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What did King Tut look like?

Posted in Graphics,Science by Elliott Back on May 11th, 2005.

They’ve finally figured out what the boy-king Tutankhamen looked like, based on 3D CT x-ray scans of his corpse:



Tutankhamen is believed to have died at the of 19 from an infection of his recently-broken leg over 3,300 years ago. Zahi Hawass, head of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities, led a team to do the reconstruction for National Geographic. The resulting forensic recreations, as shown above, were validated by comparing them with an American team who was given only the data, and not even that the subject was Tutankhamen. Here is the bust they produced:


Since my comment thread has exploded into a flame war over the Caucasian or light-skinned features of the reconstruction, I will simply point you to the bust of Nefertiti, a period sculpture contemporary to King Tut. Belief that King Tut or the Egyptians conform neatly to modern monoracial bias is unreasonable in a scientific or social light.

Update: You might be interested in this DNA study of King Tut, King Tut Mysteries Solved: Was Disabled, Malarial, and Inbred. Poor kid…

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216 Responses to “What did King Tut look like?”

  1. Anne says:

    Doubt wel will ever know what he looked like really only way we could. Would be to time travel back to his days and meet him face to face would like to think he looked like that cute guy but no one will ever know they pepole who knew what he looked lie, are long long gone but I’d like to think thise is how he looked suppose you could get used to the funny shaped head in time

  2. Anne says:

    Hell if he was alive today yeah I’d date him think he’d be a multi billionaire with everything he wants houses palaces cars yaughts planes all the latest gadgets and that living in a huge palace and swimming pool but the paparazzi would be on his butt chasing him reporting everything he did

  3. Anne says:

    He’s okay looking not bad I’d give him a 5 in looks department weird shaped head bit alien like but lovely warm brown eyes the guy who played him in the Nat Geo documentry was cute but feel sorry for him he had a broken leg and other health problems poor kid and that made him a ***** to live with if they ever invent time travel I’d love to go and meet him think he’d be a really cool guy

  4. Vonnie says:

    How the **** does Tutankhamun go from black to ******* white?????? CLEARLY Akhenaton was BLACK and Queen Tiye Tutankhamun’s grandmother (Akhenaten’s mother) was NUBIAN and Nubians definitely were BLACK. History is told so wrong. It’s always to put the black person down I swear. They hate that black people were KING’S AND QUEEN’S especially of one the best civilization’s back then.Then here comes ”we’re white so we gotta be right” and just take over what the black queen and king have built. I may sound mad but you all know its the damn truth. Europeans defaced all Egyptian artifacts including the Sphinx so they would have the AFRICAN features. I’m not saying all white think that Egyptians were white because I’ve met some who do believe Egypt was black. Okay I’M DONE.

    • na says:

      Dark skin tone is an adaptation to the desert. In the time of the pharos Egypt wasn’t a desert so the people in Africa probably wernt black, but they were still African.

      • Anne says:

        Yeah all Egyptians have the same skin tone I have an Egyptionnfreind I talk to on Skype he’s the same skin tone as Tut here and the hot sun beating down on him darkens his skin and back in those days the guys wore very little so hence the dark tanned skin but he suits it

  5. john says:

    What a ugly man

  6. kayleen says:

    omg he has a hugee head!!!!

  7. Dick says:

    F*UCK this SH*T

    • Christine says:

      LOL Ya’ll lunch. And I bet you believe George Washington looked the way he does on a dollar. :Slaps my knee: haha. Please, do yourself a favor and take a History Class on a University level. All Rulers wanted/want to present themselves as all miighty perfect divine Humans.

      Ex: Good Ol’ George, Who had the Jaw line of a pastors daughter. Yet, any painter who painted him gave him a jaw…Because George told them too. He didn’t want his girl small chin giving the wrong impression. And it WORKED!

      So remember, Rulers, Tzars, Queens, all of them controlled how they looked and what imaged they put out. So much so…we are having this argument today.

      Now…for all you racist ducks. The minute you meet your maker and he isn’t the race you want him to be…Have this same argument with him lol then tell me how it goes.

  8. Okay. says:

    I don’t understand why it’s so important as to what ‘colour’ Ancient Egyptians or Tutenkhamun was?
    Ancient Egyptians mixed with people from other areas eg. Greece, Rome, Nubia, etc. so the colour of their skin would have varied depending on the ethnicity of their parents, grandparents, etc.
    As for Tutenkhamun, he probably was tanned since marrying your siblings was what they did back then so they didn’t mix blood.
    But, he also could have been “black” since not all Africans look the same, depending on the region.
    Some people are forgetting that this is just a reconstruction and phorensic artists are just guessing the colour of his skin.
    Calm down.

  9. bopeep25 says:

    I understood from reading that the Greeks ruled Egypt for some 300 yrs and that they did not as a rule marry outside the family. This was to both keep the throne in the family and to keep the royal line pure. It was not uncommon for sister and brother or first cousins to be betrothed. So it is not surprising to me that this likeness appears to have Caucasian features. Nefertiti was also of Greek ancestry. How Greek the line stayed is probably anyone’s guess because there were other wives and perhaps concubines which probably produced offspring.

  10. bopeep25 says:

    From what I understand the royal family were of Greek decendancy and had ruled in Egypt for over 300 years, so both Nefertiti and the boy king having cacasian features is no surprise. It was a common practice to marry within the family to keep throne in the family. Also to keep the royal blood line pure hence many a time sister and brother, or first cousins were betrothed.

  11. ally says:

    his eyes look like cleopatras eyes!xoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxooxoxoxo

  12. Tut says:

    I am tut ! I am on earth!
    Alive cloned and well….well.., not so well.
    My left foot hurts! No blood! Like it has no oxigen.i also have one shorter knee(dislocated)also
    My teeth are a little misaligned! with a small overbite….the scientists exaggerate this big time…my wisdom teeths hurts to, but in this age this is not a problem!2 are removed allready…one growed to the side.
    the world has changed though. and its hard to understand. My teeth do look a bit like a carcrash in a tunnel…. but the reconstruction of my face is really really a bad job by some amateurs … Nobody was that ugly….its disrespectfull…..and yes i was white/tanned…. my grandfather was what we call today a african/asian mix there where only afrikans ! and asians! i was the first white person!! as u know white persons today….. we all here ! grandpa died again though.
    My father is alive and well and my mother his sister is also alive …. she died back then by giving me birth! but! now i enjoyed her in my youth!
    Yes i also have a brother! and a sister! they both on earth to! The malaria only left a enormous daily headache…. My chest hurts allot to…..and there nothing to see on x-rays pretty much a riddle…. the top of my spine where the neck is connected seems to be rotting just like my foot there is nothing to do about this, my bones crack everywhere…. but im almost 30 years old now and i havent changed shape face or whatever since i was 18….i still look like i am 18.
    Thats because i am the boy king.


    • maham says:

      pictures are really cool,but frightning.

    • Everett says:

      That’s what happens when your dad and mom are also brother and sister. Your lucky one eye isn’t on the back of your head. Are we sure Tut wasn’t from Birmingham Alabama?

