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Song Airlines

Posted in Spring Break,Travel by Elliott Back on March 25th, 2005.

Song LogoFlying to and from Orlando, I had the pleasure of flying Song Airlines, a luxury airline operated by Delta. Some of the nice things include larger, clean, brightly-colored seats, and free satellite TV. The aircraft itself was fairly large, and fast–from the onscreen readout, we cruised at almost 700 mph. It only took 3 hours to get from NYC to Orlando!

Since I was alseep the whole time, I didn’t have a chance to see if the Flight Attendants were well trained or not. However, the fact that I slept well is a tribute to the Song’s quiet interiors. There wasn’t as much noise as is usual on a big jet, which I found nice.

Free TVLots of Free TV

The in-seat entertainment center also offers a selection of music, video games, and telecommunications gear!

Update: Mark Jen is also a big fan of song!

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  1. JEVON says:


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  6. TYRAN says:

    the owner of delta song should read this because i dont know why you band delta song from coming to fortlauderale and to newyork, you nee dto bring back the airline unless you are going to lose passengers,AND IM SURE YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR CUSTOMERS PLUS I ALWAYS FLY YOUR AIRLINE AND I DONT LIKE IT. SO I HOPE YOU GET THIS LETTER.

  7. Mary says:

    I flew song from Las Vegas to Atlanta I loved the brand new plane we were on and the touch screen tv,s were great it gave you all kinds of music,tv, movies, to listen to and watch. I would fly Song again.

  8. Chris says:


  9. Ann says:

    I flew on Song from LAX to JFK this past January and it was a great experience. The flights were on time, the airline staff were friendly and the planes comfortable. Also, we had nearly empty flights there and back so almost everyone got there own row of seats. I really enjoyed the touch-screens and free tv and music. I’ve never tried JetBlue but I would def. fly on Song again.

  10. Irving says:

    As a retired canadian Delta employee,I wish Song all the best.If they operate along the lines of Westjet Airlines in Canada they should be very popular with the flying puplic.

  11. Part of the Culture says:

    I am former Song Agent in JFK. Let me tell you someting, it pained me going back to Delta this year when they decided to merge the brands. As for the issues in JFK this past year…yes it was a mess..we grew too quickly over the past summer and the manpower was there to support it(Growing Pains) As for JetBlue….Yes they do have delays, yes they do have mechanicals and yes the weather affects them too. A lady once told me during a major thunderstorm this past summer that JetBlue never has weather problems…BULL!! I am tired of Song/Delta/any other airlines but JetBlue that can do no wrong. Give me a break!! New planes or not..things still break!!! And for the record Delta may have older planes but IS the safest airline to fly..this is proven by out top notch piolots and mantience crews..if either is not comfortable with an aircraft..IT WILL NOT FLY. Yes I know that upsets you all…but lives are more important than getting from pint a to pint b. So come on and face the facts…the only thing Jetblue has is a good advertising firm……I see thousands of people a week and 90% of them complain to me and are upset that Song is going. The inivators of Song brought forth the ideas of making flying fun again…and we did!!!!!! The customers have fun, crew and ground staff..the problem with this world is we have gotten so serious about things and its all about ME ME ME. Live your life and stop and smell to roses cause we are not here that long. To all my Songities!! Be as Song as you ever were!! WE are not an Airline, We are a Culture!! Live it!

  12. patrick says:

    I’m a pilot for Air Canada and I am curiousas to, are the pilots at ‘Song’ Delta Pilots under the same contract/pay as the mainline pilots?

  13. Jenny says:

    I have been flying jetblue for the past 3 years between Boston, Orlando and Miami. Each time the flight experience has been a pleasant one. On one trip I was asleep during the snack rounds and the flight attendant even offered to get me snacks when I woke up. If you ask for more than one snack option or more drinks they happily hand it over. The DirecTV is a great option and their seats are spacious and comfy. All in all I feel their service is outstanding, their flights are rarely ever delayed and most times they land early! I find it that the Jetblue employees are so helpful and more friendly–probably b/c they actually enjoy their job. I will continue to use jetblue especially since their direct flights are much more convenient and cost effective compared to other carriers.

