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Fake iPod Shuffle

Posted in Apple,Counterfeit,iPod,iPod Shuffle,Law,MP3,Music by Elliott Back on April 20th, 2006.

When I see the following well-produced Apple iPod Shuffle knockoffs, I wonder why anyone cares? If they’re half as expensive and do the same thing, it’s just an example of foreign innovation:


This stack of iPod shuffles was sold on ebay to a poor Frenchman. He complains, “while browsing eBay, I spotted a seller proposing iPod shuffle (with a 40 units stock). He was reporting to have them bought in China, so I assumed he must have had a good deal.” Appleinsider reports that Apple has released a guide highlighting some noteable differences between faked iPods and real genuine ones:


For example, here are things to check:

  • Nonstandard headphone jacks
  • No dock connector
  • The serial number 6U545TK2TJT
  • No included USB cable
  • Slightly longer screen than the real nano
  • Play/Pause symbol on the middle button
  • No repeat option on the on/off switch
  • No battery or status light

If you’ve experience trouble with fake Apple products, leave your story in the comments. I’d love to hear what’s really going on out there.

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87 Responses to “Fake iPod Shuffle”

  1. Misty says:

    I have always wanted an Ipod touch but I have no way of affording that its impossible for me. But because I wanted something to listen to my music a friend gave me an Ipod shuffle at least thats what I thought it was until I put all my music on it and I could only listen to about 10 of them I was really mad but at least it was free right. I ran the software on it and it said amt mp3.

  2. Bob says:

    For Christmas, my father in law purchased 3 nanos for my kids. I could not get them to sync with itunes. I called apple and in giving them the s/n on each one, we discovered that all three had the same s/n. Also in the packaging, they spelled “designed” wrong. My father in law was so proud that he cut out the middle man and bought them online from China and saved a ton of money.

  3. jun2 says:

    I think with all fake/chinese-taiwan mp3/4 players, you can just use Windows Explorer or Directory Opus to transfer files. Drag/drop everything. The only issues with these players are since it’s cheap parts sometimes when you turn them on, it will be on chinese (default)language and you have to change to english (have a chinese friend wid you) anothing thing is the life expectancy of the gadget some will go for more than a year, other days. And I’m glad I have a ORIGINAL IPODTouch!! heheheh

  4. Matt says:

    I am a distributer of iPod Nano Style MP3’s in Australia and New Zealand.

    I offer 110% refund on these “fake” iPod Nano MP3’s if my customers are not happy with them however I must say this…



    Please be careful!


  5. ashi says:

    I have a fake nano , I feel stupid for not knowing but can i ask , how to transfer music from pc to the imitation nano? T.T i work like crazy dealing with that ******* nano .

  6. sandip says:

    my ipod give me i/o device problem can you suggest me solution on that please send me feed as soon as possible

  7. Joan B. says:

    If you want to get REAL ipods, at wholesale prices, check this site out. I ordered 5 from a company and they just arrived and are great!


  8. Jamie says:

    i got an Ipod shuffle second generation and it worked fine for a year
    and now recently the whole thing has become corrupt, it keeps overheating and cant be reccognised by my pc

    no idea what happened to it :S

  9. teamomga says:

    bill, you pay for music? you can extract music from youtube no viruses using codes ect quickly and easy, get it somewhere.. prob got virus, you do not have to buy on itunes, and its legal to do free method, just don;t download it! i got 60gb on my 80 gb ipod of music i got free without viruses and bad quailty, i used youtube, not videos, the music in it, extract, no videos, and… many more, and 21gb videos
    (podcasts) ipods are best, apart from ipod shuffel mabey, it is free to get music and videos ect, use it wisely, and you can hack them ect, they are cool, not enough people know much about tech, i mean can they even hack? or know simple codes… this is why people think ones not best when it is :( poor people, need more education in this world, and sorry for typing, i ' am 13 and very fast typer… and you do not need to use itunes, use my computer, find the ipod and sync ect… gosh easy

  10. nikita says:

    Yeah, I was duped, but I didn’t pay much. But please anyone if you have gotten yours to work or a virus please respond to this.

    The fakes I got have 2 songs preloaded on it, and some kind of AMT software that doesn’t seem to do anything. (it shows up as a CD on my mac in addition to the storage disk.) Windows media player won’t sync with it. I don’t mind a knock off if it just plays music, I’m fine with that, but I cant figure out how to get more songs. but i also don’t want a virus.
    If you have any solutions please email me: nikitarose@earthlink.net

  11. sara says:

    if you plug the usb cord into the computer and open real player then click on the removable drive g disk, them you can upload anything in your realplayer library onto the fake ipods,

  12. John Rawlins says:

    I bought a fake IPOD Shuffle.

    Fine EXCEPT FOR:

    the useless headset,
    the failure to communicate via USB2.0 (it does work with 1.1 but advises that it could operate on a USB2.0 link),
    the fact that it only charges when swiched on
    and finally the fact that the flash drive seems to lose all data on a regular basis and requires reformatting (could it be that the flash is not flash after all?).