    • Anne says:

      aww I’m sorry Tut about your health problems but tell you something your way far cooler looking than Justin Bieber heard of him Tut if not wouldn’t advise it but I think your really cool

  13. doing-this-for-a-project says:

    hes got a massive head and looks like a girl its pretty cool though :D. and does it really matter wiether hes black or white or even tan :/

    overall its cool but doesnt help me with my school project :( more info would be good pleasee . :D

  14. James Feelmeballs says:

    I Think he looks kinda cute, :P id tap that

  15. yup says:

    justin bieber look alike much!!

    • Anne says:

      Lol na king Tuts much better looking than Justin Beiber any day and bet if Tut could sing he’d be a far better singer too lol

  16. yesno says:

    and ice creams are yummy aswell xx

  17. Amos says:

    The problem with the reconstruction, it looks nothing like the mummy. The cat is out of the bag. Everyone including modern day scholars are concluding the Ancient Egyptians were black. KEMET mean black. The Ancient Egyptians said themselves they were from the Land Of Punt. Take a look at the Queen and King of Punt. The Ancient Egyptians were black African people, NOt Indian, Not White, Not Arab. They were black Africans. It has been proven in every way possible and this reconsturction is a way to distort the truth as it has been done since the 18th century. Ancient Egypt will always be black. Matter of fact, all races come from black people.

    • Anon says:

      yes-and if you REALLY want to go back just a few dozen thousand years before we were all black then we’re all part monkey too. Genetics and evolution have proven beyond all doubt that by the time the first king of egypt took the throne, the people of egypt looked like MODERN ARABS!!! Besides it’s only a reconstruction anyways-no need to get your panties in a wad.

    • Jonny says:

      AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA “Ancient Egypt will always be black. Matter of fact, all races come from black people.” I cant even get a tan. I’m whiter than a crayola crayon…. no way in hell are all races from black ppl. I have studied Egyptology my whole life and they are dark tanned people… not black. go back to special ed ok, dont forget your helmet and crayons. this def made my day. thanks for the laugh

      • Pwned says:

        Pretty strange you seem to argue his point. You can barely get a tan… No way you can ever turn black or roduce a black child right? But black people can produce albinos who look exactly like you. We can produce people with asian eyes, long straight hair, freckles, and every shade of human being from the whitest white, to the blackest black… Why is this concept so difficult for people to grasp, when the science has shown you the origin of humans in central Africa. And as far as your studies of Egyptology, you must have slept through class, because even the modern surrounding countries who still have descendants of these blood lines remain black. The language is intact there, so is the cultural practice, so i’m confused at what you’ve been studying. Probably the same stuff they have been trying to pull with this king Tut facial construction and the Jesus facial construction- diluting history.

        • dullo says:

          Be proud to be black, you should, but don’t say all this stupid ****! A sub saharan albino is not a caucasian, that’s just dumb. Egyptians weren’t black, they weren’t caucasian either, they were egyptian. Is there even an argument that Nefertiti was so ashamed of her skin color that she wanted to be portrayed as tanned? Give it up. Black land refers to the soil; naming the land you live in after the skin color of the people that live on it makes no sense, especially not if your neighbours (nubians) are at least as black as you are. I’m sure there was some interbreeding between egyptians and nubians, but still two different people. Could a black people have achieved what the egyptians did? Sure, maybe even more, but the egyptians proximity to the levant, the mediterranian and most of all mesopotamia, gave them an advantage. Egypt effectively blocked the subsaharan cultures from this influence, and even so the nubians were a real threat to the egyptians for a long time. Your argument assumes the ancient egyptian Genes were either forced out or annihilated by the arabs? This seems not to have happened in other countries in africa where the arabs came, why is that? You think other people are racist, but in fact you are racist against modern egyptians claiming that despite all likelihood, they cannot be descendants of the ancient population witch must have been related to subsaharan blacks because the ridge over to the levant is narrower than the land connection to the rest of the african continent? PS! There weren’t few or no greeks living in egypt at this time. the mycenaean culture had just started in mainland greece and though there was some trade established in the eighteenth dynasty, the mycenaeans were just coming into contact with the other peoples of the mediterranean (including the minoans) and would not have married into the egyptian royal family (as far as i know there were no greek blood in the egyptian royal family before alexander).

    • Tamina says:

      Urmm…you are ******* rude go ******* get a life they are not black Africans because they wrote Arabic and Africans don’t write Arabic!!!! GO GET A LIFE U ****!! :(

    • Faïziin_Ixtzunar_Euskara says:

      If King Tut was black then why did he have R1b haplogroup which is found mainky in western Europe ?
      If the ancient Egyptians were black, how come Ramses had naturally ginger hair & B negative blood type (rhesus negative blood is almost non existant among pure black Africans) ? How come Cleopatra was a natural blond from Greece ?

      Of course some of the ancient Egyptians could be considered “black”, they are called the Nubians.But the Nubians are originally from East Africa and East-Africans (like Ethiopians) may have black skin but they have Caucasian feautures, some anthropologists can barely tell the differance between a Caucasian skull and a east-African skull !

      Here are the “four races of man” representing (from left to right) A Libyan, A Nubian, A Hebrew and an Egyptian according to an ancient Egyptian painting found on a tomb wall ;upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/cb/Egyptian_races.jpg

      Does the Egyptian look black compared to the Nubian ?

      The “purest” modern day descendants of the ancient Egyptians are the Coptic Christians native to Egypt, the other Egyptians would probably still have a tincy bit of ancient Egyptian blood in them but are mainly Arab.

      The ancient Egyptians would have been Caucasian but not litteraly “white” because they would have had tanned skin, although some of the women are represented as being quite fair skinned.But generally they would look like modern day Middle Eastern people.

      I am not a white supremacist, or even anthropologically “pure” Caucasian.People of my type are genetically different to all other populations on this planet.

      I am against Afro-centrism because it uses lies as propaganda, and makes Black people proud of a history they never had.Instead of backing up lies with zainy evidence, Afro-centrists should spend more time on acutal Black History like the Empires of Pre-colonial Africa like the Songhai empire, Empire of Ghana,Kingdom of Aksum, Christian Ethiopia, Empire of Mali, Bachwezi/Kitara empire… and many more great civilisations.
      NOTE: I’m not a fan of the term Afrocentrist because African does not equal Black, North African Berbers & Arabs are predominantly Caucasian so you can be African and Caucasian, and the Australian Aboriginees have “Black” skin so you can be non-African and Black.

      Peace.And sorry for the poor grammar but I am not from the USA or any other English speaking country.

    • Everett says:

      Black people trying to be important, like everyone came from blacks. ROTFLMAO, no wonder they have the smallest of all human brains.

    • Ankhesenamun says:

      Yes! You are right. King Tut was black
      My boyfriend is caribbean(from Curacao) So, He have African ancestors he have the same eye shape as Tut, lips, nose and dark skin color as the real Tutankhamun. A small overbite and a petite slim figure. Like Tut’s statues show his dark skin. He is a living look alike. Very amazing!

