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Princess Diana Post-Crash Photo

Posted in News,Photo by Elliott Back on July 14th, 2006.

According to Forbes, an Italian magazine Chi just published photos of Princess Diana immediately before she died:

The black-and-white photo in Milan-based Chi magazine showed the princess receiving oxygen in the wreckage of the car crash that killed her on Aug. 31, 1997. The picture was excerpted from “Lady Diana: The Criminal Investigation,” a new book by French author Jean-Michel Caradec’h.

The photos have not been widely circulated, but have been in existance and available, albeit without so much publicity, for years:


The royal family is of course upset at the publication and urges a global boycott, while Chi editor Umberto Brindani said “he had published the picture for the ‘very simple reason’ that it has never been seen before.”

Update: I’ve replaced the photo with a slightly better version, since people seen to still be interested in it.

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237 Responses to “Princess Diana Post-Crash Photo”

  1. Me says:

    Grow up …. You’re all raving lunatics … A bit like her really!!

    Reality is, her games with the press finally caught up with her, just a shame she couldn’t act more dignified as the mother of the future king of England.

  2. red ridinghood says:

    fast forward…seems like Charles would rather have kept his family and young bride other than older Camilla and been exceptionally happy ever after in the end. Not to mention his new grandson had he known….xoxo

  3. Durff says:

    What a bunch of ******* WAP Photographers!
    They just want then ******* MONEY!
    ALL papparazzi are nothing but SQUID-BRAINED ******* *****.

  4. Jack says:

    Cynic,wake up. and turn 6.

  5. Cynic says:

    Hey it isnt charle’s fault Diana died. It was Dodi’s.
    Look at it this way. Dodi was FATED to die. It was written in his stars the moment he was born.
    How do I know? Cz Dodi rhymes with Deady.
    Throw in “Dead Dod Diana” and you begin to get the picture.

  6. Cynic says:

    oh PURLEASE. You sound like an idealistic college kid, or worse a fourteen year old Romantic with a poor grasp of reality.
    Face the facts. D stands for Diana and D stands For Dead. Get it? Princess Dee Is DEAD. DEAD. DEAD. DEAD.
    And no you cant go back as a “angel to save her soul”
    When you grow older, you’ll learn that all that time machine stuff you see in the flicks is just fantasy. :(

  7. LORI says:

    That IS Diana the photo is not a fake – someone wrote that her face would have been smashed up, WRONG, she ended up in the back seat, on the floor, she was not thrown into the front area of the car nor the windshield. If anything, her face hit the back of a seat, but likely it was the side of her head. Yes she was still alive after the crash…that is also why the ambulance went so slow…they had to wait until she was dead. Because it WAS a plot on her life. They could have reached the hospital fast, no problem, but the ambulance CRAWLED. SHAME on the French who were in on this MURDER.

  8. Liza Plenty says:

    Also, the above photo must be fake. If you’ve seen the photos of Dodi, there is no way in the world she would have looked as she does in the above photo. His face was completely ruined and hers would have been too. I also forgot to mention that the car they were travelling in had been ‘stolen’ prior to their using it. It was while ‘stolen’ that the equipment was fitted in order for the Boston Brakes method to work.

  9. Liza Plenty says:

    The ‘Boston Brakes’ method was employed in order to murder her. People here have alluded to the driver being drunk but it was later proven that his sample had been tampered with; he wasn’t drunk at all. The cameras were conveniently facing the other way that day, the ambulance drove to a hospital miles away from the nearest one and they drove very slowly. She was embalmed almost immediately. The likelihood is that she was pregnant and the heir to the throne could not have an Arab half-brother.

    • Kazza says:

      I think you have been reading too many newspapers! Although heartbraking, I believe Princess Dianas death was a tragic accident. I admired Diana & was deeply saddened by her death. People have made up these theories to make some sense of the situation. Unfortunately there is no sense to her life being cut short.

      • LORI says:

        No, you can keep your narrow minded , head-in-the-sand attitude, Liza Plenty is right– what you need to do is educate yourself and read up on Diana’s murder. Experts from all over agree that car accidents are / were among the top ways to make it seem like an accident death in the world of espionage. WAKE UP , you are not in Disneyland.
        But “Liza Plenty” , wow , do you realize your name sounds like “Lies-A-Plenty” ??? Or was that intentional ? Sounds like from a Austin Powers movie.

        • Sunny says:

          Lori, Lisa and Kazza…..all three of you are absolutely wrong, have a full bottle of whiskey with butter in it on some Saturday night and sleep full tight, the next morning when you’ll wake up all three of you will come to know about the truth and move on…….!!!!!!!!!

  10. JohnDoe says:


    Listen to this.

    David Icke lectures on the assassination of Princess Diana and the Royal Bloodline network

  11. please please find out who killed her and bring them to justices as it was clear and why was people taking things of her the princess while she lay dieing may she rest in peace

  12. Rose says:

    What on Earth is that ‘other’ graphic photo of Diana laying sideways in the back seat dead all over the Internet? Is that a fake?

  13. Meghan says:

    Diana wrote a letter before she was killedsaying if she ever died it was at the hands of Charles’ doing with a car accident, and the news said the other day that the traffic cameras were all OFF in the tunnel at that time-why?

    • LORI says:

      Read all the books you can about her death–there are plenty out there that pretty much explain most of it. You can see the ratings the books get on Amazon.com too — the cameras were off because yes, she was doomed. Or , they lied and said the cameras were off so they could get away with destroying the tapes. You are right, I can tell you know how bizarre that was. It just shows it was a conspiracy.
      And this sort of assassination happens all over the world , a lot. People just don’t realize the level of corruption.

  14. Jane says:

    Diana wrote a letter 4 years before she was killed. In that letter she said she knew her husband was trying to kill her and the plot was to do something to the brakes on her car.

    Why would she think that? Why would she write that letter 4 years before she died?

    Why were all the traffic cameras in the tunnel either broken or turned off at the time of the crash?

    Too many questions but her own letter says it for me.

    I do believe she was murdered and I do believe there is a massive cover up.

    Even the queen commented at the time that she was gobsmacked that Diana was so popular. They more than likely thought it would die down fast and nobody would care, they were so very wrong, she was loved.

  15. Jesse says:

    I think that this picture is fake. The real pictures which are taken by that mofo Romuald Rat are sold for 300.000 pounds to The Sun. Always on the run for them, poor poor Diana..I still grieve after all this years and always will grieve for you.
    Real autopsy or hospital photo’s will never been shown people..and that’s good!! You were fantastic and a very pretty, smart, loving mom for your boys Di!
    Already been to Althorp the year after you died and planning to go back because i want to keep reminding you! Princess of so many people!!!

  16. Devara says:

    The people who say she was murdered need to have a reality check. Who would want to murder her? For what purpose? She was a celebrity, not a politician, not somebody with any real political power. Dodi Fayed’s father claimed it was MI6 or some nonsense. That’s just ridiculous. She was a fashion plate, a party girl, and was having fun with her life and romances. She had already spilled all the dirt from her marriage, made a fool of Prince Charles, and thumbed her nose at the queen. She was an embarrassment to the royal family, not a threat to national security. There was no reason for her to be killed, and the fact is she wasn’t murdered. She made the mistake of riding in a car with a drunk and not wearing a seat belt. Unfortunately it happens to regular folks all the time.

    • guest says:

      Dear..people involved with photo’s of the accident died under bizarre circumstances and agency’s with ties to reporting diana’s death..were broken into and item’s stolen. Mere auto accident’s do not create this kind of climate. Everything i have read about princess diana claim’s she was vying for position as ‘merlin’ to her son as king. Also had she married dodi she would have been in beyond the powerful reach and influence of the monarcy who feared her and what she was capable of. As it is the present british monarcy is corrupt and they are evil personfication.. She was indeed murdered

    • tony says:

      F or someone who said she was an enbarrassment and that she pilt the beans, fact is prince charles was the one who been having the affair through his marriage, so it was ok for him to do that yet after they had split she shouldnt get on with her life, how sad are you get fact right before blaming the wrong person. idiot!

    • Moonbeam says:

      I have to agree with Devara. Who would send a Fiat to chase after an armored Mercedes? Besides that, it wasn’t decided until the last minute that they would be driven by that person and in that car, so could not have been planned. And there was no way to know that she would not wear her seat belt and, even so, no way to be sure she would die. If M16 or whoever wanted to kill her, they had many other chances when she was driving around England by herself or swimming in the Mediterranean. Frogmen could have pulled her under the water because it was known in advance that she was vacationing there and swimming, or in England she could have been run off a deserted road. Even if someone had been out to kill her, they did not do it by way of the accident in the tunnel — makes no sense.

    • rolly says:

      you are out of your head Devara you must have no understanding what so ever charles knew how to plane her dead him and his parents they all planed it together it took them some time but they final did it . BUT you know what the beautifull angel is dead she suffered greatly but she is at rest as for the qween and her helpers they are suffering because they done something demonik evil and very cruel, they have no human heart their jelosouy for the humble princess blinded them her beauty brightened the whole world everybody loved her the qween was so angry she wanted her out of sight because diana’s name shinned with her personality everywhere.

  17. nandinii says:

    I love u diana…its not ezi to be bold as u are…fighting for ur rights to the more powerful figures….n u died as a warrior…the biggest mistake dat u hav done is to marry n love charles…he never loves u…he used u…he just marry someone who can fit as his wife etc. virgin ones..in order to get 2 great sons for him to take over his thrown….aft having Harry, Charles n Diana was having so much trouble in their marraige till they got separated..And he (charles)used diana’s relationship wid others like James Hewit in order to cover up his own affair wid Camilla. Later part, the royal was challenge by lady di…n the rest all over the world knows the truth dat she was nt involved in accident but it is planned murder…hopefully her soul may given the justice dat she dint get wen she is alive…

  18. halima says:

    i wanaed devil diana to have *** wiv me

  19. cc says:

    This picture is a fake… you know why? Because Princess Diana doesn’t have a bump in the bridge of her nose. ALL her side profile pcitures you can see the bump.,.. she has talked about how she hates her nose because of the bump. Interesting how her nose looks so perfect in this picture.


  20. April says:

    Is it me or is there another face in the picture?! Look to the left…..slightly “under” the doctors arm/elbow, next to his leg. Isn’t that a nose and mouth??? Thats haunting.

    • guest says:

      April..oh my goodness!! You are absolutely correct..there is another face in the above photo!! What in the world?? A reflection? One very worked over photo. Do the power’s be think we are so stupid as to not see it? Guy’s there is another face in this photo..look closely!!

      • MB says:

        Could it be the face of the already-deceased Dodi Al-Fayed? He was sitting in the rear seat with her.

    • Jane says:

      there would be another face in the pic, Dodi was in the car too and as none of them worse seat belts, he could well have been thrown on the floor. He was killed instantly so they were only administering first aid to her

  21. syed kashif ali shah bukhari says:

    lady diana was the princes of hearts.

  22. bamm bamm says:

    wow… this is sooo sad!!

