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Fighting my Addiction to Coke

Posted in Food,Humour,Milestones by Elliott Back on March 30th, 2005.

It’s my third Coke-free day.

I stopped taking Coke with my meals just three long, torturous days ago. I stopped taking Coke to stay up at night. With every fibre of responsibility, I have refrained from temptation to imbibe Coke until at least 2 weeks have passed, and my addiction is broken.

Coke: My AddictionBut you don’t know how hard it is. When I walk into the bathroom to brush my teeth or gaze admiringly at my sunken and dark eyes in the mirror, I pass my roommate’s closet, which brims over with Coke. Cases and cases, full of delicious Coca-cola, that red and white can, cool in the dark closet. Shivers run up and down my spine, and my eyes never move as I leave the bathroom. I WANT to drink. How hard will it be tomorrow?

It all started when I was a teenager, and my Father gave me Coke for the first time. I tried a little sip–since I knew how bad it was for you–but it tasted so good. I couldn’t stop drinking, and before I know it, the whole can was gone. I loved the smooth fizz and sweet taste, the bubbles that ran down your throat. From then on, I was in high gear. I drank as many as 2 Cokes a day, on average. On a really bad day, I could drink as many as five, using the Coke high to stay up late into the night.

But, as my complexion got worse, my weight increased, and my teeth rotted, I knew I had to stop. Now, on my third coke-free day, I feel free, in a way. The cravings are still there, but my teeth are already stronger, I look better, and I can think more clearly. If you’re addicted to Coke, don’t wait. You can stop now, and turn your life around!

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234 Responses to “Fighting my Addiction to Coke”

  1. Mel says:

    It can be done. I’ve drunk it for over 40 years and I’m on day 9 tomorrow. Drink water with lemon.
    Good luck.
    I didn’t think I could do it.
    Go cold turkey. Go through the headaches and you WILL come out the other side.

  2. Samantha says:

    I have been a coke addict for 12 years..and now at just 26 my kidneys are taking the brunt of my addiction. I am way over weight, my teeth are ok strangely enough..but the depession and mood swings are awful. I drink on average 3-4 litres a day, and I seriously cant afford it!! Its awful that I’d rather drink coke than eat… Now I’ve decided enough is enough although it is guna be hard – I get migrines and the shkaes if I don’t have at least 500mls by midday but after reading everyones story it has made me release how I’m not alone and that it can be done :) so thank you for taking the time to write about overcoming your addiction and good luck to anyone reading this who is trying to quit the stuff. :) xx

    • Robert says:

      I have been drinking Coke for 40 years now. My teeth are horrendous, I have mood swings, I am overweight, I drink 5 cans per day and I can’t stop.

  3. coke me says:

    That this thread has been going on for 5 years speaks volumes about the problem. First, for MOST people it is not caffeine or sugar addiction. Many coke addicts can drink caffeine free coke and cannot replace the coke with other sweet drinks. The addictive substance is unique to coke.

    Coke’s recipe is well known, even getting some press recently. But the ingredient “Merchandise 7X” is their real secret. It is thought to contain Alcohol, Orange oil, Lemon oil, Nutmeg oil, Coriander oil, Neroli oil:, Cinnamon oil. Note the Neroli oil is a type of cinnamon and I’m sure you taste the cinnamon which I believe Pepsi does not use. Don’t focus on the alcohol it’s not the issue.

    But if you research the oils you will find references to addiction ESPECIALLY when used in combinations. It is my belief that some people have a genetic pre-disposition to addiction of some of these oils. In my case, I am trying baked goods dosed with all the above oils and am finding my cravings for coke significantly reduced.

    • Pepsi rules :) says:

      not to rain on your parade here, but i’m a pepsi addict since i was a little girl. and i cannot replace pepsi for cola, i ONLY want the pepsi. so, i think the combination between sugar, caffeine combined with the whole taste and feel of it gives the addiction.

  4. hazel says:

    im 15 , i drink about 6 or7 cans a day , my parents are always giving out 2 me 4 drinking coke andthey say they dont want coke in the house but i sneak away 2 my bedroom2 drink it, i have only been drinking coke heavily 4 about 2 years but i have noticed the wait gain, i was always a very skinny child but now i feel uncomfortable with my weight im about 9 stone and all my friends are like 8 , i am addicted 2 coke but my family say u cant be addicted 2it, when i dont drink coke or try give up i get headaches , moody and very depressed, ive tried 2 give up but i cannot function properly without having my can of coke in the morning, i always have a can of coke with a ciggarette and when i tried 2 give dem both up it was torture but i find when ive tried 2 give up ciggartts b4 it wasnt as painful as giving up coke

    • Daughter of a Cola-Addict says:

      At your age , I had the same problems with coca-cola. My mother was always addicted to coca-cola, you have noticed you have a problem with it despite what your parents have told you about not being able to have an addiction to the soda. Stop drinking it, you will feel better in the long run. The depression will go away after a few weeks, your cravings will lessen, it will be easier for you to break the habit if you drink tea in the mornings, it will help with your caffeine cravings and headaches as you transition off the sauce. When I was your age, I used to also need coca-cola before school and when I woke up, otherwise I would get headaches, depression, and mood swings as well. It is not healthy for a kid to be drinking at all. It rotted all my baby teeth and some of my adult teeth, and they didn’t stop rotting until I stopped drinking that soda. It gave me serious insomnia and stomach aches. I wasn’t able to stop until I went to college when I was 18, living in the dorm gave me other options, and it was easier for me to give up the cola not being around my mom’s addiction to it. I have since been begging my mother to stop drinking it, she lives off 2 liters of cola a day, and it has taken her teeth, her skin is horrible, her immune system is bad and she is always sick and depressed. Soda and cigarettes have alot to do with this. I am 25 now and feeling much better without coca-cola in my daily diet. My teeth are stronger, my acne has cleared up. I don’t catch as many colds as I used to. I don’t have a weight problem, and never have, but if you do have one soda will defiantly make it worse. The best thing you can do for yourself is to give up the coca-cola, I wish you the best of luck and hope that you feel better soon.

  5. Weak Mother says:

    I have been drinking Coke since I was old enough to ask for some from my father. I am now 40 and am really sick of being over weight. Everything I read says cut out the pop, so 9/14/2010 almost 5 weeks ago I stopped cold turkey. I haven’t noticed any weight loss, or any extra energy, but my son has lost 12 pounds. We made sure that we replaced Coke with water and milk. I really hope to start seeing something that proves everyone is right, quitting is good for you. I thought quitting smoking was tough, Coke has been so much harder, but I am not giving up!! Hopefully by March when I plan a trip to Vegas I will see some true benefits. I wish everyone luck and my best advice, keep the Coke out of your home, avoid Fast Food and pay at the pump so your not tempted to purchase a Coke while in the store.

    • Joe says:

      I use an iced tea maker and a Pur water filter jug thingy for clean tap water. Its great because you don’t need to sugar the tea either, or even use ice. Just replace the ice with more water and you can leave the tea out on your counter to cool on its own – then stick in the fridge overnight. You can also get a sun tea pitcher from Wal Mart or Target too and do it that way.

      I’m pretty sure tea is much better for you than soda and it’s the only thing that I can stand, besides cranberry juice, coca cola and dr. pepper. But I’m trying so hard not to have any soda and cranberry juice is bad too because of the sugar and acid in it.

  6. LordPepsi says:


    I too am addicted to cola. I prefer pepsi over coca cola and in fact drink very little cola compared to some people. I drink on average one can per two days, perhaps 4 cans per week. I am aware of the scientific dangers to drinking coke: high fructose corn syrup, or “glucose/fructose” as it is called in Canada, can only be metabolized by the liver, just like alcohol and other types of drugs. This fact makes Cola by definition a poison, from a scientific point of view, as any substance that can only be metabolized by the liver and by no other organ in the body is per definition a poison.

    Coke, for me, gives me a definite pick up when my body becomes sluggish during the course of the day. In fact I crave it enormously, but I only need a few sips of a can to satisfy my craving, after which I normally pour the rest of the can down the drain.

    Coke is a curious thing for me, I have no other addictions and do not have an addictive personality, but as soon as I drink the first mouthful of coke I can feel my energy level increase. I might be a mental feeling just as much as a physical one.

    I am otherwise healthy, the right weight for my height, I eat only fresh vegetables and fruits, and often organic ones at that. I take it easy on meat and try to have a very minimal amount, and I prefer to eat meat that I have hunted myself, as it doesn’t get more organic and non-factory fed than wild game. I am healthy in every way possible, but some days I just can’t get started without those few sips of coke to give me the jolt of energy that I need.

    I have been to many lectures about foods, lectures from scientists, and read scientific books and actual scientific studies on nutrition. I have even sent a sample of a can of coke to a laboratory to be analyzed (it’s a very cheap thing to do), but I have never been able to find out what makes it so different from any other food source that one can ingest. Sprite, 7-UP, Fanta or any other sugary pep-drink just doesn’t have the same effect on my energy levels.

    Lord Pepsi

  7. Karen says:

    I have been telling people for years that I had a long term Coke addiction (Coca Cola, that is). It was kind of a joke. I would get a Super Big Gulp per day and usually refill it once as the day progressed (free refills and all). I had my mom and everyone I knew clip out those coupons for a case of coke for $5, limit three items per customer, per visit. I would go from store to store with my coupons and fill up my trunk full of coke cases. The refrigerator was all Coke. The cupboards were all full of full cases. I mostly didn’t eat because of all the calories. I was always full. I thought I was gaining weight because I was depressed and in a bad relationship. It turns out that sugar and caffeine cause depression, weight gain and fatigue. With all three of those, I managed to never have enough energy to go through a break up from my abusive boyfriend. At the time, I was a singer. I started losing my voice. First, it wouldn’t sustain through a set. Then, I could only sing a song or two before I was completely hoarse. Finally, I could barely speak. One of my girlfriends called me to ask why I had stopped singing at clubs. I told her that my voice was really weak. She asked if I drank Cokes. I told her I drank them like there was no tomorrow. I had a can for breakfast. I had one shortly after. I got the Super Big Gulp for lunch. I had another one for dinner. I drank Cokes at the clubs when I had gigs. I drank Coke all the way home. She asked if I knew what happened if I put a coin in coke for a day. Then, she explained to me that it was my cause of depression, weight gain, fatigue and loss of voice. She said I needed water, a lot of it and soon. That day, I started drinking water. I drank a Big Gulp size in the first two hours I was awake. It gave me the same energy as the Coke. It’s surprising how much better and more efficiently your body can perform when it is well hydrated. Of course, I missed the taste at first and the sugar but water with lemon was a nice substitute. I also drank sparkling waters but mainly plain filtered water. I didn’t realize how fat I had become until the weight started coming off me. It took only a few weeks for me to drop about 15-20lbs. I kept losing, too. My voice came back in a couple days. I never wanted to do that to my voice again. I love singing too much. I have had a coke since then on occasions. After a few sips, it burns and stings going down, not being used to the fizz of soda. It didn’t taste as great as I remembered. I only drink a few sips and I’m over it. I guess I broke the addiction. Still, I don’t keep drinking if I’m not liking it just to finish what I ordered. I ask the waitress to take it and bring me water. I don’t ever buy them for the house or for parties.

    I was really surprised to hear or read that I was not the only one who had gone through this. It’s really easy to become addicted to something that is encouraged as the positive alternative to alcohol. It could be harder to quit Cokes and cigarettes because they are legal and Coke being so socially acceptable. That’s my story. Good luck to all of you!

  8. Vicki says:

    I just received the news that I have been diagnosed with Osteopenia, the precurser to Osteoporosis. I’m 47 years old & have been drinking diet coke at an addictive level for more than 25 years. The caffeine in the diet coke kept me from absorbing the nutrients (calcium) from the food I eat, making my bones very thin.

    I’m working on ending my addiction. Please think about doing the same before you get the news I just did.

    • lagunadebi says:

      I have Osteoorosis in all major joints. I have been drinking diet cokes all my life at addictive levels. I quit 5 days ago, cold turkey. You have to quit cold turkey or you will always have an excuse to just have one more. I quit cigerettes 6 years ago same way. Now I have quit all of my addictions and will probally extend my life by years. I am under doctor treatment for the osteporosis and will be getting my 5th shoulder surgery soon.

      Just quit. No more “just a sip or a drink”. You can’t quit until you quit.

      someone like you.

  9. Feltree says:

    Could anybody explain how a beverage made by caffeine (% less than one cup of coffee), caramel, small % of decocainized coca leaf and kola nuts, sugar, lime juice, vanilla extract, glycerine, phosphoric acid, plus a bunch of fruit oils (orange, lemmon, etc.) is causing that harm to society? Coca Cola is a safe drink and negative publicity comes from consumers like you who do not have auto control and consume 10 or 12 cans a day. If I had 15 liters of still water everyday of course I would have a health problem also, so does it mean water is unhealthy? It is the same w/ any other beverage, drunk in excess might have harmful effects (i.e. coffee, tea, beer, etc.). The same w/ hamburguers: 1 a day does not hurt, but 10 could kill you, the problem resides in the consumer who should be more responsible. Don’t put the blame on this great harmless beverage, which btw is a symbol of Western civilization!

    • David says:

      Cola is hardly a “harmless beverage”.
      It is designed to be addicting.

      It is harmful. Even just one a day is harmful. It removes nutrients and water from the body. It is toxic to the body.

      A hamburger or even a Snickers bar is nutritional wonderland compared to cola.

      I do not think cola should be banned or taxed. I believe that people should be able to put whatever they want in their bodies so long as it doesn’t harm others.

      If Coca-Cola is a symbol of Western Civilization – that doesn’t say much for civilization.

      BTW, Pepsi’s way better!
      (I’m a former Pepsi drinker)

    • Audi says:

      Look Feltree You wouldnt understand the coca cola addiction unless if you had one. So, if I were you..I’d stop being statistical, with your ingredient lists, and percentages BS, and really try to put yourself in a coca cola addict’s shoes. Everyone can be addicted to anything, and some people need help. I bet you didnt even know Coca Cola actually contained cocaine in it in the 1800s when cocaine was first introduced to the U.S.. LOOK IT UP on the tv series hooked on the history channel. Dude, Id rather you knew what the hell you were talking about before you spoke, and made an addict look like there was no problem. Sooo…know your stuff before you open your mouth.

      • Kita says:

        I am 24 and have been addicted to coka cola for several years. when I am not drinking it I am drinking coffee. Half of the time I don’t even like the taste of coke, but I will still drink 3 to 5 on a bad day. I have managed to go 3 to 4 days without drinking one and then it seems to overcome me. I get shaky, have headaches, and feel an almost overwhelming need to drink one. It goes away about an hour after I have had a can. I live with my aunt and when I talked to her about her helping me to stop she didn’t believe that I could be addicted to something like that. She still buys the cokes and offers to split a can with me. I feel like I am trapped in a circle. My family says, “Yes it is good of you to stop a bad habit and try to improve yourself. here have a Coke.”

  10. Joss says:

    Hi all, I have read your comments and I found them very useful for me, but I have another question – sometimes I feel that it’s my addiction to a “cola” brand, not to the drink itself – do you feel the same, or do you feel addicted to the cola itself?

  11. Hillary says:

    my dad as a really bad coke addiction. He can drink 2 cases of the 24 pack a day. If he had more he would drink more. && on top of the two 24 cases he drink the 44 ounce coke when he goes to the gas station. i have noticed that he barely even eats anymore because he’d rather have a coke a than something to eat. i dont think he’d make it threw one day with out a coke

  12. Shona says:

    I also had a massive cola addiction for over 10 years. I thought I would never get over it. My ultimate kick-the-habit trick, was the following. I substituted cola with a drink I find just as refreshing, which hits the spot, and doesnt damage your health. Here´s my secret… you buy your favourite juice (real juice)… apple, orange, whatever, and pour about an inch of it into a glass. Then you fill the rest of the glass with chilled carbornated/sparkling water. Its truly delicious and I was able to come off my addiction immediately and easily. Plus I can drink as much as I like without feeling guilty. Try it!!

  13. ladylola says:

    I’m 25 famle
    I quite cola for like 2 months now and I’m surprises of bing cola free for this long and no neeed for it realy
    I suffer from mood swings, headache and surger carving
    you can do it people bcause i used to be addicted for 13 years
    and when I wanted to quite i did it and I replaced with beer cuz it has auger and gas

    do it people

    comunicate with me

  14. mickey says:

    I quit drinking diet pop now for two weeks and I am bloated or retaining water. Is this because caffeine is a diuretic and I am no longer consuming it? Has any one else experienced this? I hope this is happening because my body is trying to adjust without the pop. I continue to drink lots of water hoping to get rid of this bloating and fluid retention.

    • Brit says:

      Yes, big time, this is happening to me, I think it is just your water re-balancing? I quit almost 4 days ago and the first 3 were bloat central. I hope going forward that this doesn’t happen again :-)

  15. Judy says:

    I have been a coke addict for over forty years. I drink about one 2-liter bottle every day. I have gone without coke now for four days. It’s been very difficult. I can’t get any work done without my “crutch.”

    • eli says:

      i am a coca cola addict aswell and since october 30 when i had my last sip of coke i havent drank anymore of it. i work at a fast food restaurant so the temptation of drinking it is there all the time and i have found myself almost pouring coke into my cup but then i quickly switch it to sierra mist or something like that. it has been really hard since i been drinking coke since i was old enough to remember. i am now turning 20 on the 18 of nov. and i really hope to be able to quit this bad addiction. i have had many fail attemps and its hard and depressing. performing my daily activities is a challenge i guess im missing my daily caffeine intake which was ALOT. good luck to everyone trying to quit!!

