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Organic Food is Bad For You

Posted in Food,Health by Elliott Back on September 29th, 2006.

This is why organic food:


is not always good for you:


There are definitely times when I feel that preservatives may actually be good things. After all, they do prevent strawberries from getting moldy at the local health-food supermarket!

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144 Responses to “Organic Food is Bad For You”

  1. wow i never thought there would be so much fighting but i have to agree with Genesis!

  2. Dan says:

    Health has much less to do with whether we are eating organic or inorganic food, but rather the ammount and intensity of exercise one performs daily. The solution is not organic everything, but rather getting your arse of the couch and kicking it. If we have to live in a world full of toxins, so be it. Rather than complain about toxins and become infested, make your own body stronger. Humans will evolve to become used to toxins to the point that they will be problem to live around.

  3. quashekaly says:

    hell yes i freakin love organic foods they are totally the best my dude… like i was fatter than a freakin cow then i ate like some organis foods and it made meh lose weihtt

  4. Seth says:

    First of all, organic foods do cost more money, but if people will buy more organic foods, the price will go down because more and more people will buy it, and therefore buisnesses will compete ea/other by offering lower prices to costumers.

    Secondly, my aunt and I ate organic food for apprx. 1 week, and we both felt better; more active, and felt more focoused. Organic food does contain better, natural nutrients and natural fats and vitamins. I know that there will basically not be enough organic foods to feed everyone on Earth, but it is better for you. Even though it spoils faster, organic food, like I said, if everyone buys it, the demand will be higher and more and more buisnesses will lower their prices to attract more costumers.

    My name is Seth, I am 15, and this is my opinion and argument on organic foods.
    Everyone has their own though/opinion/argument on the whole ‘Organic Food’ thing!!

    • Bryan says:

      I don’t think you understand the concept of supply and demand. The way organic food is produced makes it rather difficult to step up the supply to meet a higher demand. When supply remains constant and demand increases, prices increase as well.

      • Jordann87 says:

        But dont yu know that we werent in the right stage right now to be buying 5$ meat 3$ milk (that will be going bad in like twoo days).. and by the time we get out of this hole we are in, fast food would go organic by that time, so I think that eating fast food (not all the dammn time) but still eating fast food wont prove you wrong. And yea I know that fast food right now isnt good for your health, but its you chance to make it “bad”, like if you eat fast food everyday that yea your going to get fata and get something in your blood, but if you eat fast food and work out or just eat fast food like couple times a week it WONT do nothing to you or your dammn healt ! now eat that with your “organic shiit”

  5. beep says:

    the human race was made to eat everything how it was intended, not loaded with chemicals. When we eat these non-organic foods our bodies dont know how to react to the chemcals

    • Cami says:

      you are so right…this people don’t know…I grew up in a country where everthing was organic,,,people didn’t have cancer,there was no obesity…

  6. jose cuervo says:

    If you think organic food is worse for you you are mistaken, pesticides are the reason why organic is better……. Non organic food can store up the pesticedes sprayed on them (some coming from mexico has DDT!!) if you think consuming pesticides is good for you, just keep on eating that non-organic pesticide laden ****!! report back to me when you are 80 and still alive, oh wait you will probably be long dead due to some side effect of the pesticides

    • explainer says:

      You sir are an idiot for your above comment, because you have no idea what you are talking about. I have an Ag degree from the University of Florida and run my own tomato farm. I want to let you know that pesticides are SPRAYED, not in any way injected into the fruit and have NO way of entering the fruit. Pesticides can ONLY be harmful if the fruit is eaten unwashed. And if you are thinking of making a stupid comment about how they can be washed improperly, they can’t. ALL (organic and non organic) must be washed THREE times by federal law, first in water, second in chlorine, and finally in fresh water.

      • Seth says:

        take it easy, everyone has their own opinion!!

        • Bryan says:

          There’s a difference between expressing your opinion and trying to play off your opinion as fact. If I believed that moonlight caused testicular cancer, me having a right to my own opinion dwouldn’t make me any less idiotic.

      • Rach says:

        You cannot say that no pesticide enters the skin of the tomato. Chemicals do enter through the skin of the fruit. Although these chemicals are in trace amounts they are there. You are also leaching these chemicals into your skin when you handle the fruits. Breathing in the tiny elements that are present in the air. Throughout your entire life you are exposed to minute amounts of man made chemicals from the inks in your clothes, and the preservatives in your foods, and the exhaust fumes from your car, right down to the shampoo you use everyday filled with chemicals you cant even pronounce, and the water you drink is laden with fluoride and chlorine. Now there is only “trace” amounts found in everything but if everything is laden with poison you are being exposed to more harm than you have cared to give a thought to. Every little bit adds up. Do you not see a connection with the amounts of cancer that are prevalent today as as opposed to even 20 years ago. There is also the issue of BPA in the lining of tinned cans and plastic soda bottles. They have banned it in some country’s because they believe there is a risk to human health especially babies as 90% of babies bottles are made using this chemical compound and they found that the babies were suffering all kinds of physical and mental developmental problems. Japan, Canada, Europe prohibited this chemical to be used in food or consumption products, USA is only just starting to make steps now to review it’s safety whilst Australia and other countries are still playing with the lives of their fellow humans. We are the only of our kind and we should start acting like it. We truly are destroying ourselves in some misguided attempt at a picture paradise that is little more than foolish gentlemans games.

        • Joe says:

          You will die from the usage of your cell phone and this computer screen. You’re also going to die. When you die, you will no longer care. Does it matter when you die? Nope. So, lets stop worrying bout food. Eat. Enjoy. Drink. Enjoy. Bye.

    • lyt says:

      Without conventional farming, most of us wouldn’t be here today – there’s just simply not enough food to go round with today’s population…

      Organic farming may give off a better impression that its beneficial to the environment and our health, but it requires a lot more land (crop rotation, etc) and is relatively more prone to environmental/weather factors, thus affecting the yield of crops.

      We have to strike a balance, actually – integrate both types of farming!

      • Kristi says:

        Well, I have a little garden around my house and I grow my own organic vegetables for myself. I eat them almost all year. How much more land you need? Look around in the USA how much land people have around their houses. Did you do ever any organic gardening to understand how much land you need?

    • Subthermal says:

      Uh dude … DDT is an organic insecticide.

      • Keegan says:

        Not true…DDT was synthesized (Made by a man) in 1874 for no peticular reason.It gained popularity in 1939 as a anti-malaria/typhoid chem. Still the point is organic farms still use pesticides and such just not carcinogens, petroleum compounds, mercury based, or genetically engineered life. But the chemicals they use can still be just as harmful to you and the environment. People have become to involved in the organic vs. big buisness farming debate. 97% of farms in the USA are still family owned and operated, so the choice is up to the american citizens how safe they want thier food to be. “Big business” just pays thier paychecks, they determine how to grow everything though. People complain that cows being fed corn is causing problems and they should just be fed grass, CORN IS GRASS READ A BOOK. They say that the soybean/corn based food addatives are creating obesity and health problems in the general population, but corn and soybeans are the 2 least supported crops in the US, so blame some other country (Chile-China). People say companies have gotten too big and control the food production too much, ITS YOUR FAULT THEY ARE BIG! YOU INVESTED IN / BOUGHT THEIR ****. But the biggest thing people are scared of is E-coli. Remember the California spinach E-coli outbreak? Yeah that was from an ORGANIC farm…ORGANIC…one more time..FROM AN ORGANIC FARM. If your so worried about the safety of food grow it yourself, OH RIGHT! Your too lazy! Like every other american. And your probably not that smart either! 76 million cases of E-coli have been reported and GUESS WHAT! 90% of them are cause people touch veggies after handling raw meat (DUMB) or don’t cook their stuff long enough(DUMB)
        OH and just as a little tidbit at the end. E-Coli outbreaks are down 25% in the past 20 years. PS forgot to mention for those anti-cloning people…Bananas/other fruits have been cloned for 14 years, basically 50% of them.(99% of bananas) HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Don’t forget to cook stuff to 165 degrees internal temp or you’ll be suing your turkey company for some crazy e-coli bullshit!.

