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WC3 Banlist, Kick Tool for DoTa

Posted in Blizzard,DOTA,DoTa Allstars,Games,Hacking by Elliott Back on July 13th, 2006.

Anybody who plays Dota or another Warcraft III mod on battle.net knows that games are often plagued by griefers, leavers, and other bnet miscreants. If you want to have a good game of Dota, you’re going to need the tools to combat bad players.


Here’s what you’ll need:

Install the banlist program, then under preferences/Online Lists you’ll see a load from XML file button on the lower right hand corner. Add your XML files here, then delete them. You’ll automatically get the latest global approved bans for all the realms you’ve chosen. And, keep the kick utility running while you play and you’ll be able to boot the griefers, feeders, and noobs!

Update: Since ShadowFrench’s website went toast a while ago, I’m uploading the latest version of Custom Kick for download–you can grab it right here folks: w3xcustomkick12001.zip. Please enjoy, and use it for the purposes of good, not evil!

Update 2: You’re going to need ShadowFrench’s CustomKick 12201, so I’m uploading the w3xcustomkick12201.zip here for you to download. I think it works with the latest bnet update?

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110 Responses to “WC3 Banlist, Kick Tool for DoTa”

  1. .PoM says:

    mcm mane nak pp org ajar

  2. DAC says:

    Ban is worthless and will be until it gives IP ban info and can tell that a user is using the same CD key that was banned without being able see or copy the CD key. People can make a new account every day and hack and CK people all they want. It would also be nice to have a tool that would tell you if anyone in your game commonly plays together so you can get rid of the scrubs who join your game just to feed their friends and leave ruining the game.

  3. thiago says:

    i need to ban list

  4. All weak says:

    all cheater is weak

  5. Tim says:

    Can i ask you something guyz? My banlist can’t save replays so i cant ask for bans ! Is it the same to save replays from WC3 when the game ends, and then report a (leaver) with this replay??


  6. t-t > says:

    Custom kick is great, the only time I use it is when someone in whatever game I’m in regardless of team is putting their allies in a severe disadvantage and generally ruining the fun of the game. It’s gonna happen that retards are going to abuse this power but whenever I get kicked (it’s usually for owning the host) I just consider it a win and move on. It’s just a game after all…

  7. S@@DM@N! says:

    U all r fuc*ing mad sayin that custom kick sux.It can RUL3 too if u use it for aeh damn good game but if u use to kick gg players as*e* then its pathetic n useless.

  8. apollo12 says:

    u all must be NUTS!!! this is for if you are 2v3, and the other team has a real n00b on their team, so you can even the odds

  9. ChiN says:

    Noooooooooooooooooo!!!! kut dog

  10. sideby says:

    Why dont you use Visual Custom Kick ?


    Its much better then the kick tool from shadow french.

    – Supports Windows Vista

    – Kick players conveniently with /vkick *Part of Playername*

    – Very fast kicking

    – No need to tray Warcraft III to kick someone

    – Doesn’t need many system resources

    – Constantly updated

    – AutoUpdate functions

    – AutoUpdate on startup (if wished)

    – AutoInject when Warcraft starts

    – Loader can be minimized to tray

    – Settings are stored

    – Kicks on LAN

    – Convenient interface

    – Automatically write game modes

    – Reduce the start countdown (the red numbers 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…)

    – Reduces the latency

    – Alerts you when your game is full

    – Refreshes your game (Custom botnames, custom colors)

    – Is very easy to use and well documentated unlike other Warcraft 3 Programs

    – … (And many more, try it yourself ! :-] )

  11. gocyrpros says:

    you know its lame for pros to cry about noobs and to abuse custom kick and banlist.everyone was a noob one time or another and how is a noob gonna leran how to play if a pro always ck them.if you dont want noobs just say in the **** game name no noobs or only pros and the noobs will go away trust me.also those who abuse ck cause there dont want to lose well your the real noob.if you dont want to lose then stop sucking.cause i know a hack to counter ck and crash the hosts warcraft you could say im a comp wis and a hacker xD.and some other players might to so you noob abusers might want to watch out sometimes you never know when youll get abused back

  12. michael says:

    lol. or just dont piss the host off

  13. BOB says:

    the best way to counter custom kick is to host the game…

  14. Alex says:

    yeah, my custom kick isn’t working too =[. And, not all hosts kick when they’re losing. People from the other team has asked me to kick all the noobs on their team.I really don’t like me losing because of a noob on my team. And I mean serious noob of like 5 deaths, 0 kills, no assists. Even then I wait for a couple more deaths.

