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Qwest DSL Problems

Posted in Uptime by Elliott Back on July 18th, 2006.

The Qwest DSL where I’m staying in Arizona has been dead for the past two days. They just fixed it, but it was a long painful process, which all started when our DSL modem started looking like this:

Qwest DSL Modem Dies –

The green DSL light just blinked, on and off, on and off. “Oh no!” I thought, “the modem can’t connection to the Qwest office over the line.” So, we called a technician, who determined that our DSL port was dead, and gave us a new wire. After that, we got a DSL connection, and our second problem set in.

According to the technician, Qwest had performed some kind of software update over the weekend that negated our ability to authenticate and get an IP lease. So, we had to wait until a center of theirs in Denver fixed the issue, and now we have internet access at home again. Still, it makes me wonder if this guy lives nearby…

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51 Responses to “Qwest DSL Problems”

  1. Rino says:

    As of right now, my internet is being dropped frequently. Qwest is a horrible company. I rather have 56k dial than this internet service. BUllShet,

  2. Mark says:

    I’ve been using Qwest for some time. When I upgraded to high-speed DSL it work great. Several months ago it started dropping connections, and the time between drops has shortened. Now it drops every 1-10 minutes. Tech support is useless.

  3. Mickey says:

    Interesting stuff. My internet light blinks every 5 seonds. Data being sent. The DSL light is steady. The ethernet should only blink & send send when I send. The power is green. Quest – slow. A DS0 is 64 kilo bits and a T1 is 24 DS0’s or 1.544 meg.TelCo’s cable mains are one gage of wire that is larger than the feed wire to the premise. Sometimes very small 28 gage feed wires that act like a fuse also from power hits. Larger gage wires from TelCo’s cable mains to the house would help a lot. The new digital world data can be transmitted at greater power levels because of zeros and ones and the old analog data was very power sensative and lower levels stopped distortion. TelC0’s need to upgrade their side of the demark to support today’s services.

  4. Gary says:

    I just switched over to Qwest DSL. I had Blue Wire US for 5 years with no proplems except slow speed and high cost. When I switched to Qwest the speed was blazing and the price was half but then the problem started. Modem drops INT line connection and power cycling is only fix. I have also paid for a static IP for my internet (security camera). When the modem drops the line the only thing that will fix is an unplug power and power up. This happens every day or two days.
    I went on vacation and the line dropped the next day so no security camera for me. Had to worry the whole time.
    I unplugged the telephone line coming in and the line or INT light did not go off so I asked the tech to send a disconnect signal and he did. Guess what the INT light went off. This is the only way it will go off. They are sending a disconnect signal to parcel out their service. They randomly disconnect to handle the load. This is what has to be going on because when I pull the phone line the modem still has all green lights. When the send the disconnect INT goes off.

    It is a game with them.

  5. NA says:

    I worked for Qwest for about 3 or so years. At first it was a great company to work for, however I was fired due to corporate politics, and those favored were protected. Someone could not even show up to work for months straight, and the person covering their duties gets fired for lack of performance. It has been one of the most corrupt companies I have ever become familiar with.

    Anyways, my Qwest internet cuts out at random, over 100 times a day. Being a Qwest employee at the time, I opted to get it resolved. When the company you work for gives you the run around, about it being your modem, even though I have about 20 New modems sitting in my house, they still will not get past anything other than a modem issue. They will not issue me ANY credits for the 99.9% downtime I have had, and they have become rude and downright uncivil about anything.

    Its even worse when the employees of your company curse at you over the phone. I felt like I was doing a HUGE HUGE HUGE disservice when somebody signed up for internet. Dont even get me started on directv, which have destroyed even upper management employees houses. The billing problems initiated on customers bills would blow your mind. Ill have to sit here and wait for the internet LED to turn solid green again, if I time it right I can submit this comment.

