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1and1 Sucks: 1&1 Will Rip You Off

Posted in Blogging,Computers & Technology,Milestones by Elliott Back on March 22nd, 2006.

As you can imagine, I’ve been having some trouble with 1and1. They nixed by site by placing some kind of “lock” on it. When I get that straightened out, I should be able to recover my images. Until then, I have an old backup of the images. I’m slowing restoring my other sites. What’s weird, though, is that I can’t get SSH access to my account.

Please ignore the mess–a new theme is coming soon. This is just a stopover stopgap method.


Here is the email they sent me three days after locking my Business Hosting account:

Recently we have noticed that your web site(s)is consuming a disproportionate amount of server resources. Due to this, we have had to move your account off of the shared hosting server to an auxilliary server host. We will now request that you consider purchasing a Managed or Dedicated Server in order to continue hosting services with 1&1 Internet.

Your account was moved based on a decision made by the system administrators in order to improve the quality of service to the rest of our clients on the shared hosting server you were previously hosted on. Your account’s resource needs
were exceeding the capacity of that server to capably host the other accounts, thus it had to be moved to mitigate the server load. Though we could move your site back to the original shared hosting server, it is not recommended. Your account activity has showed that it deserves its own server to better suite its performance needs.

Please visit 1and1.com to review the server products we offer. You will have one(1) month to make a decision and migrate your account over to 1&1 server or another host provider. You can choose to return your account back to the shared server systems if you wish, provided that you take steps to reduce the load generated by your websites. If the account has to be moved off the
shared server system again you will only have the option of purchasing a dedicated server account to continue hosting with 1&1 Internet.

As I have received over 44,000 hits on this single website today (there are others, although they are still down), it makes sense that I might be overloading their poor shared server. However, they should at least have called or emailed me before taking any action that would impact the state of my website! If I do get a dedicated server in the future, it won’t be their’s.

Update 2

OK, dreamhost says I’m using about 940 cpu minutes a day, which is about 20 times more than I should be. Looks like I’ll need dedicated hosting soon, unless WP-cache really does drop my CPU usage by the 53x it claims. Here’s a graph of traffic impact, for the bored:

Hosting problems

Update 3

As I really want them to return my files, I’ve sent the following snarky email to the 1and1 admins:

Dear 1and1 admins,

This is the third email I’ve sent you regarding this issue, three days from your initial notification, which was sent to me at least two days late after you locked my 1and1 account. I need immediate access to all of my files via SSH. Traffic has been redirected via DNS to another hosting provider, so no 1and1 resources will continue to be consumed at their former prodigious rate. As you specified below:

> You can choose to return your account back to the shared server systems if you wish, provided that you take steps to reduce the load generated by your websites.
Now that I have taken those steps, you must immediately:

1) Restore access to my business hosting account for elliottback.com
2) Notify me in writing thereof

Your response time and attention to customer service issues is terrible. If you do not restore access to my account and files in a reasonable amount of time, I may have to pursue legal or other non-desirable actions for your business.

Update 4

I called them last night, and a guy said he’d give me an update before the end of his shift. Admins are apparently scarce on weekends. Guess what? No update.

Update 5

Somehow I’ve got access again. Once I rip all my files, I’m going to cancel. Images should start working again in another hour or so. I’ve got a lot (100s of mb) to transfer, so it will be just a bit more!

Here are some more resources for people considering 1and1:

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396 Responses to “1and1 Sucks: 1&1 Will Rip You Off”

  1. Martin Hall says:

    Wow 1 & 1 seems to have a seriously bad rap for customer service. How can any company survive in a connected world, by cheesing so many customers off.

    Not sure why anyone would risk putting their company or website on the line by relying on a company that shows that they are not bending to keep their customers happy. There are so such a wealth of other CMS platforms to go with these days – my favourite being WordPress.

  2. barsoj malinovsky says:

    I purchased the hosting and domain and cancelled it after it year. Should be straight forward right? Guess again.
    I transferred my domain and hosting elsewhere. One month after I left I received an email to invoice me for Instant Domain Package. Billing point was 28th of Feb and invoice was dated 1st of March. I left and got my cancellation confirmed on 4th of February. THEY TOOK THE MONEY FROM MY ACCOUNT. Keep in mind that at this point I received the cancellation email from them, and no services were being provided by 1&1. Nothing. The reasons I was given:

    1. INVOICE IS GENERATED AUTOMATICALLY I asked for what? There is no service to be charged for. So I was given another reason:

    2. INVOICE HAS BEEN DELAYED They couldn’t explain why, other than “there was a mistake which caused it to be delayed”

    3. YOUR ACCOUNT NEEDS TO BE FURTHER CLOSED Wft!!!???? So i asked to be transferred to further close my account. How can you close something twice. “Further close” what is that??! Guy I spoke to said “your money has been refunded and I already apologized. What else do you want me to do!?” I wanted assurance that 1&1 will not deep into my account whenever they’ll feel like it. Apparently his word had to do.


    They took it because they could. Contacting these geniuses, you will get any answer to get you off the phone. You will hear lots of “I’m sorry” “I understand your frustration” and “I apologize for the inconvenience” and “I understand your concerns”.

    There is a lot of hosting and domain service providers out there, who are much easier to be reached when needed and more importantly they will be consistent in information and customer service. 1&1 takes its customers for granted and if they mess up it’s up to us to spend hours on the phone, chasing them down and getting your day totally ruined by either agent sitting behind the desk somewhere in Asia; or you’ll get a local who will patronize the s**t out of you, acting like he/she has just done the biggest favor in the world. One more thing: you will be receiving lots of promotional emails after you’ll leave and they will not stop. I clicked unsubscribe link many many times and they kept on coming.

    1&1 is the biggest headache in this industry. Stay away and you will keep your sanity. There are different companies out there who would do much much much better job than 1&1. It’s almost impossible to do worse than them.

  3. Cameron says:

    For the last year, I have largely neglected my blog. A few days ago, I decided to start posting again, only to discover that MySQL has upgraded from 4 to 5. I have tried a number of things to migrate my content over, to no avail, using myphpadmin.

    So, I tried to use SSH. I’m guessing that my first couple of attempts I had miskeyed something and appear to be locked out of my server now, both through the web and ftp. I asked 1and1 to look into this and they said to change my ftp password. Even though I knew this wouldnt resolve it, I did and tried again. So, this morning, I emailed in to “support” and said that changing the password would do nothing for SSH if I can’t een access the server.

    I have to say, I’m not very happy with the level of “support” that 1and1 provides. I might have to start looking into a new webhoster.

  4. Ion Eyes says:

    So it appears that I’m the next to remark on how horrible 1and1 hosting is.

    I have been locked out of my account through no fault of my own. Upon contacting their Customer Service department I was advised that they would send an email link to reset the password.

    That was a week and several calls ago.

    Each time I am told that there are “several” of us with this issue and that they are working on it.

    I asked several times to just have an admin go to the server and manually reset it, but they tell me they have no contact with the admins. Really?

    As the e-shop at issue is for a client I have now started losing cash out of my pocket.

    Trying to get the issue escalated through a supervisor is an exercise in waiting you out as they tell you that you can hold on the line for one but they can’t guarantee one will ever talk to you and they refuse to have one call you back.

    I see legal action as an only recourse shortly.

  5. Joe says:

    When they lock a contract account, they also lock additional domain associated with that contract even if only one domain in that account is delinquent. That means domains that are in good standing in that contract are locked as well. Unfair practices.

  6. Jeff says:

    1and1 screwed me big time. On the machine I was hosted they had 426 domians hosted! Included were serveral hacker sites. SO my domains are labelled as unsafe with google now. Also 1and1 are connected with the biggest spammers in the world. THe phamarcy scams. If you have 1and1 email you will be used and abused by this scam and support is of course clueless.

    Company is indeed a fraud. They wasted so much of my time and patience with their nonsense. I wouldnt use this company to clean an outhouse. They’d find a way to mess it up.

    • John Marus says:

      I totally agree, 1and1 sucks the big one! I complained about my site going down and being slow and I was actually told “IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT FIND SOMEONE ELSE”. Of course this was after the 30 day money back period, so I did move to another host after that comment; and just left my space there unused (a lesson I told myself). I recently had to cancel this **** hosting and spent two hours trying to accomplish this, you have first cancel each product separately(even the “free” domain they include)through their site AND you have to call a 1-800 and wait to speak with a live person at their convenience or your products rebill and they send you to collections. What a load of ****!

  7. Bob Lewis says:

    They stole my domain and sold it now a black **** owns it in Africa

    • The Black Nigger who owns your website says:

      Hey bob. I am so enjoying your.. I mean my new website.

  8. simon says:

    avoid this dodgy company , not only did they charge me for 3 months for trialing the website builder plus which i cancelled within the 30 day trial but after i cancelled the hosting and domains they have now billed me for a further year , very suspicious and seems it happens to lots of others

  9. Ctech says:

    1@1 is not that bad of a company. My experience with them has been ok, although their is a delay
    in there billing for domain registration that is quite a hassle. I recommend them as a registrar
    but i prefer to use FATCOW.com for my hosting
    needs. Beware though 1@1’s default setup is to renew your domain yearly, unless you turn off the auto renewal feature. This causes apparently alot of issues with customers.

  10. gary says:

    seems odd that so many say they have issues with 1&1 because they signed up for 12 months of service initially (as required) with automatically monthly billing and then were SHOCKED that they continued to bill monthly after the initial 12 months ended even though they didn’t properly cancel.


    • Sue says:

      1&1 are still billing me even though i have cancelled the account on time within the 30 days. They insist I haven’t and informed me they will take £11.00 each month for the rest of the year. This company is horrid and they dont’ tell the truth. I my opinion this company should be avoided at all costs, because it will cost you a lot of money, so much for the free trial. They took £18.00 to set up my website and did nothing to help.

    • Tara Walters says:

      My boyfriend owns a small-mid sized web design company and spends approx $12,000 a year with 1&1.com. When 1&1 was not able to charge a $30 1 year domain fee to one of his cards (because we had changed credit cards) they sent his account to collections after 30 days. We never received a phone call, a notice by email or standard mail. If they had contacted us we would have immediately resolved the issue. We have a business to run and we also have SO many hosting accounts that it’s not really even fair to say that we were lazy or careless for not updating one small hosting/domain account 1 out of approx. 60 was not updated with our new card. It’s called an oversight on our part and it should not have resulted in being sent to collections and having a perfect credit score knocked down. It is appalling that 1&1 did not bother to contact us particularly since we are high paying, long standing customers – It is extremely bad business practice. When we finally figured out that the account was sent to collections they said we had no recourse what so ever. The 1&1 staff is full of incompetent, apathetic minimum wagers that don’t seem to care that our entire company now hates 1&1 and are planning to switch to a new company. The reason I must assume that every customer service person at the organization is a minimum wager is because they seem SO lazy and apathetic. That leads me to assume that they are not well paid enough (or trained) to care about their organization. Almost everyone in our company, myself included as had a bad experience with 1&1 and cannot stand talking to the terrible, lazy, apathetic employees that call them selves “customer service representatives.” I have never in my life written on an online forum- that’s how disgruntled I am. And I plan to write many more letters and complaints to the B+B among lots of other forums like this and on our blogs. Also, to the people on this forum who have good things to say about 1&1- my guess is that you probably work for 1&1 or were hired to do reputation management for them. They fact that negative reviews turn up on the first page of Google whenever you search for 1&1 is a major indicator that something is seriously wrong with 1&1 :) Anyway, why on earth would a “happy customer” go out of their way to write good reviews on a random forum? Seriously- how often does that happen, really?! Maybe your web business is really slow? You lack a personal life? My guess is that your remarks are not genuine – because you were paid.

      • Wrong Price says:

        1&1 doesn’t charge 30$/per year for a domain name!

        • tara says:

          Perhaps this was for hosing. We have a lot of accounts with them (a ton) both domains + hosting. The details will come out in the report we file with the better business business bureau.

  11. Shea says:

    I am the odd man out here, it seems, but my experience with 1and1 has been enjoyable. It seems to me that many of you have not done much in the world of hosting, and as a professional web designer myself, I would like to point out that what you see is what you get. you get the 1and1 my-business site package,your gonna get the 1and1 my-business site package support and features. I have used several different packages with them, and while I did have to move up to a better package eventually, their packages seem pretty well setup to me.


  12. roland poet says:

    I’m sorry I didn’t Google for 1&1 complaints before I was suckered by their deals! They are total FRAUDS who lock domains without reason, never explain why and avoid contact! Then, they have the nerve to send $1.00 domains to collections! PURE BULLSHIT and if there is a way to sue them and their collection agency in Small Claims Court in California I will let everyone know! DO NOT USE 1 &1 FOR ANY REASON!

  13. TOm says:

    1and1.com completely sucks, they take your money and won’t do anything for you, avoid at all costs, they tell you you can cancel anytime, well that is only to drag you into the contract, you can only cancel within 30 days, screw them, never do business with them, go to godaddy.com or bluehost.com, oh and don’t do yahoo.com hosting either because it sucks for blogs.

    • Matthew says:

      I am experiencing this right now. All they can do is tell me I signed a contract and they wont even show me the contract. I know, now, that it was in the fine print of the terms of service but they should still be able to show me. Then, they tell me I cant cancel my services and will continue to be charged. Thing is, I DID cancel it and my website is no longer live. But, I will still have to pay for the service that I “cant cancel”? And they say a computer has to do it and WONT until the end of the contract. Man, I will never make the mistake of not reading the fine print again.

  14. Mark says:

    1 and 1 is an unbelievable inept company. I’m a musician and for 6 months my site wouldn’t link to my utube site. They simply said “we’re working on it.” After numerous frustrations with the site and customer service I cancelled my account. The site was closed and I thought it was done until they billed my account again and caused my account to go negative with a 35.00 charge. Apparently customer service didn’t tell billing and of course billing basically told me to get screwed. Tell everyone these people are rip offs.

    • Sue Beck says:

      That the same thing that’s happened to me, I cancelled my account and they still are billing me when I called them and told the billing team that i had already cancelled my account they insisted that i hadn’t calling me almost a Lier in not so many words.

  15. Laurie Cote says:

    I just switched from 1and1 to Winhost. All I can say is WHY DID I EVER STAY WITH 1and1??

