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Firefox RC2 Tabs UI

Posted in Browsers,Interface,Microsoft,Spread IE,UI,Web 2.0 by Elliott Back on October 8th, 2006.

The new Firefox 2.0 RC2 is up for public download and spots one new UI change I really appreciate: shiny tabs. Their new tabs look fabulous, with brighter colors and web 2.0 gradients:


If we compare this to the IE7 tabs we see a similarity emerge:


Firefox here is innovating their UI off Microsoft’s IE 7 by providing “shiny tabs,” not that I mind, of course.

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7 Responses to “Firefox RC2 Tabs UI”

  1. SuezanneC Baskerville says:

    Regarding someone “who hates all the distracting and silly gradients” – I’m in that group. It is so much easier to read text against a uniform colored background. I’m trying to find how to eliminate the gradient in the tabs in Firefox 4.1 Beta.

    So many software developers work hard to do complicated things, such as HTML5, for a browser related example, but don’t make the simple things simple to do, such as have the interface gradient free.

  2. Your Face says:

    What are you talking about? Mozilla put the shiny tabs in long before anyone had even seen IE7!

  3. sbt says:

    userchrome info is scattered. ask at mozillazine. i agree, ff1 had good iconage. ff2 is washed out. however, they’re trying to add functionality, by adding states (better than just 2 states: gray when non-hovered, colorful when hovered). I’ve also had the impression that a lot of the ui changes (not necessarily for better) have come from mac os’s.

    And only The Shadow knows from whom apple steals ui concepts, a-hahahahahaha.

  4. nonhocapito says:

    What a guy who hates all the distracting and silly gradients has to do these days? I hate al the round corners and the gradient surfaces! and yet they seem to be mandatory these days.
    Does anyone knows how to get rid of these gradients and have the old firefox toolbars back?
    Maybe a userchrome snippet? How that background is forced onto those tabs?

  5. Matt says:

    I think the tab X came from Safari on the Mac and an extension some had done for Firefox 1.0. It may (or may not) have been in development at the same time MS was doing IE7’s tab implementation.

  6. shorty114 says:

    And what’s up with the image after your post that seems to do nothing? (You can’t click it, it doesn’t tell you anything… Just wondering.)

    Now that I’ve posted a comment, the top icon changed to an envelope with a heart…

  7. shorty114 says:

    Personally, I prefer the Firefox 2 tabs. I’ve always favored silver over blue for these sort of things. Maybe it’s because I use a Mac a lot…

    I don’t like the rest of the Firefox 2 UI, though (especially the toolbar buttons), but I don’t know if they’ve improved it since I last looked at it, around RC1.

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