    • Kirlala says:

      you GUYS are hirlarious,
      and a bunch of idiots for argueing over stupid food, i eat whaT i want, not that i eat alot…

      P.S Seth is a real cool

    • Smokey says:

      well you may say that pestisceds are bad and yes they are but organic foods can keep the label with pestisides….. non synthetic pestisides that is organic foods use a highley more posinous pestiside from some type of yeast estract that is a huge cause of several cancer type illnesss also it is many times worse for the enviroment. along wit that the organic company is barley keeping there companys head above water so they rely onthe fact of injecting there food products with material to inhance taste. lastly the inefective growning of organic natural food takes 20% more energey and a huge amount of more space leving the forests to be cut down for the lack of space, but i am not biased i do eat both im just setting the facts strait. -Smokey-

  7. informed says:

    Sprayed strawberries don’t rot because bacteria no longer recognize them as food. You eat it, you absorb it.

    Manure as fertilizer is part of the life cycle (it’s how the Earth got this way up until the past 100 or less years.

    Clean your food before you eat it.

    We associate food to hunger and supplements to health. Something is wrong with this picture.

    • Subthermal says:

      So if manure is part of the earth cycle is that why you are spreading so much of it around.

  8. noraxe says:

    I think this is the stupidest essay I ever red, I would much more rather die than to agree with you !!!!!!!!! To make it short, you’r the stupidest persone in the universe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hate you and your nonsense writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • meh says:

      First of all, you only one exclamation mark to make a sentence exclamative. Secondly, it’s spelt ‘person’ and ‘read’, (red is a colour). Also, what point are you trying to get across with all the gratuitous spacing? What I’m trying to say is: you’re (not you’r) clearly much thicker than whoever wrote this, and your writing is definitely worse.

      • Jason says:

        First of all it is “spelled”, not “spelt”.

        Secondly, even while I agree with you, you should check your own grammar, before correcting others.

        Have a great day!

        God bless.

        • lyt says:

          @ Jason,

          Past tense of ‘spell’ can be either ‘spelt’ or ‘spelled’.

          One’s British English, the other’s American English.

  9. kesh123456789 says:

    organic is the same thing chemically as inorganic. sorry to everyone who loves organic so much. the only difference is in the way its farmed, so its usually better for the environment if they farm organic. i learned this is chemistry class and in a biology class in case people wonder where i got this information.

    • meh says:

      I don’t think anyone is claiming that the other is intentionally trying to kill people with poisonous or dangerous food, but the fact remains that one may be better than the other (in more ways than just peoples’ health, personally I think conventional farming is far more sustainable). Debate is still necessary if mankind hopes to progress, and survive, especially when it comes to our most fundamental area of living.

  10. evelyn says:

    well i from several sites have found that organic is bad for you.i could name a whole list of things off possibly a page on just why organic foods are just as bad as non organic. cause there is absolutly no proven evedince that organically grow foods are any better than non- organic! im not choosing sides because i eat both organic and not. im just gonna say its pointless to fight over this topic because no one is going to win. sure organic farmer use pig guts and cow poop to grow their food and non organic farmers user potentially harmful chemicals, and sure both can harm and or kill inosent people but neither are intentional.

  11. missundaztood1993 says:

    i think that food is food no matter how cheap or expensive it is… :P

  12. daxon says:

    Organic food is not necessarily better for you: it will have insect holes and the produce will be smaller and more likely to go off. Not only that, it is more expensive both to buy and make, and uses more land. The chemicals used make the plants better and do not harm us.
    By the way, avoid organic parsnips. When they are attacked by an insect, they release a poison. Any organic parsnip that is scarred is probably poisonous.

  13. Mart says:

    Well, All I know is that I started on an organic kick last night. I had some mozzerella sticks and now I have stomach cramps as in the feeling of having diarreah. Maybe it is because I am not used to it or something. I don’t know, But it is weird.

  14. Xmoderator says:

    This is stupid, organic food is better research harder mates
    *Thread Closed*

  15. JPeaslee says:

    I would agree that both organic and non-organic can have their benefits, but overall, I think we need to move back to natural foods. The chemicals and modifications in much of our food today is partially responsible for an unprecedented weight gain. Obesity is on the rise and I believe there have been studies demonstrating that part of the reason for this is because the foods we eat are no longer “natural.” Now, of course there really isn’t a set definition for what natural is, but basically if you have the chance to buy (or bake) fresh bread versus packaged bread, go for the fresh.

    People who eat healthy know that one of the best strategies to employ while grocery shopping is to stick to the outer limits and avoid the aisles as much as possible. Those aisles are filled with foods that are just bulging with chemicals.

    Basically: eat a banana. It doesn’t have to be organically grown. Now eat a Chips Ahoy cookie. Which is better for you?

    I like organic foods, but I think the real focus needs to be on moving back to natural foods.

    • didact says:

      Oh my goodness; I’m shocked that people actually think that organic food is worse. You are what you eat, and when you eat food that has been grown artifically with dangerous chemicals, those chemicals are ultimately going into your body, and ultimately, it will harm you. Nature is the best. In nature, fruit-bearing plants spread their seeds when animals consume their fruit, and excrete the seeds. It may sound gross, but, trust me, its alot safer for you than consuming carcinogenic chemicals.

  16. Catalyph says:

    all you F**K*rs who think that Organic is the bestthing in the world are retarded. Learn to F**k*ng think for your self and listen to some guy who claims it better just because they dont use chemicals.

    Do the research ON both sides. im not against Organic it does have it benefits, but so does NON organic, such as corn fields that get bugs an leave behind fecies that turn into toxins that can kill you or the chicken farm that is organic, all the chickens develop diseases and then you die. The farmers Started to put chemicals on crops to protect US from getting sick and the goverment has very strict rules and regulations on the chemicals they use. you have to Look into the BENIFITS OF BOTH.

    My g/f bought organic blueberry muffins first off they were $3.25 more expensive than non orangic and she go so sick from eating on of them she had to get her stomach pumped and the said the cause was a rotted blueberries, in one of the muffins. she was in the Hospital for 3 days.

  17. Mitch Babb says:

    What I think is that all of you people who think that non- organic is better are full of ****!!!!
    Alright if you the only one that i think looked up facts was veganceralbox or something like that. Good job vegan.
    I want everyone to google Isabellea de les rios who has done so much researcher that she has actual quotes from other doctors/scientests to prove that organic is better!!!

  18. 15 year old school boy says:

    organic food is obviosly better there has been a recent study by QLIF (qualitylowinputfood) showing that organic food is actually better for you. Furthermore Organic farming also avoids the use of pesticides and under Soil Association standards only four chemicals are allowed in sprays on organic crops compared to the 430 that are allowed on non-organic produce. As a result by using organic produce you will reduce your exposure to these potentially harmful chemicals.