      And this reconstruction is really wrong! It’s from a artist, and not as the real king Tut look liked. It’s impossible, a white King Tut in the land of KEMET.

  18. Shaahn says:

    He looks like vin deisel!

  19. KING TUT says:

    Seriously people. It doesn’t take a rocket science to figure out that the original inhabitants of ancient Egypt were of African (pigmented) decent. It’s beyond obvious from history facts to ancient artifacts/statues depicting their Kings + Queens as so. Come on people let’s stop denying and overlooking the obvious facts.

  20. Rebecca says:


  21. tutu lover says:

    love king tut he is awesome

  22. tutu lover says:

    wow all i know is how he talks

  23. The thinker says:

    Why is it so important for King Tut to be white? The racist loser who is going on every website discussing King Tut is ranting about King Tut being European and making sure to throw in the NIGG… comments everywhere is just trying to provocateur. This is so unprofessional, ridiculous – his poop droppings are all over the map. I wonder if someone is paying him for his skullduggery. It is obvious that King Tut was not white, and the racist fool needs to realize that the first human being created on God’s green earth came from East Africa.

    The backward creature is trying to imply that no one on earth could make any remarkable contributions to science other than Europeans. The Chinese, Arabs, Africans, Indians all made huge contributions. It was the Arabs and Indians who created Zero and Algebra, and we Westerners use their numeric systems. I can even go on about science,
    Ibn Al-haytham ( an Arab) was considered the first scientist because of his inventions that lead the way for modern day science (ie. principles of optics)but you will never find him in the history books in America-go figure. Others around the glove made contributions. I am sick of tired of racist trying to distort history and man’s contributions around the globe. Only a weak individual who is unsure of himself or his manhood would try to lift his race at the expense of pulling down someone else’s. You are showing your inner fears and should get professional help.
    Why can’t we as human beings just learn from each other?

    We can look at all of beautiful Egyptian art and sculptures know that King Tut and Egypt was of African origin. I wish people would not insult our intelligent by propagating the propaganda about King Tut being European. Yeah right he looked just like Prince Harry.

    I apologize for having to sway the conversation and comment on the racist nut case.

    • Mike Lock says:

      I think that the ancient Egyptians looked very much like Indians, (Asian) The only difference in there breed (not race, as we are all one, the human race) is that the Egyptians could not grow beards much, perhaps whispy ones. Well, if you want to know what an ancient Egyptian looked like just take a look at a clean shaven modern day Asian Indian man or in the case of Nefertiti, the actress Preeya Kalidas.

      • Dahnje says:

        There were no signs of Indians in Africa. The hundreds of paintings and sculptures haven’t convinced anyone yet that they were black. Look at Ethiopians of today. They are exactly the same. At least Indian is closer to it than white.

    • Amanda says:

      Okay, I agree with you about him not having to be white…and I think all forms of racism is stupid and pointless. I am actually an odd mix of American Indian, Irish, and German, which for some reason makes people think that I am egyption when people see me. However, where does it say that the first person ever made was from east africa? Honestly, do we really have any way of knowing where the first person came from? Sure people can say, well he came from here, or here…but there is no way to really know. Second, wasn’t Tut egyption?

  24. James May says:

    I’m an American who has been all over Egypt for the last 3 months. The Egyptian, even the Nubians in the south, look nothing like central African negros. Egyptians aren’t black and certainly do not think of themselves as black. When I brought up the subject of black Americans saying they are the descendants of ancient Egyptians they laughed in surprise at such an idea.

    • Dahnje says:

      Do you think that the people in America (U.S.) are the original peoples of America? If you knew anything about history you would know that Arabs invaded that region and are now calling themselves Egyptians. And as for Nubians, there are many tribes of black.

    • Dahnje says:

      Another thing. There are sculptures of Tut already. There is no need to recreate an image of Tut. The problem with the sculptures is that they portray him as BLACK !

    • Real Words says:

      exactly so how the Fu(k can u be Arabian and Egyptian? you can have a interracial breed but no thats just like me saying I’m Chinese just because i moved to Asia get a grip on the truth

  25. lach says:

    guys he was tan but i don’t think he looked like that cause thats just a drunk imitation. oh and patrick i’m white and i think your racist you went to far

  26. locomoco says:

    You are believing the old lies and propaganda put out there by the old school scholars. Hawass is a part of that group also and with him running the DNA test of Tut we will never know if Tut is a Sub Saharan African. They will never admit that there was a black culture who where able to build the greatest civilization on earth. For example King tut’s tomb had two life size color statues at the entrance to his tomb clearly showing he was black and not looking like Boy George here. Dna testing on Cleopatra’s sister proved that Cleopatra was of Sub Saharan African decent she was the last of the Pharaohs. The scholars have always swore she was Greek. Not wanting the most powerful and desirable woman in the world to be of Sub Saharan African decent. Now National geographic finally admits that Black Pharaohs only ruled for 75 years give me a break.

    • chibi17 says:

      OMG! That bust does make him look like a young boy george! LMAO

    • That Girl says:

      Okay, not racist, but I just got done watching a National Geographic program on Cleopatra…literally JUST NOW, and it said she was of Greek decent. It doesn’t matter what color she was, all people are capable of doing whatever they decide to do, but she was Greek…sorry. And, there is a difference between EGYPTIAN and AFRICAN. Everyone on here saying that they were African is really starting to get on my nerves. If you were born in Egypt that makes you EGYPTIAN not African. Regardless of skin color they are Egyptian. Many Egyptians were dark complected, and why wouldn’t they be with all the sun exposure they got living in the desert, and they could have just been that way naturally. Either way it doesn’t matter, they were Egyptian not African, and being dark complected doesn’t change that. That is like saying someone from Ireland is English just because they are white!

      • pwned says:

        bull. I watched the documentary, and they said she was “half greek and half egyptian”. They keep running in circles trying to remove her origin, and cut off the line of succession, but the dna proves it beyond their speculation.

  27. Your all dumb stupid people. Somone has gone out of their way to reproduce an image and all you can do is fall out AND ARGUE AS TO IF HE WERE BLACK OR WHITE. jEZUS, get a grip, find something worth falling out over…

  28. metfanatic95 says:

    this is a false picture because they have proven that king tut had a cleft lip and if want to know more he also had a club foot

  29. Do u all belive this is really kig tut? I don”t beacuse maybe thats someone else with makeup, maskara and stuff on!!!!

  30. Crystal says:

    but why would they do it for.I bet they got in big trouble.

  31. amya says:

    that is really heart breaking

  32. Crystal says:

    I know king tut was murded but i wonder who by?
    or at least i think

  33. Crystal says:


    HE’S TAN.