  16. Alvin says:

    no more coke for me ever. cold turkey for 2 weeks already and still on it.

  17. Mary says:

    Hi everyone, I am not into coke but have read all the posts on this site as a matter of personal interest in the human condition. As with many of you, I never took coke addiction seriously and believed it just affected a few marginal people. I think this is a hidden epidemic that is able to flourish under the guise of a harmless drink mostly marketed to teenagers. As with cigarettes, the conglomerates like to get you in young and create a lifelong user. I may not have anything useful to say on the topic, but I now empathise with the people who are suffering this particular cycle of addiction. Usually I like to back up my information sources better than this but a few years ago people were talking about a book that was written to beat sugar addiction. The author suggested that you imagine the problem food is really something else that is horrible. I tried it a few times with some jelly lollies that were always in office meetings I attended. I saw the creamy white and pale multicoloured bulbous jubes as a bowl of vomit. It did put me off. Perhaps some similar imagery for coke would be a complimentary technique in the quitting battery. Or you could imagine it physically eroding the lining of your stomach, or clogging up and blackening your kidney, creating stones. Good luck for those trying to quit the devil’s liquer.

  18. no_more says:

    I’d like to encourage everybody who’s trying to quit coke. I was severly addict. First time in the morning was a glass of cold coke, last time at night was coke. I didnt drink anything else (maybe some still water once in a while) than coke. Well, “fortunate” enough i caught a nasty virus infection and was bedridden for quite some weeks. From one day to another, i felt my acidity just going up. I could not drink one sip of coke anymore. My stomach was burning. So i thought well, a reason to stop it. I went to a TCM practicioner and he told me, that my kidneys are very weak as well as my adrenal glands and he said thats just from coke. Its my fifth week now without coke and i feel good, very clear in my head. No headache at all for me during the withdraw. But whats heavy is the detox happening now. Since i quit coke, i go with sparkling water and it does the job very well (TCM guy preferred it over still water). No caffeine at all since then. However, since my body detoxes like crazy now, i start to see what damage coke did! Impressive is the kidney pressure, sometimes even a little bit stinging. I am sure some very tiny stones left during that episode. Also, some interesting body odors developed. I could notice my own breath while breathing tru the nose (and that was not a nice smell).
    So please everybody who wants to quit. Go ahead and do it! It can be done! I got the kick while i was sick and took the opportunity and i do not have any coke cravings at all. I tried it a couple days ago, took one sip and felt that it tastes disgusting. Don’t be afraid from the detox symptoms. I was an addict for years so my body is still getting rid of everything but besides the symptoms, i feel so much better. Its hard to describe how it feels, one has to experience it!

  19. Miguel Angel says:

    Auxilio! no puedo dejar de beber este liquido! Ya lo tomo por necesidad no por gusto! Auxilio! La coca – cola esta acabando con mi cartera y con mi salud!!!!!

  20. addictedandlovingit says:

    it was easier to kick meth than coca cola.

  21. Mary says:

    Thank you all for your honesty. I have been addicted to coke and try to just now get it occasionally, only when I go out to eat sometimes,which is rare now. I am already overweight and my teeth are absolutely rotting, even though I have quit the habit. I know it’s residual! So, quit as soon as you can! You might not be yet overweight or with rotting teeth, but it can happen later from what you are doing NOW!
    I LOVE the feeling it gives me- the tingly feeling in my arms. But it’s not worth it!

  22. Jon says:

    I drink on average 4-6 cokes per day, with the most being 13 cans in one day 4.2L this is not healthy and i am not going to drink any over the next week.

  23. Jorge says:

    hi my name is Jorge and i always thought coke addition wasnt real. well it is and now i see that im not the only one. im glad that i found this site and after reading a lot of the comments lefted, i feel more confident on trying to decrease my consumption and eventually quit drinking coca cola, well i wont really quit but i just want to drink a whole lot less of it. i seriously have to stop going to the 711 and getting the super big gulps full of it, its just very hard since i work out in the sun as a gardener and after working at a couple of houses, i get the super big gulp loaded with coke. it feels very satisfying when drinking it after finishing up a few houses, no other drink out there gives me this satification. and then after a long day of school, i would get the big gulp at the 711 or some cans of coke at my house. well hopefully after reading many of the comments submitted, i will greatly lessen my consumption of coca cola as im going to start later this week so wish me luck everybody

  24. Tone Irene says:

    Hi there.
    wow, I am at my 2nd coke-free day (again, I might add, I quit some 2-4 times a year, with various success)
    I’m googling for addiction groups or books or sites, but seriously, it’s WEIRD there’s no help groups around! Or people taking this seriously… Only coca cola addicts knows what it feels like.

    I think it started about 7-8 years ago, but not until 2004 has the pattern become clear. It’s “only” 3 or 4 half-litres a day, but I’m 5 feet tall, so it doesn’t do any good to my body. Have been gaining weight quite slowly.

    But the main reason I want to quit because I live in Norway, Coca Cola is NOT cheap (nor should it be), and my diet is mostly healthy, except for the continuous coke addiction.

    I’ve quit for months now and then, sometimes just for weeks, and sometimes for days. But never without noticing.

    Is there ANY links to a place where I can read about the different things Coca Cola is made of?

  25. mike says:

    i brush my teeth or chew some chewing gum when i get the craving for a can the strong minty taste puts me off the coke. i cant drink any coke with the minty taste still in my mouth, then it probably only works for me but maybe it will work for someone else goodluck :D

  26. Nu-Nu says:

    ok so people laugh at me when I say i’m addicted to coke, but after finding this site i am so happy to not be alone
    I gave up coke once during a 21 day fast and i was fine. but on day 22 the first thing i wanted was a coke. surprisingly it tasted awful so i thought my addiction was over…NOT!! I kept drinking them until i became an addict again. if i have a 12 pack at my house it won’t last 3 days.
    I found it’s best to not have them in the house to keep from drinking so many and it works somewhat. Had a kidney infection once from drinking so much coke and nothing else. it was the worst pain ever and now i make myself drink water after drinking a coke.
    i can honestly say I’m not quiting but moderation i believe is the most important thing. good luck to the quitters…i need coke in my life to live!!

  27. me says:

    HI everyone, I used to drink up to 8 cans a day and have found that sparkling spring water is the best substitue, just think of coke while your drinking it trust me it works!!

  28. Kevin Carter says:

    2 litres per day for 15 years is enough!

  29. Robin says:

    How nice to see I’m not alone. My name is Robin, and I’m an addict. And, not only am I addicted to Coke, but it has to be fountain coke from McDonald’s to really satisfy this “thirst.” So, not only am I gaining weight from all the sugar, but I’m losing about $4/day to this addiction. I found this site, as I was looking for help. For the past few days I’ve been wanting to stop cold turkey, but every morning I wake up, and my first thought is of getting my first “fix” for the day. It’s incredible… my husband is in AA, and has been in recovery for over 3 years now, but I can’t seem to kick my own bad habit. I’m just looking for support and advice. Thank you to all those that have posted… I’ve been trying to get my husband to quit smoking so he’ll be around for our two babies, and I reallyneed to heed my own advice. Again, any suggestions are welcome.. I’m up to 3 Large ones a day!

  30. VVic says:

    I was recently being interviewed by a film production company regarding a project I was working on. During the filming, I wasn’t aware of it, but I made some off-the-cuff comment about my being ‘addicted’ to cola –Coca Cola, Pepsi, etc. I thought I was just making a light-hearted comment as I was pouring the caramel amber liquid over a glassful of ice.

    A few weeks later I received a call from the producer. He was commenting on what they had captured on film and asked me about my ‘addiction.’ I’ve jokingly referred to this most of my life and never really accepted the possibilities. However, I’ve consumed colas since birth. I still have memory snapshots of my mother handing me my baby bottle filled with cola.

    Today I’m in my mid fifties and overweight. I would rather have cola than food and I consume approximately 1-2 litres a day. I have a severe allergy to aspartame and therefore cannot consume the myriad of sugar free types.

    The producer has spoken with a nutritional psychologist and has now asked me to participate in a filmed study on cola addiction. He says there are some ‘unique’ new techniques they will introduce to rid me of this addiction.

    I’m quite keen to participate and sincerely hope that my experience will help others. I actually had no idea that there was such a thing as ‘cola’ addiction. I had flippantly coined the phrase as a result of my friends, throughout my life, commenting on my cola consumption. I don’t drink alcohol, do not smoke, take drugs, etc. And I rarely consume more than a single cup of coffee a day. (with the caffeine in coke, I can understand why!)

    I’m looking forward to this experience and sharing the outcome. I would like to know if there are others out there who have a lifetime of cola consumption?

    Also, does anyone know whether any organisation or individual pursued cola manufacturers, similar to the way they’ve pursued cigarette manufacturers, to encourage or compel them to place advisory notices on cola bottles?

    I have never once thought of a cola as being potentially ‘addictive’ and may have considered my perpetual usage had I been aware of this. Having said this, I am fully accountable for what I consume and how I consume it, so I’m not suggesting that I wish to blame anyone else for my behaviours.

    Thank you!

    • joe says:

      I have my wife save all the caps and codes from cases not only for rewards but for the lawsuit when i die from my addiction to coca cola.We have been saving for about a year and have about 15 grocery bags full.I drink 12-15 a day have tried to stop numerous times but cannot take a week off of life,kids,etc.to quit.

  31. guy234324237 says:

    holy hell some of these stories, I drink about 2L a day and been drinking for 10 years? 19 now.

    My teeth have always been horrible I don’t know what my face looks like with a smile anyway, a large part of the dental problem is from cola.. for sure.

    The taste sucks after the first glass in a day, but the body doesn’t think so.

  32. cant-stop says:

    you guys dont even know what its like to be hardly addicted to coke… i had spent last mont hundreds of euros for coke every single day 5-12litres of coke… coke is like cigaret when you drink it few times you cant stop it. if i die for coke i die happy!

  33. Marko K says:

    Sup guys, another one here heh.
    My dad drinks a lot of coca cola so that is how I got hooked up while I was a little boy. But it wasn’t all in one piece, first I got addicted, then I managed to just stop, and then I thought, hey lets have some coca cola, what harm can it do, and then one after another, I was drinking it 1.5-2.5 liters a day and I cant stop it.
    Since then, I started looking more bad in my face while I was not drinking it, and these last day since school is over I feel getting weight cause now I dont move nearly at all, I just sit home in front of computer or TV and sip Coca Cola.
    I sometimes get stomachaches, and then I feel I just have to drink lot of Coke for it to stop, and it just happens, it stops, and then all over and over again. My teethes are also getting somewhat yellow, and my tooth enamel is getting “eated up” by coke, so most of the time, my teethes hurt when I brush them or when I eat and apple or something like that. This moment I made a decision that tommorow morning (Its 3:24 am at me) I will quit drinking it to see how much I can hold it, so wish good luck to me! And good luck to all other coca cola fellow addicters!

  34. Stacy says:

    I’m addicted to coca cola too and I’m sick of it. Everyone thinks it’s funny. Sometimes they buy me coke – nice gesture. My ex-husband, knowing I wanted to quit used to buy it for me, by the box full. My face is white, My eyes are dark and I’m tired. Coke peps me up for a while… then I need the next coke. I love coke first thing in the morning and I only like and will only drink fresh coke. I prefer cans. If I have a plastic bottle, whether small or 2 litres, I’ll drink the lot in one hit. I had two 2 litre bottles in an hour one time and I was ‘speeding’. I don’t aim for that though – I don’t like the sensation. Coca cola’s not as ‘bad’ as cocaine sure but by the same token what’s the difference – no addicition is good. Coca cola affects me financially, it affects my demeanour, the way I relate, the quality of my work, it makes me feel bad about myself etc. It’s slower than cocaine I spose and it mightn’t kill me but cocaine doesn’t kill every addict either. I know you’ll be offended by me saying that but my brother died of an overdose a few years back – drugs – and I seem to be travelling so much better than him – but really, am I??? We’re all addicts of what sort or another – love, our partners, work, surfing – whatever. Some addictions are more acceptable, disguisable, dignified – righteous. I gave up coke for a few years about ten years ago. I got addicted to weight lifting, aerobics and walking. So what. I felt better for it but still my kids were sick of the gym creche and the housework and my studies suffered and it was costly.

    I want to be someone who meditates, feels peace, drinks water, grows vegies and eats tofu etc. I want that for my children but I dunno – it doesn’t happen so I drink a coke and it gives me the energy I need to at least grow roses (to smell!).

    • Clare says:

      Hi all, well Im here researching what 7 litres of coke Zero per day (minimum) does to a person over twenty years..My dear brother lived this life for twenty years and committed suicide 3 weeks ago. His addiction frightened me, but in this society coke is not considered a drug (even though the caffeine is) and he suffered anxiety and depression that he fought with coke which obviously gave him a kick and improved his mood. But the anxiety obviously worsened with every drop, it in impossible to relax EVER with the caffeine levels like that in your blood. Plus lack of nutrient absorbtion through that huge caffeine intake must have taken its toll. The best thing anyone can do is quit immediately and drink lots of filtered water and focus on learning nutrition to give your moods a lift-indeed a natural high from super foods…I dont mean the food pyramid bollocks either, I mean fruits and veg and legumes and herbs and salad items to get raw enzymes etc. Its a harder addiction that ciggies to quit coke-but save yourself…dont be a guinea pig for results that will be common knowledge in the future-like cigarettes are now-at it is bad for you. Your body could deal with a can a day but why even do that to it…live like nature intended, as thats all our bodies are designed for, so dont put pressure on it or ill health must follow. Good luck

  35. Amelia says:

    I’ve been addicted to coke from when I was 18 years old – possibly even earlier.
    I live in Australia and our final year of high school/college is the toughest year of schooling most have to go through.
    I ended up relying on coke to get me through all of my assignments, assessments and exams, as I struggled to cope with the workload and the demand.

    I did try to kick the habit for good 2 years ago as part of Lent (Easter) but went straight back onto it a few weeks later….

    Almost 4 years later, I’m 22, experience recurrent UTI infections – upon further investigation of these, we discovered that I have a condition called hypoglycemia – low blood sugar – caused by, hello hello, too many “bad sugars” or simple carbohydrates in the diet!

    The prognosis? Life long, in some cases. Treatment? No simple carbs at all, complex carbs and nothing with sugar or artificial sweetners.

    Wow, did I get a wake up call! I’m now coke free (for a few weeks at the moment bar one final drink, going to keep this permanent) and can’t believe that I’ve actually done this to myself…

    I’ve read so many posts on here, and I just want people to know that you CAN do it!
    But you have to REALLY want to do it!

    Human beings will only ever change when they’re on the point of destruction. That’s something I’ve grown to believe. Don’t believe this? Well, prove me wrong!

    I’d love to be able to talk to some of you personally, both for moral support and to help out where I can! Feel free to contact me at www.facebook.com/ameliacarrusso

  36. Buy a juicer, some fruits and veggies and start juicing every morning. this will help with the addiction/sugar craving and help the body to rid of all the toxins etc. just do it, especially try oranges and carrots, this strong combo is very seet so u can dillute it with water if you like. it’s best served cold.

  37. hannah says:

    I HATE COKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. MBDeke says:

    I knew I had an addiction when everytime I go into the grocery store to shop, I would buy 5 to 10 two-litre bottles of Coke-Cola per week,
    sometimes 2-3 bottles inbetween the weeks. More over the idea that I know is when I went cheap one day and bought RC Colas for a buck each in place for the Coke-Cola which normally is always on sale. Well the RC’s did not do well with my tatse, it was bitter but I dranked them because my pockets were low and too, the RC’s did calm my need for Coke-Cola for a short time.

    Now I am strictly a Coke-Cola buyer for consumption, however, I am begininng to feel awkward, difficulty sleeping and most IMPORTANT, the pain in my knees and other joints, but mainly my knees are killing me when ever, I go beyond my limits of drinking it. My teeth, well since I normally sit at my desk playing the online game or web-surfing, I drink my Coke-Cola thru a straw with ice (the straw reduces much contact with my teeth). I cannot drink it w/out ice in this 1.5 litre plastic-see-thru cooler mug I have. The Cooler mug allows it to rest on the desk comfortably w/out having to worry about it sweating from the cold-ice all over my desk, or needing a cup-holster.

    Now, I am a guy that stands 6’2″ and have always been a slim kinda guy with a waist-size between 34-36, but now my waste has exploded with juicy wait, my body parts remains the same in size but my face filled out a bit wait too, and my eyes looks filled with stress. I do not eat as much for coke-Cola has filled that catergory to eat sometimes and I have a pain in my back that I know Coke has caused by drinking it, and I am very sure it is a kidney. Sometimes both my kidneys feels full when I have consumed too much of Coke and they are relieved when I urinate. Also, Coke-Cola makes me smoke ciggies much moe than usual, I mean like a pack in less than 16 hour period per day.

    I decided to quit and I did cut back just a few days ago and I am feeling better already, my knees are easier to deal with and ciggarettes have been lasting a lot longer (ciggarettes are just as bad because they make you want to even drink more alcohol, coffee or Coke-Cola). Today, I had less than 12oz. of Coke early this morning and been drinking more water.

    I will wish you all good luck, better yet, I will pray for you all that is in need of a prayer to quit this mythological addition which is a VERY REAL REALITY.