  15. michael says:

    um… i think that it doesn’t work with the latest update to warcraft 3, because i could use it fine previously. and only the host is able to kick with it

  16. kremt kremt says:

    am i supposed to copy the xml files ore just move it??

  17. Hmmm says:

    I get the same thing. “country fail” and custom kick doesn’t work. Anyways do u need to be host to be able to kick with customkick?

  18. ilikecheese says:

    i’m having a very, VERY hard time working with shadow french’s custom kick…it says country fail in bottom left, any help? i cant figure it out..reply please!

  19. Fuxk them banlist lolz. no one care anymore. I just made a new program. it’s call Ban the Banlist abuser. so what if I join a game and leave. the host never gonna see me again so who give a dam. hell I use custom kick to cheat and win when I am hosting. WTF people gonna do about it. unless Blizard start getting serious with them hackers and ****. No one care about the banlist stuff. I cheat in Dota by kicking people. Ain’t no one doing nothing about it really lolz.

  20. Futon says:


    Same here man, I have Vista and it doesn’t seem to work for me.
    Same thing as you described happens to me too.

    Can anyone help for how to work custom kick for Vista users???

  21. Mehow_Pwn says:

    Hello I have a problem with this ” SUPER custom kick” it doesnt seem to work for me when i try To kick someone (I have vista) Its shutingdown..

    WTF! could anyone help here?or.. is it just vista (I also try to use that admin thing) but it still closes… Wtf! i swear wtf…

    anyway dota blow People who report blows now go and die ****

  22. RATxTRAP says:

    how do u report someone abusing the kicktool AND banning without cause. RANCLOM just kicked/banned me for “destroying his items” when he was using syllbear and his bear ran into secret shop to reveal where he was hiding.

  23. MH losers says:

    Just to warn anyone who cares and plays on Azeroth (US East). Don’t bother joining any games that are hosted by TicKLe-mE-eLmO since he just custom kicks as soon as he starts losing. And unfortunately since it’s ck you can’t save the replay.

  24. Dota sucks says:

    Dota really does suck and is dieing slowy

  25. Get a Life says:

    The thing is that as much as i have incredible amount of fun playing Dota, i dont have the ability to always know that i have the next hour free with no interruptions. Sometimes i go as far as to pull out my internet so that i dont get banned. My brother broke his finger and i had to beg blue not to ban me so i could take him to the f***ing hospital. there are way too many people who abuse programs like this and they dont really stop the people from leaving. Some people now ban for anything, i saw a guy get banned cos he lagged out. That is the most retarded thing i have ever seen.

  26. Dota is for losers says:

    SUCK A **** SUCK A ****?

  27. muhfocker says:

    this program is freakin awesome. I never lose in dota with this cuz any noobs on my team I kick and any pros on the other team I also kick.

    • HUBA.DanceR. says:

      who cares if you win? you can kick all 5 opponents every single game. it won’t accomplish anything, but make you look like an immature loser.

  28. dude says:

    everytime i clik on K in the costumkick

    its written:

    Run-Time error ‘453′:
    Can’t find DLL entry point AllocateAndGetTcpExtTableFromStack in iphlpapi.dll

    Can I get some help? If it is not a problem, of course.

  29. platinumshinez says:

    i see too many afks and intentional feeders to uninstall custom kicl.
    custom kick is made for people that ruin the game.
    yes, it is often abused.
    yes i was banned from blizzard by some little fruit that was intentionally feeding.
    “wah wahh custom kick is a hack, gt rprted to bnet n00b!”
    i really don’t care. custom kick should be a valid product on attached to the banlist.

  30. VietBuddy2 says:

    When you get banlist, how do you actually use it to ban people on WC3?

  31. Johnny says:

    I wanna banlist some1
    he crashed my game cauz i was good and he sucked **** how can i banlist

  32. Kralnor says:

    The link for Shadow French’s Custom Kick hack contains a trojan called Virtumonde.

    Stay the hell away from it.

