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Unlock your iPhone! Serial HACKED!

Posted in Apple,Hacking,iPhone,Linux by Elliott Back on July 6th, 2007.

People have figured out how to run commands on the serial interface of the iPhone, which apparently isn’t protected:

Your friends at #iPhone made a major breakthrough this morning.
we got a serial console working, here is how
the serial has the same pinouts as iPod serial
use a 6.8kish resistor from pin 21 to gnd
tie pin 11-sergnd to the real ground
use iphoneinterface to send the following commands in recovery mode:
setenv debug-uarts 1
that should work


The command list is:


You need a level converter, like the max 232 to make this work

This means that within a few days someone will package an unlocking program and an easier-to-use interface together to unlock the iPhone’s SIM card and make it do what it was really meant to do–let anyone have three or four Apple devices on their person.

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4 Responses to “Unlock your iPhone! Serial HACKED!”

  1. Alot of the serial commands have been restricted in the latest 3,1 Beta, So finding another Baseband exploit will be alot more difficult for now :9

  2. I think all solutions can be reset so there is no void to your warranty when unlocking!

  3. If you are going to unlock your iphone 3G then choose a solution that can be reset to factory settings so that you do not void your warranty.

  4. It's already out, it's called yellowsn0w! and you can get it for free from the dev teams blog. It unlocks any iPhone 3G worldwide – a few signal problems at the moment for some people.

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