Where can I get Canadian passport photos taken in the Greater Seattle area? Help – need passport by June 1.

  56. JK says:

    Just in case if anyone’s interested, there is only one photo store in Olympia, WA that takes Canadian Passport. It’s called Fitzgerald Photography and their address is

    5006 Lacey Blvd SE, Lacey, WA 98503

  57. Marnie says:

    If your in the OC area, I went to a photo place called:

    1220 Bison Ave. A-4
    Newport Beach, CA 92660
    (949) 644-6533

    They did an amazing job. As far as I can tell they followed the Canadian photo requirement criteria down to a “T” and NO SHADOWS whatsoever!

    Crossing my fingers that my application goes without a hitch. It is April 14/09 and my scheduled trip is for June 1/09.

    Side note: They also specialize in US, Canadian, Australian, Brazilian, British, Greek, Iranian, Irish, Norwegian passport photos.

    • Marnie says:

      Just wanted to give an update (if you care to know).

      04/14- FedExed application w/photos (taken from BisonPhoto)
      04/29- Recieved call from Passport Canada that my application went through but my WaMu CC info was no good (they could not process). Gave them alternative BofA CC info.
      04/30- Called to see if my BofA CC went through. Was told “yes” and to expect my passport by DHL Courier. Passport was out for delivery 04/31.
      05/01- Called DHL and told them that no one would be home to recieve registered mail. Opt to p/u at their warehouse instead.
      05/08- Picked up passport at DHL warehouse.

      Conclusion: 3wks & 3 days (business days) for complete processing. Not bad since their proposed time line was 4wks.

      NOTE: Actual flight date was booked May 30th since I got my passport early. YAY!

  58. Becky says:

    Vivian et al:
    I’m just in the process of getting my photos, and I live in Clearwater, FL. I just found this website: www.lakeshorecamera.com/Passportphotos.html. The store is called Lake Shore Camera Exchange, and it’s in Palm Harbor on US 19 N. They do both Greek and Canadian passport photos (which makes sense, as they’re north of Dunedin and south of Tarpon Springs!) and it sounds like they understand the issues. I’ll be trying it out and will report back.

    If anybody’s still unclear by now, you now CAN “renew” a Canadian passport as long as your old one was issued within the past 6 years and you can provide it when applying; plus you no longer need a guarantor –just two references (doesn’t appear they even have to be Canadian, though I’ve used Canadians). It seems the ONLY remaining hassle is the photos.

    Cross your fingers for me! ~grin~

    • Becky says:

      Thought I would report back, for those of you in the Tampa area. www.lakeshorecamera.com did a nice job, photos looked perfect to my eye (except for them being photos of myself, blah). Sent off my passport app, so of course it’ll be a while before I find out if they’re okay.

      A new related issue has arisen: I didn’t think I’d need my passport until the summer, so I didn’t look for an “emergency” option to get the passport back sooner. Now, my mom’s in the hospital… and I’ve no idea when I’ll have my passport. Doesn’t seem to be a way to get them to upgrade my app once I’ve sent it.

      Anyway, that’s my report for what it’s worth. :-p

      • Becky says:

        One more!

        My photos from Lake Shore Camera were apparently perfect, because my passport app was given the “green light.” I was able to find out by filling out an online form on the passport site. The next day, I got an email stating that my passport was being made, and if I needed it urgently, I should call the number provided.

        When I called, they essentially confirmed that my passport was a “go,” but that they couldn’t do anything to rush it unless I had a flight booked. So I booked a flight and called back… and they still couldn’t really do anything but said to call again in a few days when the passport would be at the print facility. I did that. At this point I had a flight in about a week and a half, and the passport was still at the print facility.

        The passport office rep said he would send a note to the print facility about my needing to travel. And that was it –I basically was still supposed to wait and see, and maybe I’d have to rebook my flight.

        But literally the next day, my passport arrived by courier!

        All in all, I think the passport office was really great. And clearly the photos were good. :)

  59. Vivian says:

    Does anyone know where I can get Canadian passport photos taken in Tampa Florida?

  60. Allison says:

    I had the same challenges and came to this thread to hopefully get some insight on where to get passport photos taken in Tampa, FL last month after my first submitted photos were rejected. I ended up finding the perfect photographer out in Bradenton (about 45 mins from Tampa). He has biometric software on-site and was very very thorough (in fact he retook my photos once he saw the preview and noticed a shadow). His name is Gary Sweetman (www.garysweetman.com). Phone: 941-748-4004 or 800-226-4004. It’s worth the drive from anywhere in Florida as the pictures were perfect and Passport Canada was able to get me my passport in exactly 1 week from submitting the new photos. Call Gary!

  61. baitur says:

    I took picture at INS, sunnyvale, california, but still get rejected. I really have no idea of where I should take a picture for canadian passport. Can someone help me out? I am in San Jose, California. Thanks in advance!

  62. Tina says:

    I am also having the same problems and my passport expired Dec 08. I had previously sent in my application in Nov considering it should of been sufficient amount of time to get my passport in time from the expiration date. Hence I was so wrong and now it’s April 01 and once again my passport was returned, of course I wasn’t home to receive the mail from DHL yet again, funny how the first two times he had said didn’t I come here before. I called the passport office twice now and the first time the lady seemed helpful and the second attempt today to call and aske questions they weren’t able to access my information therefore they weren’t able to help me.

    I said well what am I suppose to do and he started by calm down.

    I to am frustrated and am in need of having this issue resolved in a manner that will allow us Canadians in the U.S have this done in a timely non stressful manner. I am distraut and feel that passport canada(in QC) should be stating to us the exact requirements and giving us locations as to where to have this process done, hence we are Canadian and I find it so wrong we can’t even enter our own country for a visit because we all have the same issue at hand of problems. As a citizen this should not be an issue to all of us. With the economic hardships happening this is costly and I have had enough money to pay the passport office my passport fee and then another fee to them with the costs of shipping and payment.

    I am in the process of refinding a place in the DC/VA area again, I went to Ritz and had no problems with the photos 5 years ago with them.

    I will also keep y’all posted.

  63. kuljeet rita kaur jackson says:

    back in september 08 i filled out my passport along with my 10 yr old sons. i live in california full time as i am on a business investment visa. my husband took the forms to canada and in person went to the passport office in surrey. paid the fee for both passports. and then was told that the pics taken were not the right size and that we needed to send new ones and that when i came to canada i would have to pick them up. which was fine. i mailed the passport photos in end of october 08 with a change of address. in december 08 i got a letter which was mailed to the wrong address. when i called the office i was told that this was my second letter and that they closed my account and that i would have to pay both fees again and reapply. i told the woman that i mailed the photos with the reciept that they had given my husband to give to me. it had my case number, etc. when i first had called to see where i was to mail it the person had given me the vancouver address. so that is where i mailed it to. the woman in surrey was quite rude and said that since i sent it to vancouver instead of surrey that they were not liable for the misplaced photos. and that i would have to start all over again. she said that maybe i forgot to mail them. also the first letter they sent me stating that i had 30 days to respond or they would close the application process i never received. the second letter i got a month after it was mailed from the canadian govt. she made me feel that i was a liar, and that i was trying to scam them and wanting to not pay AGAIN. she said i was at fault for mailing them to the wrong office, even though i had the reciept with it that had the case number on it. or maybe i never sent it in the first place. i asked her if i could talk to a supervisor, she told me that they were busy. i told her i could wait. she said that she would have them call me. no one up to day has called and i have called the office twice. how do i know that the first letter was mailed to me, the second letter took over a month stating they were closing/closed the files. i thought the canadian government was fair and honest. this employee showed me that you cant trust them, and she was adamant that they would not reopen the file. they are CLOSED. if i wanted a new passport to pay the fees and reapply. monday i will be reapplying, but now the problem is that i dont have the original birth certificate or custody papers for brendan jackson my son as my husband took them to canada when he took our passports (i have our passports back, never thinking we would have all these problem, otherwise i would have asked for everything back) in the first time. do i have to now mail the apps to him, then he has to go to the passport office and start all over again????????? i am waiting on my passport so that the USA immigration can add my E2 business investment visa.