  14. HEIDE says:

    Hey I hear you, I am booked on Song for a vacation in july.Why do people have to scare people.I am one that has to take valume to even step onto the plane.And another one while in flight. I have heard so much good about Song that I finally made up my mind to go. All you negative people keep your coments to your-self. I’m sure they are a great airline . If they had any doubt that they were to old or to unsafe I highly doubt that they would still fly their jets,,, Hey hope your next flight is great. Enjoy. I’m sure you will get there just like the rest of us…Peace

  15. Elisa Ruiz says:

    Well, I am realy confused , I thought Song have newer 757 because was almost a new airline. i am booked to fly on april , 2006 to orlando ,fla and although i hate to fly, i get really nervous, it makes me more nervous thinking they are really old planes… i have read that song have been highly recommended, but when i read about old planes, i got really nervous.

  16. SkyAngel says:

    I have flown Song a couple of times as well as JetBlue. The few times that my family and I have flown Song travelling from NY to Fort Lauderdale we have ALWAYS experienced, delays, horrible service, long lines, and more DELAYS. Song is delayed when skies are clear in both cities and every other airline is flying! They do offer food on the plane which is nice, but their TV works when it wants to. Not to mention I’ve booked on Song and have flown on the regular old Delta jets most of the time because they have had service issues.

    JetBlue is clean, reliable, on-time and has exceptional customer service! I’ll pay extra money to avoid the hassle and delays experienced out of NY with Song.

  17. Winston says:

    I have flown both airlines, usually between LA and NY. I go for the cheapest. Service is good on both. Jet Blue flies out of Long Beach which is a very small, super easy airport. Anyone who talks trash about small airports must like torture. Jet blue’s rates seem cheaper, but I have found ggod deals on Song also, especiall if you book late, within 14 days. Planes are planes and sometimes things break. Song has a fun quiz game where you can compete with other passengers. Lots of fun after a few drinks, especially if you are traveling with friends. The colors inside the planes are ugly. They’re supposed to be fun, but they’re not anymore fun than other colors. Just uglier. Also, I could be wrong about this, but the average age of the flight attendants on Song seems to be higher than Jet Blue. I don’t have proof of this and they were all still very nice. Hope this helps. I currently have flights booked on both.

    Also a passenger I was talking with found a Cheaper flight on Song to a city that was not her destination, but layed over in the city she was going to. (Song must still use the arcane Legacy pricing model.) She only packed a cary-on bag and did not board the second leg of the flight. I’m sure Song hates this, but she made a phone call telling them that an emergency came up and she would not be boarding. Song was very polite and told thanked her for flying with them. Would be a hassle with checked bags and there will probably be a Song employee who says this wont work of is wrong to do, but for week-end trips, it’s and idea. This wouldn’t work on Jet Blue, their pricing model makes flights with lay-over two flights.

  18. Mary Herz says:

    You may think that Jet Blue is better than Song. I’ve never flown either but do have a flight in Feb. on Song so we’ll see, but from what I’ve heard Jet Blue does not have unionized workers and are trying to force the pilots to fly longer hours which can be a very dangerous situation. So at this point I’d stick with Delta.

  19. Jenny Rogers says:

    Well folks Delta Song filed for bankruptcy last week. They lost alomost 2 billion dollars this year!!! My mother flew them and they had a problem with the old plane so she walked over to JetBlue. They had a brand new plane waiting and only charged her $120 for a walk-up ticket. She had 36 ch. of Directv. 12 more than offered on Song. Plus they have the networks like FOX and NBC which are not offered on Delta Song. What’s the point of TV if all the ch. suck! Delta’s Song is a week knock off trying to be cool. They always say they are the most stylish or the coolest and you know when someone has to say that they usually have a reason like the are NOT! Stick with JetBlue if you want to get there in one peice and avoid the nasty and mad Delta people who a are bitter about being bankruputed by JetBlue.