  33. CowsGoMoo says:

    The problem with custom kick is that I’ve seen more hosts kick people out of frustration (because they got slaughtered) than actually kicking afk’s and intentional feeders. Then the hosts stick them on their local banlists. That really ruins the point of banlist, doesn’t it? Plus it only takes about 2 clicks to find Shadowfrench’s maphack from that link you provide. You should really take it down x_x

  34. Captainnoobhead says:

    I have a question about DOTA.
    I have been playing dota for a few weeks now, and i still cant work out which towers to build first.
    I like fire towers the best, so when i started this game awhile ago, i typed -FIRE, and this other guy, he types -random.
    We’ll i didnt get a peon dude, but he did, so i typed random as well, and i got a tree guy. Well i couldnt see how to build the towers, so i typed -build tower, -build basic tower, -build tree tower, I GOT FRUSTRATED AND SCREAMED GO TREE TOWER GO!!!!! still nothing.

    Later i tried again and got a white goat, i said “i’ll build ice towers, and someone kicked me from the game.

    my finally try was in a game called “GODLIKE PROS ONLY NO NOOBS”
    I joined and i got something called the blood seeker. Everyone was happy, they say Bloodseeker we win! So i typed -go, -seekblood, -atemboys, -attack, -buildbasicbloodseeking tower…

    nothing works and i got kicked again!


  35. nightspy says:

    all this problem came up is just because dota isn’t perfect game. there is always some one use this tool that tool. accept it ! dont be like moron yell’n ppl. it is simple the game isn’t perfect. especially ppl who mad at their team mates just because they re not as good as them. they simple forgot if they ever come from stupid moron too. program makers do nothing wrong or right it is the F**king ppl use it to satisfy their ego.even shadow dont cr8 this program somebody sooner later will come up and may be more ruining the game.
    please curse the game for being unperfect.

    ps: please enjoy the game if u can’t dont play..

  36. bkim0515 says:

    custom kick is for noobs that cant win with an idiot on their team
    also its bannable and strictly forbidden under asg guidelines (aprroved hosts and xml contributers can be suspended or removed from the xml’s for using this “tool”)
    also for “A player” there is no such thing as a “global banlist” and you cannot submit a replay and request a ban
    anybody associated with the banlist.nl forums is not allowed to ban on request
    the only people that would ban or request that i can think of at the top of my head is TDA and in that case you need to be in an actual TDA game
    even in that case, you wouldn’t be added to the “global banlist” because it doesn’t exist

  37. ReMonestri says:

    Just code it yourself man dont be lazy.

  38. Monestri says:

    Does anyone know a kick tool compatible with linux? I’ve tried this with wine / cedega / CrossOver and i’ve had no luck.

  39. I hate kids says:

    *** guzzling homofags!

  40. SuperUber says:

    I use a kickhack too but ONLY for kicking game ruiners off.(not including noobs and unfortunate feeders) Using it for kicking so called hackers off is also risky because I have been flamed for MH many times and FOR THE LAST TIME I dont use things like that…… Ruiners include: people who on purpose suicide, are on afk more than 10 min

  41. I hate kids says:

    DOTA is lame, just like your mom!

  42. some guy says:

    I got the custom hack for one reason. I host alot and what I hate is when you have some noob that goes afk for 40mins than comes back and starts suiciding. This has happened to me 6 times.

    On the other hand, this hack is abused by people for sure. The other day i was playing a match with this fool and he booted me for not giving me my sheep staff thingy. Luckily I than later got him on banlists.

  43. pfunk says:

    U R ***

  44. I hate kids says:

    *** YOU NIGGERS!

  45. and what the hell is up woth the name shadow ‘french’ this isnt some kind of foreign **** is it

  46. I hate kids says:

    The average kid doesn’t know his head from his ***.


    I am going to find a trojan horse and flood this mother ****** with spy ware, so that everytime some dumb *** gets on here and complains or agrees with the **** sucker that created this program, will suffer and have to restore their computers.

    This is how much I hate kids with a tool that has to much responibility. Give a nigger one inch and he’ll walk a yard. 14 and blow have no relievence to the conversation because you lack the maturity, the creative thinking, and the resolve to properly form your own indipendant decisions based on the facts, that this program is nothing more than horse **** and your all eating it.