  64. Shutterbug says:

    I never thought it was so difficult to get these pictures right. Recently, our studio started receiving referrals from the Los Angeles consulate as a place for proper canadian passport pictures. We got the specs, stamp, paper, and proper lighting to avoid those shadows and glares. So if in Ventura CA, stop on by.

    the Shutterbug

  65. Jean says:

    The words I'd like to use to describe the process of getting a Canadian passport renewed would not be allowed here. The people at the office must be the most anal retentive on the planet. Perfectly good pictures of my son with just the tiniest hint of a smile were returned; also because they apparently don't meet the exacting measures of 2″ x 2 3/4″ which are almost impossible to get. The 2×2 in size, used by most sane countries just doesn't do it for them either; even though they cut the picture down to the SAME size as the US passport. Idiots!

  66. kbl33070 says:

    I found out the hard way that CVS & Walgreen’s couldn’t just do the Canadian passport photos as they claim. After running around to meet my deadline for renewal I got my photos rejected. BIG disappointment!! Also a waste of time, but I found Gary Sweetman Photography in Bradenton. They did a wonderful job meeting all the compliances & they used Biometric software to ensure everything was correct. I highly recommend them. Give them a call 941-748-4004.

  67. John Jake says:

    Kodak Image Center SOlutions in downtown los angeles get the photos right !

    213-629-4080 Tel
    kicsprism@aol.com :

  68. Kumar says:

    Hi All:

    Can anyone suggest a place for passport photos in Kansas City area? I called many places, but they all do not take one.

    Thanks much for your help.


  69. John says:

    I also tried to get Canadian Passport pictures done here in Los Angeles, (Specifically Woodland Hills). I made the huge mistake of going to a place called One Hour Photo in Woodland Hills. Jerk of a guy – told me the pictures would be fine for Canadian passport – then as soon as he gives them to me, even I can see shadows behind the ears. The guy working there starts getting angry with me telling me they are fine and wouldn't take them again or help me out. So big FYI – DO NOT GO TO ONE HOUR PHOTO IN WOODLAND HILLS!!! (it's on 20929 Ventura Blvd.)

    I am going to try passportphotoservice.com and hope it works!!!! Thanks everyone for your help. I don't know why the Canadian gov't became so anal with photos.

  70. Photo Pro says:

    I have a photo lab in White Plains, NY We take Canadian Passport photos on a regular basis.
    We have a very good acceptance rate! Photo Pro 914 761-5205

  71. Clara says:

    Please where did you have your passport photos taken? I need to take one and am in dallas texas area and don't know where to have one taken for the right size. please heeelp!

  72. jtimleck says:

    I just called the Madison Photograph in Laurel, MD to check out what someone else posted here that they were capable. He was friendly on the phone and spoke saying, yes, he knew of the issues in getting them done right and is/has been “successful” (It's kind of ironic that Canadians, pushed by the American government to adopt more stringent guidelines and biometrics managed to adopt them before Americans could get their sh*t together… but not surprising either….)

    I'll report and repost later how I make out.

    This location would be accessible then by people in the Washington DC Baltimore Philadelphia Alexandria Rossyln Springfield New Jersey travel corridor.

    Updated his hours (this is def. a mom and pop operation btw…)

    M-F 10-7pm

    he's out for lunch until about 2pm each day and has to pick up his daughter some days too :) – I'd call ahead :D

    Photography by Madison
    401 Main street, second floor
    Laurel, MD

    • Kathleen (Halpen) Higgins says:

      This one in LAUREL, MD sounds good. I have rlatives living there!
      Maybe I can go that route on my next trip!
      Sure looks difficult to get those photos!!
      Is citizenship just as difficult??

  73. jtimleck says:

    How did you make out Sam? I'm in Baltimore, at U-Maryland College Park – I've had the same “rejection” story as others here – did you find somewhere here that seemed to work?

    I'm going to give a go at this e-passports thing online (see link below here in this blog). I can make the pics myself better I'm sure then futzing with all this mess.

  74. Willard says:

    Passport photos are different in the USA than in Canada. I need to get some taken here in New England, for my Canasdian Passport. Can anyone tell me where I can get Canadian passport pictures taken south of Boston?

  75. shelly says:

    thanks god I got to this page before going to Kinko’s…
    I was extremely happy I managed to do a couple of copies using the free online service from www.ePassportPhoto.com – it worked like a charm to me and my husband!

  76. ita says:

    I am a Canadian living in Scottsdale Az. My husband had a long delay in getting his passport renewal so to avoid that I found this website. I read every entry and did the following: I took 2 sets of photos: 1 at the Walgreen’s where they insist that their photos are acceptable for Canadians and all we aren’t allowed to do was “smile”. I brought a ruler and pushed them to enlarge the photo to the min. of 1 1/4 ” from top of head to chin despite their no’s. The 2nd. set I took at Wilson Camera on Miller in Scottsdale Az. Theirs were $19. for 4 pictures and looked more like a Canadian rectangular large headed picture. When I sent in my completed application, I also sent in the 2 sets of photos. One of each set was signed and dated by my guarantor. I enclosed a cover letter to (among other things) pick the better photo of the 2 and send me back the photos not used. Walgreen’s was rejected! They picked Wilson Camera’s.
    I sent in my application by UPS-$43.00. I gave them their fee by Canadian Credit Card. I sent it in on September 23rd 2008. I got a call from Gatineau about not filling in the employment line and told them I wasn’t employed for the last 2 years and they said OK. Today, October 7th 2008 I received my Canadian Passport by DHL, my documents returned, and the Walgreen’s rejected photos. It took 2 weeks from start to finish. Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences. It certainly helped me.

  77. Sam says:

    Hi all;
    I am a Canadian living in Maryland (just outside DC metro).
    my passport expired 3 months ago and still having problems with getting the right photos with the studio’s address and signature on the back.
    Nobody wants to have anything to do with Canadian passport photos.
    I have decided not to work today, but hunt for photo studios.
    wish me luck !

  78. paul says:

    CANADA IS NOW THE LAUGHING STOCK of all photo studios in the Los Angeles area. No one wants to do Canadian Passport photos because the embassy staff is ridiculous in their approvals. I have been rejected three times and am on my fourth set. I estimate 3 additional photo sets at 60 dollars plus courier 60 dollars plus 8 hours travel time and photo time. So I’m out 120 dollars and had to cancel my trip and still don’t have a passport. If the technology can’t read photos better than this maybe the technology or embassy staff are at fault?