  34. patrick says:

    and i disagree, I think he looks ALOT like his death masks, only hes not wearing his crown thingy, and not to mention I highly doubt they did a molding of his face, here it IS a molding of his face and leftovers from his body, ACCEPT IT LIVE WITH IT LOVE IT, this is amazing we can do this, and not to mention about color, but in the pictures here, HIS SKIN ISNT WHITE AT ALL NEITHER ARE HIS FACIAL FEATURES YOU NIGGERS ARE JUST MAD THAT HES NOT BLACK, YOU NIGGERS ARE MORE RACIST THAN ANY OTHER RACE ON EARTH!

    • lach says:

      yea na mate chill out

    • christina says:

      what the hell is your problem?
      you think you’re not racist?
      think again dumbshit.
      what if someone said all that **** about you?
      would you be offended?
      get a grip and think about what you’re saying before you show the whole entire world!

    • Brooks says:

      I came across this insidious comment and am shocked. I’m a white guy in my early twenties and I can’t even adequately describe how much people like you embarrass me.

      I have spent all but my four years of college in the Baltimore metro area. The city here is predominantly African American and I have been targeted by some blacks here for being white and ‘out of place’. Not many of these personal situations have occurred, but enough to be noted. I still am not a sick racist like you. There is nothing that excuses the kind of hatred you display in your comment — no matter what anyone may have done to you (and I’m guessing you probably have never even been targeted racially). The truth is, you cannot blame an entire group of people for the mistakes of a few, as no group is perfect. I have many black friends who I love dearly and our nation would lack so much rich heritage and culture without them.

      Also, to use the N word, a word that was created during slavery — one of the darkest eras in our country’s history, is absolutely inexcusable. Many bigots use the excuse that African Americans use a variation of the word themselves, but that’s not good enough. While I don’t believe anyone should use the word, I absolutely believe black people reserve the only rights thereof, BUT NOT YOU! The only good that slavery brought was the fact that our country is so much more diverse and richer in culture because of the African American people. Some of the very best Americans are African Americans and I hope that your hideous comment hasn’t brought an ounce of pain to anyone, because if so, you deserve to be slapped in your ******* face.

      • Real Words says:

        man u are right and i feel like this, we all was one race b4 one day god separated us for what ever reason but all and all was because as one we was too smart and too powerful but using those abilities for the wrong things and there are picture drawn from ancient artist of white black and brown people that tells you and show you the difference in race of the kings and queens of Egypt and i can give you the source of that picture if you have not seen it

  35. patrick says:

    what the hell is the matter with black people? dumbfucks wanna claim every important figure was black! they wanna claim jesus was black, they wanna claim the person who invented the light bulb was black, they wanna claim the people of egypt was black, DUMBASSES EGYPTIANS ARE CLEARLY PLAIN AS DAY NOT BLack, like goober says ITS ALL IN ANCIENT ART! its pathetic how jealous black people are that the most they every did was create peanutbutter! stop trying to change history and say everyone was black, you wanna call this racist, what about all you god damn niggers that cant accept the truth that he looked more middle eastern? its racist that all you black people cant believe that anyone with power was another color than you, which the truth is EVERYONE THAT WAS EVER POWERFUL WASNT YOU! GET THE **** OVER IT!

    • Joe says:

      You, my unknown person need to study history beyond the limited perspective that your history has taught you and the others who think that they have a hold on world history.And, by the way you sound like the nigger, that is typical of your type of thinking.Later nigger.

    • mike says:

      yes we did make peanutbutter but really if you think and do your research a black guy created red lobster, the trailer on the back of a semi, we even created the white house but you wouldnt know because his name is on the side of the white house were you cant see. black people created ALOT of things that white people said that they did when it was black people so look that up B!!!!

    • Real Words says:

      come on plz can somebody stop with the BS where is Egypt located? why would someone shoot off the noses on the statues? the same reason you racist ***** are on here in denial, which is to hide the truth
      because YOU! and every body else on here know that is just ridiculous how some one can lie to there own self about something they know the truth about. those of you who are on here in denial all have a sickness that will never be cured. the proof is in the pudding you all can see as clear as day whats going on hes black get over it and i dare someone call me racist because i have a half white grand father the man i got my real name from was Italian which was ma great grand father on my fathers side and so on and so on

    • Real Words says:

      and another thing (what the hell is the matter with black people?) it is obvious till this day how creative blacks are how athletic and how resilient how stylish and trendy if we are so useless than why are we in this country till this day? dont get me wrong pharaohs did migrate to Europe, Asia and other countries to spread royal blood across the world but you have to face the facts Egyptians lips were too full to be white its too many signs pointing towards Egyptians being of the Black/African i cant see why certain people are so mad at blacks when all they have to do is stop hating there selves and accept there flaws and then i bet they wont be as racist because thats where it all starts. i love every bit of Black, White/Causation Italian and Black Foot Indian blood in me thats Why i can never be racist if u loved your selves more you would not take your insecure frustrations out on other races chill out grow up face the Facts its life.

    • Some girl... that's really PISSED. says:

      I can’t believe you would say something like that, it makes me sick. No, actually I can because you’re ignorant, ill-informed… and mentally challenged. How dare you think for one second that you can play God and pass judgement over a race you have only narrowly examined. By the stupidity of your comment I’d say you’ve probably grown up in a white-trash household who still believe the caucasian race to be superior. Well guess what? I grew up in a household where my stepdad (a lot like you) would beat me, call me the N-word, and abuse me until I thought about killing myself. Just because of that single word. What’s funny about this is that I’m not actually African, I’m half Caucasian, half Caribbean and all the racial ethnicities in between, INCLUDING BLACK. But guess what? MY SKIN IS TAN! So you’d better think extra hard before you say some stupid comment that again. You don’t see me calling out the entire Caucasian race just because of an idiot like you now, do you?

      I apologize for the un-related comment on this racist freakshow.

  36. Amy Robinson says:

    I think King Tut is really ugly I know its horrible but I thought because he is King he would be more good looking Lol what does everyone else think???? x

  37. Goober says:

    White?…Black?… The evidence is overwhelming by looking at the art and monuments that were created… thats not black art.

  38. girl says:

    that pharaoh had long eyelashes when he was alive… im jealous!

  39. jengv says:

    that is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) ;) :0

  40. WV Chick says:

    Kinda looks like Leona Lewis to me. CREEPY!! :D

  41. Chantelle says:

    I think that, from the side veiw, King Tut has an ENORMOUS head!!
    just wanted to say lol from chantelle x

  42. adia says:

    King Tut looks white on one picture and half black on the other,but both pictures are wrong he is all black look at his mother,father,and grandmother. I know the truth!

  43. wow… cool… hey u know the other day i was saying “king tut” like a tongue twister and then iu accidentally said “king ***” hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaqhahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by the way he is not cute. he is a peanut head like someone above said

  44. Mercedes says:

    I think this is very interesting and this is good information if people wanted to know what King Tut looks like I think this is awesome i have been lookin in every website and i can not find on till now i apperciate it thanks alot

  45. floyd hall says:

    in africa there were light skinned and dark skinned people.why the fuss?

  46. floyd hall says:

    it is not tut,it is aye.a cover up by the egyptians.tut was deformed,smenkhkare covered him with his cloak before going on a mission for the king.penehesy killed tut.murder was a common practice in the royal families. in the x-ray of the skull the bone fragment came from the upper left front,aye was murdered.

