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Free Unlimited Long Distance International Calling

Posted in Computers & Technology,Deals & Savings,Hacking,Phone by Elliott Back on January 29th, 2007.

No joke. There’s a simple way to get free unlimited long distance calling minutes to almost any country in the world. You’ll just need a T-Mobile plan with MyFaves and a little information! See, MyFaves lets you make unlimited calls to any of five people in the United States at no cost, but it is limited to this country only. You can’t call someone internationally.


However, there’s a company in Iowa offering free unlimited long distance calling around the world (actually, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Christmas & Coco’s Island, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, UK and the USA). All Free Calls is a telephone arbitrage agent, taking advantage of complications in inter-state telephone fees to make a few cents per minute on the calls you place.

So, what do you do?

  • Add 712-858-8094 to your MyFaves numbers
  • Call and enter 011 + country code + international number
  • Enjoy your unlimited free call

It’s simple, easy, and consumer-friendly. There’s no telling if T-mobile will block this number in the future, though, as it represents a limitless expense for them.

Update: AllFreeCalls hopes to be up and running again next week, if they can work out a deal to get around the AT&T lawsuit.

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103 Responses to “Free Unlimited Long Distance International Calling”

  1. roberto says:

    why can i get a free number to call haiti,as a poor country others get richer and richer from us,please let’s call haiti for free.May God bless all of you.

  2. dave in DFW says:

    The only plan I know of where you can call the Dominican Republic cell phones for a flat unlimited fee without having to watch how many minutes you talk is the new Vonage plan for $54 dollars, talk as long as you want to any cell phone in the D.R.

  3. jack says:

    help, there’s anyway i can get unlimited international call for a flatrate every month and i could call my country haiti…

  4. TiagoTiago says:

    google freephone2phone, they offer free international calls; each call is limited in length but you can make as many as you want

  5. Mohamed says:

    plzz any one i need to find unlimited minutes to syria landline or cell and dont matter how much i will pay

  6. mafidul says:

    hi i live in uk, i want call my gf who lives in bangladesh, i want to call her cell phone only.plz can you help me…….and she use grameen phon.

  7. ghazala says:

    plz aney one help me.free call for india plz give some web. thanx

  8. dgtlman says:

    I am trying to make calls from USA to Dominican Republic cellphones. What is the cheapest method?

  9. Casper says:

    Try this site it is free to try and I think it is something everyone is looking for.

  10. nakita says:

    ag man. this doesnt help me. my bf is from ukraine and im staying in south africa now, sigh, how can we communicatw. we have spent so much money on this relationship and i just wana talk to him without the stress :{ if anyone can hel pplzzzzzzzzz do. gothess72@yahoo.com. thank yoooou :)

  11. ruben says:

    i’m trying to find the cheapest or free if posible to call Ecuador cell from U.S … thanx

  12. victora says:

    i wanna get my number as international line can you help me with it ….?

  13. dgtlman says:

    I need to figure out cheapest way to call santiago cell phone numbers in the Dominican Republic. Anyone know of any free access?

    • danny says:

      go to stanacard.com open a account with them they only charge $0.05 a minute for Dominican republic if open before the february 28 they will double your deposit use this coupon 368848

  14. dgtlman says:

    I am trying to get holf of Dimelo. I called the 305-890-2960 number but am not getting through. Called the 718-766-7927 but get a voicemail and no response.

  15. rhea says:

    hey do you guys knows any unlimited long distance calls to UK mobile? any ideas? cheap unlimited calls long distance? thanks

  16. Waiting4Jesus says:

    Dimelo What is the name of your company, that people can call Dominican Republic from USA?

  17. Ritesh kumar Dubey says:

    hi sir.i am an indian.i want to call DR CONGO.Give me cheap sollution to call DR CONGO from INDIA through internet.