    There are many more reasons for buying organic.
    1. if you shop in the right places such as organic food stores or online then the prices are much the same to ordinary food.
    2. there are not 8000 chemicals used.
    3. it has more nutrients in. (proven by qlif)

  19. eric says:

    To the people who said it’s bad to eat organic.
    You are idiots. Do your research before you hop online and put down things you know nothing about. As pesticide use goes up, and plant/animal steroids are pumped freely humans have been getting larger (in unhealthy ways), hormones are askew, cancer is up, and every other disease is up. All of this has been in the past 60 years when pesticides were becoming more prevalent and affordable to use.
    Chemicals do not help you. Eating good food helps you. I don’t care if it is pumped full of chemicals or not: YOU DON’T EAT SPOILED FOOD. Check your food, if it’s spoiled pitch it.

    I can honestly reply to almost every comment on here with everything that is wrong in each one. Oh well, it doesn’t matter, live your life with your head in the sand and eat your BurgerKing and your processed meals all you want. Enjoy.

    At least the dumb will become obese and hopefully live shorter lives and leave some room for the more educated.

  20. sam morrison says:

    What a lode of ****

  21. bacon my willy says:

    I Agree Turkey twissler rock!!

    **** organic

  22. jennyd says:

    I personally think eating organic food is going to kill you.

    First- i have to comment on this – someone said “Wash your fruits and veggies and there should be no manure on them to give you ecoli. ” Wow really? Are you that stupid? The MANURE in the GROUND doesn’t just wrap itself around the outside of a food product. It gives that product life and is sucked into that food. That ecoli can’t be washed off…..it’s on the inside too.

    Someone else made a comment about organic farms are better because they rotate their crops. Really people — clearly you’ve never farmed a day in your life. You can’t grow the same product on the same plot of land over and over. You MUST rotate crops on ANY farm because the veggies suck out different mineral and vitiams from the soil.

    There are chemicals in everything you eat. Everything! From candy bars, to stove top to freaking milk. Nothing you put in your body is chemical free. Organic farmers grow their crops in soil just like everyone else. That soil contains manure. That soil of those organic farmers has to have the proper mineral levels to make any crops grow — how do you think they get that to happen people? With chemicals.

    People that worked farms years ago and didn’t use chemicals still dropped dead from heart problems and cancer. Difference now is we have the means to figure out what a person died of. Plus, who ever said maybe we shouldn’t be eating so much — your 100% right. This nation eats way too much! We’d have more cows if people ate 4 oz of meat with veggies instead of 10 oz of meat.

    Those chemicals in those veggies and fruits have been in our bodies for years. Our bodies are used to them. Our bodies rely on them to live longer and healther lives.

    OH and speaking of living longer —- all of those people out there that want to eat organic because they don’t want chemicals in their bodies…..stop going to the doctor. Don’t ever buy another medication again in your life. Oh and by the way — don’t get shots to get rid of polio or any other ****.

    Do you have any idea what’s in those shots children get? Those NON Organic foods with their chemicals are so much better for you then the chemicals their putting in shots.

    Chemicals help us.

  23. Britt says:

    Wow, all of the “organic” supporters are off of their rockers.

    Little do they know that 90% of organic dairies really have a conventional dairy that they send their cow to when she gets sick where she is treated w/antibiotics and fed regular conventional food that is NOT “organic” in order to treat her.

    As an “organic” farmer I can honestly say most people only grow “organic” food because it is popular and brings in more money in a failing agriculture world, not because it is “healthy”, “beneficial”, “safe” for the earth, or “tastes” better. I challenge everyone to do a blind taste test to see if they can if fact, tell the difference between the two.

    As for David who says “Organic is better, period. Its of the earth.” Is that to say that conventionally grown food is not of the earth? All in all, all food (and people) are organic, as they are made for organic compounds. I am sick of people misusing this term. If anyone is going to be an advocate for sustainable food (as it is correctly termed), they should be aware of the proper terminology.

    And in reality, is it really that horrible to use CORRECTLY (and in proper moderation) fertilizer or pesticides when growing food? It has been a general practice for a long time and no one has died or gotten sick from eating food properly raised.

    If people are so concerned with health, try cutting out McD’s and all of the sugar, fried foods, etc. As for the earth, take part in Earth Day, plant a tree, RECYCLE, ride your bike to work/school, take the bus.

    Be real.

  24. David says:

    Organic is better, period. Its of the earth.

    • teamropingman says:

      Once again, someone that does not make sense, “its of the earth” if you are going to be truly Organic you should probably be eating rocks or nothing at all. There is no such thing as Truly organic, some where along the lines something got added.

  25. benny P says:

    Your all ||3//|3s


    Benny P np19 crew

  26. sam says:

    you spelt mouldy wrong idiot

  27. honest school girl says:

    Why? What did we do to you?

  28. honest school girl says:

    people like you shouldn't be harming the eys of inocent debators, you had no reason or right to write that. we're all here to discuss a worthy cause and if you can't say something apropriate that benefits this cause then you should not participate.

  29. 13yrold says:

    this 15yrold is right many poeple like u r in the world that cant get a good argment. Why does strawberries getting mouldy prove organic foods r bad coz they all go mouldy. Organic or non -organic .Come on people atleast give a better argument to get peole to side with u and get ur argument .

    • teamropingman says:

      Wow, 13 years old. You have all of the answers. Put your cell phone down and write out the word that you want to spell. Coz professionalism goes a lng way in r wrld. Until then your post are invalid.

  30. Y says:

    and most of these people against non-organic are the same people that a popping anitbiotics for a common cold

    • sam says:

      EXACTLY! thanks. organic may not be the best thing in the world but it is better than conventional food for sure! wake up people. educate yourselves. your listening to your teacher?!!?? the same teacher that probably would tell you that columbus discovered america and was friendly to the indians, right!? haha. ignorance is bliss. think for yourself…eat healthy, be healthy, and look past the bullshit people and advertisments.

  31. The biggest study ever of organic food was completed in 2007 and found that organic fruit and vegetables contain up to 40% more antioxidants than conventional equivalents, and that the figure was 60% for organic milk. The 4-year study was funded by the European Union and was the largest of its kind ever undertaken. These results were simply announced to the popular press, and have not yet undergone the rigors of scientific peer review, so conclusiveness of this study is debatable.

    Organic foods are produced according to certain production standards, meaning they are grown without the use of conventional pesticides, artificial fertilizers, human waste, or sewage sludge, and that they were processed without ionizing radiation or food additives. Livestock are reared without the routine use of antibiotics and without the use of growth hormones. In most countries, organic produce must not be genetically modified.

    At a You Pick You Can Pick Your Own Fresh Berrys For Cheaper – STORE BERRYS ARE A RIP OFF – ThoseLittle Plastic Things Only Carry 6 Ounces of Rasberrys (for like 2 -3 Dollars!) For Example While at a YOu Pick I Can Pick a Whole POUND (16 Ounces) for 3.75 and THEY ARE FRESHLY PICKED/ RIPE OFF THE PLANT.

    Preservatives In Berrys??? I Dont Think Even Non Organic Does That -Its Just Becuase Store Berrys Are a Rip Off Not Just In Price and Quantity – But Quality too. It ISNT Uncommon for Store Berrys To Look This Way. and I Cant think Of Any Berries That Add Artificial Preservatives To their Produce – Its Jsut Becuase They Are Coming From Further Away and Werent Picked Yesterday (or today For that matter) but possible weeks ago.

    Going to a You Pick Means Your Supporting Your Local Farmers and Economy. Not To Mention Getting a FAIR Price On Produce.

    Those Berrys Areant That Way Becuase They are Organic. They are That Way Becuase They Are a Rip Off.

    also – preservatives??? i dont think even non organic berrys put anything like that into your fruit. it would say and so far i have yet to see an “ingredients” section on my box of berrys. the most they may put on non orgnanic is like pesticide/herbacide/etc and thats why you wash them , they dont actually ADD anything like preservatives.

    saying “look – these berrys are moldy – ANY organic, organic must be bad” is unfair when in reality a good majority of store bought berrys are indeed this way. If you wqant go berrys GO LOOK FOR A YOU PICK or GROW YOUR OWN.