    Winhost’s customer support is VERY VERY GOOD. They answered my questions quickly and correctly. And it would appear that English is their first language. Want to get rid of 1and1? Switch to Winhost.
    I do not work for winhost. I have just been so frustrated with 1and1 for so long that I had figured that all the other hosting would be the same. It’s not!

  16. cmarunde says:

    I’ve been using 1and1.com to host a few websites for about 5 years now, and just a heads up for all of you who are looking for a good host, this has been a nightmare for me. Not only is website builder extremely quirky and inconsistent and full of program glitches, but even worse the tech support is the worst of any tech support I have worked with since my first website in 1995. 100% of the tech support folks speak English as a second language, and they typically don’t understand what you are saying very well. Even simple discussions demonstrate that they do not understand. They repeat things many times, and you will spend 20 minutes and get absolutely nowhere. If this happened to me once or even half a dozen times in 5 years, I would just pass it off as life, but this has happened to me probably over 100 times in 5 years. Yes, I know, I am extremely patient and gentle in working with non-English speaking techs, but I’ve really had it with the nonsense, the glitchy programs, the horrendous customer support. I’ve tried to talk to supervisors, but after being on hold for an eternity, I’m always told that the supervisors are busy. This is 1and1.com folks. This is not an isolated experience. This has been my experience for 5 years with multiple websites. Unfortunately, my main website cannot be transferred to any other company, because no one will accept a website built with that glitchy website builder program. My strong recommendation is never use 1and1.com. You will be truly frustrated and sorry like I am, and then you won’t be able to move your site like me.

    • Dustin says:

      look You all obviously don’t get it, YOU can try to call and cancel your membership, and they don’t answer or they send you through a run around system that eventually makes your realize your never going to reach anyone so you can CANCEL your membership so yea we all would like to cancel but these companies do this on purpose so you cant reach anybody to cancel or they send you through 100 marketers who try to get you to stay on as a customer or they simply disconnect you so you have to keep calling. This is why I am reporting them to the BBB and FBI and ICS

  17. 1and1.com is a scam says:

    Just wanted to add my two cents. More of the same. I never asked for auto-renew of the domain names and then when they tried to hit my card up for the fee a year later it was expired so they got nothing. Instead of just making me lose my domain like all other companies, they sent it to a collection agency (NCO). Whatever you do avoid 1and1.com like the plague. And spread the word. Someone make a video or a piece of artwork that gets widespread attention for free, showing folks what their scam is. Why should others get ripped off?

  18. I started on the free trial and it seemed to be great. But i had several issues with
    Editing and customizing my website. It just didn’t look like the samples at all no matter how hard i tried to get it similar. I requested to speak with the design team
    within the first few days of me having the free trial and no one ever contacted me. I called and left a request with a 1&1 representative and I also emailed and called the design team and left a message. It wasn’t until about 4 days ago that someone contacted me by email. In the mean time I was browsing your website examples because
    I was trying to make my website look like the 1&1 web examples and upon clicking on some samples i noticed at the very bottom the pages
    stated that the website was designed using a INTUIT Website Template. I goggled INTUIT and I set up an account with them. I am now able to edit and customize
    my website with no problem.. I also think it is false advertisement to put websites on 1&1 but the templates are not from 1&1 , they are from INTUIT and other web hosting providers.

    I have posted the link below on where i saw the footer on the website examples listed on 1&1.com

  19. Nelly says:

    1and1 are without doubt the worst hosting provider in the industry.

    Thieving, unhelpful and incompetent.

    Bottom line, stay away from these criminals.

  20. Matt J says:

    I wish I had found this site prior to purchasing 1&1 internet service last summer. They continue to screw up billing payments and then charge 12 euro on each of their failures. Then they sent their screw ups to a collection agency with huge fines on top of their 12 euro fine for payments not going through. Before you know it they will be billing you for 85 euros for collection fees. If you pay them you’ll only get charged more fees! This is a no win situation. If anyone knows a way to deal with corrupt businesses like this in Germany please let other know.

  21. conery says:

    Speaking as a customer who was just ripped off by this load of scoundrels, I can safely inform anyone mildly interested in their services to do yourself a favor and find an honest company to host your site. What I experienced was exactly what most of these other poor people have. I was registered with them for over a year. Then, when I decided I wanted to use a different company (due to horrible service) I tried to close my account (which was paid in advance for another several months). They would not give me an option to shut down my domain immediately, or to simply transfer. Instead, the option given to me was ‘shut down as soon as possible’. I did so, careful to check back at my old web address to see if it was closed. Several days went by and still my site was up with 1and1. Then, about 4 days later, I find that my domain has been bought up by another company, “DomCollect AG”. I was given no grace period to buy it back, no warning, not even an exact date of when it was going to be made available to me for transfer or purchase it back. Today, what do I find? That the company “DomCollect AG” is owned and operated by 1and1 and that it will now cost me big bucks if I want to buy back my original domain! I have had to start a new web domain with another company with a totally different address. This is nothing less than robbery. I see that there are a few people here saying that 1and1’s issues are blown out of proportion. TRUST ME. This company is dishonest, thieving and even horrible to work with. They will screw you over as they have done with many customers before me as you can see…

  22. Kwan says:

    The price is great but their customer support is an absolute nightmare. In fact, they might have the worst customer support of any company I have ever dealt with. Their reps can only solve the simplest of issues that you’d be able to figure out with one Google search… which is probably what their people do. And if it’s something somewhat complicated, get ready to wait a week for a response. Unbelievable! Avoid 1and1! The price is not worth the headache. Anyone could do better than these guys. Web.com, Homestead, or SetMySite.com are much better options with way fewer problems.

  23. gep says:

    Damn and I purchased from them -.-‘

    Well I still got few days for them to take money of my card… I will see if I can stop the process. Damn.

    • Rich says:

      I have had a dedicated for awhile and there is no real problem as long as you know what you are doing. 1 idiot has an issue because of his own stupidity and then he spends all his time bashing and posting links about it.

      Somehow I believe you are not telling us the whole story.. When they moved the site to the aux. server the site was down and you ha or nobody else had any access? You are saying they told you they would give you 30 days and they did not give you any time at all to move your site?

      You knew your site was too big for a shared..what do you expect?

      People–don’t believe all of this bullshit.. For their prices they are charging it is an outstanding deal. If your site is too big for a shared host then expect problems where ever you go..

    • Debra says:

      Could you tell me how to unsubscribe from these dip *****.They send me stuff but I can not seem to get them to understand I do not want this bs.Thanks

  24. Alin says:

    I might as well throw in my miserable experience with them. I have been building websites for some customers and just started a web design business and hosted about 30 websites on my developer hosting plan.

    Well a couple of days ago they send me an email saying my web space has been sending out a large amount of spam emails out…what?? And if I don’t take care of it the would lock my account to fix the issue themselves.

    So I replied back to the email asking them what I need to do and I even called their security department to ask a person what I need to do as well. All they said was follow the instructions in the email…ummm what instructions?? No one ever sent them.

    So saturday morning comes around and I wake up to a email that says my web space has been locked while the fix the issue and all of my websites that I built are now down.

    So immediately I call to and talk to them and here is what I hear. “Sorry sir, the department that handles our security questions doesn’t work on weekends and monday is Martin Lurther King day and they wont be open then either” Over 30 websites from various small businesses have been shut off with no-one in a big company to help get everything back working. UN-REAL

    I take responsibility for not puttin each website under their own hosting packages because I was offering free hosting with no monthly charge to my customers. But now non-of their sites work.

    I can’t believe their customer service. As soon as they are restored, I am moving everything over to Go Daddy and will NEVER, NEVER recommend 1and1 to anyone else. I will bad talk them to anyone with ears. I Hate Them forever because they just didnt care what happen. Never Again

  25. sarah says:

    I have fallen foul of these cowboys too. They have just taken over £70.00 from my account for a website that I Cancelled. I am going to fight like with like and as I have other websites to suit my needs, use theirs to advertise how dreadful they are.

    • Carmon Cooley says:

      I’ve had the same experience with them, I canceled several times and they said I did it the wrong way, well I tried their 30 day free trial and called to tell them it was not what I was looking for and thought nothing more about it until I see a debit from my account for their services 4 months later finally $70.00 later I got rid of them. THEY SUCK!

  26. Katherine says:

    WARNING! BUYER BEWARE! STAY FAR AWAY FROM 1 AND 1! Find an honest company.

    They are earning money off of an old website of mine without my permission.

    re: www.drkatherine.info

    I have never used 1 and 1 but they ‘acquired’ my old (copyrighted) website associated with an old domain that I used to own. I changed my domain name and web host several years ago and according to Who Is they bought the old domain name and without my permission have been using my original copyrighted information as if I am still the web owner. I have never hired them to do any work for me, host my site or any other dealings with them.

    They’ve added products for sale as if I, a doctor, am indorsing the products. I have never given 1 and 1 or anyone else permission to use this copyrighted information nor do I indorse those products!

    I e-mailed them a warning in May and they took down the site. Today it’s back up. I’ve e-mailed again and will take legal action if they continue their felonious actions where I am involved.

    1 and 1 are dishonest. Find a better host, design team, etc.

    • Rich says:

      You think 1and1 is conspiring against you and using your site to earn? Are u kidding? They are worth millions.. How much is that site earning?? Someone most likely grabbed the domain or something..I doubt anyone at 1and1 is stealing your site to “earn”…

      This whole site is nothing but a witch hunt..

    • Dan says:

      Also a doctor would spell it endorsed, not indorsed.

    • Pete says:

      Beware 1and1 dishonest predatory business practice once they get your number they think it is their card dont do business with them ever.

  27. Roger says:

    Well… I guess I’ll toss my story in as well. I used to be a customer of 1and1 a couple of years ago. They were offering me Domain Registration and Web Hosting services. I was hosting one domain with them and saw a great deal being offered by GoDaddy. I decided to purchase one new domain from GoDaddy and transfer my existing domain to them as well… leaving the Hosting with 1and1. At that point, my nightmare started. In the transfer process, they “locked” my domain for 30 days. In other words… my domain name was not resolving at all. So… I decided to move the hosting to GoDaddy as well… hoping that would expedite. Yeah… that did NOTHING. It was at that point that I discovered that 1and1 was a GERMAN company and the department that could help me was in Germany and they did NOT speak English. Emails were ignored… phone calls did nothing. Customer service promised someone would call, but it never happened. All while my site & email were unreachable for 30 DAYS!!! After that experience, I realized that you get what you pay for. While 1and1 offered the lowest price, I could have saved myself a ton of headache and downtime by sticking with an American company that still believes in good Customer Service. I’ve been happy with GoDaddy and won’t be leaving them any time soon! If you’re with 1and1… Pray that you never have an issue. You’ll be sorry that you went with them.

  28. Eleazar Reyes says:

    thanks for the informative examples of why not to go with this company. I’ll keep looking for a reputable one.

  29. Rick says:

    I have my own account at Go Daddy and so far so good. (well, not hitting the 44000 per day, that’s for sure :)). Anyway, I will be keeping that in mind, in case my traffic goes skyrocketing.
    What really pissed me off is their billing system for the hosting. I accidentally made the additional payment for the same month, but they seem to not notice that.

  30. Ed says:

    I’ve been using 1and1 for years, and continue to use them because they offer the most services for the cheapest price, but I just wanted to share the one and only HORRIBLE experience I’ve had with them…
    while I was on vacation, one of my domains auto-renewed, but that particular credit card was overdrawn. Because of this one error, they instantly blocked my whole account, ALL my webspace, ALL my domains, and of course my primary email address where I would have received notification of the problem, IF THEY HADN’T BLOCKED MY ACCOUNT FIRST! Of course they didn’t call either. It wasn’t until a got a phone call from a customer that said my emails were bouncing back to them that I found out what happened.

  31. B.E.B.J says:

    Check this out I just got on with this website 1&1 and it will not let me log in what kind of junk is that,naw I’m sticking to my old website,free slide show email address just buy some cards and pass them out. one more thing they put stuff on my page that i don’t even make.

  32. I tried there Cloud Server for a couple of months. During that time a switch node failed causing disruption of service for 36 hours. When I then did an upgrade from Plesk 10.1 to 10.3, then services HTTP, MySQL, POP, SMTP, SSH crashed. It took 18 hours to repair. During this time a major client in logistics couldn’t process orders since they couldn’t get email.
    If you want to loose clients use 1&1. Frankly I have only managed to speak to one friendly support member. Mind you he deleted one days data on server by installing a previous backup without mentioning it!

  33. FaraJi says:

    Thanks you guys so much for the warnings about 1and1. I was about to sign-up with them when I ran across your site. No way will I sign up with this these crocks.

  34. Kody says:

    I purchased a domain with them, and it took a whole week just for the payment to even go through. once the payment went through, i emailed and asked why it took so long, and when i will be able to access the domain. they said up to 48 hours, but now its been another 2 days. i still have no access to my domain, and they havent even tried to do anything to help me, even though i have been emailing them.

  35. Mike says:

    1and1 is curently dealing with me . I have a email relaying contract with them. There has been problems which they have refused to deal with for more than 3 weeks now. !!!

    I did not read the postings on them before signing up !!!

    No replies. No responses . Nothing !

  36. Walter says:

    1and1.com definitely sucks.
    i bought 8 domains on 8th of september, and after that regularly paid, and pointed them to my hostgator server.
    after few days, my domains were still parked on sedo domain parking with all benefits for 1and1.com.
    Than I contacted support asking some explanation, and they told me that I should buy their hosting package, as there were some tecnical problems.
    What I did. I puchased starter package.
    But after few days there were still parked, so I freezed the payment for packages, as they were pulling my leg.
    Now there is more than 2 weeks that I send on daily basis email asking for my sites being pointed to my server. I paid for the domain registration, for the whole year and l have right to setup domain where l want.
    But they do not reply ,and take my domain as hostage, so l cannot neither tranfer to some other domains registar.
    They consumed me almost one month in their stupid unprofessional tricks.
    About support it really sucks,, every time reply another person, sending you copy/paste reply…

    This is unbelivealble, as l have almost over 200 domains purchased on godaddy, hostingdude, namedeal and namecheap, and never had nay problems.