    • Casper says:

      Zenofon is a great service. They give you 20 USA numbers that you can forward to your contacts international numbers.
      It’s better than a calling card because instead of having to dial an access number, a PIN and then the international number, you only have to dial one local number which Zenofon forwards all the way overseas.

      They also have a great referral system based off of the ancient Greek philosopher Zeno of Elea.
      You can join Zenofon by using the link below:

      • John says:

        Casper…this was amazing. I hadn’t spoken with my girl in a few days and we were both going crazy. I was looking everywhere for something like this and I am sold. J

        • Jay says:

          How did you do it? I want to make calls to South Africa…also calls to Nigeria and London UK from the United States. Was it a free call?

  18. nurie says:

    want free calls 2 bangladesh

  19. Don says:

    I’m tired of waiting and wasting $600 /month calling Haiti from my cellphone. I switched from Tmobile to ATT, and now dealing with Verizon and Sprint because of the discounted .43cents/mns. Still lot of money.
    So can anyone help out.

    Google Voice, Rebtel or not do not help as I’m still spending extra money using them.

    Common, there’s got to be something great out there????

    Open up to me and you’ll make more money very fast!

    Also: CELLPHONE option only (TO HAITI FROM US).
    I’m always on the move!


  20. ritesh kumar dubey says:

    sir give me the solution of cheap call rate from INDIA to DR CONGO.

  21. mel says:

    Hi, Does anyone know away to call Australia from Canada for free? plz help me beat the 10 cents per minute rate :( I would be forever greatfull :D

  22. Serg says:

    try gimmytel.com they are really good

  23. TJ says:

    can anyone help me making unlimited call to a cell phone to haiti

  24. dimelo says:

    it’s my company actually. if you are in united states call me at 718-766-7927 or 305-890-2960. but if you are in dr call me at 829-952-7080.

  25. corelis says:

    i want 2 know about a company that you can make free long distance call.and i want 2 know what is the company that could have long distance 2 the dominican republic could there be a cellphone company with that plan?can u tell me the name of that company?

  26. dimelo says:

    there’s a way to call unlimited from usa to dominican republic for free,,,,just send me 100 dollars to my paypal account and can get you connected to any number in dr, mobile or fixed, as long as it is from tricom.

  27. jluis says:

    unlimited outbound calling from usa to anywhere in the world at great rates. If you become a distributor you get 50% commissions of all people you sign up. give it a try. It you are good at it. That is all the business you are going to need. No other work.

    • bouba says:

      hello I m really interested of your business just tell me what deal you have for Mali West Africa ?

  28. john says:

    If you know how virtual numbers work. If also you know how to make unlimited or cheap calls to West Africa, let me know.

  29. kevani says:

    can i make a free call to congo drc

  30. Leo says:

    Unlimited calls one low monthly fee. Calls anywhere in the EU, CA, VI, PR.. United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, China, Australia for just $24.95 … LeoRey@5linx.net

  31. lylyne says:

    yo pa mete Haitien nan bagay sa non papa.

  32. navas1405 says:

    it's very nice plan

  33. nikki says:

    does it work with rogers my 10 in canada?

  34. rauf says:

    i want to call free

  35. rosie holden,
    you can call me on my cellphone at 17017403877 and look for florita if you want to know more about the service. if you live in united states and some other countries that we have local access you can call to your love ones all over the world for just 4.95 dollars a month using your cellphone or landline after you buy the unit. especially in the philippines. we will deliver the phone to your family in the philippines first before you pay me. this is 100% satisfaction guarantee.
    the person who will receive the phone just need internet connection no need pc if you don’t have one. thank you kabayan and i will wait for your call.

  36. Nick says:

    I need free unlimited callin’ in Haiti, can anybody help me out?!!!

  37. Rosie Holden says:

    I”ve been wanting Unlimited Long Distance a long time & see you say its: $450 a month! With input 15 408

    To bad you may not have a Toll-Free No. I need this very bad & would like to have a headset & have one IF it works? They either plug in computer or have a speciel phone to plug it it?