  23. Liz says:

    Well, I for one was happy to see that her beautiful face was still there. I only wish the French hospital system worked differently, and they had gotten her to the hospital sooner. She might be alive today.

    As far as publishing it, I really do think that if it were my mother I would be upset. But if my mother were a public figure adored by so many, perhaps I could look on it differently. In a way, it feels like closure to me. We've all seen the car wreck, but to this day I still find it hard to believe she's really gone. Seeing that picture put it more into perspective, I guess.

    Nevertheless, with this last picture, it is time to finally let her and the whole story rest in peace.

  24. Ellie says:

    Her sins??? She was only selected by Prince Charles and his then girlfriend Camilla because Camilla wasn't “good enough”… perhaps if the English Royals had listened to their son's heart, then he would have been married to his true love, Camilla, instead of the grand show and fakeness that was his marriage to Diana. She was an exemplary soul, a light amongst the darkness, a charitable and deep, yet sad angel… it's not her fault she gave her heart completely to a douchebag! Charles it to blame for this sweet woman's death, from day one when he went to seduce and marry her. I do love their progeny… but, Diana should have been left to her simple, romantic, and probably much LONGER life… and Charles should have bucked up sooner… damn him for waiting until a sweet woman was dead to do his natural bidding… he should have married Camilla from the “get go”…

  25. Jess says:

    Hey Rafiqui, how can you be so rude and mean talking of Lady Diana who is the queen of hearts. She did great works which even you would nt have think of doing.. look at her every picture to know how wonderful mother and wife she was… her feelings are depicted in her every pictures… She is an angel who was sent by God to help poor and downtrodden, the great friend of Mother Teresa… I just adore these 2 ladies..
    People, if you really adore Lady Diana and Mother Teresa, let us also try to help the needy and poor , downtroden who are in search of love…
    Mother Teresa said ” the world is dying for the hunger of love”… and she is always true..
    These were the 2 great ladies whom we call as ” living saint” and “the queen of hearts” tried to share the love of God to the world…

    Let their soul rest in peace… I love these two great women.. They did nt show the world their pain even though they were suffering so much… Its the true love to one another…
    Rafiqui, we are none to judge here,… and if we do that we dont have time to love people … so learn to understand the reality than talking bad about others…
    Before we pass comments on people its good to analyse ourselves that how good we are…
    Hey Diana, u r simply marvollous who taught us to love people and think they are just like us.. U r a wonderful woman who is filled with all good qualities ,… U r simply beautiful externally as well as internally…

  26. Joseph Cohen says:

    Rafiki Kwaku do you not respect the womans womb who gave birth to you?? under every mothers feet is Heaven.your narrow minded comment didint anger me but made me realise that you live in a land lies where the one eyed man will be king.Diana was murdered,i have my suspicions and firmly believe that Freemasons as high as Prince Phillip carried out the orders. Freemasons are against muslims and thier satanic rituals fimrly disagree with the islamic religion.Diana(god rest her soul)did what she did in her PRIVATE life,she was the diamond of the worlds population and a threat to Masonry.Masons came this far and would stop at nothing to acopmlish their goals.Do you honestly think The False mesiahs (DAJJAL) followers would allow the future kings mother to wed or have a baby to a muslim? Diana(god rest her soul) was subjected to hell on earthby masons and was the BIGGEST threat to the heads of freemasons the Queen,prince phillip and the masons who first escaped france and bought masonry to the uk in the times if WILLIAM WALLACE. So yes i belive France and Uk masonic organistion killed Diana.

  27. KOKA PARAMORE says:


  28. Rafiki Kwaku says:

    This filthy ***** deserved to die. I hope she is rotting in Hell for her sins against God and The Queen.

    Rafiki Kwaku

  29. ME says:

    HE TIME HAS COME TO PUT A FINAL FACE TO THE KILLERS THAT TOOK OUR PRINCESS AWAY..(power and money keeps them safe) Temporary! SHAME ON YOU CAMILLA (you will never fit in, she was way to HIGH above you) on judgement day and from this day forward I am sure you will be tormented by her memory. How dare you to try to walk in her path ..people hate you and call you names(you will always be the other woman(cheater)(mistress of sin). Hope her children spit in your face everytime they see you, as per Charles he lost all credibility and integrity he had the day he married YOU..burn in the endless pit on hell

  30. Benny says:

    Get a life you morons. She put her pants on one leg at a time, had diarrhea, farted and burped like all of us.

  31. doom says:

    She was a public figure in and in death – get over it

  32. bubble says:


    • Durff says:

      You sick ******!
      Take an EKG tgo see if you have any BRAINS!
      I doubt it!
      SICK ****!
      I’de like to burst your bubble with a baseball-bat!

  33. anton wijaya says:

    did we.v look “inside” our heart. Why?She always in our heart.

  34. london says:

    It is wrong to invade the privacy

  35. koka paramore says:

    shaon that is the truth what you said.iread it about you being a angel and iwish to the good lord you were there. imiss her so much. i worry about those boys too.god bless you in what you said and god bless hrh.prince william and hrh prince harry.

  36. ShARON says:

    Someone asked how she died. I read where she died from an artery in her chest being torn. Her chest hit the back seat hard and tore her up inside. One of the arteries were severed. American doctors have said she could have been saved it gotten to a hospital quicker. Put her in surgery fast and repair the artery….But it took so long for her to get to the hospital. I never understood that. However judging from her injuries, the American doctors said she could have been saved. She was battered and bruised but the main injury was the artery inher chest when her body slammed against the back seat. Yes, a seatbelt would have saved her. She would have had broken bones but would probably have made it. I wish I go back and be an angel that night and never let her get in that car and if not….have her buckle up her seat belt, tell her to hold on and that’ it’s going to be bad, but you’ll make it. This whole thing is just so sad. It’s heartbreaking., I miss her and i can’t imagine how her dear sons must feel. God bless her!

    • Raquib says:

      I wish the same evryday.i wish god had given me the chance to alter history.nd uve written wel brothr.

  37. Mike says:

    Who cares. Get a life people, sheesh.

  38. koka paramore says:

    emma we dont know if she was pregnant or not only the princess and god.i am a loyal and investigative person.i dont read those trash papers but i get my info frm someone in royalty that know all.she was not pregnant by that arab who i did not like!!she had no intention of marrying him. just his stupid bald headed dad said it.the queen will not let the old man be british and it made him very angry.he will say any thing.i hate arabs too. dont let them in our countries.

    • Durff says:

      What the hell is this ****?
      You ******* SEXUAL PERVERT.
      Life in jail for sikcos like you!
      Yank *****!

  39. […] The most remarkable pictures of the Diana crash Princess Diana Post-Crash Photo […]

  40. bang says:

    3ciVhO good photo

    • Durff says:

      Hi ******* -SICKO PERVERT!
      If you have the cash youcan get anything you want.
      Too bad you wre not there , thenm you could have taken hundreds of p-ics!

  41. koka paramore says:


  42. Wilma says:

    Harmony, yes he was an Arab! I have seem first hand what the Muslum (spelling?) can do and how they act to a child being born. They are pretty much in their own world and expect there child to be a Muslum regardless of the mother’s feeling about religion. The people who drove the planes into the World Trade Center were of Muslum religion and prayed to Mohammed doing this act in his name. Do you want the next king of england having a half brother like this and listening to his rubbish. I have no tolerance for these people. Yes, I’m prejudice! But tell me. who is reading this and does not have ill feelings toward someone who believes something they do not. Yes, the Muslums suck and should not be allowed to practice their religion outside of their own country. America should throw them all out, but that is my opinion. Let’s see how many agree with me.

    • Madiha Khan says:

      Dear Wilma

      True Spellings are MUSLIM. And you don’t have any right to talk about all MUSLIM community so rediculously based on 1 person.

      You are not aware of the diginity of a MUSLIM blessed by ALLAH,
      ALLAH in Quran says; “They (non-muslims) are deaf n dumb, let them do what they do”

      I don’t say that all MUSLIMS are equal in their deeds. but you are not allowed to say these words for whole MUSLIM commmunity that “not let them practice their religion out of their on country”

      Diana’s death was not a religious issue, so don’t let it draw towards this. We want peace and calm all around us.

      We are MUSLIMS, we are soft in nature, but if any one attacks our religion, we know our defend very well.

  43. Wilma says:

    If you don’t like looking at the pictures, don’t look. It is in everyone’s curiousity to look. What about every bottleneck on every throuhfare. Just because it was Diana does not leave her off limits to the rest of the world. I have had to look at bad things concerning my family and had to either look on and accept or look away and remember. Tell her boys not to look. Just because the rest of the world wants to actually see what happened and not some fantasy of another fairtaly tried to stuff down own our throats. I’, sorry, but she was a person, just like the rest of the world. Do you see her falling for the guy down the street who might actually be going on welfare next week. No, she picked someone who could keep her in the style she was living in. Let me tell you, that was not inocent. That was deliberate. So think about it, would she fall for you? Would she be your friend? Maybe your friend, but would she marry you if you were a pauper? WOULD SHE?

  44. Matt says:

    Diana, on the back right seat, was only slightly injured and that in fact she was murdered AFTER the crash, that TV documentary also includes the testimony of french doctor Frederic Mailliez, who arrived by chance to the scene before the murderers supposed to finish the job. Dr. Mailliez started to treat Diana the best he could. He supplied Princess Diana with oxygen, before the “emergency rescuers” got her in the ambulance. He states that Diana was under shock, but had no visible injuries.

    In 2004 the illuminati staged the publishing for the first and only time of one of the photos of Diana in the car. This took place in an italian magazine, for a restricted audience.
    One of the reasons to allow it in Italy in 2004 was to give serial liar and mass murderer “Tony” Blair and the rest of the illuminati media the opportunity to play the “respect for human life” role, screaming about how “shocked” the photos of a “horribly injured, dying Diana” were … while the photos showed no injuries. The “cry foul” mind control technique (

  45. Khan..Ehsan Khan says:

    Have seen many pics of diana as ws this..God exactly know what may happened..but i can not express my feeling..she was great..she would have made some noble acts..which God may have accepted & be happy of her….i feel grief & sorrow whenever i remember er..do u too ????
    i dont know what may be reason..but my heart went into sad thoughts….I belive she would certainly be loved by God…May Allah rest the soul..Diana i remeber u..I remeber u….i have not forgotten u ..i will not forget u till my last breath..

  46. Julianne says:

    I see absolutely nothing outrageously shocking or unusual about Princess Diana’s post-crash. It’s black and white for starters, is a side-view and quite dark, it also shows the paramedic just preparing to put the oxygen mask over Diana’s face. You can see her eyes are closed and her face is scratched up from the force of the collision. There is nothing strange about any of that. You can’t see anything from her jawline down. It is more than most unfortunate that Diana and Dodi were not wearing their seatbelts, unbelievably unthinking in their haste to get away. I have always supported the theory that Diana had been set up to die because nothing else made any sense. A car accident is never a simple accident anywhere, there are always factors that lead up to the incident whatever they may be. I have recorded everything possible on Diana since the beginning, it’s quite a library. The movie on Diana’s murder was an excellent piece and one I am happy to add to my collection. The Royal family will answer to God for what they did, as He keeps track of all things, indeed I believe they began to suffer the moment she actually died. The deep, black circles around Prince Philip’s eyes would indicate that he has a severe heart condition and the Queen. well, she has eyes of pure evil. The Princess was a darling and will forever live on in the hearts of all those that adored her forever, globally. No ten-year anniversary or October’s inquest will ever end her memory. God bless William and Harry, may they live long and be happy but may Harry also accept the truth that he doesn’t want to believe right now. The truth will come completely out and the finger will be pointed.