    Just to give an example, l purchased couple of days ago some domain names on namedeal, and thay were active in 24 hours.

    About hosting packages… Their so called c-panel is completely BS, difficult to understand, and without fantastico and other tools, hostgator and other c-panel provide.
    So guys stay away from 1and1.com cause thay will only lose your money, and consume your time.

    • Dom Robinson says:

      I’m with 1&1.co.uk and since 7.15am, I’ve had been getting hundreds of spam emails, all from various random email addresses and my complaints to 1&1 are proving completely fruitless, despite my pointing out that the content of the email is very similar indeed.

      I’ve written a piece about this here, but read on for the content, for those who prefer to read it here. I’d welcome any advice as this is driving me up the wall!


      I’d just signed up to a particular recruitment agency last night, but I note that some of the spam is mentioning a different one in the subject title, Monster, and I’ve forwarded the content of one of them to them. An example of one at random is at the bottom of this post.

      When I contacted 1&1 and gave them my details, I got this response:

      “Dear Dominic Robinson,

      Thank you for contacting us.

      Regarding spam issue, there are so manny spammers all over the world and we cannot control those people because they are using different kinds of email. The thing we found out here in our database is that your spam filtering in your email is off. That is why you are receiving many spam email in your email all you have to do is to enable your sapm filtering in your email
      . Please follow the steps bellow on how to enable your spam filtering:

      – Log in to the 1&1 Control Panel using your Customer ID OR domain name and your password at: admin.1and1.co.uk
      – Click the “E-mail Administration” link from the Communication & Online Storage.
      – Put a check on the box beside your email (email address removed)
      then click “Spam Filtering” button.
      – Adjust the settings to “High” then click “OK”.
      – Then go to overview, you can see there that your spam filtering in your email has a check. That indicates that the spam filtering is enabled.

      If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.”

      I replied to say that I hadn’t changed anything beforehand and that the spam all exploded at the same time this morning at 7.15am.

      They then replied with the following:

      “Dear Dominic Robinson,

      Thank you for contacting us.

      Since if that is your case and still receiving spam on your email and it will still send a spam message. Since we cant help it because there are too many spammers in the world. The last option to do is to black list those email address that sends you that spam. Here are the steps on how to black list those email address of spammers:

      – Log in to the 1&1 Control Panel using your Customer ID OR domain name and your password at: admin.1and1.co.uk
      – Click the “E-mail Administration” link from the Communication & Online Storage.
      – Put a check on the box beside your email (email address removed)
      then click “Spam Filtering” button.
      – On the Personal Filter List you can see the blacklist and whitelist. On the Blacklist part click “edit ” then input the email address of the spammer who sends you a spam email then click “OK”.

      If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.”

      Then after I was out for a while, I replied back at 11.49am with this:

      “Dear 1&1, this is simply NOT good enough.

      There are hundreds of different emails coming through all with random addresses, sometimes with different addresses generating similar subject titles, but the content within is all very similar indeed. Below is an example email of this.

      In the past 90 minutes, your system has weeded out around 600 items of spam, while a load more got through. As such, another 200 or so got trapped by spamcop, which I’m subscribed to, and then several hundred more emails are getting through to my inbox itself and into my Outlook program.

      You’ve got to do something about this!! Please refer this higher. This is NOT just a case of “many spammers”, this is clearly all coming from the same place. Please trace it and sort it out immediately.”

      And here is the example I email I referred to earlier:

      “From: npassot@comcast.net [mailto:npassot@comcast.net]
      Sent: 07 October 2011 11:54
      Subject: Jay Rodriguez – Mount Lam Tech

      c9w28lNfI Nrcs9zvl t2BqeceoTl uZ3m2PQZEvIKp cxFzjr7B3fJcj a38U9O3DA5mF MN7HdfWl4JZ2 HPvvJZhTfKfOX6 EHqQ4RQ
      owZ6Vn6 BEdSynXZPf3 F3WOa91 39VbnfFHx94lx6 urF7RUZcB1F2r 1Dx95H viF6rIln3NNyuT HcXE4 2E7REs
      CxuHfI41i RiQQ9jKcf7JJMm F6hHZyiMBa4DMQ 7BOKEPm7w8T El9oWKOkl EUNJZ1Of 4zToddcdHa
      CWhyKFX1coqZ ZiuU1kLL6Cn1 2lKKi6bZ7 s6AwZa5aawKx fZbl1pUMcjUj lT9Nn QloU7BqFmW8Dc
      2nxFwR2uA4TZ7 WrZRRCku32Hns cEejlxQuYwAStV l4fbFjx TZ3HfohdFJBQWZ dTTyEKiYXu BTJiidP
      uHQpdc7BBF 3tbjTTA9zf9j aoJItUy9YzjZ c1kRlpMN4yw7 v4zSbC7BFrm EkoLMXjNVSJuIp 6aZDPo
      EoEZH WJkjQLwf7CM HsdyO2W JC4JaAFOah8p L7KBj HjwrdIps5J uJdv2tMl6OjYwh
      jMDKf jE6uITBRw5 KrpfRFaDBTH 9uxNBd2vBEmo L1pXnKT XtiWHqhiDp tJnl7mjxe P4U6puNAQjT HpA5bD4Do9Vf bom9YlsX 34MJ7iHdN9
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      1skcHci9FxLBPR jNFoPAJjMeNzR v4KHUNJtux xaesMJz 57o49l S3iT52NJmPZ EhJ6Sfhyl1p Wo9ESU
      tshvMP fzRBHSirf5dX YPzlsvFkTwqi us2xB7K 7QsHeIANnm3o QMTu376PHba2 wfBKNrKfZ JBJtTmDW46 yoxVlARU rBkPBOXy oWWjFM778 z7MfjZ KTfFMTjEViL3y7
      BAjbZC5sAmTac bV12A LRJaizJ7yBuZN lMsVyjEPTBJJUZ 8CZ2V PlykMduQac6jj N9W7vTs NVW6Ri7m77Hiv xR7RnLT9X putIEDwKVsKV
      cmZ4vAj 46lhIQcnnCjUb 6aAVWSZt71M jzx3jQ lB6mXy vOAjp TvUBct Ddeoi
      aM3bPEZ1rEv ntLDojJThJTL qPEyjorz rAU9Hk4Wjxxu vv6Ual9fzaqUhE UoCRsiKMRuye JnuYjN52vFZH PEcm3UHp3L
      jdiFqfNjpCoCy ObzyuslmXkssR CCCxLQVR4OfQQ Zf5yltPDF37i lf3dfNzx67K 9WJToull 6h55aU5NmMxznE
      SRdkiHCXvvAIep EeKvy Bjmrfb3l9Zw H8MAOL3 QdasrfhZ7i9o QPUJfuwK 1l7iyKzophQJMz
      MurFHL9Z JzRShwL TKLH537mt2W PBQN6EJ7kN3I JpaKXdc8uk3 MklAONip87iM RxQDZNDHjtZAUn 7w8JiA qdvjFbfD3
      b6E6X Qm8CNiyDT7ouFa XtfuPKH7ieWo LrRA7TD IMcNLFdrv HuAOeBYwEvQm ujASWhaM9vNZ9L IP3ATmPb9T
      lhPI4 jd3sA3A SAfc37 siVrZ99 CAK8fhd7yiDHxz 4mXJ7a4FKxaH rrdsq2OiovyElK
      IwT1m6d7bMzjQZ Ec4eEa6rBXUJi ouhwsRhUQN 8zyjWZx7xD”

  37. tiger.would says:

    all of these circumstances are enough to keep me from starting an account with 1&1. I found your site when I searched for the 1&1 host provider. I was so close to starting a site there.

    Not now! Not ever!

    Thank you

  38. Owen Smith says:

    1and1 internet is a complete scam. They are very professional scam artists. I hosted a site with them for one year, and forgot to stop the automatic renewal. I ended up paying them off, and closed my account.

    2 years later, I am told the account was never closed. They sent 2 years worth of billing to a collection agency, even though I have an email saying the account has been closed.

    I paid the collection agency and told 1and1 to buzz off.

    A year later, they sent another bill to the same collection agency.

    All calls to 1and1 lead to the same thing: “We can’t do anything about it, you have to deal with the collection agency”.

    I even faxed them to close the account, but they “never got it”.

    I’m not going to pay the collection agency. I really want someone to sue 1and1. I also sincerely wish bad things to the people working in customer service there. I really do.

    There is nothing I can do now, they just keep sending a bill each year through this “NCO” collection agency. I can’t cancel the account.

  39. Hampel says:

    1and1 would not let me transfer my domain, then did not renew the domain, allowed it to expire, and then immediately moved me to redemption period status which violates their own and ICANN’s 10-day grace period. Now they are holding my domain hostage and will not give me a timeframe for correcting the expired status.

    I had originally moved my hosting from them because their practices how allowed enough spamming from other accounts that my emails were being refused based on their reputation. They refused to deal with the issue and said it was my problem. I moved hosting and tried to move domain, but they refused. Their customer service is the worst in the business!!!


    • 1&1 Guy says:

      Haha! Can any of you be any less butthurt? As someone else said “you get what you pay for”. Beggars can’t be choosers. You want better hosting then go somewhere else! Stop bitching and whining. LOL

  40. You get what you pay for, but I must say they have remained good at 1 thing and 1 thing only:

    Domain registrations.

    Not hosting, not DNS management, not emails – NOTHING but domain registrations from this company.

    Why? Cheap, free private registration, price consistent over the years.

    Every other dr gets you with cheap registration then charges 15/year after…

  41. Thurnok says:

    Well, it looks like I’ve been hit by the 1and1 SUCKS syndrome as well.

    I found out recently they were charging me every year for 3 different domains I transferred to them from another registrar (to try and consolidate my domains) where I had paid for several years in advance to the previous registrar (good up through 2014) yet 1and1 charged me for the past 6 years for each of those without increasing the expiration date. Here’s their bullshit email response:
    Dear customer,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    Our policy is that just because you purchase time at a differing registrar, we do not honor that time because it was paid to a different company other than us. As such, even when the domain is not up for renewal, we charge the annual fee as provide the maintenance and dns management for it.

    If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us.

    Christopher Flagg
    1&1 Internet Inc.

    You can also contact us via phone at (877) 300-8316
    from 9am till 5pm EST Monday to Friday

    These people are nothing more than crooks. I’m cancelling my business account, and transferring all of my domains away from them today!

  42. Daniel says:

    1and1.com sucks BIGTIME!!!
    Don’t ever host with these pieces of DooDoo.

    They have my domain name held hostage and won’t fix it.

    I can’t transfer my domain name

    They can’t tell me when they will fix it.

    All they tell me is that its in the hands of their Administrators and that tech support can’t contact the Administrators for an update!!

    Thats the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. My question to 1and1 tech support is — How the hell did they report the problem to the Administrators in the first place if tech support doesn’t have the ability to contact the Administrators

  43. Ostm says:

    I’m still a customer but thought I’d add my bad experience. They upgraded my(and many others I was told) package without notification from a $4.99 plan to $6.99 plan. It was a week or so before I checked my email to find invoice.

    When I phoned up 1 person said I could change back through ‘change package’ and then they transfered me to billing which said billing was prorated, but since billing date was pasted there would be some non-refundable cost. Billing said that the terms and conditions state they “may change package and pricing at any time without notification”.

    Millions of customers all being randomly hit up… A few dollars here and there to those who check email late? Theft?

  44. john says:

    1 and 1 makes me drink too much coffee. Every time I click on a button I have to go make some coffee before anything comes up. U S E L E S S

  45. M Lucas says:

    They Deleted all my emails I have been with this company for over two years. If any one has started a class action suit against them I am in.
    I live in Ohio so PA is not that far of a drive.

  46. bba93k says:

    Here is the situation,
    Yesterday someone exploit a vulnerability on my website were he/she was able to upload one malicious file. All this nightmare start happening around 6:00am, by 6:30am the attacker start sending thousands of email through 1and1 gateway mail. By 4:30 the account linked to the compromised website was locked by 1and1 abuse department. I notice the issue by 6:30 and i call they technical support. While on the phone, i got only apologize, and sorry – we don’t have access to remove the restriction, only the abuse department has. Ok, fine, transfer me over to your abuse department, i said – well, unfortunately the abuse department is closed till tomorrow, since they have a 9:00am to 5:00pm schedule. So, now at 6:30pm i found out that i can’t do nothing till next day – how messed up is that – 16 hours and 30 minutes till the department opens. So, i asked, is the a way to contact them directly? Yes, i got as an answer, and i got the 877-206-4253 . After i hang up with the tech department i called that number to find out that actually that number is they billing department. I called back the 1and1 tech department, and tell them that i got the 877-206-4253 as the phone number for abuse department from them, and i expected to hear a generic message from the abuse department, but they ensured me that the abuse department use same number. Ok, so now, i got mad that i have to wait 16:30 hours. Meanwhile i send an email to complains@1and1.com to let them know that in such a case like this i wasn’t notified over the phone, were seamed to be a such an emergency going on with my web space.
    Here is the replay from them:
    We understand you’ve been upset with the functionality of our anti-spam security systems mistargetting you. This is something that I can only apologize for. This is an aspect of our service that we’re always trying to improve. This is why your feedback is so important to us. We can now look through and see where and if we made mistakes. Then, we can look into making sure that this doesn’t happen again. Again, we can only apologize for this frustration that you’ve suffered. We will continue to work on this to serve you better.

    I can see that there is a ticket with our abuse team regarding this. There are abuse agents available 24 hours a day, so they will be able to address your issue faster than you have assumed. We hope that you do not leave 1and1, and are willing to do what we can to assist you here.

    Our sincerest apologies again and thank you for using 1and1.

    If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.”
    Again, another department another misleading information and full of lies,
    Notice were was mentioned quote “There are abuse agents available 24 hours a day, so they will be able to address your issue faster than you have assumed.” this pissed me off way beyond my expectation.