    All in all a REAL BARGAIN !?!?1?1

  13. santos says:

    bought fake nano,got it to work,put songs on it,then the next day,an egg timer came up on the screen. it hasnt left,cant get it to reset. anyone know how to reset???????

  14. dippadave says:

    I tried to sell some Shuffle look-alikes for £15 on eBay earlier this year, they were in fact non-branded, did not even pretend to be apple and I clearly stated in my listings that the product was not an apple ipod shuffle. eBay threatened to ban me for infringeing a trademark licence and made me take a tutorial before I was allowed to sell again.

    Seems to me that they are cracking down on the more honest sellers who don’t pretend it’s something it’s not and letting the scammers get away with it.

  15. joseyanne says:

    ebay ebay ebay….i think they should be held responsible, they are letting these con artist use their site that we public are getting ripped off from…sort your act out ebay its not fair when people are finding life hard at the moment anyway with high bills. Get these con artists of your site!!
    I have stopped using ebay, i will buy nothing now from them. I hope you decent folk get your money back

  16. louise says:

    hi jo, i agree there should be no fuss at all – its up to the individual if you want a fake one or not. But when people are advertising this as original then now thats something else. I got ripped off paid 80 pounds for a fake ipod on guess where ebay – not impressed ive saved up for this for ages plus putting my birthday money toward this. its not far off the original price of 98 pounds in the shops so you can imagine my anger disappointment and all the rest. This was described as original when it came the package was from china – im going all the way with this one – so god help if i dont get my money back – right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. butterfly says:

    I have a fake Nano I can sell you if you can get it to work. I was duped, too.
    She said it was used, so I didn’t think too much of the price and she had one bad feedback but more good on eBay.

    I wouldn’t care so much if it was a fake if I could just get it to work. My computer won’t recognize it as new hardware. And maybe that’s why the USB Error message I am getting is.

  18. jo says:

    i bought a Fake ipod shuffle 2 weeks ago now. i think its an amazing thing bieng a student with a shortage of money i thought it was a bargian. it works brillianly nothing bad about it i dont no why people are making such a fuss about them. im even looking for a fake Nano now any ideas of where to get one ?

    • victoria says:

      I have 5 (made in China)
      $80 each.
      Brand New MP4 Player 3rd Generation
      ipod nano 3rd gen generation nano mp3 MP4 Player
      Colors Available:
      Pink, Silver, Black


      1.8” TFT 262K color screen display.

      Built-in Memory: / 1GB / 2GB / 4GB /

      Support multi-languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, ect.. Up to 26 languages.

      Play MP3: MP3, WMV format.

      Play Movies: AMV

      ID3 tag: Lyrics display.

      Game Function

      Record Function: Built-in microphone recording

      Electronic album-JPEG. Photo browsing function

      E-book Reader

      Lithium rechargeable battery

      Product Size: 69.8 x 52.3 x 6.5 mm

      Weight: 50g

      What`s in the box

      USB Flash Disk

      English User Manual

      Free Silicon Case as gift

      Stereo Headphone

      USB Cable / AC Power Supply


  19. Ms Mia says:

    My bf bought mehh a fake ipod.. buh at first it was difficult 2 sync trackz on2 it.. buh it took meh 4 hours to solve dahh issue,
    all you have 2 do is.. simply sync on window’s media player/real player..
    Omdais.. was searchin evrywher 2 find owt hw 2 do this.. buh iit was soooo simple..

  20. got ripped off says:

    slimjim19731973 sold a batch of fake 1st gen ipod shuffle 512mb’s. Straight afterwards suprise he set feedback to private and then no longer became a registered user.

    The writing was on the wall cheque/cash or postal order only. what a mug.

  21. Pakook says:

    Where do i get a manual for a Fake Ipod Nano 8gb? the lcd is allways on and the battery does not go so long with it. thanks…

  22. Tonny says:

    got my “iPod” as a present. was really excited in the beginning but lack of battery indicator and repeat/shuffle functions really made me suspicious about it’s identity. Also, in the system it’s detected as SigmaTel MSCN USB Device and iTunes doesn’t recognize the device. i already have iPod mini 6Gb, so i know how it should work.
    Well, unpleasant to be scammed, BUT i got it for free, i can use it for sports, now i don’t have to care about the value of the device, cause it worth nothing…
    Anyway, Shuffle is pretty comfortable in usage…
    As an option, you can use this fake iPod just as 1Gb USB-stick with music playback support. And you can feel how does it feel like to have a mp3-played that is NOT an Apple :)))

  23. Dave C. says:

    Sister-in-law bought fake 1GB iPod shuffle (clip-on style) off e-bay. Came with a virus on it which her firewall stopped from contacting the internet. See my blog for more details on the virus. Still trying to verify the computer is clean. Be careful with these.