    ~ Luis Hirschlieb

  32. Kpic03 says:

    I believe that it’s all your preferance. Let the market run it’s roll. If there is a strong market for organic, so be it. I for one will not eat organic but it’s all your coice. I don’t have the money that someone else might have to spend on food that I don’t believe will add any extra years to my life. I believe that there are some very good points made in the previous comments. For and Against. If I thought that organic food would make me feel better, then maybe I would eat it. But the fact it that I don’t. I know many farmers who have to deal with these issues every day. I don’t agree that we all HAVE TO eat organic but I also don’t agree that we CAN’T have any organic. The place where I have a problem is when the government comes on the scene and decideds to play favorites and help out only one side or the other. In my opinion, I don’t think that the organic farmers or conventional farmers should recieve ANY help from the government. In the case of disasters, that’s why there are insurance companies. and the market will provide for those who have the demand. Don’t you agree?

    I know that it’s a great thing that we have modern science to help us produce more food that are less likely to be carrying dieseases for other nations. I’m glad that I’m a part of a nation that can supply food to the rest of the world.

    Food for thought to those that are anti-conventional farming, have you ever seen someone starving to death? I don’t mean a picture from Africa but in real life. If not, then it’s best you shut you mouth. It’s a horrible and agonizing death that you’d better hope and pray that you never have to witness.

    Kpic03 signing out.

    • sasha says:

      Yes, people starving to death is sad, but that has nothing to do with farming, conventional or organic….. because truthfully there is enough food in the world to feed everyone, just not enough money…. isn’t that ridiculous?

      And did you know that nearly half of all the food produced in the U.S. goes to waste? Think of how many people could have been fed with that? The problem isn’t how much we produce… it’s what we do with it

  33. Well...duh says:

    Food is food, whether it be organic or non-organic.

    I’m doing a debate and I was put on the side “against organic production.” I have found out that organic food has its pros and cons, but I have also found out non-organic food also has its pros and cons. Both sides have good things and bad things. Its useless saying on is better then the other. People have personal opinion and yelling at each other on such a petty argument. Joe Blow likes organic, but Sue Susan likes non-organic… You don’t even know this people…. does it really matter what they think? Chemicals, shmeicals – we have been surviving this long. And think of it this way… saying organic is good is like saying a child with pnemonia should have medication, because non-organic has good chemicals that helps them grow and survive longer and docters give medication (which are chemicals) to humans to survive longer.

    Oh, and while we are arguing on this minor subject of food… children in third world countries have no food.

    Just eat the flipping food thats in front of you!

    • sasha says:

      That’s like saying chemo-therapy is good for you… it may help kill cancer, but the truth is that the radiation is killing you as well…. the truth is you can cure diseases without chemicals, it just doesn’t make anyone any money

  34. Joe says:

    The anti organic people… you are missing key issues here. The main one is sustainability. This cycle of using poisons on our environment is NOT sustainable. Think of all the WASTE food that goes into place. Also it is not for lack of food these countries are starving, it is mostly their governments. Also population doesn’t HAVE to keep increasing… humans are smarter than that… there was a huge boom of population but, people don’t have to have 10 damn children…

    If you notice it is the poorer countries having more and more kids… they need better education on sustainable lives and protective ***.

    What they DON’T need is the chemicals in their systems, and the environments.

    Humans are biological organisms and these unknown chemicals are NOT compatible with our DNA, nor, the DNA of other organism. It disrupts endocrine receptors and also has hormonal effects.

    What kind of life is that… people, if anything need to stop being so GREEDY and WASTEFUL.

    going organic is NOT elitist, it is anything but, its being human, how we were supposed to live on this planet,

    If you want to get all ethical, perhaps have a look into food we are using for fuel while people are starving, not people trying to NOT be poisoned by eating organic. By eating organic, without SOME interference of corporations, people are paying the REAL cost of food.

    Oh and sure, the vitamins and minerals aren’t going to be the same, it all depends on soil quality for the most part and the basic genetic code of said plant/vegetable/animal, when you picked it, etc. The key thing here is they are LACED with chemicals and the data keeps piling on how they are effecting us, there is TONS of data out there on the pesticides effecting us, the ecosystem, and other animals.

    People, please, inform yourself better on what is truly going on here…

  35. kara says:

    A huge thank you for this article. :)
    Its incredible how much Ive learnt by reading all this. Im in year 11 and doing a project on is organic food better than non-organic food.
    I was sitting on the fence for a while, but now Im leaning towards organic food.
    Luckily in Aus we have animal protection laws, so everything we eat was living happily before it died.
    However, i did some research about like – pesticides, herbicides, etc and its no wonder there are so many people that are unwell.
    Cancer, parkinsons disease, growth defects, asthma. INSANE!
    So, go organic and live better.
    I reckon they should have organic cafes in hospitals instead of maccas (mcdonalds) haha. :)
    Ur well now – off to maccas.
    Anywho.. thanks again. Email me if you want – no viruses.
    Much love ppl x

  36. Scott says:

    Me again. Sorry for the double post, just read some more comments I don’t agree with. Organic foods do have chemicals in them, they’re just in lower quantities or different. Saying that switching to organic food will make one feel better is misleading. Typically when people make an effort to eat better they don’t just switch to organic, they change their diets. If I eat poorly before I make the switch and then eat organic versions of the same food, I’d feel the same. There’s a built in response bias. Sounds like “Needs Help” could be writing a paper like I did. My tuition comes with access to a bunch of academic databases. If you have access to similar resources, I used EBSCO, AGRICOLA, ENVIROnetBASE and others to find research. Most of the stuff you’ll find on Google will be biased or won’t cite sources. If you can find meta-data (data compiled from as many studies as the statistician can get their hands on), your job is much easier. Good luck.

  37. Scott says:

    Actually, he’s right. He’s just right for the wrong reason. I wrote my final paper on it to spite the smug Boulderites in a writing class I took. Meta-analysis conducted a few years ago shows that organic food is not more nutritious or safe than conventionally produced goods. There is just more variation so companies that produce and sell organic food cherry pick the data. Sometimes you get higher quality food, other times you get lower quality food, it ends up being a wash. Statistically identical. In addition, yield per acre can be as much as 40% less for organics. A separate study I looked at discussed the food-mileage (the distance food travels to the supermarket) of organic and conventional produce. On average, organics traveled 25% farther. Not to mention the fact that organic food requires far more energy and acreage per ton to produce. Were it the only option, organic farming could only sustain 4 billion people and we’d have to increase farm land drastically. Here’s the kicker for most people: it can be 10 to 40% more expensive than non-organic goods. Bottom line, organics are bad. The only reason we think they’re so good is fantastic marketing. I myself just watch my saturated fat and sodium intake. If we can feed more people in a cheaper, more sustainable, more environmentally friendly manner, I say bring on the preservatives.

  38. BIGTOM says:


  39. BIGTOM says:


  40. Kel says:

    I can’t believe anyone would even question this very topic……Chemicals, when did we ever believe chemicals were good for our bodies. It is those very chemicals that are killing our animals, polluting our water & causing these rare conditions so many people have today. I converted to organic/natural foods eight years ago because of a rare health condition and let me tell you THank God for Natural/Organic Foods, they saved my LIFE…..I soon came to realize after 6months of bad health, it was the food I was putting in my mouth that was making me sick…..I would challenge anyone not eating REAL food…..food in it’s natural state to try it for at least one week and see if you feel any different.