    Here is my replay to that message at 10:31pm:
    Thank you for replaying with same incompetence from department to department. You guys are all the same there, working for 1and1, untrained properly and giving misleading information.
    How can you lie (1and1 employee) that there are abuse agents working 24/7 when the abuse department works 9am to 5pm? Oh, i’m sorry maybe that’s how you got trained to say. In reality, you should know that that department is closed after 5pm – forget weekends.
    Please cut the ****, and make it happen to have my websites up an running ASAP. Nobody from any of your departments had the courtesy to call me IF there was a such an emergency. I know in reality is just generic one-man-judgment hidden from umbrella of “the abuse department” – yeah right – like that will gonna fly.
    And by the way, I didn’t ASSUMED that the ABUSE DEPARTMENT is closed after 5PM – your tech department told me that on the phone – so you can know how well you guys communicate there.
    As much as 1and1 got big from 1988, can go down as well by continuing this type of crappy relation with they customers.

    Have a boring day!
    As expected, no reply.
    Now, horror show part II.
    Today 6/9/2011, 9:00am, i call the “Abuse Department” aka “Billing Department” at 877-206-4253, someone answers, and i ask nicely to be transferred to they abuse department since this is not a billing issue that i’m having, and here is how this conversation went:
    Me: After 10 minutes of waiting to be transferred to they abuse department, i ask the person on the phone what takes so long to be transferred?
    1and1 employee’s answer: we are looking into your account with the abuse agent
    me: i didn’t ask you to look into my problems, since never even mention what problem i have to you, i asked you to put me in contact with your abuse department, i have nothing to do with you
    1and1 employee’s answer: sir, we are looking into your account with someone from abuse department
    me: look, i wanna speak with someone from that department, what’s so hard to be transferred over?
    1and1 employee’s answer: the abuse department can’t accept your call yet, but we are looking into “this” (which i never mention to this guy ever the reason of my phone call) right now with someone from abuse department, please be wait…
    —-another 10 minutes pass by (20 minutes total by now on the phone)—
    me: what type of support is this if you can’t transfer me over to the other department ?
    1and1 employee’s answer: sir, your account has been unlocked and as of right now you can access your websites.
    me: aham, so basically your billing department is also the abuse department also? How messed up is that to have to wait 16 hours and 30 minutes for your department to be operational, simply because someone did a stupid mistake yesterday locking my account at 4:30pm 30 minutes before you guys went home…
    1and1 employee’s answer: sir … interrupted by the supervisor
    1and1 employee’s supervisor: He never said his name, but before he hang up IN MY FACE he said – I’M THE SUPERVISOR HERE, AND YOU (ME) ARE HARASSING MY REPRESENTATIVE – AND BANG HE HANG UP.

    Now, lent me tell you mister whatever your name is, SHAME ON YOU to say something like this to a customer with more then 6 years of relation.
    So, people you be the judge.
    As per the hacker, that find himself, herself conformable playing through my websites – what was taking care of officially.

    • I agree that 1and1 are slick crooks and will steal you without you ever knowing it. When I ordered mine in January 2011 (the 6-month special)they said it came with two domain names which I took and utilized. My statements were sent to me along with emails stating what I ordered. About six weeks before renewal, I log in and change the bank account to deduct the payment they explained to me would be due. Come to find out, they established a second account for the second domain name. This I knew nothing about, I thought I only had one account and it turns out they divided my account into two separate ones. This definitely cost me money with my bank and all 1and1 had to say is that they would not do anything to correct the issue. Simply that they have the their payment and that’s that. I put in for them to cancel everything when my current term expires.

    • marshalm says:

      same problem:

      I have four dedicated servers with them. After a couple of SPAM problems that took 4 working days to activate my account again, I got this message:

      “Unfortunately the level of spam complaints we have received about your account will not work in the long run. We have set termination for 30 days for violation of our terms and conditions. Spam threatens our infrastructure, as blacklisting can affect hundreds of users who want to send mail, and it is strictly against our terms and conditions. You will have to find another host”

      When I phoned the tech support guys, they said do you want to cancel the cancellation????…!! NO!, I will take may business to a real suppler – thank you!

  47. Nina says:

    1and1 customer service is real slow. I’ve been trying to send them emails for some issues. They never got back to me until 5 days later. If the shopping site I’m working on had already been published, I can’t image how much we will lose when the site is down. They sucks so bad. Another problem is they don’t even have easier function for adding item variant. Like I really have to add the item variant for our over 10,000 products. Ridiculous!

  48. jo lut says:

    They are nothing but lying stealing crooks I have never dealt with such an unscrupulous company. They will do anything for 9.99$ They are the lowest life form anywhere. The stuff out of a maggots hole.

    • Got Screwed says:

      1 and 1 is the lowest form of scum! I held domain names with them that I never even used and then when I cancelled 4 days after receiving an invoice for renewal, I was told that nothing had to be done and the account was closed. I then received a letter saying I owed money. I called them and they said there was no balance on the account that the letter must have been a mistake. I then started receiving phone calls and statements from their collections. When I called 1 and 1, they said you owe us for the year and a late fee. What a crock of ****!!! I guess that’s what I get for dealing with a local small time company! When I do decide to move forward with my website, you can bet it won’t be with those **** heads!!!!!

      • Nigel says:

        I tried to cancel my websites but they made it very hard for me to do so. after 2 days trying to get an answer on the phone at a cost of 8ppm they said i was to late and will be charged for another year. after ive used them for 7 years, they rip me off for £49.00 … W**kers ill never use them again.

  49. 1&1 seems to have a of bad customer service. I do not know why anyone would stake putting their company or website on the line by allowing a company that shows that they are not doing the most they can for their clients. There are so many other cms clients that are awesome. Magento is an extremely good cms especially if you are an ecommerce site.

  50. Angus says:

    Oh. My. God. Not only are 1and1 the worst internet company I have ever come across, they are the worst company I have ever come across.

    Their website creator was broken from May 2009 to March 2010. During that time I couldn’t log in to edit my website. There were ghastly lines all over my pages, the banner had disappeared, and the contact form and forum had vanished. I contacted 1and1’s technical support more than 40 times during this period – 90% of the time without response. When I finally heard back, they acknowledged there was a bug in their system but that they were trying to fix it.

    So for 10 months I had a dysfunctional website, which I was paying full price for.

    Prior to this, I made a referral and was supposed to receive a referral fee. 1and1’s site said I had received my fee – simply not true. The payment was never made, and any attempt I made to find out about what had happened to the payment was ignored.

    In October 2010 I logged in to edit my site again – and the website creator would not open – same problem I’d had numerous times before – leaving me unable to edit the site. Who knows how long it wasn’t working. I emailed and phoned for a month, but their technical support did nothing except recommend opening the site with Firefox, which I was doing anyway.

    Left in limbo, with a website I could do nothing with, and just before my annual contract ended, I switched hosts to godaddy.

    Months later, I received a bill from their NCO demanding a payment of $43 for another 6 months’ hosting. I couldn’t believe it. I phoned 1and1, and they said to update my credit card details on their site – for a cancelled account – and email the complaints department, who told me to deal with the NCO, and gave the same bullshit story that they’d tried to contact me for payment many times.

    The NCO said they couldn’t take payment over the phone – that I had to log into their website. But, they said, this internet payment service was not available in Quebec, where I live. And I don’t get cheques with my bank account, so there is no way I can pay.

    The NCO said they couldn’t understand why I was being charged, because my account with 1and1 had been cancelled. They said to contact 1and1.

    I then got through to the chief supervisor of the billing department, who argued and argued, saying I was wrong, and that all my requests of the technical support department had been answered satisfactorily. I asked why, then, I had had to contact them more than 40 times about the same problem, mostly without any response. He had no explanation for my missing referral payment, and simply said to email complaints. But, he said, they had already examined my case and decided I would have to pay the NCO.

    Does anyone know what I should do? What happens if you don’t pay the NCO, given I live in Quebec?

    • Jeff Porter says:

      I had the same issues and now fighting my credit report, a class action law suite is not far off. This is the worst company I have ever delt with. If you are new and reading this, DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS CO. you will get the short end.

  51. Twinlinked says:

    Just thought I’d add my frustrations as I literally got off the phone with them a minute ago. For the better part of three weeks I’ve been trying to get my domain switched from private to public, so that I could transfer my site from them. Their hosting is horrible, my site is down on average twice a day. So you would think this would be simple enough right? Click a box, change to public… nope.

    Even though in my dashboard it says public, you cannot change your contact info. I contacted 1&1 and first they said it was a known issue on their servers and no fix was available, maybe in the future though they would resolve it. Then I opened a new ticket and was told my case was escalated to the highest level.

    I was assured that my domain had been changed from private to public and a 24-48 hour time window was expected for the changes to propagate. Fair enough, even though that is slow in terms of what they are doing. Well, its been over a week and I was told they will email me when the changes have taken effect (if they even started the process) So basically, **** 1&1 hosting! I feel that I will be stuck in this hell forever and most likely will end up deleting everything and getting a new domain. But, we thank you for your patience in this matter, and thank you for calling 1&1 hosting…

  52. USMarine says:

    I have to say 1&1 internet hosting company SUCKS! They sent me an invoice 2 months ago. I immediately replied from the same email address telling them it’s not my charges and they need to cancel the service and issue me the credit. 2 months later, I am still calling them; sending them emails and nothing has been resolved. Their customer service people have been rude and hung up on my several times. I talked to Michael in their fraud department who was rude and very unhelpful. I talked to Victoria who hung up on me.
    With all the guarantees on their websites, they are still big fraud. I would never recommend them. As the matter of fact, anyone who is reading this should think twice before opening an account with these crooks.

  53. Matias Alvarez says:

    The similarity of stories here tells it all. 1 & 1 are crooks! Bottom Line.

  54. TN says:

    You gotta love 1and1 support (yah right!) Here is an actual discussion with their support:

    Thank you for contacting us.
    Did you try to parse the server to php 5?
    If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.



    Yes I already have. Any other ideas?


    Thank you for contacting us.

    Please try to enable the PHP5, since the current server runs PHP4. Please
    refer on this link provided for set of instructions:

    If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


    Wow, do you ever have crappy support!
    You didn’t even remotely answer my question. I already have set
    my server to PHP 5 yet the way that 1and1 is handling the script at
    http://*****.com/client/ is causing a 500 internal server error when you try to login.

  55. lulu says:

    1and1 screwed me over pretty bad with a $300 bill and was not resolved. I rather not take legal matters but instead bad mouth them. As an IT consultant im moved all my 35 email clients to godaddy, register.com, network solutions and even siteground.com. this company has too much down time and customer service is poor. it will go out of business if it continues treating their customers like a number.

  56. tommy says:

    They are by far the worst hosting company. They make it impossible cancel and account, and if you don’t do it correctly they will keep billing you. Think you’ll be ok when your credit card expires don’t worry they will keep billing you and eventually refer you to collections. When you call to speak to a supervisor and tell them to cancel an account you aren’t using anymore and is in collections, they still won’t cancel it. They will however keep sending you an email to an address that no longer is in existence and refer you to their online web form.. i went to www.newwebdomain.com and have not had a problem since f 1and1

  57. James says:

    Currently my site is hosted at 1and1.com and yes I am having hard times about their services. My site is running under wordpress platform… every now and then when I install some plugins there are always problems came up. First: When I just bought a shared hosting, they charged my card twice. Right after I request a ticket telling them why this happen. They replied “It was a phantom charged by our system, it will automatically be refund by OUR SYSTEM once account is approved and/or phantom chargeback system” Now, it was more than 3 months and still there is no chargeback in my account so I submit a ticket again. And they replied “You should contact your bank, since we don’t have any liability about the issue” WTF??Second: I tried to install a plugin via upload on wordpress. I cannot upload it due to some of PHP4 and PHP5 error. 3rd: When I install a wp plugins, there came another error “500 Internal Error” Lastly as of this time: When I try a new plugin again “wp backup” when I try to activate the plugin, I cannot see anything in my site and in my admin page. A white and blank page is all there is in my site. Now, I am still trying to figure this out and this has brought me to this site.

    So, Im gonna say for now: THEY REALLY SUCK!


    James Historia

  58. Phillip Taylor says:

    If you’re thinking about doing business with 1 and 1 internet, then you may want to reconsider after your done reading this article.

    1 And 1 Internet provides a range of services from web and dedicated servers. They are considered one of the worse companies in the U.S when it comes to providing technical support and customer services.

    If you’re thinking about getting a dedicated server with them, then do not expect to receive very technical support. If you try asking a simple question about Plesk that is installed on their servers, you will get a response we do not support it.

    Comparing the price on the dedicated servers with the other providers listed on google.com, 1 And 1 Internet is way over price. You can compare some of the prices using this link www.google.com/search?hl=en&source=hp&q=cheap+dedicaed+linux+servers&aq=f&aqi=m1&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai= or go to www.santrex.com.

    1 And 1 Internet can even do a simple process of syncing there email between their billing and cancellation system that is used to cancel your account.

    If you want to make a complaint against the company do no except a response from 1 And 1 Internet.

    If you have a complaint about 1 And 1 Internet, then you should file your complaint by going to www.bbb.org. They will listen to you and they keep a total numbers of complaints that they receive against the companies.

    As of October 4, 2007 here is total number of complaints that have been filed against 1 And 1 Internet Inc.