  79. Brendan says:

    My photos too were rejected recently. I had been to this website and made sure I found a studio that was totally confident. Guy made sure using photoshop that there was not any shadow. Thought for sure I’d be fine. No!! Rejected for shadows! Well, can anybody please recommend a place in Westchester, NY or Fairfield, CT. I know there is DOI in NYC, but trying to avoid going down there and I’m in a rush. Once they have your stuff is you don’t get them proper pictures shortly after you’re rejected they send back your stuff BUT charge you the fee anyway!

  80. TJK says:

    Anybody successfully had photos done in Bucks County just north of Philly, or around Princeton NJ? have a just-expired passport & need to renew DL with PennDOT who require current docs…

    • sandee says:

      did you find one? I am in Lansdale Montgomery county Pa. and am having great difficulty!!!!!

  81. SKR says:

    Does anyone know of a place in Manhattan that knows how to take the photographs correctly?

  82. JF says:

    Can anyone recommend a good studio for Canadian Passport photos in Roseville California (north of Sacramento)?


  83. cy says:

    From the DC metro area; used AAA Fair Lakes location; new passport arrived exactly 2 weeks 1 day after having mailed it; delivered via DHL.

  84. Margie Fletcher says:

    Does anyone know where I can get a Canadian passport photo in the Kansas City Missouri area???? Getting desperate here.

  85. chi says:

    I just found a site that has the pptc 132 form.


  86. np says:

    Anyone know of a place in Indianapolis or near it that can do Canadian passport photos well?

  87. halhouston says:

    I am in the Woodland, TX, which is 40 miles north of Houston. Does anyone know a place to take Canadian passport photo in this area? Thanks.

  88. Ina says:

    After the third rejection I finally called the Canadian Consulate in Los Angeles and they gave me the name of the following photo studio in SAN DIEGO:

    3525 Del Mar Heights Road
    San Diego, CA 92130
    Thompson Smith
    Tel. (858)755-3686
    Cost: $13.95

    Voila – it worked. I now have my new passport.

  89. Allen says:

    If you are looking to get a canadian passport in PHOENIX go to:

    444 W.Camelback
    phoenix AZ 85013

    They are perofessional and I got thire name from counsulat in LA
    They Just charge $15.00

  90. Luz Pineda says:

    Does anyone know where to get Canadian Passport Photos in the Milwaukee Wisconsin Area?



  91. Neal Goolia says:

    I called the local consulate and told them my passport was rejected due to the pictures and if they recommended somewhere in the Denver Metro area. She responded immediately Wolf Camera in the 16th street mall. I imagine they get asked this frequently as she just rattled off the address and the photographer.

    Long story short, call your local consulate and ask where to get your pics.

  92. Are you in Boston?
    Need Canadian, British, French, Colombian, Russian, German, Australian, Brazilian, or any other country’s Passport Photos? Yes! We can do it!
    Call us: 617 859 8922, or www.matildesphoto.com

  93. Jenny says:

    I am so glad I found this site which also makes me so scared! I live in New Jersey, after I booked my 9/4 air tickets, found out my passport already expired! Waht can I do now? I shopped around last Saturday, no one can guarantee my photo won’t be rejected! since I only have around 5 weeks, I can’t afford to have the rejection. I am planning to go to Canada to get my passport this weekend, do you guys think they are going to let me do the urgent application? I can’t stay there like a week to get my passport.

  94. If you are looking for passport photos (Canadian) in the los angeles area, I got my photos done at Prism Photo Imaging a Kodak Store in Downtown Los Angeles (Macys Plaza) . They were cool people and the got the photos right on . Very Helpful too…

    I located them through the superpages
    Tel: 213-629-4000

    • Danielle W. says:

      I need to get a renewal for my 5 year old, and I don’t want to have the same frustrating experience that so many others are having. This place looks great, thanks for the great tip!

  95. Van says:

    This page makes me feel much better – I guess misery loves company. The rest of my family went from Houston to Roatan for a scuba diving vacation today, but Continental wouldn’t let me board the plane because my Canadian passport expires in 70 days, and it must have 90 days left on it (even if you have a return ticket in 7 days). So, I have to get an emergency passport from the office in Dallas on Monday, submit my application by mail to Hull, and hopefully get flights via San Pedro Sula to Roatan on Tuesday. Regarding the ridiculous photo process, FedEx Kinko’s took my pic last time, and it was accepted, but judging from your experiences, I’m not hopeful it will be that easy this time.

  96. Brendan says:

    Went to two places in Westchester, NY said they will no longer do Canadian photos because they get rejected despite following the guidelines perfecty. Found a guy in White Plains, NY who photo-shopped out the smidgen of shadow. Just got the call: REJECTED! Lady told me Sears or JC Penney, but I know others have had those photos rejected. Passport Canada is nuts – they must have a deal with US photographers – think of all the money wasted on this.

  97. Leslie says:

    I’m an expat and work in Washington, DC and live in NoVa and am having a hard time finding anyone in the area that will do Canadian Passport Photos. Motophoto in Penn Quarter told me flat out they no longer do them as they’ve had too many Canadians return upset that their photos were rejected.

    I’m pulling my hair out!

  98. Kara Smith says:

    We are doing Canadian passport photos in California’s Central Valley. We are Magic Moments Portraits and are located in Clovis, California (which runs together with Fresno). We have had great success in following all the rules!
    Magic Moments Portraits Inc.
    141 W. Shaw Ave.
    Clovis, CA 93612

  99. nick says:

    Anyone know of a good photo shop in Dallas, TX area (Carrollton / Lewisville would be nice!) to get these ridiculous Canadian Passport Photos. I have to travel soon, and I don’t want to risk rejection if possible.

    • Igor says:

      If you are in the Dallas Texas (DFW) area, I recommend you go to Affordable Photo. I tell all my friends to go here. They TRULY know what they are doing and you’ll be very happy you went.

      Affordable Photo
      620 Plymouth Park
      Irving, TX 75060

  100. We do Canadian Passport Photos on a daily basis at both of our 2 locations $16.99 for 4 photos. We have all the specs and are familar with the complexity of the photos. Come see us soon!


    Wilson Camera & Portrait Studio
    3142 E. Camelback Rd.
    Phoenix, AZ 85016

    Wilson Camera & Portrait Studio
    4320 N. Miller Rd. #101
    Scottsdale, AZ 85251

  101. cdngirl73 says:

    hey Everyone

    I thought I was the only going through ALL these problems .My husband is in the military and you move around alot its hard to find a guarantors.Guarantors can be other Canadian Passport horlders(good luck finding one close in your area).As for the passport pictures they have given me So much heartburn that I want to give up and write canada a nasty letter.I think that the Canadian Embassy should have ALL the services in the Embassy/Consulate .The other thing that I think is crazy that you have to send all your I.D in too,But I just found out that you can get the Consulate to copy it & fax it to the passport office,But the crazy thing is they dont take the passport apps.There has got to be a way we can change this if we all just put our heads together.

    there’s is a place in dallas
    ASA Photo & 1 Hour Lab
    2215 S Collins St Ste B
    Arlington, TX 76010
    Phone: (817) 860-7443

  102. When in the Boston area, and in need for a Canadian Passport Photo, you can visit, MATILDES’S PHOTO & FRAMING, at 441 Stuart St. Boston, MA 02116.
    Our photos NEVER have any shadows, and our studio is Canadian Consulate recommended.
    We guarantee you the Perfect Picture all the time.