  47. CleWe says:

    With great power comes great responsibility.

    I dont’t think that the average-DotA-Hoster has this responsibility.
    Think twice.

  48. Hust says:

    Zerg, you are the prime of example of a bad player. And your age was no revelenence whatso ever, be sure to kick me in my own games, but now I doubt i’ll tell you because then you’d probly ruin my game. Your just pathetic. Go to hell, suck a ****, and get a life kid. I hope you quit WC3 way before you hit 16.

  49. Zerg_Killer_2.0 says:

    By the way Hust, (even though I doubt you’ll read this) Warcraft III is not a rate M game, go to hell. Learn to read. Be smart like me. Oh wait, I play Warcrat III so of course I’m not smart. But I can host and I do use custom kick to boot people who hack. Of course that might not make sense because I’m hacking to boot a hacker. Who gives a **** what you do. I’m 14 but hell, I’m going to quit this bullshit once I’m 16. Why would you comment somthing negative on a topic. I love custom kick, it’s great. If someone boots you with it who cares, just play another game. (btw i can boot people even tho im not host)

  50. Hust says:

    Oh by the way people, if you can’t host and your on a router and people are tired of lame hosts, go to Portforward.com and get your router configured. That’ll teach you **** a lession on banning.

  51. Hust says:

    I find after reading all these posts, is that Shadowfrench hacks are rather pointless and in most casesess useless. I would like to say to all you people using it, I’ve only been booted once, but if you don’t let people play, your going to decrease the amount of players activily playing WC3. I hate leavers, but as someone said before, you learn to deal with it. Beyond that, you kids need to play something more your level, M is for adults 17 and up. You shouldn’t be playing these type of games anyway, and beyond that, I hope you hackers get banned because of the simple fact, that you’re manipulating the game from it’s original form. If you can’t stand someone learn some self-control and take a break. The aduacity of these people that take this game to seriously and refuse to admit that they are usually at fault cause me to believe that WC3 Is dying just like some of the other games i’ve played. Basicly, you people kids, young adults, find your inner peace and yield to the fact that many people are new and some aren’t, there will always be someone better than you at DOTA, Footmen Frenzy, or whatever you play. So I say enjoy your game, and take a break when you get pissed.

  52. LBLuxFerre says:

    Custom Kick is an awesome tool. The ONLY way to discourage a ****** from deriving pleasure in ruining games is to boot him on the spot.

    N00bs bitching about it should host their own games and clearly label them (i.e. DOTA -N00BSHITS ONLY-) so they only have their kind join.

  53. Host says:

    guys, i got custom kick, and i can host.
    i do not play dota, but island defense, and there is where i use it.
    before i got my comp to host, i did experience dumb hosts kicking me cus i was better… **** happens and i join a new game. now that i cna host, i doesnt do the same mistake, and every1 who play Island def, knows how it is with noobs there, 1 noob can be a gmae ruined. custom kick is great, if u can use it. if u cant use it right, then ur just dmub or jealous, end of discussion

  54. Ancient_evil says:

    It is awesome tool for kicking afkers or spamers, bad side of that is posibility of bad :D

  55. CyPHer says:

    Wow, this is completely retarded. The only thing this does, since there are only a handful of RoC DoTA player to begin with, is limit the games that people who are underskilled can play. Some idiot I was playing with yesterday kept TK’ing and added all of us to his banlist, now my friends and I can’t get into any DoTA game without being booted.

    This program is garbage created so that 10 year old kids who think they are the **** at DoTA can ban people who they think aren’t as good as them. The amount of abuse this has created is ridiculous.

  56. chivo says:

    how do u get this 2 work??? i cant get it 2 work

  57. SnakeLover says:

    …You people are losers…your threatening people who just want to play without some ****** such as yourself booting them…i was booted in a TOB (i odnt like dota) because some noobie hack-abuser wanted my items…we were on the same team too…just wnated to let you hack dlers know that if you abuse it, you’re losers…i mean come on, get a job damnit! Theres more to life other than dota.