  47. Kristen says:

    omg ewww hes really ugly and he scares me a lot… im sorry thats just a little toooo much guyliner!

  48. bob 120 years ago says:


  49. bob 120 years ago says:

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  50. Daughter of the True King says:

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  51. daughter of the True King says:

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  52. sdfghvb says:

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  53. sdfghvb says:

    i most cerntanly agree for the ancient egyptians would be darker

  54. sdfghvb says:

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  58. amber says:

    that is so cool the pictures that are on here but can you please put some information and more pictures on your website so i can get some information for my project

  59. bob says:

    This is not a good source go to:http:

  60. emogurl22 says:

    y did u say love? ur such a bitc*

  61. look uraretord says:

    y dont u get a life? maybe ur black!

  62. big headedmonkey says:

    grooooooossssssss he is so ulgy! i realy dont need that 4 my school project!@

  63. mikayla says:

    this is amazing but he looks like a girl srry

  64. shay says:

    people believed that king tut died by his step mother,heshepsut because she wanted to still be pharoh. Because before king tut was crowned king she diskiced herself as a man to take place of her nephew.

  65. Tera Neter says:

    Here we go again ! I have to educate illiterate racists. First off the Ancient Egyptians (note ancient) were black because Petri,and the great Greek Historian assert it so. The Greek historians assert tha the Aethiopians not the Eithiopians colonized Egypt. The Aethiopians were south of Nubia and that means that tthey were negro-types.The Nubians as the Lybians have been ancient trade partners with the Egyptians. Do no confuse the ancient Egyptian race with the Arabs of Egypt today. The ancient consited of many ethnic groups that compiled the Egyptian race. Slaves did not build the pyramidsa because ancient records prove that the builders were paid. Tere are 120 pyramids in Egypt but some 900 from Acient Black Nubia. The Nubians conquered and ruled Egypt for 100 years as the 25th Dynasty.The Nubians beat back the lybians the Assyrians and made peace with the Romans. All i hear in most of you arguments is speculation and stupid racists ramping. As for America Blacks have been here long before many Euro-types who fought with and against the British brought culture and harmony to a land stolen from a people who had acivilization far advanced while Europe was in the dark ages.Black brought to America werte not slaves but were descendant of Mali, Ghana and the Songa Empires mof the so called western Sudan.I emplore yo to read some books and find out that the Ancient Egyptians are a people not to be characterized as a color or a race but a people who contributed to mordern civilization…but know this , if they were not black then they were close enough an western societies have always considered an admixer of black and anything else as being black . That is where your racists hipocrazy nip you in the bud!

  66. luis says:

    that is wierd and ugly and gross and it looks like a girl or womam!

  67. Jo says:

    What has this world come to? To be so consumed by ALL your conspiracies & fears. It’s amazing how far technology has come along but yet how repressed we keep ourselves. Does it always have to be a “black/white” situation? I’m so tired of it. To live in a place where the scientific term “black hole” is taken offensive & ignorant words are still spoken is amazing. If the slaves of all the generations before us were to be brought back to see the “progress” we’ve made, I don’t know if they would laugh in our faces or bow their heads in shame. SHAME ON US! When will we every grow past this. I am so disgusted by some of these remarks its incredible; & what’s worst is we don’t have anything to do with that era. Not one of you will ever know exactly what features or skin color King Tut had but yet you speak as though this has any significance in your day to day lives. We will never come together with hatred in our hearts.

    May the Lord forgive us

  68. boog says:

    Does it really matter what COLOR he was? I find the interesting thing about Tut is his unusually long neck, misshapen head and in some books it dipicts him as quiet , slow and not quite right.
    That to me explains, as another blogger said, that when brothers and sisters marry(as gods did back then) doing that over and over , really screws with the line of a family. Also, the 2 fetuses found in his tomb with him were supposedly his 2 daughters which were either stillborn or miscarriages, which agian explains what can happen when people from the same lineage marry.
    Thats my 2 cents.

  69. Epher says:

    occipital bun is huge..

  70. Tara says:

    Wow its quite amazing

  71. edie j says:

    of course this isn’t the right picture

  72. raynise says:

    is this the real picture of him because i cant find any they be lying about stuff

  73. eedie jones says:

    to mr. cameron. hard for you to believe that the builders of the sphinx and pyramids are black, huh? i guess since there is no way the people of today can figure it out, a black man couldn’t possibly have done it, is your reasoning. well if my self esteem was built solely on my skin color, i would deny the facts too.

    and nefari, you say you are ‘olived skinned’. the only olives i have seen are black or green. which color are you.

  74. EXEL says:

    What an outrage. This French bust looks more like Barbara Streisand than King Tut. Why do white people continue to try to doctor the truth? What is the big deal? It has already been established that Egyptian (or more properly KMT) dynasties 1-12 were solidly Black civilizations. It arose from the South as the Nile flows from the center of Africa, not the North. After the Hyksos were finally driven out Dynasty 18 was also a Black-run dynasty, along with the 25th dynasty. Following that, were more invasions and Egypt’s decline. Some of you guys have been watching too many 10 Commandments propaganda films. Sorry, the genie is out of the bottle and we wont allow history to be “whitewashed” for a second time.

  75. he looks awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. lynsey says:

    i lhink king tut has a big noise to me i do not know about you.

  77. tabitha says:

    i love king tut i wish i was in egypt helping.i love doing reports on him.

  78. jon says:


  79. jon says:

    king tut looks like a messed up person.I think he should be in the world record book for the bigest nose ever.

  80. tobi anderson says:

    to malik and ‘gospel truth’ especially you malik, it is sad but not surprising, based on the lies you were taught in school and your ignorance which is evident that you decide to post such racist trash about black people. you should know that the ancient kingdom of Nubia is current day sudan, and that KING TUT is a direct descendant from Nubia, and that the BLACK Nubian pharaohs ruled egypt in conquest.
    before that, EGYPT and Nubia were involved in trade for even longer.

    it is an archeological fact that there are MORE pyriamids in sudan than there are in egypt, some of these were built as far back as the 1st dynasties in egypt. i agree that some black people are also ignorant and do not acknowledge the external influence of non black people on ancient egypt like the assyrians, and mesopotamians, but that is in defence of Historical lies and distortions that are still being fought today. and it is a bigger shame that people like Malik who say they are egyptian have not sought the truth at least.

    for your information malik, black people from africa had crossed the atlantic into america way before chris coloumbus “discovered” america, AND there were black people in the middle east thousands of years before the slave trade…but again this shows your ignorance, because the slave trade in africa and the middle east also dates back to thousands of years, so to deny black presence in the middle east exposes your complete ignorance, and possible prejudice. you might as well stab yourself in the eye because it could be likely you have a black ancestor too.

    racism will end when people open their eyes.

