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Gravatar Down–DNS Solution

Posted in Computers & Technology by Elliott Back on July 18th, 2005.

Gravatar, as you’ve heard, has forgotten to renew it’s DNS. However, it’s NOT down. Check out this address for a live gravatar site. Just replace gravatar.com with in your files, and you’re good to go for now. Whois.sc still had the old DNS.

Also of interest: the 4th most popular search on Technorati right now is gravatar. This guy thinks that gravatar is down forever and wants to rebuild the service from scratch. Interesting.

Update: What really happened

So, here’s the “real deal” about gravatar, so to speak. The guy who runs it, Mr. F, is probably super-busy. His DNS expires eventually, and he forgot. Maybe all the email from his DNS provider got marked as spam? Who knows. For some reason, he missed it. Then what? All of the sudden, gravatar.com is down and gravatars around the world fail to work! There’s no quick fix–he immediately renews the DNS and waits it out. When his site is back up again, in a couple days, he’ll post a full message explaining the outage. Until then, he has no way to officially communicate the snafu, because his site, which is his voice, is down.

Update 2: Don’t use this ;)

As you all know, gravatar.com has DNS again–therefore you should use the url, and not the ip address.

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24 Responses to “Gravatar Down–DNS Solution”

  1. docflo says:

    the gravatar site has been behaving like this since the relaunch in February.

  2. Of course I chose today to install the wordpress plugin for gravatars, and the website is down again — spewing out an error of:

    “The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later. Additionally, a 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.”

    for at least the last 6 hours. Anyone else having problems? Anyone know what’s going on over at Gravatar? This post is rather old so I’m assuming the temporary fix provided won’t do the trick. Is there a different plug-in I should be using instead?

  3. exiang says:

    there are many alternative out there such as favatar and davatar

  4. Shell says:

    So what about now? Gravatar has been virtually unaccessable the last week or so. Any comments or info on what’s going on??

  5. Gravatars down

    Just when I got my Gravatar (Globally Recognised Avatar) approved and setup Gravatars for this site the Gravatar site goes down!
    Google comes to the resuce and apparently someone forgot to renew the Domain name! What a booo-boo…
    Anyway I guess …

  6. Jonathan says:

    Yes Alan, it was only meant as a temp fix. The DNS is now resolving properly, so the fix should no longer be used but the domain should be used.

  7. Alan Bell says:

    using the IP address didn’t seem like a good solution to me, it will break in future if he moves hosting provider (which given his escalating bandwidth requirements has to be a possibility). The registrar for the domain was web.com who were waiting for somebody, anybody, to shell out $8.95 to renew the domain. That seemed a much simpler way to fix it :-)

  8. Pauly D says:

    It’s BACK UP.

  9. Thanks for that. Hope it’ll get fixed soon.

  10. Dominic Self says:

    Many many thanks for the fix – I was missing Gravatars!

  11. […] und out the hack to fix this and get the gravatars working again. For those who care about fixing this, here it is. Go into your gravatar plugin and do this […]

  12. Logan says:

    Thanks, working for me too.

  13. Les says:

    Thanks for that. Had to edit Skippy’s plugin, and now everything is working. :-)

  14. Elliott Back says:

    YAY!! People are getting this. Awesome, guys!

  15. Dave says:

    Thanks for the fix. This will keep me running until they get the DNS renewed.

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  19. Replace Gravatar.com with

    Gravatar has been down for a few days. If you browse some blogs using Gravatar services, you will find the avatars do not appear. Actually this is not a big deal.
    Just replace gravatar.com with in your files, and you’re good to go f…

  20. XeroCool says:

    Gravatar Problem Fixed

    Recently, I posted about Gravatar.com being down because the domain expired. But one thing I found is a mirror which was Look at my comments, They work, right? Replace gravatar.com with and your fine…

  21. PseudoBlog says:

    Get Gravatar running again, the easy way

    So i know you all want gravatars back… its doable. so check it, if youre using the default gravatar plugin for wordpress its easy:
    (delete the extra spaces in

  22. Fred says:

    Hello Elliott,

    Oups, I forgot to check the full whois database ;)

    However, it is fine, but Mr. Wenner have a voice, his blog at cube6media.com. This is why I had some questions.

    So thank for those information!



  23. Elliott Back says:

    Hey Fred– I found the DNS via a DNS whois cache (www.whois.sc/gravatar.com). As for why the domain went down? See the updated post for more!

  24. Fred says:


    Really good news. However, how did you find the new DNS?

    Rebuilding the system was a last resort idea. However, this does not answer the question of: what happened to Mr. Wenner? I mean, he did not renew his domain name; it is strange considering the size of the system he built. Is he always around?



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