  39. Garo says:

    It’s impressive to see how many people are addicted to this ****.
    I am addicted too, well use to be. I sometimes… well always laugh when i really think of it as an addiction but when i think hard… it’s what it is.

    I’ve stopped for probably 2 weeks now, and to be honest i don’t even need it. I use to drink 1 or 2 bottles a day (1.5 liter a bottle) so around 1.5 to 3 liters per day.
    I work on a computer all day so you have to have something next to you ‘for your brake’ i don’t smoke, don’t drink alcohol but damn… coke !

    Anyways, i’ve stopped for understandable reasons… it’s addictive (1, 2 bottles a day, that’s a lot in a year) it’s expensive (average of 1.5 euro the bottle, that’s a lot in a year) and above all, health… all this acid drink, destroys your teeth, my stomach.

    I buy bottles of water now. And WOW, can’t believe how good i feel.

    Good luck quitting !

  40. patti says:

    I have been addicted to coke a cola all my life, as a child, I had coke and crackers and watched Popeye after school every day. I just found out I have Mitral Valve Prolapes and have to quit caffiene. Caffien-free coke just doesn’t taste good to me. I quit Caffiene cold turkey and had headaches only 3 days. I haven’t had a coke in a week, but the craving gets less and less every day and it feels good not to be under the “control” of this Craving. I have been losing weight also. I had been gradually cutting down anyway. Sweet tea has much less sugar than coke, like 5 teaspoons opposed to 12 teaspoons for 12 ounces. (wow, one teaspoon per ounce)! Here are 3 reasons to quit coke:
    Phosphoric Acid-This will cause calcium to leach from the bones in the bodiy’s attempt to stabilize the PH
    High Fructose Corn Syrup-Has to be metabolized by the liver, which is much worse than sugar. Most corn is GMO and talk about scary, look up info on GMO foods! Don’t think diet cokes are better , aspartame is even more dangerous!
    Caffiene- Will drain your adrenal glands
    Weight- either diet or not diet will make you gain weight, if you don’t, it’s probably because all the fructose corn syrup is causing malabsorption, which is worse than being fat. Also, aspartame makes you gain weight, have you ever noticed all the chain diet coke drinkers are fat? notice that, I do. I live in the south and obesity is rampant here. Quitting aspartame will actually make you lose weight, check it out, there’s a study that proves it.

    OK, maybe I’ve helped someone out there. I hope so, but these are the things I have to remind myself of every day to get through another day without Coke!!

  41. Aileen says:

    It has been more than a year since I wanted to have a coke. I don’t even miss it, I do have a few sips of the stuff now and then, but not because I want it but because that is all some people offer and it would be rude not to accept.I use to be addicted but one day I caught myself searching for a nice cold can of coke as if it were a drug. It had gone to far, that day I decided I was going to take control. At first it was very difficult but I switched to Arizona Tea (diet) it was all they had, and stayed with it. I no longer crave coke and when I do have it, I could only have a couple of sipps or get a burning in my stomach.As a result i lost 20 pounds and feel great I now am a green tea addict but at least thats healthy.
    So there is hope:]

  42. Todd says:

    I was drinking between 6-12 cans daily before. Since I gave up coke completely (along with a lifestyle change – eating healthy, moderate exercise) in late Sept 08, I have been feeling 100% better and went from 210 lbs to 170 lbs.

    So, It’s 12:45 pm, I just had my first coke in about six months. After the time off, I can honestly tell you that it was the best tasting thing in the entire universe. From the 1st sip through chugging the rest of the can down, I could feel the effects corsing through every fiber of my being. Oh, man. I’m in trouble …….

    • Todd says:

      man, it’s tough. I’ve been having some cokes lately. After I had my first sip a few weeks ago, it has gotten its hooks back in me. I’m not having coke everyday (yet!), but it’s getting close. I’m trying to stop again, but I’m afraid that I may not be able to. Had 2 yeasterday, and 2 today (that’s from starting at 1 last friday and 1 last saturday). I’m slipping back into the abyss…..

  43. alan says:

    I forgot to mention. I use coke to clean the battery acid on my car battery and we drink this stuff. Think about how bad this stuff is for our bodies.

  44. alan says:

    It has been 22 days since the last time I had a coke. It was the worst 21 days of my life, the headaches were insane. Blurred vision. The only way that i made it through was with ibuprofen and tylenol. I am talking about very heavy dosages. It was really hard too because you realize that these painful headaches will go away with drinking something that tastes sooooooo good. FIGHT THE URGE AND STAY AWAY FROM THE DRUG COMPLETELY IF YOU SUCCEED. Like i said it was 21 days of hell but it was well worth it. Good luck

  45. David Wimot says:

    The company needs to be held up for there actions

  46. David Wimot says:

    have been addicted to coke for about 10 years i am 17 and atthis moment i am drinking about 5 2 litre bottles a day which adds up to 10 litres it is a horrorable addiction i cant drink anything else but coke ive tryed everything to stop but nothing yet has work i havent put on weight as lots of people here ive lost it i drink it constantly and on bad days i can have up to 20 litres of it i am 17 and i am worrying if i dont stop drinking it, it may kill me coke cola is a highly addictive thing and i dont think there is enough awareness about the addictions as i know many people who are violently addicted i am at the moment on a hole new level of addiction but to me it started as only 1 can a day and now it has become part of my life source i substiute alot of my food for bottles coke and now it is starting to affect my family and i know i cant quit so to anyone know reads this get off it before it becomes as bad as my addiction it has destoryed my hole entire life now plz dont let it destory yours

  47. Stevie says:

    i can’t remember the last day i didn’t drink at least one can of coke
    it’s the caffeine – i get a headache if i go too long without a can
    but i reckon i’m only sixteen and i’ve got plenty of time to quit!!

  48. Dennis says:

    I love the stuff and it’s getting the best of my life in so many ways, I think imma **** up Coca Cola for this!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Chelsea says:

    It's been a few days since my last coke, and as I type I'm fighting a terrible headache and the temptation to fall asleep right here in school. It's nice to find out that there are so many like me that are struggling with this addiction. I wish y'all luck in your attempts to quit. I know it's hard, but I know we can do it! I just wish it didn't taste so damn wonderful.

  50. Emilie says:

    Hello everyone! So glad to finally see that I'm not the only one who's addicted to Coca-Cola! I went to the dentist recently and he said my teeths were going to **** because of acidity. He asked if I was eating lots of fruits such as apples and I laughed. I told him that I couldn't even remember the last time I ate an apple! I told him it was definitely the 3 to 4 cans of Coke I drink everyday that must be putting my teeths in this bad state…I'm 26 years old and have teeths that look like theeths on someone who's 40 years old! Coke is bad for our health, but I just can't stop. It taste so damn good and not drinking it gives me huge headaches and makes me cranky. I gotta quit…tomorrow:P

  51. timada says:

    Ohh, trust me! I know what you’re saying. Fighting with coke addiction is not far from fighting cocaine in a Drug Rehabilitation. I am coke free for 1 year now, but I still feel like having a nice cold glass of coke from time to time.

  52. Judit says:

    I was addicted too… I started using Diet Kola Capsules to break the habit, now I'm on Soda Water and I've lost 10 kilos and my teeth are a lot better. See dietkola dot com www.dietkola.com

  53. Kellybelly says:

    lol nice. i've been drinking 4 cokes a day 4 a week 2 stay up and study for my exams. CRAMMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gonna quit later if i can

  54. Ordas says:

    Don't stop it man… Coke is great! If you die from it, you'll die happy!

  55. David Brunt says:

    I used to masturbate to the Britney Spears coke commercial and climax in a coke bottle.

  56. David Brunt says:

    I am a serious Coke addict. I started drinking Coke when I was 14, and have been drinking 6-8 2-ltr bottles every day. I am fat, have no teeth, and have had three heart attacks, directly stemming from my perpetual coke ingestion. I feel like **** all the time and I know I am dying, but I can’t stop drinking it. PLEASE HELP.

  57. Daniel says:

    I Usually Drink 2 Litres Of Coca-Cola A Day, I’m Trying My Hardest To Stay Off The Stuff. : |

  58. jenny says:

    i have been drinking gallons of the stuff for years and havent had any ill effects

  59. Kat says:

    I am 23 and have been a diet coke addict for over a decade. I am both appalled and amazed at the similarities between many of the stories on this site and my own addictive habits. I drink between 3-8 cans a day of diet coke. It will be the first thing I do when I get up in the morning and the last thing I do before I go to bed.

    My mother was also a diet coke addict and drank over 100 oz a day. She died from an extremely rare, aggressive form of cancer at 53. Before her death, she speculated that her cancer which was adrenal related might have been linked in some way to her diet coke addiction. While this was just her impression, without any hardcore evidence to back it up, some recent scientific studies have shown that excitotoxins from aspartame (found in diet coke) can cause cancer (and a whole lot of other bad stuff). (See Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World, Dr Joseph Mercola and Dr Kendra Pearsall, Sweet Deception: Why Splenda, NutraSweet, and the FDA May Be Hazardous to Your Health, or Russell L. Blaylock, MD, Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills for more info.)

    While the aspartame controversy is ongoing, I’m ashamed to say that I watched my mother suffer from a diet coke addiction and die of cancer and did nothing to change my habits. Knowing all of this, I even drank diet coke while pregnant with my first child. If this isn’t an addiction, I don’t know what is. I am also overweight with weak and highly sensitive teeth, irritability, sleep deprivation, and shaky limbs issues.

    My partner and I are thinking of trying for another child and I am currently in graduate school. There is no way that I am going to be able to accomplish those goals addicted to this awful stuff. I poured the remaining 15 cans sitting on my kitchen floor down the drain this evening and as of this evening will not voluntarily consume any more soda, especially diet coke. I feel like posting this here is a reminder of the commitment that I’m making. Best of will to all of you who are in the same boat.

  60. Hayley says:

    hi, i am addicted to coke i find it really hard to wake up in the morning as i have to get up for my college course about 7am, to do this i have to have a can of coke about 6:15am to be alert and awake by 7am, if i dont have a can i can sleep until 1pm (i know really bad), i am constantly in a foul mood if i dont have any coke, i can barely consentrate on the things i used to love like read a book, i feel like my life is being destroyed slowly by the horrible drug, i have being addicted to the drug for about 4 years i am now 17 years old and feel tired and useless, my intake is pretty bad i can drink up to 4 litres if my parents didnt stop me that is, i have quit now and again but i just cant resist especially when the withdrawel symtoms are at its hieght, please can anybody help i need to get my life bk on track before its to late!!!!!!

  61. Amelia says:

    Oh yes the glorious hang-over wen u finally stop drinking the diet coke……i have been addicted to the sweet foul stuff since i was 9 im now 23 i have tried many many many times to quit and nothing seems to work long term……..i managed to quit for 6mths of my pregnancy for the sake of my child……but am now a full blown addict again seeking out it as if its illegal i need my daily fix and usually that amounts to a whole 1.25l bottle in a day……..im so ashamed i cant quit because i want to……….any ideas??????

  62. Andrew says:

    This is all sounding familiar…

    I have difficulty sleeping, tired in the morning, hard to concentrate etc.

    Usually drink 2-4 litres of diet coke a day. Realised the other night that I was basically wired while trying to get to sleep…

    Last night, didn’t have any – got some fizzy fruit drink instead. This morning, I feel like I am hung over…

    Somebody stop this ride, I want to get off.

  63. marvie says:

    I really agree to everything I have read in this site. I am presently pleading my husband to limit or stop his indulgence to coke as we all know its bad results. He starts his day with a glass of coke and even prefered drinking it than having a decent breakfast. For him, this drink gives him the energy he needs in his everyday work as an architect. I dont like to call him an addict but he obviously is!. It is not doing any good to him because he always have antacids in his pocket. I am very sure that it is causing him some tummy issues —something that he tolerates because of his cravings. Finding some antacid pills under his pillow the other night gave me the courage to nag him about this — I am not a nagger wife but for the sake of my husband’s health, I need to do it. Stopping his coke addiction is his free will. As a concerned wifey I feel the need to do whatever I can to assist and help him stop the coke drinking. As I thought that if there is a chance for us to be healthy and live longer, we have to do it while we can not for ourselves but for the sake of our children. Like many coke addicts have experienced, withdrawal symptoms will be difficult to deal with but one needs to be tough enough to achieve a much better, happier, healthier and normal life.

    How I wish that the manufacturer of this drink will modify it and make this a healthy one instead of making consumers obese and addicts. This is a fact that has been tolerated by many. It’s just like spending money to gradually kill or ruining oneself.

  64. Patrick says:

    I drink at least 4 32oz cups of Coke everyday…. 2 or 3 cans a day doesnt seem like a problem to me… I just stopped old turkey 3 days ago, its been pretty tough. When it gets really bad I drink a little Caffeine Free Diet Coke to try and trick my body into thinking it is getting caffeine… it works for about 15 minutes and then the shivers start.

  65. halesbales says:

    coke is muddling up my brain……………

  66. halesbales says:

    oops sorry – i meant www.cola-addiction.proboards103.com

  67. halesbales says:

    Actually – i’ve started a forum – coke-addiction@proboards103.com

    Come and join the fun!!!???!!!

  68. halesbales says:

    Coke is the Devil. But I love it so much… I got really really really badly addicted when son was born – he only slept an hour at a time and coke was the only thing that could wake me up enough to function through the night to look after him! Maybe brushing our teeth when we feel like a coke would help – makes it taste nasty! In fact, once i finish the 4 cans left in the fridge (lol) i’m gonna try that. I’m going to finish them today – gotta paint the kitchen and coke makes a task like that all the more bearable. I’ll report back in a fortnight and let you guys know how it’s going. LET’S MAKE A DATE – WE’LL ALL STOP THE COKE!!!! – we’ll get together here on the 3rd August 2008 and see how life’s been without it. We’ll all have dropped about a stone!!!! Go weigh yourselves now, and lock the knives away!!!

    See you in 2 weeks!!!

  69. Suzannah Crossley says:

    I have been coke free for a week now and so far have only had two days with bad cravings. I have found that replacing the sugar with another source seems to help. For example I bought myself a packet of lolly pops. Whenever I get a feeling like I need a “fix” I have a lolly pop and although it is not the best answer, it does seem to be working so far. Don’t go for a low cal substitute, as all artificial sweeteners are bad. For those who are watching their weight, be aware that aspartame actually makes you crave food and is therefore sabotaging your attempts anyway. Get off of the Coke and other soft drinks and then work on the weight loss.

  70. CLS says:

    I drink about 3 Diet Cokes a day for about 5 years now. When I don’t drink one in the morning, I feel tired and get headaches. I’ve tried cutting back and replacing it with Crystal Light, but it just isn’t the same… Good luck to anyone trying to quit. I understand what you’re going through!!!

  71. Tomcat710 says:

    I promised myself I wouldn’t drink Coke today but I already broke that by drinking it at lunch. I drank some milk and orange juice this evening, but just a few minutes ago I was hit with a craving that needed to be remedied. I grabbed a Coke and it tasted like heaven.

