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You might have heard of the Warcraft III custom map DOTA, otherwise known as Defense of the Ancients. A particular flavour, Dota Allstars, is incredibly popular on Blizzard’s WC3 bNet servers, but getting the latest maps can be a problem because the popular distribution sites are always down. So, if you want to download the latest DOTA, this is the place to find it!

DotA Allstars v 6.34 AI . w3x

A reader of the blog just sent me a link to a new v6.34 AI version. I haven’t had a chance to try it out, but here it is :D

DotA Allstars v 6.33 AI . w3x

I just tried out this new version of DoTA with AI, and it seems to work well. It has the new items, and new characters, and the intelligence does things it never did before–like use chickens, retreat sensible, soak up XP, etc. Now with more humanity, this version of DoTA Allstars with AI probably has a lot of bugs, but it seems more fun, too, to practice with.

DotA Allstars v 6.29 AI . w3x

This is the pre-3x stable version of dota, now with AI. There are none of the new heros or experimental items, but it’s a solid AI build. Yet unknown if it solves the pathing and AI issues of the .27b AI.

DotA Allstars v 6.27b AI . w3x

This is the popular 6.27b version of DotA Allstars, but with Artificial Intelligence (AI). It fixes many of the bugs from the 6.25 AI version, and should run fine now. Please report any bugs here in the comments, so we all can know!

DotA Allstars v 6.25 AI . w3x (buggy)

Ever wanted to play DOTA with a computer opponent, an artificial intelligence, an AI? Well this is your chance–the most recent version of the DOTA Allstars with AI, v6.25

DotA Allstars v 6.37 . w3x

6.37 Changelog

* Fixed a big exploit with waveform
* Medusa’s Purge now deals 600 damage to summoned units, instead of instantly killing them
* Rebalanced Alchemist
* Reduced the Kobold Endurance Aura from 17% ms to 15% ms
* Hand of Midas IAS from 35% to 30%
* Cyclone on creeps from 20 to 10 seconds
* Reduced Primal Roar cooldown and Call of the Wild manacost
* Treads from +60 to +65 ms and from +30% ias to +35%
* Land Mines can now be properly seen on minimap
* WTF mode now requires voting
* Added a better cancel icon for Pulse Nova
* Increased Enchantress’s Intelligence per level
* Fixed a bug with -ar and -random that allowed you to get two heroes

DotA Allstars v 6.35 . w3x

6.35 Changelog
* Added two new neutral creep spots
* New mode -vr (-voterandom, like -ar except you get to vote on which hero combinations are used)
* Game no longer immediately ends when you win, you have time to chat if you want to
* Hero Descriptions now have the movement speeds listed
* New icons for Pugna, Lion, God’s Strength and Omnislash (thx snork, alien_rebirth and gotham from forums)
* Lots of tweaks to the gold bonuses, levels, stats and abilities on neutral creeps.
* Changed the Arthas model with Frostmourne to the one without (forum 69498)
* Boots of Travel and Scroll of Town Portal now share cooldown
* Chaos Knight base damage a little less random
* You can now set the player slots to Computer to reduce the starting gold if you are playing in less than 5v5 (so you don’t have to start with 3500 if you don’t want to)
* Bonus gold is given to the allies of the tower killer (even if creeps kill it)
* Reworked Strygwyr’s Thirst
* New Rampage animation (70915)
* Increased the recipe cost on Hand of Midas as well as the Attack Speed.
* Reworked -lm to give a chance for Scourge to begin the pick process instead of always Sent
* Improved the core game recognition of what is and isn’t a spell (for stuff like essence and CotS)
* Fixed some compatibility issues between -ap and -lm
* Added a minor blood effect when hook hits a unit (63335)
* Increased base damage for Weaver
* New command -hidemsg/unhidemsg as a request from some players that don’t want to see the text spam when heroes die
* Fixed a bug where destroying all the trees around rooftrellen did not reveal him
* Wraith Band recipe cheaper
* Improved the AoE on static Field
* Minor improvement to the AoE on Diffusion Aura
* Repick in -ap or normal mode now lets you pick a new hero instead of randoming it. Cost reduced here since you would need to buy a hero. Repick is unchanged in -ar/-tr
* Restored the old armor bonus on Dragon’s Blood
* Buffed the HP and Mana that Scepter gives
* Reduced Desolator recipe cost
* Buffed Tinker’s movement speed
* Nightstalker strength improved
* Minor improvement to the trees behind to the top left scourge tower
* Reduced the lag on casting epicenter, freezing field and blackhole.
* Reduced mana cost on level 2 and 3 of blackhole to make it a little more worth leveling
* Fixed some minor targeting bugs with illuminate
* Wild Axes now move a bit faster
* Changed the color of Plague Wards
* Fixed many old typos
* Improved Troll Warlord base damage a little
* Slightly buffed Zeus’ str and int per level
* Fixed a bug with Freezing Field and Scepter (thx malle)
* Increased the speed on paralyzing casks a bit
* Improved Jakiro’s attack animation
* Fixed Silencer’s night vision range to that of regular heroes
* Slightly buffed higher levels of Sanity’s Eclipse
* Minor armor buff (usually 1) to most melee heroes
* Fixed being able to Berserker’s Call units out of Chronosphere
* Agility on Manta Style increased a bit
* Perseverance can now be broken up into its components by clicking on it
* Purification icon change (72474)
* Reduced Sunder manacost/cooldown at higher levels
* Increased base Intelligence on Tinker
* Fixed Last Will to not damage its allies if it was denied
* Stout Shield percentage typo (Nareg)
* Fixed various neutral creep minimap glitches
* Fixed an old bug with Venomancer’s Poison Sting that did minor attack speed reduction instead of minor movement speed reduction.
* Fixed Soul Keeper’s gamescore icon (78244)
* Fixed hotkey conflict between Spectral Dagger and Desolate
* Fixed being able to teleport to the invisible -ap vision units with Scroll of Town Portal
* Fixed many tooltips
* Fixed some issues with units not being paused in Chronosphere (like Leoric Reincarnate and Bearform)
* Fixed various neutral creep tooltips (MrX)
* Various other minor cosmetic improvements

DotA Allstars v 6.34 . w3x

6.34 Changelog
* Spectre base damage reduced.
* Sanity’s Eclipse mana cost reduced from 300/500/700 to 200/250/300.
* Reduced duration of Spectral Dagger’s hero trail and initial cast trail durations.
* Buffed Macropyre from 75/100/125 to 75/125/175 damage per second.
* Broodmother now has vision directly underneath her webs.
* Fixed a probability error on multicast when using Scepter.
* Reduced the extremely large cast range on Aphotic Shield.
* Reworked Tango a bit.
* Fixed Spin Web from preventing Neutral Creep spawning.
* Added a few seconds to Aphotic Shield cooldown.
* Reworked the targeting system on Reality to a more natural one.
* Fixed a minor camera issue with Replicate.
* New icons for Witchcraft, Naix’s Poison Sting, Rhasta’s Forked Lightning, Razor’s Chain Lightning, Laser, Grow, Overpower, Shukuchi and Static Field (thx to snork, Grujah.Noob, alfredx_sotn, M3Th0dz and switch).
* Improved the detection area and reduced the freeze delay on IcePath.
* Troll Warlord now has increased movement speed while in Berserker Rage form.
* Hoof Stomp AOE improved from 275 to 315.
* Replaced Vengeance with a new ability (thx eva00r)
* Silencer’s movement speed reduced from 300 to 290.
* Waveform manacost increased from 120 to 140/155/160/165
* Primal Roar stun duration buffed a bit.
* Reworked the numbers, angles and some mechanics on the Bristleback ability.
* Chain Frost cast range reduced from 800 to 750. Scepter version increased from 800 to 850.
* Removed Stout Shield from Aegis recipe.
* Nerfed the AOE and damage on Quill Spray.
* Fixed a fatal error when using Fissure on map edges.
* Nether Ward now gives a gold when killed.
* Fixed a bug with Dispersion that caused it to reflect too much damage off Culling Blade.
* Fixed a bug with IcePath that would cause it to sometimes go shorter or longer.
* CK’s Blink Strike now works like the one PA and SA have.
* Fixed Blackhole to properly affect the Spirit Bear.
* Increased the maximum number of Watchers.

DotA Allstars v 6.33b . w3x

6.33b Changelog:

* Reduced some lag with Haunt and Dagger
* Removed Dispersion from images
* Fixed a bug with repicking Morphling, causing the next hero to also morph colors.
* Fixed the bug that allowed VS and Pudge to buy dagger
* Host now gets same gold as rest when picking a hero in -sh
* Fixed some bugs with Glaives/Impetus/Arcane that do extra damage when combined with either Manta Style or -sh
* Fixed Timelapse to properly set the mana to the previous point instead of the previous point – 150
* Buffed Beastrage to reduce to half its level on target change, instead of reseting completely.
* Improved how Weaver’s Watchers interact with spells
* Fixed a bug with Morphling in -sh
* Reduced Euls recipe cost a little from the 6.33 cost
* Fixed an AI issue in 6.30+ where the towers would target Juggernaut’s Healing Ward first
* Fixed a bug with Static Field that would cause a minor static effect even without learning it
* Slight nerf to level 3 Haunt
* Fixed an old bug with Gravekeeper’s cloak that did the damage to a 400 aoe instead of the 600 listed in tooltip.
* Fixed a bug with Dagger and Gem that sometimes caused That Gem to be undroppable for another hero.
* Fixed a -swaphero issue that could allow one player to get 2 heroes and the other none
* Fixed various typos
* Restored the Brewmaster name
* Fixed a bug with the damage type of both Spectral Dagger and Death Coil, causing them to do more damage than the tooltip said

DotA Allstars v 6.33 . w3x

6.33 Changelog:
* Added two new items
* Reworked/Improved Bristleback, Avernus and Mercurial
* Many code improvements
* New map preview picture by Artgerm
* Improved the game mode entering system. Modes are now entered on one line like “-apidsh” or “-dm -ar -sc”. You do not need to worry about the order you enter the modes in, the game will handle it or warn you (and give you another chance) if the mode is incorrect/incompatible.
* Renamed shortmode to -easymode(-em)
* Added -samehero (-sh) mode
* Reduced Lycan’s wolves’ model size a bit
* Some -dmar hero respawn optimizations
* Reworked Mekansm a bit. It now has a larger aoe and buff duration but the heal only occurs if you have no previous Mekansm buff on you (so you can’t mass spam it on a team).
* Furion’s Teleportation now creates the same casting effect on the target location.
* Guinsoo’s Scythe of Vyse total cost is the same, but 800 of the 900 recipe cost is now in Eul’s Scepter of Divinity.
* Last Word will only work if Silencer is not silenced
* If blue isn’t playing, the next available color will be allowed to enter the game mode.
* Restored a more functional -du mode
* Improved Viper’s base damage a bit
* Enchant’s duration when converting creeps is now increased
* Buffed Weaver’s Watcher movespeed
* Fixed some neutral creeps and beastmaster’s summons that had collision size pathing issues.
* Fixed a Timelapse casting delay
* Many tooltip fixes from Henri Langenhoven’s reports
* Improved Witch Doctor’s base damage
* Reduced Primal Roar’s manacost and cooldown
* Improved timing on Macropyre
* Reduced Lich’s attack range from 600 to 500
* Updated TDA gaming rules
* Improved the way Beast Rage works
* -csboardon/off is now -cson/off
* Voljin’s movespeed from 295 to 305
* Buffed Enchantress’ strength gain and movespeed
* Stygian Desolator’s recipe reduced from 1500 to 1400
* Fixed some icons to their proper passive versions
* New Doppelwalk icon (from Blazzu/Spankler)
* Fixed megakill bounty bonus error
* Fixed animal courier buy hotkey conflict
* Fixed an -ap -lm bug that caused the last picker to sometimes not be able to pick from the other tavern
* Fixed a bug with -random and -mm at 59sec
* Toss no longer damages wards
* Butterfly damage from 20 to 25
* Fixed a rare Nightstalker -mm bug
* Chicken autodrops the previous undroppable Black King Bar now
* Fixed a bug with radiance and Spirit Bear
* Fixed Presence of the Dark Lord and Witchcraft icons to the proper passive versions.
* New Leviathan and Avernus hero description by Terrorblaze and TheMantis
* Fixed Charge of Darkness to properly stop the charge effect when the target is purged
* -ar/-tr now properly says “randomed” instead of “chosen”
* Fixed a very old bug with Morphling and illusions
* Fixed a minor issue with -ms after -recreate
* Fixed minor casting bugs with Timewalk, Dual Breath and Wild Axes
* Fixed various hero acquisition ranges
* Fixed a bug in -mm with Terrorblade and alternate forms

DotA Allstars v 6.32b . w3x

There’s no changelog yet!

DotA Allstars v 6.32 . w3x

6.32 Changelog:
* Courier Chicken now has an ability to drop all items on it (to allow for undroppable items to be removed without trouble).
* Fixed Adaptive Strike to not push Roshan.
* Fixed Replicate typos.
* Fixed an endless Waveform bug.
* Creep spawn in -mm is now delayed a bit to give more time to buy after getting your hero.
* Fixed a bug with repicking while in Waveform
* Watchers no longer die when Weaver dies. They also have better night vision.
* Slight improvement in Waveform range and reduced mana cost . Its a bit faster now too.
* Morphling movespeed from 275 to 285.
* Fixed the sell cost of Hand of Midas.
* Fixed a bug with Return doing damage to Serpent Wards.
* Fixed Chainfrost bouncing off of Deathward.
* Fixed a bug where Astral Imprisonment lasted a bit longer than 4 seconds. Reduced casting range from 700 to 550.to 550.
* Lina’s movespeed increased from 290 to 300.
* Fixed a vision bug when combining -sp and observer mode (thanks kamonzim)
* Minor damage increase and stun duration decrease to Ravage.
* Restored SA in obs mode after fixing a bug with him.
* Fixed Essence Aura triggering off of 0 manacost Detonate
* Replicate target now maintains the color of the hero it replicated.
* Adaptive Strike improved (the concept will be further improved later on)
* -swaphero time limit extended a bit for -lm
* Scroll of Teleportation replenish interval increased a bit.