    Matilde/President & Owner
    617 859 8922

  103. Mark says:

    No….you are not the only one. I had my photos rejected 3 times. The last time there were NO shadows….IT WAS MY HAIR! Now they want extra proof (drivers license) of who I am. I have been trying to get a new passport since March

  104. gerard says:

    thank you nikki

  105. Scott says:

    Here we go again!! Second set of photos rejected. Will be going to Hassan Photo in Phoenix to get them done right this time…I hope. What a large pain in the ***!! I knew there was a reason I left Canada and their assinine government.

  106. Sarah says:

    I live in Iowa and have been to two places to get photos taken. The first, Walgreens, would not cut them to the required 2 x 2 3/4 size. They said I would have to do myself. Knowing I have shaky fingers at best, I went to a local photographer who argued with me over what consituted a shadow. His photo was very nice, but I was not looking for a high school yearbook photo. I paid him anyway (grrrr…) and then after some calling around, I was told by Passport Canada to try Walmart. Sure enough, I called Walmart before I drove out there and they have the template on hand for Canadian photos (in Iowa, who knew!). Funny thing is, after reading that Passport Canada will accept 2 x 2 photos (a la US size), when I spoke with Passport Canada they said “absolutely not, it must be 2 x 2 3/4″. But, the consulate general in MN, said “2 x 2 is fine”. Whatever, I am going with the 2 x 2 3/4 to be safe. I am heading to Walmart soon to get the photos taken and hopefully, I will have my passport in hand by the time I travel this fall.

  107. Nikki says:

    *** UPDATE ***
    Fort Lauderdale, FL Canadian Passport Photos

    My photos were approved and I received my passport thanks to the photos taken at GOLDEN PASSPORT PHOTOS in Fort Lauderdale. (The JC Penny photos DID NOT work.)

    Golden PassPort Photos
    1891 W Oakland Park Blvd
    Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33311
    Phone: (954) 739-5190

    Hopefully this will be of assistance. =)

  108. Dean says:

    I am a Canadian living in Los Angeles, and although I do not currently do passport photos, I understand what causes the shadows on the background and how to avoid them.

    Those “shadows behind the ears” are unavoidable if you just stand with a wall very close behind you.

    One solution is to stand far enough away from the wall, so that your shadow falls lower on the wall behind you, and it’s not in the picture.

    A second solution is to ask your photographer to use a separate “background light”.
    If you are standing, or preferably seated on a stool, this light would be placed low, behind the stool and aimed up at the middle of the backdrop. It will keep the backdrop light and bleach out any “behind the ears” shadows created by the main light or flash on the camera.

    I hope this helps. Thank you all for the useful info.

  109. Sherryl says:

    Does anyone know of a photo lab that will take the appropriate photos in the Triangle area of North Carolina?

  110. Vince says:

    The solution has already been posted here, but it bears repeating – just ask someone with computer knowledge to digitally remove the shadows! It shouldn’t take them more than ten minutes and if they know what they’re doing with the software, the result will be perfect.

  111. Nancy_S says:

    Ravenhill….I agree with you. We need to get some of these crazy stories in the news. This is ridiculous. I have TWO stories.

    First: my husband was living in Manhattan. He was over in LongIslandCity (where he worked) getting his Cndn Passport photo taken, when photographer told my husband that he couldn’t wear white. So, the photographer kindly offered my husband his jacket. It was a bit weird wearing someone else’s clothing, but anything for the cause. All to no avail as the photo was rejected due to shadows behind the ears. : (
    At least we had a good laugh at the picture of my husband in this guy’s jacket.

    Second: WE now live in FArgo, ND. Both my daughter’s and my passport need renewing. I called around to all the photo places and many said they would take the photos. When we arrived and explained that they were CANADIAN passports, all said, “No, they are too costly. We need to take too many different photos to get the Cndn PASSPORT PHOTOS ‘just right’ and we end up not making any money on them”. All the shops suggested we go to the main post office in downtown Fargo. We called the post office and went over all the details on the phone. They said they were familiar with the Canadian Passport photos and they would take them. When we got in there, we told them about how shadows get rejected, etc. etc. We paid around $20 for each person’s photos.

    We couriered the envelopes to Quebec, which cost almost $60 total. The passports were really needed for vacation to Canada in early june. Well, a couple days ago, DHL in FArgo called and said that they have something for me and had tried to deliver it once, but I wasn’t home, and could I come and pick it up? However, DHL was really far from me, so I negotiated that they would deliver it to my husband’s work the next day. When the package came, (I thought it was going to be two new passports. Yea !!) it contained two REJECTED passports. It turns out, my daughter had her hair in a ponytail, and was rejected for shadows behind the ears. My picture looked the same, but my hair was long and down behind my ears, and so one could not see the shadows. So, remember:: do not wear your hair in a ponytail. Then you can avoid shadow pblms. But, both our pictures were deemed to be “unclear” and so both were rejected.

    Besides all this photo rejection stuff, I have other frustrations I need advise on. It turns out that PASSPORT canada sent the two rejected passports to the wrong address. Passport Canada only put our street address [and not our UNIT number] on the envelope. Therefore, when DHL came to deliver them two weeks ago, DHL didn’t know which UNIT we were in and so these envelopes went back to the DHL office and then sat for two weeks. Two weeks ago, DHL had then called the phone number from the front of one envelope, but PASSPORT CANADA had typed in our phone number wrong, and so they did not get through. DHL did not bother calling the number on the front of the second envelope (that number was a correct phone number). They just let the two envelopes sit there for two weeks, until a DHL employee finally searched for us on the internet and found a local phone number for us.
    This delay means that we will not have our passports re-submitted and processed in time for our vacation.
    I would like to complain to someone senior at Passport Canada about all this. Any suggestions where I can write a letter to? Their employees should be extremely diligent about what address they type in and inevitably send vital passport (and related) paperwork to. By sending all my and my daughter’s passport info. to our address without our UNIT number, it is putting us in a dangerous situation …..all this really important paperwork could have ended up in anyone’s hand.

  112. Canuck_mike says:

    If you can find a MotoPhoto, they are all set up to do Canadian passport photos. Just had mine taken athe the one on I-25 & Colorado Blvd in Denver and Sara there did a great job. At least that is my opinion, I guess we’ll see if the nit-pickers can find anything wrong that I don’t see.

  113. osmond harry says:

    I live in Sunrise Florida and have visited Target,Walgreen and JC Penny
    stores trying to get a Canadian passport photo done…these stores can
    only do US passport photos…
    Please where can I get a Canadian passport photo issued to me…

  114. Ravenhill says:

    I am now into my 3rd round of photos with my CDN passport and the cost is escalating. I admire the flexibility everyone is showing to make Passport Canada happy. And yet this is supposed to be inexpensive and take 4 weeks. Add the lack of knowledge and published standards at the passport office and we have a half baked solution for which we are responsible to resolve one at a time. I don’t think the rules that were passed were meant to create hurdles to maintain your Canadian identity. I’m interested in people’s knowledge of how much publicity this issue has received within Canada.

  115. Hi everyone,
    I would like to say thanks to all of you that recommended my store for CANADIAN PASSPORT PHOTOS.
    We are located in Boston, across the street from the Canadian Consulate.
    Need help, call me at: 617 859 8922, or visit my web site: www.matildesphoto.com


  116. Ken says:

    Does Anyone Know a photo studion in Dallas, Texas for Canadian Citizenship photographes?
    Will really appreciate the reply.