  6. jesus lora says:

    anyways i have had similar problems sinc ei got it 1st 3 tech came i still lost signal second the 4th fixe dthe problem just yestrday but… he lowered the speed i said it was ok since he slowe dthe upload speed from 8 hundred and something kbps to 650 kbps or something like that… dowload is supose to be 1.5 mbps and it went to 500 kbps a third of that…. i researched alot and tomorow a tehc is comeing from what i learned and have been told im telling the tech to directly connect the modem to the phone post outside from what i know that should fixs it all up….. if doesnt i swear ill make sure quest never forgets my name

    • jesus lora says:

      also so far the techs come evry time i call i dont get why you guys have to call 20 times the asians or whatever dude just hang up on there asses call like the people who live in america in your state at least…? research look for numbers learn what your talkeing about speak technicle with them if they respond correctly keep talkeing if they dont get it there idiots new people who like the comment down below said…. but there are honest people in quest although you sorta have to kiss there asses because understand there points of view there job sucks complains complains complains i would be hella pist but so farrrrrr quest is not worth it

  7. Tommy says:

    This month I have had DSL for one week if that much. After 20 calls to Qwest Tech service in the Philipines I have been told from outrages to failing to connect to ISP which they agreed to be Qwest fault. Nothing has been done. This **** has been going for a month. I just got the bill from Qwest and they are charging me the full month DSL amount. I don’t think I have to pay it, and I will not. I mean I am upset, my neighbors are upset. I am so angry I am not sure I can wait the 30th of this month for Comcast to come in and switch my landline and DSL. Qwest will out of my house, my son house come 1st July. Of course I will not recommend Qwest to anyone who ask. I really think Qwest needs to hire personnel who knows how to fix the problems. I will try Comcast for three months and if it doesn’t work I will go with the Satellite. GO BYE QWEST!

  8. Thor says:

    Qwest DSL is SLLLllllllooooowwwwww…
    as in SLLLowWWwwwerrr than Snail Mail…

    do NOT waste yor money on their crappy slow DSL junk or you will be SORRY, as in sorry-*** CHump Sucker scammed pissed-off Sorry…

    BTW, We all call it SEAHAWKS Stadium because WE paid for it, not those tele-PHonies!

    Qwest SUCKS, period…

  9. Kevin says:

    I’ve had Qwest 1.5 DSL service for about 2 years. Most of that time, it behaved adequately.

    About 2 weeks ago, things went south in a hurry. Between rebooting the modem and computer innumerable times, both gave up the ghost. Bought a new PC and Qwest modem – thought that would do the trick – wrong!

    Constant dropped connections or ridiculous connect speeds followed numerous calls to QWEST.

    Finally a Qwest lineman came out and ran 500 feet of wire to a different feeder line. Blazing speed –for about an hour. The last 2 weeks have been non-stop frustration. Their sending a guy out tomorrow morning (Christmas Day) to look things over. That will be interesting.

    If you have an option, DON’T USE QWEST.

  10. John says:

    Parker, Colorado. Had Q DSL for a couple of years with no problem. Suddenly, starting about a week ago we have outages 5 – 6 times a day. Goes away by power-cycling the local modem, but all diagnostics show the local modem is okay. I noticed a Qwest truck parked across from the DSLAM box a couple of days ago, so I think they know there is a problem. Calling them does no good of course – “no we know of no problem”. I hate them, but I hate the politicians that allow the DSL service to stay unregulated even more.

    • Denise says:

      It’s nice to see a current comment from the Denver area. My DSL quit working on Dec. 8 during the last cold snap (not that it’s warmed up much since then, mind you). I spent two hours on the phone with a Qwest technician (I’m guessing somewhere in India from the accent). He was very nice, but blamed it on the ISP, which is 4DV. My ISP has been working like crazy trying to help, giving me alternate DNS ips and such, and testing shows intermittent packet drops and throughput. Two days ago the internet connection icon in my tray was going wild – saying it was on, then off, then on, etc. My browsers connected back again ONCE for a few seconds when the problem initially started, then nothing again until now. I’m sure it’s Qwest’s fault. Our work office lost internet for two days last week, and it was determined to be Qwest’s issue – they use cheap, inadequate wiring to save money, while we suffer.
      We may be moving out of the area soon, so I don’t want to switch to another provider, but I’ve never experienced this kind of frustration. Oh, and I WAS able to connect my computer using my blackberry as a tether, and everything works just fine, so I know it’s not my computer. And every computer in the house can see each other, so I know it’s not my modem (which I switched out early in my attempts to fix this issue). I’m sure we don’t have any fiber optics or other options, since we live in a suburb that didn’t even get DSL speeds until about 2003. I’d be willing to bet large sums of money that the router that serves my neighborhood hasn’t been updated since they put it in. Call Qwest, and they’ll tell you it can’t be their fault because they’re not getting calls from other customers. I wonder if they even have any left out here!?! Everyone else is probably using the cable company.