DotA Allstars v 6.31 . w3x

6.31 Changelog:
* Morphling remake.
* Recoded Grow to not refresh cooldowns.
* Improved the top left Scourge terrain to make things a bit more fair for the Scourge side.
* Mac disconnect bug fixed (as far as i can tell from my limited mac testers).
* New Trigger prevents Furion or Ignis from teleporting into the base if no allied creeps are there.
* Leavers’ gold is now properly distributed throughout the game as they gain gold.
* Smokescreen duration decreased from 7 seconds to 6 seconds.
* Paralyzing casks now deals damage to creeps.
* Headshot doesn’t work on allied units.
* Reduced the Dual Breath’s range to match the animation, mana cost increased.
* Witchdoctor’s attack animation improved.
* Bounty Hunter wind walk damage and mana cost improved.
* Mask of Madness recipe cost reduced by 50 gold.
* Tossed unit takes less damage now, but damage improves with Grow when it is an enemy (thanks Mare05).
* Arcane Orb’s damage type is now magical (a nerf).
* Eul’s Cyclone duration from 5 to 4 seconds.
* Last word AOE from 500/600/700/800 to a constant 700.
* Scepter can now be made by anyone, but only improves the ultimates of the ones listed.
* Assassinate level 3 cooldown from 5 seconds to 10 seconds.
* Split Earth casting range increased from 525 to 650.
* Viper’s Poison Attack manacost reduced from 30 to 20.
* Necro’lic’s Level 3 Revenants are now spell immune.
* Leviathan’s Ravage from 250/350/500 to 200/300/400 damage and duration buffed from 1/1/1 to 1.4/1.8/2.2 seconds.
* Slithereen Crush area increased by 50.
* Nightstalker’s Base Attack Cooldown improved to 1.7 like most other heroes. Small armor boost as well.
* Greater Hawk’s Truesight is removed, but it gains Permanent Invisibility.
* Hand of God’s cooldown from 70 to 120 seconds. Manacost from 150/200/250 to 200/300/400.
* Aegis is now undroppable (this is probably temporary while a chargeless version is thought out)
* Fixed a rare bear item drop bug.
* Fixed a minor bug with Wild Axes that causes Rexxar to become slowed if they hit a unit with Frost Armor.
* Fixed a bug that allowed you to get two heroes by repicking during astral imprisonment
* Fixed a -sc pathing issue
* Fixed a minor bug with obs mode.
* Fixed a Spirit Breaker bug with charge of Darkness movespeed in -dm.
* Diabolic Edict no longer causes its caster to take return damage or get slowed from Frost Armor.
* Fixed a Timewalk error when trying to timewalk into Blackhole.
* Fixed various range neutral creep camp abuses.
* Fixed a bug with Lothar’s Edge that did “50!” text after breaking Windwalk.
* Fixed an observer mode bug, the old missle through fog vision.
* Fixed a bug with Astral Imprisonment where the int drain doesn’t get restored if the unit is dead 60 seconds after cast.
* Fixed a minor Haunt target buff bug.
* Fixed a bug with a fast “swaphero and repick” combination that allowed you to have two heroes.
* Fixed the damage area on Sanity’s Eclipse. It was a constant 325, unlike the effect and tooltip aoe.
* Divine Rapier recipe now costs 2 lumber instead of just 1.

DotA Allstars v 6.30b . w3x

Now there’s a shoddily released 6.30b! Get it while it’s hot:

6.30b Changelog:
Fixed a major lag problem with Jakiro (primarily on mac computers)
Fixed a dm bug that resulted in you going to level 1 when picking Morphling
Changed Eye of Skadi to 200hp/150mana from 150hp/200mana like the point booster gives
Fixed an issue with repicking right after mm
Blackhole and Eclipse icons changed to their active icon versions, easier to see now
Fixed a corrosive skin bug
Fixed Beast Roar doing damage to allied creeps

6.30 Changelog:
* Two new Sentinel heroes.
* One new Scourge hero.
* -mirrormode (-mm) returns due to popular demand, with all abilities multi-instance capable.
* Added Observer Mode support (Now league games can be broadcasted using Waaagh!TV).
* Last Word no longer effects Blink Dagger or Black King Bar.
* -swaphero can be used to exchange heroes with your ally.
* Moved the Attributes Bonus learn icon to prevent learning it by accident when lagging.
* -dm and -lm now compatible with -ap
* Some improvements to loading time
* Conjure Image no longer requires clicking on the hero.
* Neutral Host capability through an extra slot (useful for important tournaments where host neutrality matters)
* Fixed some lag issue with Mercurial’s Ultimate
* Fixed a minor buff issue with Assassinate and Direct Vengeance.

Thanks to eva00r, ska_goblin, LoreKeeper and Pinball for their forum hero suggestions.

Special thanks to SetzerGabbiani and Trystero for their work on the creep AI as well as the few beta testers who were actually active this cycle and worked overtime to beta test this.

Expect a few buffs and a couple of nerfs next version.

DotA Allstars v 6.30 . w3x

There’s no changelog yet for this hot new version of DOTA, but it apparently includes three new heros and a number of bug fixes. Here’s the Beta 2’s changelog:

6.30 Beta Changelog:
* Two new Sent hereos
* A new Scourge hero
* The person picking the game mode is now the host, regardless of player color.
* -ap -lm is now allowed.
* “-swaphero” allows you to send a request to a player to swap heroes with him.
* -mm,-du fixed and restored due to popular demand.
* Fixed DK lvl 1 ultimate, it didn’t do the corrosive dmg before.
* Fixed some lag issue with Mercurial Ultimate
* Extra slots available when observer mode is selected to allow for waaaghtv and alternate hosts support.
* Fixed a minor buff issue with assassinate and direct vengeance.
* Moved the Attributes Bonus learn icon to prevent double clicking learn by accident when lagging.

DotA Allstars v 6.29b . w3x

6.29b Changelog:

* Fixed a bug with killing roshan where only 1 player on scourge would get the gold
* Fixed a minor bug that allowed you to get multiple heroes if there was a “computer” in a player slot
* Clinkz WW movespeed from 10%/20%/30%/40% to 7%/14%/21%/28%
* Reduced mana cost on Shockwave
* Fixed a bug with Aphotic Shield + Death Pulse not healing.
* Fixed a rare -sp gold issue
* Some minor stat issues in true form fixed (thx dotabrasil)
* Some typo fixes
* Fixed a bug with bane being able to brainsap allies
* Bane movespeed from 297 to 305
* Fixed an issue with Vengeance aura triggering off some caster units dying

Thanks for everyone that reports detailed bugs, you really help the map.

DotA Allstars v 6.29 . w3x

6.29 Changelog:

* Added -shuffleplayers(-sp, rearranges the players)
* Added -csboardon/-csboardoff to toggle a board that displays -cs stats
* Some improvements to the way Abaddon’s abilities work.
* Fixed various voodoo restoration bugs
* Fixed a few phase bugs
* More Netherswap abuse fixes, can no longer swap from an unpathable area.
* Improved all randoming code (was very inefficient in -dm -ar and caused some lag)
* Fixed a bug with Freezing Field and caster units.
* Fixed some issues with sprout sometimes pushing the hero out.
* Chaos Bolt does some random damage now.
* Fixed Tormented Soul’s Lighting Storm lvl 4 mana cost.
* Fixed a typo on lvl 3 scepter death ward
* Restored original V hotkey for mana void.
* Fixed a bug with Crippling Fear that did not cause the target to miss.
* Fixed some counter helix bugs against song of the siren.
* Fixed a bug with neutral wolves requiring food (thx m-hehl)
* Fixed a few bugs with berserker call including moving cycloned units
* Brain Sap no longer has a short channel requirement/bug.
* Fixed a minor bug with VS base hp, adjusted str to make it same as usual.
* Lone Druid, Nevermore, Morphling and Mercurial Attribute Bonus now show up as a +bonus
* Searing arrows mana cost increased by 3.
* Slight improvement to the Void’s model movement animation on timewalk
* Fixed Berserker’s Call exploit on roshan.
* Added buff icons to direct vengeance as well as Haunt.
* Changed how Death Ward works a bit. (This may not be a permanent change, it’s still under debate)
* Redid a lot of nightstalker code to fix some old perm night effect bugs.
* Fixed PA to properly autorefresh (hopefully!)

Thanks again to the beta testers who are active.

**This was released before the new sent heroes could be finished because of the wide spread axe-roshan abuse. They will be included next version.

DotA Allstars v 6.28 . w3x

6.28 Changelog:

* Two new scourge heroes (Vol’Jin can use scepter)
* New loading screen art
* -creepstats(-cs) added for those who wish to track their creep killing/denying stats
* In regular pick, you get back 175 from the 250 hero gold cost (not -lm)
* Chaos Bolt reworked a bit
* Static Field reworked
* Fixed a range hero abuse against ancient creeps
* Tweaked Chakra a bit. It gives you the same as target now (was weaker). The mana regen values and cooldowns are nerfed a bit. Manacost tweaked.
* Chaos Damage now does same as hero damage to structures, 50% instead of 100%
* -moderandom(-mr) randomly picks a mode from ar/ap/tr/regular
* The Circle of Power now has one inventory slot to use as a temp slot when creating items (for those who have the unfortunate luck of dealing with item stealers)
* Headshot lvl4 from .25 to .2 and restored old sniper starting agi
* Assassinate and Rupture now have status buff icons
* Necronomicon: Decreased mana burn casting range from 500 to 250, and removed spell immunity from lvl 3. Spell reduction from 33/33/100% to 40/40/40%. Necronomicon cooldown from 70 to 90 seconds.
* Change attribute bonus hotkey from B to U to help fix some hotkey conflicts
* Hellcaller tweaked a bit
* Necronomicon summons are no longer able to attack ancients
* Fixed a major abuseable DM bug (Thx to Drak and others that reported it discretely)
* If you cast necro and already own them on the field, the old ones get removed. (i.e. no necro refresher, adapt, grow, etc)
* Necronomicon summons now give 100 gold on death (instead of 60)
* Necro aura from 4/8/12 to 3/6/9
* -allagi(-aa)/-allint(-ai)/-allstr(-as)
* Spirit Breaker starting str from 25 to 23. Netherstrike cooldown from 40 to 75 and casting range from 700/800/900 to 400/550/700 (he may need another nerf, but i want to take it one step at a time with him as he is easily made useless)
* Mana cost increase for level 2 and 3 of Guardian Angel (125/150/200 to 125/175/250)
* Sange and Yasha recipe from 900 to 1000
* Aphotic Shield range improved
* Aegis removed from -dm
* Fixed the LM mode to spawn the neutral creeps at the same time offset as the other modes
* Abaddon starting agility from 13 to 17
* Fixed wrong player number display on circle of power
* Neutral Ancients can no longer attack towers (abuse precaution)
* Cleaner game end dialog and somewhat smoother exit
* Fixed a bug with DMAR that allowed repicking and screwing up the hero count.
* Dagon upgrades give an extra 2 int per level
* Pugna’s Scepter Life Drain improved
* Weaver starting str from 14 to 15
* Lina movespeed from 280 to 290
* Lycan Wolf Form has proper melee attack, not missle based
* Scythe changes unit to a sheep instead of a chicken, like it says. All stats still same
* TB base hp accidentally 50 lower due to a typo, so his base hp was increased by 50 but str reduced by 2 to keep it similar
* Many typos fixed
* Test of Faith mana cost from 140 to 175
* The game now says random or repicked instead of just “chosen” when a hero enters.
* Fixed a bug with Bloodlust multicast where it wouldn’t pick Ogre Magi as a potential target
* Smokescreen typo
* PA/SA blink stike bug where you could target yourself is fixed
* Dragon Slave AOE increased slightly
* Chen’s movement speed from 300 to 295
* Fixed Naix’s Poison Sting and Viper’s Poison Attack buff icons
* Watchers are now spell immune
* Diffusion aura from 300->350
* Radiance AOE from 400 to 550
* Desolator recipe from 1580 to 1500
* Timewalk slow reduced a bit
* Fixed a bunch of learn hotkey conflicts
* TDA specific game rules updated
* Fixed a typo on the spirit bear’s entangle

DotA Allstars v 6.27b . w3x

6.27b Changelog:
+ Vast improvements to CustomKeys.txt compatability (see link when forums return)
+ Fixed a Deathmatch Allrandom issue with getting more heroes than opponents
+ Mana Burn on necronomicon moved to the other unit
+ Fixed chaos bolt and crit using same learn hotkey
+ Fixed losing the items on spirit bear in DM
+ Fixed some issues with crushing wave causing a unit to be stuck in trees
+ Fixed mekansm tooltip issues
+ If a target is swapped into trees, those trees are destroyed (to help against some swap abuses)
+ Fixed berserker call affecting a shackled unit
+ Fixed a bug with -movespeed on tiny when he uses grow and morphling with adapt
+ Fixed some old issues with charge of darkness and netherstrike
+ Many typos fixed (Thanks to Ronan for his many reports)
+ Fixed some sleep issues with lightning bolt and chainfrost on a chronosphered unit
+ Spirit bear pathing issues fixed


WordPress’ uploading system stripped the spaces from the filenames–I’ve put them back in.

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  5. migz says:

    paano pu ba pag ayaw makapag download ng DoTa sa pc pero may disc naman po aq….. plz HELP me GUZTO ko NaNg MaKaLaRo Ng DoTa…………………..

  6. how can i download dota allstar fight of characters

  7. zaft z gacayan says:

    hey!! how can i get dota-allstar?!

  8. jordan says:

    paano mg download ng dota allstar games full version?

  9. bhal says:

    gud pm po!!!paano mglagay/download ng human recipes level 1 shop…e2 po ung kulang sa map…julang isang tao

  10. paolo says:

    panu po i2 bkit gni2 open ko dota ko meh error tae!!!!!
    2long nmn po please =(

  11. noob ka says:


  12. noob ka says:


  13. rainier says:

    can someone help me…..i install a gg client but i cant see any server whenever i open dfota….wat will be the problem….

  14. jonnhy says:

    necesito dota y warcraft III por favor me lo dan si

  15. lyndon says:

    unsaon pag install sa dota through internet???kbalo mo?slamat sa pag reply

  16. maxsteel_1975 says:

    tnx for the downloads, now i can play new and better maps. coz ryt now i only have the oldest map version. now fter i’ve downloaded these new maps i quickly erased all my absolute maps. thank you very much and i hope there will be more new downloadable maps next tym……

  17. jembalang42 says:

    Urhumm…. ENGLISH PLEASE !! !! !!

  18. daniel24 says:

    what does “don’t patch” means???
    i always see it but i don’t know it…

    di ko tlga alam kung panu mag install ng DOTA..
    pati yung warcraft III,patches… etc. di ko alam….
    help naman….

  19. Ta4ka says:

    Philipins suck at dota and you now it!

  20. AyanamiRei says:

    dota tau !!!! ^^
    dahil sa dota nagka love life ako
    dota naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

  21. tin says:

    agtig pare wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  22. renz says:

    hard to find dota..

  23. TauG says:

    How do you know which patch you need for a certain map?

  24. TauG says:

    So this AL-versions are with bots? Or what?

  25. remar says:

    hi pano mag download na dota

  26. Bunso says:

    putang ina dota

  27. JDM_Rays says:

    My dota works, Im using 1.20c patches and v1.20c [ALL] NO-CD FIXED.

    1. Install Warcraft 3 and dont patch.
    2. Install Frozen Throne and dont patch as well.
    4. Install 1.20c patch then the No-Cd fixed.
    5. Have your Dota maps in the Maps folder.

    hope this helps.


  28. JDM_Rays says:

    beloy, try to read on earlier posts, im still trying it out myself, will let you know if it works.

    Try the patches here www.blizzard.com/support/?id=mwr0642p

    I have tried [Windows] 1.20e to 1.21 patches, i tried running the patch but it failed. it seems it cannot continue and the error is while patching the (4)Lost temple map.

    So have to try other patches. Hope it will works soon.


  29. beloy says:

    am can some one help me. i cant open my dota map in my computer. i only download the map and i open it.. the map will not work… whsts the problem about that???

  30. hamid says:

    very gooooooooooooood

  31. PINOYNIDHELP says:

    E2 PO EMAIL KO PLSS HELP AND GUIDE power_906@yahoo.com ^_^

  32. PINOYNIDHELP says:

    mga pinoy pls help poh pag install ko ng cd ng frozen throne and click nklagay ORDINAL 570 NOT LOCATED SA DYNAMIC LINK LIBRARY" dba nsa kasama nmn sa cd ng frozen throne ung folder na crack bat d nagana plss hel kung san ba sya ilalagay or kailang pa mag download ng cracking plss reply MGA KABABAYAN ^_^

  33. someone says:

    Plz help me!
    When I want to play dota, it wont start. I have version 1.20 and crack.

  34. Rectoman says:

    The Yosiman spell this *YOU SUCK, SON OF A ******

  35. Lil_John says:

    you can get the patch here…


  36. need help with map editor says:

    if you do ill put your name in my new game as a creatotor of it

  37. need help with map editor says:

    can somone please telll me how to make a gold mine on world editor or where it is please!