  24. gerti says:

    it a llittle stupid to pay 4 times more for a thing when u can get it four time less. i this case i can spot 2 problems the first is of practicality, ie does it give roughty the same utillity? and the second is a more moral questoion . it is morally permisible not to respect the people who intent something and to damage them by bying fake products.
    for the first question i can give only e partial response because i have only my case to consider . i bought an ipod shuffle (fake) for 30S when an real one (in albania, south eastern europe ) is sold for 120s so the economical profit is clear . and this piece of 30s rreally works sometimes it crashes but rarely. so i gained 90s with the cost of being disturbed from the rare crashes. it is possible that this fake ipod will stop working much more earlier than a real one , but considering that a tennological device is made obsolete very quickly, when it will happen i will buy a better and more sophisticaded one. so i thing it is worth!
    the second question, that of moral permitiblillity, i very simple to sovle. How can i be considered to be morally responsible to an corporation ( or any corporation) which, brokes every law or norm of morallity as soon as it can. those corporations in every country that they can pay their employers like slaves , they employ children of every age for a piece of bread and , i dond thing , that te directors of thiese corporations have much in their heart the live of these children. so ultimately , i dont thing that i have some moral obligation to them.

    (i apologize for my english)

  25. yourcrazy says:

    In case you less fortunate people didn’t know,Apple iPods are Made in China! If you need to be mad at someone, try being mad at US Corporations that manufacture their products in China & make billions. Read this article on Apple.www.macworld.co.uk/news/index.cfm?NewsID=14915

    Apple’s iPods are made by mainly female workers who earn as little as £27 per month

    Also be mad at ebay & paypal,because for one ebay knows what’s going on & lets certain sellers sell their counterfeits & paypal takes the money.Check out this site www.dhgate.com…..guess what,they use PayPal & have over 11,000 verified people that have bought from them,that doesn’t include non-verified.This website is where ebayers purchase their products for sale.

    By cheap & sell big! Now go make some money.

    if you really think the US Govt. cares about piracy,then your a fool.If they did they would stop all trade & imports from China.Do you realize how much goods comes into the US from China each day….it’s all about money and trade offs.

    BTW, if you want to buy an “Authentic” item don’t look on Ebay,go to the manufacturers specific website or some other legitimate site.But not Ebay.

  26. bigtman says:

    why would you think that a half or less price ipod would WORK!!! you should be ripped off for being so STUPID as to buy one,,you only add to the problem of piracy!!! you get what you pay for and if you think buying from china is so good then perhaps you need to live in china!!!

  27. deck says:

    Yeah, my dad bought an I-pod nano for my little brother, But when we turned it on, there was a clock on it, nothing else. My dad got it for 30 bucks. On ebay. And we learned out lesson

  28. gizanny says:

    why do you give poeple fake ipod its not funny and its not a joke my sister have wone now she must return it BACK
    now they dont have ani oregenal ipods now she have to buy a new wone
    this is just a waist of money and she dont like IT

  29. dudu says:

    hi guys… hey, do u guys have the driver for fake ipod shuffle???
    can anyone send it to my email at du182@hotmail.com plzzzz….

  30. Mike says:

    To all the people that intentionally bought fake iPods, consciously, I hope they broke down on you. I’m not an Apple fan boy, but I loathe those unoriginal manufacturers that have to rip innovative products off to make money. They should waste their time innovating instead.

    By buying their products, not only are you getting something that is inferior, but you’re supporting their piracy. And in case you actually care, the sound quality is inferior too.

    To all those that got them ‘by mistake’… WTF do you expect? It’s pretty obvious that unless it’s second hand, you’re not going to get an original product at half the price. Is it that damn hard to understand that in life you get what you pay for?

    If you want a decent MP3 player, buy the real thing and avoid being burnt.

  31. Laura says:

    Thanks, because i’m from Europe, and I was in San Francisco and bought also an ManndDIGITAL
    I was searching and searching for the site, but didn’t find it; I was worried
    it’s not a real apple, and you can have a lot of problems then. but now that I read your comments, I’ll see if it works.

  32. disko says:

    it’s really funny because i was so happy when i found this fake ipod shuffle in the street. i was travelling that time around europe and that teen-pop stuffed mp3 player my day. aftr i came back from trip i tried the upload songs… well i failed. my linux/windows box doesnt recognizes this player indeed. i will keep that for a memory may be i can sell it on ebay after 20 years as a “first fake 1st gen ipod shuffle”.. that would be so kitch!

  33. Eli says:

    Hi, in April I purchased 2 pcs mp3 players for my kids on ebay that looked like the fake shuffles and after 1 week they stopped working and I threw them away, they cost me $60 each. In May, last month I was walking around downtown San Francisco and saw the MP3 players that looked like the shuffles at a window display of an electronic store, only these mp3 players were branded MANNDIGITAL. I decided to buy a 1GB Manndigital shuffle and see how it works out. So far, I must say..I am impressed! It’s been 2 months now and not a single problem. I asked the store owner about Warranty and he said if there are any problems, call the store , leave your name and Number, and manndigital technical support would call me back. Point is… I am so happy with my Manndigital MP3 player which looks like the shuffle that I want to purchase another one for my other child, only thing is I live in Los Angeles and won’t be visiting San Francisco anytime soon, so I went online and googled MANNDIGITAL hoping maybe I can find it online and purchase it, but all I got was links to websites with blogs. Anyways just wanted to share my experience. Watch out from Ebay sellers! My next step is to call the store in San Francisco, see if they can purchase a MANNDIGITAL MP3 player via phone and have them ship it to me.