    BTW i would like to know about a counter because noobs boot me because either thye want my items, im not in their clan or they’re retards ignorant of the fact that I’m a player…not a comp…

    P.S. i ofund this forum thorugh google cause im looking for a way to block the boot, so thats hwy im posting

    To those you who are obsessed with warcraft 3 so much you willing to threaten someone over one or two stupid deaths, i say to you: Get a life, get real friends, and if you are 14 or over GET A JOB

  58. fuck you says:

    I want to let you know that i’m going to hunt you down and ******* murder you. got that? i am going to blow your goddamn head off you ******* piece of rotten dog ****. I am going to ******* get at you one way or another. **** you and your goddamn hacks. i hope they put it on the news when i murder you so maybe people will think twice about making hacks. someone will come to you ******* house and mother ******* murder you.

  59. Kone says:

    Who know how to counter kick tool ?????

  60. Jack says:


    Some player abused kick tool to kick pro, like me.

    THERE ALWAYS GOT host or player kick me since i get double kill or triple kill or achiece 10 kills or more kill. It happened many times. Some player even threathen me dont be so pro or kick me for sure ~

    U know how i feel? I was playing so hard and pay a lot of effort in playing
    dota and suddenly some petty host kick me for ridiculous reason.

    It is like anybody can use the nuclear weapon to harm people. Kick tool is like a nuclear weapon. Anybody can use it by their own will.

    Banlist is quite enough for kick noob or leaver already. It is unnecessary to have kick tool, it will just become tool for noob host or person full of jealousy to express their foolish unsatisfaction.

    Now i losing my mood on playing dota, dont know how the creator of kick tool thinking

    Please consider this problem seriously~

  61. Excalibur says:

    well mate u need to be the host in order to kick,….read the instructions before u ask a silly question….

  62. Tuesday says:

    Hey, I’ve got the custom kick for a long time now. I’ve always left it running in the background, until recently when I tried kicking this lamer from the opposite team who was purposely feeding my team coz he and the host had an arguement.

    I found that it doesn’t do anything. Everytime I press ‘k’ nothing happens. And the person’s not kicked. How do I resolve this? Someone help please.

  63. Excalibur says:

    ok many ppl complain about kick tool…. and i agree with them….
    many ppl like the kick tool and i agree with that too….
    so it comes down to how its used….unfortuantly we live in a world that is not perfect and there will be a lot of people that will miss use this.
    my question goes to people that made the map hack tools and kick tool….(a big respect that i dont think half of these ppl know the work that goes into it and they show no respect)…. now that u made those tools and if i remeber right it was to piss off battlenet…. fair enough…. but as u can see also a number of ppl are pissed of as well becasue of the missuse of your programs…u have become just like them …its like that George Orwel novel Animal Farm…. my question is will u be coming up witha program that can counter the map hack????….i ahve nothing against kick tool but maphack really does ruin the game

  64. Dota CAL god says:

    SY on niax is indeed a good orb effect for him so stfu.

    Custom kick is good for jack ***’s who taunt in the game.

    Ban list is good for banning everyone in the game for no ******* good reason.

    Chances are ill run into your *** *** again so **** off mr local ****. In fact just to proove **** im gonna ban the next 50 people i run into.

    **** no I already did that… Im gonna just join some games now while waiting for my damn team to assemble.

    truth is only 2 year olds play this game. So im going to be as violent as ever when talking to you piece of ******* *****.

    Stop posting about how *** you are.
    or some *** ****.

    Stop playing the game.

    lol @ 500 doller kid. I can’t wait to see you get courted out and your key banned for being a hacker. thats right Im claiming you to be a hacker. and ill assemble some fack *** proof for it to. sucks for you.

    **** the 2 year old community i mean wc3.

    Now go…
    and uninstall your games
    so i never come across this website in google again.


  65. Obviously says:

    Obviously to not get kicked
    a) do not win ever
    b) do not suck ever
    c) do not even talk ever

    violating any of all these may get u custom kicked then banned for leaving

  66. Angry Dota Player says:

    Hey all. I got a question, how can you counter custom kick. I need to know this because I have been custom kicked from three dota games because I am doing really good and helping the team a lot. Then some dumb twelve year old with custom kick is like "bye", and kicks me.

    Please answer at kaise141@umn.edu.