    I have been converting my entire office slowly to go organic and get off processed foods, since the change over, their have been several people with amazing results and even weight loss…..I’ve made them believers and I hope to make you ONE……..

    • daxon says:

      It’s a common misconception that something is bat for us just because it’s a chemical – remember the SAME chemicals supposedly killing us are making plants healthier and live longer.

  41. Needs Help says:

    can any of you guys help me find websites that are at least 1 year old
    they need to be about how Organic foods have no health benefit

    i have been researching for days and all i find is information that organic food is healthy for you and i know that but i need to do a research paper about how it does not benefit your health

    i will really appreciate anyone’s help

    thank you

  42. Needs Helo says:

    can any of you guys help me find websites that are at least 1 year old
    they need to be about how Organic foods have no health benefit

    i have been researching for days and all i find is information that organic food is healthy for you and i know that but i need to do a research paper about how it does not benefit your health

    i will really appreciate anyone’s help

    thank you

  43. 14 yr old says:


  44. 14 yr old says:

    i think that organic food is the best food for anybody.it doesnt have any harmful chemicals in it

  45. yo man says:

    i hate u all

  46. This girl... says:

    (^ testing)
    Ok,right i think that organic farming is great for us (the more econmically developed countries) because we have the money and the time to inprove our health and i think that organic farming is great :).
    However i also think that intensivly farmed food is useful to the less econmicly developed countries. They have less money and just need to feed everyone the best they can. The poor countries need to farm food intensivly otherwise all the people will die of starvation.
    I think that here we have a choice and i do think that organic food id better for you so here we can chose what we eat.

    Do you understand that coz it’s probably a whole load of gobble-de-gook but oh well!

    I have read quite alot of your comments by the way. Good aurguments!!

    (i no i am sad)

  47. Mike says:

    I agree with everything Jennifer just said. My wife and I raise our own beef and buy mostly organic foods. I hope when my two teenage kids are my age they will thank us for giving them a head start to good health.
    I do have a question to all you people who are concerned about the amount of farm land to feed the starving people. How come the government, or the large chemical producing farmers, or you chemical loving people send food everyday to the staving people in America? If the chemical farming is the answer, and they can produce so much food, there should never be any starving Americans!

  48. Jennifer says:

    And to add on to my last message… I got a little wrapped up (not to mention that I’m at work so it’s harder for me to concentrate on this right now)… but… the reason that you “anti-organic” people think the way you do is because that is how the government wants you to think. To the kid writing the paper…you obviously knew nothing about the subject before you started writing or you wouldn’t have believed everything you read right away. That’s the thing, the government and FDA are constantly advertising and making efforts to brainwash people into thinking that the majority of food on the market is good for you. It is true that the amount of toxins on one apple can not harm you. But what happens if you take the amount of toxins on, say, 200 apples… and you eat those toxins….you will DIE. They may not kill you all at once, but over time your body will decline. There’s a reason that there are more drugs now than ever before. Not all because technology is increasing either. It’s because we need more drugs now than ever before. It’s because our health is fading. You are what you eat. When you are not eating right, you are not healthy. Eating toxins is not eating right. And I don’t want to hear the arguement “then why are people living longer these days?”, because the truth of the matter is, people are living longer because they are on drugs, drugs, drugs. They are laying on their death beds hooked up to machines and infused with drugs to keep their body’s “alive”. We are not helping ourselves to live longer happily. We are learning how to live longer miserably. That’s all.

    • CommonSense says:

      I think you are blinding your self and stating stupid opinions. All I hear is…toxins! chemicals!
      get a life they BOTH have toxins and chemicals one no more than the other!

      Toxin: a poisonous substance produced during the metabolism and growth of certain microorganisms and some higher plant and animal species
      Don’t see any thing in there about having to be hooked up to a death bed being pumped full of drugs to stay alive, I SEE NATURAL PROCESSES

  49. Jennifer says:

    Just something for you to think about:

    I strongly believe first off, that organic food is undeniably better for your health. It doesn’t contain any harmful toxins as previously mentioned and it has actually been proven in study after study to have about 20% more of about 8 very important different vitamins and minerals. Not to mention that it’s not killing this wonderful thing we call planet Earth. What I really wanted to talk about was WHY I think a lot of you “anti-organic” people think the way you do. How could you really believe that putting toxins into your body on a daily basis could be healthy? How do you think people got along before there were pesticides? Wash your fruits and veggies and there should be no manure on them to give you ecoli. Make sure there are no holes or bad spots on your fruits and veggies and you don’t have to worry about insect disease such as malaria, etc…gah, I feel like I’m teaching a 5 year old. Anyways, back to the topic I want to point out. There are poisons on the food we eat every day. They do kill us. They give us disease and if they don’t do that, then they are weakening our immune system so that we cannot fight off disease or sickness. I can tell this could be a novel, so in short….the FDA knows this, the government knows this, YOU should take your head out of your butt and realize this. The FDA and the government is not concerned with fixing this problem because then everybody would be healthy. You know what happens then? The United States of America loses it’s multi-trillion dollar money making system. The Pharmaceutical Industry. That’s right. The Pharmaceutical Industry is what makes us RICH. Without sickness and disease, we are, for the most part, healthy. That makes us POOR. SO, if you want to keep being ignorant and feeding yourself this poison every day for the rest of your sick life, then that is your perogative. But don’t bash organic-friendly people because they are smarter than the average US American.

    PS ~ And your right, the decreasing amount of farmland is a bad thing, and the mass production of conventional farming is a great thing to help feed people all over the world who are starving and have to eat for less. But we need to survive!! We need to keep this world going!! We need hope!! We can’t do that if we ALL eat poisons. It just doesn’t work that way. There has got to be an answer somewhere down the line. What it is, I don’t know. But I do know that organic foods are clearly the better choice.

  50. Nikki says:

    hey people, heres the bottom line, organic is better, you just have to do your research. some farmers who claim to be organic aren’t. they are just capitalizing on the new craze. who cares if one cow can feed 125 people. maybe if we weren’t such fat slobs in this country one cow could feed 10 people and that cow wouldn’t have to be attached to a milking machine 24 hours a day with infected utters. by the way, thats the milk you are drinking if you don’t drink organic milk. the cows are stuck in a stall where they cannot lay or even turn around with suckers on each utter. they get so irritated that they actually get infected, well, don’t worry, we’ll just inject them with some anitbiotics. drink up people. you should be ashamed of yourself if you think thats ok. god have mercy on your sould when your judgement day comes. thats the point here. stop consuming food like your going to die if you don’t stuff your face 8 times a day. have a well balanced diet, there is no reason why one cow should need feed 125 people. we eat to much, sit in front of our computers and complain that farmers need to perfom animal abuse to feed out fat selves. heres an idea…STOP EATING YOU FAT SLOB!!!! this is the world because we made it that way. if everyone made a little change this world would be a better place. buy soymilk every other time you have milk, buy organic milk, cut down on your consumption, whatever, stop putting money in the farmers pockets and be a healthier you!!!

  51. “…hormone-laced milk so i don’t get osteoperosis”

    just thought id comment on this:
    i just found out my bone problem (i now have cyosis, or something to that effect…its an odd spelling) is probably BECAUSE of a lack of certian things in my diet- whic i had found odd, considering how much milk i USE TO drink.
    i point out ‘used to’ because its fairly-well proven now that milk (at least the stuff you get in grocery-stores, or most any (pasturized or not)) realy isnt good for you.
    in fact, it did some weird @$$ **** to my stomach, and is more than likely the CAUSE of my bone-problems. so, im sorry to say, you are wrong.

    but do not feel bad, i use to think that way as well. too bad it didnt work. my 2 Cents.

