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MySQL on the Media Temple GRID

Posted in Blogging,Computers & Technology,Performance,Scalability by Elliott Back on January 21st, 2007.

Media Temple has an excellent article on their blog about the abuse of their poor MySQL servers on the “grid”. Their problems stemmed from a new user-base who had poorly performant web-applications:

Having an 8-year history of catering to high-demand websites we thought we had seen it all but this new level of load “requirement” was blindsiding. Our new offering quickly became a refuge for sites that were kicked off their old hosting company; a common industry practice. Because of their high database load “requirements” and need of resources, these site owners were shut down immediately and told to leave other hosts. Many of these “orphaned” users had applications, code, and query instructions that were grossly inefficient for even a massive dedicated server.

This is something sites like WordPress.com don’t have to worry about, because they’re running their own code. They know they’ll scale by adding more hardware. That’s something harder to say when an idiot who’s hacked their blog software to do 1000s of cartesian joins suddenly connected to a mysql cluster node and takes it down. And if he fails over to another one…

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6 Responses to “MySQL on the Media Temple GRID”

  1. Primo Fiorentini says:

    nice article! nice site. you're in my rss feed now ;-)
    keep it up

  2. Richard says:

    With no improvement in sight. (mt) Media Temple is now all marketing and appearances. The (gs) Grid-Service is a failure. Very nice concept, but unfortunately doesn’t work. Their previous shared server solution was brilliant and worked for years, I bought the marketing line and migrated at my own expense to the (gs) and have since experienced the worst downtime, latency and poor support one could imagine.

    There was a time when (mt) Media Temple was the absolute best in the industry hands-down, but now they are directly responsible for endless stressful days and nights fielding client calls and emails about how their site or email isn’t working. I intend to move my extensive client list off the (gs) and to a more reliable and stable host.

    Yes, they have a nice architecturally profound office, an elegant interface for the control panel and account center, but that’s now all show and misdirection for a poorly executed shared grid environment. I would much prefer a reliable company with stable hosting that has a gross logo and uninspired control panel if it meant that my client’s sites would always be up and their emails never failing.

    Company bottom lines are directly affected by downtime and can’t be tolerated at any expense, not in today’s market and world.

  3. roflemaster says:

    if you think media temple’s grid response time sucks you should see their customer service. if they picked up the phone and farted into the reciever i would consider it an improvement over what they have going on now

  4. Elliott Back says:

    Play around this blog a little bit. I’m 100% sure it can handle a surge of traffic from Digg, Slashdot, anywhere. The only thing that worries me is if all of Akami redirects here, or Amazon hotlinks an image.

  5. That’s a bit of a stretch, don’t you think?
    WordPress is one of the more <em>in</em> scripts, database wise.
    While any forum and many blogs can take a digging on almost any shared server, WordPress will immediately go belly-up…..

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