  34. Des says:

    true, very true.

  35. computer smarts says:

    but sometimes its actually better.

  36. computer smarts says:

    its horrible when people advertise for something and its really a fake… :(

  37. computer smarts says:

    if your “fake” ipod doesn’t work on iTunes try Real Player. Thats what i did and it worked.

  38. Jessie says:

    I bought a MANNDIGITAL mp3 player looks like the Apple Shuffle , maybe it doesn’t connect to a docking station, or maybe it doesn’t work with itunes, but I don’t expect it to work with Itunes since it’s not an apple product. The battery lasted me about 6 hours and I am fine with that …….all I do is charge it when the battery dies. Who listens to 6 hours of music anyways in 1 day? I think Apple Ipod Shuffle is over-rated. My Manndigital mp3 player which looks like the shuffle works really well, really simple to use, and sounds wonderful! And I bought a 2GB for less than what Apple is selling their 1GB shuffle for. When I checked the true capacity of my mp3 player memory it was true 2GB. I bought mine from a store in the San Francisco, Fishermans Warf. The package came with the Mp3 player, the wall charger, the usb cable, and the earphones(good earphones) too!

  39. Richard says:

    It wouldn’t be so bad if eBay sellers described these devices properly as Chinese MP3 and MP4 players. However, there is a big problem with manufacturers and sellers misusing Apple trademarks, which is very misleading, and illegal here in the UK. I was the victim of an eBay UK seller and, although a refund of the original purchase price and shipping was provided, I am still out of pocket the amount it cost me to return the counterfeit item to the seller.

  40. John says:

    For several months I have done tons of research about going in to this business of selling ipod copies including reading all the above experiences.
    I’ve looked at ebay sites that sell these copies, read their descriptions, their feedback and how much money (a lot) I figure they make I’m now having second thoughts and may start looking at alternatives…

  41. Larry says:

    I got screwed too. I got a fake Ipod Generation 2 1gb shuffle on Ebay. It won’t play at all. The sellers name is zironglu and he sells them under the heading New 2nd Apple Ipod Shuffle 1GB Silver MP3 In Box It looks like an Ipod but beware

  42. SpanishStair says:

    What happens when you tell West Yorkshire Trading Standards that a local trader has sold you a fake iPod? Probably not what you would expect if the story at www.fakeipod.co.uk is anything to go by.

  43. KILLAJ says:

    I hate dose dings dey dont even wrk
    cheatin ma money n stuff wtf?
    ill kick dere *** if i was meetin the person ill make em bleed
    punch em in da face make the real color drip!!!!!!

  44. fake ipods says:

    I also bought a Ipod and after paying recieved message from EBAY telling me not to pay. I bought this based on the U.S. location and EBAY rating and when contacting EBAY they stated they would not take any responsibility. A fake did arrive. I am just hoping to figure out how to get it to work. Has anyone been given a refund from Paypal regarding this?

  45. GAELIC_BORAT says:

    Bought an iPod Nano on Ebay. Next day, got an urgent alert from Ebay saying that the seller had been cancelled. Hello?? Tried to retract payment, but couldn’t. Calmed down & wrote an email to the seller, who, unexpectedly, replied. Few days later, package arrives from Shanghai (all the way to Ireland). Suspicions already aroused, I carefully open the box. VERY carefully. Yep, knew it straight away, a fake. And worse, it doesn’t work! I’ve been ripped off!! Aaaagh!!!!!!
    Rather than emailing the seller, I’ll use the mental energy to sue Ebay, PayPal, my ISP, the airline, the post office, the Chinese government, my mother, God – & myself!!! Bring back Mao Tse Tung!!

  46. saurabh says:

    “EBAY ” place to get cheated or to cheat someone.

    i bought APPLE ipod and recieved an email jst after paying the money that the seller was cheat and they have closed the account.
    when i launched a complaint at paypal regarding the email and non reciving of product , they sent me an SIGMATEL ipod (apple’s clone) and discarded my case sayin that item is shipped.

    lesson learnt >> if u have too much of money and want to be cheated ….log on to ebay and paypal..!!


  47. Jennifer says:

    Well now I’ve joined your ranks! Just got my eBay ‘iPod shuffle’ this morning. The Box is a perfect Apple reproduction – the device was obviously a fake the minute I saw it (I own one already – this was s’posed to be a gift) It rattles! The USB connector itself is ‘warped’ and I had a heckuva time plugging it into any one of my four 2.0 ports. But I managed! The earbuds rattle too!

    You’re all right – it doesn’t work with iTunes BUT I figured that dragging and dropping MP3s on it would work better for this particular user. However, I had to unplug/replug it in several times to get it to mount on my desktop in order to use it (with the connector as ‘tight’ as it is, this was painful…i was afraid I would rip out the port from my computer)

    Coupled with the comments here about it’s ‘untimely death’ I’m not willing to risk it now. I’m sending it back to the eBay seller today.