  20. matt says:

    I fly song three times a month, sometimes more between Tampa and Boston and I have done so for the last two years. I have also flown JetBlue a couple of times as well and let me tell you that there is no comparison. Jetblue has what “looks” to be cushy seats and nice entertainment systems, but the reality is that their seats are hard and not comfortable and their entertainment system sucks! It’s not even touch screen. Good luck if your hungry because on Jetblue they don’t have any food except some “blue” mystery chips. They encourage you to bring your won food though right? Yea sure! Let me just pack a picnic basket! C’mon guys grow up and face facts! Oh one more thing..does anybody watch the news?? Yea looks like Jetblue’s planes are realllly safe! I hope Brain or Mike were on that flight in LA, and I hoped you watched as the Song planes were landing safetly as your JetBlue plane was trying to burn gas so you all wouldnt blow up.

    Song is a ear perfect airline..they just need to start producing some jumbo jets and fly internationally and they would be PERFECT. Love Song there great!

  21. Chris M says:

    There are so many haters out there that make me sick. When people talk out of their asses, (700mph maybe the GROUND Speed) dumbass. Oh, but now you’ll tell me you’re a pilot too. Before opening your mouth with your OPINIONS make sure your FACTS are FACTS…..

  22. Kaye says:

    Two Friends and I are booked on a Delta Song from NYC to Las Vegas in October. We live in Europe so didn’t know much about Song until Expedia.com gave us a really good deal. My hope is that the plane will still be flying come October so that we get to our destination. I also hope that Song’s planes aren’t old and dangerous. Any encouraging comment?

  23. Lynette says:

    I’m confused about the planes are they new or not. The 18 new planes are they really new? Jet blue is 6 years old so if Song youngest plane is 6 years old is that really old. I would figure an old plane would have gotten the kinks out anyway!

  24. Dave says:

    Hi Brian,
    Glad you tried Song. I am pilot for Delta and fly Song 757’s regularly. I can’t speak to your airline preferences, but I CAN clarify some of the details about the 757.
    The 757 line JUST closed out at Boeing, so the oldest Delta 757’s are late 80’s, and the newest are late 90’s. Our planes are 6- 15 years old. That’s considered fairly new by jet standards. Ashtrays come standard on all Boeing jets.
    The leather seats ARE brand new.
    The entertainment system is state-of-the-art, and completely free.
    Finally, (and most importantly in my opinion) every Song flight is flown by a Delta pilot.
    Thanks for flying Song!

  25. Brian J says:

    I just got back from a trip on Song from Boston to Las Vegas. I was very excited to take the trip on Song as I had read good things about it and was under the impression they were new planes with all the amenities.

    Unfortunately, I couldnt have been more wrong. It was just an old Delta plane with a paint job, new carpet, and new leather (possibly pleather) seat covers. They seats were the original and not comfortable at all (didnt even have the “wings” in the headrest that allow for better sleeping.

    All food served cost money. No freebies – not even peanuts or pretzels. The normal beverages were served free of charge.

    To give you an idea how old the plane was, there were ashtrays in the bathrooms!! Not in use of course but that will give you an idea of the planes age.

    I wont be fooled again. I already booked another flight to Las Vegas via Song before I flew my last flight but plan to never fly them again. Jet Blue is by far the best.

    Regarging the newspaper reviews, I can’t figure out how they could come to the conclusion Song is better than Jet Blue. There is no comparision there.

    I hope this helps someone before they are duped like I was (twice!!).

  26. Dave E says:

    Mike your full of ****. The 757 was still being produced into the 90’s. These Song aircraft were the newest in the fleet.

    If anyone would like more objective opinion than our hater here, check out the LA Times, Palm Beach Post, Business Week, and Reader’s digest. They all picked Song as the best domestic coach product over Jetblue.

  27. Mike Jones says:

    Song flies very old Delta planes that have been repainted. The 757 was first introduced in the early 1970’s. You’ll notice major rust on the wings of Song planes due to their age. Delta Song is very close to Chapter 11 so beware if you book on them.

    We love JetBlue as they now fly to so many cities and seem to have more flights than Song. We also like the fact that they only fly brand new planes (read safer).

  28. Chris says:

    The plane you flew on was a 757. It can’t get anywhere near 700 mph. It cruses at about 540 mph. It is basically a Delta 757 with some new paint and interior. It’s not some suped-up hot rod or something. I still love that baby and I hope she’s around when I make it to the big leagues of piloting. Hope you enjoyed your trip tho.

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