    Find out more about this business:
    Reported on Tuesday, October 5, 2010 3:56 PM
    * BBB Accreditation
    * BBB Rating
    * Business Contact and Profile
    * Alternate Business Names
    * Additional Locations and Phone Numbers
    * Licensing
    * Customer Complaint History
    * Government Actions
    * Advertising Review
    * Additional Information
    BBB Accreditation
    Back To Top
    This business has not been accredited by BBB.
    Businesses are under no obligation to seek BBB accreditation, and some businesses are not accredited because they have not sought BBB accreditation.
    To be accredited by BBB, a business must apply for accreditation and BBB must determine that the business meets BBB accreditation standards, which include a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints. BBB Accredited Businesses must pay a fee for accreditation review/monitoring and for support of BBB services to the public.
    BBB Rating
    Back To Top
    Based on BBB files, this business has a BBB Rating of F
    Click here for an explanation of BBB Ratings.
    Reasons for this rating include:
    * Number of complaints filed against business
    * Failure to respond to complaints filed against business
    * Number of complaints filed against business that were unresolved
    * Number of serious complaints filed against business
    * Overall complaint history with BBB
    Business Contact and Profile
    Back To Top
    Name: 1 And 1 Internet, Inc.
    Phone: (877) 461-2631
    Address: 701 Lee Road, Suite 300, Chesterbrook, PA 19087
    Google map Mapquest map Yahoo map

    Business Category: Internet Services
    eMail: sales@1and1.com

    BBB file opened: December 31, 2003
    Business started: May 2003
    Business started locally: May 2003
    Primary Contact: Mr. Oliver Mauss (CEO)
    Complaint Contact: Mr. Joseph Quinn (Complaints Director)
    Other Contacts: Mr. Frederick Iwons (U.S. General Manager)
    Mr. Dirk Moreno (V.P. Customer Care)
    Alternate Business Names
    Back To Top
    1 & 1 Internet Inc
    1 and 1
    Additional Locations and Phone Numbers
    Back To Top
    (610) 560-1507 (FAX)
    Customer Complaint History
    Back To Top
    The company’s size, volume of business and number of transactions may have a bearing on the number of complaints received by the BBB. The complaints filed against a company may not be as important as the type of complaints, and how the company has handled them. The BBB generally does not pass judgment on the validity of complaints filed.
    Number of complaints processed by the BBB
    in the last 36 months: 806
    in the last 12 months: 249
    Complaints Concerned:
    Selling Practices (66 complaints)
    46 Resolved
    1 Unresolved
    1 Company made every reasonable effort to resolve
    18 Company did not respond

    Advertising Issues (17 complaints)
    13 Resolved
    2 Unresolved
    2 Company did not respond

    Service Issues (113 complaints)
    91 Resolved
    3 Unresolved
    5 Company made every reasonable effort to resolve
    14 Company did not respond

    Customer Service Issues (3 complaints)
    1 Resolved
    2 Unresolved

    Credit or Billing Disputes (464 complaints)
    336 Resolved
    33 Unresolved
    16 Company made every reasonable effort to resolve
    79 Company did not respond

    Delivery Issues (16 complaints)
    11 Resolved
    1 Company made every reasonable effort to resolve
    4 Company did not respond

    Refund Practices (49 complaints)
    38 Resolved
    1 Delayed Resolution
    1 Company made every reasonable effort to resolve
    9 Company did not respond

    Product Quality (10 complaints)
    10 Resolved

    Contract Disputes (52 complaints)
    39 Resolved
    2 Company made every reasonable effort to resolve
    11 Company did not respond

    Guarantee or Warranty Issues (9 complaints)
    6 Resolved
    1 Company made every reasonable effort to resolve
    2 Company did not respond

    Repair Issues (7 complaints)
    7 Resolved

    Government Actions
    Back To Top
    The BBB has no information regarding Government Actions at this time.
    Advertising Review
    Back To Top
    The BBB has no information regarding Ad Reviews at this time.
    As a matter of policy, the BBB does not endorse any product, service or business.
    BBB Reliability Reports are provided solely to assist you in exercising your own best judgment. Information in this BBB Reliability Report is believed reliable, but not guaranteed as to accuracy.
    BBB Reliability Reports generally cover a three-year reporting period. BBB Reliability Reports are subject to change at any time.
    If you choose to do business with this business, please let the business know that you contacted the BBB for a BBB Reliability Report.
    ID: 1040770
    Report as of: 10/5/2010 3:56 PM

    The CEO of 1and1.com has no control over there employees and they treat there customers like ****.

    The link for the site is www.dc.bbb.org/report.html?national=y&compid=1040770

  59. dude says:

    1and1 servers got screwed up and all my domain’s who-is went public, not good for adult sites. Now the planet can call or go to my house, even mob competition.1and1 sucks the chrome off a trailler ball, i hate them for ever,they screwed up BIG time on me.

  60. Steve says:

    People commenting on this are flat out lying because they are either angry or don’t understand the simple mechanics of how this stuff works.

    Vashti says they tried to cancel services and were told “they had to renew the name regardless”. This is obvious bullshit. Go to cancel.1and1.com and cancel WHATEVER YOU WANT and it will be off your account in 24-48 hours. There is no “regardless” anything, he obviously didn’t check his P’s and Q’s and now wants to blame 1and1 because they weren’t able to read his mind.

    Their tech support is lower than low, but their services are high quality, high uptime, more bang-for-your-buck than elsewhere and DAMN SECURE. Having hosted 30+ client websites on 1and1 I can tell you I’ve never had any intrusion or server-farm wide issues that I HAVE run into @ GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc.

  61. Steven Davis says:

    Dont use 1and1. We get pop server unavailable or timed out regularly and the administration center is painfully slow most of the time. Presently as i write this the main site www.1and1.com have been down for 2 hours and i am unable to administer any of my settings or email accounts. I can’t wait to change

  62. Denise says:


    1and1 is an awesome company. I am not an employee there today, but let me tell you that they are just awesome. They even can give you awesome domain names if it is available. They have a 800 number that you can call.


  63. Angry Customer says:

    Yeah 1and1 does suck a big fat left nut and here’s why:
    1) They save your credit card information. There is no way to remove this.
    2) They will AUTOMATICALLY bill you every year to renew your domain by default. If you turn this off, you will get absolutely no notice about your domain expiring.
    3) Given #2, if your domain does expire, even if you try to renew it on the same day it expired, they will charge you $40 plus the standard renewal fee. Most registrars will let you renew the domain for no additional fee if its within the first few days of expiring. Not 1and1 though. They design their system to punish you for not auto renewing and charge you ridiculous fees if you let your domain expire.
    4) Their control panel is designed to make it very hard for you to cancel auto-renewals for domains. In case you didn’t know, you have to go to cancel.1and1.com
    5) Name server changes are very slow to take effect.
    6) When you register a domain, it takes almost 24 hours for the domain to become active
    7) Any changes to your domains are slow to take effect

    1and1 is a dollar cheaper than most registrars, but it is reflected in their unfriendly technical support, poor domain expiration policies, and slow domain registration system.

  64. vashti says:

    1and1 sucks bad. I had several websites with them and decided that i wanted to either discontinue or cancel them. I was told that I had to renew the name regardless. the cc I used when I registered had expired. they emailed me telling me that one of the sites was up for renewal. I renewed one. they charged me for 5 other sites that I had left dormant for about 8mosalthough I had requested not to renew . when I called them back to ask why I am now being charged 1.5more than the original amount they said it was because I got it during a special.. 8.99 is not a f*****g special. Liars. this time they were charging me like 12.99 per domain. RIPPPPPP OFFF . Customer service is rude and nasty and almost arrogant.

  65. Harry says:

    Watch an honest review of 1and1.com. They destroyed my company in just under a month and laughed about it. I cannot believe how many websites there are opposed to 1and1.


  66. […] I would strongly suggest not using 1and1 – their offering is outdated and support has been widely criticised. There are much better options out there for not much more money such as Bytemark’s virtual […]

  67. Mp says:

    Been trying to cancel my personal 1and1.co.uk account after 3 years due to multiple retrenchments and the fact that I have emigrated.

    The experience has akin trying to rid oneself of hot dirty bubblegum stuck to the sole of one’s shoe. IMPOSSIBLE!

    After following their unnecessarily complicated termination procedures requiring one to click all sorts of links any number of times, I still keep getting invoices for all services cancelled, some of which were due to have been terminated months ago.

    Even worse was the fact that their support staff neither read no understand your request to terminate and simply keep referring you to their silly termination procedure which clearly is designed to fail every time you attempt to cancel. It’s almost as if their system (support staff included ) is on continuous autopilot and no one stops to think.

    8 email requests later and I am no closer to termination.

    This can only be an attempt to squeeze the last few pounds of their clients and to think that I have recommended them to dozens of friends.

    I have had no choice but to instruct my bank not to process any further payment requests.

    Absolutely shocking! DONT USE 1and1.co.uk

  68. Please be aware – I have had several email exchanges with 1and1 as their services are ot all they may seem e.g. this is the latest email, saying I don’t have unlimited bandwidth – because I’m not a new customer!

    Dear Andy Raybould, (Customer ID: )

    Thank you for contacting us.

    The link is applicable to your account. Furthermore, your account does not have unlimited bandwidth. The latter is for newly purchased accounts only. You have to upgrade the package to avail the additional features.

    If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Ivy Rose Buenavista
    Technical Support
    1&1 Internet Limited

    – Registered at Cardiff, Company number 3953678 – VAT No GB 752539027 Aquasulis House, 10-14 Bath Road, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 3SA, United Kingdom

    > Hi
    > Thanks for that……however, should I not be referring to
    > as my account is with 1and1.co.uk not 1and1.com?
    > Can you also confirm that I have unlimited bandwidth or is this ‘new’
    > feature also excluded from my account as I am a victim of being a long
    > loyal customer of your and not a new recruit?
    > Best regards, Andy

  69. I have been dealing with 1&1 for about 8 years. I have made around 75-100 tech calls to them and have been consistently impressed with the level of service I get from them. I have had around 10 websites hosted with them and have never had a problem. When I first joined with them, I got 3 years free(!!!). I could not believe this deal but three years came and went and I was totally happy with every part of the free plan. It still feels like it didn’t really happen. IT was totally no obligation either. I didn’t give them a credit card etc. Does anyone else remember this promotion? This just doesn’t happen in the world today. I swore that I would do all of my hosting with this company after that. Years later, I have, and I’m still 100% happy with them. Anyone with a complaint about the company probably falls into one of the following: 1) you don’t know how to communicate your request/problem 2) you didn’t read the terms/limitations of the plan 3) you may have fallen through the cracks and got a bad employee for your service call. I’m sure it happens with any organization.

    Anyways, I don’t normally endorse anything but I’ll happily endorse 1&1 till the cows come home, based on the fact that they give me good service but more on the fact that I got three complete years of free hosting for three different websites from them.

    • laceinyourface.com says:

      Lucky you! I have been using their websitebuilder application for my business website and after countless hours of dealing with the phone drone ‘techs’, who reccomedned that I make drastic changes that took countless hours to correct, then told me I am overburdening the server out with one specific page containing 595.76 KB of content, then after I deleted the page and tried to rebuild it told me that my site, overall, was burdening the server with a total of 1.7 MB worth of content.

      The tech dept. now says that I will have to resize and upload ALL of the images on my site, but still cannot tell me what the limits are when using the application, where in their provided documentation it states such information, or if the freaky phantom dupilcate entries that I did not put on my site and cannot select/delete will still be there–or even what the HECK they are doing there!

      BUT, according to the complaint dept. 1and1 is aware of the “multiple flaws” the appllication has and is currently working with the developers to striaghten all of it out, and that should be done “sooner than later” and afterwards the application will have all sorts of bells and whistles and be easy to use, as it is currently advertised.

      So, the techs are telling me to reconstruct my site because I am burdening the server but the complaint department is admitting that their product is not working as advertised, and it has not been for some time.

      In my last response to the complaint dept I asked if this new version of the application will come at a cost to me, stated that my site is in (saved, not published) in pieces due to the tech dept.’s reccomendations, I cannot edit the site because it freezes, and essentially I am losing out on half of my monthly income if the problem persists.

      After 5 days they did not return my e-mail, just sent a generous amount of upgrade advertisements via e-mail, so I e-mailed again asking them for a product that would deliver what was promised to me in my existing package by upgrading me to one that uses a different application to edit/publish–at no charge to me for one year. Over the next three days I sent the same e-mail–emphasizing that it is affecting my livelihood.

      It has been eight days. They don’t give a ****.

      • I take it all back. Their service has gone right to ****. I am no longer a fan of 1and1. I don’t want to get into it. I’ve been through countless hours of **** with 1and1 in the last two years. **** 1and1.

  70. Randy says:

    I have several host and domain companies that I use and am very happy with. hostgator, dotster, ect.
    1and1 I am not happy with at all. They are easy to get into but very difficult and time consuming to close business with. It seems they do their best to get at least one more payment from you. They “allow” you to close your account and then you find out AFTER receiving an invoice you still had a renewal agreement and the account is separate. And then this “renewal” is non-refundable and yes, they will take you to collections for any amount. It’s really not worth the low cost of domains to use them for anything. BUYER BEWARE!!!!

  71. Herschel says:

    Many of us have had issues with 1&1 Internet. It’s time we got together to do something about it. They usually get away with the small charges because most people pay to make it go away (and 1&1 is extremely persisent over a couple dollars).

    I’ve started a facebook group to start gathering people together to share stories and tactics to resolve any alleged wrongdoings:

  72. Bert says:

    1and1 Review: 1&1 are thieves! They make the cancellation so tricky, force you call. Their Cpanel was design by chimp. What more can I say!

  73. Tim Centa says:

    Please bed advised… Do not use 1&1 they are have very shady billing practices. Everything stated by the others is true, they will scam you if you try and do business with them.

  74. Candleman says:

    I had four domains registered with 1and1.com for four years. My credit card expired and my email address changed. I had no further interest in the domain names. My street address was known to 1and1 but they charged my account with the cost of renewal and sold the account to NCO Financial, a collection agency instead of writing me. That collection agency has been fined many times for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. They operate under many different aliases in different states. They have been fined by state agencies many times. If you ask them a “difficult” question they will hang up on you.
    1and1 is essentially a German company (United Internet AG, predecessor: 1&1 EDV-Marketing GmbH, in Montabaur, Germany (1988)) that is trying to implement their German ways (befehl ist befehl) of doing business here in America.
    If you have a subscription they will insist on your pro-active instructions to terminate that subscription as opposed to the local custom to let it expire if you are not paying for an extension. Once they sell the account to NCO they lock your domains so that it is not possible to transfer them without you having paid NCO. If you do not pay NCO they will continue to charge your account for renewals until you pay. Meanwhile NCO keeps adding interest and collection charges plus “convenience fees”, “costs” and “other charges.”
    Because the amounts involved are small ($8,99 per domain) it does not pay to hire an attorney but they rake in many dollars that way. Then once they unlock your domain and you transfer it they still invoice you for another year. Your credit rating may be destroyed and you may have to pay twice for the same domain name.
    The only way to take action against them is to file a class action suit. Their actions are unconscionable and unethical to state it mildly.
    With the BBB they rate an F, the lowest rating!
    Do research before you end up in the clutches of 1&1!