  48. rudy says:

    i am interested in buying a few of these as presents for family – bithdays, girlfriend anniversary and stuff like that

    i am a college student and my family is not materialistic so a knockoff would not be a big deal

    if you know where i can buy about 10+ of these please let me know


  49. DawnTreader says:

    So whats wrong with a fake ipod?

    i have used my fake ipod a total of 2 times. it doesnt work any more. by 2 times is mean hook it up and transfer music to it.

    my wife bought this ebay ipod for $58CDN last year, its a 512mb and worked pretty good as a USB drive.

    when she first got it she tried it with itunes and of course it didnt work. then i tried it out trying to help and found that it was a sigma tel mscn USB device.

    we talked with someone from apple online and they explained the differences between the real one and a fake one. they asked us to go to a local retailer and have them take pictures and show them the website that sold us the knockoff.

    but after that we were on our own. thanks a lot apple. its great you took those guys out. but now what? we still have a piece of ****.

    anyways, i later learned that it actually functioned as a poor music playing device. there was no way to get it to shuffle music, and now after only 2 changes of music and about 5 hours of play time, the thing has crapped out on me. everytime i try to put files on it using winamp, or just moving files to it like a USB drive it craps out on it. my whole computer locks up.

    i am what you would call an unhappy customer. both of the guys who sold us this ****, and apple.

    dont buy fake ipods, they just turn into junk.

  50. Damien says:

    Yes I’m yet another sucker. I bought an IPOD Shuffle off of EBay (BAD BAD IDEA) and it turns out to be a total fake. The things just feels like it’s going to fall apart, doesn’t sync with ITUNES, and is overall junk. I emailed the seller but I have a feeling I just blew $55 bucks. I’m ordering directly from Apple now.

  51. efnfast says:

    I bought a fake ipod on ebay for $15USD. So far it works fine, no virus’s or anything installed on it. No complaints…..yet. Mine also says ‘Sernal no.’ on it, heh.

  52. Kami says:

    My heart was broke when I lost my original Apple Ipod. I bought one off my sster who had purchased one off ebay. What a joke!! It is a FAKE!!! I noticed it right away. The play, pause, volume up and down etc on the front are slighty off centered. All the print in it is much darker that teh original grey that it should be. There is only a on/off switch. It doesnt hold 512 mb like it says! The funniest part is that instead of it saying serial number it says sernal number!!!
    It works though…..for now.

  53. usman says:

    hey there, theres some new ipod shuffle mini fake one, but it does every same thing as the normal ipod, it even syncs with itunes! and it looks exactly alike too, and the price was $30 with shipping to u.s! can you believe the excellent deal? i bought it off ebay if u wanna know or email me at goodkingusman@yahoo.com

  54. that nigga says:

    and itz not working now plz help me

  55. that nigga says:

    plz su 1 help me am need of help my fake ipod has only 2 buttons at the bak and i’ve been charging it for a long time now and the red light keeps flashin and noo song is comin on wah should i do??? itz been working for onlie 3 dayz now sum1 plz help me i wanna listen to it at school.lol

  56. Vicson says:

    My flatmate bought one for his girlfriend for christmas. He got it on ebay aswell and it has stopped working. It behaved like a mass storage device so I got it working for them by clicking and dragging into the player. Every couple of days the music stops playing and it will not read in the pc until you format the drive (which of course gets rid of all of the music). My advice to people, Apple have not gotten where they are by having a bad product, if you dont like big corporations then buy a Creative or another reputable player. Do not go searching on ebay for a cheap one because it will bite you in the ***. If anyone knows about winning appeals against these frauds then advise me. When he showed me the page on ebay, im pretty sure it said 4GB memory, but in reality its more like 256. Does this not mean that they lied and should face some repercussion? Hell, give me his address and ill show him a new use for his counterfeit ****!

  57. joko says:

    Does anyone know how to put a music into the fake ipod nano? Thx guys.

  58. qsebastian says:

    this mp3 player is very good, but i have a little problem….it does not work!….after only 3 weeks….why? is it possible that the problem occured because i uninstall sigma tel driver and because of that it locked when i try to open???

  59. Nadir Ali says:

    Hi m nadir from australia i baught this this for 70$ man it looks real apple one but after facing the troubles that it give u realise that theres somthing very different , i dont like to disclose the place for where i baught it neway thanks guyz but whts should i do now? ask for a refund??? coz its really a headache keeping this thing ….right now its not working :-/

  60. Jessie says:

    I received an "apple ipod shuffle" for christmas and it was bought off of ebay. It turns out it was a fake and this can be spotted fairly easily once out of the package. The backs are totally different and the lights are different as well. The manual sucks and a ton of it makes no sense. It is worded really weird. The box looks normal, but when you take the shuffle out of the box be sure to compare it to other pics of shuffles.