  72. Suzannah says:

    I have been drinking some form of cola all my life. I am 38 years old now, and have a few things to say about this topic that might scare some of you into quitting. First, as I said, I have been drinking some form of cola all of my life. I remember being the only person in my house who would insist upon having the cola out of the multi-flavour case of cans that my mother used to buy. This was the black and white generic stuff, not even named brand! Man, I loved that stuff. My mum bought it for us all the time until one day she poured it into some brand new Tupperware mugs – it actually started to dissolve the plastic! She then decided not to buy the cheep stuff any more and we started getting coke. I would have about two to three cans per week at that time, until I left home. When I was at uni, I discovered the benefits of drinking coke at night when I wanted to stay up and work or study. I remember feeling constantly tired until I had some of that stuff. Once I left uni and had my kids, I used coke to mix with a little bourbon to relax of an evening. My husband gave up drinking alcohol and just started drinking coke when we went out. He would drink one schooner (a little smaller than a pint) every time one of his mates would have a beer. I would keep up with him. My mother mentioned that I might need to start drinking the diet version or else I would end up with weight problems. It was at this time that I began drinking the deadliest, most insidiously addictive substance that I have personally ever been exposed to- aspartame. Wow did I ever love that stuff. For years I was going through a case a week of diet coke, caffeine free diet coke or coke zero. I thought that these were the “healthier” of all of the cola options. I slowly began to feel extremely unwell. I was tired whenever I didn’t have a drink. I was prone to hypoglycaemic shaking which could only be alleviated by drinking or eating something sweet. One day, whilst out bowling with my family I began having what I thought was a kind of heart attack. My heart suddenly began pulsing extremely rapidly and I was shaking all over. I needed sugar ultra fast. I told my husband to go and get me a mars bar as quickly as possible. I sat down and scoffed the thing as if I would die without it. I tell you, I actually felt like I was going to. After the first two mouthfuls of chocolate, I began to come back down again. I then asked my husband to go and buy me a drink- of cause he got me diet coke, as it was the only thing I ever drank (except – ironically- caffeine free organic tea.) I instantly felt better. A few months later, I was at a Karate class, and noticed that my lower legs began to feel itchy. I took a look at them and was horrified to find hundreds of M & M sized dark red blotches on my skin. The blotches were not raised and had no centre (like chicken pox or other rash.) The itch was not caused by the blotches, but rather by heat that seemed to be emanating from my legs for no reason at all. I put it down to over exertion and tried to ignore it. A few weeks later I went to watch my kids perform in a play and wore a pair of high heeled slip on shoes. The leather on the shoes cut across the top of my feet. I could feel my feet getting hotter and hotter as the night progressed, and by the end of the night, my feet were twice their normal size and had turned black! I had been severely bruised by wearing a pair of shoes!! I put it down to the heat – it was mid summer in Western Australia which is pretty hot most of the time. That same year, I flew to Sydney to visit my parents for Christmas. On Christmas day I wore another pair of slip on high heels – this pair were much looser than the previous pair, and the temperature of the day was much lower so I figured I would have no problems. The same thing happened. My mother made me promise to go and see a doctor as soon as I got home. When we got home, my in- laws came from England for a visit. They had been with a for a few nights, and suddenly the lower half of my legs swelled up like a balloon and turned purple! I have very small feet, but they looked enormous and extremely ugly. They burnt like crazy and yet there were no other symptoms and absolutely no warning before it actually happened. I had been at work all day, and it had been hot. I had been wearing closed in shoes and a full length summer dress. I noticed nothing until I removed my shoes and changed my clothes. I had a cold shower to see if that would help – it only made the heat in my legs more unbearable. The next day I went to see a doctor who had absolutely not idea what it was. He gave me a diuretic saying that it was probably fluid retention. This did nothing _ I was still drinking coke. Actually my mother in law wouldn’t let me drink it while I still had symptoms and after a few days the symptoms went away. Not putting two and two together, I started drinking it again once my legs were back to normal. After about three weeks, the symptoms came back. I went back to the doctor. He decided to do a biopsy as he still had no idea of what it was. The results of the biopsy were that I had something called leukositoplastic (sp not sure of) Vasculitis. In short what this means is that my immune system was fighting itself. (auto immune disorder) I was told by this doctor that I would just have to live with this awful thing for the rest of my life! I sought a second opinion from a Christian Doctor that was recommended to me by a friend. He told me I had all of the symptoms of serotonin depletion probably caused by an over active lifestyle and over use of my brain during my years at uni and in my job as a teacher. He prescribed an anti-depressant called Lexapro which worked exceptionally well. But I was still drinking coke zero every day. My cravings were lowered by taking the medication but I still continued to drink it for up to a year after the symptoms first began. I am not sure why, but I decided to look up causes of serotonin depletion on the internet and found that there was a rumoured link between aspartame and this brain dysfunction. I decided to stop drinking coke zero and chewing gum (which I was also addicted to) boy did I feel bad- solution – drink regular coke or cola. No aspartame, no problem. My doctor says that I will probably need to take some form of medication all of my life, as my brain is basically fried without it. Eliminating the aspartame has had a fantastic effect upon my life. I am much more able to function, and have few if any medical symptoms. Unfortunately I still have my addiction to cola which has seen me put on two dress sizes since switching and I am beginning to have a few of the old symptoms such as the shakes and sugar cravings. I do not let my kids drink cola unless there is nothing else available but I drink it feverishly. It is such a strong addiction.

    A word of advice for all of you who are addicted- DON’T USE CAFFEINE FREE DIET COKE AS A SUBSTITUTE for coke. It is worse than the sugar filled stuff by far. As for getting off of the stuff altogether. I pray that all of us will come up with a solution soon.

  73. Kirsty says:

    Iam 22 and have coke-cola addiction. i drink either 2 2litre bottles a day or 6 cans. I cannot and will not go a day without cokecola and carnt remember a day when i did go without!
    But i am paying the price for it!
    ive recently had 9 teeth pulled out and 6 filled! i am only 22 my two front teeth have holes in them and i am too scared to go back to the dentist because of what he will think.
    I need to give up but it is harder than people thing i carnt go on to diet i think it is discusting!
    So for now i am still drinking at least 6 cans of cokecola a day untill i find a cure.

  74. The Nuke says:

    im only a teenager and i drink soemtimes like 4 or 5 cokes a day. Every few hours i get really bad cravings for coke and if i dont get it a feel like killing someone. (well u know)

  75. linigh says:

    am so glad I found someone else with this addiction. I can’t stop. Seriously. I tried and I always relapse. Just reading these posts has made me want one now. I’ll admit I’m a sugar addict, weigh too much, & can’t put this **** down. This is insanity!

  76. Mike says:

    Hey Shiro,

    You are dead right. It is one of the hardest things that I have had to try and stop also. I can’t tell you how many times I tried to quit, from cutting down a half a can a day to cold turkey. But when you drink 7 or 8 a day for nearly 10 years, it takes a toll on your body big time. I have shared my story on my site as well, because people need to know what this stuff can do to them. It is history for me now but maybe not for others, so check out my story, www.dietdrinkaddiction.com

  77. Shiro says:

    I was a coca cola addict myself, i used to drink from 5 cans to 8 cans in a day, but after my sister told me how bad it is for me, i really got scared and tried to stop drinking, that’s when my troubles started, just going to school and watching other kids drinking coke while i was having water, made me sick..it was one of the hardest things i have done in my life till now, but thankfully with the help of my sister,i have kicked the habit ..i do have 1 can (maximum) of coca cola occasionally but i am very proud that i have stopped drinking it and i am sure people who are trying to stop drinking it can also do it as well, all the best to you.

  78. mdwitt says:

    I too have been a 7 plus can or sometimes bottle of Diet Coke drinker a day for many years. I have tried many times to kick the habit, but all without success. As soon as I tried to cut down my body would react with mood swings, migraines, and overall just feeling terrible, so I had to return to drinking it. That was until just five days ago. A friend of mine, Bill, knew how much of the stuff I was drinking and knew how bad I felt when I tried to kick this habit and brought me something that has replaced my addiction once and for all. After the third day of replacing Diet Coke with this product my need for the fix went away. The best thing of all, I have had no withdrawals, no headaches or migraines, no craving, nothing. Plus the healthy feeling and energy has been fantastic. Energy drinks are a very popular thing today, but all of them have huge amounts of caffeine and sugar. This drink however is the first all natural, no bad caffeine and no processed or artificial sweeteners at all. Not only this, it has the nutrition that other drinks don’t have, giving people a natural long lasting energy release and healthy feeling to boot. The stuff is called ACT Energy Drink. ACT stands for Advanced Cellular Technology and advanced it is. I have never tried an energy drink until now but if it can break the severe Diet Coke addiction I had in just 5 days and help me to start feeling and looking better, I know it can do the same for anyone. Thanks for letting me tell my story, Mike. www.drinkactweb.com/mikewitt

  79. chilly says:

    G’day all
    I gave up coke a killa for a few months (just drank water, and a little green tea which has about 15mgs of caffine in it as compared to 80mgs in a can of coke) and lost 8kgs but for the last month Ive been back on it now for a month put 5kgs back on but Im determined to keep trying I evan drank carrot juice today. I’ve read almost everything I could possibly find on what Coke does to you and Caffine for that matter. but Coke seems to be one of the nastiest. I don’t belive it will eat a nail away in a few days or a rump steak, but my dentist told me I have a high sugar diet the other day and I brush my teeth every day. my father inlaw had a triple bypass a nuber of years ago and has totaly given up coke because he got these heart palpertations when he drank it and had to take these nedles in his stomach which gave him big bruses, looked really nasty. My Nan died at the age of 54 of a heart attack, I was fairly young but i remeber that she would drink a fair bit of coke when I used to visit her. I think you could do your self a lot of damage drinking lots of any soft drink but coke seems for me to be more compelling than most drinks, Most shops I’ve noticed have an awfull lot of coke more so than any other drink in there fridges. Its definately a popular drink. Oh well here I go again Im going to drink only tap water tomorrow might save some money to boot.

    Good luck to you and all my best wishes if you are trying to give up Coke or any other substance that ruins your health. Being healthy helps to being happy I say. So give it your best shot to give up if its effecting you as bad as me.

    by the way I found a better use for coke checkout (dietcoke and mentos) on utube. I dont want the poor employees of coke going with out a job so this might keep them employed

  80. Alexa says:

    Once I went to the nutririonist and realized I have good habits in general but I drank too much coke so I decided to quit it. I could do it for two weeks and in that time I lost over 8 pounds!!! I am drinking coke again and re gain the lost weight .

    Recently I went to Chile and I went crazy around the city trying to find one coke!! Now I am going to take this seriously and stop drinking it at all.

  81. RecoveringColaholic says:

    Better late than never…..Berry Miller, your comments make it clear that you are a moron and I am sure you have probably never been to a dentist. Time to move out of your mom’s basement.

  82. Kat says:

    i’m a 120 pound, 5’7 diet coke addict… im still in high school so its not that bad for me, i dont really have the money to support an addiction, but its getting worse. I used to have maybe 2 litres a week at most, but now its progressing to 2L every 2 days… on bad days I can polish off 2L within 12 hours and 4L every 24.

    I drink it because its low calorie, tastes great… its a food substitute. if i get hungry i drink diet coke and hunger cravings go away. its unhealthy, i know (though not nearly as unhealthy as its painted to be… aspartame doesn’t cause brain tumors or blindness, and doesn’t convert to formaldehyde, go look on snopes.com..)

    anyway. ive decided to quit. cold turkey. not so bad for me, im not one of those 12 can-a-day addicts, but im stopping myself before i get to that point. only water for me from now on.

    best of luck to all of you


  83. rez says:

    hey peoples, man after reading so many of your stories about THE EVIL coke addiction i feel good in a way that im not alone and that others do understand that it is not that easy to give it up…… the sound of a cold can cracking open on a hot summer days….. im like homer simpson with his donuts…My family are always on my back about my weight and my teeth and the damage that coke is doin….. ive tried to give up so many times but it is just so hard…. longest i can go for is about 2 weeks….. isnt there newun out there, who knows how to deal and get on top of this……PROBLEM

  84. jolene says:

    So I read your blog on withdrawling from Diet Coke this morning. I tried as my new years resolution to give up Diet Coke because for me it was an addiction. However, I lasted four days and my head ache didn’t ever go away. So, I generally got up to four or more Diet Cokes a day… which is a pretty big addiction. Though I really want to just stop, I don’t want the headache’s because I have four kids to care for. So, now I am restricting myself to one diet coke a day. However, I would like to stop drinking them completely again. If I were to stop, how long would my head ache’s last before I didn’t get them again. Did anyone make it that far?


  85. Terry says:

    Hi i’m 25 and addicted to diet coke or pepsi max it depends on whats on special. I arravge about 4.5 ltrs a day but its not uncommon for me to go over 6 ltrs a day. I only eat dinner i snack on **** during the day getting a bit fat too. I start work at 5:30am leave home at 4:50am and i’ll be sipping a 2ltr bottle(i don’t waste time with cans) with my morning smoke by the time i leave my street. I’ve only manged to stay off it a week in the last 7-8years .
    So if you think your coke love is getting a bit outer hand watch OUT.
    We need some sort of methadone

  86. Josh says:

    Hi there. My names Josh. I’m 16 years old and have been addicted to Coke for around 4 months now. I drink round 4-10 cans a day, mainly cherry coke my flat mate is also addicted – he got me started off haha. I’m drinking a coke right now, the addiction is so bad. I havent yet stole coke but when I’m out of money all i think about is robbing a huge lorry load. Somebody please help me kick this addiciton!

  87. Paula says:

    It’s not just the caffiene rush, it’s also the sugar rush…there is the equivalent of FIVE snicker bars in a can of coke! I think I am addicted to the sugar rush more than the caffiene!

  88. London Steve says:

    WOW thanks guys, this has blown my mind, despite buzzing my tits off a 2 litre bottle of coke that i knocked back in half an hour i managed to sit here and read all these post!

    27 and been on the dark stuff since for as long as i can remeber. i can relate to so much of whats been said here that im laughing on the outside but crying on the inside.

    Much respect to all those currently dry or just going through the pain barrier. And big love to those still trying to take the first steps. The best i managed so far after cold turkey was 3 months. that was 2 years ago. but i fill so inspired.that i i think the time for a new attack on my addiction is now!

  89. Carol says:

    It’s been two whole months since I’ve had a diet Coke. I knew I had an addiction but I just didn’t realize just how addicted I was. I don’t drink coffee or tea and the diet Coke was my morning “zing.” I would get to work and have another one and would only limit myself to two a day. I tried once to quit and would find an excuse to start again as I just hated the headaches and withdrawal symptoms.

    I eat healthy and have never smoked. After my last cold, I decided to kick this habit. Well, I’ve never had such a withdrawal in my life as I’ve had from these Cokes. All I want is one taste and I know if I just taste it, I’m hooked again. I refuse to give in and let this product take control of my life. I’m not buying the caffine routine, as you can get that in pill form. No,
    it’s the taste I miss. What the heck is in this stuff that’s so addictive?

  90. Gil says:

    I too am addicted. 1st can everyday before 8 a.m. It reminds me of when I used to smoke. I would wake up and think “how long can I put off my first cigarette?” Now, I proud of myself if I can wait till 10 a.m. to get my first Coke fix. Pathetic.

    My biggest crave is for the large fountain Cokes at the convenience stores. A medium is 32 oz. Isn’t that crazy? I remember in the 1960s when a medium was 12 oz. Anybody remember the 6 oz bottles?

    I noticed that Coke comes in a 8 oz can now. But they cost more than the 12 oz cans. What’s up with that?

    I probably think more about Coke than I do food.

  91. Andy says:

    Hi im an addict… ive been 4 weeks dry and am scared am gonna fall off the wagon…i can hear the shiny red can and the cold fizzy beverage calling my name…it is a nightmare !

  92. jmw says:

    I am 46 and have been addicted to Coke since I was a child My mother use to bring home a six pack everyday and when she didn’t I would scream and cry. I weigh 260 pounds and cannot seem to lose the weight no matter what I try. I am sure drinking coke has a lot to do with it but I just can’t seem to give it up. I was drinking two bottles of wine a night but gave that up a year ago. I tried food addicts but went into a severe depression. I hope some day I can give Coke up for good. It is worse then a drug.

  93. TaB_dude says:

    Ok…….aspartame is not as bad as some people state in this website.
    The research in the 1970 is found to be flawed. Lab rats are so different than us. They digest differently, they eat differently and they do alot of other things differently. I drink 1 can of TaB (with saccharine) and 1 can of Diet Coke Plus (aspartame,ace-k).

  94. natasha says:

    wow it is so good to know that im not the only one addicted to coke. people always think that ur weak if u cant give up coke,im always trying to give it up and people just say “just dont drink it” they dont know how hard it is. im 15 years old and have been addicted for about 2 years. i know its really bad for me but i cant help it. i am very underweight and i am starting to think maybe its something to do with the coke. ive decided to make a fresh start next month. i hope i can do it, cos i hate myself for it i really do, sometimes i cry bout it cos i hate what its doing to me.

  95. Terri says:

    I can really relate to a lot of what is posted here. I started drinking coke as a kid and quite a lot more as a teen and in college. Having a desk job for 3 yrs, I also brought 12 packs to work and went through them in a few days easily – then I had 2 liters on top of that at home. Now as a stay at home mom, I sneak 2 liters and drink them during the day and hide them b/c my husband doesn’t like me drinking it. He thinks I hardly drink any. The fact that I have to hide it tells me I am an addict. I, too, get the awful headaches and get really irritable if I don’t have it. When I wake up in the morning, it’s the first thing that pops into my head. I haven’t had any today and am going to try to quit. I’ve entertained the idea before, but kept having “just one more” and never got around to quitting. It’s really awful because it’s just everywhere. Wish me luck.

  96. Tom Steele says:

    I came accross this blog searching for the effects of long term Coca Cola usage/addiction.

    I’m a 54 year old male who’s drank virtually nothing but Coke for the last 20 years – seriously – I hadn’t drank more than a few glasses of water or any other liquid in over 20 years.

    A few months ago I took up golf and play six or seven hours a day saturday and sunday in the humid hot climate of New Orleans. Recently I came home after playing golf all day and had a life threatening heart palpitation event that dropped me to my knees on my kitchen floor as I nearly lost conciousness. I went to the hospital and the diagnosis was dehydration – dehydration caused by physical activity, heat, and the dehydrating effects of Coca Cola on my body. My cardiologist was crystal clear in his explanation of what happened to me: My solitary Coke hydration habit actually dehydrated me when I thought I was hydrating with it while playing golf in the heat. Dehydration causes the blood to thicken and puts a great deal of undo stress upon the heart. This heart palpitation even almost killed me. The dehydration induced palptation caused my heart to kick and buck and almost quit causing the flow of blood to my brain to be interupted and knocked me to the floor fighting to maintain coinciousness. I thought I was going to die – later on the doctor told me I could easily have died. Dehydration and heat fatigue kills a lot of people. I had no clue the Coke I was drinking on the golf course to refresh and hydrate myself was actually doing the exact opposite.

    This is a true story. I’m thankful to be alive. I haven’t drank a Coke since the incident. Upon reflection – I realize I’m an idiot and should have recognized something wasn’t right and connected the dots.

    I’m not saying Coke is a killer – but I am saying if “ALL” you drink is Coke – it can kill you. It almost killed me.

  97. David says:

    I am a recovered addict! I’ve been basically Coke free for 6 years! I still remember the withdrawal, and I feel for yall that are trying. Good Luck!

    p.s. Watch out for caffeine substitutes! When I went cold turkey, I started eating a lot of chocolate, it was sneaky, but I caught it and quit that too!

  98. Chrisbo says:

    Hey all, some great posts that I can really relate too!