  47. Copie says:

    Could some one please help me.
    I am looking for an email address for the Princess Diana Memorial to enable me to send a tasteful sympathy Blessing from God certificate from the website www.godsblessingsforyou.com
    These blessings from God are appreciated by all who receive them and they support various charities.

    Diana supporter

  48. Ninon says:

    The man wich help(ed?) here did’nt know that she was hurt INNSIDE the body, and not OUTSIDE. The man and the paparazizz did’nt know that. I’m sure the paparazizz would’nt take pictures of here if they knew that. Sorry bad englidh, I’m from Norway :P

  49. AngeLoner says:

    How could they print this photo. Because of money hungry people that what to make a buck. Their money will be spent, but the picture goes on.
    R.I.P. Princess Diana

  50. dj mel says:

    Diana was a normal person like you and me, had affairs and so forth and was guilty most of her life. She lived after the divorce helping AIDS infected people for distraction. Sure her children will not be happy about the pictures, but people are dying everyday and there are many AIDS orphans who see their dead parents everyday in Africa. Harry and William shouldn’t be any different. She lived in publicity so she shall die in it too. She was an “angel” to some people, but dont forget she had countless affairs and died very young.

  51. martina says:

    i know im sick bugger

    • Durff says:

      You’re a REAL ******* SICK BUGGER!
      YOU *****!
      You need to be put away for the rest of your usless ******* LIFE!

  52. martina says:

    got any more pictures?

    • Durff says:

      I’d like to see a picture of you dead!
      But then you’d like that wouldn’t you, you sick FUCKESS!

  53. Naomi says:

    Diana died because she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. Period.

    Her bodyguard survived and he was sitting in the front. Why did he survive? Because he was wearing a seatbelt.

    The best lesson the world can take from this tragedy is that everyone should wear a seatbelt–princess or not.

    As to why she wasn’t taken immediately to the hospital–French ambulances, unlike those in the US, carry an ER physician onboard whose job is to stablize the injured before transportation back to the hospital. US ambulances only carry EMTs who can only “scoop and scoot”.

  54. sophiya says:

    She was murdered? What for? What could she have done? She was divorced. Do you think the British people would have sided with her and Muslim Dodi Fayed to overthrow the monarchy? Stupid. As it is people found her behaviour bizarre with all those blank phone calls to Oliver Hoare and going out to meet Hasnat Khan clad only in a fur coat. Not to mention posing and teasing photographers in France clad in a swimsuit and telling them to ‘be surprised with the next thing she did”. She LOVED being in the the papers.

    This is not to say she was a bad person. She did a lot for causes even if it was just as a figure head who held hands and made speeches. She knew how celebrity obsessed people were and how she could highlight causes just by her mere presence. And she was so unhappy in her marriage. She could never get over the fact that her husband preferred the older and uglier woman over her. And her mistake was that she spent her time trying to ‘get even’. Her romping all over the place with Dodi was an act of trying to ‘get even’. I think when Rhys Jones sitting in FRONT could survive she and Dodi sitting in the back could have survived easily had they been wearing a seat belt. After all the back part of the car is not crushed like the front. If only she had thought of her sons all the time and been more careful with her life.

    And Mohammad Al fayed is paying his way left, right and centre to make it seem like they were ‘murdered’. Going so far as to say the two were going to get married and she was pregnant with Dodis baby! How dare he?And now it looks like he is paying some firefighter to say Andanson had a bullet through uis head when he was found in the countryside dead.

    At least William and Harry seem to have gotten over it and are nice normal kids, or at least they seem to be.

    She’s beautiful in the picture which is how her fans would want to remember her.

  55. sue baker says:

    Diana every time i hear that name or see her on the front of a magazine ,or on the tv screen,i still feel a grat sadness,she was hounded & not allowed 2 have any peace,they just couldnt leave her alone&now she is gone&this country will never be the same,she burnt 2 bright 4 this world& from a personal level i feel my perception of my surrondings is alittle darker-im not not ashamed 2 say i miss see-ing a new image of her on the news from attending one of her sacred charities& i guess i just miss her!She wasnt perfect,she had flaws BUT who doesnt?2 me she was a kind beautiful heart who just wanted some honest love in her life,like us all-thats why she was the queen of peoples hearts&just like the rest uf us.this photo gives me comfort 2 think she didnt die suffering thankux

  56. min says:

    let her rest in peace for the sake of her 2 son’s.
    and as 1 person said why did it take the best part of 2 hours to get 3.5 miles of a ambulance ride ???????
    just think of the pain she went through cos the papparazzi were been silly idiots the ambulance crew should have taken the young princess strait to the hospitalinstead of taking a detour!!!!

  57. johnny says:

    The night she died Princess Diana was en route to hospital (and thus access to intensive care treatment that would have saved her life) for a whopping two hours! The hospital was a mere 3.25 miles away!

    It Takes The Average Person 1 Hour To Walk A Distance Of 5 Miles!
    3.25 miles…do you know how short that distance is?

    It takes the average person 1 hour at a leisurely pace to walk a distance of 5 miles. Yet here we have the authorities taking their sweet-ole-time to get the critically injured mother of the future King of England to a hospital that was a mere 3.25 miles away.

    And as if that wasn’t enough would you believe that the ambulance carrying Princess Diana bypassed a couple or so nearer hospitals to get to the one in which she eventually died. The final bizarre straw to the perplexing events of that tragic night of August 31, 1997 was how when the ambulance FINALLY got to the hospital IT STOPPED FOR ANOTHER 10 MINUTES OUTSIDE THE HOSPITAL GATES!

    One can only wonder what in heavens name were they doing in that ambulance?

    Were they literally allowing Princess Diana to hemorrhage (bleed) to death? After all that was the official explanation for her death: that Princess Diana died from massive internal bleeding!

    In fact the usual case is to chopper (take by helicopter) a person of Princess Diana’s status immediately to hospital. Diana was not even taken to the best equipped hospital that VIPs are normally rushed to in Paris and that particular hospital was less than five minutes away by helicopter and less than 20 minutes away by car; don’t forget it took them 2 hours to eventually get her to hospital.

    • Token says:

      Pretty hard to land a helicopter in a tunnel, or in the street outside a Parisien hospital. When the patient is in trauma, sometimes they have to be stabilised before they can be moved. For example in vehicle accidents, a spinal injury is assumed, and victims must be moved with great care and certainty. More damage can be done with haste in many cases. The sad fact is, that even in modern times people can suffer fatal injuries, though it can take them several hours to die. This is common in head and internal organ damage.

    • Durff says:

      Incompetent FROGS!

  58. Stu says:

    She was murdered , the papperazzi have no shame and are really sick individuals taking pictures of people dying and recieving oxygen they should all have been arrested. Anyone of those people could have been mi6,if the driver was really drunk why didn’t they crash earlier why in that tunnel.

  59. Robyn says:

    Although the photo does not show graphic details, would you want a photo of your mother or loved one in this position published for the world to see and devour like a pack of hungry wolves.
    Whilist we all miss the world’s greatest 20th century icon in our own personal way, Diana was foremost a loving and devoted mother, a daughter, a sister, and her family should have the choice to grieve and mourne for her in their own privacy without the world demanding and feeding upon the last moments of her tragically short life.
    After 10 very long years for her family, it is now time to finally let her Rest In Peace.


    PS: I have been an avid Princess Diana fan since 1980 and will always remain a devoted fan but the time has come to let her go.

  60. Stefanie says:

    The photo isn’t bad at all. It just looks like she is sleeping. I really don’t think it looks like her at all. The nose isn’t the right shape from the side.
    No evidence of blood either. It shows she did not suffer – at least from that photo.

  61. Harmony says:

    It’s a pity how the Princess died,but I fail to understand the prejudice of some certain above.
    To them she’s a ‘****’, ‘Arab-shagging’,’whoring’ blah blah. Could this opinion be because she’s a woman (cos we knew the Prince was doing same with Camilla at that time) or because the other man she was with and died with was an Arab?

  62. Me says:

    This is my mummy… Stop please… Stop… I just still remember her warning hugs… Stop… Let her go away… Thanks… P.W.

  63. whaley says:

    please let this beautiful mother and princess rest in peace………………..

  64. opp says:

    anyone know if there are any more pictures out there??

  65. kelly stewart says:

    i find it amazing that all of these people can criticize the publishing of the photo yet obviously came to take a look.

    be honest with yourselves, people.

    and is it not comforting in some way that her beauty was not taken from her in the end? was that not comforting to her children~that they were able to view their mother as she was (for some this is important) and not some gory mess. but their mother as they knew her…and say goodbye?

  66. klaatu says:

    I cant figure out how someone so smart and successful would be riding without something so simple as a seatbelt…god!!! so frustrating to me.

  67. Mary says:

    After airing their dirty laundry before the whole freakin’ world (pre-divorce) and playing the media like violins during life, I don’t see how this is such a gross violation of anyone’s memory or dignity. I don’t care one way or another. I adored Princess Diana, but she learned to use the media in her personal wars and so it seems only natural, if not fair, that such a photo winds up being aired for money. That’s life, Move on.

  68. natasha says:

    well after the documentary which i watched last night and have finally seen the picture i dont understand all the fuss,there were photos of jfk with half his head blown off which were shown all over the world as said previously she just looks asleep no one willl ever know the truth no matter how many trials or new books or documentarys resurface we will never ever know which is why we are curious to understand all the unanswered questions that she would of wanted us to ask,if something is not right speak out! thats what diana was about. she spoke out and look what happened

  69. adrian says:

    I think it is very sad to have pictures like this to be used as a commercial target

  70. Free Vanunu says:

    Getting Diana out of the way was an essential preparatory measure that had to be taken before the Zionists pulled the 9-11 stunt.

    Had Diana been alive in late 2001 – and tuned into a network of well-informed, powerful Arabs, she could have become one of the early 9-11 Truth Movement supporters, with the profile to carry the story into ordinary living rooms as early as 2002 – helping pre-empt the illegal invasion of Iraq.