  11. Catspaw says:

    I live in Seattle and have been having exactly the same problems with my ATT DSL line. There are a ton of web complaints against ATT. I was thinking of transferring over to Qwest, but not after reading these posts. Maybe the system is just becoming overloaded?

  12. Bobby says:

    UPDATE: I had enough. Spent two hours on the phone with QWEST at 3am…so you might imagine who was “assisting” me on the other end of the line. Helpful, somewhat. I wonder what “tests” she was doing, considering she didn’t have access to my machine at the time. She had me changing filters, plugging modem in to other jacks, all fruitless. Problem still happening. After two hours, she told me she’d schedule a tech to come out Monday morning (I called early Saturday morning). I was told tech would arrive between 9am to 1pm on Monday. I hung around all day. No phone call. No tech came to the house…ever. I also didn’t receive the “customer satisfaction” survey in my email that I was told was on the way. I was sooo looking forward to filling that thing out too. Oh, by the way…I FIXED the problem myself…and you won’t believe this. Well, maybe you will. When you purchase a new modem directly from QWEST, you’d think all the cables and connections would be new and high quality, right? Wrong. The problem I was having was a faulty telephone cable/wire that went from the phone jack in the wall to the back of the modem. I found an old crappy one in my junk drawer, and plugged it in – problem disappeared. I swear to you every word of this is true. It’s been 3 weeks and still no tech, no email, no follow-up, and most irritating…no change in my QWEST bill.

  13. jay says:

    wow… it is like am reading the same thing that is happening to me… i was not able to get qwest dsl to work so i have been connecting thru the Telephone interface box outside that means my stuff and phone are in the damn hot garage here in Arizona Mesa.
    when u call some foreign sounding guy takes u thru the same procedure each and every time.
    the DSL works sometimes when i plug out the etherent
    damn i wanna sue coz if they cant offer the service why th fk did they get me to give up cox.which by the way has blazin internet but are also effing thieves..!
    i guess it is a toss up… for 45 bucks for interent and phone package with 15mbs even though it sucks i guess it is ok..!

  14. Ellen says:

    I’m in SLC and we have had constant problems with qwest dsl. After we call their so called “tech” it will improve for a week or so. It is clearly a problem with their lines and equipment but they will never admit it.

    • Kevin in UT says:

      We had Qwest for a year and never had any problems. We moved two months ago and took our 1 year-old modem/router with us. Ever since we moved we get the blinking DSL light at least once a day, many days we get it two or three times. The internet is down for 30 minutes to an hour each time.

      I’ve called tech support twice and both times they have told me that they are getting error codes. Once tried to access my computer remotely, but that didn’t work. Finally they are sending a tech to look at the line, but said that if the tech determines that it is a modem problem, we’re out of luck and have to buy a new modem.

      I also have horrible latency problems with Qwest’s DSL. If you like to play games on XBOX Live, Qwest will not work for you. I wish I could go back to Comcast! Only ten more months!

  15. Dan says:

    Same problem for me in Denver. Intermittent connection problems. So they sent me a another modem. Called back to complain after that didn’t solve the problem and they determined my bedroom phone jack was bad but my living room jack was good…use that one. The problem returned so I called to cancel my service. They told me there would be a $200 early termination fee because the problem was determined by their techs to be my internal house wiring….nothing on their end. Comcast has a free install kit and 19.95 for 6 months. At 4 times the speed. That saves me $120 so it costs me $80 to be rid of these incompetent scumbags who have no guilt about ripping off their customers.