    Like most of you I drank Coke from a very early age, and the ammount I drank just accumulated through the years.
    In the peak of my coke addiction I was 15-17 years old. I used to drink a 375ml can before school, 600mL at morning break, 600mL at Lunch, a 375mL can when I got home, a 375mL can before dinner, and sometimes a can after dinner. This was on average, sometimes I would drink less, but most of the time i’d drink much much more.

    A lot of times before school i’d go to the shops and buy a warm 1.25L bottle, because it was cheaper than a cold 600mL bottle. Go figure.

    Looking back, I missed a lot of the valuable education that school offered because I was never focussed enough in class, and I couldn’t concerntrate because my mind was always racing. Most of the time i’d have a Coke in class with me, not conciously knowing it, but it was always there for when a craving hit.
    The teachers would always call my mum at work and say ‘Chris doesn’t stay focussed in class, but we don’t know why…’.

    My mum never knew I drank so much, and unknowingly fed my addiction. I would go through at least a 30 can pack a week at home and always give her an excuse to where it had gone.

    Looking back now I was grossly under-nourished through my school years, and had severe achne in my later years school years. I never put on weight because I never used to eat a lot, because I was never really hungry.

    I drank so much I became a coke connoisseur! I used to know the best ways to drink it in order to obtain maxium satisfaction. I even had a way I liked to drink it, I always shook the bubbles out of it so it would be a smoother taste on my tongue.
    Another way to drink Coke would be to sip it out of a can quickly, so that all the bubbles would rush into my mouth as they hit my tongue. I also loved frozen Coke!

    In the school holidays my friends and I would play Playstation all day, and drink litres upon litres of Coke. We purchased thin plastic tubing from a hardware store so that we could just continually Coke from 1.25L bottles without having to get up off the couch.

    When I was about 17, energy drinks became all the rage and I started drinking a lot of those, but they never replaced coke for me, nothing could lol.

    I gave up my addiction when my parents moved state, I made a concious choice and started excercising reguarly, and adopted a more healthy style of living.
    I was glad to be free of Coke, and things started changing for the better. I put on a lot of weight(muscle), became very fit, and my body developed very quickly with my new lifestyle.
    Best of all my mind became a much more enjoyable place to be. I was thinking slower than I used too, but my thoughts were more rational and continuous. I started reading a lot, and I found it a lot easier to study.

    I can never blame coke for any of my problems though, as I believe it comes down to a matter of self-control/discipline. It’s a choice I was making, Coke didn’t make me drink it, I chose to drink it.
    However, a lot of young kids get hooked who no real concept of self control, or no concept of an autonomous style of living where they are in control of their lives. They just have a need they don’t understand, and Coke fulfils that need.

    This being said, Coke is still the tastiest thing in the whole world. Nowadays I only drink Coke on weekends, as a special treat to myself. I don’t believe giving up Coke completely is the answer, because you can still enjoy it without it being a problem. It’s all about self control, and fighting against the desire to drink more of it.

    In a few years i’ll look back and realise giving up excessive amounts of Coke, and more importantly taking control of my life, was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
    Coke tastes great, but it tastes all the sweeter now that i’m in control of how much I drink.

  99. louise says:

    I too am addicted to coca cola. My dad wouldnt let me or my sister drink it when we where little so it became like the forbidden fruit.I used to drink it when he was at work and fill the bottle up with a little bit of water so he didn’t know it was gone!! I know why he wouldn’t let us drink it now. the worst thing i have found with my coke addiction was when i was breastfeeding my son. the caffiene came thru my milk and i ended up with a very restless baby- that combined with the knowledge of what coke does to you internally is my motivation for giving up coke…..starting today…

  100. needs help says:

    hey everyone.

    i’m a 19/f who has been a diet coke addict for at least four years now. i want to quit so badly but don’t know where to begin. even after only four years i really feel like its starting to affect me. *note, i can’t remember the last time i drank milk. the last time i had white milk was when i was baby (no exaggeration)

    i’m almost always unhappy, i’m slightly overwight, and recently i’ve been told that i most likely have rheumatoid arthritis. i just don’t know what to do or where to even begin for this addiction.

    once, my parents stopped buying diet coke and i had the shakes, the migraines, and constant desire to drink it. the headaches and shakes were so bad that i walked in a snowstorm to buy it. i was probably 15 at the time..maybe younger.

    i need suggestions, help, anything!

  101. exsmoker says:

    Hello All,

    I was reading around some of the posts here and I found interesting things that you guys talk about, I just made a blog about quitting smoking resources and ideas that you might want to check out.
    If someone is interested in this topic just go to; endthehabitnow.blogspot.com and let me know what you think.
    Thanks in advance.

  102. beautiful red can says:

    Its been 3 days. I love coke. That red can. The way the water slides from the side of a can straight from the back of the fridge. Almost climaxing as the drink tickles down your throat. Oh I miss coke. I miss the little bubbles as they tickle my nose. Oh coca cola. I dont wannt to leave but for the betterment of my colon, heart, liver, throat and my teeth. I must bid you adieu. Bye coke at least for now. Hi my name is apple and I am a coca cola addict its been 3 days since my last refreshing glass of euphoria in a can,

  103. Adam says:

    man i’m in the harsh throes of a full on coke addiction lol. my mums not buying it anymore so i’m headin for an involuntary cold turkey quit. not lookin forward to it…

  104. sassenach says:

    So what is the symptoms of coke addiction anyways.. be drinking for years but not sure about the side effects..

  105. […] Oh man, it looks like I’m not the only one addicted to Coke. I mean, look at this post: Fighting my addiction to Coke. […]

  106. Eunice says:

    Please help me….
    I’ve been addicted to coca cola since I was very young..my first one was in a bottle. Imagine? I drink as much as I have in my fridge DAILY. Sometimes a 2 liter in a day and a half..sometimes in one day.
    I have been trying endlessly to stop but have not succeded. I have secretly suffered from migraines. It is an endless battle. During the last month and a half I have put on weight and my hsuband is baffled since I hardly eat.
    The only way I feel full is when I drink a coke. If I drink something else besides coke I feel like I’m betraying coca cola. It’s terrible.
    Kudos to my friends out there who have recovered from this terrible addiction. I pray that one day I can be like you.

  107. K.Monaghan says:

    Another one joins the club!,i am a 29 year old,ave 6 teeth left,also a real bad stomach lining.People laughed when i told them i was addicted 2 this stuff,i’ve tried 2 give it up!,somedays i’d drink over 4 litres easy,never the bottom of the bottle:not the same when the fizz has gone!.I’ve been drinking coke since i was about 10,no tea,coffee,milk,water or diluted orange JUST COKE!,my stomach is a mess,my teeth gone!,i’m over weight,and even half a day without the stuff and my temperment changes,i seem 2 get the shakes 2.I cant understand how coca cola gets away with the adverts that makes kids wana drink the stuff,hope someday the stuff is banned!, ps,goodluck 2anyone trying 2 give it up,at least we know with this website we dont have 2 suffer alone,take care everybody

  108. Mr. OCD says:

    I too am addicted to this drink. I do believe it is time for me to stop. I’ve noticed that my teeth are weker and I do get angry alot more than I used to. I makes me feel better knowing that there are people just like me. So I’m going to Man Up! I’m going to quit. I know I have the will power because I quit smoking cold turkey over a year ago so here I go and will let you know how the battle goes.

  109. Shep says:

    I am a coke addict and I have been drinking all of my life. I am Australian, I live in Sydney.

    I love my Coke, everyone is on my back about it and I tell them to bloody shove it! I drink alot I have 4 cans at work and 3 cups of it at night at least!!!

    I want to stop and I know that I will, I have not had one today which is good i guess. I thought to myself I would like to stop smoking and drinking Coke but I can only do one of them at a time and I think that Coke comes first….

    The scary thing is finding a drink that is caffine free, even tea has caffine!!!

    I am kinda bored with water, but then again water is something we drink because we need to, but Coke being the little tricky bugger that it is makes us want to drink when we are not thirsty or anything!! On a nice sunny day where the sky is blue and all you can think about is an icy cold COKE!! You are addicted my friend..

    shep shep

  110. chilly says:

    Arghh coke sucks!!! My car gets so full of coke/redbull etc bottles by the end of the week its not funny. It gets in to my head and bugs me . I gave up again for 5days the other week . I’m so used to buying drinks I just had to go and buy bottles of water, its darn well FREE from the tap. And now I’m up at 2am while my family is all asleep. I don’t know if it was a week or two weeks but I filled two shopping bags of bottles out of my car on a cleanup day. I don’t know if your a Christian or not, but I am and I’m going to pray for you and myself and anyone else who reads this and wants to give up coke. We all need help. Good luck lets give up the yucky stuff and be healthy and probably more alert to.

    I was watching utube of Elvis Presley, he was playing unchained melody just a short while( months/ weeks not sure) before he died. He had quite a few coke cups around him. Thus I’ve come up with a new name for coke


    Go on give it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    at least before you die .:-) (-:

    Ps Seriously,You’ll have more money, less tooth decay, healthy bones, less stressed/ angry, get real fit and tone up. I suppose the best thing that I’ve found from giving up somthing( ie smoking) is that it gave me confidence I think that when you are addicted to something you let that thing control you.
    After I gave up smoking I also stopped drinking alcohol because every time I’d previously tryed to give up smoking id go and drink then I’d forget i was giving up smoking. I consumed lots of coke and McDonalds food to compensate the lack of smokes& alcohol .

    Enough of my bla bla I think its time to regain control and ditch the black fizz fix for good ARE you With ME??

  111. moi says:

    i am a coke addict as well. i am talking about up to 2-2liter bottles a DAY. i had to cut back on expenses so i started buying rc cola. 99 cents for a 2liter. one answer my friend: coke zero!

  112. Dani says:

    I need to stop coke. I have around 2/3 bottles a day. I go mental if I don’t have it, I can’t think straight. It’s really hard to cut it out my life. I went half aday with out it and I was going crazy. It’s the first thing I drink when I wake up and the last think I drink when I do to bed. I’ve been drinking it for my childhood years. Only at the age of 15 now. My farther first gave it to me around 6, aswell, himself being a coca cola addict. So we’ve always had it in stock. I am going to cut it out sooner or later, because I understand the effects it’s going to have on me later in life.

  113. Dr. Walter says:

    After reading your “problems” with coke I must ask you this…is it so bad!!! Why take such a joy from your life? I say drink coke and have fun doing it. Don’t let others take your fun away or say you have “an addiction”. If your worried about the caffeine just get caffeine free coke. Don’t want the extra calories just get diet. You only live once so have your coke and drink it to!

    ~Dr. Walter

  114. Jack says:

    I start w\ 3 cans packed in my lunch sack at 7:45 (with nothing else for lunch). I pour and drink one can over ice on my 30 minute drive to work. Right next to work I stop at the store and get a 44oz’er. Thats gone by 9:30. I refill my 44oz with the remaining two cans I packed for lunch. At lunch I go where the big drinks are. Sonic route 44 is perfect. Thats gone by 3:00PM. Around 3:30 o4 4:00 I go refill my 44oz’er. I may then have 1 or two cans with dinner.

  115. lynette way says:

    i am also trying to stop my coke addiction. i don’t drink water ever. i only drink about 3-5 glasses of liquid a day, all of them are coke. this has gone on since i was at least in first grade. i am in the seventh grade now and it’s driving me crazy.

  116. Sam says:

    I’m off for 7 days now and I feel great. I switched to ice cold nestea. I keep a thermos of it handy at all times. I’m starting to feel better than I did.

    Anyone want to chat about it email me at wallstreetdow@aol.com

  117. Jazz78 says:

    Hi Guys,
    Day two, drinking hot water and lemon, and herbel tea.
    Plan to stick to it for two weeks to clean out my system!
    Have a serious head ache and feel quite ill.
    I know a can of ice cold coke would take it all away!
    But its time to detox and i know that these symtoms are part of the process of feeling better again.
    I guess that how bad i’m feeling represents how polluted and unhealthy i have become!
    So must stay focused and positive!
    This feeling will pass and then i will feel much better!
    Went to the shop this morning to get some milk, could see all the lovely coke cans in the fridge, and didnt buy a single one……Great!
    Spoke to my husband last night and admitted all!
    He had know idea what was going on, untill i told him.
    Great to get it all out in the open, he was so supportive!
    So first i’ll get rid of my caffine addiction then move on to the smoking issue.I also have to learn to look after my self and eat propertly!
    I agree phil, a can of coke is a meal in a can!
    You cant survive on coke alone, it will catch up with you!
    I cant believe how addictive it is, its a serious problem!
    I am underweight as it is, not sure whats going to happen now ive stopped drinking it?
    But may be i’ll have to learn to eat breckfast and small healthy meals often! Good luck with your cold turkey! coke is nasty stuff, is rotting our insides and affecting how think. We can beat this!
    We need to take control!

    Let me know how ya get on.

  118. Phil says:

    Me too….addict :(

    Gave up last new years 2006, and managed it for 3 months, was totally “off” it, which was awesome after having drunk ~2ltrs of fullfat coke from about ages 14 (now 23). Teeth arnt too bad, but not the best, I definately noticed them better when I was off it.

    Anyway….having declared myself free of addiction, 3 months passed and I was 100% free of it, so one fateful day I decided, I’m nolonger addicted, so I’ll just have a can now and it’ll be fine….it wasn’t! Started all again and here I am over 1year on as an addict.

    Reading this has inspired me loads once again, and from tomorrow I’m cold turkey. I recall last time, I didnt have any real symptoms of cold turkey like some guys are describing, just found it really hard to walk past a shop’s fridge with an ice cold Coca Cola in it!

    Shame really, I love the stuff, but it’s best for my health if I give it up once and for all.

    PS. Is anyone else a coke addict (fullfat) and skinny?! I can’t seem to put any weight on at all, was wondering if the caffine was wrecking my metabolism and not letting my body absord anything from the food I take in. Coke really is a meal in a can I’m sure of it!

    Goodluck all, it’s all in your head :)

  119. Jazz78 says:

    Just got the courage to look up coke addiction on google, and found this site!
    Oh my god..i now have to admit i have serious problem!
    I am a young mum addicted to coke and cigarets!
    I Cant believe i am talking about this!
    I am really worried about my health.
    I can sleep, and my heart is beating at a rapid rate, i am aware of it all the time.
    I am on two cans of coke a day, and sip on each one slowly and gradually. There is always one can in the fridge.
    But i also have to give up smoking as i just cant do it anymore!
    The combination between siping coke and smokeing cigs is making me a nervious wreck!
    I’m all jittery and my mind gets all mixed up.
    I move around at a fast rate and have palpitations
    Also have big highs and big lows, as well as no energy!
    I feel burnt out and wired at the same time!
    Is anyone out there having the same problem?
    I just cant live on coke and cigs anymore!
    I am not eating propertly and it is affecting my vision as well. I just dont know how i am going to get out of this madness! I have a wonderful family and a gorduce husband and need to beat this!
    I need to get out of this fog!
    As of today i am giving up coke, and i am going to do a detox. But Don’t know how to stop smoking?

    Sorry for babbleing on, this is the first time i have spoken about this, so just need to get all these thoughts and feelings, out of my head!

    I wish you all lots of love, light and positive energy.
    Good luck guys!

  120. Karen Purnell says:

    Please will someone email me on
    n help me go cold turkey!

  121. Karen Purnell says:

    i can’t believe i have found a site with people just like me on it!
    I drink can after can of coke, and im only 15. i work in a shop and spend a great deal of my wages on the drink. In fact, Im drinking a can right now.
    I jst cant seem 2 stop.
    Please, someone help me go cold turkey!
    please reply to me, would be reli grateful for a cold turkey cola buddy!
    karen x

  122. marie says:

    i too am addicted to coke i drink 4litres aday im overweight ive got rotting teeth and i have constant migraines and i suffer from irritable bowles brought on by the coke ive been drinking it for 10 years i cant say i really enjoy it anymore i just cant quit i get really bad withdrawal symtoms and get violent i no this sounds silly but its true its recking my life

  123. SkyeBlue says:

    I’m 45 years old now and I would have to say I have been a “Coke” addict for 30 years now. This has been the HARDEST habit I have ever tried to break. Sometimes I REALLY wonder if soda companies actually put some kind of substance into their product, as the cigarette companies have been accused of doing, to make their product more addicting.

    10 years ago I was able to quit drinking alcohol and doing drugs but this is an addiciton that I just cannnot seem to kick. I have NO IDEA why. It is really like a literal drug addiction where you almost go into somekind of withdrawl effect if you do not get your “fix”.

    So now I am stting here 90 pounds overweight, with teeth that are beginning to rot and severe high blood pressure. I KNOW my major problem is the Cokes because 9 years ago I quit drinking them and lost 35 pounds in less than 6 months without any other change in my eating habits!

    If anyone who happens to post on this site would just like to talk sometime please email me. s kipp er _ 71953@ msn .com

  124. Amy says:

    I drink about 2 litres of diet coke a day and I just don’t know how to stop. If I don’t have any I get a splitting headache that only goes about an hour after I drink coke and get so grumpy it’s unbelievable. I really need to stop, I go away to uni next year and just wont be able to afford it…and i don’t want to be a grumpy headache monster then! It’s also so unhealthy. Is it better to cut down or just go ‘cold turkey’. It is actually ruining my life, if I had a drung, alcohol or cigarette addiction there would be someone there to help me!