    The more time goes by, this smells like yet another Zionist murder as they pursue their obscene (and ultimately unsuccessful) push towards a world in which they aim to occupy a supremacist position,

  71. ady says:

    sick…. would you like your mothers pictures dead……n mi5 murd
    ered er

  72. jat says:

    i agree that it is sad that the photo was published and for obvious press attention and financial benefits. However, i don’t think that there’s anything wrong with it, in reference to the post speculation that has occured since her death.
    i think one of the reasons that the media keep hampering on about the incident and the subsequent conspiracy theories that keep being aired is due to the lack of closure that people feel since her death.
    Had President Kennedy’s assasination video not been shown and banned, then there would be so much speculation and interest, more-so than there already is.
    Had they shown Diana’s photo earlier, people would have left her name in peace as she so well deserves, and the amount of television coverage of her death would not be going strong almost 10 years after the crash.
    Diana was a people’s princess and a public figure, and where i agree that a dying women in her last moments should not be shown in such a way, i disagree with the tasteful synopsis’ i have read above disagreeing with it. Had this photo been shown alongside all the other’, then people would have been desensitised to it, and there would not have been this forum in the first place.
    Let’s not forget that those participating in this forum are as guilty of giving Diana’s death more attention as the publisher, and unfortunately that includes myself…………..

  73. Judy says:

    It is sad to see this photo, but in a way it does bring some relief. At least she looks at peace in her final moments.
    People should not be shocked that this photo is now, 10 years later, made public. We have been pouring over the brutal photo of President Kennedy’s head exploding from the impact of a bullet for over 40 years…..and the photo of his brother in a pool of blood as he lay dying.

  74. David says:

    It was the butler

  75. Bartok says:

    When I did my snr first aid course a few years ago the lady was a friend of a Gentleman who does first aid around the world. He was training in Paris the night that Princess Diana died. We were told that she died of blood loss. She bled out. So someone can die without any visible injuries, but internally it can take no time at all. It doesn’t matter how she died anymore because she is gone. A very big and sad loss.

  76. shockeddowntomyknickers says:

    I am amazed, shocked, sad and feeling hopeless. Yes the Diana hoopla is thought provoking to a certain extent but what is going on with our education system? Is anyone concerned about the fact that people cannot write correctly and cannot spell? Is anyone stunned by the quality of writing that is represented by these posts? Clearly the writers are not, but I certainly hope that if educators happen to view this sample, they will focus on it, rather than the implications of a photo that depicts little of import, other than prurient interest.

  77. Robb says:

    It is paramountly important that these types of photos be shown so that the viewer can understand the events taking place as they actually occurred. In recent times, there has been a concerted effort to sanitize the cruel events of life. I recall that when J. Ross Baughman’s photos of soldier-inflicted cruelty on black Africans were published, they were integral to the outrage that ultimately gave rights to millions. What would the world be like if we could see hundred of dead US soldiers, thousands of dead Iraqis, and millions of dead Africans? Would we be prodded into actions that could change the world? Since not being shown such images have done llittle to change things, it begs the question of the effectiveness of such sanitation. CNN and other networks put cameras and precious news time on Paris Hilton and other wastes of time, while ignoring the plight of millions of suffering people who anonymously struggle, hurt, and die each day. How many people could be saved or comforted if we could only see with our eyes their horrific lives and deaths?

    If the outrage felt and expressed by the people viewing this photo was placed into more useful venues, such as actually turning off the computer and helping others, then you can take the “bad picture” and create something good from it. THAT would honor Diana far, far more than any amount of sophomoric shouting.

    A few days ago in my town, two students attended several parties, were driving home, crashed and were burned alive. As cruel as it might sound, if people could see the graphic results of an attempt to have alcohol-based fun, those consequences extended even to royalty, it might help make a difference. If “Dying Diana” photos could save a single life, then the publication would have been worth an pain and suffering caused to any person, who — interestingly enough — does not actually have to view the images.

  78. serena says:

    once again you_suck…what did you come on here for????

  79. you_suck says:

    I cant believe that you guys can leave atleast the dead alone. Let the dead rest.

  80. Lois Sabedra says:

    Was Diana wearing her seat belt? I wonder if she did have it on, then unbuckled it in a panic, maybe trying to stop the driver from speeding or something.

  81. CCM says:

    The photos should be shown.
    To show that if you don’t wear a seatbelt, even in the backseat, you are probably not going to survive.
    A ruptuered Aorta is very hard to survive. Although I think they took too long to get her to a hospital, most people do not survive a ruptured Aorta.

  82. serena says:

    sorry CIKS but what was you on here for???? I deal with bearvement everyday which is sad your right. But what did you come on here for.

  83. Ciks says:

    You people are so sad …

  84. serena says:

    well, what can you say.there will be more hits on here because people are wanting to know …even the people who adored her.It does sadden me that this was the last picture you would of seen of such a wonderful lady.But i know that i wouldnt for the life of me to be the last picture of my mother, so hands up who would.I bet theres more pictures out there that will be published when this one is shown on tv, even if her face is blacked out.And as for the people who have commented about “well i think she was murdered and she looks fine to me” ,believe you me you would not even want to see the out come of a crash.Im a funeral director andits not a nice sight.
    Why do you think laws are put into place.WEAR SEATBELTS:DONT DRINK AND DRIVE.BECAUSE LOOK AT THE ABOVE PICTURE!!!!!!!!

  85. j gosling says:

    Diana was a wonderful person who worked tirelessly to help others even while she was tortured in her privet life she never showed it in her work, she never let it get in the way.
    she was a nineteen year old nursery nurse , she had no experience of men . she was shy and innocent .then comes along a man far older then she and with a lot more experience and sweeps her off her feet, being young and naive she doesn’t know any better .
    this man was already seeing a married woman “contrary to what we were told Charles resumed his affair with Camilla Parker bowls in 1979 while her husband was away on tour of duty this is well documented in books”he never ended that affair. he even introduced this young girl to his mistress with the pretence she the mistress was just a freind .
    this young girl in all her innocence was taken in by this man and his promises .
    is all this young beautiful woman is guilty of is standing up for herself the same as you or i would if it was our husband/marriage.
    just because her husband was a prince did not give him the right to do what he wanted and hurt who he wanted to .being a prince is not an excuse.
    this young lady also had children . she sat with them played with them and brought them up while daddy was away in bed with his mistress.
    is this excusable? do you blame her for this?
    in the end she had had enough she wasnt to be fooled any more so did something about it. she told the world what a cheating husband she had .
    her husband for his part not only lied and fooled this young lady he lied and fooled the world. he stood in front of hundreds of millions of people one of them being God and lied while his mistress looked on .
    and now Diana has gone .
    i blame Charles as had he never have took this young girl and used her then discarded her for his mistress then she would never have been with Dodi in Paris in the first place.
    and believe me if Diana was murdered which i believe she was then she wont be resting in peace she will not rest until those responsible have been brought to justice.
    i Dare any woman on this board to tell me that they would in all honesty sit back and let their husbands sleep with a mistress and say nothing because he thinks its OK to do so.
    God Bless HRH Diana the princess of wales ***

  86. tori says:

    I can’t believe that some of you jerks came on this website and said those terrible things about that wonderful woman. She should be treated a lot better. She didn’t have to go and participate in the red-cross program. She did that because of her love for people and to think that so of you mean people are coming on here and insulting her is just wrong. How would you like it if we did that to you. Oh well it’s just one person nobody is gonna care in a couple of years anyway.Even if she weren’t famous and royal she dedicated her life to helping people and that should be enough to make her the most looked-up to person that ever lived. Maybe some of you don’t care but the least you can do is show a little respect. Just let everybody else remember her as they wish. You may not like her ,but some people look at her as a mother of two, a humanitarian, wife, and just a good hearted person. So just back off and let her rest in peace.

  87. karen Alexander says:

    There are peices of truth in all of us. If we all in turn share what we know to be true the truth about situations will come out. I believe there are many that know more about that fateful day but they neglect to tell because it will shed light on thier own sordid lives. Diana was public, very forward and very trusting of those around her and those she loved. Unfortunately they were not the same way towards her because she demanded the same and it was not within them to be like she was. I do believe Henri Paul was drunk and his state of soberness was a major contributor to the accident. When the poweres that be reveal the woman on earth that was Gods chosen woman to carry her in death all that needs to be revealed will be.
    Interesting to think of that there is a woman in earth that is like her.

  88. michele says:

    she was nice im nice are you nice i like pie did she like pie

  89. Andrew Webster says:

    What no brains…

  90. Kathy says:

    Every one of you who are indignant that this photo was published got on this website to look at it. Curiosity is in all of us. I admired and loved Princess Diana and was very saddened by her death. I hope that she is resting in peace.

  91. lisa says:

    i loved princess diana, she did more for the royal family then anyone else ever has, put two fingers up to them at times, for gods sake she brought them up to date, wasnt scared to hug her sons in public and show affection thats why people loved her. remember all them years ago the queen coming back from six month tour and a little prince charles waiting to see his mammy, he got a shake of the hand! skip back to a few years ago diana getting on the royal yaught brittania william and harry running up to her and her lifting them up hugging them says it all! just a pity she married charles, not man enough to admit he was in love with someone else the mammys boy whimp, cant be arsed with him or his horse of a wife. jusg glad to see wills and harry are not living in the ages and seem to have their mothers ways, for instance william at a bingo hall not long ago and him signing books for the old grannies! charlie farlie would have said oh no against protocol, pity it wasnt against his protocol to use someone to get an heir, whilst still shagging someone else the two faced hypocrite, him and andy pandy and edward! leeches the lot of them all jealous of the attention and love diana got deservedly from the public, you would never get that sort of turn out for any of them and they know it! r i p diana your worth a hundred of them lot!

  92. Madgurl23 says:

    I think that this is a discrace. no one should be putting pictures of a dead princess let alone Princess Diana on the internet. she should have been wearing her seat belt but if someone like her body guard, whose purpose is to protect her, would have realized that the driver was drunk this wouldnt have happend in the first place. but again NO ONE shoud put pictures of a dead princess on the internet, it is very disrespectful and wrong.

  93. western aust says:

    I bleive that it may not have been the best thing to do in printing the photo that will upset the family but we all wanted to look at it and get closure.
    It is true so many pictures are printed in everyday life, this is one of thouse the sad part of it is most of us respected and cherished the perosn in this picture.
    I will not say that I am sorry for comming to the site as we have all done this that have written here to look or not, to find or not to find.
    To the Princes I am trully sorry for your continuing loss and sorrow ,it is hard to keep seeing pictures of your Beautiful mother.
    I wish I were as lucky as you to see this and to get closure , please take it in a possitive way, you have so many more pictures to remember her by, this is just a small pebble in a big river.
    Not the best picture but it is not the worsed either as it shows little other than a wonderful person giving her a helping hand.
    My pictures are of the remains found that were published.That is hard to take.
    I think that it is mainly upsetting to all due to the fact that it was our Princess we were seeing.
    It is no good to take out anger on anyone of the poeple like Prince Charles and Camilla or anyone else that I have read here before me today as life is to short .
    The blame is only to the ones involved regardless of whom it was driving,not wearing sealt belts,taking photos etc.
    No one can make it right and no one can make it better.
    The pictures are there and so is the problem, it will only stop when we stop going to sites like this and when the news is stopped and the papers stop getting bought.
    We are all at fault as we like to know what goes on behind closed doors and what goes on in the world or there would be on words to say.
    We are the words as we like to chat and pas things on.
    We are all a part of life and thats how it works and this is how our Princess lived and worked.
    We will never forget her , god bless her and her family, and all others that come to this site take care and live life as you never know the future.