  16. Bobby says:

    I’ve been having the exact same issue described above. In fact, the video posted above shows exactly what my modem does! My call to “support” was futile. They want to say it is a virus or worm on my pc. Well, their “anti-virus” software says not…all scans normal. Why does it happen all of a sudden? It’ll just start disconnecting then as quick as it starts, it’ll stop. I’ve had it go two, three, or four hours of steady disconnect and reconnects, then it’ll stay connected and there will be no problems at all. This all just started suddenly, and hasn’t been a problem until the last month or two. I can’t take it anymore. Customer service in just about every segment of our society has declined so badly over the years! We just keep on taking it though, don’t we. Sighhhh…

  17. Katrina says:

    I totally agree with the comments…I haven’t been happy with my modem for the last year and I had it since the beginning of 2007. I keep getting that flashing light or the internet light just stops. I have a neighbor that is down the street from us and she has Qwest’s DSL and their service hasn’t been working for a week and 1/2. I was wondering if anybody had any trouble with their service and I happened to come across this site. Mine seems to stop for no reason anytime of the day or night, sometimes it has to do with the storms that come though or when it gets a little windy. I am also from Utah and seems that we have quite a few of us on here complaining about the service.

  18. Allen says:

    I've only had two problems in the 8+ years I've had Qwest. One was the line from the box and the other was the modem dead after 4 years. I live in nebraska and only a6 blocks from thier hub station. I'm still on the 1.5 package and my connection is just as quick as the local cable companies connections

  19. Kirk in tucson says:

    I tired to get qwest DSL in Tucson AZ. First just a cd arrived so I called technical support who question “are you sure you dont have a modem”. I tried to just cancel, and CS said free modem overnight and six months of service. One week later I called again and CS said he saw no signs of what the previous rep said (basically lied). I got a modem one week after that, and had a flashing DSL light. technical support had me jump through hoops and still no fix. I canceled. Luckily I keep my cable the whole time. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME

  20. Kent Lauer says:

    Wow! People who share my utter disgust with Qwest DSL service. Same problems here, so I won’t bother you with the details. I’m switching to another provider, because it’s the only solution I can think of. But I wish some attorney would take up the cause,

  21. don says:

    I didnt realize so many people have the same problem I do. No internet 8pm -midnite, everynite. I keep calling the tech service, but they don’t show up. qwest sucks. all for class action suit.

    • Brad says:

      Ditto here, we have decent service untill 8 PM then like clockwork no service. Tech support goes through the same stupid hour long unplug this and unplug that, is there a filter on the line, then make a ticket for the service tech who switches trunk lines, all for nothing. Still no internet after 8PM. Cancelation fee? I think class action lawsuit would be better!

  22. Robert says:

    I live in Covington Washington and this just started for me about a week ago. Both times I called the tech/dufus had me unplug phones. One even sent me a filter how stupid is that? Worked flawlessly for me for a few years and now all of a sudden I’m supposed to humor some baboon and unplug phones which I know won’t work.I really enjoyed when the little primate asked if I wanted to buy linebacker. How about I sell them neckbreaker coverage. That’s were they pay me not to get ticked and snap the techs neck when he determines it’s really switch problem.
    I’ve moved the modem everywhere. Checked all the connections inside and out. There’s nothing wrong with my wiring. I’m a fraid to buy another modem and get stabbed in the back. Same issue. Its intermittent but today it started this morning and lasted all day. For some reason after I called and they do a test I can connect. Except for today. What is particularly enjoyable is the way all of a sudden after three years my phone that never had a filter in the garage is supposed to be the problem. And the fact that the phone I’m using is connected to the modem ought to indicate I have a good wire connection.
    Good luck with the class action. I work in a lawfirm and if you aint got lots of money as a retainer or real good documentation they will sympthize and then boot you out on the street and these companies know it.

  23. jon says:

    I live in Washington State and that happens to me about every 5-10 minutes. It lasts about 10-20 seconds. Its really annoying trying to watch a Youtube video or I am downloading a torrent. Some days it never happens and I am a happy camper. Most days it happens and I have to beg my parents to get a new internet, but my stupid mom had a two-year agreement. In 1 year it will be up. I really want to know how I can fix this problem. Someone told me to hook up my DSL to my LAN box outside my house but I need a special screw driver to open up the box. I am thinking about getting a different modem to see if that helps. I am desperate to find out how I can fix this. Please someone help. Right as I am typing this my internet just shut off.

