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Our 2004 Design Awards

Posted in Blogging by Elliott Back on December 16th, 2004.

Sick of Whizbang’s 2004 Design Awards sham? Want to see some real design work? Look no farther than Chris Davis, who highlights 8 hot sites. Since he’s got no screenshots, allow me:

Michael Heilemann (14):

Binary Bonsai

Ryan Sims (14):

Ryan Sims

Shaun Inman (6):

Shaun Inman

Jon Hicks (5):

Jon Hicks

Cameron Moll (3):

Cameron Moll

Dunstan Orchard (2):

Dunstan Orchard

Ryan Keberly (2):

Ryan Keberly

Jeremy Hedley (2):

Jeremy Hedley

My only complaint about all these sites is that they’re old. Where are some new contenders?

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4 Responses to “Our 2004 Design Awards”

  1. Elliott Back says:

    Yeah, you’re right. The Snowsuit Effort only goes back to April 2004, which is pretty young compared to most of them. Of course, I only started … a few months ago.

  2. Thanks for the mention! I did not provide screenshots hoping to drive people to the individual sites, but you are right it is nice to have them here so you can see them all in a single glance.

    As for them all being old, I think that The Snowsuit Effort is fairly young as sites go.

    Thanks again.

  3. orangeguru says:

    Well, form still follows function, and for a timebased blog there are only a few practical variations that work. So no surprise they all look the same.

  4. Jeff Croft says:

    My god when you see thumbnails of them they really do look all the same, huh?

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