  94. Watering falls says:

    I belive that for us to belive that she really is dead, then this photo and others is a must for us all.
    I appologise to her family and relatives in saying this as I know it is upsetting.
    But as someone esle said for closure we needed to see that she really was in the car and the accident did include her.
    We have all wondered for so long about it.
    Only the family knows for sure and we Who were not there kept wondering what if.What if it is all for show to give her the peace that she needs to get on with her life without the paparatzi.
    I believe that we will all remember her for the lovely person that we saw on the TVand in Newspapers, not for the look of her at the end of her time.
    All the good ones die young, and that is how we will all remember her as the young pretty and loving Princess.
    Even with all her faults no one is without them and we all go on living as best we can.
    So I can believe with more hope that she is in a better place than being in the lime light all the time.
    Thankyou for that little bit of closure.

  95. luka says:


  96. luka says:

    Would a painting be more palatable?
    Say, one like jesus dying on the cross….
    or even a statue?
    Perhaps in 1000 years we will be worshipping photos, statues, paintings of ‘The Dying Diana’
    Lets get real.. We see images of dead and dying people on the T V news every day. But somehow it’s OK for THEIR deaths to be public. …..A tad hypocritical?

  97. deeley mcpherson says:

    viewing IS optional! no-one is twisting any arms here.! ……… I thought the photo was fine; i’m sure that there’ll be more to come. lets face it, she was public property – diana ‘played’ the press like a virtuoso in life. why not while (attractively) dying. she loved the publicity (albeit, only when SHE wanted it.)
    why is death and dying such a taboo subject for some people? it’s only part of life. it’s just a shame that the tabloid circus revolves around money: i bet chi paid a pretty price for THAT photo

  98. 6 when she married says:

    To above.
    There was a Dodi, a William, a Harry, two Pauls, a Phillip, a James, an Elton, a Mohammed, a Johnny and two Charles and a horse,
    but no Pete.

  99. Not a Fan says:

    You know what’s sickening? Not the people who published it — they were just doing their jobs. It’s the people who provided the ready market for them to exploit. For the love of Pete: she was a screwed-up publicity-seeking fool who died in a speeding drunk driving accident. The whole thing is fundamentally BORING!

  100. LINDAW says:

    I too was curious. I do not find the picture offensive. I have seen video for years of the assassination of John Kennedy and have not heard anyone say anything about the effects those videos might have on Caroline or John. I do not think this picture will have any more effect on Princess Diana’s children. We have access to more avenues of information now than ever. Also when you are a public figure, ( I don’t mean to be insensitive) but that seems to come with the territory. Whether we won’t to admit it or not, we won’t to see and hear all the information. I too was sadened by Diana’s death but was not shocked or offened by the picture.

  101. 6 when she married says:

    Princess Diana and everything to do with her life, was ,and still is profoundly depressing. She was a tortured lonely soul , from birth to death. Prince Charles should have hugged her abit more often. She would have settled for barefoot, pregnant, at the stove, if Prince Charles had actually ever wanted her. I don’t believe that he ever loved her, and her life amounted to a cow on a farm. And for an insecure awkward teenager with dreams of romance and true love, to discover her fate was unimaginably crushing and humiliating for her. She was worthless. But the Royal Family totally underestimated her ability to overcome feelings of worthlessness.
    I believe she was murdered. Of course she was. Just not in our lifetime. History of the future.
    I believe the real tragedy of her life was that the Universal popularity and adoration heaped on her only compounded her utter despair at being rejected so young and so beautiful by Prince Charles. She had a a very real and very human need for a Husband, her childrens Father. But of the millions that loved Diana, Prince Charles was not one.
    This photos publication and interest reflects catergorically how utterly worthless her life really was.Just an object of fantasy, kicks, and abuse.Perhaps this photo might remind people she was a real human being and the world saw photographs of her dying of a broken heart for years and that never bothered us .

  102. emily says:

    one of you said she looked fine in the picture. when she was taken to hospital she had a torn vein and had massive internal bleeding, but apart from that she was indeed “fine”. they closed her vein but suddenly her heart stopped. they could not get it starting again.

  103. Joe H. says:

    Sad but true…people are curious…just human nature I guess. I came here looking for this to see if these photos really exist and to see who had the balls to publish them.

  104. meswin says:

    Yes JoJo must be an investigative genius…I used to work at a sheriff’s department and we worked a fatality accident in which two women were killed. On first glance it looked like nothing was wrong with them, they looked fine. Turns out they died because their necks snapped on impact, but no outward signs of trauma were visible. Looks can be deceiving.

  105. leigh says:

    i don’t like the idea of the picture and i do think its sickening for people to go this far for money. yes, lady di did live in the public eye but this photo was published to the nation nearly 9 years later! what was the relivence of this photo being published so late on to the public eye!!! out of order!!! but yet you could also say im contradicting myself as is every 1 who has looked at the picture by looking for the picture!!
    discsted! may you lay peacefully our lady diana xxxx R.I.P

  106. Isabel_Canada says:

    First, I think the photographers who took the pictures were unaware of the seriousness of Diana’s injuries at the time and probably did not know she was going to die and took the pictures because that is what high-celeb photographers do, try to catch celebrities in any news-worthy positions -even if it is a disgusting practice. Second, as many of you mentioned, I do not find the photo indecent enough to raise such ire, she was still alive and being attended to. Diana is the only person in the world whose funeral could attract over 2.5 billion attendees/viewers (that’s almost half the planet), I think it would be most difficult to keep any part of her life private, as unfortunate as that is.
    Diana now lives in peace from the world that never left her alone and her burial place is most fitting in this regard.

  107. Sue says:


    I find the comments made by people who are outraged about this photo being published truly funny, because it appears that they ALSO viewed the photo. Does the word hypercrite come to mind?

  108. Dieona says:

    I find nothing offensive in this photo. We honor birth and one can find tons of photos on the internet showing birth. But don’t show someone close to death or dead. That we find repulsive or an invasion of privacy.

    There is nothing private about death. If anything, it is an invasion of privacy. Once you die, there are lots of people involved. To see a photo of someone dying is just as much a part of life as seeing a photo of someone dying.

    You may find it sad but there is no reason it should not be seen.

  109. Stephen says:

    There is no smoke without fire – Princess Diana feared for her life in the days leading up to the “accident” Could the sight of a gun have made the driver drive so fast? – We will never know, especially as the only survivor can remember NOTHING !!!
    It all stinks and even if the Princess was a gold digger she will be remembered for showing up the heir to Englands throne as a philanderer.
    The 2 boys should relinquish all prospect of continuing the dynasty as a mark of respect to their mother.

  110. Francesca says:

    Yes thanks for forcing me to see that awful feathery man cut again.

  111. Francesca says:

    Of course it’s sad to one’s family when someone dies-especially young and violently. But I never ever got the fascination with Diana in life or death esp. among Americans. I think King Phillip’s line in “The Queen” about the absurdity of people “sleeping on the streets and tearing their hair out over a stranger” was the only sanity surrounding this event.

  112. Angie Bertrude says:

    R.I.P you will always be remembered.
    No matter what picture or defamatory word is said against your name you were one of a kind; considerate, passionate and a caring mother to your children. You beauty and grace will always be remembered.

  113. Angela Bain says:

    What good will be done from publishing a photo of Diana, Princess of Wales some eight years after her death, its repulsive. Let us just remember her as we knew her and show some dignity. Let her rest in peace and give her son’s and her family the respect and privacy she so craved for during her lifetime they deserve.

  114. Kaitlyn says:

    I’m not pleased this sort of thing is published in any incident involving Media has been out of control for many years now.

    I’ve only read about half the entries here, but I didn’t see anyone mention the person that took the picture(s?). On one hand, that sort of thing might be useful to authorities in solving any particular case, but on the other hand, what the hell is someone doing standing around taking pix at such a horrible time?

    I hope to god I have the respect of privacy when I die.

  115. Nancy says:

    The camera’s and the film inside should never been returned. I wish someone had removed the film and destroyed it. No parent, child, close family friends should see any pictures of a family member whom was just taken a few seconds after the accident. I know this for a fact! I was in a car that was right behind my father who skid on a slick section of road. What I saw back then (in 1977), those images, smells, & sounds, I will never, ever forget. The lady was hounded for pictures nearly her whole life, I’m sure she would be horrified seeing thoses pictures now. Remember when she was exercising in a gym the owner had installed a camera to take pictures of her. She said at the time that she felt like she had been raped!!!
    As for the accident, if that same accident had happened here in the states she would still be alive. She would still have gotten hurt, yes, but she would be alive. Our EMT’s would have gotten her the the hospital sooner, then the internal injures would have been addressed sooner. I hope her dear boys, sisters and brother have not seen them. I wish there was someway they could legally do something to stop any further pictures from being published. Thoses pictures in Chi has opened the door for more crash photos to be seen sooner or later. I hope and pray it won’t. I just hope that both of her boys when they marry that their lives won’t be like their mother’s. I wish people would let her rest in peace.

  116. Miss Dantete says:

    I was curious to see the pic, and I am very disappointed, cos the pic is blurred. I believe the public should have a right to see her, as she, Diana, was a national treasure. May your soul rest in peace Diana, you fought when you were alive and you are still fighting in your grave, it could only mean one thing, you want justice done… I believe Princess Diana was murdered. May her soul is not in peace… xxxx

  117. Simple says:

    And then there are endless statues of the Jesus feller showing him dead and dying and spurting blood and it’s the wounds that some would fetish.
    Seems some people can’t get enough of the stuff.

  118. Kathy says:

    What’s the big deal about the pictures? I felt terrible, and even shed tears when Princess Diana died. But the fact is she’s dead, showing the pictures or not showing them will change nothing. Let’s face it, we’re all curious or we wouldn’t be at this site right now. And those of you that think it’s “appalling” should have exercised your right to not look at them. As for myself, after seeing the horror of 9-11 unfold, including people jumping 100+ stories to their death, nothing less will shock me. I also believe it’s only a matter of time before the “Steve Irwin” video leaks out, and I’m sure we’ll all be lining up to see it. I don’t know why people can’t just admit they’re curious, instead of sneaking a peek and then saying how “abhorent” it all is. As for me, I hope the media continues to report “everything”, as long as it’s done with diplomacy and respect. As for those of you who are “offended” and “appalled” at the realities of life, by all means exercise your right to click off.

  119. Michael says:

    Well what can i say, pretty uninteresting photo if you ask me, what i find interesting is that pictures of deceased people from war or car accidents, nameless people are published all the time in newspapers, if i owned a newspaper i would surely publish the photo, on the front page with out no regrets, i had a family member who was murdered a few years back and a photo and pictures of the murder scene were published in a local paper, so you tell me why i need to respect the image of someone ive never met yet newspapers can cash in on someones horrific memories but not others, to me thats the pot calling the kettle black. If we can see autopsy pictures of marilyn monroe and john kennedy etc, etc, then we as a society need to ask ourselves when do we stop.