  38. Teror Of Death says:

    Help!!I still can’t play dota…evertime i pick the dota map i get kicked out..help and i tried the right way to patch it but my downloader wont work pls help…tqtq

  39. The Yosiman says:

    I’m sorry for my whiny behavior on previous posts. I should really thank icefrog for Dota. It’s Free anyway, so, i’m really in no position to make such harsh comments. I’m really sorry. Thank you.

    For all of those whom had replied to my posts, this is for you:


    -*the message above are for those who bastardizing the eglishes languages. they is all full of ****

  40. SOS says:

    PLZ HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    pllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzz DO SEND ME THE PATCH
    PLZ I BEGGING U GUYZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. pitotoybibo says:

    hahahaha is there any dota AI of 6.35 or 6.37???
    hope there will be AI on that map……

  42. DevianCe says:

    Hey guys, im looking for some anime and hero wars maps ( not dota or maul ) please, if you have one, send me at pop0o_1@hotmail.com

  43. flashana says:

    I have warcraft 3 and frozen throne ,what do I have to do to get Dota so I can play it on my PC

  44. TROITER_PP says:

    hi guys! I have just put adsl and i want to play dota on Battlenet but i can not. what must I do?

  45. dan says:

    my dota doesn’t load after starting my warcraft3 v120e. how do i get it to load?

  46. Whatever says:

    i have a recommendation :
    -i f i kill roshan maybe roshan can drop some items (random)
    – vendetta will cause more damage
    – The Rooftellen doesn’t have any fighting skill, can you improve it
    – The Prophet ultimate skill damage all enemy, please make it better (only attack one single enemy with better damage

  47. Hiakru says:

    great! i have been find for DL maps so long time, i love u man. thanks ya

  48. cK says:

    The last thing I bought was the Mask of Death, after which I couldn’t move my avatar anymore. I was fighting 3 heroes when it suddenly just wouldn’t move. If you can look the the screen cap I have my avatar selected but the commands(icons) on the right does not show nor can I use shortcuts for it. I basically had to quit. I even tried to save it and restart but it was the same thing. Maybe a bug in ver .37ai

  49. Ryle says:

    you can find all the DOTA AI MAPS AT www.dotaas.com/download so just shut the **** up……

    can you tell me where to find the anime maps(customized maps for dota) just email me at www.ely_boy02202@yahoo.com

  50. eki says:

    hi 2 all fanatic of DOTA players…anyway i am newbie in this game and my friends told me that this game was awesome but after installing the ROC and TFT i can’t even played DOTA and even i put the download version of DOTA to my HARDDRIVE=>WARCRAFT=>MAPS=>DOWNLOADS still not working–please help me guys.

  51. Naomi says:

    Hi there, i’ve been playing frozen throne. Now that i wanted to play dota, i cant even the lowest version of dota.

  52. Naomi says:

    Hi there, i’ve been playing frozen throne. Now that i wanted to play dota, not even the lowest version “>.

  53. MoNKeY says:

    banyak bacot lo semua ribut sini ama gw anjing lo tai kucing babiq eh jablay juge lo mending adu dota aja sini ama gw PLAY N FIGHT WITH ME IF U SCARY IS MONKEY HUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA………. MOTHER ****** FOR ALL

  54. Floyd jaron says:

    i love you ilah

  55. rectoman says:

    RON help me!!! why do the dota 6.36 map won’t work on my computer. The version of my frozen is still 1.20c do i need to update or could you advice me something!! Thanks for reading this!!!!!

  56. Josh says:

    put computer lo

  57. rectoman says:

    RON help me!!! why do the dota 6.36 map won’t work on my computer. The version of my frozen is still 1.20c do i need to update or could you advice me something!! Thanks for reading this!!!!!

  58. vase says:


  59. JG3t says:

    To icefrog:
    i would like to tell you that netherdrake or Viper is not so good as Nevermore, Lina, Demon Witch, or other TOUGH hero. I suggest that change the frenzy to anobolic frenzy & movespeed to 300-305 or better.
    And i hope you can put another character in DotA a ninja or something human like. > thank you

  60. Yushimitsu says:

    to all dota players, pls tell yosima to stop playing dota bcuz all of the characters are equal. if you wish to upgrade bone clinkz movespeed buy sange & yasha with boots of traveler. If you won’t take my advace go to your bed & sleep, try to dream that bone clinkz run like a Ferari formula 1 race car. tnx Q

  61. rectoman says:

    to Yosiman
    youre kind of a jerk!! be thankful of what you have in dota. You didn’t spend a money getting the map! So don’t complaint JERK! (what a JERK)!!

    To all DOTApinoy!!! We Rocks!!! And they cannot beat us!!!

  62. Kiki says:

    i don’t get it . Wtf is that wuth dota ai – why oponents or allyes always use ironwood branch , than drop it ( ?! ) . By the way i got 6.35 AI and its nothing special about it .

  63. soulthief says:

    there is also a 6.35 AI version. check out the page “http://www.dotastrategy.com/downloads

  64. CraZhore says:

    this is bs… all the maps that r available 4 dl here dont have ne players when i go to host/play them wtf is goin on. either u guyz havnt tested em or sumthins up w/ my wc (hich i doubt)

  65. Kiki says:

    its like this — two monts before i could play on batllenet and , just week before when i tried to connect i got the ” unable to connect , aply the game patch manualy etc” ,anyway u all know what im talking about im sure im not the only one.
    i got bored of dota AI , and i wanna play against YOU!
    but thats currently not possible cuz , like i said IM SCREWED!
    my warcraft is not an original-its a pirates COPY!
    but how the hell could i play before then with a 1.20b ( ! ) patch?!
    i downloaded the 1.20c patch,and no cd crack,but its just dont want to aplly on the damn game.
    it said — reinstall the game might fix the problem — but guess what – it didn’t!!!
    so , i cannot even aplly the goddamn patch HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    e-mail me on dimic2@yunord.net
    i would be very gratefull ( i got bored of WoW too )

  66. Kiki says:

    ok guys i dont get it.
    i got the 1.20c patch it dont want to accept it.
    oh yeah , and my WarCraft III – TFT is a copy NOT AN ORIGINAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    help someone , im desperate my mail is

  67. PAK RT 01 says:

    thank’s to I cozz I just download DOTA 6.35B Al. but Why in this site (elliottback.com) don’t have DOTA 6.35 Al yet???????…….

  68. PAK RT 01 says:

    thank’s to I cozz I just download DOTA 6.35B Al. but Why in this site (elliottback.com) don’t have DOTA 6.35 Al yet???????…….

  69. Ashes says:

    it is really good to play.but i dont know how to use iteam.ha! ha! who said that dota-allstars is not good?try the lastest version V.6.35ai

  70. Sardar says:

    hi how i can edit the map & patch of dota all stars

  71. I says:

    hey i think you forgot the 6.35 AI. Get it here:


  72. Stickdeathman says:

    How can you make the Ancients walk? is it really true that they could walk in DotA? how? dis is rili good! id like 2 see how my friends wud react when our tower (Sentinel) chases d **** out of dem. hehe

    is it just a bug? dis is so cool!! haha. please tell me how.

    and yeah. d yosiman is such a looser. he is my whiner classm8. please ignore him. he sucks at dota because he cannot use any oder character aside from bonclinkz. haha. looser!!! BOBO!!! (stupid in flip language)

    but i agree wid him on boneclinkz reform. Bone clinkz reform now!!! yeah!!!

  73. The Yosiman says:

    DotA is the invention of the devil. When will it end? It is like a cancer eating up our system. DotA makes you blind. DotA makes you Incompetent. DotA makes you inferior. DotA makes you dull. DotA complicates the lives of every person playing it, making it hard for them to face the true reality. Playing it makes you derranged. You forget your everyday tasks in exchange for playing the damn game. DotA is EVIL. Dont play DotA because it makes you EVIL!!!






    BUT NOW, ITS 6.35.



    Base damage – level 1 – 67-73
    Movespeed (w/ out boots) – 350
    first skill – increase attack speed 30/50/80/100%
    second skill – increase attack damage 20/30/40/50
    thirdskill – increase movespeed by 20/30/40/50%
    and invisibility by 10/15/20/25 seconds
    fourth skill – death pact is ok.



  74. alfred says:

    pano ba malaro itong dota? nadownload ko na pero ayaw malaro tulungan nyo naman ako plz????

  75. Yo_xeL_Pe§_CtMrE says:


  76. enzo says:

    can u tell me guys how to make the sentinel’s Ancient Protectot walked? i saw it on the battle net they distroy our fountain.. ^_^ plz guys tell me how so i can play my friends and laugh at them pls. thnx this site rule \m/

  77. Yushimitsu says:

    All of you are nothing to me. You should eat a 1000 times a day to beat my ***! noob.

  78. Zaphod says:

    O yes….Could the site owner please sort the discussion thread so that the new posts are at the top? I know I am pushing my luck…but I live in Africa…we do that daily by just living here :-)

  79. Zaphod says:

    I love playing DOTA. We live in Cape Town and there is a huge following in South Africa. I will have to start a clan soon. Once you started it is like a drug! It is an excellent father and son pass time! (The wife hates us!). If I decide to buy a legal copy (maybe) what latency would be acceptable to play on Battle.net? Is it hosted in USA or Europe? Would a ping time of 300ms be to high?

  80. PAK RT 01 says:

    you can download DotA with bots at : elliottback.com/wp/archives/2006/01/12/dota-allstars-627b-and-625ai-download/

    Remember chooice ver with ‘al’ in the end of version like :
    DotA V 6.34 al.w3x
    DotA V 6.33 al.w3x
    DotA V 6.32 al.w3x

  81. Nica Dor says:

    where can i find dota map with bots?pls help

  82. Nica Dor says:

    pls i need dota with bots….who has?

  83. TenTenTen!!! says:

    This is sooo… cool!!!! Good Job on the information. JUUUIIICCCYYY!

  84. stickshift says:

    can we please stop ***** slapping other people and just stick to playing DOTA?!?

    fine, there are filipinos who are good and there are filipinos who are bad at DOTA, so what? that goes for every single country! so please just stick to what is essential here. Defense Of The Ancients.

  85. JustRO says:

    if u say that nerubian weaver sucks means that u are NOOB.btw i am not playing on blizzard servers(eurobattle.net) and i see a lot of “filipinas” and other races.not all are good but there are a few from every country very good at DOTA(especially us)but unfortunately romanians are quiters.:D

  86. KillerBitch says:

    Filipinas are the best DOTA PLAYERS!!! This is our best talent!!! NOT MACEDONIANS!!! I’m a Filipina and I could beat anyone of you **** sucking macedonians anytime.

    Jakiro sucks and so is the nerubian weaver.

    thank you icefrog for DOTA anyway. :)

  87. The Yosiman says:

    DotA is ruining our lives. It helps produce more stupid people. DotA is an American conspiracy to keep 3rd world country inhabitants incompetent.

    DotA is an ADDICTION and should be kept away from school going children.

    All people exposed to DotA should be kept under intense rehabilititation





  88. azim says:

    yeah.. thanks Elliot. Searched google for ‘dota ai latest’ and u where topn on the list.



  89. DB says:

    Guys eventhough they have 6.34ai they aint so good.They mostly go for hero killings messing up most of the time killing creeps! so if u aint aware there is a 6.27 v 1.71 ai.Be sure to note its 1.71 and it can be found in official dota site.Its much better than 6.27 v 1.70 so enjoy playing

  90. Mr GROF says:

    Konecno ja najdov dota 6.34 AL fala vi mnogu sto ja ima ovde

    Finally i have found dota 6.34 AL thank u so much u are the best and u english boys u can try beat the best country in the whole world in Warcraft 3 DOTA and that country is


  91. JG3t says:

    Wala na bang bagong map?yong v6.35 naman.

  92. shinobi says:

    how can i play on battlenet??? is there a program i need to install or download? pls help me eeheehhe burat na burat na ko sa haus di ako makalaru puro ai lng kalaban ko nakakabore amf!!!! tnx pow!

  93. cheeken says:

    U roXX..elliotback..d 1st to hav new maps!!.

  94. style says:

    ei, pano po pag ayaw maglaunch ng game? no cd nkalagay kahit na-patch ko na. brrrrrrrrrrr…

  95. Josh says:

    YEah how can i edit the dota map??????

    Hayyy uu tama nga di ko ma edit may error.. Gumawa nga rin ako sariling dota….. Balanar nagiging paniki kaya nyo ba yun HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. mokies™ says:

    Please look for Philippine DOTA!!! Im glad if you had it….


  97. Edwin says:


  98. Carla says:

    im juz a nob in playing DOTA allstars, pls guyz nid ur help. when im installing i finished downloading it then when i come to play to strt d game, it wil juz restrt in the create game menu.. pls snd me in dz email how to install properly : love_hina890@yahoo.com ^_^ thnx !

  99. Andry says:

    Hello… hmm not bad, the latest version of Dota AI is not bad… but sometimes AI heroes steal my hero`s items (iku maksudte opo cok!?~indonesian~) how if AI always choose random hero (without write -rb)? or we can select AI heroes (team or enemies)? thanks for your reply

    sorry my english is bad
    if you want to send me email please send it to:

  100. v1p3r13 says:

    ei mga tol pano ba edit ung map ng dota…kse di ko ma edit nag e-error
    may lock ba ung map ng dota?..

  101. all of the pilipino are noonz.damn those filipino

  102. dota rulez says:

    wat is the latest dota AI map where do i get the lateset wc3 patch

  103. dota rulez says:

    does v.33 and v.34 have ai how do i make them work

  104. LINO III says:

    hoy mga adik mghintay lang kayo at magpapraktis na ko!!!

  105. TRI says:


  106. T3tT4 says:

    yeah yeah our celan is very strong
    the number one dota allstars clan in the world
    to be continue

  107. DeMoon says:

    PS: Bristleback now rulez big time :D try it and you will see the “slight” improvements

  108. DeMoon says:

    I have encountered serious item creation issues for the computer opponents in DotA 6.33 and 6.34 AI (eg lvl 20 hero with 2-3 ironwood branches and basilus… :(( ). That i suppose is the main reason for which the AI cannot win against human (yet) – i still play 6.27 AI v1.71, it’s much more challenging. Team play works fine though, you can summon the allied heroes to aid you, they give out signals, teleport on damaged towers etc. Funny thing – now they pick up divine rapiers that drop… that’s deffinitely a way to make your game more interesting…. create 3 divine rapiers and die :D
    Oh and for all the “How do I run DotA?” questions… try using a brain… yours if available… THEN google for DotA AI, warcraft 3 1.20e patch, a nocd loader for tft (the frozen throne :P) and then start downloading… it’s sooooo hard goddamnit.
    Anyways here are some links for the lazy, brainless ones:
    Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne 1.20e patch – latest patch from Blizzard:- full upgrade 1.x – 1.20e
    (to download and install – jurt doubleclick the damn file… assuming war3 tft is installed on your computer :P )
    No-cd loader for the forementioned program:
    (unpack the files in your warcraft install directory – doubleclick the reg file and start the game using w3l.exe – this is for the minority that didn’t buy the game, i’m sure 99% have it as licensed registered copies :P again)
    OK now comes the hard part… for that minority that actually didn’t buy the game you must face reallity as it smack you with a big shovel – u can’t play a cracked stolen not legal whatsoever game on an official game server – so battle.net is a no-no for you… still there are unofficial servers out there… search for them and use the program in the following link to add them to your in-game battlenet gateways… i won’t explain this in detail just ask your friends that can read a help file.
    Oh, the link for the gateway editor: warcraft.trei.ro/files/War3Gate.ace
    This is a romanian site so bear with the low download rates… never tried it from outside the country tho, might work just fine.
    Links for maps : warcraft.trei.ro/dota.php
    Btw you can only play DotA against the computer on maps that have the “AI” particle in their name – so if the computer heroes won’t spawn try checking that too. AI should spawn qucker in the latter versions; and imho 6.29 ai sucks hard .. my poor computer just won’t take the processor stress after lvl 5 or so.
    GL & HF ! (and please check that caps led is not lit on your keyboard before u post).