  117. Sunny says:

    Does anyone know of a good photo studio where I can get photos clicked in Kentucky (KY)

  118. Lily says:

    Hi, Does anyone know a good place to go in San Diego, CA for Canadian passport photos? Thanks!! Lily

  119. Sierra says:

    I have read many terrible stories of applications getting rejected due to wrong passport pictures. I live in Washington DC and want to apply for a passport. Has anyone had any approved photo from passport Canada for any photo shop here in the DC area. Please provide the name of the photo shop.

  120. Cory says:

    I am also going through the ridiculous Canadian Passport renewal process. To those pro-government posters, I personally have nothing against the stringent criteria for Canadian passport photos. The problem I and most other people have is the inconvence of it all. For such an important document why not make photographing available at the embassies? 4-6 weeks or months waiting is far too long in this day and age where people travel so much because of work etc. This sort of thing is what gives the gov’t a bad name. It just boils down to terrible customer service.

  121. Rebecca says:

    Does anyone know of a place in Bangor, Maine that does Canadian passport photos. Cant find them anywhere!!

  122. Steve says:

    spelling correctly might help I need a place in Sactramento, California

  123. Steve says:

    I am having the same problem with photo rejection. This is getting rediculoud after 4 rejections. Does anyone know a good place that would be acceptable in Sacramento, Californis?

  124. Abdullah says:

    Does any one know a good studio for Passport photos in New York (manhattan) or in New Jersey (Edison area). My passport application has been rejected and i have tried a couple of photographers without a good photo.

  125. MLaCroix says:

    For Canadian Passport photos in Chicago, go to:

    A Aaron Photography/Marshall Photographers
    9 N. Wabash
    5th floor

    It’s an “old world” kind of place in a dusty old building downtown just south of Randolph. The guy is a true craftsman and does a great job. He currently charges $10 for two photos–with proper lighting, NO SHADOWS. I highly recommend this place. The building looks a bit sketchy, with a pawn shop/instant loan place on the ground floor, the studio is secluded up on the 5th floor, but the guy is very nice and professional, and takes his time to produce good photos. You won’t be disappointed.

    • Gregg Smits says:

      Marshall Photographer/A Aaron Photography has moved across the street to 16 N. Wabash – Suite 1460. Our official mailing address is 17 N. State Street – Suite 1460, Chicago. Phone 312-782-2462. We can photograph all Canadian needs, Passport, Visa and Citizenship.

      • This is incredible. Just a heads up…I used an online service called Canada Passport Help – www.canadapassporthelp.ca

        They directed me to a good photographer in the Athens Georgia area, and then they reviewed my application for a new Canadian passport, as well as my photos, which they got me to redo with the same photographer. I was a little desperate as I had my first two applications rejected with little explanation from Passport Canada AND I was already out $70 for two Fedex next days into Ottawa to PC. They charge $99 and they’re worth it.

  126. danielle says:


    Does anyone know a good place to go in Columbus, OH for passport photos?
    Thanks, Danielle

  127. lisa smolen says:

    thankyou whoever suggested the hassam photos in phoenix for my passport photos.
    i can’t believe how difficult everything is to do here, you feel like you’re in a real foreign country at times.

    • Cathy Lang says:

      I agree i just stumbled on this site looking for info love when they change the rules and we who are already here can’t get the help ..I go on friday to get my photo done..he claims to not have any of his photos rejected so we’ll see..and if he’s true to his word i will be posting his info all over the place here in phoenix

  128. Matilde says:





    Thank You
    Matilde Barbosa

  129. Andrea Young says:

    I live in the area of Richmond, Va. and would like any information on who is able to take Canadian passport photos.

    • Srinivas says:

      I was looking for some studio to get my cananda visa photos and got here. Did you find any?

  130. Yolande says:

    I live in the San Fernando valley area of Los Angeles, does anyone know of a photographer there.

  131. daley, jan says:

    I have a friend who had the canadian passport pictures rejected x 2 and live in the Bay Area. Will try to go the Sunnyvale I.N.S. to see if they can get the photo done correctly. We are very frustrated. The passport photos that did not pass were from the UPS store and from Costco.

  132. Nancy says:

    Hi Krysta: If you are in the category of a “Canadian Living Abroad” such as I am, your guarantor here in the USA must have known you for two years and he/she, as guarantor must be from the list supplied in the application, e.g. doctor, venterinarian, etc.) Hope this helps. — Nancy

  133. Krysta says:

    who can i use as my guarantor??? the application clearly states that it must be a canadian citizen who has known me for at least 2 years, but apparently that’s completely untrue…???

  134. Peter says:

    Anyone gotten a Canadian photo done North of Chicago, in Schaumburg / Roselle / Elgin / Hoffman Estates area.

    Maybe the govt makes it so hard, because they don’t want us coming back?


  135. Peter says:

    Anyone gotten a Canadian photo done North of Chicago, in Schaumburg / Roselle / Elgin / Hoffman Estates area.

    Maybe the govt makes it soo hard, because they don’t want us coming back?


  136. Quique says:

    I currently live in Baltimore MD and I cannot find a place around here that can take Pictures for Canadian Passport, really frustrating! Any ideas????


  137. Julie in Seattle says:

    Got my Canadian Passport photos done at Omega Photo in Bellevue. They did a great job and was approved.

  138. Shana says:

    Does anyone know of a place in South Florida where i could get photos done for a Canadian Visa? Thank you :-)

  139. Dylan Markow says:

    If you’re in Portland OR, the Seattle Consulate just referred me to:

    ActionFast Photo
    9889 SW Barbur Blvd
    Portland, OR

    Gonna try tomorrow and hope I don’t get my application returned a third time…

  140. Shirley says:


    In Seattle for a Canadian photo go to
    Alpha One hour Photo
    CrossRoads Shopping Center
    15600 NE 8th Street

    Or call the consultate for downtown seattle locations on 1 206 443 1777

  141. Matilde says:

    617 262 3760

    YOU CAN CALL US AT: 617 859 8922 www.matildesphoto.com


  142. Tina Young says:

    Just got a call from passport Canada last Thursday, saying that there is shadow behind my ear. I went to four different places trying to get my photo redone. However, it was unsuccessful. Does anyone know a good place to take the Canadian passport photo? I live in Ithaca, NY. Any information will be highly appreciated!

  143. bryan says:

    My photos have now been rejected twice, though it’s only taken about three weeks each time. And this with a photographer who knows the ropes (e.g., how to make a stamp) and who did my previous renewal. I’d appreciate any suggestions for successful photographers in central New Jersey or even in NYC. Thanks.

  144. D says:

    Just wanted to post for those that might be curious that you can find info on checking the status of your passport application here: dan.matan.ca/Canadian-Passport-Application-Status-Check-Online-Form

    Like many are echoing here, it is definitely a good idea to bring a copy of the actual requirements for the Canadian Passports to your photographer, and perhaps even a Canadian Passport that you know had its photos accepted to give them an idea of what is needed.

  145. Lacy says:

    HEy, I’m in Phx. and just went down to 444 W.Camelback (Hassan Photograpy) this guy knows what he is doing. For $15.00 he goes above and beyond the call of duty. Photo looks great and he has said” He has never had a problem with any of his photos. The Canadian consulate gives out his info. This guy is worth every penny!!!