  24. Brendan says:

    I’m in Iowa and we have had continuous DSL outages for the past several weeks. The trouble started after the flood in Cedar Rapids (NOT my location, but the Qwest isp location). Our connection was out for days following the flood, and then our connection was switched to a location in Colorado. Since then, Qwest has been giving us outages several times a day. Last night our service was down for 11 hours.

    We spoke with the “technicians” (in whatever foreign land Qwest outsources their jobs to) numerous times, and none of them could help. They kept insisting it was a problem with our modem, computer, phone line, anything but a Qwest problem. AND THEY CLEARLY READ FROM A SCRIPT. These people have no knowledge in their area of “expertise.” If someone tells me to reset the modem one more time, I’ll probably throw it through the window!

    Well… we noticed something interesting, too. As soon as we call and tell them the phone number, the DSL goes back on within less than a minute. I believe Qwest is having trouble with their service load because of the added strain on their system originating from the Cedar Rapids facilities being out of commission. It’s like a rolling blackout; they deny service temporarily and hope no one will notice.

  25. nix says:

    I’ve been having terrible problems with Qwest DSL service the past week. The DSL will work OK for an hour, at one time 3 hours, but then will drop continuously for a half-hour or longer, rendering the service unusable.

    Then we’ve had issues for years with Qwest being non-functional during rain storms or dropping on incoming phone calls. It doesn’t rain that often where I am, I can deal with that and the incoming phone call issue.

    Between the time I first started writing this post and the time I was actually able to post it, Qwest DSL dropped again!!!

  26. T think a class action lawsuit is in order. Lets get it started.

  27. Jim says:

    I work for Qwest, but in another office. Sorry to hear you have had so many problems. I’ve had DSL for almost a year and zero problems. Had a connect problem 3 times but I just took out the power cord for 15 seconds and back to perfect.

    Qwest as a company though is ridiculous. At my managers request they put me out on STD, then now trying to deny it so they can fire me. Isn’t that just great. Reason is they recently negotiated contracts with our spineless union. They are now hiring people at less wages and replacing those under the old contract(myself included) Why pay me $5 more is there whole thing. New people start at $8.25, I’d rather work at MCD’s for that. Especially the garbage I have to hear all day. They don’t care about the customer and they downright hate their employees. Once all these medical issues are past me, I’m getting a county job. And no I was not a slack *** worker, I was 10 seconds lower then company standards on time(yes our job depends on how fast we can get you off the phone) Was in top 3 in EVERY measurable catagory for the company. But again why pay me $5 more then some schmuck off the street that I was forced to train. They closed 4 offices on us this year alone. So while our department is making record profit, the employee is getting screwed. Only reason my office is still open is because mine is one of the 4 with a spineless, worthless union.

    If I find out monday that I am indeed fired, all my service will be immediatly terminated and I’m slapping a huge lawsuit against this company. I still will be pulling services regardless. These crooks that run it don’t give a ****. I get charged more with my employee “discount” then other customers I just found out. What a great company, eh?

  28. Stephen P. says:

    The qwest DSL at my home works intermitently throughout the day, but fine in the middle of the night. I beleive the trunk is overloaded and the DSL can’t keep connected due to traffic. Whatever the cause, the call in service does not allow for such a conversation. Scripted call sheets are for the simple problems. Anything beyond that and you are left out. I think qwest is in over their heads with data. My girlfriend uses cox cables system here in AZ and it has 4 times the download speed.

  29. kyle p. says:

    wierd. bummer too. i wish i would have done more research when my mom decided to subscribe to qwest broadband. she’s had their telephone service for a long time and she’s never had any problems. i’m having the same problem that all of you are having. apparently, it’s useless to call customer service, so i probably will bag that idea. thanks for the warning, although it’s a little too late now.

    by the way, my dad has comcast and he hasn’t had any problems with it, other than the fact that his computer is slightly out-dated which slows things down a bit. i definitely recommend comcast over qwest, though.