    I don”t trust just signing up with no help! LET ME KNOW? R. H.

  38. florita says:

    check this website www.momentumplus.com/speicher1 or www.voipunlimitedcall.com you can call all over the world for just 4.95 dollars a month after you buy the unit. just reminder, if you decided to purchase online just input 15408 when they ask you who referred you to this website. thank you and good bye to your expensive phone bill every month.

  39. Gary says:

    I forgot to mention. I use alligato from my cell phone. It’s not VoIP.

  40. Gary says:

    If you are in Canada, try alligato mobile. www.alligatomobile.com .
    I think that there may be others like them but they have some international unlimited calling plans. I use the unlimited north america plan for $10/month. I’m really happy with it.

  41. peter says:

    There is a way where people from the dominican republic can call any 10 numbers here in the united states for about 10 usd a month. it is called skymax dominicana

  42. Gogi says:

    I have created a website to compare all the international and domestic plans. Please feel free to review the site and provide any updates. I hope this will help alot of us to pick the right voip plan. www.compareandcall.com

  43. Tarpeh says:

    Hi i am very tire of the high cost in call my family in Ghana west african
    i will sincerely appreciate if anyone can help me with the cheapest way i can call from USA to Ghana> We really need help people because it is simply too much to call.

  44. sunsprocket says:

    As of right now doesn’t exist anywhere nor anybody have the knowledge to call the Dominican Republic cell phones from the United States for free and without a computer. I have tried it myself without any success.

  45. i really want to try this call back and see if it really work then i will buy more and sell for profit.

  46. joe says:

    If Heather and her boyfriend each have an ATA, they can then each get a free account with callcentric (callcentric.com).

    The account will include a pseudo-number, 1777xxxxxxx.

    Using your web browser (each of you) get into the ATA’s setup screen and fill in ‘callcentric.com’ as the server, and 1777xxxxxxx as the userid, and whatever your callcentric password is.

    Then call the other’s 1777xxxxxxx number and you will be connected with no charge. Talk as long as you want for free.

  47. bruni says:

    i really want to know if anyone know how i can get a unlimited international plan to call dominican republic cell phones

  48. Kiko says:

    alright i see a lot of people asking for free calls blablabla…
    for those interested in calling family and so on…I assume u got a HOME-Phone
    for these people you have almost *free* choices
    the 2 things that you would have to pay is internet in both countries
    works like this (i’m gonna use Heather as an example):

    Heather would need to have in her house:
    – An internet connection
    – A computer turned on 24h with linux (any old computer 486 or better would do)
    – Asterisk installed on the computer server
    – An ATA with a regular phone or a voip-phone (SIP capable)

    Heather’s boyfriend would need to have in his house:
    – An internet connection
    – An ATA with a regular phone or a voip-phone (SIP capable)

    Asterisk in this case is a VOIP server…the setup would basically be:
    Heather dials 333 on her phone there and it would automatically call her boyfriend
    Her boyfriend would dial something like 222 and it would call Heather..
    they wouldnt need any real phone numbers cose the voice is going through the SIP server on the internet internet and both phones are connected to the SIP server…

    the problems with this is:
    you would need someone that knows quite a bit about computers
    and you would have to leave that computer always ON in order for both to be able to call each other
    a setup like this would cost under 200
    price of old computer + price of 2 ATA/voip-phone’s

  49. Pamela says:

    Hi Bruni,

    Try plan 809 with dgtech. you can call Santo Domingo and Santiago unlimited paying US15/month.

  50. rammy says:

    hi can we call india using this service.please lemme know if there is any other option

  51. Bruni says:

    i am calling from kansas, if anyone can help me out please let me know thank you

    • Leo says:

      Bruni, I was just passing by and I saw your nopte about unlimited log distance to DR. I have not seen one yet. There is a company with cheap per minute, cell phone landing es more expensive than home phone.

  52. Rey says:

    What state are you calling from Bruni?

