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Songbird? No bloatware, thanks.

Posted in Code,Computers & Technology,Music,Spread IE by Elliott Back on February 8th, 2006.

Based on Firefox’s XUL technology and VLC, Songbirdnest throws itself into the world of media players and open source. However, it’s total bloatware right now. Besides having a huge number of web source bookmarks and a somewhat not too hard to look at front end, it’s just a VLC skin. And, because it uses Firefox technology, it uses an intolerable 66 MB of ram compared to Windows Media Player’s 15 MB:


Why am I going to run an uglier, slower, less feature rich media player that takes up four times as much of my system’s precious resources? Ask Paul or AtariBoy who have also reviewed it.

p.s. Importing my 9,100 tracks shouldn’t take all day.

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11 Responses to “Songbird? No bloatware, thanks.”

  1. zezius says:

    Hey guys, don’t forget. The guys behind sunbird are also the guys behind Winamp. The success and reliability of Winamp will one day be the same for SongBird too.. and Firefox rules so XUL technology is fine.

  2. Eli says:

    WOW!! Elliott you are so freakin’ stupid. Obviously there are bound to be tons of bugs making it run slower, and less stable then WMP. It’s still in production you imbecile! When WMP 11 came out on the Vista pre-release, it crashed on my system and I’m using the latest hp laptop (dv5000 series). This is supposed to be coming from some big time corporation with plenty of other working versions of WMP. So how is it that there newest version sucks more then this version of Songbird? Songbird has never crashed on me. So before you start ranting, wait for the final release of Songbird. It’s gonna kick ***.

  3. oneseadog says:

    Bahh.. Songbird? How on Big (fat bloated) Bird? Won’t even start. Not on this ol’ box that’ll run 4 instances of Winamp281 Discovery is good exercise, sharpens the eye. Will it go to intavenous feeding of every mental process? I am old (school, too) but I can still manage to cut/paste, drag/drop. The idea needs fewer supersize meals.

  4. sux says:

    Crashed within 5 seconds of install; now, won’t even load. Proof of Concept?? Well, the concept fails.

  5. Alex says:

    Songbird is, at the moment, only a Proof of concept. That means neither that is works on every computer, nor that it’s fast, stable, or resource-efficient.

  6. Lever says:

    OK so FF is bloaty and so is Songbird but my Winamp Lite is running at a steady

  7. Joe Anderson says:

    Winamp only uses 7.3MB of RAM.

  8. Call me what you want but I like songbird. I don’t mind having up multiple versions of firefox and would not like songbird built into firefox.

    It reminds me a lot of iTunes which i currently use because 1 I have an iPod and 2 I really don’t like windows media player do to it crashing on me all the time because I tend to try and do about 50 things at once on it.

    From my first uses with it I got all 4,000 and something tracks in about 1 min scanned and on there. It only takes up about about 35 of mem and about 1% of my processor while playing music.

    Overall for a alpha I think it has a lot of potential and cool logo.

  9. […] To get rid of all that yelling about bloatware it would be nice to reintegrate already mature and stable flock and songbird functionality into firefox. Who would like to have two or three firefoxes up and running? So they will become kind of extensions again […]

  10. mig says:

    Actually, there’s a memory leak in how it’s scanning your 9100+ tracks. Once it’s done scanning and you restart, it’ll probably be around 35MB.

    But, yes, it’s based on firefox, so if you start clicking around and visiting web pages, the firefox ram cache is in play and it will use ram like a browser and not a media player.

    This will have to be addressed, no?

    They’re evolving alongside us. They understand ram issues are important as well as we do, but the first public alpha xulrunner only beat us to release by a few days.

    All in good time.

  11. On my system it uses %7 of my CPU and 39 megs of my RAM on my Dell Inspiron 300m 1.2GHz ULV P-M notebook. But don’t get me wrong, it’s still an early release that has the potential for perfecting system resource usage. However, you can’t really compare Songbird to a Microsoft product… Songbird is a bunch of computer gurus with free time, Microsoft is a huge corp with lots of money and accomplished programmers. I doubt the folks at Songbird have spent that much time dealing with the nitty-gritty low level stuff just yet.

    I do agree, however, that it’s a little slow. :-/

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