  30. katrinaxx says:

    I’ve had Qwest 2wire modem since 10/11/07. It died last night. Nothing. NO lights, No power. Unplugged it and starting plugging it into other electrical outlets around the house. Nothing. Zilch.. But of course they are closed on the weekends.

  31. Nate says:

    I’m all for the lawsuit. Qwest DSL is a scam and the techs are absolutely no help. 2 wire modem, not using the wireless. It works and then just quits, sometimes using the telephone will get it connected, most of the times it does not. And that damn DSL light just keeps flashing and flashing. They need to get sued, I want my money back for all the wasted internet time. They are so full BS!

  32. Jake says:

    Hey Im also from Utah and im really tired of waiting for the damn thing to turn on and when it does it doesnt even run the equivulent to dial up its a piece. Just got it a couple of days ago… been trying to call them but the stupid machine puts me on hold and no one ever anwsers. hmmmmmmm…. I wouldnt trust comcast if I was you guys either I seem to remember having alot of problems with them to…. depending on the area… but the dsl for qwest is really pissing me off hmm.. .maybe a law suit should be in order…?

  33. Trent says:

    I do know, as I work @ Qwest. In my opinion the call metric’s have not changed but the way Qwest corporate now routes the calls DID! Previous months calls (before July)consisted mostly of bill questions, customers with changes to current service, new connects, transfers in service, downgrades in service ect. Now, most calls are re-routes from the repair Q, disconnects, escalations (very unhappy customers), with little to NO (as we call them) money calls! This will impact customers in this way! The money calls are routed to other call centers that have new reps (the ones just hired @ $8.50 hr)(yes that’s correct)who are unable to service the customer needs because of lack of experience. Will jamb on additional services without the customers knowledge(which is illegal)but must sell something per HOUR! to keep their jobs! Then they transfer the call to us, to fix whatever the customer really wanted. As they must get on to the next call to strip the money off that customer & go on to the next! The word from the top is that call center has as many new people coming in as going out. They are firing as fast as hiring.
    The result is this. Qwest looks good to a possible new prospective corporate buyer with revenues going up. (in crammed sales) Is writing up people in the call center where there is no money calls to fire them in an effort to eliminate higher paid employee’s, vacate that call center to then move the calls to the Philippines (where the broadband calls & some of the credit management calls now go). Covers its tail with the Feds & trade commission. “We’re firing anyone cramming” But keeps any extra revenue. So two groups here suffer. Of course the customer paying the bills, and the experienced honest call center employee loosing their job.
    And don’t you just LOVE talking to those foreign people you can’t understand? And now that credit management is overseas, what about YOUR social security number in the trusted hands of foreigners? Are you OK with that? Of course all this is just my opinion.

  34. Semyon F says:

    Man! I feel really bad! The only service that I can have in the 85308 area is Qwest. Believe me, I tried finding other ISPs but they hold the area to themsleves.

  35. Larry Husemann says:

    From day 1, we have had problems with the Motorola Gateway box which Qwest uses resetting due, according to Qwest, to the model of Net Gear router we are using in our home network. Other brand newer routers also are known to be incompatible with the Motorola box. Qwest says Motorola has been made aware of the problem but Qwest does not know when (if) a fix is forthcoming. The “techies” at Qwest can not give me the make/model of a router they say will work. They just say the lower end Net Gear routers are ok. I guess I’m just supposed to start buying routers till I find on that makes the Qwest gateway box happy. NO HELP, NO SATISFACTION from Qwest!!!!!!!! I’m getting ready to check out the other games in town.

  36. Wendy says:

    We have qwest & we are trying to decide on using wireless (through microwaves or satellite) internet as alternative. Our DSL cannot even stay up for 5 minutes at a time most days. It is driving me CRAZY. Right now the only reason we haven’t already switched is the $300 install for wireless, or we would already be gone. Using lingo.com for home phone, MUCH MUCH cheaper than Qwest.