  75. Naya says:

    I’m now on my second year of hosting with 1and1, and while I read these complaints, I don’t feel good at all. Currently, I’m doing my best to increase my site traffic, but I’m now wondering what happens if my site do increase server usage. Over the past year, I’ve had no major issue with 1and1… and most probably because I’ve low traffic. It was relatively the cheapest around, with the lowest upfront cost (only six months), so I chose 1and1 when I was still new to the Internet world.

  76. Castun says:

    I also wish I had done some research on 1&1. Me and a buddy decided to start up a website, my buddy paid for it with his card but it was in my name only. To make a long story short, sometime next year we hadn’t kept it up for some time so when his card expired, we figured that was it. Boy was I wrong. Because it was in my name, that NCO sent me collection notices and called my cell phone, even though I technically wasn’t even the one that paid. The worst thing was there was no notice whatsoever.

    I refuse to pay it and am disputing the charges. I don’t know what good it will do me, but I’m pretty sure what they do in regards to their billing practices is borderline illegal. There’s way too many hoops to jump through in order to properly cancel your account, and even then you can end up getting billed.

    For anyone thinking of filing or joining a class action suit, it was pointed out by others that it even states in the terms and conditions that you cannot join one. I’m not entirely sure if that’s even legal, or if it would hold up in court, but that alone should be a big red flag that something is wrong. Their BBB rating is even an ‘F.’

  77. Lance says:

    So I bought two websites, one for me and one for my wife. After a year’s time I found I had no time to even create them let alone maintain them so I wanted to cancel. In good faith I went to the website and searched for the cancellation area, well hidden of course! As a matter of fact they have an entire website dedicated just to cancellations, which tips you off as to how complex this becomes… I submitted the cancellation, saw a cancellation email come into my inbox and moved on. Then I started getting these emails about unable to bill my card, so I think great because I don’t want you to I cancelled! Next thing I know I get a letter from a collections agency! Yes, for a measly $29 they submit me to a collections agency for a package I thought I had cancelled!!! So of course I call them and explain my utter desertification with this and they just tell me “sorry, we sent you an email…”. So come to find out there is this elaborate process of cancelling different portions of your package and if you don’t get it right… well they will charge you, charge you late fees and submit you to a collections agency until you get it right! So ended up paying even more money now to the collections agency, which I had to do of course, then I have to go back to 1&1 to “properly” cancel my package, then being the generous and gracious company that they are, they will refund the un-used portion of my package. All that to say, SHOP SOMEWHERE ELSE! There are plenty of good companies out there who don’t want to screw you over $29! Happy trails!

  78. Bo says:

    I have had nothing but trouble with 1&1. So much so that i moved all of the domains we were using with them for work.
    I switched banks and never got their invoices (hello spammo filter) … instead of calling me or using an alternate email, they just sent my bill to collections. Awesome. I wrote them – told them to cancel, and paid the stupid bill (thanks for dinging my credit).
    I thought we were done and I had effectively broken up with them. Nope.
    Just today I got another stupid $24 bill. It’s a hassle to cancel (shouldn’t be harder to cancel than it is to sign up)… and despite my numerous emails to them, they never just resolve the damn issue.

    1&1 internet should be avoided.

  79. kurt cochran says:

    I was excited to see your page regarding 1&1!! We had NOTHING but trouble with them! Their customer and ALL services SUCK!!! We then transfered our domain name to another host (Who is great! by the way! Justhost.com) And Cancelled our account in July. I have now been sent to collections for unpaid balances because THEY NEVER CANCELED MY ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to sent a email to the complaints dept. STILL WAITING FOR A RESPONSE!!!! I am filing a “RIPoff Report” against them. I guess I better get a lawyer.

    • kd says:

      I’m in a similar situation. I’ve been trying to call the 1and1 to cancel my account for 10 plus times, but every time I was put on hold and eventually get disconnected. I emailed them a few months back to cancel my account and didn’t hear anything back. Now they have forwarded my billing to Collection Agency. I’ll try business bureau if that would help. Definitely stay away from them.

  80. stef kennedy says:

    Call Kelli Jack at Lines, Inc. Media at 317-469-7529. She is leading the charge on the lawsuit, and had done multiple stories on them nationally as a print and broadcast journalist. She speaks weekly with the PA Attorney General’s Office about their investigation against 1&1. A trial date is set for some time in April I believe, according to the news wire.

  81. Smith says:

    Its 101% True 1and1 is really sucksss!!!
    I hosted a invision power board with vps plan. They locked my site without any notification. I send around 5 mails. Thanks God i got reply on the 5th mail,from one guy, he didn’t know VPN Services. Last i told them to open my account, then back uped all stuffs and hosted with hostgator. Now am happy. No worries. 1and1 go to the Hell!!!

  82. Alan says:

    Omg! 1and1 sucks!!! I hate 1and1!!! Especially their billing department!!! Too much hidden fees, and NO REFUND even they state!!!! COMPLETELY NOT RECOMMENDED!!!!

  83. been fleeced says:

    1 and 1 is a criminal organization. How else do you explain their billing policy. “Hello, I’d like to cancel your services.”

    Tell him sure, but we’ll bill him anyway and when he dosn’t pay we’ll get a collection agency after him.

  84. TJohnson says:

    I spoke to a 1and 1 technical services rep in April 2009 to cancel my account. I was led to believe that the account was canceled. I received no other communication. On Dec. 14, 2009 I received a collection letter from their NCO financial systems stating that I owed 1 and 1 $23.94 and $18.95. I called 1and1, they said my account was not fully closed, only the domain was canceled- not the hosting. I told them I had requested both (and why would I still host if the domain was canceled). Then they told me they sent me ONE email in October to let me know that I owed money. I did not receive this email. They did not send an invoice by mail, call me (they have my phone number) or attempt to contact me in any other way. The 1and1 sales representative acknowledged that I did cancel my domain in April, but hosting was not canceled. I said that when I communicated with Tech Services, I was led to believe that both had been canceled. Next she said that if I paid the collection company, then they would pro-rate back my refund based on the cancelation date. However, I still would have to pay the $18.95 late fee. Then they transferred me to NCO to make the payment over the phone, I found out that I had to pay another $8 to pay via credit card over the phone to ensure that the bill would not be reported to the credit agencies. I had been told by 1and1 that I would not be reported to the credit bureauy and that I had 30 days to pay this bill. 1and1 mislead me again & it cost me a total of $50.89.

  85. Tom says:

    1 and 1 is in violation of their agreement as a registrar to force bill people if a domain renewal fails. 1 and 1 internet may not charge a late fee, nor send the balance to collections.

    “Failure by Registrant to pay any fee or
    renewal fee in a timely manner shall, in the absence of extenuating circumstances,
    result in automatic termination of the registration and the Service.

  86. k says:

    the multiple pages poping up and you have the comment xp sucks, That is a ZLOB and I had 17 copies of it hiding on my old computer and had to download a malicious software removal tool and run it over and over but It just kept jumping to a new hiding place finally I had to wipe the system and start over. so good luck wit it. thanks for the info about 1and1.

  87. […] this is the largest portion of the website can easily see that a simple change in bandwidth can cause a monthly web hosting […]

  88. guest 37773 says:

    those people are big time crooks…
    I’ve chosen for a trial (30 days free of charge) day Website Builder Plus. After 2 weeks I tried cancel it myself, it was impossible to do it on my own… so I contacted them via email. They instructed me to call them (every call is over 10 min with every simple things, call center is in Philipines and their ‘English’ is almost impossible to understand, and it’s over 2 pounds for every single call; not mobile though!)
    I called them and gentleman confirmed cancellation, said I won’t be charged. I asked for a confirmation email, he promised to do so, and I never got it. Week later those bu@@@@@s sent me an invoice for over 17 pounds !!! I am in the middle of struggle, but be aware !

    1 and 1 is a phony company and their practices are unlawful.
    keep away of them

    few hours later, they answered me :

    Dear Mr …

    Thank you for contacting us.

    Regarding on your concern, I have read your concern and I understand
    that you have completed the cancellation. Just to confirm the Website
    Builder Plus feature is already cancelled from your account. This is
    something that you need to check with our billing as to why you’ve been
    charged for this feature that you have cancelled. As much as I would
    like to help you with this but I can find any detailed informations
    about payment as we don’t have full access. With this please be advised
    to contact our Billing Department at this number 0871 641 21 21 option
    4 or send an email to billing@1and1.co.uk . Billing is only open from
    Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM except on Holidays.

    Thank you for bearing with us.

    If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Geralyn Jacalan
    Technical Support
    1&1 Internet Limited

    – Registered at Cardiff, Company number 3953678 – VAT No GB 752539027
    Aquasulis House, 10-14 Bath Road, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 3SA, United

    isn’t it hilarious ????? not us, other department etc…

    thanks my good luck, I paid them via paypal, so I called paypal and cancel this payment and any in future without my approval.

    anyway, this is not what I call service

    stay away of 1 and 1!!!

  89. jim says:

    I have a website but not with 1and1.
    But my point is that i see several people here complaining about 1and1 and then linking the 1and1 home page in their comments. That’s clearly a SEO technique. And it is successful since you have lot of hits on this page. So far if the post is built for SEO, right there might be some truth, but how reliable can it actually be???

  90. John says:

    Guess I’m lucky. They only screwed me on renewal for two domains. I transferred them AWAY from 1and1 and they still charged me for renewing them. The only response I could get was “No Refunds on Domain Renewals.” Only problem is that they didn’t renew them, because they weren’t the host any morel. I’m letting my CC company fight with them.

  91. Andrew Anderson says:

    Another victim of 1and1… they got us for over $400 in unwanted domains and I think I sent in over 40 emails and made over a dozen phone calls over a 6 month period.

    We could not get them off auto renewal and then when they did do it for us, they shut down the accounts and would not let us pay for the domains and even though the admitted we made the request months ago, they still billed us for domains and would not refund any money.

    They SUCK big time. We Lost several high level domains. They hold you hostage basically and you can’t ever get through to a supervisor. My advices is DO NOT use them.

    Go with GoDaddy or Bluehost… great service, great response and there are actually people in the US that pick up the phone. I think 1 and 1 is based out the Phillipines or something.

    1 and 1 really does suck.. I just sent them an email asking to have a supervisor call…. I am not holding my breath…

    • samy says:

      yes I’ve been had by 1and1,1&1 owned by Lisa Garcia and her husband Ruben living in the Modesto Ca. area
      do you want there real address phone numbers they have quit a ripoff thing going on and I would really like to get them in jail are you with me.another one of the things they have going on is rubymoonstudios,com , and more .

  92. 1and1.com screwed me too – I had 68 domains registered with them and they will not even allow me to transfer most of them. They cancelled my hosting account with no warning, so I have no access to my email or my domains.

    Check out 1and1sucksass.blogspot.com/2009/10/1and1com-refuses-to-allow-me-control-of.html

  93. Kristy Scott says:

    wow thats awful, I am the webmaster for my company’s site and went with 1and1 first and had a terrible experience with them as well, bad customer service, the works

    but recently I switched to Made2Own hosting and I haven’t had a problem since, they actually give a **** about their customers idk, im all for Made2Own and would reccomend them to anyone, great hosting solution in my opinion.

  94. 1and1 Class Action says:

    I’d like to file a class action lawsuit against this company. Anyone with me?

    1and1 will ruin your credit if you don’t prepay for the next term without clicking a cancel button which doesn’t even exist in your control panel.

    I have plenty of hosting accounts on the internet, so I am very familiar with hosting policies. When a subscription expires, and your card is expired, your prepay doesn’t go through. That then cancels the account. Okay… reasonable. You don’t pay for the service, you don’t get the service.

    However, I guess 1and1 finds that it’s profitable to send accounts directly to a collection agency if people don’t prepay for the next term without clicking the ‘cancel’ button, which is not even available on your control panel!

    Anyone else think this is an unfair business practice? I think we should contact the Abbey Spanier Law Firm and file a class action lawsuit!

    • Joe says:

      Yes I know a lot about 1and1,1&1 . what’s with both of these ?
      I know where they live and more about them!. I would like to join you in that matter. If I tell you about every thing you would not believe me,all I can say that its horrendous. If you opened up an attachment from these SOB ! I would check all your computer settings , especially your E-Mail settings are they right also check your internet settings I change mine but they go back to another setting? Change your passwords and keep track of them and see what happens. 1and1,1&1 know all about you, your passwords credit cards every thing on your computer.

    • Tom says:

      1 and 1 is in violation of their agreement as a registrar to force bill people if a domain renewal fails. 1 and 1 internet may not charge a late fee, nor send the balance to collections.

      “Failure by Registrant to pay any fee or
      renewal fee in a timely manner shall, in the absence of extenuating circumstances,
      result in automatic termination of the registration and the Service.

  95. Woofers says:

    Don’t listen to the HostGator and GoDaddy cronies posting on this site. 1and1 is not a bad company, some of these people think that by ignoring a charge because they don’t want to pay it it should/will just go away! The world doesn’t work like that. Get a lease on a car and try not to pay it because you didn’t drive much that month. Not happening!

    • Elliott Back says:

      You moronic imbecile. I paid my bills. The price was great. The service was not.

      • Andrew Anderson says:

        1an1 sucks….period…

        • Joe says:

          read on down below to other comments. I am so pissed off about 1&1.com, 1and1.com . I’m so out to get this small group of punks!!!!!!! a small group of fu!k’s in there *** where they live in Modesto Ca. You might went to get these low life’s other rip off web sites they have going on should I start listing them plus phone numbers?????????????????????. I can go on and on about these low ,lower than low life’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………………

  96. Tony says:

    BTW… it’s time for a class-action lawsuit against 1and1 for their domain cancellation practices… any legal eagles out there interesting?

  97. Tony says:

    1&1 gave my domain away to another of their customers… and will do nothing to retrieve it.

    Worst company in webhosting and domain registration realm.

  98. Krunk says:

    Here’s my horrible 1and1 experience that I just blogged about: www.hd-trailers.net/blog/2009/09/22/database-issues/

    They took down my sql database w/o any warning or notification, and only responded when I called in. Even now, my database is still down and it was a good thing I had a recent backup.

    Previously they charged me for extra bandwidth when my stats clearly showed I was not over. Apparently they look at different stats.

