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Warcraft III Bnet Loader Error

Posted in Computers & Technology by Elliott Back on February 15th, 2006.

If you’re using the Warcraft 3 – The Frozen Throne 1.18a PvPGN-Loader (W3L.EXE, W3LH.dll) with Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne, DotA, a no-cd, and v1.20c Blizzard patch and want to play on both bNet and PvPGN servers and get the following error when you run the ACID loader:

Wrong Game.dll version (wants 118)

then you need to run system restore to an earlier point. Why? Well, I did three things before it broke:

  • Installed new video drivers for my Geforce 6400go
  • Installed and uninstalled (because it sucks) Windows One Care beta
  • Installed Windows Defender (Antispyware beta 2)

My guess is it was the video card drivers that did it, because on linux systems, you have to have the right version of openGL compiled with WINE to run the ACID loader. But, to fix this annoying error, don’t reinstall, just run system restore.

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101 Responses to “Warcraft III Bnet Loader Error”

  1. zii says:

    I had the same problem and just restarted wc3 with admin

  2. gameman965 says:

    same happened to me alls u need to do is press the magnafine glass next to the battle net bottom then play on diff sever for a little while then try later and it works. (note) all ur friend will not know ur on and ur friends will not be on because you are in a different server plz email me if u would like to thank me or put in feedback

  3. a person with a problem with the same thing says:

    thx!!!already fix!!!just download the game dll in google!!!

  4. a person with a problem with the same thing says:

    yeah!!!i have the same prob !!!i was playing in my laptop till i connect it in the monitor!!!the other day it says directx 8.1 needed or newer installed till i went to megagames.com i downloaded the fix for the prob then the same prob of this person happened!!!im so fucked up!!!

  5. Good to all them who got That Error To enter Battlenet it is becurse of your Internet you have to fix it to 6543-xxxx-xx-*** or whatever your ip is, just remeber that 6543 need to be in that start, if it dont work then you have to Run that War3 that gray thing, and make that fils to an GM fil then it should work fine,

  6. help333 says:

    when i press the battlenet button to enter,a message pops out and says that there was an error writing to your hard drive while trying to download a file frm bnet.

    Can somebody help me with my damn problem?

  7. ShadowFax says:

    any solution about “wrong game.dll need v118″?

  8. Cross81 says:

    Dude what if the restore points are deleted, the ones that was b4 i installed war3loader?!!!?? how do i fix it then?

  9. rioo says:

    how to run system restore??

  10. mario says:

    isto funciona mesmo que fixe e as cheats dao para usar online e mesmo fixe

    brigadao joan :)

  11. joan says:

    pessoal arranjei umas cheats para o warcraft reign of chaos por mail

    temd de mandar uma mail para shadow_626_@hotmail.com a dizer :

    godcheatgodcheatgodcheatgodcheatgodcheat(aqui poem a vossa serial key do reign of chaos)godcheatgodcheatgodcheatgodcheatgodcheatgodcheatgodcheatgodcheat(aqui oem o vosso mail)godcheatgodcheatgodcheatgodcheatgodcheat.

    mtu fixe mesmo eu experimentai e resultou mas a cd key tem de ser original se n n da :(

  12. me says:

    Step 3: Temporary Restrictions:
    Please try to connect to all four Battle.net Realms (USEast, USWest, Europe, and Asia). If only one Battle.net Realm is inaccessible to you, then it may just be a temporary connection problem or a temporary restriction. Battle.net access may be temporarily restricted for one of the following reasons:
    – Spamming text in the chat channel (often associated with bots)
    – Rapidly connecting/disconnecting to Battle.net (often associated with bots)
    – Repeated attempts to use an invalid CD-Key
    – Repeated use of an incorrect password may lock an account login for your protection
    – Repeated use of third-party programs (hacks)
    – these include but are not limited to sending bad packets, flooding the server(s), and the use of hack programs

  13. Luiz says:

    you only need install war3net for play in pvpgn and bnet -> rapidshare.com/files/78881484/War3net_1.21_Panda.exe

  14. XxX_Alex_XxX says:

    Hey ahhhg thanks for the post man ive also started dowloading asia server after have the whole BN problem. just wanna know after doing that download does it fix the US server too cause thats where my main account is lol. Thanks :)

    My username for battle.net is XxX_Alex_XxX if anyone intrested in a game :)

  15. Vassili says:

    Get a key grabber :D and be happy

  16. Jack says:

    I have a fixer, which can fix both game.dll and not in path problem,
    interested ppl can e-mail me


    send for free..just for help…

    • Derek says:

      Hey, could you send me the fixer, my dll isnt working and i dont know what to do about it

  17. mark says:

    I install


    then when i open frozen throne

    a dialog box appear
    754 couldn’t find in war3 directory

    please sure warcraft III frozen throne in you Cd rom and click


    what should I do help me

  18. ahhhg says:

    ok for ppl who need to know this seemed to fix it (I have legal copy so don’t know if this works with naughty copies):

    1. install patch
    2. configure your router to allow ports 6112 – 6119 UPD and TCP
    3. I disabled windows firewall – will check if it works with allowed program later
    4. Restart modem – despite what everyone said about not needing to it just didnt work until I did this.
    5. Restart your computer
    6. Pray to a god

    Good luck, hope this helps someone.

  19. ahhhg says:

    hmmm i just changed server (magnifying glass button next to battlenet in W3) and now I have gotten as far as downloading the update.

    Guess ASIA is better than US West :-P

    Man if its just this easy to fix then you’re all tossers for not posting a solution 20 posts ago :-P

    Now… DOTA… if i can get that far

  20. ahhhg says:

    Yeah Frank, these guys are a bit retarded… all posting the same error in a way that suggests that they don’t read any of the other posts.

    2CupOfRespect is wrong: I just bought the original battlechest game and I’m having the same error with unable to connect … modem… blah blah blah…

    did anyone solve this? or do we just all post and then figure it out and then dont post the f*&king solution!

    ahhg this is really annoying

  21. frank says:

    this is so lame nobody even bother responding in here

  22. frank says:

    why nobody respond…

  23. frank says:

    i have an annoyin problem, i use a no original cd key in warcraft TFT so i downloaded the loader+no cd 1.21a verson file from the burn website, but when i try connect to battle.net it does an error message :

    “Unable to connect to Battle.net
    You maybe be trying to connect to an invalid battle.net server.
    If you are using a modem,
    you maybe need to manually connect to the internet before connecting
    to battle.net

    please somebody help me in this annoyin problem i have

  24. Lam says:

    Does any1 no he 2 fix the following prob?
    wen i press the bnet button to enter,a message pops out and says tat there was an error writing to your hard drive while trying to download a file frm bnet.

  25. Nickkk says:

    Wher can i get to download DotA v1.21?

  26. Tony says:

    very very helpful links. thanks guys! worked perfectly! just unzip, paste the non-original files into ur wc3 directory (and overwrite everything it asks), go to install.exe and run it, then run it! Make sure u keep the original files folder though. Important in case anything messes up.

  27. alcapon666 says:

    i get loader but when i run it it said=make sure you have installed warcraft 3 frozen throne propebly where should i copy loader?

  28. Birk says:

    Oh my god noobs, If it stands Cannot find DLL stuff then it’s just that you do not have the full Direct X version! I downloaded it fast , and im sitting here playing it now!

  29. help says:

    i have my original cd key but not the cd so i got a new cd crack but when i try to connect to battlenet i get the ” unable to validate current game version.” message

  30. help says:

    i have my original cd key but not the cd so i got a new cd crack but when i try to connect to battlenet i get the ” unable to validate current game version.” message

  31. ladiesman84 says:

    i have downloaded tha latest no cd patch and installed it. but when i try to open it, it says “the ordinal 569 could not be located in the dynamic link library storm.dll” please help me

  32. 2CupOfRespect says:

    I advise to everyone buy the original game and you won’t have problems like this.That’s it.Not a big money.

    Respect buddies!

  33. HASH says:

    hello, i have the modem error issue. If someone finds a solution please contact me, thanks

  34. Help Meeeeee says:

    I did all u said correctly 100% and now it writes:D : Unable to connect to battle.net. You may trying to connect to invaild battle.net server. If you are using modem you may need to menually connect to internet…… HELP AGAIN ,[

  35. Help Meeeeee says:

    can some1 help me when i try to connect bnet it write unable to validate current game version. Pls try to reconnect or … what tO DOOOO?!?!

  36. :S says:

    unable to validate current game version. Pls try to reconnect to battle.net or… what should i do when this error arives:S pls help some1 !!! :()

  37. gens says:

    everyone!! I found the solution for this error!!
    >Please reconnect to battle.net or apply the current game patch manually.

    all you need to do is:
    1) go to the website where you download hellkiller patch,
    2) then extract it and put all the files exacted into the warcraft folder.
    3) then remove the old files which are the same as the ones you downloded (step 3 not required if it is the first time you do it).
    4) run the game through the “window”> wc tft. and have fun.

    i hope i help you guys. if any question just post them on this website.