  109. CHristian says:

    HOw can i play to DOTA battle net?? pls answer my question A.S.A.P

  110. AMOL says:


  111. jason says:

    kla ko ba my 6.34 Ai na asan na ket hndi pa rin naka post amfufu naman

  112. mjcqzn says:

    have a nice to all of us….

    Do you play battlenet 2day?

    what will happen to our battlenet connection .. i cant play…

    i ‘ve already download a new patch version 1.20e but still encountered the same problem…what will i do????

  113. Dwarven Master says:

    I am reporting a bug in 6.27b AI. sometimes the scourge heroes will stand on the right side after destroying the ancient protector.

    Plz fix it.

  114. dart says:

    dota ai doesnt work for me in 1.20e..
    it just doesn’t load,when i try to create it,it just brings me back to the local area page.
    please help

  115. raiven says:

    nah….hope this dota maps will work just fine…=)

  116. Peter Yong says:

    6.33 AI is too easy 4 me …..Please improve it……..Also try to built Chinese Version………. Thanks…….

  117. Paladin says:

    hey guys i think i found a bug on dota map 6.33 AI.
    try and you’ll see, when going to attack the bot all the creeps change target and start hitting me

    Without the dominator skill

  118. mike says:

    if at all you add anything to the ai, i personally want the ai from 6.27b since its extremely aggressive at late game(hard to stop) wich i would personally want to be implemented at 6.34. 6.33 seems “scared” to initiate a fight with me

  119. kokoyflores says:

    do u have any maps with new hero….????

  120. leechowlan says:

    i hav a question guys… wat seems to be the problem in my frozen throne?… last week was my last battle net connection, but now i cant connect anymore… anyways, the version is 1.20c… in the past few days it was running smoothly… and then one day, when im connecting, it wont work… it says “validate your game version…..” sumthing lyk that…. oh man, i miss bnet so much…. waaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!

    PLZ!!! Help me guyz!!!!

    Pinoy Rulez!!!!

  121. mikE says:

    hey ppl

  122. Singaporean Sean says:

    Thx for making these downloads. Do u have other maps such as anime fight beta or greenTD PROES ? If u got pls send me an email. ANyways thx

  123. JG3t says:

    Viper’s viper strike has a long cooldown. Can you make it into a 60 second cooldown!! J3t

  124. Josh says:

    Yeah Baby Yeah.. Plzzz Reduce Cooldown for laguna blade.. New Good heroes in The Scourge pLzz

  125. need help says:

    How do i edit the dota map with world editor?

  126. mr. Huggy says:

    That’s what I’m taking about! I juz played you’re new 6.34AI and 6.33AI and all I can say “ITS OFF THE CHAIN!”

    These ***** improved my skills very high than ever.

    So continue the damn thing, and I’m looking forward to try your
    nxt ***** slapping version of DOTA.

  127. jubei says:

    The latest AI map 6.33b AI is also buggy. the “-move” command doesn’t work sometimes even the “help” command sometimes doesn’t work. And why does the AI buy tons of “ironwood branch” then just drop it? it doesn’t make sense. The AI also uses the chicken but it still drops ironwood braches everywhere, what’s the use of the chicken?

    And whats the matter with the AI’s ability to buy good and able items? Even late in the game the AI still has tons of ironwood branches and flask.

  128. PoLo says:

    Thanks for the latest AI map (6.33b). Ive been looking for AI maps the whole summer and it seems dota’s official site (www.dota-allstars.com) didnt release the 2 AI maps after 6.27. How come you had those? Are these official releases?

    Anyways, thanks alot!

    Sa mga ibang question, from joycel…
    Ung akin kasi 1.20c na version ng WC. So, sa akin lang, hindi ko na inistall ung mga previous versions. Kumbaga, pagka-install ko ng Frozen Throne, update kagad sa 1.20c.

    Hope that helps. Mabuhay ang PINOY! Ü

  129. I am suggestin this to elliot says:

    can u plz publish the dota v. 6.33 AI v.1.70 instead of v. 6.33 AI coz i played the AI and when i hit it it would not run. Instead it stayed there till i killed it.

  130. jocel says:

    pano kung 1.17 version na ano kukunin kong patch? 1.20 na agad? o dadaan pa ko sa 1.19a; 1.19b o diretso na ko sa 1.20c??? salamat

  131. Need help says:

    Thus anyone here can help to have the latest version of DOTA with AI?..

    I only have here 6.27B AI, but as far as my friends told me, their is now a release of higher version which has an AI..

    Plz help and thanks..

  132. I am suggesting this to Elliott says:

    Correction to Morphling’s range from 350 to 400. It’s actually 350 to 600 standard. We got to make it best out of dota with more A.I.

  133. I am suggesting this to Elliott says:

    And btw if you can make AIs in dota v 6.33, why not v 6.34. I have a collection of most dota maps from v 5.64 to v 6.34.

  134. I am suggesting this to Elliott says:

    Note :

    Don’t ever adjust the delay to 0.00, because you may not be able to see the shots you hit.

  135. I am suggesting this to Elliott says:

    Please correct da dota 6.33 AI and do make sure everything goes well. I played it through with two easy, one normal and 2 Insane AIs it doesn’t bores me and i thought of editing it using my World Editor to more advanced AIs.

    – Movement speed 312 to 380 without power treads or boots of speed
    – Add one more difficulty instead of Insane, will be Expert
    – Add range to Morphling from 350 to 400.
    – Add damage to Divine Rapier from 250 to 325 max
    – Make AIs respond to its opponent if ” It/He/She” hits their towers
    – Make AIs backstep to its opponent if “It/He/She” stones in one corner
    – Add a new skill to each heros
    – Think of more names to give the hero, for instance RogueKnight to its original name, Overlord
    – Increase attack speed of each hero, the delay, for instance 1.80 down to 1.72 when the agility reaches to its max attack speed, it may farm quite fast indeed

  136. Dota_Professional_In BNET says:

    Insane AI coms = noob in BNET

  137. Power Treads will not stack you idiot!! says:

    Easy, Normal and Insane are all the same to me.

  138. Anti_Mage and Mage_Anti says:

    Ittttttttttttttttsssssssss wayyyyyyyyyyy toooooooooo eaaaaaaaaasssssssssyyyyyyyyy mannnnnnnnnnnn!!!!! I love it !!! AI Rox!

  139. Death_Dota says:

    This suxs man, dota 6.33 AI had lots of bugs in it, i was lagging w/ 4 CrazyPlayers. And btw it’s easy to complete, i managed to buy 2 butterfly items, 1 boots of travel, 1 radiance, 1 Monkey king bar, 1 Yasha Sange.

  140. Dota_Maniacz says:

    when will this website have dota 6.34b or 6.35 ?

  141. dustin369 says:

    bakit ganun nadownload ko na 6.33 pro d gumagana

  142. DanteTKY says:

    why ai heroes don’t know how to backdoor attack… they just play like mechines…. and if their life turn to orange, they will run even they can still kill us but they run..
    if we hit them…. they will imediately run back to a short distance and return to fight…
    playing with ai is not siok la…
    they hv certain or fixed strategy(i mean the ai heroes)…
    it will not help you to improve…because human mind is always changing and they know how to backdoor, gangbang,asassinate plp while they are farming.. ai will only do their best to break the tower until the tree of eternity or the big ice…
    if ai heroes saw u from the back, they won’t bother u until u attack them.
    moreover, i haven’t seen any heroes cross the river at the middle to take the rune or just for crossing purpose…
    And most ridiculous event is they won’t pick up any item that u hv dropped for example:
    if u buy divine rapier and u die so the divine drop out….. they just don bother it and left it there for u to pick it up…..if a human player saw that, they will surely pick it up or destroy it……… that’s the difference..
    i hope the game creator will fix it.
    or else, it will become very sien for the pro player……….

  143. JG3t says:

    May bagong Dota V6.34

  144. Angelo123456 says:

    bkit ganun dami ko na nadownload na map wala gumana kahit isa????

  145. ("_") says:

    Eto ang site na maraming maps na pwedeng magdownload ng dota at iba pa!!!!!!
    o kaya i search nyo na lng!!!!!!!
    hav A Nice Day!!!!

  146. fja3omega says:

    elliott alam mo ba kung san makakakuha nang ibang dota maps?
    san mo yan nakuha yung 6.33 ai?

  147. dos says:

    ei elliot, i juz wana ask what version or patch of frozen throne should i download to run dota 6.29ai maps and 6.33ai maps?

  148. Razor says:

    I saw a new shop at DotA v6.33. I hope they will add a new Item at the shop & add a new hero, a ninja or a samurai or a something

  149. JG3t says:

    bobo talaga si tiny sa Dota v6.27 ai. Lagi nalang namamatay. hindi marunong mag retreat. astig si lion!!!

  150. Lovell says:

    Dota map require at least newer version that the original 1.08 version guys..

    lovell from las pinas

  151. Luckman R says:

    Hi there.. I came from Indonesia..I’m a fan of dota too

    I have try dota 29 ai in two different pc.. With WCIII 20a
    athlon xp1.6+, geforce2mx, 640 ram..
    it goes really slow and lag a lot
    2.6 intel LGA, x700gt, 512 ram,]
    No problem at all.. it went well..but still a bit lag

    Anyway it’s really great for me to play this ai version.. Thanks to the free ai version. But it’s true the enemy is sometimes suicide them selves. If they almost die.. they retreat but then they back again for unknown reason.

    Many Thanks..

  152. JG3t says:

    please fix DotA 6.29 Ai. its always stop.

  153. Gardevoir ex says:

    6.29b ai lags hard for some apparent reason!

    And their is a major problem with the secret shop – once a bot enters it never comes out until it dies.

    And they buy random items? Their old item formulae are just good, why change them? like strength heroes go for S&Y and basher, agilitys go for Purge blade and Butterfly, intelligents go for Aegis and Linken etc. Why make them buy heaps of GG Branches and healing water???

  154. retro says:

    i have a question , why in 6.29 AI the game always stops and comes back , like it`s laggy , ****

  155. jubei says:

    i would like to report some bugs on 6.29 AI:
    1. AI would not randomize on picking heroes, it would always stick to one hero even if you restarted the game, it would always pick (lich, sladar, krobelus, lina, etc..)
    2. AI tends to hide behind the sentinel tower when it is low on HP, leaving the tower to be slaughtered by the enemy AI.
    3. AI sometimes do a suicide attack even when it has a three enemies in its lane.
    4. AND lastly 6.29 AI map lags!

  156. JG3t says:

    ok lang ba na hindi latest yong patch ko yong 1.20d

  157. Razor says:

    i see a DotA V6.33? but no ai. I dont want to play with myself.
    Plzzzz. put an Ai. tinx.

  158. JG3t says:

    hi to all filipino player there playing dota. alam ko nasa ngayon tayo ang pinakamagaling maglaro ng dota. haha. Keep kicking *** dude

  159. JG3t says:

    saan meron bagong hero sa dota. yong mokhang tao-u hindi halimaw. i hope there’s a new map available soon dota all-stars v7.??. plzzzzzzzzzzzz. with new hero. ( . )( . )
    ) (
    ( , ) H!H!

  160. JG3t says:

    did you know

  161. Chills says:

    the latest map is 6.33b, i wonder why the avernus’s abyss mark ability are removed i really like that ability…..

  162. ryan says:

    bkit ganun ang 6.29ai? puro un n lng hero ng ai………

    pangit nmn nun………..

    buti pa 6.27 e………….

  163. moh says:

    want dota 6.32/6.33 AI map..

  164. DeaDzZz says:

    This is Cool!!

    I want more AI….

    Sana lang gumana 6.25AI…

    Thanks a lot!!!

  165. DANCOL says:

    hindi ba pede gumana 6.27b ai sa warcraft version 1.17??
    tanung lang..

  166. dota-puke says:

    mga tol tama ba ginawa ko iniwan ko na pag aaral ko mas pinili ko na pag dodota ko kasi ang paniwala ko makakasira ng pag dodota ko ang pag pag aaral ko… wakokoko

    to all dota players out there keep it up guys… shows that filipino dota players are not noob.. i experieced few times on the battlenet that when a filipino player came to join they always kicked it, then i asked one of the player ther, you know what he told me?.. they afraid to filipino playerz bcoz wer good when it comes to play dota… its not our fault to be good or let we say we are gifted wen it comes to strategy games wakokokoko.. specialy romanian 3 against me imagine i won how noob they are.. Bristleback rulezzz

  167. xxx says:

    don’t all of those concern people have time making new AI map? i’m pretty bored with 27b AI! Ii think it’ s about time to make a new one because of the new heroes and items in newer maps…6.33 for example. please notify me if there’s a new one coming..here’s my e-mail: rartest@gmail.com

  168. Lee says:

    Here who got dota AI latest map.I got 6.29 AI already,who got the map that later the it.Can u send it to me.
    My address


  169. goldie says:

    if any one want the dota-allstars latest maps than reply me at goldsam2001@yahoo.com

  170. goldie says:

    hi this is goldie hear i can teach u how to play dota-allstar i m being the champion of india so is u want to teach dota than reply me at my email thats all
    hear is my id goldsam2001@yahoo.com

  171. Ron says:

    @ Silent Fury…

    You don’t have to download all the patches from the start…

    Just download the latest patch which is 1.20d

    But i greatly suggest that you download the 1.20c patch because this patch allows you to play on Battle.net servers (PVPGN)

    Because 1.20d is not supported on PVPGN servers…

    So i suggest that you download the 1.20c patch rather than the 1.20d patch..

    Have fun and HAPPY BACK 2 SCHOOL…

  172. Patches.. hmm says:

    I’ll leave this one up to thes pros, anyone?

    Grats on the new AI.. gotta try it out tehehe..

  173. About patches. says:

    Hay guys,

    Im new to the site. So one answer will be great aye. umm, i got the oldest aptch for frozen throne. i dont have interenet so i need to go to school to download the patches seperatlyu.. do i just download the newest patch.. or do i download all the patches and install them from the oldest one the the newest one. this will help me out heaps.


  174. Ron says:

    @ Jerico…

    Tagal mong di nakavisit sa site na ito ah..

    Well regarding dun sa tanong mo kung ako ang admin ng site..

    Well Hindi…

    Im not the admin of the site..

    In fact nagkaproblem din ako sa pag-install ng dota ko nung newbie lng me..

    (Review mo ang mga last last last last last lasstttttttttttttt Post ko.. Makikita mo dyan na noob din ako before..)

    Actually 15 years old lang po ako kuya jerico e…

    Help ko lng mga tao d2 kasi ndi rin nila alam kung pano install dota e..

    More power din and have fun playing dota…



    Peace out!

  175. pdual bits says:

    where can i download the patch for battlenet…. tnxx
    can u plz send and my email plzzz…. paul_kenniker@yahoo.com

  176. matt in d hat says:

    hey…wat is d latest AI version?

  177. Joe says:

    6.29ai is up.

    enemies deny, use chickens, pick up divine rapier, and use item and ability synergies.

    to all the pinoys out there: tangina niyo, wag kayong mayabang. puro kayo satsat eh hindi pa naman tayo nananalo sa cyber-olympics.

  178. Ahuy says:

    Spirit bear of syla flying more longer with eul. and more longer paralysing like A creep

  179. wayne says:

    HEY RON! thanx sa mga instructions mo! astg ka ur da men!……..

    nd pra sa mga tga ibang bansa jan na wlng gnwa kundi laitin ang mga pinoy…..