  99. Thomas says:

    Their tricky cancellation policy is intended to rob people money, no other domain registrar out there is using this bad practice. First of all they hide the domain renewal options from domain administration, new customers may not be aware of this, then they use their unique cancellation policy to force customer to renew the domains.

    I’m a new victim of this scam, I can’t believe this thing keep happening year after year. Even though I sent them a written confirmation that I did not wish to renew the domains, they continue send me invoices saying I owe them a few hundred dollars for renewal, one of the invoices was sent to me after my account is cancelled, I question them how could they send me another invoice when I was no longer their customer, they just reply a brunch of bs with wrong information that even not matching what the invoices are showing.

    They obviously don’t care about BBB, their rating is “F” on BBB. Anyone interested in filing a scam report to their local police or FBI?

  100. Chris says:

    using 1&1 for hosting, oh no no no no! we only use them for domains, been with them for years and years, and still anytime we miss a bill they send a collection agency, who charge say 60% on top of the bill, which is probably illegal.

    dont know if anyone here head of ntlhell.co.uk ? funny enough i was working for ntl at the time, ntl tried to shut them down, couldn’t, and ended up having to buy them out!

    dont be fooled, thats why ntlhell, sorry ntl become virgin media – because everytime you used for ntl – ntlhell came up first!

    1and1hell.com anyone!? its all about SEO which good blogs that this help to establish! :)

  101. […] 1and1 Hosting Reviews – Read 1and1 Hosting Web Hosting Reviews at WebHostingTestimonials.com 1and1 Sucks: 1&1 Will Rip You Off — Elliott C. Back I went on the web and found many instances of such cases where 1and1 did not notify their customer […]

  102. mike says:

    1and1 is the worst service provider I have ever dealt with. I am constantly training their people on their own problems. Dont walk…run from using 1and1

  103. Rene Plante says:

    Signed up for 1and1 but didn’t start using it because associate couldn’t decide what to do. Even though I still gave a credit card to pay for it and had no problem paying for the service even though I wasn’t using it yet. Then I received two collection agency letters saying I was past due and up for collection even though 1&1 never contacted me. So I cancelled my account and don’t feel I should have to pay the collection agency fee because of 1&1’s lack of notifying me.
    Like I say though I have no problem paying 1&1 for the time I was under contract if they would let me know what is owed.

  104. 1and1=rip_off says:

    Don’t take any notice of the 1&1 cronies leaving messages on here – they’re just looking after their jobs!
    They are not a good company.
    They do not act in a helpful and supportive way: they don’t make it easy to leave and they RIP YOU OFF

  105. 1and1=rip_off says:

    I used 1&1 for some domain names and hosting: the hosting was useless – others may find it ok, but the design and function was no good for my purpose. The problems came when I tried to cancel: basically, they didn’t cancel the account and kept it open after I’d gone through the cancellation process… I should have known, the message on the 1&1 website told me it had not been cancelled. Yeah, like you do stupid things like that after you’ve cancelled a service – log in and use the website!! And they know you don’t – but they use that as the get out clause to keep charging you for a service you don’t use (in my case that is true). Use one of the other providers, they sound more straight up than 1&1. Rip off merchants who are best avoided.

  106. Oh and in case anyone thinks these are spurious claims, they have an F with the Better Business Bureau – www.dc.bbb.org/report.html?national=Y&compid=1040770

    • 1and1=rip_off says:

      Thanks this is useful – but you should make it clear that F is the last rating category (after F is unrated). There are 12 positions above F so this is as low as it gets – a company with one of the 3 A ratings you can trust down to D with great caution… F – are you off your head?

  107. I’ve transferred all the domains I had hosted with them a while back and yet I’m still constantly amazed with their lack of customer service.

    The GF just got two collection notices today from them for domains she didn’t ask to have automatically renewed.

    Who does that? What better way to infuriate a customer than to send a collection agency after them for something they never wanted in the first place.

    Now I’m in the process of moving her domains from 1and1 as well. I’ll also be sure to never recommend them to anyone.

  108. Robert White says:

    I sign up for one year and then try to cancel the service, I was unable to find cancellation from 1and1 web page. Finally talk to someone there explain to him that I was having trouble to cancel and yet I have to paid for another year and
    they send collecting agency for payment. I already told all clients and friends not to deal with them. So far, I told 17 people. Go Godaddy.com. 1and1.com is SUCK and unbusiness like.

  109. Helen Mcworthy says:

    Before i’ve made my website, i try to look for this kind of threads/blogs for me to be aware to those web hosting companies whether they suck or not.

    I was thinking twice to go for 1&1 to host my website. But then, because of their affordable rates I have tried it. I called their Technical Support to help me with my website and they were very helpful, Every time I called is a learning. Their very friendly, They have their program that allows them to see your screen (of course, permission required)and it was very very great, there going to walk through all the process. Its like having your own IT staff or programmer for free.

    My website was never down for 2 years now. Its actually depends on the customer who explores not educatedly their website and accidentally made changes to ruin it. Now calling 1&1 to blame their faults. Its a matter of carelessness.

    They have their own applications for free on the package that you are going to purchased, Its so helpful and I love having a personalized Control Panel. They will give you some free programs to help you for your website. I have recommend 1&1 to my friends. They love it too.

    ABout the billing, its actually personalized, its giving you the options for auto renewal and some stuffs, they send you an email reminder for that and the charges overview.

    That’s why they were the Number 1 web hosting Company Worldwide,!

  110. Anstrum says:

    Like others on this thread I was also sent to collections (without my knowledge) for a pre-paid account that was canceled. I found out about the collection when I was qualifying for a mortgage. My credit was spotless and my FICO was above 800 prior to this issue. Needless to say this sunk my FICO into the 500’s and lenders now don’t want to touch me because I have this $30 collection on my credit history. I’ve spent about a week on the phone and writing letters and emails with 1and1 and NCO trying to resolve the issue with no luck.

    For all you 1and1’ers who monitor and read these threads, these aggressive collections policies on pre-paid accounts have real impact on people. Mortgage brokers wont touch me for 3-5 years until my FICO scores recover. Your customer support is overly rigid and unhelpful, your policies are absurd and anti-consumer, and you’ve trained your customer service representatives justify your actions and to hide behind onerous T&C’s.

  111. Concern says:

    I’ve been a customer with 1&1 for many years already
    and yes they have downtime but it is just minimal and yet they offer a great service.

    Regarding there billing, of course you need to know
    what you have been paying for coz they have some
    promos that will tied you up for upto 1 year which of course reasonable.

    1&1 is a great company ever, of course as a leading
    hosting in the world, there are a lot of people create stories just to destroy reputation of the company but look, if this company offer bad service then for 20 years this company will no longer exist but see today 1&1 is getting bigger.

    Lastly, 1&1 is really for technical people only
    those who doesn’t any idea about webhosting then
    you may go find another hosting that are level to your knowledge

    • Dan Rubel says:

      Yes concern, 1&1 still the number 1 webhosting in the world and not just a webhosting, 1&1 also gives oppurtunity to those lower earner, thery beginner package will only charge you for about $4 dollars a month and look, they have 1 free included domain, so instead of paying for your domain registration which is $8.99, with beginner package you will get this domain name for free. Its like heating to birds with one stone. Aside from that they have an application called website builder which will help you create your website in just a matter of minutes.

      For me, I’ve been with 1&1 now for almost10 years
      and still paying for just about 4 dollars in a month and im making business

      There technical support are willing to help you and assist and they are very helpful.

      • jeff says:

        Daniel Rubel is a tech support employee of 1and1. He is not to be trusted. Just look at the other comments. I have dealt with Dan by e-mail myself and he a jerk. He is part of the problem, not the solution.

      • stef kennedy says:

        Hey, Dan! See you in court on the 24th. You might learn how to spell before you fill out any paperwork, too. Apparently, 1&1 doesn’t require good English prior to hiring.

  112. Dennis says:

    1&1 Has offered me GREAT SERVICE. If you do know how to pay your bills then your account will not be locked. I had an issue with 1&1 stating that my account was locked because of Billing, yet their tech support has been great and was able to assist me and Im very satisfied with the service they are providing me. Its a matter of being humane and understanding the problem. In this process it is not like a speed of light, thenyouor site will be okay. Of course technical issues do happen but If you are broad minded enough as a customer, then you will not be istirical. 1&1 has been great and will use there service for many many years to come.

  113. Brian says:

    I’ve used them for years for five different domains.

    Never had a problem and fantastic uptime. And they’re damn cheap for what I use.

    Not sure what you’re problem is…

  114. rippers says:

    1 and 1 is a billing nightmare. When you try to cancel you may very well get ripped off. The company has made millions off of their tricky cancellation policy. Criminal in my estimation.

  115. Kyle says:

    Let us sue 1and1……

  116. Kyle says:

    I use 1and1 service……and it’s the worst in the world……

    You guys should not use it……..Really really bad service……;

  117. Umair says:


    Do not buy from 1&1 web hosting or domain. They have auto recurring bill payment system, somewhere hidden in the aweful control panel..once you stop payment on your account, they will put it on your credit immediatles plus a $18.95 penalty charge and continue to bill you and double the payment until you dont pay….HORRIBLE COMPANY

  118. Ed says:

    I have horrible experiences with 1&1. If you don’t mind your site is down for a week in every year, give it a shot. You will be excruciated. And their tech support is not a helpful place AT ALL. It is actually A BARRICADE to control the calls from their angry customer. They don’t know what is going on except saying “the server is down, we are working on it”. I asked phone number of so-called “Administration”. They couldn’t give it out. It is horrible and we are working on getting out of 1&1. Please don’t go with them. They should not servive.

  119. Richard Halon says:

    This post is roughly 3 years old, but the comments keep rolling in. I’ll add mine now.

    I owned and operated a rather large web hosting company from 1997-2006 which I then sold to move into designing, so I’m highly versed in all aspects of 1&1’s business — I used to compete with them.

    1&1 will always be hit or miss, because they’re one of the largest web hosting companies on the Internet. The Internet — we’re talking billions of sites, millions upon millions of companies, and hundreds of thousands of web hosting companies. If you have, for argument sake, a large hosting company and 5,000 customers got together to boycott you — wow, that’s a lot of angry customers, you must be doing something really wrong. Not when you have over half a million customers.

    Look up bad reviews on GM (General Motors Co.). Everyone has problems with them, yet there are a lot of us still riding around in our cars and trucks and have nothing but nice things to say.

    Now take that small web hosting company trying to make a buck here and there. 100 customers tops. No phone support, e-mails answered when they get off their day job flipping burgers. I’d honestly trust my websites to a multi-million dollar company that someone working at McDonalds.

    I have accounts at 1&1, HostGator, etc. and they all have their pros and cons but I go for the big businesses. Hell, HostGator’s servers are located at ThePlanet and I used to have racks and servers there at their Texas facility.

    BOTTOM LINE: 1&1 is a huge company. Don’t be shocked with these bad comments. There are hundreds of thousands of happy customers you’ll never hear from because they have no reason to search for ways to slam their beloved hosting company.

  120. Mark Dela Cruz says:

    Yeah I agree this guys ROCKS!!! I have my site hosted with them and with the 5 years of service downtime was not a problem at all. I think you guys doesn’t know and dont have the patient that’s why you’re not satisfied, too bad for you. cheers!

  121. 1&1 the Best! says:

    I have my site with 1&1 and it was never been down. I love this guys! This company ROCKS!!!

  122. al says:

    1and1 is fine, I’ve been with them for 5 years with hardly an issue. Canceling a package isn’t complicated or confusing – yes, you have to jump through some hoops but it’s really pretty straightforward. If you overuse bandwidth on their VALUE shared hosting servers, you’ll be penalized, what do you expect? Read the terms and conditions regarding bandwidth consumption.

    All the other services people are recommending have their fair share of issues as well. The bottom line is you get what you pay for. 1and1 provides affordable services with a reasonable level of quality and uptime. If you need lightning fast response time and dedicated customer service, 100% uptime, etc – there are more expensive providers out there who can meet your needs.

  123. Al says:

    DO NOT USE 1AND1! BBB rating of “F”.

    They will send you to collections when it’s their fault.

    They make it very hard to cancel domain auto-renew. You have to log in to a “secret” subdomain that is not easy to find (cancel.1and1.com) and then mark the domains to cancel (which is also hard to understand). You then wait for an email from 1and1 to complete cancellation.

    Only, in my case, the email didn’t come. I thought I canceled but I didn’t “complete” it with the email that didn’t come. The rep said sometimes the emails don’t come. I, of course, wasn’t looking for any email, and so I didn’t know I had to do this.

    They are now threatening to sick the collection agency on me. BBB will hear of this.

  124. Ed says:

    We use 1and1 and think they’re great. Most of the complaints here seem too be from people who dont know much about the service they’re buying, so don’t know what to expect. If you over use your bandwidth you will get penalised, if you pay next to nothing for a service you won’t get amazing support, and if you expect a telephone operator to know the inner workings of a complex web app you are a fool. You get what you pay for. We pay for a professional package and we get a professional service. 1and1 are excellent.

    • 1and1=rip_off says:

      Yeah, right – why would you come on this website and leave this kind of comment? 1&1 are a bunch of cheats… then again, maybe you’re just happy to get ripped off!

  125. web hosting says:

    am sitting here on the phone with 1and1 service right now trying to cancel the hosting i just ordered. I found the server was slow, setup of databases was hit or miss.. yuck.

  126. Daniel says:

    Jesus christ 1and1 sucks, I just got my domain name from them, it took them over 50 hours to register it. Now I’m experiencing problems with the nameservers that tend to stop responding now and then. I’m also blogging about them. Read my story if you have the time.

  127. AllanR says:


    Let me get this straight. You overload your shared hosting server. Hog bandwidth & CPU cycles that rightfully belong to other people just like you (except that they are not stealing bandwidth from YOU). Then when the host tells you about the problem that your site is causing for other customers, you blame THEM. Now you are worried about your data, that like every good website administrator you DIDN’T EVEN BACK UP?

    I’ve been with 1and1.com for many years now. For a measly 10 bucks a month I host more than a dozen websites, and although there have been glitches along the way, they were always dealt with promptly and professionally be 1and1. …and guess what? If they went out of business tomorrow everything I have on there servers is also on my PC, and on the back-up drive for my PC.