  146. Sam says:

    Hi everybody
    for those people living on los Angeles,Orange county and arround these are the place you can go for canadian photo passport.

    Here are two photographers:
    Photo Boutique Irvine, CA 949-854-3456
    Kodak Image Center Downtown LA 213-629-4000

    Passport SectionCanadian Consulate General Los Angeles

  147. Veronica says:

    Thanks for everyone who provided information on where to take Canadian passport pictures in the Phoenix area. Lola Photo Studio was very nice.

    Like many of you having problems finding a guarantor, I was happy to find out that as of October 1, 2007, Passport Canada is now accepting family members (and those residing in the same address) to be a guarantor. This was a huge relief for us as now my Canadian husband can be our daughter’s guarantor.

  148. N Tardif says:

    Washington Dc area

    I went to a photography by Madison on Main street in Laurel, MD. The guy know about the subject. Clear picture at the good size with a face cover 75% of the picture. If this doesn’t work, I don’t know what will work.

    Easy accessible by bus ( CTC or Metrobus ) ask for the stop near ( PNC-Citizen Bank on main street ) via a metro station or by car.

    photography by Madison
    401 Main street, second floor
    laurel, md

    • Mike says:

      After reading this post I called Photography by Madison and made an appointment. The photographer, Matthew Coates, was excellent. He knew exactly what was required for Canadian passport photos and in no time at all gave me precisely what I needed. I sent in my application and the photos were accepted without any isses. I am happy to recommend him as I have my new passport in hand!

      If you live in the MD or DC area this is the place to go.


  149. Nikki says:

    Fort Lauderdale / Miami Canadian Passport Photos

    With the stories here, I am not 100% sure that this will work but I called JC Penny Portrait Studios and they made clear that their photos meet the size, stamp and photo quality acceptance requirements for the Canadian passport. I will be taking my photo today – hopefully it’ll be uneventful and get approved.

  150. Danielle says:

    Does anyone know of a good place to have a Canadian passport picture taken in the New Haven, CT area?



    • Frank says:

      I am in the same situation as you are, did you ever find a place to get your Canadian passport photo in Yale New Haven Area?

  151. Lynn says:

    If you are living in PHOENIX , ARIZONA and need Canadian Passport Photos, go to HASSAN PHOTOGRAPHY. They do an awesome job! The photos were $15.

    Here is their address:

    444 West Camelback
    Phoenix AZ 85013
    Phone: 602-279-1199

    I got this address from the Canadian Consulate in LA.

  152. T Shearing says:

    can anyone help me – my family has been rejected twice now in the Duluth Georgia area and my daughter lives in another area of Georgia at college. I do not know where to get canadian passport photos at all here or in Carrolton – does anyone have any idea. It is so frustrating as it has to be able to be scanned and be perfect and no-one knows who does that type of photography for Canadian passports

  153. Sam says:

    Same old story. Anyone know where to go for Canadian Passport Pictures in MIAMI, Florida? Or anywhere in South Florida?

  154. Seeking says:

    Hey, I’m in Seattle looking for a place to get passport photos done. Any suggestions? I’m having difficulty locating a place to do it. Thanks

  155. Janice Deadrich says:

    I live near Napa Valley California and need to know where to go for a good passport photo?

  156. Samir says:

    I found a great place to get perfect Canadian passport photo’s taken in the South Bay Area (Sunnyvale) California. It’s this tiny shop called I.N.S. Photo and it’s located at the North East corner of El Camino Real and North Fair Oaks Ave. Quality was excellent in the sense that there weren’t any shadows or glare.

    The guy has the exact Canadian templates and stamps the back of one of the photos with exactly what you need.

    I’m glad the lady at Kinko’s told me to go there when she didn’t feel confident on being able to take a photo without shadows….lol

  157. Connie says:

    My passport was returned to me via DHL, not UPS. So, try DHL

  158. ayana says:


    I. canada returned my documents via DHL, not uPS. so try them, dhl.

  159. Connie says:

    My application was delivered by UPS on 10/5 from Seattle
    Today-12/6th, I called them to track status. A lady told me it was rejected on 10/7th. She also gave me a “UPS tracking number” and told me that I can track my package.
    I called UPS to see where the returned package is but it is not their number so they can’t locate the items.
    My question is Will Immigration office return package to us when they reject the applcation? or they will hold the package until we submmited new items?
    What should I do ?


  160. Chris Lydle says:

    We’ve had people drive as much as 150 miles (1 way) to have us take their passport photos for Canadian passports because we’re extremely capable to comply with all the nit-picking details.

    We’re in Aiken, South Carolina, on the western side of the state. About 15 miles from Augusta, Georgia, where they play the Master golf tournament.

    Chris Lydle, CPC

    Chris’ Camera Center and Digital Photo
    150A Laurens St. SW
    Aiken, SC 29801 803 641-0501

  161. Susan says:

    Does anyone know of a good place in Colorado Springs or surrounding area that take good Canadian passport pictures?

    • Maria says:

      Did you ever find one? I too live in Colorado Springs and can’t find anywhere to take my picture!

  162. Matilde says:

    Hi everyone in need of a perfect Canadian Passport Photo:

    I own a photo lab in Boston (Matilde’s Photo & Framing, Inc.) were I specialize in International Passport Photos using the Biometric System.
    Every day I take Canadian Passport Photos.
    When you call the Canadian Consulate in Boston, for information on this type of pictures they always recommend my Lab because my photos are almost always accepted.
    You can go to my website for more information or call me directly at 617 859 8922.

    Thank You

  163. Andra says:

    I thought there were new guarantor guidelines and it can now be anyone that has known you for 5 years and has a valid passport themselves, Is this not correct?

  164. Djs says:

    Just talked to the local Motophoto and they are discouraging Canadians from even coming in. They receive so many rejections even when follow the the check list meticulously. Of course people are livid because it takes 6 weeks to get rejected.

    They’ve seen rejections for things that aren’t even on the check list like a woman’s bangs not being swept all the way off the forehead.

    Someone remind me why I live here now and not there – this passport experience isn’t providing enough clarity!

  165. Cody says:

    Sent my passport application in about 1 month ago. Just received the rejection of the application today – shadow behind my ears, frustrating thing is they are not shadows but my hair – totally clear picture. Called and asked the passport office about what to do since my photos are to their specifications and I took the best photo from about 3 different sets of good photos. They told me that 80% of Canadian passport applied for from the US are rejected due to poor photos and that I should send two sets of photos so that the passport officer can choose the best one. Also they told even if I sent the passport in again with new photos they wouldn’t be able to get me a new passport until the end of February. Totally frustrating. Make sure your photo is perfect!

  166. Passport Rules Hater says:

    Canadian Passport Shenanigans

    I called about my passport in October as I was supposed to travel that month, I wrote that date on my passport application. Do not believe them when they say they will do everything they can to get it to you in time.

    I sent my original application to them in May. 10 weeks later they finally wrote to me and said my Guarantor is not in a valid field of employment (She retired, even though she signed my last two or three passport apps) and there was a shadow under my ears. Apparently shadows are the mark of terrorists. I Photoshopped the shadow out from under my ears and printed the photo out a local store here in town. The pharmacy has a stamp of the compay, so I had them stamp across the back and then I just dated it. I brought them home and cut them on a matte board to make sure the images were as square as possible. Put them in one of the little Passport Photos holder give to legitimate customers and sent in the revised application along with a new Guarantor. Seems like it worked. I called

    If you do this, take a high quality photo with your digicam, use a white background and flood the background with light. If you use a sheet, try illuminating the back of the sheet with a bright light too. Then put a bright light on the sheet in the foreground, too. When you take the photo, make sure there are NO shadows anywhere. If there are shadows, touch it up in Photoshop. Make sure you keep the same resolution. Duplicate the image when you are done and put your photo right next to the first one.