  52. u r a disscrace 2 dis country. i dont like this abuse to me and my religian it is bang out of order can u stop this please.

  53. Suger rush! With nuggert!

  54. Yeah, bears pwn all! They like nuggurt! I eiz like nuggurt!

  55. Yomama says:

    Save the bears and don’t eat pesticides! The bears might kill you if you get to close but they eiz still cool!

  56. rootbear says:

    Save the bears! Dont use pesticides!

  57. the S-Mister says:

    IIIII think :) that organic is good because it is what it says ‘ORGANIC’…its natural, its what we are meant to eat. Chemicals aren’t natural, humans pollute the earth with them everyday
    I don’t know how anyone can say they are good when all they do is contaminate food, animals, the earth and yourself. It basically a quick and easy way for farmers to cut corners and produce food for money. Do you think they care about what happens to you a few years later? Well no, I don’t think they do. Its they’re job so basically its a way for them to make money, not a way for them to ensure that you are eating a good healthy diet. So why eat the chemicals they put in it. Maybe organic farmers care more about money as well but at least your getting something good out of it as well.

  58. Ubah says:

    Cris Says:
    “So, now I think you all can undestand a litlle bit more about this issue and stop to be so ignorant about so many good fucts why we all shoud eat organic. ” Err, Cris, I think you made a lot of good points against your stance in the rest of your post, but whatever makes you happy…

    Kelly Says:
    “I don’t mind spending a arm and a leg for my health. ”

    While TheHungry Says:
    “As it is today there is a shortage of food and people are going hungry everywhere. Organic farming methods do not produce the same quantities of food as conventional ones”

    And Eric Sums It Up Nicely:
    “I think you happy people putting down AG Teacher nicely ignored his comment about limited farmspace and reduced production by organic farms, organic food is elitist food….”

    Organic Girl Says Something Hilarious:
    “My household is totally organic…”
    So, you don’t own a television, computer, etc.? Your totally organic, so you must live in a wooden cabin. Fun Fact: Just your computer alone is quite toxic, and if not recycled properly, can be very harmful to the environment, and people around it.

    pwnage Said:
    “I think that im pwnage tbh ”
    Bah, I’m Ubah pwnage.

    Gonna Leave With A Word From Cliff:
    ““Organic” food? As apposed to what? Non-organic food? Who’s eating rocks? It wasn’t me.”

  59. Cris says:

    Organic Food Vs Conventional Food ( By Joshua )
    This is very interesting article……
    Do you all know the difference bettween Organic food and conventional food???
    Well, you my read this and make your on conclusion in wich one is better for you and your pocket, heath and environment.

    What is the difference between Organic food and conventional food? Is Organic food safer than conventional? These are some questions some people makes when going to the supermarket. In one hand, you’re holding a conventionally grown apple. In your other hand, you have one that’s been organically grown. Both apples look the same. Both provide vitamins and other nutrients. The conventionally grown is cheaper than the organically grown.

    Is very important to be informed to make a good decision the next time you go to the supermarket. The word “organic” refers to the way farmers grow and process agricultural products, such as grains, fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products. Organic farming promotes soil and water conservation and reduces pollution. Organic farmers don’t use chemicals or conventional methods to fertilize, control weeds or prevent livestock disease. Here are some differences between conventional and organic farming.
    Conventional farming:

    Use chemical herbicides to manage weeds. Spray insecticides to reduce pests and disease. Apply chemical fertilizers to promote plant growth. Give animals antibiotics, growth hormones and medications to prevent disease and spur growth.
    Organic farming:

    Rotate crops, till, hand weed or mulch to manage weeds. Use beneficial insects and birds, mating disruption or traps to reduce pests and disease. Apply natural fertilizers, such as manure or compost, to feed soil and plants. Give animals organic feed and allow them access to the outdoors. Use preventive measures such as rotational grazing, a balanced diet and clean housing to help minimize disease.
    When shopping for foods consider nutrition, quality, appearance, pesticides and cost. There is no evidence that organic food has more nutrients than convention food. About the quality and appearance you can expect smaller fruits and odd shapes in organic fruit because they don’t use chemical fertilizers to grow them up. Organic food is free from pesticides and chemical residues. Organic food costs more than conventional food products. Higher prices are due to more expensive farming practices, tighter government regulations and lower crop yields. Because organic farmers don’t use herbicides or pesticides, many management tools that control weeds and pests are very intensive.

    Some people buy organic food for several reasons. One of them is for environmental reasons; organic farming practices are designed to benefit the environment by conserving water and soil and reducing pollution. Always look for the USDA Organic seal when shopping for organics, which means that are at least 95 percent organic.
    So, now I think you all can undestand a litlle bit more about this issue and stop to be so ignorant about so many good fucts why we all shoud eat organic.

  60. bitch says:

    your all basterd

    SUCK MY **** *** HOLES

  61. adsfhgpa says:

    this is so stupid!!!

  62. adsfhgpa says:

    this is so stupid

  63. I can’t believe he said that preservatives are better. He didn’t provide us with any info on why organic food is not good for you, but a picture of a moldy strawberry. Some people have a hard time thinking before they speak, maybe he had a loss of memory from eating so many preservatives. Organic foods are wonderful. Every food goes moldy at some point. Organic foods go moldy quicker becasue they REAL food, nothing is on them to make them last for out of control long periods of time. With Organice foods, you get them fresh quickly and more frequently, in oppose to perservatives in local supermarkets God knows how long they are on the shelves. And they are so deceitful in the supermarkets because all they have to due is put some food dye on the food and change the date to a later date. They do that with meat, fruit, vegetables and everything. With Organics however, you can’t cover up food that is going spoiled. Organic food taste differently and fills you up for longer periods of time. I don’t mind spending a arm and a leg for my health.

    • rrllddq says:

      i agree a pic of moldy fruit don’t say anything but its old its the stores fault that it went bad in the first place everything goes bad at some time organic or not its a way of life


  65. thehungry says:

    As it is today there is a shortage of food and people are going hungry everywhere. Organic farming methods do not produce the same quantities of food as conventional ones. I would rather see the use of some pesticides and fewer people starving to death. Not to mention all the environmental impact claims are exaggerated greatly.

  66. Melissa says:

    Please, organic food bad for you? I give up with all of these lies about things being bad for you and that you shouldn’t eat it and the next week it’s good for you. Think about it, should you really believe someone who can’t even spell the word “shouldn’t)?

    • teamropingman says:

      Maybe we should not believe someone who puts a parenthesis at the end of a sentence for no reason.

  67. Cins says:

    I’ve been doing a research paper on organic foods and I have found that because it is fertilized by manure your are 8 times more likely to be poisoned by e Coli. My research has also found that there is no scientific proof that organic foods contain any more vitamins or nutrients than non-organic foods and they are not any better for the environment and especially the economy. Economy wise, it costs more to produce organic foods and crop yields are lower because farmers cannot use converntional chemicals that boost production. Organic food is wasteful because it doesn’t last long and isn’t large enough to satiate you. When it comes to health the USDA and the Food and Drug administration consider the use of growth hormones and antibiotics safe and that the typical levels of pesticides used are also safe. ORGANIC FARMERS STILL USE PESTICIDES EXCEPT THEY ARE CALLED “ORGANIC” PESTICIDES. There are no fewer calories or fat in organic food so an organic cookie is just as bad as a regular cookie. It is easier for organic food to carry bacteria from the environment because it has not been treated for those types of bacteria. If you do not trust my research then go to www.parents.com and type in “Should you buy organic” or google it. I started my research being impartial but my mind is made up and I will not waste my money for false security.