  37. Nartub says:

    For those who don’t like talking to the Phillipines when calling to report a problem, complain, as the idiot’s running the company will show how great the outsourcing of job’s is for the bottom line-meaning their pocket book-not the companies. I work for Qwest and know about dsl and the moron’s who you call for assistance I do not even want to talk to. COMPLAIN, COMPLAIN, COMPLAIN

    • Laura says:

      If it worked, we wouldn’t need to try to speak w/ jerks. My advice is, NEVER get it in the first place.

  38. T Lawcock says:

    Weird, I live in Chandler and have been running Qwest 3 mb dsl on my office/fax/phone line for 8 years without one problem (other than an actiontec modem dumping after 4 years)…… Zippo problems!! And I’m a tech too and NOT a Qwest Shill. However their tech support is useless!!! Well, that’s UNDERstating it!!

  39. T Thorn says:

    Qwest DSL SUCKS…I lose connection about 3 times a day. I’ve told them to send me a new modem and if it doesn’t work I’m switching to comcast…..

  40. Brian says:

    I have had Qwest DSL for 2 months and have been on the phone with their "Techs" in southeast Asia a number of times. These people do not know a thing about the product. They read off a computer screen and try and solve your problems, NEVER any help. I wouln’t purchase anything from this company again.
    I have forced them to run a "home run jack" at their expense due to all of the static on the phone line. Now it clicks periodically like you are losing the call throughout your entire conversation. People keep asking "are you there?"…..
    I have a wireless network in my home and my printer has not printed since I switched from Comcast. I have spent hours and hours on the phone and all they can say is for me to pay another $9.99/month INTRODUCTORY rate for their home networking which will enable me to print.
    The only thing these monkeys can get right is sending me the bill.
    What a mistake to switch from Comcast. If you are even thinking about getting Qwest DSL, DON’T. They are a disaster.

  41. Tom says:

    I have exactly the same problems in Utah, that is I lose the internet several times during the day. Usually the problem is resolved by calling qwest and then hanging up before I get a tech, but after I have confirmed where I am calling from on their automatic initial response. Don’t ask me why but this seems to work.

    Going back to comcast is perhaps a solution in the short term but I have not had the greatest experience with them either. I am have become very sceptical about a number of these large anonymous corporations over time.

    • robert says:

      It seems that sometimes just making (or receiving) a call while your DSL connection is “suffering” or “dead”, helps to bring it back to life. Not always the case, but helps.
      Somedays, I lose my connection every couple of minutes. FUN!!! What a waste of money.

  42. Dan says:

    I have qwest 3-5MB/s DSL and am having a similar problem.
    every once in a while the modem will either block all HTTP (Port 80) Traffic or drop dead altogether.

    Calling them is a Waste of time, I did once and spoke to "Someone" who "Claimed" to be a Technician (I am a Technician), and they had no clue what I was describing when I used any even slightly technical language, It was like talking to a 5 year old.

    The problem is most likely the Modem’s as mine I can get to work again by unplugging the power for up to 2 hours then plugging it back in. but the effects don’t last, sometimes the problem returns several times in a day.

    I have yet to try a different Modem, but Plan to soon.

    Either way I may still drop Qwest.

  43. Sandi says:

    For nearly two years, we have had NOTHING but problems with Qwest DSL. They claim that you can talk on the phone and use your internet at the same time: LIES!!! We have had so many techs out here it isn’t funny. Every time someone calls, we lose the internet, if we call out, we lose the internet. We’ve had better dial up service. Once, about a year ago a tech somehow managed to make it so that we can’t hook up our phone inside the house so the genious, NOT, hooked up our modem straight to the green box outside our house and routed our phone through that. Nothing is hooked up inside our house except the power cords. Now when we call and complain, the phone reps are in disbelief and shock that one of their genious techs would do such a thing. We’re going back to Comcast and I can’t wait!

  44. Eric says:

    Can anyone tell me why Qwest/msn broadband continues to experience outages at the rate of several EACH DAY? Their technician, who is in the Phillipines, tells me that he has never before heard of such a thing but the internet (Google search) is filled to bursting with such complaints.

  45. Doug says:

    I saw the trackback and wondered if you lived near me as well. Unfortunately, I am in Iowa, otherwise I would have invited you over for some ice cream to beat the heat. It’s not Arizona hot, it’s a humid hot!

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