    I also located my old, expired passport, and even though it says you do not have to submit it, I did, showing the EXACT same shadows under my ears. Actually, each of my previous 4 passports has the same shadowing that they are now concerned about. Be warned.

    1200 DPI
    6000px X 3600px
    3” X 5”

    Do two or three copies while you are sending these to a printer to do, it is easier if you mess cutting one up than having to redo it all over and going back to the photo lab.

  167. Rhonda says:

    This renewal process is a pain. I finally called the canadian embassy in DC and they recommended Moto Photo on 7th and D St near the Navy Memorial Archive. So if you’re in the Baltimore/Maryland/Virginia area that’s where to go and DO NOT send the 2×2 pics cuz they will send the app back.

  168. Sammy says:

    Some more info from the Canadian passport site in their FAQ for Canadians living in the US.


    2×2 image is acceptable but still needs to meet Canadian specs
    Stamp on the back of the photo is not required and can be handwritten.

  169. janet says:

    having similar problems in detroit, mi. 2 sets of photos rejected so far (kinkos & u.s. post office!) …guarantor is in canada too. simply going across the border is not an easy option. lineups in passport offices have 2 day waits… can’t afford the time off from work to do it all…..
    does anyone know a photographer in detroit?

  170. Orlando says:

    I live in Columbus, Ohio. I applied for Canadian passport a couple times and was rejected. First, I went to Fedex Kinkos, second I went to JCPenny Portrait Studio. This is my third attempt and I am getting a bit impatient with the whole process. Can someone please please please help me where to find one who will do Canadian passport. My passport is already expired for 2 years and I am planning to go home next summer.

    Thank you so much in advance for any help.

  171. Gerry Vanveen says:

    Does anyone know where I can get a “good” passport photo in the Atlanta, GA area? It seems no one around here can or will do it for me. I live 25 miles south of Atlanta but will go almost anywhere to get this done. What a PITA this has become.

    Thanks in advance for any and all help.

    • Kathleen (Halpen) Higgins says:

      I am also looking for a place to get a “GOOD CANADIAN” passport photo taken. I live in an N. Atlanta suburb. I also can travel the area!!

      • Robert says:

        HI Kathleen
        I am also looking for a photo place in the Kennesaw area or any place that can do a Canadian Photo the correct way. I am sending it via mail to Canada.
        this is just a renewal, mine has run out.

        Pleas help if you know of a place.

        just e-mail me


  172. Bruce Koski says:

    Here’s another location for PPTC132 form as a pdf


  173. Bruce Koski says:

    Hello all:
    I found a Canadian government webpage (Canada in Australia) which includes the PPTC132 form as a pdf. Look for the line – PPTC132 – Statutory Declaration in Lieu of Guarantor


  174. Kasia Glick says:

    Does anyone know a photo place in Chicago?
    Please help.
    Thank you

  175. Kasia Glick says:

    Hi, Any idea where I can have my photo taken in city of Chicago?
    Please help

  176. Tony says:

    I called the Canadian Embassy in Washington DC and they recommended Moto Photo. Moto Photo is a franchise and they have stores in about 20 states across USA. Their website is www.motophoto.com
    Also, you can try www.passportphotoservice.com because they can send you Canadian passport photos in Mail to any state. Hope this helps because i really had a tough time getting the right photos to Passport Canada.

  177. Tony says:

    can anyone tell me a place near Philadelphia where I can get Canadian passport photos. Or any other way I can get it done. Would really appreciate it. Thank you.

    • Jimmy says:

      Am sure you’ve found an answer to your question by now. But if this can help other Canadians in the Philly area to find a place for passport photos with CORRECT size, I just came back from SHEENA STUDIO, 6522 Rising Sun Ave, Phila PA 19111 800-781-5530
      A very friendly guy, from India. Good prices and very fast.

      • sandee says:

        I am running into the same difficulty. I will call this studio. I am in the Lansdale area, but there is nothing up here. I have called all of the studios in this area. Thanks for posting this!!!!

    • Rob says:

      In Philly, go to Sheena Studio. The guys knows what he’s doing. Just got them done.

      • John says:

        i am in New York, we use Sheena Studios for our
        all kind of photography needs. this guys real pros. awesome.

  178. Meghan says:

    If you are looking for a place to get canadian passport photos done in the US, try phoning portrait studios. I work at one in canada and I am able to create any passport photo required though photoshop, as well we remove any glare while sizing photos in photoshop. DO NOT WEAR WHITE. Passport Canada has recently cracked down on accepting photos where you are wearing white. As well do not wear headbands of any kind (even those thin plastic ones I have seen be rejected).

  179. Antoinette Paolini Lepre says:

    I am living in Tampa and got my pictures taken at AAA – they take pictures for US passports. It took THREE months for Canadian officials to process my passport application and then it got rejected b/c my pics had too much glare!! ARGH!! Any ideas where I can get pictures taken in Tampa, Thanks so much.

  180. Colette says:

    Also, just found this “Providers of Additional Services” page on the Governnment of Canada’s website that has a listing of 3 valley photographers that do Canadian passport pictures… www.infoexport.gc.ca/ie-en/DisplayDocument.jsp?did=68652

    I’m guessing there’s something similar for other cities as well? Maybe using their recommendations might up the chances of the photos getting accepted…

  181. James says:

    Wow, so glad I found this site. My wife (an American) and I applied for our passports for our respective countries in March. She got hers in May, I am still fighting the photo process. (In fact I may get my U.S. citizenship and passport before this is over) I cannot seem to get a photo up to the Canadian standards for love or money. I can’t see how they say it’s acceptable to use U.S. acceptable passport photos then reject them. So anyway as mentioned above; don’t wear glasses, and yes even that tiny shadow behind the ears counts (would have been nice if Passport Canada had made that clear!) Seriously what do they expect us to do fly to Canada to get the photo? Oh wait my passport expired in June.

  182. Brian says:

    You have no idea how upset I am because my application was rejected twice, I had my pictures taken at Costco and WalMart Portrait Studio but both got wasted. Does anyone know where I can have the picture taken at Dallas?

    • Igor says:

      Go to Affordable Photo Lab in Irving, Texas. They are the best. They are the ONLY ones that know what they are doing. You will not be disappointed. Their number is 972-986-8398 and their website is www.apvstudios.com

    • Igor says:

      Go to Affordable Photo in Irving. They are the only ones that know what they are doing. You won’t be disappointed. Their number is 972-986-8398 and their website is www.apvstudios.com

  183. Allan says:

    My daughter, who is a Canadian Citizen traveling on a Canadian Passpoert,wants to bring her son, who be traveling on a British Passport, to Canada. British Immigration has assured her that his British Passport with his photo, taken when he was 4 months old, will get her and son back into England. He is now 18 months old. Does she have to get a recent photo i.e. a new British Passport, to satisfy Canadian Immigration or will the “old” photo will do?

    She has been unsuccessful at getting an answer through Canadian Immigration.