  68. jennifer says:

    i think organic foods are good for you and a little mold doesn’t hurt.

  69. eathealty says:

    If you eat organic or regular food items they both come with good and bad things. I believe and you cant prove me wrong because it is an opinion that most cancers and other medical problems are genetic. So if you know your medical history you should be able to control your diet to live longer. If diabete runs in your family cut sugar. Cancer runs in your family quit smoking. Use your head. Eating organic doesnt make you a better person, but if it makes you feel better do it. Quit pushing it everyone else, because some of believe that PESTicides keep pests off my food. Manure will attact to pests and I believe that most disease come with bugs (westnile) so forth. Also the production off of a Organic Farm is usually a lower grade of grain, which on occasion will be bumped up if there is not enough around. So a Feed Oats (fed to livestock) get upgraded to consumtion (fed to people). As far as I am concerned normal food is fine and much more economical.

    • teamropingman says:

      Best point ive heard ever… Thank you very much for the input. The debate between Organic and Non Organic is simply a choice, If you like it then do it, if not then don’t.

    • teamropingman says:

      Best point I have ever heard ever. Thank you very much for the input. The debate between Organic and Non Organic is simply a choice, If you like it then do it, if not then don’t.

  70. pwnage says:

    I think that im pwnage tbh

  71. Organic girl says:

    Ag teacher, your comment “These “poisons” that you talk about have allowed the average American farmer to feed 125 people” infuriates me. Did you ever stop to think that those same “poisons” will probably cause cancer or heart disease or liver disease in the majority of those very same 125 people?? It is people like you who do not want to see the truth who have ruined the earth and caused it to be the way it is. Wake up sir! – you are in the age of global warming, heart disease, cancer, hormone laden cows, genetically modified foods and disappearing bees. I for one, am very worried about all this – and why are all the bees disappearing according to you?? Could it have anything remotely to do with too many pesticides, with too many genetically modified crops on whose flowers they feed, on farmers who think the way you do???!! It is time we all faced up to the fact that poisoning the earth, injecting hormones and other chemicals into animals in the food chain, and genetically modifying crops does not work. I am sick to death of giants like Monsanto who have a monopoly on the main food crops and have even genetically modified some of them to withstand pesticides produced by guess who?? Why, funnily enough, Monsanto themselves….. Does all this not make your lazy brain sit up and think?? More and more people should be insisting on natural, organically produced foods, not the other way around. If we want to save this planet for our future generations, we should all be doing our bit. I do not spray my garden or use chemical fertilisers, and I certainly do not buy sprayed produce. My household is totally organic, right down to the natural substances like vinegar I use for cleaning. You should be trying to do your bit too, and to make intelligent use of your own brain, without blindly believing what industries who are just out to make money would have you believe. Please grow up, and face up to reality!

  72. Be smart! says:

    Hhhmm this is very interesting. So thought I should put in that, no conventional farming is not great for the environment, but it is not bad for your health. Research has proven that eating conventionally grown food will not give you cancer nor will it increase your risk of getting cancer. You also do not know if the manure used in organic farming has been cleaned of all it’s toxins, (as someone has commented above) before it goes onto the food you eat. Scientists have proven that if you wash your food properly, the chemicals used in conventional farming should not be there when you eat the food. Either you become sick because of chemicals used in conventional farming, or you become sick because of biological contaminants.

    As stated above, conventional farming can feed many people quickly, while only using small pieces of land. This could help feed people that are in desperate need of food. I don’t know about everyone else, but I think it would be smarter to use chemicals on food and inturn feed people that are dying of starvation.

  73. Cliff says:

    “Organic” food? As apposed to what? Non-organic food? Who’s eating rocks? It wasn’t me.

    Anyway. The argument for “Organic” food is ridiculous. You simply can’t make enough food to feed everybody without using science to help farmers grow food in less than perfect conditions and grow MORE food as well.

    I’d like to see some real studies about the effects of “Organic” food vs. other types of food. I’m fairly certain you wouldn’t find any significant differences (Or any differences at all) in the foods.

    The reason you “Feel” better after eating “organic” food is because you just over-paid for common everyday items. Or, as we dumb-asses with the chemicals in our food would call it, you got fu*ked. Sometimes that makes people feel better.

    Here’s another link for you to chew over.


    “Many consumers who “fork over a little more” believe that the foods themselves are more nutritious, safer, and tastier. But the USDA proposal itself noted that, “No distinctions should be made between organically and non-organically produced products in terms of quality, appearance, or safety.” In other words, no claim should be made that the foods themselves are better—or even different!”

    • LINZ says:

      you want to talk about the USDA read slaughterhouse…yes it’s non fiction, so much truth it might go right over your head.

  74. a 12 year old kid says:

    Yo ag teacher u aint got a clue wat u talkin bout organic is well healthier than the **** u keep goin on bout even though its a bit more expensive its worth it!!!

  75. Eric says:

    Ok, i lied, i don’t have a life. Here’s a fun article.


    and golly gee vegans, isn’t manure an animal by-product? ok, there are some vegan-friendly ways to farm organically, but they’re even less productive, and you have no idea if manure was used if your just buying organic.

    oh yah! and gm-foods cannot be labbeled organic, and they require less sprays, go team bio-tech.

  76. Eric says:

    I think you happy people putting down AG Teacher nicely ignored his comment about limited farmspace and reduced production by organic farms, organic food is elitist food, personally i’m more annoyed by the anti-GM crowd, and ok, “elitist food” is a bit extreme. then again, I’m not a history buff but i’d think there was a bit less food to go around in the all-organic good old days, infact i think life pretty much sucked in the all-organic good all days, oh yah, and people died younger, golly gee, technology is deffinetly the devil. There are alot of people in the world, and they’d like something to eat. And I’d like something to eat, i’m off to drink some hormone-laced milk so i don’t get osteoperosis.

    -I don’t proof read internet-postings, so if there’s grammar flaws, it’s not because i’m idiot, it’s because i have a life.-

    • Andy says:

      UHHHH no…. Beef is elitist food. one cow eats 90 POUNDS of food per DAY. That’s right we grow so much corn and wheat that we could feed the WORLD but instead The third world countries starve so that a cow can feed 2 people for a year, maybe. If we didn’t have to have our beef we could do just fine growing organically but we use all the land to grow corn and wheat to feed the cows. Oh and it’s genetically modified to withstand roundup. People died younger when they had to survive on 1 or two different types of food, but once our agricultural base was built people lived longer!! Pesticides and chemical fertilizers weren’t even pedaled until the 1950’s. Your great grand parents lived long, grandparents longer, parents shorter, you will die soon and your kids sooner. enjoy your chemicals. enjoy your genetically altered food.

  77. carolyn says:

    If you eat flesh…you eat poop. If u ain’t vegan….u ain’t green.

  78. Ag teacher: Those chemical pesticides you were talking about get absorbed into the food it’s sprayed on. You may rather have chemicals on your food than poop, but the price you pay is that you end up eating those chemicals and developing cancer later in life because those chemicals, like organophosphates (which were used in WWII for nerve agents), don’t belong in your body. Manure isn’t going to do that. Those chemicals also kill not just insects but the birds and other predators that eat the bugs, who then ingest the chemicals and become toxic themselves. That’s why human being corpses are now classified as toxic waste: all these chemicals that we’re putting in our food and in the cattle we eat, then get absorbed into our bodies and stay there, even after we’re dead. That’s also the reason we’ve had such an influx in diseases like cancer and heart disease since the turn of the century, when farmers started using these crazy things on a large scale. In addition,manure is what people used before there was such a thing as “chemical fertilizer” and commercial farms have no regulations on using manure, while organic farms have very specific regulations they must follow in order to use manure. So you may in fact already be eating poop-covered greens that, unlike organic greens, didn’t have to be tilled 120 days before the growth of the crop, or heated to kill most bacteria. So yeah. For an agriculture teacher, which I assume by your name is what you are, you really don’t know a lot about organic farming, which is all the farming humans ever really did up until 1930 or so.