  81. Gospel Truth says:

    The only blacks in Egypt were slaves (as usual). If an Egyptian pharoah has his engineers build the Great Pyramids, and a foreman says to a bunch of black slaves, “Hey you, lift that block of stone over there and put it over there”, that does not equate with negroes “building the pyramids.” They were merely the manual labor rather than the architects behind the construction.

    Similarly, blacks here like to say they “built America.” Well that’s true only in the sense that mules and oxen have “built America.” Blacks had no part ever in the intellectual aspect of building America, or Egypt, or any other great civilization. Their transparent attempts to hijack other magnificent cultures and claim them as their own only show their own shame at having accmplished nothing in all their time on this earth. Ancient Africa looked much like it does today– primitive and prehistoric. What progress was made under the European colonists has eroded back into the stone age under black self rule.

  82. Malik says:

    Im from the middle east, the ancient egyptians did not look different then the present day egyptians. I am sick and tired of blacks with their afro centrism stealing our history. They even claim that elamites, hittites and babylonians were black. We middle easterners are not black and were never. The blacks you find in the middle east are the result of the slave trade from africa.

  83. damien says:

    he kinda looks like braxston shaw aka penut head.

  84. GraffixGuy says:

    Go here for a great atricle on what King Tut really looked like: www.associatedcontent.com/article/456544/king_tuts_likeness_recreated_using.html?post=true&

    And you can also SEE the image here: www.3demporium.com/king_tut.htm

  85. mueli says:

    hey guys if you really want the most realistic view of what the boy king looked like, go to this photo in the NYtimes. www.nytimes.com/slideshow/2007/12/14/world/1215-ETHIOPIA_index.html

    Compare these two photos to the many images of the royal famlies in ancient egypt and tell me what you see. Take notice of the eyes and nose and especially the curls (hair). And for you real egyptologists compare the mouth to the actual pictures of the mummy of King Tut-ankh-amen, everyone in his immediate family was know to have an overbite.

  86. lil jojo says:

    he looks like a girl to me and bald spots to me i think he lookes soooo much better and cuter!

  87. 9293 says:

    this is mostly as close as they will get to seeing his face so
    you stupid people better back OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. kyle says:

    If you have a myspace look me up wayne@yahoo.com and tellme that yougotmynameof a king tut web sight

  89. kyle says:

    hey michele how do you know that is’nt what he look like i dont think you were born in 1300bc

  90. 98 says:

    Tut is sooooooooooooooo Cute

  91. TooInvolved says:


    “Just because Egypt is in Africa, it doesn’t mean that Egyptians are black like some of you idiots think,” you say… But why not?

    Why are we “idiots” because we think Egyptians are Black? How are we even defining “Black” to begin with? I mean really, what are we saying here? By my definition, Egyptians are probably mixed people. That’s the case with almost any other coastal nation or country that borders with another nation/continent.

    We must mean something other than skin tone. As I hope you know, lots of people who define themselves as Black actually have olived toned skin.

    Talk about being racist…why are you so offended to be thought of as Black?

  92. A Teller of Truth says:

    What is this??????

    This is so ridiculous that it’s like someone from the 17th century did it.

    Egyptians ARE not and NEVER have been white

    They are Afrikan people..not from Norway as depicted in this pathetic waste of time ‘reconstruction’. Somebody had too much time and money given to them.

    This is as believable as Jesus with bright blue eyes…..oh wait, that’s how he ‘s depicted.

    People need to wake up to the modern world of acceptance that not all good things are European or ‘white’.

    Celebrate Africa

  93. dzire says:

    He has the bone structue of an ethiopian. Whites are always portraying everything in their image. Blacks did exist,and you can clearly tell he was a black man.

  94. Tracey says:

    very unattractive likeness of him. I wonder if he really looked like that. I noticed that a LOT of people were saying that it doesn’t look like him at all and I can’t help but wonder at what point in their life they actually MET king tut face to face to know that the above photo looks nothing like him. Hmmm maybe they’re just psychic. We will never know for sure what he looked like in life but it’s nice to have somthing to refer to. Much like Jesus….nobody knows what he looked like and all we have are the pictures circulated and what ppl have concocted in labs and presented on the discovery channel. I find it all VERY fascinating

  95. collyn123 says:

    king tut is so cool!!!

  96. jackie says:

    that is amazing

  97. mm says:

    He was from Africa but your argument sucks. What do current Egyptians look like?

    Also, If the death masks were made to be scale and perfect imitations (skin color) – were his eyes really that big?

    Get a life.

  98. rg says:

    This does not look anything like the death masks and statues done when Tut was living or recently dead. Get a book on TUT and you will see his death mask hasa black features with big lips. Also, go to a museum with a good Egyptian gallery and look at the hierglyphics and sculptures for yourselves–the ancient Egyptians depicted themselves as brown and the lightest color you would see is a yellow brown color for females. They do not depict themselves as white skinned EVER. The ancient Egyptians were not caucasians by any means. Even Herodatus, a Greek, described them as black people and he was back there. They were people of color and the 25th dynasty was black without question as Nubian kings conquered Egypt and ruled for 60 years and the subsequent Pharohs had their blood lines. Many of the subsquent queens were Nubian as well and many queens are depicting wearing eihter wigs in the Nubian style( ie, afro type curly wigs) or having hair in the Nubian style. Go and see for yourselves. What the white man is teaching is a lie, trying to co-opt a great ancient culture when the truth is that the white man was in the cave while the black and brown kings sat on the thrones in Egypt and Nubia.

    • biteme says:

      well yes king tut was female but she was of olive color and had high cheek bones she was oh color but also white and indian

  99. Gagan K. says:

    WOAH… i think that this is realli kool
    hes body probably decayed because hes been kept in a tombstone for like a long time and its realli kool that the scientists could make an accurate face that looks like his.
    I like to learn about king tut because im half egyptian and half brown…ino haha
    it would be soo kool if he was related to my family
    …anyways king tut looks realli nice and people these days would look like that 2 ift hey shaved off all there hair so stop makin fun of him

    • biteme says:

      nope she is a tom boy and she is of my bloodline i am white and indain but i look white with high cheek bones with stright hair i look like a white girl tho

  100. Daughter of the True King says:

    This is to Lisa:
    Yours is the kind of statement I would expect from YOU HUMANS! Enjoy your debate!