  120. Sharon says:

    I guess I am just as bad as anyone else who wanted to view the photo. I won’t offer any apologies except to say it was a terrible loss to a lot of young girls who grew up in that era and actually believed such a life could happen to an ordinary (titled) girl. And somehow it still doesn’t seem believable. She was to me, a fairy tale and I hope that all who look at the photo, either out of morbid curiousity (as myself, I guess) could learn a valuable lesson from it. No matter who you are or what your station in life is and no matter how invincible that you believe yourself to be, sometimes all it takes to save your life is a simple click. In Princess Diania’s case, it was a seatbelt. Please be advised that the same could happen to you.

  121. Geo says:

    Princess Diana was dying in this photograph. The idea of printing something like that is absoloutly abhorrent. The media gave her no dignity or peace during her life, but at least when she was alive she could escape it.

    There she was in that photograph, helpless to get out of the way of the flashing flashing flashing of idiotic papparazi that highly were dependant on her dying just for a story.

    I do not believe this car crash was an accident. But it did kill her. She sustained major internal injuries and several cardiac arrests during her rescue.

  122. Neen says:

    I saw these photos of Princess Di in colour and there is head trauma, she is covered in blood! Howz about we all just let her RIP. Beautiful forever

  123. Teuta says:

    I still can’t understand those that are saying that was a acident.In this foto everyone will see that she was alive and “not for death” but you must read more about conspiracy to understand what are people able to do to “keep their name clear” and this I’m saying about the royal family. So its my opinion that The Queen of Hearts was murdered, and I’m really sorry about that lost.

  124. Astrokidd says:

    You know there is someone just dying to dig her up for one last shot. I can see it know. “Just one for ol times sake, eh Diana!?” So ironic this photo is with her last moment up to the very end she was chased, and photographed.Oops! I mean exploited! This photo was published simply to sell issues or subscriptions. These people did not care about her well being at all.The only question this photographer ever asked himself is, “Oh man! I wonder how much I can make on this?!” Very very sad indeed.

  125. Raspberryshoes says:

    Well I dunno wot all the fuss is about ..I had to search to find this dam pic and it wasnt easy..but Im glad I did ..it kinda laid my mind at ease and also bought back memories like where I was on the day…I dont think their disgusting or sickening..and the people who say so are very two faced.. if it offends you so then piss of and dont be so self righteous..after all you did come to this site to look just like the rest of us..seeing these pics for me bring me fond memories if you like of all the scandal Di bought into my life and we the public couldnt get enough of her..we wanted to know every dirty little secrete ..and then she died and we were remorseful at our own gossip mongering selves and felt genuine saddness for the treatment we gave her by way of buying the mags that told all her wicked stories thereby feeding the very paprazzi that eventually killed her …how sad.. and how empty are we without her.. I laid a few ghosts to rest seeing her death pic.. Im glad Chi published the pic..shoulda done back in 97

  126. soiz says:

    jo-jo, are you a hillbilly that got abducted by aliens some time ago?

  127. skwisgaar Skwigelf says:

    she died from massive trauma caused by instantaneous deceleration… in other words she met the back seat of that well built merc with about 100+ mph of force… maybe her face wasnt completely crushed, but i’ve seen better photos and there is blood coming from her eye as if she were crying. even if she was alive, her insides were all smashed and she wouldnt have lived long, like those people who survive being cut in half…sorry to be brutal, it is very sad

  128. […] In July this year a new photograph of Princess Diana was published for the world to see by Italian Chi editor Umberto Brindani. There was wide public condemnation of the publication but in his defence Brindani said “he had published the picture for the ‘very simple reason’ that it has never been seen before.” until i started writing this article tonight I hadn’t seen the photograph although I had obviously heard about its existence in the media for some years. She certainly looks peaceful in the photograph. […]

  129. earl spencer says:

    i miss her ,,,and the attention it generated for me,,,,,,,but still i have made a **** load of money from her death,,,,,,,,so life not all bad

  130. her majesty the queen says:

    quite right son ,,,,that tart had more pricks then a second hand dart board,,,,and the death of the muslim was a additional bonus to soceity,,,
    i would like to think that she sufferd a lot before death,,,,has she had caused soo much herself,,,,,,selfish ****

  131. prince charlie says:

    that white trash arab shagging ***** got what she deserved!

  132. Jazz says:

    Let’s lose the pedal stool. The mines she walked on had been checked and checked again and were perfectly safe. I as do many nurses touch people with aids every day. I am a full time mother – and would not have had the time to cavort on a yacht with my millionaire boyfriend or have a romantic weekend in Paris. Had this wonder woman been at home like most mothers she would be here now. And why all the false sentiment. We never saw the real manipulative her. I too lost a very close relative that day who was in her teens, would Di have given a **** about that !

  133. joan says:

    i think that if princess diana was laid out as princess grace was before her…mother theresa was also, and of course eva peron, we would have had emotional closure far sooner. Im not saying that out of morbid curiousity but i really believe (from experience) that when you truly see a person in their coffin, dead, you know there is no return and i think this would have made a huge difference to people to say goodbye properly. i felt she, and ourselves were cheated of this because she had no facial injuries and to me there was no reason why not.

  134. Jay Fox says:

    Oh for gods sake the picture isn’t graphic and let’s face it; it is a fact there was indeed and accident and people, including Diana, were killed. I get really weary of people telling others what they can and cannot do. If the pictures offend you then don’t look at them. The fact is nobody really cares if you are offended or not.

  135. Shery says:

    First, this photo is not graphic, or frankly shocking – was it appropriate to publish it after all this time? for the family; probably not – for the public? who knows, that comes down to personal opinion. HOWEVER, this picture does do several things, A) it shows she was still alive when it was taken – why give oxygen to a dead body? B) creates more questions than answers, & C) if the publishing of this pic creates enough curiosity, hopefully it will also cause someone somewhere to prove this was out and out murder! Beyond all above – this IS NOT the first time this pic has been made public – I vividly remember seeing it not long after she died.

  136. Kirstin says:

    The French have a completely different method of dealing with trauma. They attempt to stabilize the patient BEFORE transport to hospital. The American way is to get them to a Level One Trauma Center IMMEDIATELY via Ambulance, Chopper or any means possible. It is the reason so many more trauma victims survive in America–per capita–than in France. The French Emergency Response philosophy is what killed Diana. Had she crashed in the Holland Tunnel, she would have been at any one of several local NYC hospitals within minutes and might very well have survived. Everyone wants to sue the driver, the owner of the Ritz and so forth. The French Government and their arcaic rescue philosophy should be sued to the hilt. While there is no doubt the Crown was relieved when she died, it isn’t plausible they plotted her demise. Wallis Simpson was far more embarassing to the Crown and she was allowed to live out her days. The paparazzi gave chase, the drunk driver lost control, the passengers were not in seatbelts and the victims were not airlifted to hospital immediately. That is the only realistic explanation as to why they are dead. The rest is conjecture, conspiracy and ****.

  137. Kelly says:

    I’m actually glad to see this photo… there is another site I ran across with photos that were allegedly taken of all of the victims of Princess Diana’s crash… they were gory to the point of making me want to vomit. They showed a blond woman and a dark haired man in the back seat of a wrecked black car, but their faces were damaged beyond recognition. They also showed a picture of a man whose face was completely missing, except for his teeth, whom they claimed to be Henri Paul. However – the clothing on the man they identified as Dodi, did not match what he was wearing in the Ritz surveillance videos just moments before the crash. That, coupled with the fact that the pics were so upsetting and disturbing, made me feel I needed to do a search for the real photo to ease my own mind. Thank you for posting this. It is a comfort to see Diana looking so peaceful.

  138. BigMistake says:

    I can truthfully say I stumbled across Princess Di’s picture quite by accident. I thought this was the site where they were giving away free DVD players.

  139. Sydney says:

    1) Internal injuries are not visible unless the skin has been breached. Hence medical tests to check for intraabdominal bleeding, etc. Reportedly, Princess Diana was killed due to her aorta ripping free and causing massive internal bleeding – a common cause of death in high speed accidents. Literally, your body stops moving before your heart does, tearing your aorta.

    2) In the US, it would NEVER have taken that long to get her to a trauma center and into emergency surgery.

    3) It is unlikely that would have helped.

    4) Why was the bodyguard (the lone survivor) restrained but not the Princess and Dodi. How odd. Isn’t the bodyguard to look after them? Wouldn’t he or they have noticed the French drivers drunkenness and have been even MORE likely to make certain everyone was buckled, particularly amidst a high speed chase by the vulture photogs? To me, that is the most perplexing question of this case. Any normal person going that rate of speed would have certainly buckled themselves in, and any bodyguard worth his salt would have made certain of that fact and would have surely procured another driver if indeed the French driver was impaired.

    5) Although the photo is not that horrific to me – particularly in black and white as it is shown, I can see why the family would not want it shown to the world. My son and I were in a rollover once. Quite bad. We were both belted but even so, part of the front windshield came down into the compartment enough to cut my son’s head and forehead open, narrowly missing his eye and entailing to bouts of plastic surgery for him. If we hadn’t been belted we would have died. As it was, my arm was thrown out the windown during one rollover and I was lucky not to have had it torn off. The local paper ran the photo in two different editions after the accident and I was so angry that they used our private tragedy to tittilate others.

    I kept seeing the accident only imagining what would have happened had the roof caved into my son’s head an inch more. What if it had killed him. It didn’t but the photos in the paper just rubbed salt into our private pain. I had nightmares for months and it certainly didn’t help to see the pictures of the demolished auto in print. If there had been an actual photo of my son injured I’m fairly certain I would have killed someone…

  140. Debra says:

    I talked to Trevor Reese Jones myself and he did not wear a seat belt in the crash (hence the extensive facial injuries). Trevor was a body guard and they are not allowed to wear seat belts so they can take ‘evassive’ actions if need be. Its funny though he can remember he didnt wear his seat belt but he cant remember the other exact details of the crash that killed our precious Princess. All I can say is that it was the photogs that killed her. If they were never there that night, none of this would have ever happened. I mean think about it, Dodi changed the resturant plans from a nice place in the city, to the Ritz where he thought there would be more control. When he saw there were massive papparazos outside he decided to do the decoy car trick. I do not think Henri Paul was drunk. If he was as drunk as his blood count indicated, he wouldnt have even been standing, and Diana herself would have noticed it by talking to him at the back of the hotel before leaving. Henri Paul was then trying to outrun the photogs, and while speeding into the tunnel lost control of the car. One photo in the Chi magazine shows a photog had taken pictures whilst they were driving in the tunnel, therefore blinding him and I think whilst entering the tunnel at the high speed and the flash in his eyes caused him to lose it and the back of the car hit the tunnel wall causing the airbags to deploy, he could not see to steer the car and it crashed into the 13th pillar in the tunnel and spun right around. Diana was thrown to the back of TRJ seat and she tore her artory in her heart, this was what killed her. Had SHE wore her seat belt she may have survived. But I had read this Mercedes had been stolen and stripped, and the Ritz people put it back together and it was usable but had no belts. Thats just a story I heard I dont know if its true or not. I think the photos of Diana in the crash should have been published in 1997 when it happened. I think the world needed to see her to believe she was in this horrific crash that ended her life. I also think that Diana should have had an open casket at her funeral so we could see she was really there. Like Princess Grace Kelly. There was no harm in that and it should have been like that with Diana. Then maybe we all could have let her rest in peace by now. I think of Princess Diana every day. She was a beautiful fairy tale Princess who died very young, but she will live forever as Queen of Peoples Hearts.

