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Tammy NYP Sex Video

Posted in Blogging,Computers & Technology,Graphics,Memes,Movies,P2P,Search by Elliott Back on February 27th, 2006.

The web is abuzz about the Tammy NYP Sex Tape. Searches for “Tammy,” “Tammy Download,” and “NYP” dominate the Technorati top searches right now:

Tammy on Technorati Search

It takes a lot of popular interest for a term to dominate the top searches for the last few days. This sex tape is quite old news, and it’s still popular. Who is Tammy? She is a student at Nan Yang Polytechnic in Singapore, whose cell phone was stolen by rival cheerleaders. The contents, containing sexually explicit images and movies, were uploaded onto the internet.

If you’re curious as to what they look like, here’s a photo of Tammy and her boyfriend, not engaging in any kind of sexual activity:

Tammy + Boyfriend

I don’t know when amateur porn became so exciting–perhaps it’s because it’s raw and uncut from Singapore, where sex is a crime punishable by hard jail time? Who knows. Hopefully the media will let this couple live in peace and forget about it soon enough.

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