    Also, be careful. When you are syncing music to it, the computer recongnizes it as a sigmatel product (MSCN) and a USB mass storage device, nothing remotely close to an apple product. It may put a virus on your computer as well so if you do have a fake, do a virus scan. We were syncing from my neighbors computer and it totally messed it up.
    I was totally pissed about this and thought I would help warn people…

  61. angela says:

    I bought a ipod shuffle too, from ebay and its fake. can anyone help me out. what do i do now, let me know if nothing works. or what can i do to put music on the fake ipod. thanks anything well help

  62. Dave says:

    Like so many others, I picked up the iPod Shuffle fake on eBay. When I got the box, I happily sent in positive feedback. Christmas morning, my son opened it, I plugged it in to load it up and… Yeah, like the others, it was not recognized by iTunes, etc. I can drag mp3 files to it (like a hard drive) and it plays them, but it means I can’t use the software to set the maximum volume, can’t sync, etc.

    I complained to the seller, but he pointed out he never said it was an Apple product, just a 512 Shuffle. Of course, the pictures sure made it look like one. Disappointing, but I guess it’s the first time I’ve been screwed on eBay, so I shouldn’t be too upset.

  63. J says:

    I agree with Bill on this one but I would like to add to it as well. I sell these items on eBay and would like to caution people. I list them as iPod shuffles hwover in my listing i clearly state these are from china and they do not work with itunes. However, buyers have complained on Paypal for the listing and stuff and claimed against authenticity. Buyers READ THE LISTINGS. if there is doubt, do NOT BUY. I have had about 10 people complain of the hundred or so who bought from me and none of them won because they were notified before buying in the listing of the differences. I sell them so people can get MP3 players cheaper than market and save money and this is an example of one of them. People like bill up there and myself. Buyers, that is the problem with itmes like these, people are out to screw you but you must read and check into it carefully, because some sales may be final.

    Also, FYI, people whjo sell them and do not notify people of the difference or claim them this way, get fined and arrested so rest assured, the government and apple is on top of it.

  64. Bill says:

    This is the problem with the world today. People cannot get enough of the FAD and brand name items. The fact is, that I, as well as others, would rather buy an item for cheaper to save money. I myself cannot understand what the big deal is to an extent. Don’t get me wrong, if you were told that these were authentic and got Duped, that is bull and should be handled. But if you have the opportunity to buy a 512MB or more flash drive for $25+ depending on size, why would you bother with spending over $80 for a brand name product. I have one of the fakes and I love the thing. Have had it for almost a year now and have hasd no problems. For a cheap alternative and to get a device that I can beat up running and working out for cheaper, you can’t pass up the deal. How upset would you be if you took an Apple shuffle 512MB to the gym and it broke? Pretty pissed. Now for the same price you can get 2-3 units of the same size. Use one for the gym, one for at home, and one for other. And actually still have money left over! AGAIN, if you got duped, that is wrong, but if you have the opportunity and know about it, then do it. Plus, these devices come with warranty’s too so even if they break, you are still covered. iPod has only the lmited warranty as well.

    As an addition, other than me and my friends, does anyone here hate iTunes? I like the click and drag flash drive method these come with. Sure, it may not auto load, but the world is so wrapped up in the ease of things and expectation that a few clicks would kill them. God forbid you must open a folder to drag the items onto it.

    Also, FYI. For all of you who use iTunes, how much does it suck to not have the items on your hard drive? when you pay for this music, it only stores it in iTunes, so the only processing you can do with it is through the program. Sucks when iTunes has problems or you want to put them on a flash drive to take elsewhere. Apple has everyone brainwashed that their product is the best.

    Lets take a look at this: one of the original style Shuffles go for around $75+ for the 512MB and you use iTunes to download the music at $.99 a pop. —-OR—–
    Buy 1-3 Flash drive MP3 players similar for $66.00 (they sell wholesale for $22 each) have one for each different reason as stated before or buy 1 for $22. Then download the music for free online. As long as you don’t violate copyright laws it is fine. Lets take a look at you situation with iTunes.

    Good things: Syncs with iPods

    Bad: Pay for music–cannot store on hard drive/flash drive or anything like that, just cds– Can only be put on device official from iPod, NOT PHILIPS CREATIVE OR ANYTHING ELSE so must redownload or purchase is a new device is bought or used– cannot be used to store documents like a regualr flash drive, again must be done in itunes—must update itunes—limited file usage so not all songs can be transferred—has limited waranty through apple—does not work with all computers, must be up to date to be able to use

    Think about it. Be smart, save money and please, don’t get me wrong if you were duped into the wrong item being purchased.

  65. Vanessa says:

    Ahaha, I, too, recieved a knockoff iPod as a gift. My dad knew full well what he was buying, though, and paid maybe 50 bucks for it; he made sure that it was in working order before he paid for it, and the guy selling it admitted that it was absoloutely fake. The "iPod" logo is peeling off, but it came with a USB cable, a charger, a slick little rubber cover and a (useless) CD with some black paint all over it ("iPod" was written in marker).

    Since the thing worked well enough, I put in some of my mp3s and used it extensively–that is, until one of the earbuds decided to stop working.

    Three words for you:
    "Nonstandard headphone jacks."

  66. Liz says:

    Well, what can I say? I have a great hubby who wanted to get me a MP3 player for xmas. So, he bought an "iPod Shuffle" from a pet supply vendor he works with who said he sells them on eBay.