  141. Julie says:

    Everyday I see the human race deterioate a little further this is just another example of how self destructive we all are.
    We should all feel shame as we all are guilty
    Poor “boredom has set in” is in total denial after all he has left a message.
    Most of the time my life is relevant. Im just adding my two pence worth!
    I am British and I love the monarchy and I loved watching Princess Diana and I cried when she died as she had become part of my life without me really even realising it.
    As for the monarchy costing the british taxpayers, they do actually bring in more revenue than they actually cost so “redstar” should get there facts right and as for not seeing what all the fuss was about, really and you call yourself British!
    Showing pics of anyone dying is tasteless and shameful, but alas that seems to be the society that we all live in and probably contribute to in small ways on a daily basis.
    So Im off now to hug my children and give love to who ever wants it.And tomorrow there will be more injustice.And on and on we go………………….

  142. Andriana says:

    Although I don’t know much about Princess Diana, I do think that the picture is offensive and tasteless, but I want to know why it was published to start off with?

  143. Boredom has set in says:

    Sweet baby moses and all the orphans!
    Tragic yes. Morbid yes. Move on. Enough already. She was in control of all her choices, so are all of you. Turn off your computers and go and do something relevant with your life.

  144. redstar1976 says:

    For the sake of accuracy, I’d like to point out that the British Royal Familiy haven’t actually called for a boycott of the Italian magazine. Prince William and Prince Harry simply issued a statement expressing their disappointment and saying that it hurts them deeply when pictures like this are published.

    Some members of the UK media have called for a boycott of the magazine, but frankly, the magazine isn’t widely read outside Italy anyway.

    Personally, I really can’t see why Princess Diana dying is any more of a tragedy than anyone else dying. Young mothers are killed in car crashes all over the world every day, but we don’t all start snivelling and crying over them. I’m English, and I can assure you that many of us couldn’t see what all the fuss was/is about.

    Yes, it’s sad that she was killed, but it’s sad when anyone is killed. She wasn’t a saint. She was a human being with just as many faults and flaws as the rest of us. She knew exactly what she was getting into when she decided to marry into a life of privilege and power. Both she and Charles had affairs. She did a lot of work for charity, certainly, but she could have achieved a lot more had she donated her vast fortune, spent largely on absurd luxuries, holidays, designer clothes, parties etc to charity instead of continuing to live an over-privileged, pampered existence provided BY US, the British taxpayer.

    I’m sure she was a kind and caring woman, but hey, so is my mum – and she’s had to work a lot harder and face a lot more challenges into the bargain. The very fact that we have a monarchy at all in the UK makes me sick, and obsessively idolising people like Princess Diana as if they are somehow different from the rest of us doesn’t help.

  145. Lou says:

    Unfortunately our whole human race is based on the premise that you can’t have good without bad. Therefore in pictures like these is that maybe we learn to appreciate the good in our lives just a little more. In these tragic moments in other’s lives is that we look inside and grow both emotionally and psychologically. We actually begin to understand the real pain of what her sons have gone through and the good fortune for those that have been spared such experiences. Yes she is a victim of circumstances but it is always ones choice the direction and decisions you make in your life whether good or bad

  146. Ann says:

    I’d also like to add, before the seatbelt not being fastened, before the crash, before she met Dodi, before her divorce from Charles, before the bolemia… The life she endured during her marriage to Charles who was loveless, insensitive and “controlliing”. Took a young beautiful woman who was full of life, happy, fun and turned her into a devestated, trapped, ignored, unloved, unwanted woman. Which led her to be victimized by paparazi, bolemia, being suicidal, trapped, into therapy, then devotion to her children, then realization, then maturity, then devotion to her charities, then finally a feeling of independence, then although it saddened her greatly.. seperation, divorce, then was FINALLY happy (with an Arab or not) then still running from paparazi but dealt with it, then car, then no seatbelt, then crash. It makes me wonder who was really at fault? Was it Diana (not wearing the seatbelt-really?) Don’t think so.. Was it the paparazzi, yes to an extent. I still can’t help blaming CHARLES.. he started it all. I should know, I too came out of a loveless marriage to a man much like he was.

  147. Ann says:

    I don’t know what brought me to want to see the picture.. some animalistic urge, I don’t know. I feel guilty now. I’ve read comments about the Pro’s and the Cons about the publication and understand to an extent why the public “needed” to see it, but I also understand how devestating it must’ve been to her sons. It’s the “duality” of human nature, the good side and the bad… The need to “know” and “see” overcomes our moral and civilized issues sometimes. It made me think about myself… and just how “civilized” we are and I’m not keeping myself out. We can look at a Princess dying in a car but ignore with indifference what we see on the news, or overlook a dead carcass of deer or bloody smears of wildlife hit by cars on the highway. I’m ashamed of myself.

  148. sparkneon says:

    Who gives a ****?

  149. Lou says:

    Would someone please tellme what is the difference of this photo and the hundreds that have been published about the Kennedy’s tragic history? As much as I do feel for her sons, the choice to visit a website or read a magazine that contains this photo is just as much theirs as it is ours. All you hypocrits that are criticizing this, why are you here looking to begin with.

  150. paul burell says:

    she was a great shag and she swallowed

  151. Eliza Doolittle says:

    She should have been wearing her seatbelt but more importantly, she shouldn’t have been running around with an Arab. Even a millionaire Arab. She was old enough to know better. She was defiling herself and she paid a high price, poor lady.

  152. beechers says:

    Why are we curious about this page as stated by previous . Try not looking at any tv, newspapers and internet for a week and see how you feel. Stay away from the media and world events. Remember you should be living life for yourself not for the problems around you.

  153. Gillian says:

    I must admit I totally agree with “”lisa plaza “”, we all came in here out of curiousity.

    As painful it is to Princes Willam & Harry, I see no harm in posting these pictures it, as mentioned before, shows her only from the chin up, Even this coloured one I can see to find this Oxegyn mask all the ppl talking about.

    She had always wanted to be a normal person like you and me so whats the harm in treating her death like other people’s?
    I just wonder where was this picture 9 Yrs ago?

  154. jean says:

    i think its not as clear cut as it looks to many lies have been told to let anyone believe it was anything but an accident but i can understand why people would be upset by the photos

  155. Jan says:

    The only thing that comes to mind is that if she had taken 3 seconds to secure her seat belt, this photo would have never existed. Period.

  156. MUHAMMAD ANEEQ says:

    Its really annoying for me (even after being a muslim) that some the above comments areagainst the fact there is some conspiracy behind that crash.
    Whether or not she died or was murdered the truth must be published.Why not uptil now that FIAt Uno not tracedand owner not taken into custody.Why was the french stopped for the further investigation?Why did not her family demanded the investiagtion but rather stopped it? when there are so many why’s and how’s than there is a fish in the pot to be explored.

  157. Ed says:

    It is a touching picture. The paramedic giving her oxygen is reaching out with his other hand as if to gently touch her head. If you like, it is a picture of someone famous for caring for others, being cared for herself in her last moments. I would think the picture could be reassuring.

  158. lavend says:

    I came to this site just to get more info about the pic,not knowing that there was a picture here,so i wish you real morbid seekers would stop with the bullshit of who came here for what reason…seatbelt not worn ya it’s true,who the hell wears one in that type of car,why was it neccessary
    because of the chase,with freakin morbid camera a_ _holes after you.I know some of you’s are really dissappointed with the picture,lack of gore,your vile and you’ll rot in hell!

  159. mimi says:

    Well…..I guess my feeling is you can post as many photos of the crash as you want, and this still won’t bring her back to life. I think society has trouble still reconciling with her death and I guess they want the last photo or the last words and all the gory details because they just cannot let go. The trouble is that the families need to let go and this can’t help them. Personallly I do not believe their was a conspiracy, honestly the answer is simple she did not wear her seat belt and associated herself with someone who liked to live on the edge and they took too big a risk. All this photo does is make me angry because it shows how she was alive, could have survived but people did not do their job properly. The message I have to these magazines is no amount of photos is going to bring her back.

  160. James says:

    Like so many others I was curious about the photo as many news publications criticized it’s printing. However, the photo is certainly bland and without blood and gore. Many publications described it as “a sleeping princess” which very much seems appropriate.

    As I went from site to site looking for the photo, I found many sites published other photos of Diana when she was alive. So even though I was looking for something entirely different, I was forced to remember Diana as she lived. I think of that as a positive.

  161. kevin says:

    Brad and Sharon,
    Some of us weren’t looking for the photo in the first place. There’s shock and anger that comes from the discovery of something that we didn’t know we were going to see, or want to see.

  162. Sharon says:

    Hey Brad,

    I totally agree with your comment! We ALL took the time to HAVE A LOOK, however morbid it is. This is the nature of mankind!

  163. Brad says:

    I find irony in your anger given the fact that you were intrigued enough to visit this site.

  164. Judy says:

    Oh and to you that said it was interesting, why don’t you go witness a real car crash (I am an EMT) or be in one preferably on the brink of death and see how interesting a photo such as this one you said was.l was in a serious accident, and had broken my spine in addition to my pelvis and even other bones. If I had a camera in my face, with every little strength I had I would have socked you squarely.I was lucky, I made it, and I take it personally the idiocy and sick interest in witnessing someones worst moment and possible their last. Shame on all that thought it “interesting”. Put yourself in her shoes, famous or not.

  165. Judy says:

    If you are the one that took that picture, ora pass this message along to the person responible. You are sick greedy *******. The poor woman suffered enough in the public scrutiny.Believe it or not there is a possibility to set up valid photo shoot whithout having to hound and harass people like Lady Diana. I can’t even phathom that ANYONE would go to this length for a reaction or in truth MONEY. I hope you rot in hell. There you will not have the chance to harass and defile the last moments of a kind, loving mother and fighter of world causes. She broke the barrier of reaching out to the needy, ironically just as you have broken the barrier of respecting the dead and her children. Greed is the only reason for such a publication. God bless her grace and her poor children that YOU have caused to relive such tragedy. Get a real and respectable life, if you can.
    You sick m&*%%r f^&*%r.

  166. kevin says:

    Here we all are, outraged at that publisher’s choice to publish a photo, while not gory at all, depicts the final moments of a woman who was so beloved by the world. And yet…..why are we not as outraged because of a blogger’s choice to publish the very same photo? It seems to me that perhaps we’ve all become slightly desensitized and of the mind that if “X” does it first, then that will make it okay. Well, it’s just not okay.