    Dota nlng!

  180. Mus@shi says:

    Guys i just need a crack no cd for my world editor eversince i upgraded my warcraft 3 frozen throne i can’t use it anymore : (
    I already have a crack for my frozen throne, is the crack for the latest editor available? could someone even just give an info on what site i can get it or send it to my e-mail please…
    My frozen throne version is 1.20c i also have 1.20d, i’d really appreciate any help i can get… Thanxxx in advance!

    My E-mail: rdensetsu@yahoo.com

  181. reizoulzz says:

    its nice. Plz, who have a map of 6.32ai and 6.33 plz send 2 my email. plz.

  182. mr. Huggy says:

    f*ck man! Huggy need a new version of dota AI, 6.27b is no longer a challenge for Huggy, or should Huggy say its not a bit of challenge in the first place. iTs full of crummy Sh*tty A** B*tches Heroes. All the b*tches do is run back to their sh*tty base, then leave to kill some creeps and when huggy gonna murder these b*tches, they run there Asses off again.

    Just improved your next F*cking version.

  183. meow meow says:

    Can someoen give me the latest NO CD CRACK for TFT to me :C. AIM me at Ihav3ADD23 or email me at Holymeow@Gmail.com

  184. jerico says:

    muzta na Ron may bago bang map i succesfully install ung upgrade version kaya thanks pre sa instruction mo i find it helpful for me!!

    more power matanong ko lang ikaw ba admin nitong website na toh?


  185. TeddyGidz says:

    Hello there peeps. I’m new here and I’ve been reading some posts and well I’ll just write something that I hope might help you people.

    ***blake_sabbath said:

    on May 18th, 2006 at 1:26 am

    on Dota-Allstars v6.27b AI, can’t play -ar -dm (Allrandom DeathMatch) !

    please fix it…! and report me back…hehehehe thanx..


    It’s not really a bug… Just type -dm first before -ar to enable Allrandom Deathmatch. A warning though, only players are affected by the deathmatch mode. AI’s are not in any way affected by -dm.

    ***death owl said:

    on May 18th, 2006 at 4:12 am

    hey…. is there any message i could type rather than -ms,-ma, blah blah..
    any code i could use to make AI really hard to beat… they seem easy to beat… BTW im using version 6.27 AI…
    thnx anyway***

    Well the only thing that I know to make the AI powerful is the command -superai which will triple their exp intake instead of the normal double. Also it will give them bonus gold though im not sure if it means at the start of game or do they get more gold in killing creeps.

    You could also press the map info on the top left of the menu on the screen or easily press F9 for more information and commands guide.

    ***Gardevoir ex said:

    on May 25th, 2006 at 10:43 am

    Do you know that the 6.27b AI abuses a major bug in its trigger files?
    For example: AOE Grave Chill, AOE Warppath, AOE Void at night, AOE Hook (Pudge’s hook can sometimes hook more than 1 unit, and it sometimes goes RIGHT THROUGH friendly units!)… to name just a few. But the biggest bug is what we call “Camper Strike” – camping in a corner of the map and own whoever enteres their LOS.***

    Noticed the camping bug too. Quite a game saviour on my part when I first tried the map when I played 5 on 1. But after getting used to the game, it was quite a hassle. The creator designed that the pink player can also type commands in the absence of the blue. So why not play as the pink player and put all those AI’s on the sentinel team?

    Don’t really know if the skills AOE are bugs of the game. I think they were intentional to make up for the AI’s limited intelligence.

    As for everything else, the AI was actually made for noobies of DOTA to familiarize them, they arent really substitutes for human minds as stated by the map maker himself (Cloud_str).

    Well for those who are looking for challenge against these AI’s? I suggest giving yourself handicaps like fighting 5 on 1… If its not enough, do the -dm -ar thing. Still not enough? Then waste your 3500 gold at start until only 700 is left making it a fair start for you. Now if youve made all kinds of handicaps and still win against these AI’s, congratulations!!! You can start bragging about how good you are then play with other human players…

    Word of caution though, defeating the AI does not assure you to win against every person you play with. AI’s have patterns and they are limited to what they are programmed to do. Nothing (so far) can still match the creative mind of a person.

    Thanks for the peeps who made this site and for the peeps who visit.

    I don’t know much but if people has questions, ask away and I will try my best to give you the closest answer I can provide.

  186. nez says:

    ei can u help me….. ano ba mga kailangan ni razor pra lumakas….. alll the items he needs…. tnx

  187. ricky says:

    hei…..guys can u help me….i want to now how to play dota map….plz……u can send email to syafiq_aby@yahoo.com

  188. ken says:

    a weakness is the ally heros would help,they just keep on fight don even care their tower being attack.i think it would be better if the ally heros would obey player’s order via message.

  189. Gardevoir ex says:

    Do you know that the 6.27b AI abuses a major bug in its trigger files?
    For example: AOE Grave Chill, AOE Warppath, AOE Void at night, AOE Hook (Pudge’s hook can sometimes hook more than 1 unit, and it sometimes goes RIGHT THROUGH friendly units!)… to name just a few. But the biggest bug is what we call “Camper Strike” – camping in a corner of the map and own whoever enteres their LOS.

    Still, I appreciate the great work creating the AI, and hope the creators can improve it even more – I mean, it’s already a HUGE step up from the 6.12 AI, which plain sucks – you can control your team mates – WTFness…

  190. arcules says:

    please tell me where u can get to download a dota bot map.

  191. *GODDESS* says:

    im deeply grateful of whoever created those ai map. it provides the best training ground when im playin alone. it oso let me double n triple kill so many times that i never did in real game. i wil b waitin fer de latest ai map(6.32 ai??).n for those who curse n wanna kill pls pls stop their childdish act…. if not pls continue masturbate at home bocz ull never have a gurlfren

  192. wolfwood16 says:

    People, Do not flood this site, please be considerate. If you will going to post SENSELESS or NON SENSE posts, PLEASE refrain from doing it so….

    be mature enough upon doing things….


  193. wolfwood16 says:

    another way to find Warcraft 3: ROC or TFT installers here:


    For those who are interested to this comment, you’re free to visit our site.


  194. Aashay "HELLBRINGER" Baindur says:

    Hey Guys! The DotA AI severely sucks! (—News Flash— )
    There is need for a lot of improvement.
    Come on you mean to tell me a Pudge-Butcher on level 10 is killed by a level 3 dwarven-Kardel Sharpeye sniper one on one with no external help.
    The AI players buy lame stuff like Chainmail instead of making a good recipe.
    AI frankly SUCKS!!!!
    It is meant for “Ultra-NOOBS”.
    The moment the AI suck at destroying towers.
    But Insane AI is good at destroying towers.

    One more thing, The AI is not at all stable, as some times the it can destroy many towers and Push hard and sometimes they suck.
    >>>>with the same hero, mind you

  195. Ron says:

    Repost ko lang 2ng Pinost ko ha…
    Para matuto kau ok…


    This is the right way to install and get dota maps..

    1. Install War 3 ROC (dont patch or crack yet)
    2. Install War 3 TFT (dont patch or crack yet)
    3. Download TFT 1.20c English patch, Located HERE.. www.blizzard.com/support/?id=mwr0744p..

    4. Download a no-CD Crack. Downloaded mine from HERE–http://www.gameburnworld.com/gp/gamefixes/warcraft3thefrozenthrone.shtml

    -PLease note na kailangan ang no-cd patch nyo ay for version 1.20c ng Warcraft 3, kasi hindi sya mag-run kung mali ang crack nyo.

    5. Apply/Run the Downloaded 1.20c Patch, not the No-CD Crack.

    6. Copy the No-CD Crack in your “C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\” Folder or wherever you put the game, If it asks to replace the file, click YES.

    Try running your Frozen Throne…

    -If it runs, Download latest DoTA-Allstars Map at dota-allstars.com
    -PLace the map in the “C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\Maps” folder. Remember where you put it, so you can find it later when you play custom, battlenet or lan games.

    -Run and load through custom games the DoTA map.

    -If your Frozen throne won’t work, please review the steps again. Take note of the versions.


    -If the link does not work, you can always use Google

    Baka Di nyo pa gets 2 ewan ko na lng..
    Tenkx… 4 reading AGAIN

    Sana matuto na ha!!

  196. Ron says:

    Ay Naku….

    Kukulit nyo nman e…
    Please Read the instructions i’ve posted weeks and weeks ago…

    Tsaka kau mag ask ng Instructions ok…
    Rerepost ko na lng uli para makita nyo ok?

  197. yyh says:

    dota 6.27b AI still quite sucks, hope they can improve on it. i can win 5 insane with 2 players or ally with another computer. Been trying hard to kill 5 with one hero…ha ha….but din succeed even once. anyway, still got other latest Ai coming up?

  198. MARCELO says:

    esta es una buena pagina felicitaciones

  199. XeUsPeCt says:

    ron:tnx sa instructions… mabuhay ka pre.!!! :) to all players outhere … check ron’s instructions for more info… good luck!!!

  200. HELP ME!!!!!!!!! says:

    HELP!!!!!!!!!! BAT AYAW GUMANA NG dota V6.27 ko??

    naka ilang dl nako sa ibang sites hangang ngyun ayaw parin.. shet nnm.. tulungan nyoko PANU GUMANA YUNG DOTA!!!!!!!!!!! send po nyo instructions sa clintz_02@yahoo.com thnks in advance PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!

  201. Genius says:

    hey guys i try nyo sa LimeWire or BearShare Magdownload ng dota allstars!!!!!!!!!!!!
    marami ang pagpipilian!!!!!!!!!!!try it!!!!!!!!!!!paste ur email then i send you the LimeWire or Bearshare
    actually gamit ko ay LimeWire!!!!!!!!!HEHEHE
    at hindi lng un Pwede rin magDownload ng Video, Music, Pictures, Programs ang a lot of more!!!!!!!!!!!!TY
    my email is crazy_ivan214@hotmail.com/crazy_pinoy20@yahoo.com.ph for any Question!!!!!

  202. mask rider says:

    there is dota V 6.30 with AI?

  203. Pusa 1 on 1 tyo jan mga tao na adic sa Dota kasi mga ala ata kayong kuwenta mga bobo pustahan tyo d2 ako sa Mt. Everest laru tayo wahahahahahahahahaha d2 ako nka tira sa taas mga kumag ako una d2 sa Taas ng Mt. Everest na pinoy at ako din ang unang Player ng Dota na nag lalaru d2 sa taas Sh!tz


  204. potangina says:


    -dm muna bago -ar…

    gagana un…

  205. potangina says:


    panu b gumagana ang dota?

  206. death owl says:

    hey…. is there any message i could type rather than -ms,-ma, blah blah..
    any code i could use to make AI really hard to beat… they seem easy to beat… BTW im using version 6.27 AI…
    thnx anyway

  207. totoy says:


  208. blake_sabbath says:

    on Dota-Allstars v6.27b AI, can’t play -ar -dm (Allrandom DeathMatch) !

    please fix it…! and report me back…hehehehe thanx..


  209. red says:

    to “really pissed off”

    i think u should install the latest patch available
    1.20c wud be enough.. i guess

  210. dict says:

    ok ah…

  211. josh says:

    and ohh… i forgot… how can i connect to battlenet?? is it 1.20d patch?? and at what site can i get this patch.. huhhh…

    and pls send me good AI’s.. im too newbie.. Ai’s cant kill me..

    pls send me super AI’s..

    josh_bacongallo@yahoo.com.. ok..?

  212. josh says:

    ei guys… where can i get v6.27 vs AI v1.71?? or 6.28 AI… plz tell me..


  213. Niklas says:

    Hi, can someone help me??
    i can’t create a new dota-allstar v. 6.28 and up, i can only create a v. 6.27, i want to play the other to plz help me…

  214. potangIGIT says:

    HOY!May naruto wars with A.I ba kayu??**** post nmn website may naruto wars ai plzz lang…thx y’all

  215. Really pissed off.. says:

    i bought frozen throne..
    i got no net.
    its oldest version
    when i launch dota on single player
    it has no teams
    anynoe know how to fix
    sum1 *******
    and not speak in
    asian – ==
    i swear im am sooo pissed.. ==-

  216. jubei says:

    yung mga nakakatalo sa AI na 1vs5. sinubukan nyo na bang itype yung “super ai” na command? check mu yung list ng commands para dun sa AI map. may “super ai” na command dun.

    subukan mu ngang talunin ng 1vs5 yun, tapos super ai ang kalaban mu.

  217. jubei says:

    i would like to report a bug on the new 6.27b AI version 1.71 map. Please look at Krobelus(Death Prophet) Exorcism spell.

  218. red says:

    san ba kau naglalaro online ng dota? ung free lng.. salamat!

  219. Pinoyman says:

    at para kay dota freak you suk moron you cant even play are filipino games (Ginaya ko lang si jericho)

  220. Pinoyman says:


  221. red says:

    pinoyman, may hamachi k b?

  222. Pinoyman says:

    Mahina ai ehh siguro ako di nyo nga kaya talunin sila 1v5 ako kaya kahit ar lang

  223. LadyHanDyob says:

    yeah 6.32b ai that’s great

    AI’s are all Dumb….

    Sooo Bored….

  224. Jeff says:

    can you make a 6.32 b ai ? pls… i wanna train the latest hero!!!!

  225. munkyboi says:

    yes 6.27 with ai 1.17 is the last one with bots

    WE NEED DOTA 6.32b with ai!!
    could someone port bots to that version please

  226. geostik says:

    man is 27.AI the last map wit bots???
    pls response

  227. red says:

    ei ano ba ung latest map ng dota na may AI?

    tsaka pano sumali sa online na game? ung 4 free… 1.20d kc ung akin..

    eh di ko lam kung san pwede na free eh.. salamats…

  228. Doj says:

    is 6.25ai good

  229. Ron says:


    Yes dude u can upgrade it to v1.20d..
    Pero kung Eurobatlle.net player ka, i would not suggest na i-update mo pa yan sa v.1.20d…

    Kasi sa eurobattle.net (PVPGN Server 2) ndi pa supported ng server nila ang patch 1.20d… But if u dont play at eurobattle.net, u can safely update it…

    Dun naman sa camp na sinasabi mo… Sa 6.28 e 2 new heroes sa scourge ang bago which is Avatar and Voljin (Boy bawang)

    Sa sentinel walang bagong heroes pero may isang tent dun na walang laman…

    Nagkalaman na i2 sa Dota map v6.31
    Download it at www.epicwar.com o di kaya sa dota-allstars.com


    Kung nainstall mo na ung patch 1.20c it means na na-upgraded na ung warcraft TFT..

    Look at the lower right corner of the screen when u launch Warcraft TFT..
    If 1.20c is visible, it means u can play dota maps there and so forth..

    If not, Then the patching is not successful…
    Try patching 1.20c again..

    If there are still problems….
    Post it here…

    I would be glad 2 help u alll…
    Especially Dota pinoy Addicts…


  230. jerico says:

    pag nainstall ba ung patch 1.20c, pede bang upgrade ung version nun RON?

    and nagtataka lng me kasi diba wala hero lumalabas sa camp ng kalaban anung version ba un en anung dota?

  231. unknown!! says:

    ayaw talaga ng 6.27 AI nyo!!!! magkarOOn nmAN ng baGo O!!! ung 6.31AI ba!!!

  232. unknown!! says:

    hOy magkarOon nmNA saNA ng 6.29AI!! ayaW gmana ng 6.27AI nyO eHH!!!!