    Well, here it is, 5:52am on Christmas morning (He gave me my gift on xmas eve), and I’ve been trying to get my "iPod" to work with iTunes all night. Finally, i decided to do a google image search on my nice little "iPod 2GB (yes, it’s 2gb) Shuffle"… realized the back of mine, where the switch is, didn’t look quite like it should. Then I searched for fake iPods and found this site. The mp3 player you see above is the one I have.

    One thing I will say… it actually works, kinda. No need to use itunes, just drag & drop your files right into the player. BUT… it does NOT shuffle. So, I have this mp3 player that won’t shuffle mp3’s, which kind of sucks because I want the shuffle feature.

    I have to say, this knock off does look an AWFUL lot like the real thing. The box & everything! The box, manual, everything… has Apple written all over it. The manual, however, has some odd phrasings in it. I thought the English looked a bit like Engrish, but I didn’t put 2 & 2 together because I was excited to have my new toy.

    But yes, I am not happy. I have no idea what he payed for these. He bought himself one too. I’m going to tell him as soon as he wakes up and tell him to get his money back from this vendor at his work. (Just to clarify: this guy is a vendor for a pet related product, NOT AN APPLE EMPLOYEE). I would like the shuffle feature at the very least. And as I said, I want to know what he payed for this knock-off because I’m betting he could have gotten the real thing for not much more.

    I don’t know if he had this guy give him a receipt or what. But I hope to hell he can get his money back.

    I’d also like to contact Apple regarding this, but what good can that do? If only to make them aware? But I’m sure they must know all ready.

    *sigh* Merry knock-off Christmas.

  67. M e says:

    I am actually looking for good fake ipods , me and my buddys want to buy family some becuase it is christmas and we are low on cash
    does any one have any idea where i can buy them and they are good quality with the same menu
    becuase i think every one knows what an ipod is

  68. Rudy says:

    Just bought 20, 8gb ipod nanos of an internet wholesale site. When i recieved them, they look great but PC only recognizes them as USB mass storage device. Also i attempt to copy several songs to it but it will not accept them all. For example if i copy and paste 100 songs only 30 will copy over, there are different numbers all the time. I still wanna use them, and since the buyer bailed out, does not answer emails and money is not traceable, i am attempting to still use them as generics. Simply cannot figure out how to get more songs on them. Do i need some type of driver??

  69. Des says:

    Yep….. bought a fake 512 “shuffle” off ebay. The disc would not auto-run, only offered up a sigmatel picture. Get this; connected it to the usb port, and up pops a virus scan warning that a virus was detected and cleaned. It had 2 tunes pre-loaded when I received it. Windows would not recognize the “.inx” suffix on the setup file, I go and look it up online, and am informed it’s a common data mining file suffix. Be careful out there…..

  70. Danny says:

    i bought a an ipod mp3 shuffle off of ebay to be given as a x-mas gift. i decided to check it out and see if i could download some songs on it before i wrapped it, as it’s to be given to a 10 y.o. who will need help downloading to begin with and i wanted him to be able to at least listen to ‘something’ when he opened it. well………the seller described it as an authentic…….but it’s most definitely a fake. how do i get my money back?? ebay won’t let me start a dispute because it’s too early they say. anyone else have any problems like this??

  71. Gavin says:

    I was given an iPod today as a gift (it was bought off ebay). I recognised it as a fake straight away. And my strong suspicions were confirmed when i put the install disk in… no auto-run and sigmatel driver software and player… common, that’s not apples style. And i recognised the name sigmatel from a cheap **** Smith mp3 player i still use as a USB drive. This fake is identified by itunes as a sigmatel. And the iPod connection status is BAD (ie a red light). And No, these fakes do not always work. This one didn’t play the first lost of mp3’s I loaded onto it. I’m yet to work out what codec it uses, if it can play music at all. And this one has the 3 position power switch with shuffle and repeat. And it has the power indicator. So don’t be fooled by the closer to the real thing appearance. They are no-where near the real thing. Don’t wast your money. If it looks like a horse and runs like a cow, it’s a cow.

  72. Joachim says:

    I bought a Shuffle on eBay, received it today, but it seamed to be a fake one :s
    It has no battery button on the back, the apple logo is printed in black on the back, when I connect it to the computer it is recogniced as a SigmaTel mp3 player. And on the cd there is software from SigmaTel…
    The button on the back is only ON/OFF and not Shuffle,…
    I reported it to eBay that this guy is abusing the name of Apple iPod Shuffle, and that the object I received is not what he said it would be. I hope i will get some money back,..
    I contacted the seller, but he said he doesn’t knew it were fake ones.

  73. dave says:

    I bought one of these fake ipods from China as listed on eBay a few months back. Fake yes but it did kindof work. However the stupidest thing was that I reformatted it in my Mac OSX. Now it is just a usb memory stick. I know there was software on it before I formatted it because I saw the directories and some files that had a dll extension. Does anyone have one that I can get the software drivers from so I can go back to using it like a music player?

  74. usAMA says:

    I got a fake ipod nano, it works great , it was only 100 RMB instead of the original price 2300 . So its cool works perfect, 5% of the price.