  125. chilly says:

    Gday all I’m an almost reformed Coke addict I’ve been 3 months without any sugary drinks just lots of water and doing so made me feel great. But my dependancy on the dreaded black stuff goes very deep I was drinking At least 2 -600m bottles a day and maybe a red bull or two aswell and I felt as if I needed them to function properly The caffine effects me pretty bad I need it by about 9am then 12pm then I usually top up at 4;30pm and then Its all over for me I just wont sleep at night time,maybe 3am after much effort. ive been back on caffinated drinks now not so much coke but redbull and red lizard but I know they are only a temporary fix to being tired It catches up on you if you try to cheat your body of sleep.

  126. Cowburn199 says:

    I’ve been drinking about 2 litres of Pepsi a day for about 3 months now and I really want to stop! I stopped about a year ago and didn’t drink any for around 2 months but then I had that ‘one drink that won’t do any harm’ and I got addicted again! I have 3, 2 litre Pepsi bottles remaining and when I finish them, i’m quitting. The only problem I have is my exams are in about a month and I could do without the headaches during my revision time :(

  127. Devorah says:

    I am giving up coke…. yet again, I once gave it up for 4 months and then I started drinking it again…. just one here and there… I travel often and coke is always the one thing you can count on to be the same (or close to the same) no matter where you are in the world. I hate coke… no I love coke.. no I hate coke…. oh the evil marketing genius at the coca cola empire will be sad to see me go…but I must say goodbye to my good dear old friend…

  128. Alex says:

    I haven’t drunk coke for way over a month now and feel better for it. only find it hard when going out i really like coke n vodka but instead i’m drinking redbull n vodka not sure thats much better though lol

  129. Sam says:

    I think we need to form a support group.

  130. Oscar says:

    I’m scared! I drink 1l of coca cola daily, I’m not fat and my teeth look good, i’ve been doing it since I was 13 and now i’m 19, nothing happened.
    Anyways, what I just read is making me try to drink it less, I don’t know if I’ll do it!
    Right now I’m doing it!
    So if anyone has a good substitute idea post it!

  131. matty says:

    its been four days for me and i’m hurting bad. i’ve got flu like symptoms. this never ending pressure in my head. i feel like i’m gonna explode. indigestion. no energy – sleeping during the day – cant sleep at night……………………

  132. LittleMark says:

    I have been drinking about 2 litres of Coke a day. It’s the beverage I consume more than any other. I have had a lot of cavities that needed fillings. Last year as my teeth became more and more stained I got my teeth whitened and dental veneers but still I kept on drinking. I’d rather have costly dental surgey than give up that sparkly soda. I have tried giving up previously but it never lasts. I don’t drink alcohol so, if I’m at a bar or a restaraunt, it’s the drink I automatically choose.

    I decided I’d stop drinking it again last night. As I write this I’m confined to my bed as I have a headache. But I know I need to stick to it this time for the sake of my health.

    Good luck everyone!!!

  133. matty says:

    ….just one more can.

  134. matty says:

    i last a couple of months everytime i give this stuff up. but then, as others have stated, i drop deeper into this addiction than ever before. its a vicious cycle. i drink more to get high, but every day that passes i require more just to get back to the same place. i’m 99% sure it’s stripping me of the motivation required to simply live happily. i’ve got three cans of DC on my desk as i type this. one in the lounge next to the tv, and a handful next to the bin in the kitchen. it’s a laughing point between friends – esp. with the few that smoke dope / cigs / or are heavy alcho drinkers. they’ve seen me on / off / on / off the coke since they’ve known me. it’s time again to stop. im not looking fwd to the next few days. but i know the first coke or dc that i touch after a couple of months off will lighten up my life once again.

  135. aaron says:

    If you start a class action lawsuit. I got diabetes from drinking to much coke.

  136. Raymonde says:

    I am very addict to coke, the coca-cola C2… I wish I could only have one once in a while…When I quit smoking,15 years ago, I guess I replace nicotine by cafeine, and there it was in coca-cola. It has been worse this year, I get satisfed only if I have a coca-cola a day. There must be something in it that makes us wanting more and more and as for the cigarette, it is bad for the health ..and more now days than a few years ago.
    Would be happy if someone could tell me how to quit and why it is no good at all for the health …maybe then I would be able to put it aside !
    Hope someone knows…….

  137. Alex says:

    The message above about the guy addicted to cocaine amused me some-what not that he was addicted just that he went looking for help and all he found was an addiction to coca cola forum. Thr whole idea that we’re addicted to a soft drink sounds so absurd but it’s true.

    So far i’ve stopped drinking coke for 2 weeks. Still finding it reallty hard and for some reason food seems unattractive (well more lately than at the start). I’m not sure if this is connected but i’ve been getting bad indigestion. I’ve been eating more fruit too rather than sweets. but i seem to feel worse than when i drank coke.:-/ I think i might have picked up a stomach bug because this weekend i’ve had mind numbing stomach pains with throwing up and going to the toilet a lot. nice huh? so it could be just bad timing.
    I’m going to continue with not drinking coke to test myself and see how i feel. I’ve been drinking it since i was a kid and saw nothing with with drinking a 2LT BOTTLE a day if not more.

    • Indigestion says:

      I write to add in my own experience with indigestion after quitting a long-time coca cola habit. I once stopped drinking it for almost a year and for most of that time had some nasty indigestion especially at night, as well as frequently feeling sick to my stomach. Then when I resumed coke these symptoms completely disappeared. I stopped drinking soda again a few weeks ago and now the stomach issues are back.

      This may be happening to a lot of people but they don’t realize the connection, or may be attributing it to something they used to replace soda.

  138. AnonCokeFan says:

    Found this site through google. I was looking for a way to break my coca cola habit, but it is truly an addiction that I have no answer for.

    In the past, I’ve been able to quit regular coke as long as over the span of a year, but once I had it again, I would be pulled back in stronger than ever. Just the thought of opening a fridge and pulling out a frosty, ice cold cola, and having that fizzing sweetness swirl the taste buds is heavenly. I used to drink 2 six packs or 2 2 liters, I’ve cut down now. I had about 2 liters today and the problem is that I need to drink it with every kind of food I’m eating. Coke goes just about with everything and it is consuming me from inside now.

    I’ve tried many substitutes:
    tea, coffee, iced coffee, diet coke, carrot juice, green machine juice, but to no avail. Never had a chemical dependency outside of coca cola, but I’m sure this is what it feels like after the initial carbonation high.

    Need. To. Break Free.

  139. Peaches says:

    Cola Alert! Colas (diet, regular, and caffeine-free) have been linked to an increased incidence of osteoporosis in women. The phosphoric acid they contain lowers the calcium level and raises the phosphate level in the blood, which pulls calcium from the bones. Just one more reason for women to get off the colas.

  140. HP says:

    I am a diet cola addict. I started drinking diet colas when Tab came out many years ago. I have pictures of me with a Tab can in my hand – which was virtually all the time. I would drink one up, then get another one – just like a chain cigarette smoker. I wrote excellent research papers in college, sitting up all night drinking Tab.

    When Tab switched from saccharin to aspartame, I switched to Diet Coke.
    It tasted better. I lived on the stuff. I couldn’t function without it.

    I knew I had a problem with it. It made me irritable. I craved it all the time.
    It didn’t seem to help me lose any weight, because I still ate too much.
    I knew it wasn’t helping me, but I just couldn’t stop drinking it.

    Then I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I was advised to give up caffeine to improve my mood swings. I have gone as long as a year without colas, coffee, tea, and chocolate. Still, I always slip up and start again.

    It’s a social thing. Colas are everywhere. It’s also a taste thing. Nothing else does the trick. It’s definitely a habit that requires willpower to stop. I haven’t gotten there yet, but I still keep trying.

    No, it’s not as life-threatening as a cocaine, heroin, nicotine, or alcohol addiction, but it is real for many of us.

  141. john says:

    need to stop drinking coke im going throug about 4 x 2ltr botlles a day and cant stop i find myself shaking if i dont drink it im not making this up i cant stop any advice would be great for me

  142. Jake says:

    I need to quit coke, i have noticed my addiction about 2weeks ago i have already tried once to quit, resulting in my buying lemonade, therefore no accompishment in my words i can not go 1 day with out a 600ml of coke, i think i need to go cold turkey, because i have noticed the chance in my teeth, I HAVE TO GO COLD TURKEY!!!!!!!!! *crys* lol

  143. alice says:

    im quitting diet coke/ reg coke. its been three days for me tooo!!!!!! i do NOT feel free. i feel terrible. i am energized, but very very depressed and angry and jumpy and ankward. i have embarassed myself a million times at school saying very odd things. my grades have droppped!! yes: in three days: alot. im drinking this disgusting “english afternoon tea” in replacement. exams are coming up, and i have no concentration at all. i cry alot. i have not even started studying for exams of my tests or quizzes tommorow and everything seems helpless. i just want to watch friends reruns on my laptop late into the night. i blame the tea.

  144. Fred says:

    I have been a coke addict for at least 12 years that I can recall. I realized this when I started leaving the bottle next to my chair in stead of going to the fridge for a cold glass, temperature just did not matter. I have now gone 1 month without Any coke or any other pop and feel I have escaped. I used black coffee to help ease the withdrawals for the first week. Good Luck to you all.

  145. Jo says:

    Well…. What a shock!!! I have been jokingly calling myself a Coke addict for about 8 years, and everyone laughs when I say it, but today I had one of those moments when reality hits and I really got that I AM ADDICTED TO COCA-COLA, after I stopped crying out of shock and frustration I then decided to see if anyone else online felt the same way, and clearly I am not alone in this battle!!!
    I have been drinking it since my parents put it in my bottle when I was a child, and grew up with cartons of the stuff in our kitchen cupboards. As a mother myself now, I would never let my own children touch the stuff. I have tried to quit many times over the years but, like a true addict I always manage to convince myself that I can handle it, and go back for just one more glass…….. and then I am gone again. I have cut down alot in the last 3 weeks from 4-6 ltrs a day to about 1 ltr. but its still too much. I eat and drink otherwise very healthy foods, but am very overweight as of the last 5 years and am too tired to play with my kids, too ashamed to have *** with my husband, and too embarrased to return to work as a training consultant as I dont have the confidence to apply for a job looking like this, let alone stand up in front of a class full of people again. I am highly trained and we could use the very good money I could earn but I just cant do it.
    * Major health issues stemming from Coke induced obesity,
    * Relationship stress due to low self esteem caused by Coke,
    * Child/Parental issues caused by Coke induced mood swings and obesity,
    * Effects on income and therefore living standards caused by Coke induced low self esteem,
    * Dental costs caused by effects of Coke on teeth,
    as well as a myriad of other issues.
    IT HAS TAKEN ME 18 ADULT YEARS OF SELF LOATHING, LOW SELF ESTEEM, AND CONSTANT DISSAPPOINTMENT TO ACKNOWLEDGE I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH COKE. So whilst I dont expect everyone to understand or believe it, I can do without the haughty sarcasm.
    CONSIDER THIS- 1. If you are a ‘hard’ drug user then you have publicly funded places to go to help you deal with your issue- I DON’T, and
    2. Whenever anyone has offered me an illegal, ie cocaine, heroin, pot, ecstasy, etc. or otherwise knowingly addictive drug, ie. cigarettes, I have declined because that has never been an intellegent or healthy choice to make, but when someone slips you a cold, hard Coke at a xmas party thats all I ever thought I would be getting. I was wrong! Just like you are.

    I am going to try to go cold turkey now I have realised whats really going and to everyone else…THANK YOU FOR YOUR HONESTY because of you, I have now seen the truth, and just cant do this to myself anymore.
    Good luck with your own battle xxxxx

  146. COKEYADDICTO says:


    Ive been a coke addict aswell drinking 1 to 3 litres everyday, but cutted down to 3 liters a week now.

    I feel much better, and didnt really have much trouble with quitting. actually it feels way better when you finally get your ice cold coke once a week than every day :) and your having something to look forward to.

    i can heartly recommend cutting down and only drink 1-3 liters pr week.

  147. Stephanie says:

    I have been a coke addict since as long as I can remember. When I was little I would drink nothing but diet coke, but for some reason I switched to regular when I was about 8. I’m 17 now and I can drink anywhere from 2 to 8, 12-16 ounce servings a day. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs. My one, true addiction is the caffeine. Doesn’t really matter if it’s coke, Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, or even coffee, frappaccino, etc. I also love caffeinated energy drinks, like Red Bull, with Rockstar being my favorite.
    It’s like my fix. I can’t function if I don’t have my coke for the day. I look forward to it all day while I’m at school, then I always get it right before lunch is over and drink it in 5th period, striking a perfect balance between drinking too quickly and having to pee before I get home, or drinking too slowly and missing out on the unique chill the cola has right after you get it from the machine.
    Hmm….all this talk of coke…I think I’ll go get one now…

  148. Michael says:

    I never really drank much coke until I married at 26. She was a coke addiction and I soon followed. Several times in the hospital for kidney issues, restless nights, and when there was no coke around, I get the shakes very badly and my speech becomes slurred as though I had been drinkng vodka. We’ve been divorced for 10 years, she beat her addiction by switching to beer and I am still suffering with Coke. Like some others here, I will scour for change and go without food for the coke high. Yes, I have cavities. Until I got hooked on Coke, I had a beautiful set of teeth, not anymore. I am missing two, sveral are rotten to the gum and many more are cavitated. I brush my teeth several times a day, but it doesn’t help.
    Fat? No, but I can see that I am gaining a belly now, kind of looks like a pregnant woman’s belly. And, I do get aggressive without Coke.
    I have thought to file a lawsuit against Coke for not informing me of its addictiveness, damaging my teeth, the restless nights, and the torment of kidney pains and infections caused by the product, as well as the fact that diabetes can be caused by the constant overdose of sugars.
    Anyone else thought about this?

  149. Jonathon says:

    Hey, just found this after watching Super Size Me when the guy getting his stomach stapled says he drinks 2 gallons of soda a day. Well, that’s about 7-8 litres…

    Anyway, I drink between 1 or 2X2L bottles a day, and I don’t have any problems that I am aware of, 6ft 2, 11 stone, no fillings in my teeth or anything.

    Just wow, I drink A LOT of Coke, but I seem to be fine?! I wouldn’t say I am addicted either but hmmm, makes me think about it. Lee, UK (3 post up) you drink about the same as I do mate! Nice.

  150. Tracey says:

    I cannot kick the habit. When I try to go without it, my head hurts and it feels like someone kicked me in the stomach. I loved C2. Okay loved is a strong word, but I could handle C2 . . . diet sodas just taste awful to me. I know C2 is still being sold, but try to find it in my area! I live in Baltimore, a large city, and its nowhere to be found.

    I have to kick it because I need to lose weight. I was told by a doctor that in order to kick the caffeine, you have to take Vitamin C to curb the withdrawal. However, I truly believe my addiction is psychological more so than physical. There is nothing like that bubbly sweet elixir over lots of ice pouring down your throat. I used to smoke. Not for too long, just a few years, but the point is I gave it up cold turkey. Why can’t I give this up too?

  151. Georgie says:

    I knew there must be people addicted to Coke as well as me. Well I used to drink loads when I lived with my parents but it was kinda curtailed since they just wouldn’t buy it. When I went to college, i cut loose. For the past 3 years, they’re can’t have been more than 24 hours when I didn’t have a Coke. I’d average about 6 cans a day, 10 on bad days. I love the feeling when you haven’t had a can in a while and you crack open an ice-cold one, take a big gulp so the fizz burns your throat…. ahhhh. Doctor recently advised me I’ve a risk of diabetes so I’ve seriously cut down. Now only about 1 or 2 a day which I think is good, but some people claim that they’re addicted with this amount. I’ve replaced it partially with 2litre bottles of ice-cold water, it’s not too bad.

  152. Sophie says:

    I am, well was i guess, a pretty hardcore coca cola addict. I drank atleast a bottle pretty much every day for 4 years. ( although about a year ago i swapped to diet, and even more recently Coke Zero) I absolutely love the stuff! Recently though my skin has just got too bad and i have had to give it up. I’ve gone cold turkey for 4 days now and its really difficult! I’ve even been getting headaches because of it! So my sympathies are with anyone having to go through the same.

  153. coke addict! says:

    Im 14 and drink 2L of coke a day!
    I know its bad but with out it i get really stressed and deprerssed and coke makes it all better!
    Im always hyper anyways but with coke its really fun!
    i just love it! and cant stop!
    im even drinking it now,and i know that my braces will soon rust and fall off!

  154. Lee says:

    Hi my name is Lee and i am addicted to Diet Coke…..

    I am 33 (in the UK) now and every since school i have drunk 2-3 litres a day of either diet coke or diet pepsi, rarely drink anything else ever, no water no nothing. I have tried giving up 2-3 times and tried cold turkey twice, both times coming through the agonising head-pains 3-4 days later and both times lasting 2-3 weeks coke free, only to that one day “have 1 can” and there we go another and another… Its really sad when an adult cant stop drinking a fizzy pop, or thats how i feel.

    Like someone else said no friends etc belive me and think “well just stop then” not getting the fact it is SO addictive, it really needs more media/medical attention to those us addicted.

    BUT, now at a dangerously obese level, i am on doctors orders to join a very-low calorie diet course and orders to cut all fluids except water for 6mths!! So here goes for another cold-turkey week of hell, and then hopefully a free-er life.

    I am going to write a blog i think on the process, i post link later. Great site btw

  155. jacam says:

    ok….I was found this site while looking up something for a friend who gave up diet soda. I thought I would send her something as a joke. I just realized I am 31 and have not gone without coke except for a couple of weeks in basic training. Now I’m on the hard stuff (DIET). O.k I think I am going to quit now…..after just one more.