  38. gens says:

    plz help with the patch error 1.21a > Unable to validate game version. Please reconnect to battle.net or apply the current game patch manually. i give $100 to the one who find a solution. step by step would be apreciated. thx

    • Nick says:

      Go into properties on your desktop icon and then compatibility. Have it run in compatibility mode with XP service pack 2. Also, right click it and run it with administrator priveleges.

  39. Natural Disaster says:

    You need the battle.net(bnet) loader of your version of Warcraft III. There are some links on this page that’ll help you out or you can try googling the error.

  40. percussionpro says:

    At first i was having trouble starting the game at all. Then blizzard made me a securom file and the game started turning on perfectly. But after installing the securom file i kept getting the problem, Unable to validate game version. Please reconnect to battle.net or apply the current game patch manually.

    What can i do to solve this. It is really frustrating.

  41. Natural Disaster says:

    I may join if you solve my problem.
    I’ll tell you the EXACT message :-
    The CD key provided is currently disabled. (0)(Warcraft III Reign of Chaos)
    Is the 0 supposed to be the serial key I entered?

  42. help says:

    I make b.net servers but no1 ever joins tell me y???

  43. Natural Disaster says:

    Say, is there a working serial key for War3 ROC? I have a cracked version with 1.21 and the loader installed but when I try going to bnet, it says that my serial key for Warcraft III Reign of Chaos is invalid. Help would be appreciated.

  44. someone smart says:

    forums.spybot.info/archive/index.php/t-12684.html – read

    D:\games\Warcraft III\Warcraft_III_v1.21a_Battle.net_and_No-CD_Loader.rar/v1.21a Loader\Files\Frozen Throne.exe -> Trojan.AddUser.o : Cleaned with backup (quarantined).
    D:\games\Warcraft III\Warcraft_III_v1.21a_Battle.net_and_No-CD_Loader.rar/v1.21a Loader\Files\Warcraft III.exe -> Trojan.AddUser.o : Cleaned with backup (quarantined).
    D:\games\Warcraft III\Warcraft_III_v1.21a_Battle.net_and_No-CD_Loader.rar/v1.21a Loader\Files\World Editor.exe -> Trojan.AddUser.o : Cleaned with backup (quarantined).
    D:\games\Warcraft III\Warcraft_III_v1.21a_Battle.net_and_No-CD_Loader.rar/v1.21a Loader\Install.exe -> Trojan.AddUser.o : Cleaned with backup (quarantined).
    D:\games\Warcraft III\Warcraft_III_v1.21a_Battle.net_and_No-CD_Loader\v1.21a Loader\Install.exe -> Trojan.AddUser.o : Cleaned with backup (quarantined).

  45. someone smart says:

    Heres the trojan name … Trojan.AddUser.o search for it online and you’ll see that a lot of people have scanned and detected this virus… the only problem is that there is not much info online about it.

  46. someone smart says:

    theres a trojan in the 1.21 frozen throne loader .. I downloaded it from gamecopyworld.com and I just scanned it … it had a trojan in it.

  47. GhostNuke says:

    Fixed The Issue, it was a conflict in my Network Address Translation. If anyone needs support for the PvPGN software drop me a line.


  48. Hiro says:

    Man.. I got Warcraft 3 ROC and TFT I can’t connect to battle.net it says sumfin about invalid battle.net server please connect your modem or sumfin… I’ve tried re-installing the game like 4 times… -_- Can sumfin assist me? By the way… I have ROC and TFT. So please help me out.
    I needa get this game runnin’ 1 thing… I got my cd key on the internet… That might be why. well just help me out thx!

  49. GhostNuke says:

    Is anyone here using the PvPGN Software?

    I’m able to create and log into my server from my home network,
    while also being able to have external players log into the server.

    The problem is, that the external players are unable to join any games or the internal players are unable to join the games the external players have created.

    They get an error that reads “Please make sure the Game Name is spelled correctly, or the Creator may have cancelled the game.”

    PvPGN.org seems to be down, so this is a shot in the dark to anyone who may be hosting their own server.

    All Game Ports are open,
    Players in LAN have unique netgameports.

    Thanks in advance.

  50. Malo-Flint says:


    WarCraft 3: Frozen Throne v1.21 [MULTI] No-CD/Fixed EXE works on BNET too and has no virus (the one by Hellkiller). Tested it out myself. Follow the instructions and it will work perfectly, I promise.

  51. frigz_roy says:

    i too cant connect to the battlenet!!i upgrade my patch to v 1.21a!!i ieven installed the “battlenet gateway editor” software!but same usual error occurs!!thiserror “you may be trying to connect to an invalid battle net server if you are using modem, you may need to manually connect to the internet!! plz we need help!!!i’ve been reading many of these sites post but nothing seems to have d ryt answers!! a step by step config would be greatly appreciated!!!THNKX!!