  184. MZ says:

    I called the Canadian embassy in LA and for a place to get passport photos done they recommended a place called:

    Hassam Photo
    44 W Camelback rd.
    Phoenix, AZ

    Hope that helps.

  185. Lisette says:

    As AL said – in lieu of a guarantor, use form pptc-132 which you have to pick up in person at an embassy (at this date, not available on-line grrr). In Atlanta, meeting with an embassy official meant a 3-month wait for an appointment! However, the receptionist at the embassy told me that a US official would do as well … in other words, any old Notary Public is just fine.

    I had to get my 5-year old son’s photo taken about 15 times to try to get rid of shadows. Went to three different places. First set rejected (took more than 2 months just to get rejected). Now I’m re-submitting & sending in two sets AND crossing my fingers. I still see a little shadow behind/under his ears. :-(

    • Kathleen (Halpen) Higgins says:

      Where can I get Canadian passport photos taken in the North Atlanta, GA area??

  186. AL says:

    In lieu of a guarantor, fill the form pptc-132 as well and an official at the embassy will confirm that you are who you are even though you’ve never met him/her before. 50$ charge.

  187. Cristina says:

    Also..if you don’t have a guarantor that is on the list, is the president of the international students or someone you know accepted? What are their requirements? I know that they have a form to fill out ‘in lieu of a guarantor’ but you need on official or something like that. Please let me know!

  188. Cristina says:

    Does anybody have the full list of acceptable guarantors? I’m an international student and do not have a doctor, lawer or whatever else they ask for. Thanks a lot!

  189. Ace says:

    Thanks or the info, Lidia. I’m currently in the processing of filling out my passport renewal app, but was stumped as to where to get Canadian style photos done in Phoenix.

  190. Lidia says:

    I am applying for a Canadian passport right now and had the pictures taken at Lola Photo Studios, 327 E. McDowell Rd, (602) 256-0628. It costs $15. Good luck. All this process is quite an adventure.

  191. J says:

    Does anybody know where to get Canadian passport photos done in Phoenix? I am having a hard time finding a place that does them.


  192. Jane says:

    So it’s not just me having these problems! I got my passport photo taken when I was in Canada for Christmas, but it got rejected due to glare on my forehead. So now I’m back in the US trying to get new photos.

    I got new photos taken at the little photo studio in Walmart. They had a template already set up for the correct (Canadian) head dimensions. They were able to print out the larger photos that I needed. I also went to Sears, but they didn’t have a setup for specific head dimensions.

    I also has a suggestion from someone having similar problems with their foreign country’s passport size, and she suggested that the embassy/consulate might have a setup for taking passport photos, so if you’re in DC that might be a really good option.

    I called Passport Canada and found out a couple things:
    1) the back of the photo doesn’t have to be stamped…hand writing the photographer’s info on the back is acceptable cause US places don’t use the stamp
    2) sending in 2 different sets photos is acceptable, in case one of them gets rejected
    3) if your photo gets rejected, make sure that your guarantor signs the new ones (pain in the butt!!

    Hope that helps.

  193. may says:

    Mike and others I am in DC and need to have photos taken
    where did you go to have them done properly?

  194. Mary says:

    Aargh! Thank you for describing the extremely frustrating Canadian passport photo process! It’s insane. I agree that the solution is for the passport offices to take the photos themselves and provide the exactly required stamp on the back.

  195. Mike says:

    Answers to PPT questions
    1. Photos are now used with biometric technology. Shadows and glare hamper the cpu technology to compare your photo to a database of criminal photos. Moreover other countries would not be able to use it with their criminals.

    2. Criminals can catch up to technology quickly. Ever wonder why we constantly have new bills in circulation. A passport is no different. Thats why a new passport with new technology in it is the safest thing for you. Would you rather rubber gloves at point of entry and paying 500 for a visa to the USA or mexico.

    3. Countries are coming down to 5 years from the traditional 10 years on there ppt. Why? Its safer, less visas required. et.

    4. Privacy act. Thats what stops goverment departments from sharing your info, cause its protected! Thats why you must resubmit all the time.

  196. Mike says:

    This is great info, wish I had stumbled on this earlier. We moved from Chicago to Washington DC last year and know nobody in the DC area that can act as guarantor. So we packed our applications up and sent it to a lawyer friend in Chicago to sign and forward to Passport Canada. Of course, all the pictures came back. So we re-took the photos, sent them to Chicago… my wifes just arrived back the second time (don’t even think about wearing glasses). Good to find out from a blog that you don’t have to have your photos re-signed every time.

  197. Thanks for that infor as well. Getting a new passport is such a pain…

  198. pitou says:

    i hate the process of getting a new passport. I don’t understand how they can’t just extend it if you still have some blanks pages in it.

  199. cibbuano says:

    grrr.. Canadian passport photos are such an ordeal! I like my old, smiling photos.

    It’s going to be a pain to get a guarantor to sign mine as well…

    • faye dawdy says:

      We take Canadian Passport Photographs
      burlingame, california 94010

      • faye dawdy says:

        We are located in Burlingame right off the 101 freeway
        on California Drive. Thank you to all our Canadian friends who come from San Mateo, San Carlos, Half Moon Bay, Millbrae,
        Hillsborough, San Bruno and
        South San Francisco to take their Canadian Passport Photographs.

        • Tony Machado says:

          I live in San Mateo and Dawdy is a convenient location to
          take passport photographs

      • Hi all,

        I am a reporter with the Los Angeles Times and am working on an article about the Canadian passport rules and the difficulty some expat Canadians have with getting an acceptable photo taken.

        I would like to speak with some of you about your experiences in getting the photo or in getting passport applications rejected. If there is someone interested in speaking with me, I can be reached at the email or number below.

        I look forward to hearing from you,

        Raja Abdulrahim
        Los Angeles Times
        202 West First Street
        Los Angeles, CA 90012
        Office: 213-237-7114

    • Steve Palmer says:

      Try www.canadapassporthelp.ca

      I almost gave up after 2 rejections, and finally had mine approved after using them.

      • Mike Greer says:

        I second that. I live in Orlando – have been for 3 years now – and had to get mine renewed. It’s a bit embarassing to, but I lost over 150 lbs, so my appearance has changed dramatically to say the least. I had had my pictures done with a local Sears, and after they assured me they were knowledgeable in the Passport Canada’s standard, I sent my first application in and had it rejected as a result of insufficient chin space (whatever that means). They just send you a form indicating the issue. I brought this back to Sears, and they couldn’t make heads or tails out of it, and the photographer refused to refund me the money – only retake my photos. I had the photos retaken, and on a whim ( I didn’t want to screw up my travel plans any more than I already did), I found www.canadapassporthelp.ca and dished out the $99 for my application and the new photos to be reviewed. The photographer gave me watermarked electronic versions of the photos which I submitted to them, and they told me that the photos would be rejected again. They recommended another photographer in the Brevard county area who did the job right, provided me the photos, and got the OK. I sent everything in this time and had my new passport back 3 weeks later.

        I would highly highly highly recommend these guys if you want to preserve your sanity. Calling Passport Canada to get an update on your passport takes years off of your life, and dealing with Sears was about the most mind numbing thing I have ever done for the photos.

    • We take Canadian passport photos, Canadian Immigration photos, Canadian Citizeship photos plus passport and visas photo for any country, we are in ARIZONA :)
      you can visit our site: www.passportphotoaz.com or www.passportAZ.com

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