    If u find a cheap ipod fake take it its a opportunity

  75. nathan says:

    I bought an ipod shuffle from a shop in blackpool – have had it 6 months
    – it is recognised by itunes- and works well. But now i want to use the
    repeat function i realise that it has’nt got one, or a bettery led .
    I feel a propper mug . but i can make it right !
    tomorrow i am going back to blackpool..
    i will find the shop i got it from…
    i will speak to the owner…..
    then after i have unleashed a volly of abuse at the cheating little ****
    i will report him to the police!!!!

  76. Jay says:

    Well i also got caught with a fake Ipod. i was in Tenerife and bought it as it was an apple product and felt happy with a brand that i know. 2 days after returning from my holiday, the thing died on me. i contacted apple to find it a copy. i am a little pissed off, but the retailer made the mistake of giving me a reciept.

  77. Tiffany says:

    My husband got duped into a fake ipod as well.

    Granted the title only stated that it is a New 2G MP3/MP4 player. But top this – in order for the entry to come up when you type in ipod nano, they threw in a ipod nano SKIN.

    In the text that was about A4 packed with writing, there was 1 sentence (in same font as everything else) that stated “This is not a ipod nano”. All over the page there were ipod nano photos, including the signature thinness with pencil comparison graphics.

    We wanted to use it with the new Nike+ sports kit, but it looks like it is not going to happen. A lesson learnt, a $100 lost….

  78. Alwin says:

    These things do work? right?
    I mean, nowdays you see alot of ipod’s on the net. especially ebay.
    but everytime i read the description, there dousn’t seem to be much wrong with those.

    except they aren’t “ipods” and iTunes dousn’t support it. Other then those 2 is There anything else wich makes it a really bad buy?

    • Joe Lepore says:

      The only really good knock-off of Apple is the Shuffle. You have no screen of course so there is nothing visual to compare it to. It does support aac but will not sync with iTunes. You have to drag & drop. It will sync with Windows Media Player. I heard somebody complain about the sound. It’s just the earbuds. If you buy a real Apple the earbuds STINK. I always buy my own earbuds either sony, skullcandy or bose.

  79. Fiona says:

    I just bought a fake iPod from eBay too :( At first, I couldn’t tell…the box it came in appears to be a genuine iPod box BUT the box is from a 512kB iPod and this is supposed to be a 1GB iPod. Admittedly the seller said it didn’t “shuffle” as expected, but I figured that it was just broken, which didn’t worry me! I was paying $80 for a 1GB iPod shuffle after all.
    At first I wasn’t suspicious, even though the user’s guide was kinda crappy (I expected better!) But I plugged it into the computer and it didn’t register with iTunes, and when I looked up Apple support I noticed that it didn’t have a function for checking the battery. The CD I got with it too seemed weird, because it didn’t have the obvious software (ie iTunes) and didn’t auto load or anything. I can’t even figure out how to use it! If I can get it to work then it’s all and good… If I can’t then I’ll be hugely pissed!

    • Christa says:

      I received a fake iPod shuffle for my birthday from a friend. I’m not sure if she knows its fake, but I also own a MAC and as soon as I plugged it in, an icon popped up on the desktop saying “AMT_MP3″ you click on that, and you have to drag the songs from iTunes or WMP whatever you use, into the open window from AMT_MP3, this works for me, it works like a charm actually and I have no complaints about the product. If you are using the same thing, this should work for you.
      PS: I’m still buying a real one when I get the money :)

  80. Matty says:

    Bought the fake ipod shuffle a few days ago from an Australian ebay seller – “fone_ezy” in perth. Paid $127 delivered, compared to $149 at my local computer store. Discovered that the “ipod shuffle” is a fake. It isn’t recognised in iTunes, and doesn’t have the shuffle/repeat switch option on the back. Expensive when you consider that I could have bought an actual advertised “fake” for about $70 on the same day!

  81. dell says:

    I bought an iPod shuffle from Australia eBay from a local seller (same city) with over 550 +ve and no -ve feedback. A lot of his previous sales were iPods. I bought it for $130AU which is not much of a savings from Apple direct. It was a good fake, but the font on the packaging looked very un-Apple. The unit itself is a good copy – took me a minute or two to see that it didn’t have a battery LED status or shuffle/repeat function on the back. My Mac didn’t recognise it as an iPod and wouldn’t let it sync with iTunes. An expensive thumb drive!

  82. nisham says:

    I bought one apple ipod from india yesterday. 1 GB for 65$. when i try to transfer songs from itunes. It doesnt show my ipod on its menu. then i realized it was fake or some thing else. atm i try to find is there any fake ipods. i saw this site.
    thanks you gys
    can you gys pls tell me what to do next.

  83. Attack of the clones!…

    Seems that the inevitable has occurred, Apple Intel clones
    have un-officially joined the market. A mob called "redpcs.com" is now offering a PowerPC G6 Macintosh. The processor feature is a "G6
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  84. Attack of the clones!…

    Seems that the inevitable has occurred, Apple Intel clones have
    un-officially joined the market. A mob called "redpcs.com" is now offering a PowerPC G6 Macintosh. The processor feature
    is a "G6 CPU:90nm 3800MHz SSE3 Central Processing…

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