  233. Mr.Flamestarter says:

    Lahat ng noypi jan na nagrereklamo e2 lang masasabi ko “*#$!%$ ina nyo”
    matuto nga kayong magbasa anak ng fota nmn pinapahiya nyo ang mga pinoy eh amf kau puro kau dada mga tanga ba kau o sadyang nagtatangatangahan kung gusto nyong malaro ang dota ask nicely hinde ung ” #$#@&$!@ d ako makalaro dota” “#$!@$! amfota dota sux ”
    hndi lng kau ang napapahiya kung hndi kami rin tae………

    @ Ron
    Pagpasensyahan mo na ang mga yan mga gungong eh…. anyways Nice tut.

  234. Ron says:

    Thanks jerico for that remarkable speech…


    How many times do we have to tell you to read before making any complaints or seeking helps from the pipz here…




    Pinoy ako!!!

  235. Itachi says:

    Why Can’t I play DotA map v6.32b can anyone help me??

  236. ssd says:

    can you make a 6.32 b ai ?

  237. ssd says:

    can u create a 6.32b ai

  238. jerico says:

    hay kung di nyo pa naiintindihan ung instruction sa taas ehh mga mangx2 nlng kayo magbalik kayo sa grade 1 paturo uli kayo sa english teacher nyo!!!!!

    peace out nalang mga guilty SIGURO UNG MGA TATAMAAN NG MESSAGES KO

  239. jerico says:

    Ron said:
    on March 29th, 2006 at 11:32 am


    This is the right way to install and get dota maps..

    1. Install War 3 ROC (dont patch or crack yet)
    2. Install War 3 TFT (dont patch or crack yet)
    3. Download TFT 1.20c English patch, Located HERE.. www.blizzard.com/support/?id=mwr0744p..

    4. Download a no-CD Crack. Downloaded mine from HERE–http://www.gameburnworld.com/gp/gamefixes/warcraft3thefrozenthrone.shtml

    -PLease note na kailangan ang no-cd patch nyo ay for version 1.20c ng Warcraft 3, kasi hindi sya mag-run kung mali ang crack nyo.

    5. Apply/Run the Downloaded 1.18 Patch, not the No-CD Crack.

    6. Copy the No-CD Crack in your “C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\” Folder or wherever you put the game, If it asks to replace the file, click YES.

    Try running your Frozen Throne…

    -If it runs, Download latest DoTA-Allstars Map at dota-allstars.com
    -PLace the map in the “C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\Maps” folder. Remember where you put it, so you can find it later when you play custom, battlenet or lan games.

    -Run and load through custom games the DoTA map.

    -If your Frozen throne won’t work, please review the steps again. Take note of the versions.


    -If the link does not work, you can always use Google.


  240. thereallaughingguy says:

    there is just a new AI-map!!! it is 6.27b AI v1.71!
    they just improves the ai and fixed most of the bugs.
    u can find it on allstars-homepage


  241. rayden says:

    thanks on new map..onething for sure for those whose trying hard players,,there’s nothing in this country that you can find, who can play best in dota’s all star…you can find it here in manila!!, you mite say we’ve master the art of war in many battlenet and we’ve conquer it..kaya wag na kayong mag hamon..k.

  242. SanCarlosDotaGuy says:

    Unsay pagtan-aw ninyo sa inyo kaugalingon maayo na kaayo mo?!
    (Akala niyo magaling na kayo lahat?!)
    (You think your the only guys who can kick ***?!)

    Nah Im just messing with you……
    You shouldnt say those kinda things you never know…..

  243. LaspinasDotaPlayer says:

    mga pinoy dayo na lng kayo d2 sa las pinas tingnan natin ang husay nyo sa dota!.. Maraming malalakas na player ang naghihintay sa inyo d2!..

    Rock on!!

  244. ByAkuYa says:

    When I first opened google to look for a new ai map of dota I was ****** SURPRISED 6.29AI OMG! To my suprise it had none or maybe you didnt just place the AI sign! Also I have got a lot troubling things on my mind about that 6.32 AI which i search at google also turns up here. If you can please e-mail me! I cant get anything on my mind but that since I have been playing dota for 1yr. now and the severe mental and physical problems it caused me(irrational hand spasms, relating everything to dota, overly active eyes and the famous veins showing on your hand and arm)! So please as fast as you can tell me!

  245. papoh says:

    sana may tournament para sa lahat ng level, just like Ragnarok Online games, para cool………………
    makita tuloy ng in-person ang mga bobo, mahusay, mga angas, mga noob at sa lahat ang mga PRO LEAVERZZZZZZZZZZZ……..

  246. annoyedsuckshisownd*** says:

    that was for that racist who posted a few days back.

  247. annoyedsuckshisownd*** says:

    Hey F*ck*r
    Stay **** away from here! Go f*ck your cat or something if you got nothing else to do.

    Its ******** like you that make countries suffer.

    Pamper-ed my ***
    Your IQ cant even comprehend the mildest stuff we do.


  248. DeMonLOrd says:

    i have a warcraft frozen throne version 1.07 when i run 1.20c patch my warcraft does not run i am bloody crazy about running dota plz for god sake help me

  249. cHeLo says:

    I’ve just downloaded dotA 6.32 and I think i need the NoCd patch
    Does somebody know where can I get it???

  250. liang says:

    Hey! 6.27b AI maps are very old! There no new heroes in the maps. Can the Expert make a new AI map! 6.32 Ai maps!!!! plz! it so bored about the 6.27b AI map. plz!!!! 6.32Ai maps!!!!

  251. Ron says:


    Do any one of you knows how to host a game in PVPGN servers..
    Because i can’t host a game..

  252. Shadow says:

    Elliot ur site ruless
    AAA i have 6.27 AI and it plays normally
    What do u do ?
    When u download the map do this
    ant then paste it C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\Maps\Download
    or create a folder name it as u want(remember at maps)
    and paste it :)
    Greece Rulesss
    Geia re ellada :)

  253. Shadow says:

    First there is 1.2od patch
    Second can’t u just go to blizzard website and download it ??
    omg.Don’t w8 everything from the others,try to do something :)

  254. krusty the clown says:

    nak nag tinapa… dapat ung mga nagrerelakmo d2 n madali ung ai ng 6.27bai eh gumawa ng sariling script para sa dota nila sa bahay… kung gusto nyu ng mahirap hirap na kalaban maghanap kau ng computer shop n may dota…
    sa mga naghahanap ng patch 1.20 bumili n lang kau sa quiapo ng cd ng dota 50 bucks lang dun ndi pa dumuduog ilong nyu sa pagddl ng patch…
    be cool
    peace out…

    dun sa idiotic na tao na nagsabi na filipino sucks? ***** u dont even know how to spell our name dickhead….

  255. iso says:


  256. Ryan says:

    Cgina Toti Pa†A†AK NA!!!!!!

  257. Ryan says:

    Toti Patatak Na.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Pa†A†K N@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  258. Josh says:

    Yes i have used Dota AI Yess…………..

  259. kent says:

    pls help me.. please send me 1.20c patch of warcraft frozen throne please!!!!!

  260. omg fix this plx says:

    zomg.. i wanna play dota though it has no teams ==

  261. Kretol says:

    DOTA SUX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  262. Mace says:

    Ok sorry for being such a NUB! my bad…. i just had to Put the NoCd Fixed exe rather than just the NoCd patch on for my version which was 1.20c. I also had to DL from Blizzard Website the 1.20c to 1.20d patch in order to connect to battle net. I simply got a newer NoCd patch to correspond to the game version and then ran battle net…. SIMPLE!

    GL guys and thanks again for all the helpful information posted on this website!

    :^) Mace :^)

  263. Mace says:


    I followed ur instructions but when i try to connect to Battle.net it says “unable to validate game version, try reconnecting to battle.net or update the current game patch manually” Someone says u need to use a pigon_loader with 1.19 patch or something?? i’m really confused and i hope you or someone can help me with my problem….

    thx alot :^)


  264. indonesia says:

    tq for this dota
    i hope u can server all dota all stars ^^

  265. al says:


  266. Sand_King™ says:

    Why did they have to make Sand King’s epicenter a bit slower, because of this the enemies could escape, not only that, they made Sand King the cause of Lags between matches in Battle.Net

  267. marc says:

    padownload man dota kay waray didi sa am

  268. xelxelxel says:

    i hope that i can play dota 6.30 ai or more so that i can play w/ some heroes in our house all by myself!!!!

  269. kent says:

    pls.. send me version 1.20 of FT thx

  270. dota pro and stupid stupid ................i dont know i got how many stupid says:

    i know i am very stupid. but 1 thing i know is i hope i can play dota 6.30ai or more………………………………………….

  271. dota stupid fan says:

    i want to play dota 6.30ai or more ………………………………………………………………..can somebody hear me

  272. oi dota 6.30ai when can i play says:

    i want to play dota 6.30ai

  273. ako . says:

    ano problema nung 6.25ai? ano ibig sabihin ng buggy?

  274. henrix&jann/DOTA says:

    Dial-up lang ako please mag send kayo sa akin ng patch 1.20c.
    Please lang wala kasi akong mabilis na internet.
    SEND TO:henrix_armagedon_987@yahoo.com

    If My Friends Are There Plese Send Me Dota Patch 1.20c

    I LOVE YOUR JANN MARIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  275. henrix&jann/DOTA says:


  276. henrix&jann/DOTA says:

    PLease send nyo sa e-mail ko yund patch :1.20

  277. henrix&jann/DOTA says:

    Dial-up lang ako please mag send kayo sa akin ng patch 1.20c.
    Please lang wala kasi akong mabilis na internet.
    SEND TO:henrix_armagedon_987@yahoo.com

  278. frostblood90 says:

    WALA LANG!!!!!!!! HEHEHHE!

  279. Josh says:

    oi mga potaa!!!!!! kamo pano magdowload ng *** dota

  280. Josh says:

    Hey Plzz Reply to me in mgdeath@yahoo.com. Dota without AI is Boring ok!!!

  281. Josh says:

    Hey This Sucks I dont Know How to use AI but i have the Maps that has AI like 6.27, 6.25, 6.22 man i feel Bored plzzz teach me How.. Reply plzzz

  282. kent says:

    ei elp p0h.. dial up lang po kmi
    kung cnu p0h may 1.20 na FT pwede p0h ****
    send nlang sa e-add ko?? thx..
    k_e_n_t_7@yahoo.com raming salamat p0h..

  283. kent says:

    ei elp p0h.. dial up lang po kmi
    kung cnu p0h may 1.20 na FT pwede p0h ****
    send nlang sa e-add ko?? thx..

  284. henrix&jann/DOTA says:

    please send the 1.20 patch to me henrix_armagedon_987@yahoo.com


  285. henrix&jann/DOTA says:

    Help me mga kadota kailangan ko ng patch 1.20

    mabagal kasi ang intarnet ko mag send na lang

    kayo sa e-mai ko henrix_armagedon_987@yahoo.com


  286. henrix&jann/DOTA says:

    PLease >Give me a version of 1.20 patch Ireally need it.TY.

  287. jubei says:

    to cedric:

    do not install the map (are you double clicking it?). just copy it in your frozen throne map folder where you installed warcraft 3 (default in program files/warcraft III/frozen throne…)

    just copy it to the folder, run frozen throne, choose the custom game for singleplayer then select the map.

  288. Wenson says:

    Hi to all of you!!!!!…..the version of my warcraft frozen throne is already 1.20d but i can’t play battle.net beacause of the (CD KEY)

    If you want to help me send it to my email: war051988@yahoo.com

    ——————————–²†hÅnK² ŸoU²————————————

  289. Cedric says:

    what the heck! i downloaded dota then i try to install the map but something came up saying not enough storage is avalable, pls tell me what to do man heres my email zabuza12@yahoo.com.ph, thanks man

  290. Rye Dionela says:

    Pls. Help me… I download a map 6.27AI but i cant use the map… How can i able to use this? tell me what to do.. i want to play Dota at home.. to practice.. thanks… send me e-mail for your answer.. @ ryevincent@yahoo.com

  291. wolfwood16 says:


    support nyo site natin mga pinoy dotaista!!!

  292. wolfwood16 says:

    sa lahat ng mga pinoy DOTAista, me bago na tayong site…please support thanks

  293. CarL's says:

    Sir Cloud_Str theres a bug on 6.27b ai v1.71 about Necrolic’s grave chill…find it out

  294. kent (lazzy) says:

    ei TOP SPIN, panu ko ma uupdate un?? 1.07 lang kc skin.. elp!!! ( thx )

  295. pAUK says:


  296. pAUK says:


  297. bernzdj says:

    Great site…….helpful for us…..continue what you started…were always here for the support….much care to you in your works

  298. bernzdj says:

    DOTA PINOY ,, NEED HELP….i have a original WARCRAFT chaos and frozen throne cd… BUT my FROZEN THRONE CD was lost thats why i was not able to play DOTA anymore… Ive buy a pirated one “FROZEN THRONE” but still is looking for the original one….

    So what i did i installed the pirated cd”CHAOS & FROZEN”… i was able to crack it used it without cd…and play the campaign…but not the DOTA….ive downloaded already the DOTA map…and patch 1.20c to update it in blizzard…but still the DOTA can’t patch…its says error after it finished downloading in install the patch….PLSSSS help me…bernzdj@yahoo.com i appreciate it allot

  299. Ron says:

    To ludrick…

    Please make sure your frozen throne version is up to date…

    You can download the patches at www.blizzard.com/support/?id=mwr0744p


    The latest patch is v1.20d

  300. ed says:

    dota all stars is the best warcraft map ever made beside 3c.. u must play multiplayer to love it

  301. ludrick says:

    I have a big damn! problem. my dota is dosen’t work at all Damn !
    Plz any tips and help to how it works!! i can’t play Any kind of ******* dota! plz help me how it ******* WORKS! i’am really PISS off!! a weeks from now!! i got v.6.10 & 6.12 then i can’t ******* play both that *****! plz any help!! ASAP!!

  302. NMC says:

    Ineed new version of dota with AI. 6.27b with AI too old. Someone send me higher version of dota with AI like 6.29b AI plz

  303. help po says:

    send nyo namn sakin ung version 1.20
    malaki pasasalamat ko sa magbibigay….
    email: spy_phil_03@yahoo.com

  304. top spin says:

    for lazzy
    check mo version ng frozen throne mo…
    sa main menu lower right..
    kelangan po version 1.20 ang FT para gumna ung DOTA… okies 0_0

  305. lazzy says:

    prang di ata pwede ung dota sa pc ko.. tuwing nagcrecreate nko bumamalik lang to sa create game??? bug b un?? ( what do you think is the problem?? my computer or the dota file )

  306. The Yosiman says:



    Hell, if you can get a hundred kills every game then, good for you.

    Let’s just see if you can do it with a real person. Dickhead!!!

    Thank Icefrog for DotA!!!

    The best things in life are really free!


  307. The Yosiman says:

    Puta naman, bakit nyo pinababa yung WW movespeed ni Clinkz. Leche.
    (It’s so ****, why you all decreased the WW movespeed of Clinkz. Milk)

    Kung hinde nyo ibabalik sa 40% yung WW movespeed ni Clinkz, hinde na kami mag do-DotA sa buong Pilipinas. at magpapakamatay na ako.

    (Bring Clinkz’s movespeed back to 40% or make it 50% or else, I will commit suicide. Thank You.

    Atsaka, bawal na gumamit ng Lion dapat. Madaya si lion. mga kupal lang ang gumagamit kay lion. tangina nyo. pumutok sana pc nyo pag pinili nyo si lion.

