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Exploding Dell Laptop Battery BONANZA!

Posted in Computers & Technology,Hardware by Elliott Back on August 20th, 2006.

This amusing video shows a couple of seemingly British comedians advertising the explosive qualities of Dell laptops inside a Dell store:

Dell are having an EXPLOSIVE FIRESALE –

The monologue is so amusing, I can’t help but write it down here:

[In the studio]
This week my heart’s been breaking for poor old Dell computers. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with their laptops whatsoever, they’re actually perfectly good products, except for the minor inconvenience of the batteries exploding into flames. I thought the only possible solution would be a visit from the surprise spooker!

[Inside a Dell Store]
That’s right shoppers, come on into Dell computers! It’s our explosive fire sale! The laptop burning battery bonanza! Four million computers are walking out the fire escape! Yes, they have got to go up in your face. Real bargains, sir, that will leave you a red-hot corpse. It’s dangerously defective digital devices madness! These laptops will blow your top off! Bring your truck, bring your trailor, bring your fire-extinguisher… Look, the only equipment that needs shutting down here, sir, is these laptops!

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  3. gnoshi says:

    I believe that these guys are actually from the Chaser’s War On Everything – an Australian Program on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

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