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Tech Fight: Googlefight minus the google and plus Technorati

Posted in Computers & Technology,Interface,Search,Web 2.0 by Elliott Back on January 18th, 2006.

You’ve probably seen www.googlefight.com, where you can type in two of your favorite keywords and have them fight, the winner being the one with the most results. Well, since Technorati released their new Blog That Chart feature, we can do the same thing with Techorati graphs! This is just a tiny bit of javascript that writes the URLs for their images into a div. Check it out an example tech fight:


Try your own:

Keyword 1:
Keyword 2:
Your results will go here.

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2 Responses to “Tech Fight: Googlefight minus the google and plus Technorati”

  1. Elliott Back says:

    As you could check for yourself, the javascript is neither AJAX nor can it store anything. It just builds a couple dynamic img urls and writes into innerHTML. I fixed the float bug, too ;)

  2. Dean says:

    Are you storing these results? I feel my privacy is being invaded. Anyway, nice AJAX-y stuff.

    BTW, you should take a look at your formatting ’cause your comments link gets all pushed around by the results.

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