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  102. lisa says:

    to the person above me^^
    are YOU not HUMAN?…because thats kind of scary..!?!?

    anyways, his head is shaped that way because his body wasnt normal he was a “god” and gods usually married gods…which usually were their family members
    Tut married his sister. and his parents were siblings also. he had some weird body parts. his neck is unusually taller and longer..his arms were also short
    he didnt have any mental problems just his body was a problem.
    but people thought it was the most amazing thing “OMG thats how god looks like! i wish i looked like that…”

  103. Daughter of the True King says:

    You people and your ancestors again. All you ever talk about is whose ancestors were white and whose were black. What the fudge do you mean by white? Is it skin color? If it is, then you all need to go back to kindergarten and learn your colors again because you’re not seeing yourselves right in the mirror. What on god’s green earth do you mean by black? Is that a bone structure thing or a complexion thing? You don’t even know. Everyone one of you humans and your pagan worshing ancestors are absolutely ridiculous. None of you are white and none of you are black (maybe a small few truly have white skin or black skin). I just can’t figure out how you ended up calling yourselves that? What led you all to title yourselves as such? If your ancestors were white or black then I should see people that match the color of snow and people all over that match the night. But you’re all educated fools. You think you know everything, but you don’t know anything. I’m not the least bit surprised that you would all want to take credit for the ancestors who wouldn’t give a hoot about any of you if you were to live in their time. You see the buildings and structures a few men who thought it up and gave command for others to work on. None of you would want to bend your backs for a second to do that kind of work but yet you type messages to take credit for people who lived thousands of years ago. They’re all dead and don’t give a fig for what you all think but you bicker about it anyway. You act as if you own these ancestors. I have no clue what the people of that time would have looked exactly like for I was not there. It is evident that you all need to lean on the works of others to make yourselves look good. Just like their generation had passed away so will yours. Then you won’t have anything to argue about anymore. Your decendants will take that up after you’re gone. Foolish stupid humans. You want to be identified with humans that were evil and wicked in many ways, bowing down to gods they built with their own hands. Yet you profess how great their civilizations were and is. What great people would build their own gods? Temples all over the place for pretend gods. If they were great, they would have known the true god. They were just pieces on the board of the greater GOD’s plans. My God! The Eternal God! My civilization is greater than all yours put together so you can keep your ancestors in all their pretend colors. I just came across this site and thought it a great time to mention how pathetic you humans have become. Oh I lie! You got it from your heathen ancestors. But I still love you and hope you see the light! I do want the best for you all. As a daughter of the true King, I have authority to let you know. Don’t even try asking me how I know that he’s the true God. I know! I know fully well he is!

    • kim says:

      So, you keep referring to everyone else as “stupid humans”. Then what the hell are you? And as a daughter of the King, you should know good and well that you have NO authority what so ever to judge others. You worry about the skin on YOUR *** and that’s it. You are no better than anyone else.

      • biteme says:

        your right king color does not mean anything for what race you are you can be black and look stright up white

  104. Mike Steeves says:

    I think, although the skin colour is slightly off, its a pretty good attempt to reconstruct the boy King. Although he may be a little nerdy looking, I think they did a good job. You have to remember that the death masks and coffins were mostly an “idealised” version of the person. Now we really get to see him, face to face

  105. Neferi says:

    Every one needs to stop being so racist. Egyptians if anything looked more middle eastern than balck or white. King Tut probably did look like that and maybe he had olive toned skin like in the picture. Just because Egypt is in Africa, it doesn’t mean that Egyptians are black like some of you idiots think. Egyptians are not black. I would know because I am Egyptian!!!!! I am olive toned.

    • X says:

      ur not black now beccause europeans and islams aall those other people came and invaded and now are more whitish so just to let u know african people are black

    • biteme says:

      wow your right there more olive color not black but there some who look black and even some who look stright up white

  106. John Cameron says:

    Modern anthropological revisionists (read that as errant black writers) think everyone who lives in Africa is black. How wrong, wrong wrong. Africa is a modern world, relatively speaking, and was meaningless to all the tribes and people on that continent, no matter what their ethnicity. Most of the northern tier of the continent was people for millenia by caucasians, semites, and even some far asian peoples. Yes, there were some “blacks” who were absorbed into the ancient land we now know as Egypt…Libya, but most of the latter day dark ethnics came due to Muslim slave trades. The movement of the engineering intellect went southward into Kush, that’s where they imitated the northern kingdom. For only a brief period did anyone of such dark ethncity have the throne in KMT. Black Americans would like to believe that the entire land was established by them. That’s simply NOT true…blacks were spear-chuckers then, just as they are today. Show me any other grand civilization of note in Africa which isn’t corrals or mud-huts and chucking spears? If you do, it was because whites/Europeans established it.

  107. Rena says:

    This is really cool =]

    I was wondering…What is that red thing on his ear? Was that a mole, or was it something that occured when he died?

    Oh yeah…I’m here because I’m doing a project just like JJ was two years ago (BORING!)

  108. aly says:

    you guys realize how much time it took for them people to atleast guess how he looked. well if u guys tink that its @#%$!& just try to make one your selves. u @#!$%^&**&%#@!@!


  109. Bailey says:

    first of all, why are people saying thats not what King Tut looked like? im pretty sure none of you guys have seen him in real life before. ITS A FREAKING COMPUTERIZED PICTURE!!!!!! they cant tell what he really looked like so this is an estimate based on the remains found in his tomb.

  110. jaspreet bhandol says:

    he has a very large head did anyone make fun of him in his own time.

  111. monkey says:


  112. Im BACK! says:

    What makes me laugh is that the only time you see Egyptians portayed as white was when they died.in the Book of the Dead.like a ghost or something! the only other time Egyptians were portayed as having light skin was the women..and that was a soft yellow color! Seems to me that these ancient aryan Egyptians sure hated white skin if they equated pale skin feminin or dececed. blows that Dark skin being reserved for pheasants bullshit out of the water!

  113. wouldn you like to f****** know says:

    Man you people A f******** stupid if you think fan bearers and canopy holders are going to protedect the sun from you!! This is bull**** set up by whites, if the Pharaohs were so damn white why the HELL did they depict themselves as brown or tan skinned! Geez get over yourselves…Not Every Great Culture was white! Why Dont You Take Your pale white aryan asses to Egypt and Try to wear the clothing the Ancint Egyptians wore, and dont put on any sunblock..and see just how sunburnt you people will get( oh and please bring a fu***** Fanbearer and Canopy and see just how much that Sh** helps! Fan Bearers and Canopys-ta-you people are fu***** stupid! and Im not saying the Egyptians were black..Im saying the Egyptians didnt look like some ****** *** aryan

  114. John Williams says:

    Oh My Lord It’s Britney Spears !

  115. Kelsey Steed says:

    Are you so sure that King Tut looked like that?

  116. key dar says:

    they worship the sun god (RA) why would the stay out of the sun
    they were scientist they knew dark skin (melonin) converted uv sun rays
    into vitamin D (its was no such thing as sun block 4000 years ago.
    they would have got sun cancer if they were light skined.

  117. key dar says:

    if the slaves were all dark skinned people
    according to the bible the jew were inslaved by the egyptians
    so that means the real jews are black
    as it states jesus had skin the color of brass as if it was burned in a flame ( and if you just look at king tut mummy you will really see what he looks like not like that ******) they worshiped the why would they stay out of it.

  118. br00ce says:

    I wish children wouldn’t comment on something that is meant to be taken seriously.

