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Microsoft’s Mistake: Vista Editions

Posted in Microsoft,Optimization by Elliott Back on March 2nd, 2008.

One of the reasons that Microsoft’s Vista operating system isn’t as successful as Windows XP (see Was Windows XP Microsoft’s last good OS?) is that it suffers from a version explosion. Where Windows XP offered a Home and Professional version which differed from each other in a simple list of features, Windows Vista comes in five versions:

Note that visual studio actually has 8 versions…

This is in comparison to OSX, which comes in one version, and linux which comes in hundreds of versions but is at least free. Perhaps their next os, vienna, will come in a single edition at a single global price, but that’s probably too much to hope for.

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4 Responses to “Microsoft’s Mistake: Vista Editions”

  1. hugeoid says:

    The word is Vienna will come in ONE version but seventeen different-sized packages.

  2. Mat Collins says:

    I myself used Vista for a whole 4 days, and downgraded. I think the main reason it failed is not because they had so many versions, but a collection of many reasons.
    MOST people had no clue what each version was about.
    Microsoft tried to hype vista early, and no one (including developers) knew what to expect.
    Like Windows 2000, drivers were again questionable.

    In all, Vista was a complete disaster as far as the release goes. Microsoft is solely to blame for this.

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  4. jas says:

    That’s a great point, but I doubt it’s the root of why Vista is a dud. By the way, you have Office Professional 2007 in the picture instead of Vista Enterprise.

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