  308. BAD MAN says:

    Hey thnx ron

    U r cool

    My dota map worked

  309. Daniel says:

    Cloud Str recently posted a new AI version of DotA Allstars…

    From 1.70 to 1.71 he said that he fixed some of the bugs in Dota Allstars v6.27b v1.71 it’s still the same map…

  310. Bla_Bla_Bla says:

    mga tanga kayong lahat SPECIALLY AMERICANS YOU ARE ALL ******* U FUCKERS SUCK YOUR **** AND EAT YOUR ****



    AsA Pa kayong LAHAT

  311. syku says:

    hey Mtr eliot are you making the swoard? plz make a e-mail to me if you cant to make the sward end the changes to vengful spirit end the gem…. end tynis GROW tkssssss my yahoo id its Ki11inG_Spr3@yahoo.com tks :D :))

  312. Vito says:

    Thanks alot Man But is it The Same Stupid CPUs Take A hit And BYE BYE???

  313. qvor says:

    Pls korrect the aegis of immortal-6.31 version it is very stupid to can’t drop this item. and the Scource are stronger than the Sentinel pls corect this THX

  314. The Wise says:

    You did great job with those latest maps.

  315. dota says:

    guys? where do you get a nocd crack for v1.20d?

  316. DOTA PINOY says:


    6.27b is the latest version AI of, dont waste you time aksing where to download v6.3x+ ai map, if you want make your own! ********

    **** that!

    visit www.dota-allstars.com

  317. Yamao says:

    Yo I cant download the new dota (6.31b) they are all in Pc formats and I have a mac.

  318. Sotos says:

    MR Eliot …….Firstly of all congratulations for all that good work you have done… Secondly (and this a favor i wand you to do to me) plz create a more
    improved ai version of dota (like 6.28-6.2.29-6.30-6.31)because i am bored of the 6.27.

    I realy love your work and i knoe you are working hard but plz try to fulfill my

  319. DAWGolongapo says:

    is there gonna be a 6.30b ai coming out soon? hope that there is one coming out…tenkz!

  320. Ron says:

    New Map Released….

    It’s 6.31 fixed a lot of bugs and remake some characters…

    Check the file and changelog at….



    I’ll repeat this again, Some of you don’t get it…
    The updated version of Dota 6.27b AI is already out..

    It already fixed the bug that makes the AI stuck at the bottom right of the map..

    Get it all at www.getdota.com
    Visit www.dota-allstars.com to download the Updated version of the 6.27b AI



  321. jubei says:

    i like to report a bug on 6.27b AI. enemy scourge AI tends to be trapped in the lower-right side of the map late in the game when the first sentinel tower is destroyed. they will only move when a sentinel hero comes to that portion of the map and attack them.

  322. syku says:

    hy elliot can you make the sward?the university?plz if you make the swad you are great tkssssssssssssssssssssssssssss :D :D :D :)

  323. magnifico says:

    ie you cent make a 6.30 ai ? i just need that to play whit new heros if you wan to :D tks if you cant

  324. Ron says:


    Lumabas na ung latest version ng AI…

    check it out on dota-allstars.com

    Update version lang ata ng 6.27 AI ug lumabas…

  325. 9ball says:

    mr. dota guy can u make a map 4 6.30 ai i need to try d new heroes ive been playing dota 4 jst about 5 months and it’s adictive so jst mke a map!!

  326. Dimsa says:

    Pozdrav do site shto ja igraat i obozavaat Dota

  327. syku says:

    hy items idie are you lucking for? i playing dota for 2 years end i need 2 or 4 items to make plz if you are interesting i need that shande;zare silkwood (vengful spirit to stop the command aura to be not enymore in the next version i need end the gem of true sight to be no more drop it`s very funny then clintz riki dont escape eny more end whit vengful spirit make it 600 range plz if you cant end a iteam idie make a sward thats make +80 damage end +30% eavison attack speed +15% end it`s funny then if you cent make that tks thats my idie end the tower Ancient protector change plz it thats my idie for the 5 new thinks end the swoard it`s named (university) tks for my idie end plz make my dream to by trooooooooooooo tksssss

  328. DOTA PINOY says:

    all you need is the lastest patch to play

  329. Nikko says:

    bkit di ko mlaro yung lastest version??tell me nman poh kung paano…

  330. Ron says:

    Basta wait na lng natin yung latest version ng AI..

    Palabas na un malamang…

  331. Jokko says:

    help nmn po pno po mg k battle ng un mga pinoy poh!

  332. laso says:

    Wanna play dota v.6.30b AI?

    Just get map editor copy O.E. and T. E. from v 6.27b AI and then paste it to this new map.
    Maybe it’s will work. Worth try i think !!!

    DotA? hmm..best ever !!!

  333. need help says:

    thanks DOTA PINOY….. bad 3p….waaaaaa

  334. uhm pde ba kau gumawa ng bagong ai version sa 6.30b??? kaka boring na ng dota 6.27b ai … Helo mga pinoy dota allstar players oute der

  335. chiki2 says:

    Tae ala ba Ai version ng bagong 6.30b???? gawa nmn kyo boring ung .28 na may ai eh… ty

  336. TrinityReborn says:

    How do we load a NON-Pirated Warcraft 3 tft without cd?Can we use the no cd crack thing?

  337. DOTA PINOY says:

    sorry “need help” i dont have a crack im using a original cd, i copied it to my PC using virtual cdrom to make it run w/o CD

    BTW 1.20d patch is out XD

  338. asfd says:

    there’s a new patch out so that 1.20c no-cd crack wont work anymore

  339. junyor says:

    hi can u give me 6.29 AI

  340. anonymous says:

    please create a dota v.6.30 with ai plzzzzzzzz…..
    sawang sawa na ako sa 6.27

    aztig ung hero na two headed dragon…
    plz create one version with ai
    v6.30 ai
    v6.30 aiv6.30 ai
    v6.30 ai
    v6.30 ai
    v6.30 ai
    v6.30 ai
    v6.30 ai
    v6.30 ai
    v6.30 ai
    v6.30 ai
    v6.30 ai
    v6.30 aiv6.30 ai
    v6.30 ai
    v6.30 aiv6.30 ai
    v6.30 ai
    v6.30 aiv6.30 ai
    v6.30 ai
    v6.30 aiv6.30 ai
    v6.30 ai
    v6.30 ai

  341. need help says:

    hey DOTA PINOY…. please send me a crack to play dota…
    bumili me kasi WARCRAFT3 and FROZENTHRONE, nag download na me ng latest DOTA map… pero ayaw gumana ng DOTA…. help naman pls…
    sa computer shops lang me nakakapagplay ng DOta… I cant play dota at home….please help me… heres my email ad… elgee_diyes10@yahoo.com……Thanks DOTA PINOY

  342. Ron says:


    Download the latest Map that is 6.30b on www.getdota.com


    If you have any information about the upcoming version Dota AI’s
    Please let me know..


  343. 0re0 says:


    1) be sure that your warcrafts version is 1.20c
    if go to this link..


    2) after that installl no cd crack and euro battle net patch on this link


    3)walah!!! its done

  344. DOTA PINOY says:

    hahaha! no one will give you their VALID cd keys thats insane
    buy your own original CD to play on bnet

    btw pvpgn servers dont require cd key(search it)

    hehehe and why you want to play 6.27bAI on bnet
    you can play it on single player, that why it has an AI

  345. mjcqzn says:

    have a nice day!!!!!

    what will i do if i want to play battlenet my ver . 6.27 ai and 6.29, when i try to connect to the battle the mesage ” searching cd key” ,, pls. help me….can you give me the valid cd key

    thanks and god bless

  346. ja says:

    where is dota 6.30?? i want it

  347. zepolleon says:

    u can download either euro-pvpgn or POGZnet (the latter having the reputation of being serviced by PLDT).

  348. denz says:

    hey guys i need help, can somebody tell me how to run battlenet? im using
    original cd but i cant play w/o my cd. can you send me a no cd crack , im using 1.20 patch. i need to play w/ no cd.plss.

  349. player says:

    what i need to play dota on-line on battle net? My warcraft is a pirat version.

  350. peraltito says:

    waw…. gagong mga pinoy! d niya kau maiintindihan, mga ungas! mag ingles kaya kayo!


    astig d2! libre download para sa mga walang pera!
    (its cool here! free download for the coinless dudes!)

  351. DOTA PINOY says:

    whats the version of your frozen throne?

    you can download the latest 1.20c patch here www.blizzard.com/support/?id=mwr0744p

    maybe it can solve your problem

  352. wawawee says:

    hey! i cant play the 27.b ai map, when i try to create, it won start, and it has no teams. what seems to be the problem? plz help

  353. PINOYakew says:

    what da fck! 6.27ai rocks \m/^_^\m/ , challenge tol!

  354. h0td0g says:

    wen is the 6.29 AI coming out?

  355. vistanero says:

    Plssssssss ….help …do you have other warcraft maps other than Dota,,like anime fight beta?

  356. Moo says:

    When is the new AI version coming out???

  357. DOTA PINOY says:

    oo dami talaga bug sa 6.25 ai, aeigis recipe dont work and sange/yasha at iba pa

    but w/ 6.27b all bug are fixed(100%)only the problem is the AI
    nka stuck lng sila sa sulok(lower right corner of the map)if theres no creeps they could follow ;p

    btw 6.27bAI is working on my PC fine and smooth
    i’ve patched tft to v1.20c

  358. ren says:

    amp ang dming bug sa 6.25 AI..
    tpos ung 6.27 AI ayaw pa gumana.. pakers!!

  359. DOTA PINOY says:

    how can we send patch 1.20c??

    its 48.6mb, cant attach to email…

    get it from the website posted above, above and above and above and above, XD

    bili ka nlng original cd, sus mura lng un 700php ung warcraft tapos ung expansion 700php din ata

  360. gio says:

    please send me 1.20c patch plsss………i need it really plsss with a crack plssss………. hir my e-mail gio_counterstrike18@yahoo.com…thank you

  361. gio says:

    Dota 6.27b AI does not work… Hope you have a version of Dota with an AI like 6.29b AI heheehhe……ASA

  362. Ron says:

    Sure no problem…

    Please Read Before making any or asking any assistance…

    Thank you…

    Web Maintainer..

  363. javascript says:

    Oi RON Thank you ha!! di ko kasi napansin yung post mo dyan yung instruction of how dota would work!! THANKS ang laking tulong nyan pare!!!

  364. javascript says:

    please tell me why dota map dont run on my pc i already download 6.28 and 6.29 and none of them work!! WHY please tell me SIR!! i love to play DOTA! PLEEEEEASE! my email is yeng59@yahoo.com

  365. deathblade says:

    i’d like to improve the AI. can any one here teach me how to load it in the editor? i’m lacking something (some addons perhaps) since i always get the error invalid or missing units.

  366. Risto says:

    What’s that bug

  367. DOTA PINOY says:

    tft v1.20c patch is 48.6mb

    GET THE PATCH HERE www.blizzard.com/support/?id=mwr0744p

    pls read other post before you request

  368. Asheyet says:

    hey guys.. can some1 send me the 1.20 patch.. samzworld11@yahoo.com… pls do help me run my dota correctly… im having a hard time.. thanks… btw, its samzworld11@yahoo.com.. tnx again..

  369. DOTA PINOY says:

    pls read other post before you post

  370. barebone says:

    Me too. map 6.29 and 6.29b doesnt work. Please send me patch too. or download link.


  371. olikba says:

    Anyone can help me please…i finiis downloding 6.27ai, 6.28, 6.29.Why is it won’t work….can someone send me the patch for it… heres my email add jgry_20@yahoo.com


  372. DOTA PINOY says:

    hello! im kinda new here, just what i see there so many noobs here, i want to help you guys,
    -> get v1.20c patch at www.blizzard.com/war3x/
    to make your dota 6.2x+ “ai or not” to run
    -> dota is a map not an application, it used to run with warcraft3TFT “like a scenario””it is a scenario!”
    -> place your map at c:\program files\warcraft III\maps\
    -> if your using burned cd “pirated cd” just search for no cd loader “crack”
    -> dota maps works only for TFT

  373. V! says:

    Great DotA map with great AI work!!
    Everybody is looking forward for the 6.28 AI map!!
    Keep up the good work!!!
    CIA YO!!!

  374. Ron says:

    Correction pala…

    Patch 1.20c ang nid nyong patch para updated Warcradt TFT nyo…

    Same with the no-cd crack..

    Download the 1.20c no-cd crack from HERE…


    Thx for the correction…

  375. Ron says:


    This is the right way to install and get dota maps..

    1. Install War 3 ROC (dont patch or crack yet)
    2. Install War 3 TFT (dont patch or crack yet)
    3. Download TFT 1.20c English patch, Located HERE.. www.blizzard.com/support/?id=mwr0744p..

    4. Download a no-CD Crack. Downloaded mine from HERE–http://www.gameburnworld.com/gp/gamefixes/warcraft3thefrozenthrone.shtml

    -PLease note na kailangan ang no-cd patch nyo ay for version 1.20c ng Warcraft 3, kasi hindi sya mag-run kung mali ang crack nyo.

    5. Apply/Run the Downloaded 1.18 Patch, not the No-CD Crack.

    6. Copy the No-CD Crack in your “C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\” Folder or wherever you put the game, If it asks to replace the file, click YES.

    Try running your Frozen Throne…

    -If it runs, Download latest DoTA-Allstars Map at dota-allstars.com
    -PLace the map in the “C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\Maps” folder. Remember where you put it, so you can find it later when you play custom, battlenet or lan games.

    -Run and load through custom games the DoTA map.

    -If your Frozen throne won’t work, please review the steps again. Take note of the versions.


    -If the link does not work, you can always use Google. ;)

  376. DADA says:


  377. dude- says:

    Hey.. gd job with the AI, just that as many have mentioned, heroes get stuck at the bottom-right of the map doing nothing, and the heroes level so much faster than humans! can fix that? Thanks

  378. KURT says:


  379. lil d says:

    i downloaded the dota file and when I clicked it said

    The apllication has encountered a critical error:
    Not enough storage is avaialbe.(i have 32gb left)
    program:c:\games\warcraft iii\wordledit.exe

    plz help me out

  380. rojanblazespark says:

    why aren’t there any new heroes in the sentinel?? you should install new heroes to their empty tavern. what’s its use then?? put someone with a bloodmage player model..

  381. Erwin T. Baliano says:

    Helo, I cant open the Dota 6.28b and 6.27b ai, pls. help me to resolve the problem.


  382. namzuged says:

    i want to play DotA all star 6.27b ai and 6.28b^_^ so plsss give me a file of a DotA all star….

  383. DRAKE says:

    pano po mag download dota di po masave sa local ko

  384. 09174356235 says:

    LAna bang bagong AI maps dyan?

  385. 5525787 says:

    its fun and fare due to fix of bugs.

  386. pix says:

    6.29 Iwant do u have ?

  387. ken says:

    nai-download mo na po ba ung pogznet?? pde po pakipost na rin sa download list?

  388. 87 says:

    i can’t download the ****** 6.25ai

  389. hades says:

    i cant download 6.27 ai all error what the f***

  390. Judison says:

    i can’t download the dota 6.27b ai

  391. zepolleon says:

    tama c noobs, daming nagmumura, parang mga baguhan sa dota.

    nyways, its working pretty smoothly sa machine ko. it all depends on the vid card, at kung bnet ang usapan sa isp na lang cguro… broadband the best…

    meron bang mga pipol dyan na may alam ng pogznet at kung pano 2 download? pleez pa post. :)

    peace out. :)

  392. noobs says:

    1. Get latest patch of Warcraft 3 (1.20c i believe)

    2. www.eurobattle.net (look for their 1.20c battlenet installer)

    3. Install the installer you get from step 2 (contains the no cd patch for the 1.20c patch, and the ability to play online in the euroserver

    4. Launch game.

    *Para sa mga pinoy dyn na mura ng mura, get a life…… or better yet get a girlfriend…… DotA is just a game…….. >.>

  393. hey says:

    i Cant open the map even I already downloaded 8.
    pls answer me.. illiot

  394. Putangina... says:

    I wish my dota will work just fine…
    Is my english correct??
    If this game don’t work smooth,
    I will say bad words like this…..
    ) & % ! ^ % * ^ ! & (
    p u t a n g i n a m o

  395. Ron says:

    I can’t launch the game even if i had the v 1.20c patch…

    Did i miss something?