  156. Brian says:

    I’ve been drinking coke ever since I was a kid, some things I grew out of like chocolate bars (I have one maybe once every few months now) but coke, I need it so bad, everyday I need coke and I always buy 2 liter bottles. Sometimes I can drink the whole thing but usually a liter per day. I’m scared to look up the health risks but man, it tastes so good, especially for a hangover when your throat is all dry, the coke is like gold. I also love milk, apple juice, orange juice, grape juice, kool aid. Don’t really drink water on its own so yeah, my body must not like me too much.

  157. Ken says:

    How to win the war in Iraq! Supply them all with coca cola, the hard stuff, the kind with caffeine and sugar and s l o w l y reduce the supply, Watch them grovel, then raise the price to $3.25 a can. Those terrorists will blow themselves up.

  158. Laura says:

    I have switched to Diet, Caffeine Free Coke. Just cant give up this filthy habit. My next step is the Betty Ford Center for slobbering coca cola addicts.

  159. jaybee says:

    Today is my fourth day without Coke.

    As I was growing up, my mother would drink it constantly but not let me or my brother have it. She used it as a treat, a reward, so I came to link feeling good with having coke. As soon as I left home and started work it was all I would drink and I have been drinking it everyday for the last 18 years. Eventually I would drink around 4 litres a day. I would sleep 4-6 hours a night and thought “that was just me”.

    Last year I had over $3000 worth of dental work done on my teeth to fix them from the problems I was having. They were literally rotting and falling out from the amount of sugar I would drink.

    Then one day I skipped drinking coke on a saturday and woke up with a painfull headache on the sunday. Painkillers didn’t help, massage didn’t help, but after a coke the pain went away.

    I realised this was caffeine withdrawal and decided to stop drinking coke. There are things that have made it easier for me to quit I want to recommend to others.

    1. Keep your fluids up, drink water, or if possible, electrolyte replacement drinks. Can’t say why, but it worked for me. I have been using diet cordial as a replacement flavour drink as I find it hard to go straight to water – no taste !

    2. Exercise ! Go for at least a half hour walk a day – if you have a dog do it a favour and take it with you ( let it pull you along ! ).

    3. Eat healthy food and don’t drink when you eat ! I used to have a coke with a meal to cleanse my palate through it, without realising I was drinking so much my food wasn’t digesting properly, just floating in the litre of coke in my stomach. This lead to gastric problems.

    These things really really helped me and so far, no withdrawal headaches ! I have lost a noticeable amount of weight just in the last 4 days ( according to my wife anyway ! ), and I have been sleeping 8 hours a night for the first time in years. Its encouraging for me to see this website and believe that caffeine addiction can be a real problem.

    Good luck everyone, and I hope some of this helps someone !

  160. Chameleon_Girl says:

    I’ve just turned 22, and I am a Diet Coke addict. I began with Coke, and then started going to weight watchers, where I was diverted to Diet Coke. I converted about 4 years ago, and in those 4 years have found that my acne has increased immensely. I had never had acne going through puberty, and it’s only now that I connect my use of coke/diet coke with my poor skin conditions. It really is disgusting, and external creams, internal tablets and vitamins will not work. I am still drinking about 600mL of water a day, but drinking about 3 cans of diet coke a day.

    I have tried to quit. I tried last week, but by the afternoon had a terrible headache and was extremely tired, and due to an incredibly busy uni vrs part time work timetable, cannot afford time out to have headaches and naps, but I’m assuming quitting diet coke is going to require patience and persistence through these set backs. So I decided I was going to set a day to quit, but, like a true addict, I can’t find the right day. I either have to work until late, or complete university assignments.

    Perhaps we need an online mass-coke-quitting session? Perhaps it will motivate those of us who want, nay, NEED to give this drug up.

    It’s Wednesday today.
    I’m quitting on Sunday.

    Who’s with me?

  161. Carol says:

    I was wondering why so many of my friends, including myself, is so addicted to Coke Cola. I was drinking just Cokes and no water….what a mistatke!! After I passed the dark kidney stone, I knew what probably caused it. I tried without success to quit so I just put a limit on the amount I drink. I don’t drink coffee or tea so this is my morning “pick-me-up. I limited myself to three a day diet cokes and I do not drink any more after lunch. The rest of the day, I drink only water with lemon. I found this worked for me and I haven’t had a reoccurance of kidney stones. I tried taking pills with caffine and that just didn’t work.. I love the taste of Coke and I know I’m truly addicted. I went through withdrawals and tried working at the same time…I felt my brain just wouldn’t work and the headaches were unbearable. I gave up and just decided to set a limit on the amount I consume. I do believe they are putting something in the drink that is making us all addicted and what are we doing? Just what they want us to do…buy more Cokes. Honestly, if I forget to refrigerate one, I will drink it warm while I get dressed for work. It may be the small traces of Cocaine like I’ve been reading that may be the answer. I don’t think it’s the caffine as I tried that out and it’s not the same. I’m glad to know others have the same problem and I have friends that share this too..

  162. rachel clark says:

    i have decided today that i will not let another drop of diet coke pass my lips i am sick of the stomach pains the diarreahea and the horrid after taste and the film it leaves on my tongue i am very addicted to dc and get through bucket loads but its just a drink and we have to take control!!!

  163. anne says:

    hi I am glad to haer someone else is addcited to this stuff-its pepsi max-2 big bottles a day- and i know its bad for me but i really am addicted to it-lastest to 6pm tonight

    so well done you and very inspiring

  164. The British says:

    Dear Lord! Here I am in England, there is nothing like the taste of cold coke from a can, hmmmmm I am so addicted, my roomates are also addicted! It used to be about who could buy a big bottle of coke, now its about a cold 6 pack of coke, hmmmm, just had one now hmmmm

  165. Dave (Coke Addict) says:

    Help… please for the love of god I go through 12 cans a day. HELP.

  166. Eliza says:

    I’m an addict too, makes me feel better than there are others out there, validates the truly strong hold this delicious demon drink has on me – about 2 litres a day when I’m depressed and min 4 cans when I’m trying to be sensible.

    I am a cigarette smoker and I also smoke marijuana occasionally, and in my youth i experimented with recreational drugs. I managed to control and quit all of these, but giving up coke seems an impossible task.

    Good luck to every single one of you, my baggy eyes empathise with your plight.


  167. Henifer says:

    I’ve been drinking Diet Coke from morning till night for years. I also suffer from depression and take Effexor every day. I’ve been getting so depressed off and on that I feel like I want to die. Then I get past it for awhile. Then is comes back and want to just end things.

    There is no rational reason I should be that way and I’m starting to wonder if the Diet Coke is messing me up. I didn’t drink it while I was pregnant. But of course, I went back to it. I have to quit it completely and see how I feel.

    Because this sucks.

    • Lisa says:

      That might be the effexor not the diet coke. I used to drink a lot of coke and take effexor for depresion. The effexor made me 7 times more depressed and suicidal than I was before, so I quit. some of the listed side effects of effexor are depresion anxiety and suicidal thoughts. Anyways, I’ve also stopped drinking coke cold turkey. Went from drinking 3-4 litres a day, to drinking the same amount of water, and I feel great! I’ve lost 11 lbs and I don’t even work out.
      Coke addiction is real.

  168. spud says:



  169. spud says:

    Yet another coke addict here! when I tell people i’m addicted to it they laugh at me. They dont think its real.
    But obviously it is.
    My mum always called me boney when i was younger as i had nomeat on me at all. When i started secondry school, my friends were all jealous as i was so slim. but since getting hooked on the stuff, my teeth are more sensitive and i’m putting on loads of weight.
    ocasionally i’ll get horrible stomach pains tht last days.
    ive tried to quit so many times but it just takes that one mouthfull or the sound of a can being opened nearby and im hooked al over again!!!
    i normally drink between 1 and 5 litres a day but having just finished my last bottle, i’m quitting from now. Good luck to all.

    and if you dontwant to quit, enjoy the stomach ulcers!!!!!
    oh, and the cramps and the headaches and the lack of concentration, and the sleepless nights and the infections and the peeing blood etc……….
    Get my point?????

  170. Sam says:

    i’ve drank cola after most meals but didnt think anything of it, until i forgot to buy some and craved it insanely! i think i’d better stop. but to be honest, i think some people are taking the idea a little too far on this site saying it will possibly kill you…seriously, if you worry about cola killing you, how the hell are you gonna cope with the rest of life?

  171. I to am a coke addict, i find it effects my breath and gives me severe mood swings, i cannot deal with people in a rational manner anymore.

    I would like any other addicts to contact me and give me support for my problem.

  172. Far From Chilled says:

    Wow – what an inspirational site!

    Its really comforting to know that other people feel the same reliance on coca-cola as I do.
    With reference to the last post, I would guess that most people who have posted here understand that their cola addications are not as serious as cocaine, but I do think that any form of addication is fairly dangerous, and needs to be addressed if people want to be happy and live well.

    I, myself, have been addicated to coca-cola for as long as I can remember. My family come from South Africa, and because the water there is fairly unsuitable unless boiled and chilled, cola is a very cheep, safe substitute. In fact I would imagine that more coke is drunk there, than any other liquid.

    So my parents grew up on the stuff, and so did I. It was pretty much all I drank, and all I drink now. My parents are good examples of how change can happen. My mum completely stopped drinking all caffinated drinks when her health became an issue. My dad couldn’t stop competely, but over time has restricted his consumption to diet, caffine free cola, with a touch of brandy on special occasions. He even keeps a spare bottle of diet caffine-free coca-cola in the cupboard to take to parties so he won’t be tempted!

    I have been putting off quitting cola for years while I’ve been finishing my studies. I guess the excuse was my education was more important than my health. But after reading the comments on this page I realise I’ve been destroying my life. I suffer from many of the problems listed here, including being over-weight and migraines. I can’t believe I’ve been in such denial over my situation.

    Well thats going to change. Inspiration comes from the knowledge that other people have had your problems and have overcome them. Thats what people have said, and thats what I will remember when I quit. I’ve picked my quitting date – 3rd June 2006, taken the week off work so I can deal with the withdrawal effects, and I have real hope that I can change the way I live my life.

    I really hope that everyone that has said they will quit have succeeded, or if they haven’t, I hope they have the strength to try again. Good luck, and remember nothing has control over your life but you.

    …. now if only I could tackle the smoking as well!

  173. Ivy says:

    i dont know what the hell this is but i’m a little offended by it. I first hand know about addiction and i am not trying to say that any of you are not struggeling with an addiction. But i search for a coke addiction on google and this is what i got. I am not addicted to COKE a cola and i dont know how you get addicted to it. I am addicted to COCAINE! a much more extremely addictive drug. Im look for help and i see a messgae board full of people addicted to a soda. Good luck to all of you with your struggle, but be glad its soda and not powder.

    • KL says:

      I know this is an old thread and this person has said her piece and feels that her addiction is bigger than your/my/his/her addiction.

      The point is regardless of the “drug” of choice, it is an addiction and it ruins the quality of life for many people.

      There is one major difference however, COCAINE addiction is recognised by society, medicine, by the law and seen as being serious enough to warrant programmes and aid to addicts.

      COLA addiction is seen as a bit of a joke, a lack of willpower rather than being treated seriously – and Ivy’s little rant proves that perception.

      I have been weaning myself off colas – I did Atkins a while ago and lost 44lbs. I drank water, as soon as I introduced diet cola my weight start to creep back up – I changed to a cola that contained splenda and it went down again.

      You would think I learn from that but here I am drinking various diet cokes and I can tell by the weighing scales when I have had aspartame cola and when I have had splenda sweetened cola. I can also see a difference when I swap to tea with milk and splenda, or water or fruit juice.

      I would agree that the best way is to go “cold turkey”; but I would also suggest that if you are moving from Full fat Cola and think diet versions are better, that you look if it contains apartame; choose splenda or sucralose instead.

      If you are totally desperate then yes the tip with the “keep a single can in reserve” is good – but also choose cans. Yes they are more expensive BUT you can then have a better control over how much you consume and also the psychological effect of spending more on less makes it feel more like treat than a necessity of life.

      I hope Ivy got the help she needed but simply because her addiction is recognised by society doesn’t make it any more important than an unregulated “drug” that is easily obtained and consumed by people of all ages on all continents.

  174. Mike says:

    Wow, I just typed in “how to fight coca-cola addiction” in google’s search engine and this was one of the top results. Very interesting reading all the replies from people with the same problem. It is very sad. I have all the symptoms that have already been posted. Overweight, poor facial complexion, etc. Not sure my teeth have rotted though. Not quite like a smoker’s anyway. Smokers often have near yellow teeth. I don’t have anything close to yellow. I think they could look better whiter though. I might get that new procedure done to make them whiter if I can overcome my Coca-Cola addiction first.

    It’s very sad what Coke can do to the soul isn’t it? I am 29 and never had a girlfriend in my life. I’ve never felt comfortable with my looks to ask a girl out. I know I would have all the confidence in the world if I was in good shape. But as it is, I am 300 lbs. I think if I could just quite this god aweful coke addiction that I’ve had since I was a boy my life would improve. I wonder if my hunger for bad foods would decrease if I stopped drinking coke. I get extremely restless and need to leave the house and go for midnight drives. I will go to Taco Bell or Wendy’s which stay open until 2am.

    I really don’t feel I eat a lot though. I eat bad foods, but there are days when I only eat that one bad meal. So it’s gotta be the Coke that’s the main culprit. Well, thanks again for this topic here… especiall hattie who posted before me. And good luck to everyone trying to overcome their addiction. It does suck.

    One thing I could recommend to people to get off their addiction is to go to Europe. I noticed one of the posters above did this and was able to quit when they came back. I knwo that is really going the distance… but I remember going to Europe 7 years ago and the same thing happened to me. I didn’t drink a lot of it over there. Due to the same reasons above, that it was really expensive. I also wasn’t in contact with Coke always either. If you go to more remote areas it isn’t always easy to find it. You also do a lot of walking when you travel…and that can be good too as you will be thirsty for water, not Coke. And you won’t be sitting at your computer or watching TV all day. Those are activities that get one to bring out another Coke.

    Good luck,
    – Mike

    • Marko K says:

      ” And you won’t be sitting at your computer or watching TV all day.” Hehe thats exactly what I do, drink 1.5-2.5 liters per day and sit in front of my computer, or watch TV. But its not all that black about it, the good thing is I really know computer and I’m kinda an expert of all technical stuff and I’m only 13 yrs old, whatever my friends need, they call me for it.

  175. hattie says:

    It’s not the caffeine you are addicted to in Diet Coke. It’s Aspartame. It’s a drug…a highly addicted drug. The have put Aspartame in just about all of th echewing gum too. Look for the word “PHENYLALANINE” on the ingredients. They even have it in the “regular” gum. Like Juicy Fruit. They have BOTH sugar AND aspartame. It’s in th elitle blue pack of Equal also.

    Aspartame is like crack for sweet foods. This is what causing a lot of young people to go into sudden cardiac arrest and just drop dead. Especially athletes….pros too. Florence Griffith Joyner was addicted to Diet Coke..she had a massive seizure and died. a few years ago.

    This is serious stuff. Aspartame causes just about ALL diseases. NO JOKE. It elevates blood sugar levels and amkes you look like you’re a diabetic. Aspartame’s primary target is the brain. It basically fires the brain.

    This is why you might have headaches or migraines, seizures, memory loss, short attention span, . Later you will probably be diagnosed with MS or Parkinson’s or Alzheimers, or Fibromyalgia, or Graves Disease, or Diabetes, or whatever. But you will really have NONE of these names that have been made up by the medical profession. It’s Aspartame Poisoning. You will be cured within days if you get off of the drug.and just drink pure, clear, distilled or bottled water. About 6 bottles a day…at least to try to detox your system.

    Aspartame is a very deadly drug.. Formaldehyde forms in your body and it’s in the same category as arsenic and cyanide…no joke. So, if you’re drinking a bunch of Diet Coke, you definitely have some sort of health problems. ANY health problem you have can be attibuted to ASPARTAME POISONING.

    Aspartame also causes Sexual Dysfunction. that’s why Viagra sales are way up. . More complaints are filed on Aspartame than any all othe rfood items combined. . 75 % of all complaints the FDA receives are on Aspartame.

    The rats got brain tumpos, brain cancer, leukemia, and some straight up died…and they still allowed that poison to be put in our food supply. Formaldehyde, Methanol & Ant Venom…yep… the stuff in ant stings. I kid you not

    The gov. & medical industry already know about this. They already know that the other diseases do not exist. That’s why there is no cure for anything. It’s ALL Aspartame Poisoning. Everyone with a disease have one thing in common, They all use aspartame products. Heck, doctors even tell their patients to use only sugarfree products ( especially diabetes patients) and this stuff does nothing but release more poison into your body. The same poison that is causing the problems in the first place…thus, NO CURE. Patients never get better if they are fed poison .

    go to www.321recipes.com/aspartame.html
    or www.dorway.com
    or get the DVD Sweet Misery: A poisoned world.