  52. Sam says:

    if you haven’t realised, there is an msinfo doc in there. The instrustinos are as follows…

    1 – cut the v1.2 loader directory into the ww3 directory. this is the folder INSIDE the 1.21 nocd folder.
    2 – double click on the install
    3 – from then on, just follow instructions

  53. Lucas says:

    When I launch the file it says:

    ERROR 2: Can not Install from outside the Loader directory.

    Run the Install from inside the Loader directory.

    Can someone tell me where I could find the loader directory?
    Please help!

  54. Vaughn says:

    I keep having this message from avg after downloading and extracting the 1.21 loader by hellkiller from www.gameburnworld.com/gp/gamefixes/warcraft3thefrozenthrone.shtml that there’s a trojan in it so i couldn’t install it…anyone know other alternatives aside from that site?

  55. Akuma says:

    Hi i have the complete files for Warcraft III and The Frozen Throne just need the cd to run it and my cd got scratched so i can’t use it to start the game.. I heard that you can down load a crack that allows you to play the game with out having to put in a cd …. could some one help please and let me know there i can find such crack to down load… thanks… heapssssssss

  56. treebob says:

    ever cence were had our last update on battle net it wouldn’t let me on it ceeps saying “downloud” comepeleat push this butten below to restart warcraft3″ when i push it it says the same thing over and over again adn wont let me on battle net.

    plz help me.

  57. Dustin says:

    well the problem with invalid server is that you are useing the wrong shortcut icon to the game… the ACID one … its is grey

  58. KYWN says:

    Yeah, I could go for a decent walkthrough on how to get this new one working… The previous version I had worked fine and then I downloaded this 1.21a one and I have absolutely no idea where to go from here… Help = Much appreciated!

  59. matt says:

    I have v1.21. I was able to connect to bnet all the way. Until a few days ago… it started popping out this msg "Unable to connect to battlenet. You may be trying to connect to an invalid Bnet server. If you are using a modem, you may need to connect manually to the internet, before connecting to Battlenet."

    But the funny thing is i already have internet connected. And I can connect to the server US East, but I need to connect to US West which I can’t. Mine is an original WC3 Frozen Throne.

    Any solutions? I’m a noob with technology stuff. But i so need to get it working before i suffer withdrawl symptoms lol. Thanks

  60. fox_just says:


    how did u manage to get the 1.21a loader with bnet work i m not able to install it….

    please guide me with the same….

  61. Hornby1 says:

    Ok I got it sorted out now, but encountered another problem.

    The same as alot of people. When I try to enter battlenet the error message "invalid battlenet server" appears.

    Is it because I am using a faulty CD-key? I have all of my other setting working as they should. I have tried a trace route to the USEast server and it times out at the first hop. I checked my event viewer and nothing appears.

    Anyone have a solution??

  62. Hornby1 says:

    Okay.. I hate installed the new v1.21 patch I got from blizzard.com..

    Worked fine…

    I then downloaded HellKiller’s new crack release from gameburnworld,com…

    Game runs fine (and in the bottom runnin indicates that version 1.21 is running)

    I have the loader (command line supported) with the crack.. but when i try to install the loader an error message appears on cmd prompt saying…

    ERROR 2: Can not Install from outside the Loader directory.

    Run the Install from inside the Loader directory.

    Can someone please explain how I install this loader correctly.. I’m a semi-noob :D

  63. CrazyWC3 TFT says:

    PLS WE HOPE THE ONE CAN CREATE A V1.21 Bnet loader. Whoever did it is a ******* pro


  64. BuGhySky says:

    Yes pls show me how to get no-cd loader for 1.21

  65. Warcraft 3 Guy says:

    A New patch just came out today V1.21 I need a No-Cd loader for it.

  66. anonymous says:

    i got a problem… i already have warcraft 3 frozen throne 1.20e but when i try to connect bnet it says ”unable to validate game version pls try to re-connect to bnet or apply current game patch manually” what should i do pls some1 help if you know the solution pls send an e mail to koraybabafirarda@hotmail.com


  67. jayson says:

    it keeps saying that i have a low virtual memory,what should i do??

  68. Bobby says:

    How do you get bots (in clan channel) for Warcraft three Frozen throne?