  119. jrpone says:

    Hey everybody…king tut looks really cool, Im th biggest Ancient Egyptian Fan….First off Tutankhamun (pronounced TUT- AN-KHA-AMUN, NOT TUT-AN_KAMUN) was around the age 19 when he died not 17 like some idiot stated above,. second Tut was mix race and was probably had white features but in ancient art he is depicted as brown skinned or heavily tanned!!
    The statement above say there were a "few" black kings of egypt…get your facts straigt friend. first off im not sayning that the Egyptian were a ALL black or ALL white civilization…That is stupid and pointless..Every Great civilization on Earth had influences of some what from different cultures..(the Romans, Egyptians, even the Chinese) any way the Ancient Egyptians had mor than a "FEW" black kings as a matter of fact antropopgy proves the ancient pre dynastic Egyptians were Negro blacks who migrated from the souhern Sahara…the religion and skulls prove it …many believe that Narmer the uniter of upper and lower Egypt was black as well as many others Khufu, Khafre, Amenhotep 3, Tye, and many others. dont start freaking out becuse i think many important Egyptian kings were white as well…probably the greatest king of all was king Ramses the 3rd who was a tall red haired white man….any way i think the Ancient Egyptians were a mix multiracial culture with many different etnic kings and royals.

  120. Emily says:

    Actually the last post is innacurate. Royal egyptians were kept out of the sun 90% of the time. They had fan bearers and canopy holders EVERYWHERE they went! Even on chariots they had someone there to shade them. "Dark skin" or tan as we call it was considered to be reserved for the lower class peasants. Of course a young boy like tut probably had somewhat of a tan, he would appear lightskinned, not black. However there are a few pharaohs in history that were most definitely black. His grandmother (or mother some say) had blue eyes…she was from a hyksos type country who were fair skinned and light eyed.

  121. AdonisThaGod says:

    lol, losers, this is what King Tut looked like:


    This is bullshit set up by white people, we all know there weren’t white people in africa until recently, get cha minds right…

  122. Valeria says:

    This is amazing! How could someone make that? It’s awesome. And for all u dodo heads out there, that’s the way they shaped their heads on purpose to look like royalty or stylish or something.

  123. BubbleZ says:

    i think that lots of people just waste thier tim eby attempting to make someone look like they did back in the day. but these pictures are still pretty amazing

  124. Jessica says:

    This is REALLY amazing. It would be nice if we could see rhe front of his face. Thats just so amazing. I have always wondered how they could do that. A computerized image. Im doing a project on tut and thats just amazing. He went to the at age 8 and died around age 17 AMAZING

  125. Dyan says:

    I love King Tut!
    Now seeing his side you he’s cute!
    Noone is perfect so leave his head alone.
    He’s white because he was KING menaig he was inside all the time not outside. From the front view he’s hot!
    I love his eyes!
    He had no hair because men, boys were suppose to shave their hair off.
    So, thank you very much.

  126. NOTelling says:

    this looks ah-mazing!! and and people he has a big head cuz i read he had a tumar in his head but this pics is incredible!! GREAT JOB!

  127. Will says:

    This is sooo fascinating! Modern science is so amazing these days. To think that they could recreate a Pharoah’s face that ruled Egypt 3300 years ago!! wow

  128. Ashley says:

    I think this is a fine model of what Tutankhamen must have looked like. To answer anyones questions about his death, it has been scientifically suggested that King Tut died of a leg injury which caused gangrene to occur, which in return was the cause of his death. Most likely that it was caused his death.

  129. Rarney Blubble says:

    Nationalist agenda?. Maybe but his skin tone isn’t outside the boundaries of that found in current Egyptians. I personally think he would probably be darker. But if you look at the famous statue of Queen Nefertiti, pharoah Ahkenatens wife, he’s pretty close. The ancient Egyptians were multi racial: Cleopatra was a Greek and member of the Ptolemy dynasty set up after Alexander the Great conquered Egypt, Rameses the Great had long straight red hair, Amenhotep III one of the greatest of pharoahs in terms of art and public works had black African features and Ahkenaten the probable inventor of monotheism looked like an alien freak. There were times when Egypt was conquered by Semitic people for example the Hittites as well as people from Kush (Sudan) who were also used as mercenaries by many pharoahs so there was some mixing going on. Tuts head is malformed due to Egyptian standards of beauty. They like many cultures were into head shaping, ie binding the babies head soon after birth to create a “pleasing” shape.

  130. Island Groove says:

    Strange he kinda looks like Boy George to me and very WHITE too WHITE for someone who lived in the desert, forensic sculptors use certain measurements and guidelines to determine race from skulls my understanding of this recreation is that it was one of a few that were made by more than one artist each artist was given a copy of his skull to work with some knew who they were recreating others did’nt I would love to see some of the other results to see how they resembled or differed from this version Egypt had both black and white dynastys thoughout their history so there was a good racial mix back then I dont think this is an honest portrayal at the very least I think he might have been olive skined but certainly not white, so I am afraid I have to agree with Ms Aqueelah when she says that this was “created today by individuals who are known to have biasis and nationalist agendas”.nuff said, peace

  131. alyssa says:

    I think that it really looks neat.It makes it look real. It really makes you wonder is that really what he looks like. I hope that it is what he looks like but, I know we won’t get to know because it happened a long time ago.

  132. Sushiii says:

    cool.. it looks like a girl
    no offense.
    i need to write about him for my project.
    maybe i will use that picture or a better one that doesn’t look like a girl
    he looks sooo cool

  133. aqueelah says:

    she is right it looks nothing like the statues and paintings of king tut, which depict him quite differently. but it is what i expect from a bunch of well….you can fill in the rest. I contest that the ancient people what sculpted, painted and hand crafted images of tut while he was alive are more accurate than those created today by individuals who are known to have biasis and nationalist agendas. I have been studying ancient egyptian culture since the age of 9, now working on a bach in Anthropology. I guess you can say im credible but crediable doesnt mean much these days. do some studying and judge for yourself i guess, just look at what the ancients thought he looked like.

  134. chantell says:

    i really seriously do NOT! the THink that that is what king tut looked like NOT NOT NOT!

  135. 6256 says:

    it is fasinating, any clue how they recreated him like that?

  136. corbyn says:

    he looks like a bald girl with a big nose.

  137. phoenix says:

    he has a pretty big head

    • Nina says:

      Egyptians believed that siblings should marry eachother,so that can cause flaws in a person’s appearnce.

  138. JJ says:

    Sure yea he might look like that (A bit big headed) but that doesn’t answer my question of how he died??? So how did he?

  139. Phish says:

    This is fascinating. Didn’t the egyptians believe that he was a god?

    • Cj says:

      kia ora whanae

      how u all ?

      well i have know idea what this is but u know what this really is so yea.

      well hope use are having a fun day.
      kae what do you know bout tutankhmun?
      i am doing a project on him so i need as much information on him as i can get but there not much to say when this only shows how he might have looked like.

      so um yeah my name is Cj and i live in lVn oR levin so yea holla us bk

      well how u been ?? i have been great ae omg! i just got a txt from tutankhmun l0l

      hahaha oh well im over wrighting l0l

      just joking l0l im can keep talking foreva end eva
      so how is your day i am so s

    • Nina says:

      Yes.They believed all of the pharoahs were gods.They believed they were the god ‘Ra’ on Earth.

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