  67. Ya-balls-itchY says:

    ok i got a costumkick hack and id really like it to work because i really need it… not because i want to kick other players when im losing but nvm… everytime i clik on K in the costumkick

    its written:

    Run-Time error ‘453’:
    Can’t find DLL entry point AllocateAndGetTcpExtTableFromStack in iphlpapi.dll

    Can I get some help? If it is not a problem, of course.

    answer me at sk8_geyome@hotmail.com PLZZ!!

  68. Isvaelin says:

    The custom kick website of French’s has been closed for the last week, and it wont let me run the one i have installed on my computer(“invalid win32″)

  69. Sour says:

    My thoughts on the kicking program;

    The only use I would use for it, is to kick the people who are extremely disrespectful to other players. I honestly, when I host games, could care LESS if people suck at what they’re doing. But when it comes to ruining people’s gaming experience by insulting them because they suck, or by rubbing it in someones face that they beat them, ex, “I killed you, you f***ing f****t. You f***ing suck.”. People like that are what I see this program be used for. Nothing else.

    And as for the people who are telling others to go “die” just because they want to use this? That’s just low and pathetic. Enough of that.

  70. some1 says:

    i cant download the xml files! The links r 2 a blank page! Do i need them to be able to ping ppl, etc ?

  71. jon says:

    Vampire you need to die. dont get this ****** kick thing. Blizzard needs to permanently ban any and all cd keys linked to the cutom kick.

  72. Vampire says:

    man how can i get this tool

  73. itzbutters says:

    Lazersfoxmcloud on Lordaeron just used this on me in a dota game. I was 1-3 tauren and just had my 3rd death, someone on my team started talking massive **** calling me a noob, he was 1-2, i was custom kicked by the host.

    So this program is not only useless it should be deemed a hack by battle.net and be a bannable offense. This is bullshit i can’t even play a dota game anymore because of all these hackers.

  74. noobs? says:

    why kick noobs/feeders?

    there r times that we do bad in games, even the best player can do pretty ****** time by time

    so what i died 5 times in a row, but there is always a chance that i will gain 10 kills in the next 10 minutes and own everyone.

    kicking “noobs/feeders” is just not right, cos everyone has the right to play the game, if you dun like *not very gd players to be in your game, go make a private game and play with your friends

    if you make a public game, then take the damn risk that there are gonna be ppl worse than you (or the other way around)

    and dun argue that putting “PRO ONLY” or **** like that on the game name should keep the “noobs” away. cos how do u define the word PRO? wut if i totally ruled the last 10 games and did really ****** in the 11th game, am i a pro? wut if i never get a good score, but i always give strong support to my allies?

  75. Him says:


  76. StopCryingNoobs says:

    I read most of these replies and my only response to all of you who are crying is shut the **** up and stop being a bunch of pussies. Its the internet there are people on it that are going to act like children and do things just to annoy you. Such as the guy who will always join a game and then leave it during the countdown that does nothing but make people mad and for some odd reason they get enjoyment out of it. If you dont like the way they act find a new game to play or just learn to ignore it.

  77. test1 says:

    erm, just wondering is there a counter to custom kick? cause im sick of owning ppl only to disconnected. Some stupid host just misuse those tools >.

  78. jon says:

    All you people who use kick tool need to die, You care that much about games? you should go hang yourself. seriously. i am not kidding

  79. MAFIA says:

    From where to get this Kick TOol ????????????

  80. OzKing says:

    i think the kick tool is alright but some hosts are just crazy. they will boot you for no reason like stealing there kills or something like that. if i

  81. hipEflip says:

    GJ on telling the whole world where to download map, out of 100 people who clicked that link there will probably be about 5 people are actually going to host and rest are just gonna use map.

  82. onime_ says:

    this tool is worthless in most cases.

    Many times a came across banned players. the best thing u can do is inform host that ”x” players is banned.
    So? U depend on the host to kick him but most of the times he does nothing and in some cases he kicks U.


  83. EAFraga says:

    Howdy. I am not sure if the host in question uses your banning program or not… so yea I am just going to every DotA banlist forum posting the reply I made of the game so that the players in it, including myself, are not banned.

    Basically here is the story (although you can gather it yourself from the replay).

    Laggy host… so laggy we almost d/c several times. Someone leaves because ofl ag, host bans him (even though he is lagging so bad that the game is almost teeth grindingly annoying to play in). So we protest, he threatens to ban us too.

