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WordPress v.s. MT

Posted in Blogging,Computers & Technology,MT,Web 2.0,Wordpress by Elliott Back on May 11th, 2006.

After reading this article about MT v.s. WP over on Business Logs, I feel like talking about why I like WordPress:

1) I can customize it in a jiffy. WordPress 2.0 has a hook for everything which I can plug into by adding add_filter(‘some-hook’, ‘my-function’); to my code. For example, I could add a filter to fire before and after a comment is saved to say, count the hit/miss ratio of Akismet. And, basing everything off streams and filters is infinitely chainable in the future.

2) It’s fast. There’s now an object and query cache so that WordPress doesn’t have to run to and from your MySQL database so often to render your frontpage. This, combined with the ability to write a caching plugin like Digg Defender or WP Cache, makes one able to scale WordPress almost infinitely.

3) Themes. There are more themes for WordPress than any other blog engine. There are literally thousands, from the famous Kubrick to the yet-unknown Elliottback theme.

4) Active. There’s going to be a free WordPress 3.0 out in the near future, and it will continue to rock as much as it used to. Because development is active and ongoing, I remain committed to the platform.

If PHP isn’t for you, I hear Typo for Ruby on Rails is good.

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4 Responses to “WordPress v.s. MT”

  1. […] I’ve written before about how I personally prefer WordPress to Movable Type because it offers me an unprecedented open source experience, tons of community support, and easy hackability. It’s also pretty damn fast, so I don’t worry about my server crashing or overloading. […]

  2. 流水线 says:

    I think that WP is no match for MT. WP is a very good blog to get started on

  3. Andy says:

    I think that WP is no match for MT. WP is a very good blog to get started on, but thats about it in my opinion. MT pre-builds it’s pages from cgi scripts and mySQL so it means that all the pre-processing is done in one big lump rather than whist the person is trying to view the page, slowing WP down. Even if WP has caching enabled, it simply isn’t as good as MT.

  4. Rob says:

    I agree about WP and I love it too. But when you grow beyond a normal blog and want a few extra bells and whistles is when some of its limitations come to light.

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