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Facebook Fraud: Ponzi Scams!

Posted in Law,Spam,Web 2.0 by Elliott Back on December 14th, 2006.

The problem with opening up Facebook to the entire world is that spammers also live in the world, and therefore spammers can now use Facebook to do their evil bidding. Take, for example, Marvin Mooney, who created a so-called “Playstation 3 for Xmas” party. The description is quite innocuous, it reads:

Sweet – I scored a new PS3!
Come over and play. Sunday at 7PM
rinf [sic] me up to RSVP 817.235.2123

If you call the number, you find out that Marvin Mooney is really Cameron Dillon, who sent 844 people the following affiliate email:

Want a PS3 in Time for Christmas?
How about for FREE*!


Particpate in our offer to Qualify.

*- Must be an active Facebook User*
*- Must be 18 or older*
*- Must be a US Resident*
*- Participation Required*

Limited Offer so Participate now to Qualify.


Facebook PS3 Scam

This is yet another scam that operates by affiliate marketing. If Cameron gets a dozen people to sign up through that link, he’ll get a free ps3. For them to get one, they each need to scam another dozen people the same way. Eventually, the market wisens up to a new Ponzi scam, and people stop signing up. When that happens, everyone on the bottom has lost. The public is too knowledgeable for them to recoup their losses by enrolling them; without new members, it ends sadly.

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2 Responses to “Facebook Fraud: Ponzi Scams!”

  1. Danielle says:

    Wait.. that was a SCAM?!??! jk.. jk..

  2. shorty114 says:

    So sad. If you really wanted one you can get a job, save up, and buy one. Not spending your time scamming people.

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