    If you are using Equal , chewing gum which contain aspartame or phenylalanine & drinking diet sodas too. That is not a good mixture

    Aspartame makes you insane.
    Scattered Brain on that Aspartame


  176. Nick says:

    I’ve been addicted to Coca-Cola for more than 15 years (I’m 28). 4 years ago I switched from Classic to Diet Coke. Two weeks ago a began suffering very painful stomach aches: I was diagnosed gastritis. The physician warned me: ‘If you keep drinking Coke, you’ll soon get a serious gastric ulcer’. So I decided to quit Coke; better: I had to quit. (Many times I had tried to ‘decide’ to quit, but never was I compelled to.) I drank 4-6 litres per day, so you can imagine what is it that I’m going through. But now its been two week from when I was forced to stop drinking, and I feel a lot better. I’m drinking a LOT of water right now, instead of the Coke: 3 or more litres a day. That keeps my mind and stomach elsewere.

  177. Blues Man says:

    I’m a 320lb fat man addicted to Coca Cola. I have a wife and 2 boys. A 4YO and a 2YO. I don’t want to die young. My addiction started when I went to college. It started out as a quick pick me up to help me study, and now I am up to 4 to 5 cokes a day. The soda machine at my work sells them for $0.25. It’s a cheap drug addiction. Hard to resist. My teeth are rotting, and my belly hangs to far over my belt. Not to mention my second butt. If not for myself, for my family’s sake I have got to quit. I am convinced there be some bad ju ju in this stuff that keeps people addicted. Please God help to free myself from this junk.

    The Fat Butt Blues Man

  178. Owen says:

    iv been drinking coke since i was five im 15 now and i drink around 6 leters
    of it a day, it sux but its sooo bloody good
    as a matter of fact im drinking some right now

    frikken stuff

    • lasagna butler says:

      im 15 also i KNO im addicted !
      because when i come home from school
      and have a bad day .
      i jux come home nd put some ice in a cup .
      nd qet a ice cold 2 liter out da refriq .
      nd let it slowly por over da ice nd let
      is fizz nd **** !
      nd i drink it fast so i can qet da whole affect !
      i drink 20 liters in a week

      • hazel says:

        heya im 15 aswell , i drink abot 7 or 8 cans a day, i worked it out it cot me around 2223 euro a year and on top of my addiction 2 cigarets i spend about 6000 euro a year on kiling myself, ha ha wa am i like . i uually nly drnk cans becuse it tastes way better out of a can, but ill have a bottle if i cant get a can, my parents want me 2 stop but i cant coke is just soooooooooooooo amazing and refreshing, i cant go 2 school without having a can before class starts :)

  179. Joao Pereira says:

    Just had the same problem with cigarets, ain’t life a *****!
    Good luck mate, keep off from the dirty waters of capitalism and those toots from rotting


  180. Nikola says:

    The offical psychiatry sais that it’s better to quit coke (caffeine addiction) abruptly, not slowly, step by step. It gives lower failure rates.

  181. Berry miller says:

    I think U guys are retarded. I Drink Mr. Pibb W/ every thing I have ATLEAST 3 20oz bottles a day ********!!

  182. quit smoking says:

    Nice blog and good views

  183. elaine says:

    to add-up to your inspiration of giving up coke, here are some bad effects of coke that i have researched on:
    -the relationship between soft drinks consumption & body weight is so strong that researchers calculate that for each additional soda consumed, the risk of obesity increases 1.6 times.
    -sugar and acid in soft drinks so easily dissolve tooth enamel.
    caffeine in cola is suggested as connected to development of rheumatoid arthritis.
    -some of the side effects of aspartame(w/c is found in coke) is blindness, tumors, memory loss and DEATH!!!
    -the methanol found in aspartame is converted to formaldehyde . studies of chronic formaldehyde exposure at very low doses indicate that it may cause immune sysytem and nervous system changes, headaches, general poor health, genetic damage, and a number of other health problems.

    for more infos try to visit the ff:

    i hope I gave a little bit of help to all of you. Good luck. just bare in your mind that you need to strive harder for your future(if you’ll live longer since coke increases possibility of health problems and deaths) for your freidns and for your family. so…GOD BLESS!!!!!

  184. Liquid Coke high says:

    Coca-Cola was forbidden for me. My dad worked for Pepsi until I was in high school. We were not allowed to have Coke in the house, but I started drinking it as a form of rebellion. I didn’t rebel by smoking or experimenting with drugs, at least not the illegal kind, just the Coca-Cola drug. As time progressed my addiction developed. I couldn’t wake up in the morning without the sweet, caramel colored liquid. And now, I am a 32 year old man, addicted to Coca-Cola. I have tried to quit in the past, but never stuck with it more than a few weeks. My daughter just turned four, and she has been asking for sips of daddy’s “drink”. I don’t want her to fall into the same trap I did. So, I am giving it up for good. I have to be strong for her and I want to be alive when she is my age.

  185. coke addict's wife says:

    I am a wife of a 37 year old coke addict. He gets surly without it, he’s complained about his teeth yellowing, and he is gaining more weight than he should be for what he eats. I am really concerned about his health. He passed kidney stones, and his doctors told him not to drink coke. He stopped for a while, then got right back into it, somehow forgetting the excruciating pain of the kidney stones, but remembering how much he loved coke. Because we usually only have coke and water in the house, I mainly drink water. But I recently adopted an ‘ if you can’t beat em join em’ mentality and enjoyed a few cokes myself. Not being an addict (yet!), I noticed that since drinking coke, I got stomach aches and only wanted a coke to feel better. I JUST KNOW there is a connection. I also agree that it makes you thirsty…. for more coke. I think the coke company has put something in it- to stay on top of the cola industry… at the expense of human health and well being! I wish any coke addicts out there the BEST of luck in quitting, and the BEST of health!

  186. Coke Girl says:

    Hi, my name is ‘Coke girl’, and im a coke-a-holic, lol, this is so sad, and i cant believe that there is actually a site about this, lol….


    o yea i found the site by searching for coka cola addicts in google, is that sad that i actually went looking for a site for this?….lol..or is it sad that i actually found one, oh wait i think i found more than one…lol

    LONG LIVE COKA COLA….hm i think ive had one too many glasses of coke..lol…

  187. vicky says:

    I looove coke! I’m a biochemistry major in NYC so I definitely know the horrible effects of coca cola. I also have kidney problems (genetic). Every time I see the doctor she asks me if i’m drinking lots of water. My response: umm… coke. When she asks how much i’m kinda ashamed to say so i just respond with: “a lot more than I should”. I know i should stop, but i don’t really drink anything else. Coke and milk – that’s it. Funny huh? I should stop… but i don’t really want to. It tastes so good. I really didn’t realize that so many people were actually “hooked” on coke.

  188. kathryn says:

    i am to an addict. it used to be full fat coke but now i have switched to diet, it was hard to switch but now i drink diet i cudnt imagine drinking full fat coke again as its just to sweet, and makes me really thirsty,
    i get through 2 x 2 litres aday i kno ishudnt but i just cant help it. my bf goes mad with me and im just in the middle of switching from diet to diet coke with out caffiene ( the gold bottle) but it isnt sold in cans or 500ml bottles or if it is i havent found it.

    i keep plodding on, when i get up in the morning the first thing i think of is which garage shall i go to on the way to work to get some coke if i have ran out the nite b 4. if i dont have coke all day i get really irritable and snap at every one, ive started to get headaches and now ive also got irritable bowel which the diet coke doesnt help, im tryin to diet but i cant giv up coke and find it difficult to lose the weight were as i kno if i just gave up coke i would probably lose lots of weight as i eat sensibly and proper portions i dont eat chocolate or sweets as they hurt my teeth as they are very sensitive ( probably due to coca cola).
    Has anyone got any words of advice for me email me on –
    K dorman 01 @ aol.com – just take the spaces out, i have now admitted to myself im addicted and i want to do something about it but no one i know is also addicted like me so i have no one to talk about it my mother just says dont buy it but its not that easy IS IT!!!

    thanks for reading


  189. Marc Morian says:


    I am seriously addicted to Diet Coke and have started my own forum on the topic since it is being totally neglected by the media/health organisations.

    Please check:


    I would appreciated it if you shared your story…


  190. G says:

    Wow, so i’m not the only one addicted to coke, there are times when I totally cannot resist from opening a can, it always tastes so good but I feel sad afterwards for not being able to control myself.

  191. Rad says:

    I’m drinking Coke and having a smoke and in 6 hours I’ll have go to work. I guess that says it all. I’ll need to quit for some time since they say the gas bubble explode the liver cells. God damn the pusher man!
    Good luck to you all, children of the Coke generation.

  192. Coke is soooo good says:

    I am currently addicted to coke. I can remember when I did not drink coke. About a year ago I was drinking coke with my lunch atleast everyday just because it was good. by about feburary 05 i realized that me and a friend of mine were addicted. we hadnt gone more than 24 hours without coke before. we got off our addictions and he is still clean but he drinks about 2-3 cokes per week. I did not get addicted for the whole summer of 05 but about 2 weeks ago i started again. i was drinking between 1 and 4 cokes per day.

    2 days ago i decided to stop. it was good til about lunch time yesterday when i NEEDED one. i was sleepy as hell and i was having crazy withdrawl symptoms. i had a headache and i could not concentrait in class.

    i scavenged for a dollar and bought one. when i drank that coke i was so very high. but in less than an hour i was having withdrawl symptoms again. i got home and decided to take a nap instead of drinking coke. i was so sleepy that i slept for over 16 hours. since then i am coke free. its been a long day.

    sleeping is the other alternative but i know that if i sleep too much that i will need it too much so its gonna be a long hard struggle to stay clean.

  193. Pablo says:

    ive been drinking 14 – 16 liters a week of coca cola, i want to quit cause i think it causing my headachs and lack of being able to concentrate and get a decent nights sleep and general ill feeling. i aim to quit this week coming………. heres hoping… and good luck to you all aswell.

  194. Coke Addict 101 says:

    Hi guys, lol ive been drinking coke since I was 6 or 7 and i drink about 8-10 cans per day and since reading this ive decided to quit…… wish me luck :S

    (not sure ill do it though)!

    • Kevin Carter says:

      I’v been drinking 3- 2 litre bottles per day! Its killing me and I am about to stop!”wish me luck please!

  195. Harm says:

    o got this friend right,.. he is a coke addict for many years now. At first it seemed funny but now every time we meet him he’s all fucked up. He doesnt shave anymore, he stinks and his girlfriend broke up with him. He doesnt understand he is an addict. He spents more time at home then at school. His mother doesnt seem to care and she doesnt stop giving him that ****. We tried everything, but now we are desperated. Please give us advise how to help him. He’s (we) can’t take this any longer love kevin and jason

  196. Dave Neton says:

    Fellow addicts! Im on between 2 and 4 cans a day. I cant switch to diet as it just doesnt do it for me.

    Tried quitting but i just can’t. Still, im not overweight and my teeth are fine so it cant be that bad!

  197. erin says:

    I used to drink like 6 cans a day or a whole 2 litter a day since I was 7 years old! I used to cry to my parents to buy me more when i ran out! like 6 months ago i went to europe and cocacola is so exspenisve there i couldn’t drink it that much and when i came back i started running and quit drinking coke all together i’ve had a couple cokes over the months but it doesn’t taste as good as it used to. I switched to sprite zero its just as adicting but no calories and no caffenine so its got to be better for you right?

  198. Lamar Cole says:

    Love is two people sipping Coca Cola from the same straw on a warm sunny day.

  199. grace says:

    The longest i’ve ever been is 11 days. Here I am on Tuesday 4th October, I gave up last saturday and woke up with the worst headache on Sunday morning. I soldiered on but finally cracked, as soon as the liquid gold passed my lips my headache completely disappeared.

    Keep up the good work.

  200. marguerite says:

    Have been off Diet Coke since February 2005 and some days it’s hard and other days I don’t think about it. I keep one Diet Coke can in my cupboard at home just so I have one in the house like a security blanket but I haven’t drunk it. I think it would be harder if I didn’t have any in the house. Before denying myself I had been drinking multiple cans a day for close to 10 years starting when I got up and for lunch, a snack, for dinner and after dinner. It got really crazy and I needed to stop. I’m glad I did but I can’t help but wish some days that I could have a can but I want to reach a year of being Diet Coke Free.

  201. Ann Stoddart says:

    I have a son who has learning disabilities who is addicted to diet coke – the maximum he has had has been about 4 dozen cans per day. It is ruining his life and ours and I cannot get help for him.

    As the nicotine to the caffeine and you can imagine what he is like – a raging tiger and a threat to us all if he cannot get his fix. He goes out in his car at 4.30 most mornings to get his morning fix – what do I do and how can I help? Any suggestions would be welcome.

    • David Wimot says:

      I have been addicted to coke for about 10 years i am 17 and atthis moment i am drinking about 5 2 litre bottles a day which adds up to 10 litres it is a horrorable addiction i cant drink anything else but coke ive tryed everything to stop but nothing yet has work i havent put on weight as lots of people here ive lost it i drink it constantly and on bad days i can have up to 20 litres of it i am 17 and i am worrying if i dont stop drinking it, it may kill me coke cola is a highly addictive thing and i dont think there is enough awareness about the addictions as i know many people who are violently addicted i am at the moment on a hole new level of addiction but to me it started as only 1 can a day and now it has become part of my life source i substiute alot of my food for bottles coke and now it is starting to affect my family and i know i cant quit so to anyone know reads this get off it before it becomes as bad as my addiction it has destoryed my hole entire life now plz dont let it destory yours

      • Bob says:


        • Antoinette says:

          I Been Drinking Coke All My Life I am Now 48 and I Feel Bloated, My Tongue Feels Raw and Yes I have Gained Weight I Am Also Addicted To Coca Cola
          I Need To See A Doctor Because I am Worried That The Reason My Tongue Feels Raw Is It Is From The Frizzz In The Soda and Also Waken Up Swollen, And Yes I Agree Doctors, Companys, and The People Need To Know The Addiction, And 1 More Thing If Coke Can Take Rust Off A Car Imageing What It Can Be Doing To US.

      • Jessi Rae says:

        Dang. I thought I was alone. I’m 17 and I have an out of control coke addiction. Alot of my friends and family members dont think you can have an addiction to coke but then they see me go through up 15 cans a day and then thier stunned. I buy 20 packs for 5 bucks at this liquor store by my house and it doesnt last me more than 2 days. I go through 2 litres like water. It all started when I had an alcohol and heroin addiction. I used coke to replace both. Well that was STUPID because my coke addiction is as if not worse then my alcohol addiction and almost as bad as my heroin addiction was. I can’t stop. I need help. Cafffeine just is so addictive and i’m very skinny so that’s another reason why my addiction has gotten so bad becasue as my addiction was growing I didnt see a problem because most people gain weight from bloating or something but that hasnt happend to me so the coke drinking with me got worse and worse and now it’s just completly out of my control.

  202. Sybrand says:

    The longest I’ve been able to push it was a month. I felt good that month. But the craving… oh God the craving. I fall back into it’s loving embrace every time. Just can’t stop.

  203. john says:

    i too am a coke addict i been trying to get off the for 2 years if you were on herion you get help. you go every were coke there

  204. Sal says:

    Glad I’m not alone…

    I am a LONG time diet-coke girl…between 2 and 3 cans a day. Have you read up on the effects of long-term aspartame use?! Scary….I’ve quit twice before, always during a cold…I reccomend waiting till you get sick…when the thought of eating or drinking anything sweet turns your stomach….then never look back!!! Beware of the fits of crankiness…and headaches…

  205. Kate says:

    I am too a recovering Coke addict…

  206. Jonathan says:

    I know what you mean. The first sip of coke after a long drought is nirvana, and the closest I’ve been to understanding cigarette or alcohol addiction. I’ve since switched to Diet Coke – it takes a while to get used to the flavor and aftertaste, but I’ve found Diet Cherry Coke to be pretty acceptable.


  207. Poppy says:

    Not to put a too-serious spin on that lovely sentiment, but one reason quitting Coke might be so hard is caffeine withdrawl, so quitting caffeine first might help. Like, buy Coke only from soda fountains and start with 3/4 Coke and 1/4 caffeine-free diet coke, and then slowly move to 1/2 and 1/2, and so on.

    But kudos to you for going cold-turkey! I’m definitely impressed, as I won’t be quitting carbonated sugar any time soon.

    • coke-aholic says:

      Hi ,
      I have been drinking Coke for 30 years every day. I am now 39. Last October, I quit drinking Coke as I was 50 pounds over weight. I eat good foods and I do not over eat too often. We do not fry foods or eat rich foods either. I decided to quit Coke after booking our honeymoon vacation to Mexico’s Mayan Riviera to see if I can loose weight as I felt uncomfortable with taking my shirt off at the beach as 50 pounds over weight looks disgusting on me. When I met my wife 10 years ago I weighed 200 pounds with a flat stomach and I had lots of confidence. So I quit in Oct of 2008 until we left on Dec. 22 2008. I dropped 37 pounds in less than 12 weeks!! I was still about 15 pounds over weight, but I looked not too bad on the beach. During the trip I drank Coke. Not too many though. When we got back, I started with the 2-4 can a day again. Now it is the end of July 2009(7 months since I started drinking Coke again) and I have gained back 25 pounds out of the 37 pounds I lost. I feel like ****! I hate what sugar is doing to me. I do not eat many sweets, but I love the liquid sugar in Coke. It’s like crack for me…..I am quitting Coke tomorrow morning. I have 1 can left which i will ram down my throat soon. After that, I’m done with it!! I do not want to get diabetes from the sugar and I do not want high blood pressure from being over weight. I have 2 boys who need me and a great wife too. Please! If you dont love yourself enough to quit and stop the weight gain, then do it for your family. They need you around so quit this **** already!

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