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Wikipedia: “Why am I?”

Posted in Humour,Law,Web 2.0 by Elliott Back on December 31st, 2005.

According to Wired, our favorite softcore pornographer Jimmy Wales has been editing his own wikipedia biography. I say, “but of course!” Is it a surprise that people will protect their own descriptions from the harsh light of impartial reality:

Public edit logs reveal that Wales has changed his own Wikipedia bio 18 times, deleting phrases describing former Wikipedia employee Larry Sanger as a co-founder of the site.

Wales has also repeatedly revised the description of a search site he founded called Bomis, which included a section with adult photos called “Bomis Babes.”

We all want to look good, but information will be free. As Blake Ross predicts:

George W. Bush will be the latest to come under fire for editing his own Wikipedia biography. Although Wikipedia will have implemented the most sophisticated algorithms to deter this kind of behavior, Bush will be caught because he will change all instances of “George” to “I”.

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