    Game goes on, antoher guy leaves due to lag… host bans him to. We ofcourse protest again… we mention tda rules and such aswell… he doesnt care.

    Game goes on, another one leaves. Host bans. You are supposed to be able to leave if the game is uneven as it was… but anyway. We protest, host then says has banned me and the other guy aswell (for no reason it seems). then the HOST leaves and so does his team… rather pathetic… I wounder if he banned them too?

    Anyway here is the reply for yourself. It is quite hilarious… lol

    It is my deep hope that you guys ban the host and the person who was playing “yellow”, but its just a hope… lol.

    Here ya go : hosted.filefront.com/EAFraga/
    *edit* try this link files.filefront.com/crappyhostreplayw3g/;5489190;;/fileinfo.html

    look under “crappyhostreplay”.

    Oh and dont make fun of my crappy razor playing… I realise its bad. heh

    *********** I just posted a ban suggestion thing a moment ago… but gave the wrong link to the replay… so I just copy and pasted something I posted on another banlist forum and resent my ban request thing, thanks for your time and so so sorry for the trouble. *********

    Replay: files.filefront.com/crappyhostreplayw3g/;5489190;;/fileinfo.html

    The ban is for Blue and Yellow in that game. Thanks.

    Oh and please get back to me if its not too much work so I can know how the situation is going along. Thx.

  84. EAFraga says:

    Howdy. I do not know if the person in question even uses your program to ban… but here goes… Basically this is what went down:

    I was playing a normal game… other then the fact that it was uber laggy. So laggy infact that we actually had the option to d/c several times. It was a “ban list” game according to the host though, so most didnt want to do it (it was early), but the lag persisted.

    The lag got so annoying and teeth grindingly frustraiting that someone left. The host “banned” him, and me and the others protested. We infact protested every time someone left the game due to the lag until only 3 of us there left on our team. Host proceeded to ban us for our protests and he himself left the game… a complete contradiction to the banlist process. I wounder if he banlisted himself…

    Anyway, I wanted to show you guys the reply so you can see it yourself. It is quite hilarious…

    My suggestion: Please remove myself and the other 4 folks on my team from your banlist if we are added to it because of this incident by the host or the yellow player.

    Anyway you can see for yourself. I promise that the replay is quite hilarious… lol you will enjoy it.


    Look under “crappyhostreplay”.

    PS- Dont make fun of my pathetic Razor playing, lol im well aware of my lack of leetness… but I did do alright.

  85. Fido says:

    I need this tool to kick retards who don’t agree with my rules

  86. stonebraker says:

    LOL how about the guy who says he’s reported over 30 people for using kick tools? I think that’s hilarious. I use kick tools to boot noobs on my own team, or when I call solo lane and some piece of **** goes to my lane with me (free boots? amirite LOL). however, I wasn’t planning on it, but this site gave me a wonderful link to shadowfrench’s maphacks tool! It’s terrific! Now instead of being 15-3, I can go 20-0! Yes, having maphacks is terrific.

    Also, I’d like to mention kicking is great when you have some guy farming all game and not helping team (this is usually me doing this, which is why I hate other people for doing it). This way, I get to kick Naix and take his S&Y for myself (why does the Naix farm S&Y in the first place? OWTF). Just make sure youre right next to him when you kick, or else someone on your team might steal your loots. In that case, kick that guy too.


    • THEOS says:




      anyway the tool is banable as far as i know from blizzard so let it be as it is.

  87. TheDude says:

    Listen people.

    1) If it is a pub game, being on someone’s local banlist means nothing. You most likely will not come across that person again since there are a ton of people that host pubs.

    2) The CustomKick is bad in the hands of the wrong people. People that kick because someone is better then them are misusing it. On the other hand, people that use it to keep a good game are fine.

    Situation. In a pub, you have a total noob on your team that keeps feeding. Someone on thier team leaves, you kick the noob so he stops feeding and now it is a 4v4 and you didn’t waste 30 minutes of your time in a pointless game then ended with everyone leaving.