  167. lavend says:

    Well Richard you proved you have a serious mental disease,if anyone cheapened the Crown it was certainly Prince Charles with his “Camilla tampon affair”but this besides the main issue….No one deserves to die!
    Diana was not afraid to touch someone with Aids,or make the world aware of dangerous land mines still blowing off limbs of children.
    The picture should not be published.We must remember she has two sons,the hurt is on going,as with anyone who loses there Mother ,its not because she is famous that we react,anyone with an ounce of feeling reacts to pics of war also,its because she has a name, that we can contest this to,she died in a car crash not ina war,war affects the world
    these pics affect her two sons.
    well the mag got its publicity,unethically.

  168. Rchard says:

    She deserved to die. The plot was well conceived, and decently executed, until now. The Crown must be proected, and she cheapened it, with her self-absorption and her mental diseases. This is all that will unravel, however…so let’s move on.

  169. AB says:

    Agreed, photo is in poor taste, but why then, are we not all up in arms when photos of supposed NOBODY’s are published in a war-torn country such as Iraq, Israel, Lebanon or Afghanistan? We look upon the media to shed light on other parts of the world, and because those faces are unnamed, they are OK? Had the pictures of Lady Di been published soon after the accident, would it have been better? Would it have just fueled the fire as it does now? Likely a fire would have brewed then as well. Except, then, the fire would have involved the outrage that people may have assumed her to have been alive for a time (if only short) after the accident. Be careful, you bloggers, voyeurs and casual visitors, your comments must be carefully considered for the good of the world, and not just the good of those who we recognize as ‘famous’.

  170. Cat says:

    I would like to think as my final moments a private issue,Since she lived her entire life dodging camera’s and protecting her son’s from the media,I think its disgustung to publish her horrible death photo.Does anyone have any consideration for her two son’s,reliving again this nightmare…maybe they have never seen these photos,and certainly do not want to here about there late mother’s crash photo being published.Let her be for God’s sake,let her son’s not have this anguish.
    You are low and disgust me .

  171. Planet Kendra says:

    Um, what’s up with them describing these pictures as “sick, gruesome and graphic?” They’re black and white and you can only see her from the chin up with no visible trauma?

    Secondly, of all people, the British media has NO business saying what is acceptable or not. After all, THEY are the main group of people who harassed her and tracked her like dogs during her life.

  172. Patrick says:

    The media shows dead and dying people all the time. Why all the outrage over this photo? A person is a person and just because Diana lived a privileged life does not mean that she deserves any more respect in her final moments than anyone else.

  173. lisa plaza says:

    When I first read about the photo being published, I must admit, the guilt I felt for wanting to actually SEE the picture was drenched with curiousity.

    The photo wasn’t as grotesque as I thought it would be. I’m not saying that I wanted to see her battered and broken. NEVER! But, because of all of the hoopla, I thought I was going to see an image that was far worse than the actual depiction. (Come now, I’m sure the rest of you voyers out there thought the same thing).

    Some of you may have been a little dissapointed that the photo lacked the carnage they thought they would see. Others feel at ease that what they saw was (for lack of a better word) peaceful. I lean towards the latter.

    Whatever ones motive was for wanting to see the photograph is irrelevant. We did, however, share the same goal… to feed our curious mind.

    Not only is my conscience thankful that the last image I will carry of Diana forever in my mind is a pleasant one, but my memory of her is quite grateful, as well.

    Then again… what do I know?



    We will never really know why.We will only be left to wonder what, if anything, could have been done to prevent the untimely death of this amazing woman.This photo is only a glimpse into the moment leading up to her tragic passing.I,for one,choose to remember the Diana we all knew and admired,the compassionate humanitarian.An extrordinarily beautiful ,loving mother of two very special boys who grew into exceptional young men whom she would be most proud of.In this photo she indeed looks like a Princess asleep. Diana left this world a much better place for her having been in it.I can only imagine how much better it would have been if she had lived.God rest her soul .

  175. n.m says:

    I didn’t care about it till they said it was printed ‘n then it’s just a curiosity to see it…just like everyone who got to this page did.

  176. EmbeeWembee says:

    yes, I too have now satisfied my own curiosity

    The sleeping princess, mortally wounded, all for the want of a seat belt

    Rightly or wrongly, offensive or no, my belief is that so long as there is a drop of Diana’s blood in the royal line to the throne, the circumstances of her life and death will continue to be fodder for the public, and anyone who has a different ‘take’ on the situation, will be able to profit from the love and interest and the voyeurism of the public at large.

    All for the want of a seat belt…..

  177. Leah says:

    I think it is said that so many people are responding to this photo.. yes, I am guilty of this same thing. I think that people are forgetting that Princess Diana was a mother above all else. It is to bad that her kids have to endure this pain again because some jerk decided to print this photo. It has been almost 10 years since her tragic death and no matter what she died of it is said and my deepest sympathy goes out to Princess Diana’s family.. AGAIN!!

  178. K Lynch says:

    She does look like a princess asleep. I don’t know what the big deal is about publishing this photo of her. Of course she would of had horrific internal injuries. Remember she wasn’t wearing a seat belt. It’s hard to believe that her face looks beautiful as ever and not bloodied.

  179. another Jo says:

    Here here Eleanor! I have looked to satisfy my own curiosity, I guess cause she was so popular and it was such a tragedy that we can’t let it go, plus with so many rumors about what really happened people want to see for themselves to try and understand it all better. It will be one of those things that we will never know the full truth. R.I P Diana

  180. alt canada says:

    Absolutly horrible to put a family through this. It amazes me how someone has the right to print anything that can be so damaging not only to her family but to the many people that fell in love with her and felt her touch over the years of helping others.

    Looking at the picture my first thought was how beautiful, calm and full of grace she still looked in a time that must have been absolutely horrifying to her. No one wants to leave their children so early in life and I’m sure that was consuming her thoughts…or maybe get that flippin camera away from my car!!!

    To look maybe * I don’t want to say positive side* but for the boys it is nice to see that she looked so calm and beautiful in her last moments. I would have been sick to my stomach if it looked any different.

    To the family and boys, my heart and thoughts go out to you ,she will never be forgotten, She was a beautiful lady inside and out. No matter what the press ever wants to print about her,,,


  181. Larryzx says:

    I think the publication of this picture is really REALLY sick! I’m African and we all remember Di for the great work she did advocating de-mining especially Angola and mozambique. That she died protecting her privacy is testimony to the lengths that ‘freedom of the press’ will drive some people to make dime! To the publishers, please let Di’s soul rest in peace and her memory in our hearts

    • tokkoman says:

      There was no internal injury here. Why? Because internal injury always leads to bleeding from the mouth and ears – not shown here – due to massively increased blood pressure.
      The so called para medic was more than likely feeding carbon monoxide to this beautiful angel so as to make her die double quickly.
      The french secret service for many years have been using carbon monoxide gas to murder its victims.

      • Jen says:

        My friend died of an aortic aneurysm – when the aorta splits of due to weakened cell walls in the aorta, an aortic dissection is similar, it causes a massive internal bleed. Blood loss causes a drop in blood pressure. The thing about an aortic dissection is as the heart pumps harder and faster to increase blood pressure more blood is lost into the internal cavity. People with this kind of injury are usually unconscious within a few minutes – it is extremely difficult to save someone in this situation, you practically have to open the chest cavity straight away to stem the bleed, something they would never do on scene since it doesn’t cause any outward symptoms.

  182. eleanor says:

    What total hypocrisy. In order to have made comment, all those decrying the publication of the photos have clearly logged on to satisfy their own curiosity. There does not seem to be the same outcry regarding the daily publication and broadcast of non famous individuals dying, for instance pictures on the uk news of one poor chap receiving cpr as he was being wheeled into hospital following the 7/7 London bombings.

  183. dj says:

    what is the use, seriously lets let her poor children remember their mom the way she was, if this was my mother, I would seriously freak out as well. Tasteless I must say this is one of the worst thing someone could have done.

    shame on you

  184. julie says:

    I think the biggest lesson people overlook in diana’s death is the fact that in this high speed wreck, the only survivor was the one wearing a seat belt.
    I meet many young people today who refuse to wear seat belts and even say they are unsafe because you could get trapped by them in an accident… really it is a responsibility if your going to drive a car, not only that you are buckled, but everyone in your car.
    That’s my soapbox.

  185. Larry says:

    I think the publication of a photo of any dying person is repulsive. In this case it seems all the more so since Diana died trying to protect her privacy. I can only speculate that this picture could have been taken by one of those people directly involve in the cause of the accident and is now profiting from it. Seems somewhat criminal doesn’t it?
    The privacy and above all the dignity of a person’s death should be protected at all costs not sold at the highest cost. It should not matter the stature of that persons life. Celebrate her life long accomplishments and show the respect she lavishly showed to all who’s lives she touched.

  186. Ashley says:

    I personally think that it is truly a reminder of how short life can be, and how tragedy can strike at anyone. I choose to remeber the vast accomplishments of Princess Di’s throughout her extremely short life, and not the tragic ending of all the passengers’ lives in the vehicle. One thing I did want to say was that it sickens me to hear that the publisher is defending his position, stating that he would like to solve this mystery. One, this photo basically proves only two things. The fact that Di was involved in the crash and that she did recieve medical attention. Clearly the publishing of this photo was for financial benefits and that is about it. I feel for the family and close friends of Di’s and I believe she deserves the right to privacy, especially in those last horrific moments of her life.

  187. dannielleuk says:

    I think its vial that they have published the photo why the hell carnt people just leave her alone now nearly 9 years have past why carnt we just rember how much of a wonderful person and mother she was its not fair on her sons its terrible

  188. EJ says:

    Supposedly she died from internal bleeding; a ruptured aorta was the main cause, if I remember correctly.

  189. Sally Raider says:

    Give me a break… How can you tell there is nothing wrong with her? Can you see inside her? Internal injuries aren’t obvious. People like this drive me crazy.. Like the people who give my friend a hard time for using the handicap parking even though she has a handicap lic. plate.. They don’t “see” anything wrong with her because she’s in her 30’s. Well guess what you can’t see heart disease, you can’t see lung disease and both effect people of all ages.

  190. Lellers says:

    Wow! Jo-Jo can tell that Diana was murdered from just that one picture? Is it clairvoyance, or is Jo-Jo really the greatest investigative mind of all time? (Sarcasm intentional.) I’m reminded of Sam Kinnison who died in a car accident. He had internal injuries, I believe an aortic dissection. He actually got out of the car after the accident and walked around for a moment or two, even spoke a bit, then collapsed and died. It happens.

  191. J. Jensen says:

    Wow , That Jo-Jo is previous post must be a genius. I guess you can tell she has no internal injuries just by looking at that picture. I myself would not make any judgements on her condition just from that one picture, and not a very good picture at best. Just because there is no blood and gore does not mean you will not die.

  192. Jo-Jo says:

    Thanks for publishing this photo.

    Know what? It looks to me like she was very MUCH ALIVE during this photo! No trauma to her body or head, is visable. Why did she die? What did she die of? Why did it take over an hour to get her to the hospital…she does not look like she needs “stabilizing”.

    There is something “hinky” about this whole story. This woman was murdered, and publishing the photos can only help to prove it.

  193. Yvonne says:

    Informing the public my ***! More like filching as much publicity as they can…

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