    Fun sidenote: cattle farmers inject hormones in cows so that they’ll get nice and fat and they can get more meat out of each cow. You buy that meat and eat it, and then again, you absorb those same hormones, which tell YOU to gain weight, fast. Enjoy that McBurger, buddy, with a side of obesity.

  79. organica says:

    AG teacher: You don’t know what you’re talking about. Organically certified farms are closely inspected & any compost that is used has to meet stringent specifications including heating up to a specific temperature which kills all pathogens. Hopefully yr not teaching these lies to your students.

  80. Ag teacher says:

    I would also like to add something to my last comment on organic food. Most people use ammonium nitrate or some sort of nitrogen fertilizer to produce their crops. I wanted to make sure that people know that organic food is fertilized. The fertilizer that is used is a form of compost. That compost is usually made up of manure. Yes. Manure. The same stuff that spread e. coli in spinach all over the US late last year. I would rather have a chemical sprayed on mine than to eat feces.

  81. Ag teacher says:

    Would you rather bite into an apple and see a worm or bite into an apple and see half of a worm? In the 70’s this was a serious question. We spray produce to protect the consumer from insects and disease. If cattle are not treated with preventive treatments such as ivermectin, the majority will produce grubs, lice, and many other internal parasites. Some chemicals may not always be the best thing for you, but the diseases that they prevent you from contracting are well worth the risk. These "poisons" that you talk about have allowed the average American farmer to feed 125 people. Before the use of pesticides, the average American farmer fed 25 people. With the depletion of farm land due to urban sprawl, I believe it is extremely important that the farmer can produce as much as possible on as little as possible. The pesticides used on farm land are regulated very well by the federal government.

  82. 13yr old says:

    i think organic food is much better non-organic food. First of all, organic produce is not covered in poisonous chemicals for example the average conventionally-grown apple has 20-30 artificial poisons on its skin, even after rinsing. Secondly, intensively-reared dairy cows and farm animals are fed a dangerous cocktail of anti-biotics, growth promoting drugs, anti-parasite drugs and many other medicines on a daily basis, whether they have an illness or not. These drugs are passed directly onto the consumers of their dairy produce or meat, which must be a contributing factor to meat-related diseases like coronaries and high blood pressure. This may also result in cancer. Also going organic protects the enviornment.

  83. Marcella says:

    I agree with steff..my parents got all of us kids to start eating organic and everyday i just feel better and better..my health is better. skin is better…everything is better:)

  84. Steff says:

    Why do you believe that organic food is bad for you? Convential farming produces toxic chemicals, polluting the environment. Organic Farming benefits everyone, including dairies. Dairies that feed their cows organic feed and graze them on organic fields experience healthier animals, less sickness, less disease, and a better tasting product that is worth more into today’s market than non organic milk (due to falling commodity prices). People also benefit from organic farming, as there are less pollutants on the food. It is also much fresher and tastes better. In the long run the costs are also much less as with convential farming you have to pay for the cleanup of polluted water and remediation of pesticide contamination. What is wrong with you? Would you rather see a polluted world creating danger through just what we eat? And as for your strawberries comment, organic taste better, fresher and eventually all strawberries get mouldy! Or have you found a strawberry that doesn’t!!!
    No complements to your anti ”mouldy Strawberries” website!

    • Genesis says:

      WRONG seth! you have no valid proof of its support. it is bad enough you fanboys and fangirls would use things like organic this and that! ORGANIC MAY NOT USE PESTICIDES BUT YOU HAVE A RISK IF DISEASES ARE EASILY SOLD OFF THE SHELF IN DISGUISE AS MILK OR HAM! THATS HOW THE SWINE FLU KILLED MANY IN MEXICO! Its in fact SO unhealthy…. oh yes and to my little friend 15yrold ORGANIC IS TERRIBLE! IT DOESN’T JUST POLLUTE THE ENVIRONMENT, IT DESTROYS IT!

      • LINZ says:

        Flus and such are not prevented with spraying pesticides. Pesticides are not antibacterial they are just chemicals that repel bugs and do you know why they repel bugs? That’s right because they are poisonous. They slowly break down and destroy living things. We have already seen the consequences…look up dead zones(areas in and above the ocean where they is not enough oxygen for things to live). If you still think pesticides are good for you then go ahead and drink a gallon of it and let us know how it turns out.

  85. a15yrold says:

    All you’ve said is it isn’t always good for you – you haven’t said why.
    Also it’s not only organic strawberries that get mouldy, all strawberries get mouldy unless there is something seriously wrong with them. Pesticides pollute the enviroment and animals and water…
    Your arguments are entirely flawed. I’m ashamed that there are people who think like you left in this world.
    Yours A 15 year old kid

  86. I agree with caitlyn.

  87. That is just one reason why people shouldent eat organic. I think organic tastes better. Moldy strawberries, I can find loads of them at my local(non-organic) Jewl-Osco. My health has been better since i’ve started eating organic. It may be a tad more expencive but it is worth it.

    • Genesis says:

      i would rather die than eat orgnic food……you get twice the bacteria (yum yum) IT COSTS MORE TOO to keep it good enough by the time it’s shiped to the store to keep it good enough to sell…AND IT’S BAD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT!!..there are cases of people and animals getting dangerously sick (swine flu, pet diseases up the hoo-ha, and lets not forget our friend CANCER!!!!) there is nothing that justifies it as better too! NOTHING……but there is everything including this picture that justifies it as healthy as mcdonalds! remeber the canned pet food that made pet’s sick….it was ORGANIC and imported from china….. organic food goes bad in a matter of days compaired to non organic…..natural is not always better! and when it goes bad…it goes BAD! like this picture….this is just one of many cases where organic fruits that are grown and grow mold before it even reaches your hands! there is more i could ellaborate on this but i know your not lazy so look it up yourself! i did!

      • heather says:

        I agree with GENESIS totally

        • 15 year old school boy says:

          shut up mate you to don’t no anything. have you ever truly reaseached your facts?

          • farmers daughter says:

            i am a farmer and i am a natural farmer. organic farmers actually spray more than non-organic farmers. they generally spray every one to two days because it comes off with the rain but scientists haven’t researched the effects on what happens when the organic chemicals wash off and go into the ground but i look around and i see a lot of healthy vegetarians but i have never seen a healthy organic vegetarian… they always look pale or yellow and withered… their skin starts sagging and trust me. they don’t look good

          • missundaztood says:

            ok then…
            you’re saying that he doesnt “no” anything… at least he KNOW’s how to spell KNOW that something that he KNOWS!!
            xxxlove you lotsxxx

      • Nicki says:

        This is the stupidest comment I’ve ever read…hopefully it’s only a child who wrote it.

        • toeatornottoeat says:

          wow. I am doing a research article debating if you should eat organic or not, and the pros and cons of each. In MY STUDIES, it is becoming more prevalent that eating organic is healthier. however, if you use UNRELIABLE SOURCES where it is based off of someone’s opinion, THEN THE ARTICLE IS OF NO USE TO ANYONE!! It then becomes opinion rather than fact. If you really want to find out the truth. use real sources rather than some *** made-up country organic farmer chick who obviously doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

      • Maddy says:

        I agree with genisis

    • Sophia says:

      I don’t get i’m doing an organic food is not good for u project and im like really confused???well actually he probably is right???/ i dont know?>

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