    Please don’t be angry to filipino people…
    No one is perfect…
    We all have mistakes…

    So please…

    Respect us Filipinos..
    Thanks for understanding

  396. clickkyme says:

    you all damn idiot, evry patch update and dota ai is working, maybe your mind is totally not working, try to think dude and shut your mouth and ******* up and evrything will work for you.
    happy gaming

  397. Ron says:

    Can dota maps work on frozen throne version 1.18?


  398. HERO says:

    who the best hero in dota allstar..with map V 6.29 ???

  399. Ron says:

    Hi, I already manually patched the frozen throne to version 1.20c

    But i can’t launch the game…

    Can you help me??

    Did i miss something…


  400. TAO says:


  401. annoyed says:

    you people are all pathetic. Sitting, pissing, whining.


    all lazy ******* morons who live with their mothers, sit back, and hopes the world will wipe their asses for them. Seriously, more braindead a race is harder to find than Filipinos. No self respect, ability, or dignity of any form. Just whining and hoping to God someone helps them out for no fee whatsoever.

    Its no wonder you have lost every conflict in history without foreign aid. If I were you, I would just shoot myself and save my mother the trouble of breast feeding me till I was 50.

    QUIT ******* WHINING!!!!!!!!

  402. BlackKing says:

    I also got problem with higher version of 6.27b like 6.27b AI, 6.28, 6.29 and i also download WTTF 1.20c but still i cant run the file…..

    do i forgot something ? plz i need your great ideas….

    doTa’s fReak

    man ! is that what u call… manners… ur ******* suck kid !




  403. jhun says:

    mirror image that caary manta burn away mana…
    like naga siren, 4 images for lvl 4 ability and 3 images by using manta…
    1 image burn away 36 mana, mean 7 images burn away 252 mana per hit…found in 6.28

  404. Kitty says:

    Hey man….the6.28 apeared just a few weeks ago!!! wait a bit until the new tavern is full of new heroes and then there will be v2.68 AI….But until then visit www.dotaallstar.org

  405. Dean says:

    Where can i find dota version 6.28 AI.
    Please help.

  406. jake says:

    how can i down lod dota 6.28 pls help me

  407. Gabrielson says:

    I’ve downloaded the 6.27b AI, but the creep ( Heroes ) is too easy for me. I can settle 5 insane mode in a game. Please improve it !

  408. Ron says:

    I have already patched the game to 1.20c

    But i can’t launch the game..

    Can you help me?


  409. FTB-RastaMan says:

    Hey found more bugs in the dota 6.27b ai 1.7 version

    Necrolics level1 ability the slow thing tends to affect other heros aswell wtf it is suppose only to work on necrolic.And brislteback ultimate seems still to be AOE now and then.WHy do the ai heros lv 2/3 faster than human players?????ANd there is still the bug where the scourge ai heros get stuck in the bottom lane…Camping in dota thats just lame.

    And could sum1 plz improve some ai versions: I mean not1 ai hero buys sange and yasha.SUm1 agility heros items suck i mean who is gonna buy threads and 2 headress of rejuvination(B.T.W they dont stack) for sum1 like naga siren or bounty hunter.I mean really the agiliity heros that buy thos items stand no chance against the str heros which builds are ten times better.

    SUm1 ai heros still not using there abilities(I know its difficult to create ai and i am not criticising just giving suggestions that would make it better)
    The blinkers dont blink enough to kill or survive i think ive seen magina blink once.
    Bloodseeker doest use his ulti
    Sniper doesnt snipe
    Keeper of the light doesnt use his charging ability
    Ive seen doom doom a creep(cmon, the poor creep)
    Bloodseeker doesnt use his gain movement speed ability
    Pudge doesnt hook and uses his ulti on creeps

    And lastly the biggest bug of all!When i Windwalk or pick up invisible ruin in the water when playing against ai. The ai heros know exactly i am.They dont shoot me but theu use their spell on me. Nerubian assasin stuns me while i am standing behind him and the creep. Death prophet spammed me with her carrion swarm 4 times while i was invisible.I mean sorry to say but that sucks ***

    But great improvement on the rest ppl keep up the good work

  410. lance says:

    i cant start my dota.. what are the requirements to make it work.. please help me

  411. Anthony says:

    Well, 6.27 AI better AI then before, thanks Cloud,,,,
    6.28 rulez….

  412. ian marc says:

    about the dota ai 6.27b. the scourge ai will tend to station on the lower right of the screen, they will not move unless they are attacked. the problem with this is, in the long run the ai will have lower levels compared with the other players.

    please check if this is a bug

    thank you

  413. Jin Jiang says:

    errm i cant download the 1.20 patch well i like dota very much i really want to play it can anyone send the patch to my web site please, its J.J.Phuah@gmail.com thank you to everone that read this and willing to help me

  414. Ungas says:

    Other mixing items on 6.25AI doesn’t work. Plese fix it.

  415. catur-dop says:

    I need DotA Allstars v6.28 but with AI

  416. your the best… thanks for the help… you make my computer gaming shop survive… rock in roll dude…


  417. LIONHEART says:

    i have a bug report about brood mother; sometimes i can’t have 8 webs in fourth level only i can have 4 webs can u fix it

  418. ob1ivi0n says:

    Thanks for this, ignore all the negative comments, the AI version ROCKS!!! The AI are much better than I expected.

    And all you out there complaining, writing the AL scrpits for a game like this is very time consuming and difficult, you should be thankful it’s available at all.

    Cheers To The Creators!!!

  419. Postman Pat says:

    WTF!!!! does anybody knows how to suck up the suckertess of this games it’s a bullshit!! the witch doctor is useless…… **** the new hero.. up grade that ******* skills….

  420. -erika- says:

    elliotback… ur great…

  421. -erika- says:

    pls send me a 1.20b patch…
    so that i can play dota smoothly..

    hirs my email add… erika28mi@yahoo.com

  422. -erika- says:

    can anyone hir help me to download a patch of 1.20b?
    so that i can play dota smoothly… pls…
    or can u just pls send the patch to my email add..
    tnx.. =)

    aNd 4 doTa’s fReak,

    iTs not bad to post ur comment in filipino..
    there’s nothing wrong with that bcoz
    it is their native language..

  423. sEan says:

    well, i like this site..
    it is a great help..
    i also love to play dota, it gives me money.. hehe..
    just 1 question duh?
    is there a newer version of AI?
    after 6.27b ai….
    tnx nwei…

  424. DOTA"s frEEAK says:


    Iwant to report.
    DOTA 6.27b ai got a bug where suddenly during the game play all the scourge AI go to one side of the lane (3rd lane, BOTTOM lane) and wait for us to come there and interrupt them…

    ARROYO POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  425. n00b sniper says:

    www.blizzard.com download the 1.20b patch, doesn’t need original copy

  426. rayson says:

    hey elliot wee all have the same problem.
    1. our version is of frozen throne is 1.17
    2. it is NOT a original copy
    3. We cant upgrade it via battlenet cause its pirated but would like to play it even at the comfort of our home.
    4. All version up to 6.27 (W?OUT A1) works fine even anime dota but anything higher than that dont work anymore.
    So how do we solve it??

  427. RastaMan says:

    yo i just downloaded 6.27b ai and it rocks ai a bit easy tho but much better than 6.25 ai or 6.12 ai but i found one or 2 small things that aint right:
    The Scourge bots(ai heros) keep on getting stuck in the bottom lane just before the sentinels first tower and sumetimes stand there for 30 minutes unless sum1 attacks them.Does spiritbrakers movement aura thingy work cause i dont see his movement auro around him when i choose the skill i think it works but the aura doesnt show and a last thing that i have noticed since the first ai why doest keeper of the light use his first spell the light charging thingy cause to me i wont ever play keeper of the light if he doesnt have that spell.

    Keep up the good work ppl

  428. Slaye®™ says:

    Hey Guys! i dont know what”s happening to your ai,I dont have any problem when i download it, it works fine for me,try to get 1.20 patch maybe it will help you run 6.27 ai and other maps smoothly…

  429. popo says:

    change ur warcraft version to 1.20.

  430. Elliott Back says:

    I don’t know what’s going on. I just downloaded it and it works fine. Put the map into your Warcraft III\Maps\Download folder and you’re ready to go.

  431. George says:

    Why the 28 won’t work? i’ve tried to download it 3 times!!!

  432. Aaron says:

    Why is it that 27.d ai and 28 won’t work…. it jut keep coming back…. can someone send me the patch for it… heres my email add : distruptor99@yahoo.com

    I Love You Angela!!!!!

  433. KimberLy says:

    hei,. juz wanna ask,. h0w c0me the d0tav6.28 aint w0rkin?,. i trieD t0 d0wnL0ad the v.6.28 n’ 27 but its stiLL n0t w0rkin?,. h0pe you c0uLd heLp,. thnx!!

  434. Don't Be Stupid says:

    Most of the people posting keep complaining about the AI, cursing, or asking stupid questions. (How can I make AI work?

  435. ampfufu says:

    pls hellp me how to download dota v6.27 ai….cause i cant download it

  436. Carl says:

    hey…how do i run dota version 27b ai..when i open it it doesn’t work it always goes back to the create page..why is that…pls help me elliot…i already have the frozen throne version 1.17 and i can play ai’s like 12,22, and 25..but not 27b ai…i’m already having a hard time..plss help me, plsss thanx

  437. Darren says:

    it’s good… i like DotA… and this makes me love it… not just like it… good job…

  438. Erk says:

    the reason the 6.27b ai doesnt work is because the idiot creator(of the ai) just copyed the 5.84c ai into 6.27b map. thus recipes are to match up with 5.84c, ie ring of protecton for aegis instead of stout sheild. shoddy work not worth the download

  439. Slaye®™ says:

    6.27b ai is good,but still ther’s a bug that need to be fixed,ai hero’s always stuck up on the uppuer right side of the map waiting for their opponent,they their until someone attacks them they do nothing but stand there…hope you fixed it!

  440. sherwin says:

    your’re good . i enjoy it so much, 6.27 AI is good

  441. Baguio head hunter says:

    dota 6.27 with ai is ok… it’s cool.. good job to the one who made it.. found one bug.. some ai hero get stucked at the bottom right corner of the map, south east corner, doing nothing..

  442. DotAster says:

    AI bug!
    I didn’t read all the posts,,, too much there, but, sometimes the AI stand in the corner of the map, waiting for some1 to come, but it stands there for like 20minutes, and after he dies he just goes back in the same spot ~til end of time :S

  443. james says:

    how can i download dota 6.25 AI when its ol Print!??

  444. Syrhc says:

    tnx sa 6.27b ai i will try this ai

  445. NETRICSA says:

    6.27b rocks!
    not yet found a bug…..and thats damn good!!

  446. tata 2000 says:

    dota 6.27 is damn good
    cant expect more than this….in a couple of days hehehe…
    too bad i can beat super ai
    hoping there were ultra ai…
    good job afterall
    thanx a lot for the maker
    u’re astonishing!!!

  447. Christo says:

    I played the map and found one bug, some AI heroes will tend to stop at the bottom right corner without doing anything, especially when they are your ally.

  448. ArvinBoggs says:

    TO: DotA pinoy
    Thanx for the link. It’s true. I found DoTA 6.27b w/ AI 1.70 @ www.dotaas.com. Download it now. I havent found any bugs yet

  449. DotA God says:

    DotA God

    Bugs: www.dotawc3-world.org – God Website…!
    Juggernaut:Omnislash Bugs
    Treant Protector:Over Growth Range Low…!
    Brood Mother:Incapititating Bite Don’t Work…!
    Roshan:More Weaker…!
    AI:Fast Level Up…!
    Rigwarl:Warptime AoE…?
    Omniknight:Guardian Angel Bugs…”watta pity”
    Exp:Fast…Normal Mode or ******* Mode…!
    Bone Clinkz:Strafe 100% while in 6.27a 80%…”Stupid”
    Lion:FoD lvl1 dmg 600…? “wtf”
    Rogue Knight:GS lvl 1 100% multiplier…? in 6.27b 75%…
    Agi:4points per 1armor “all agi heros POWERFULL” but sux

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~DotA Allstar Tournament~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Kilamdor Tournament (1)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Gateway ip **-**-***-* wtf~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Thanks Toooooooooooo!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~DotA God “Alex Glande”~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  450. Joe says:

    Wow, 6.27B nice, Love it

  451. Citranet says:

    the AI is too easy, i can do triple kill once in a minute, please somebody upgrade the AI

  452. ?? says:

    www.epicwar.com >>> 6.27bAI v 1.70

  453. sheep says:

    How can i play it?It doesnt start!!!!!!!!!!Please reply………i wabt it very much

  454. thefuck??? says:

    the ****, all the cursing to fix the damn map. it is quite harder than you thunk you ******* simpletons! if you think that making a good wc3 map is that easy, and adding and making an ai script is easy then why the **** don’t you do it yourselves! 6.25 ai sucks big time, a lot of things dont work or dont work properly. i would have loved to play with the new heroes and updated items but i think still 5.84c or 6.12 is still better. **** you people who would “kill” (as if any of those of you who said it has the balls to do it) just to fix the map, get a life! (or you can simply go to bnet)

  455. xXx says:

    izzit got 6.27b ai already?
    because i heard my fred said they saw ppl play it before…………but i can not find it …….

  456. JUN says:

    is there a 6.27b ai version coming out?

  457. JUN says:

    Juggernaunt’s omnislash doesnt work.

  458. Sexy Beast THINKS ALL U ARE ANUSSES says:

    i love me some dota and some 1.6

  459. Shadow Stalker says:

    **** This Version!!! This version is full of bugs like many people say NO YASHA, Tinys 1 spell doesnt work and Rikimarus Last spell doesnt have a picture!? Whats up whit that?! Fix or il kill everyone!(I hope that my terms are understandible?)

  460. ultimatetite says:


  461. Dota Pro ! says:

    Uhm!.. Many Thanks… i need 6.25 AI.. Because, ****! im bored w/
    6.12 AI It’s so.. old !! im glad i found this site.. many thanks..

  462. ako ni bay says:

    please try to fix dota 6.25 ai i’m a suicide bommer if you dont fix i will assasinate you all ****……………………………………………

  463. NoName says:

    Hmm,Sange and Yasha can’t use?(They can’t create =.=”) Please FIX the shield that revive hero(I forgot the name but it make by Plate Mail + Struot Shield + Plaswalker Cloth)

    My english is bad,try to correct me

  464. tae says:

    how to download AI? Plz Reply My answer

  465. Corse says:

    Thank for this … 6.12 AI is too old.

  466. JM Reyes says:

    ooh, cool… 6.25 with AI, i hope it morphs the item i need for combination not like 6.12 version on AI

  467. Kent Arizala says:


  468. humps says:

    does it really work?? i mean the 6.25ai?????? this better not be a waste of time!!!!!!!!!!

  469. Elliott Back says:

    To turn on the AI, just add computer players and wait. They’ll spawn with the creeps!

  470. yoyoyo says:

    how can u initiate the AI in the map?

  471. Cloud_Str says:

    do you have other warcraft maps other than Dota,,like anime fight beta?

  472. […] BTW, you can download DOTA on my other site […]

  473. fcs says:

    dota–putangina ai 6.25—**** you!

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