  53. Bruni says:

    i want to know if there is anyway to call dominican republic mobile unlimited please send me anyinformation

    • ariel says:

      hey bro..im from dominican republic did you found a way to call free unlimited minutes to dominican republic from usa ???
      if you did please mail me..i need it

      Ahh..check out plan809

  54. Matthew says:

    I forgot to leave my email address, please get back to me I’m the same guy that left the comment about calling to Peru


  55. Matthew says:

    Do you know any way I can call Peru using a lan line or cell phone for free or using something like this. The Love Of My Life lives in Lima, and I desperatly want to call her more offen, Please let me know if there’s anything I do.

  56. Lams says:

    Hi, I’m looking for the cheapest way to call Africa ( specially west Africa).
    If any of you know a way to beat the actual rate of 10 cents a minute, send me an email.

  57. Arsalyani says:

    Please copy of Download of me And Calling for USA and Canada And Kenya And Also other place..
    Thank yu…

    • Serg says:

      i call a lot to Jamaica and Russia, sometimes to Ecuador, i found this company gimmytel.com, they are the cheapest to call Jamaica without this pointless calling cards. try them see if it works for you.

  58. Miriad says:

    I really wanna a cheap way to make international calls from Usa to Congo democratic (formerly Zaire). I miss my family… Please help me out.

    • Leo says:

      Miriad, I have a new technology even better were you can talk and see your family we called the “videophone” contact me and I’ll le tyou now..

  59. Alex says:

    HELP…i really need to be able to call Ecuador from the States…any sugestions? my boyfriends lives there and i miss him terribly and unfortunately neither of us can afford calling eachother
    pleas help

  60. Bhaskar Yadav says:

    Hi as you are aware that tmobile as started charging no. starting with 07744 and 07755 with which we use to call india. Now as these numbers are chargable it is difficult to call india from our tmobile contract phones.
    Is there an alternate no. now which we can use.
    Please let me know ASAP.

  61. Mr Matthew Covill says:

    that was weak man im matthew from ”Argentine Hacker Intrusion” if you no you stuff hit me bakc korn33_@hotmail.com il send you a form to fill out you do good you can join my hacking club

  62. sibel says:

    does anyone know how to call a cell phone for unlimited / free in Czech Republic?

  63. Ginu says:

    Is there a way to make free calls to UK mobile phones? Does this apply? Are there any others as well?

  64. cjb says:

    ophone.net is the best 9.95 after 2 month trial
    great service

  65. krzee says:

    10p is 10pents, a pent is a form of uk currency worth more than a us cent

  66. talhah says:

    whats 10p?

  67. Gustav says:

    You guys should use www.fonemine.com
    Ad supported free calls to anywhere in the world (well 30 countries including india, uk, china, singapore etc)….
    Plus much more and get your own mobile site for free. upload photos, create albums etc right from phone (or web if you want) and share them with friends.

  68. Deys Meean says:


    All those who wish to make free international calls aboard; there is a great possibility that you would be, provided you have a mobile which is on a monthly contract. Check this out www.reallyjustdial.co.uk/pages/free-calls.htmBy the way Ecuador (all day – everyday) is 10p dial 0871 570 6976


  69. Heather says:

    Any tips for a way to get unlimited calling to Ecuador. My fiance is there and I’m desparate to talk for more than phone cards and even skype limit me. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  70. Al says:

    All you have to do is maintain an unlimited local and long distance phone line with AT & T, Vonage (or similar), or comcase Digital Voice. Unlimited calling in the USA on these lines. the call to Iowa (712) willbe free. Also most of these free international call Iowa companies have been shutting down. It seems that this is an abuse of Federal rural termination rebates.

  71. Anson says:

    Perhaps one could also set up a server at home using asterisk or something similar that would redirect calls using a cheap, but not free, voip line. This way you could use an inexpensive voip line at home to get unlimited cell phone minutes…

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