  88. jtwg16@hotmail.com says:

    wow this is so *** i have tried so many times to get it to work and it never has

  89. Sovus says:

    I have been stuck on the banlist by some dirty newb, No Idea how to get off it

  90. nismojoe says:

    yea, i think the only reasons i will have to use boot hack for people going AFK for long period of time and not stating why or not giving control to teammates. the worst is when the best person on the team goes AFK then opponents run the base over and leaver is guarding the well with godlike items.

    another reason would be for MASSIVE **** talking. if someone kills me and calls me a nub, thats fine, if they want to keep **** talking throughout the entire game, clearly they just discovered the internet and i will refer you to this picture


  91. raidzuo says:

    I’ve reported over 30 people for using boot hack. It feels good being responsible for people losing over 500 dollars in CD keys.

    • Christine says:

      that’s a ridiculous waste of time. bnet doesn’t give a ****, and your efforts only got maybe a total of ONE CD key banned if any at all.

  92. victim says:

    k, i had to get off the computer cuz i live with my parents and the host said i was going to be blisted for leaving. is there anyway to fix this?
    e-mail me @ undeaddreadlord6@gmail.com

  93. achoi_response says:

    achoi said:

    on August 19th, 2006 at 12:16 pm

    how did you get wc3 to widescreen??

    run > regedit

    then find the folder HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Blizzard Entertaiment\Warcraft III\Video

    then right clicj on resheight and reswidth, select decimal then type in the reolution you want.
    ex: mine the resheight is 1050 and reswidth is 1680

  94. Zombi says:

    What the kick tool seems useful to me is for players who go afk for 40 minutes and you need the resources from him leaving to make it a fair game. Afk is worse than a leaver by FAR.

  95. achoi says:

    how did you get wc3 to widescreen??

  96. verbatim210 says:

    Hello everyone,

    There is a new server designed to counter leavers. It is very good right now its new so it need people to join. Come and try it out…

    Here are the details:

    IPN’s new anti-leaver system.

    Server name IPN
    Host name ipnx.ath.cx
    Timezone 10


  97. Caz says:

    Are you all idiots? It’s a great tool to boot hackers and even out team incase of leavers. It’s only used badly if the user is an idiot. What you’re trying to say is everyone and anyone who uses it, will use it the wrong way.

    On top of that.. save a replay an send it to TDA.. wtf? Ok maybe if you feel like spending 5 mins after every damn game to save the replay and send it to TDA because some random pubber you’ll never see again decided to leave, then by all means.. go waste your time with fruitless stupidity.

    Custom kick is a great tool, I use it all the time and it’s saved plenty of games from destruction since it’s download. Lastly, if you use it to kick players that are better than you, you truely are a dirtbag.

  98. A player says:

    Using shadow french is not fair for players, if you have a map hacker or “n00b” on your team, you should let them stay and not kick them. Then send a replay to banlist and report them. This is the easiest way: Play the game, save the replay, (if you cant save it then go to X:\program files\warcraft 3\replays\lastreplay.rp and rename that file to another name) then go to TDABots.com and shitlist them.

    • Pastries says:

      Custom kick is an extremely handy tool for people who host large amounts of dota games daily. Yes, People can and do misuse it. Banlists are entirely pointless in pubs, as you will most likely never see the person again, and so a custom kick is a great way to prevent one person from ruining a game for everyone else.

      Ex. game a couple days ago, 5 mins in guy had died 3 times from basically playing dumb, which is fine…after that, he decides to purposefully feed and ends the game with 22 deaths. I use LC and i have not found a way to use a custom kick w/ it. but if i could have a would have kicked him the second he started purposefully feeding. taking a replay and banlisting him would have been a horrible waste of my time, as im sure ill never even play another game with him. The game was horribly unbalanced and a waste of a good 40 mins that could have been prevented with the click of a button

  99. Kahr says:

    great another way 2 kick people on the other team when u are losing.
    Yes, this is exactlly what its used for. Don’t even argue

  100. cl3tus says:

    Please note that it is not recommended you use the kick tool/hack. It is commonly used by players to get out of a losing situation and using it is a bannable offence in all warcraft 3 games.
    If you use it expect to be on the global banlist in the near future.
    For more info from the programs critics visit dota-allstars.com

  101. […] Simply visit Elliott for ways to ban some players you hate!!! Share and Enjoy:These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. […]

    • ~_~ says:

      the ban list is the worst part of dota. i cant tell u how many games iv been in where the host will kick sumone for no reason other than to mess with the other team. its so messed up i cant tell u that enuf!

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