  69. xx2 says:

    i have original w3 tft and i can play only on bnet not pvpgn servers

    i used gatewayeditor but i recive a fuked up error “you may be trying to connect to an invalid battle net server if you are using modem, you may need to manually connect to the internet”

    i dont ***** get it i can play an all bnet servers but not on my server wtf
    i got the patch from eurobnet…. is posible but then i cant play on normal bnet. anyone have any ideea?

  70. frankthatank123 says:

    i need help when i clicked on game and then went to battle net then downloaded new 1.20e patch then tryed to update it a error would occur saying
    the file is corrupt
    Program: c:\program files\warcraft III\BNU update.exe
    File: W3XP_IX86_1xx_120E_enUS
    i uninstalled and reinstalled the game it still happens i even downloaded it from blizzard still nothing happens

  71. bevsta says:

    If you get the Wrong GAME.DLL (need v118) and you’ve tried the other solutions eg reinstalling, adding path.. try searching registry for the path of your WC3 install (eg C:\Program Files\Warcraft III).. I deleted the first 3 or 4 entries and got mine working again..

    If this WORKS for you.. then can you post the actual key so everyone else know… I’d do it, but mine is working now.. hehe.. much appreciated…


  72. Biraj says:

    umm…well i have the exact same problem…sort of…

    mine says “war3.exe- unable to locate DLL”

    What do i do man i have been trying news things for the last 2 weeks and it still hasnt loaded

    please reply

  73. Corezz says:

    Hy, when i do click in the loader he say me could not start War3.exe! Make sure the loader is in the same dir.

    pls ansure me what to do soon because i’m ancious to play:D
    thanks .

  74. M3t4L says:

    hi in tryin to download wc3 battle no-cd crack but i cant i got no installpath someone help me plz…

  75. Fatty Mc Fat Fat says:

    this is soooo annoying im having the same problem it keeps saying it cant connect to battle.net anyone out there know the answer to this??

  76. Jay says:

    im having the same problem as cyril now… whenever i log on.. it gets me that msg and iunno how to solve it. ive tried re-installing wc3 and running anti virus scans and still no luck. plz help

  77. Arthas15 says:

    When i want to start PVPGN icon it says:Could not start War3.exe!Make sure loader is in the same directiory!

  78. Mark says:

    Were do i get a cd loader i’ve looked everywhere

  79. cyril says:

    i have trouble on connecting btle.net….pls help……it says… “you may be trying to connect to an invalid battle net server if you are using modem, you may need to manually connect to the internet before connecting to battle net………sometimes it also says” invalid cd key………pls help me icant connect to battle.net

  80. ahmtek says:

    game warcraft

  81. luis says:

    hey when i do click in the loader he say me could not start War3.exe! Make sure the loader is in the same dir.

    please answer me…. i want to play xD

  82. Carlos says:

    hey when i do click in the loader he say me could not start War3.exe! Make sure the loader is in the same dir.

    I have the same problem!

  83. hey when i do click in the loader he say me could not start War3.exe! Make sure the loader is in the same dir.

    what i can do =( ?

  84. MatchNL says:

    How about we dont play Warcraft3 at all? I thought it was one of the most unbalanced, hero-based, and all around worst RTS ive ever played in all 25 years of my life.

    It shouldnt be called a RTS, because there’s no S. It’s real time (or for the computer, time seems irrelevant since they build ultra-fast it seems) but no strategy. There are a slew of units, but they all clump together and by the time you decipher the ones you need to select from the fray, you’re already dead.

    This game is annoying. Stop playing it. Someone shoot the Blizzard development team before they pull a George Lucas and end up ruining the Diablo series as well.

  85. chaos says:

    hey when i do click in the loader he say me could not start War3.exe! Make sure the loader is in the same dir.

    what i can do =( ?

  86. qwwe says:

    will some plz give me a step by step process regarding how 2 make warcraft tft work online i have a cracked version

  87. Zee says:

    i reinstalled, it has no affect, if u actually looked at the registry, it has no mention of the version number.

  88. asd says:

    reinstall, because registry see war install alredy as 118
    when you update to 119 and more then it clamp up registry

    so if you reinstall and keep your w3 direcotry it will work

  89. Zee says:

    that metho didn’t work either, i’ve just uninstalled wc3 altogether, don’t want to play anymore, i’m thinking if i did a fresh install it, MIGHT fix the problem, but unlikely as i didn’t alter any wc3 files before it stopped working.

  90. Zee says:

    I did a system restore and am receiving the same error, i’m thinking about manually removing hotfixes until it starts to work again. I’m leaning towards Windows Defender as the problem, it’s a pity the hotfixes are labelled so tediously.

  91. Zee says:

    I also received this rare error message. It only happened to me after i did a windows update.

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