    Grow up. You got exactly what you deserved.

  128. IPL says:

    You mean you clowns did NOT keep a backup of YOUR data.

    AND you are pissed that when you suck up the full CPU they get annoyed?

    You must be on osamabama’s team. He says that everything is free.

    Give me a break.

  129. […] Limited Avoid 1&1 hosting service – CNET Web design & hosting Forums Avoid 1&1 Internet 1and1 Sucks: 1&1 Will Rip You Off — Elliott C. Back And many more. […]

  130. another 1&1 victim says:

    After sending several emails to cancel my account with 1&1–they continued to autimatically renew my account and bill me. Then they had the nerve to send my bill to a collection agency! I ended up having to pay just so that my credit was not entirely ruined. I am SO angry. Thank you for creating this website–this company is a total SCAM. I wish i would have done my homework before I ever gave them my credit card number.

  131. been ripped says:

    1and1 sucks in spades. It royally sucks. It sucks in many flavours, colours and smells. It sucks high and low, in every dimmension, in every time frame, in every immaginable way. Screw them.

  132. been ripped says:

    Can anyone name another business organization that would acknowledge that you had requested to unsubscribe from their sorry services but ignored it anyway?

  133. been ripped says:

    Perhaps, but in this case the feedback is entirely accurate. Any company that ignores requests to end one’s subscription and then gets a collection agency after you to collect for services never rendered is cetainly one that “sucks.”

  134. olia says:

    alright. let me get this straight. wherever you go. whatever company. there would always be bad feedbacks/flaws. come on people! wake up! just try your luck. hahahaha! try to search in google.
    Godaddy sucks
    Netsol sucks
    Bluehost sucks

  135. been ripped says:

    1and1 is, in my estimation, a criminal organization.

  136. daradunham says:

    I think we should get a class action suit and go for the gusto. If indeed, 1and1 is the “largest” web hosting company and they are able to do this to so many people, a class action suit would put a stop to their illegal and unethical business practices. Anybody out there want to make a difference so that other honest folks don’t end up wasting valuable time and energy in falsehoods, deception, and lies for 1and1 profit?

  137. daradunham says:

    1and1 are highly unethical. I had several domain names and went to have them cancelled and was assured they were. Months later they renewed them and sent the bills to a collection agency to contact me. Unfortunately, when I called again, they assured they were no longer registered and I found out they still are registered to one and one under my name! I am now seeking an attorney because I believe 1and1 to be operating an illegal business. I am recording all calls and keeping dates and phone records to get these sites transfered. I caution those who have any kind of concern and integrity in good business practices (BBB) to use exceptional caution in dealing with this company.

    • another 1&1 victim says:

      i also had them sick a collection agency on me. i would love to help out in any lawsuit that may be filed!!

  138. dave says:

    We are really pissed off at 1and1 about this – we are working very hard to keep a business going here and with today’s economy, it’s pretty tough to stay above the water and 1and1 just don’t give a damn about their business partners.

  139. dave says:

    Stay away from 1and1…they are the worst domain hosting company out there. We tried to changed our glue domain ips for the past 7 days and after many many emails and calls to the technical supports no use.

    Now we lost 2 projects and 3 customers stop using us to maintain their sites. We had to extend the monthly rent for a server, all these cost us around $1700 plus the goodwill.

    is there any legal ground to get 1and1 compensate for these losses? any legal expert out there can help us out??

  140. Paula says:

    I think this company stinks! I used them for a short time and because I wanted to cancel I am now having troubles and they sent me to their “collections” NCO.
    I have written them, with a certified letter to the CEO Oliver Mauss and I know they got it because the little green reply card came back to me. I have also faxed them any many times. THEY NEVER REPLY TO MY QUESTIONS. NEVER!!

    Stay away from this company, they don’t care about customers. If they did they would reply.

  141. Paula says:

    They are so bad! They will not allow you to speak with anyone other than a supervisor. The complaints dept only sites FAQ and does NOT deal with the complaint.
    I wrote the CEO and I have yet to get a reply from him or even his assist signing as him.
    1and1 should be called “It is not about our customers”

  142. Tim Miner says:

    2/8/09 I was given bad information twice from 1&1 and was told twice to wait. Now I have to cancel my external name registry, wait 24 hours and try it again. This will cause my site to have been down for 5 days. I expressly BEG you never to use these guys again. I know I will not….cheap sites? you get what you pay for!!!

  143. Opinionated says:

    Funny, every problem ahs a solution. 1and1 hosts over 5 million websites. They are the largest web-site hosting company. Opinions are like ********, everyone has one!

  144. 1&1 Sucks says:

    Yeah, I was also kicked off, with no notice from them whatsoever. I wasn't mad about being kicked off, but rather, I was mad about not being notified and given a chance to correct. Needless to say, I pulled all three of my account.

  145. unstaisfied 1&1 customer says:

    Wow! I wanted to cancel my account. They gave me 3 page instructions to cancel. When they took my CC and charged my account with out my knowledge and told me that they had send an email. They would not give money back. This is the worst I have dealt with. Stay out of it.

  146. sharath says:

    great idea. Sure I gonna waste $500 bucks of this as****

  147. sharath says:

    Dreamhost or bluehost, go for it ….1and1 is worse than clone.

  148. elliottback says:

    I love GoDaddy (despite their own problems) for domains…

  149. Chaz says:

    You should really stop messing around with these other companies. Use GoDaddy. I researched these other companies extensively before settling on a hosting provider and thery just did not measure up to GoDaddy.

  150. DG says:

    I completely agree!! 1and1 sent me to collections without even letting me know that I had a payment due!!! You know how I found out? I went to apply for a home loan (which I should have received) but the mortgage broker told me the collections from NCO would be a sore spot for some companies.
    Called NCO, told them I would pay over the phone if they waive the $10 processing fee, and they said they won't waive the fee. Told them to send me the f-ing bill and I'll pay through mail. To date, I haven't received my new bill, and those ******** have called me three times at a number I asked them not to call! I gave them a cell number, which should be sufficient, but still they refuse to play by the rules.
    Getting ready to turn them into the state for unfair business practices.

  151. Justin says:

    1and1 provide a very poor service. Don't be fooled by the cheap price, any modern website will run dog slow, and encounter many 500 server erros, just like the others here have stated.

    As I write this many of my websites are down, and have been experiencing 500 server errors over the last 2 weeks.

    I have used their services for over 5 years, and have 70 domains, which I feel now I have to move over to another host, as this is crippling my business.

    All of my websites run extremely slow, and originally I thought that it was due to the CMS I was using. However I have sites running; joomla, mambo, smf, phpBB, wordpress, and drupal.. and all load extremely slowly.. taking several seconds to load most of the time.

    This company was ok 5 years ago, but now they do max out their shared servers, causing the worst quality of service in the internet hosting business.

    Their customer service is overseas, and there is no direct way to contact real technical support or customer service.. just someone typing up your notes on the other end of the phone, who's primary language is not English.

    Anyone want to help me move 70 domains (most just sitting there without websites).. and about 10 database driven websites to a new host?

    All the best,

  152. elliottback says:

    Thanks for the support. Trust me, when you need them, they won't be there for you. When they fail you, send me an email and I'll help you get by in an emergency!

  153. kinger says:

    you sound like a douchebag. i'm using 1 and 1 and the only complain i have about it is no joomla support. they are extremely helpful when i call them.

  154. Pinas says:

    Your such a looser!!!!!!!!

  155. Dave says:

    I won't be using 1and1 again-no way, now how, done finished. Some companies give a good reason for offshoring customer service unfortunatly.

  156. Alex says:

    I've had problems with their hosting as well. Good for you for spreading the word. This website is number 3 on google for '1and1'

  157. Andy Taylor says:

    cant agree with you more…the interface is buggy, hard to follow and tech support is Offshore..

  158. tristen says:

    click fraud is bad. i hope you never run ads and get revenge clicked by your own detractors.

  159. David says:

    For truly reliable hosting with great customer service try United Hosting it's a .co.uk company but also has servers in the US. It took a year of trials until I came across them and so far no complaints whatsoever!

  160. David says:

    Mark is quite right – they have twice attempted to take money for a domain that was transferred out of their registry over a year ago and still appears in the control panel as active with them for some reason (!!!). I have communicated with them twice over this and no change. This is not making mistakes, it is stealing!

  161. Be very careful before you choose a hosting company. I wish to God I had checked out 1and1’s reputation before I signed. Rather than bore you with my long fight with them just ask yourself why their phone is answered by a recording that tells you what to do if you have been contacted by NCO, a collection agency. If they are above board why do they have to send so many accounts to a collection agency? Also Investigative journalist, Kelli Jack, has written 30 articles about this company and has a suit pending against them. Kelli alleges that 1and1 stole her domain name and sold it. Kelli states: “1and1 should be shut down.”

    And finally, the Pennsylvania Better Business Bureau and the Washington DC Better Business Bureau has them listed as “Unsatisfactory” Read comments on the BBB why. Read some customer comments on Red Flag.

  162. Christy says:

    Did any of you guy has slow response on shared accounts as far as the dns servers hosted by 1and1? What i mean by my question is an 2-3 sec waiting time to resolve the ip at the beginning of the site visit per domain. For what i know in this rate there is a lost of 30 to 40% of users just because of that DNS delay.

  163. Tom says:

    I have a website and never ran into that kind of issue. Some hosting just don’t understand that customer support is as important as hosting the site. I have used free and paid. Never ran into issues.

    I use Thumbtak Web Hosting. They are good. You might want to give them a look and see what you think. They respond to questions within less then a half of an hour if you make a ticket. Unsure about e-mails though.


  164. Tanaka says:

    1and1.com is the Downtime King. My business package goes down every other week, I already have these guy’s phone number on speed dial because I have to call so often regarding down time. Absolutely horrible customer service and its unacceptable.

  165. Khalid says:

    1&1 are the most unhelpful and useless hosting provider we ever delt with. Just for the sake of getting a domain from the redemtion status they charged us £25 and a long 10 days without a site, our client was so mad and frustrated. For a simple dns refresh, it will take them ages to do, this should not take long at all.

    Any how, if you are thinking of buying anything from them, think again.

  166. John says:

    I am also getting Service Unavailable errors… time to cancel the service and go elsewhere.

  167. joe says:

    1and1 Sucks: 1&1 Will Rip You Off
    they the worest custmer service i ever had

  168. joe says:

    1&1 sucks

  169. Arnie says:

    1and1 threatened to lock our account due to a dispute over how often our cron job was running. Here’s a portion of what they claimed:

    Please understand that this notification is sent out in order to prevent abuse of our infrastructure.
    Also, please note that the cronjob you installed runs _every_ minute, one hour out of two:
    * */2 * * * /usr/local/bin/php -f
    What you claimed to have installed would have looked like:
    0 */2 * * * /usr/local/bin/php -f
    (note: “0” could be replaced by any number out of 1..59)

    Who’s right? Them or me?

  170. Lee says:

    Ive put my complaint on my website can you add me on the list please. My sole life duty is to destroy this company and or every scamming lil prick that works there, Oh its so good putting faces to names.

  171. Chuck says:

    Wow shocking that they would cut you off like that. I’ve been with 1and1 for years and never had a problem. Tech support, billing and sales people have all been helpful and responsive.

  172. njp says:

    HELP !!!!!!!

    £130.00 collection agency letter from these *****. cancelled my account in october 2008. when i moved house and closed my small business.

    now i am getting letters to my old address saying i owe them money from june this year, plus costs


  173. bamn says:

    Actually sara, you’d better transfer to another domain registrar before cancelling anything. I’ve seen too many horror stories of 1&1 trapping people’s domains, and it’s apparently not possible to cancel hosting and keep domains. Ridiculous.

  174. bamn says:

    sara – Do what i’m doing right now – get hosting somewhere else, and use your 1&1 domains. In the CP, check a domain, then click “DNS” and point it somewhere better!

    1&1 do offer the cheapest domains I’ve seen, and include private registration.

    Sadly, 1&1 is not the worst service I’ve ever had. A little place in Canada called “Canaca” absolutely wreaked havoc on me when I tried to host with them. Least reputable company I’ve ever seen. EVER. For some reason I thought 1&1 was a good choice!?

    It’s better, but still has CONSIDERABLE down-time (I’ve been using a monitoring service) usually 3+ hours per incident, once for almost 24 hours. And the customer service is terrible. Down with 1&1. I only hope I don’t experience the “nightmares” of cancellation mentioned above. I’m attempting that soon.

  175. sara says:

    hi , I just signed 14 domains name with them. before I read all this comments !is there any way to get out of this mess! are they allow me to go to another hosts or not. Please advise me. Thanks.

  176. Maria says:

    So, everyone I know has had huge problems with 1and1. Can somebody please tell me why we aren’t mobilizing to stop this?

    Why don’t we start a petition to send to some legislators demanding that they pass some laws regulating this kind of stuff?

    We are almost as bad for allowing this to continue.

  177. JD says:

    They only have two selling points:
    – 6.99$/domain
    – free private registration

    The rest is exactly what everyone else experienced with them – total BS.

    Elliott, you should create a poll with the best hosting/registry companies.


  178. I see I’m preaching to the choir here. 161 comments and still going.

    I too was enticed by the $5.99 domain registration. Oh boy, did I fall for that one!

    Their retention strategy is based on customer inconvenience. The procedures to cancel, switch, transfer registrars, etc. are wrought with unnecessary steps.

    Thankfully, the domains I care about aren’t registered with them.

  179. JD says:

    Even though this is an old post, the issue is very much alive.
    I have major issues with 1and1, and the latest is their DNS not updating/changing/resolving.



  180. -. Si teneis Incidencias con 1and1.
    -. Si no nadie resuelve incidencias.
    -. Si teneis problemas con el Depto. de Security Team.
    -. Si os han Bloqueado la cuenta.
    -. Si quereis hablar con un Responsable.
    -. Si deseais llamar aun numero fijo y no un 902.
    -. Si deseais enviar un FAX a un nº Fijo.
    -. Si deseais el Telf de las Oficinas en España.
    -. Si deseas direcciones de mail directas de las oficinas de 1and1.



    Telf Centralita Ofinas Madrid 1and1: (91)5025981
    Telf 2 Central Ofinas Madrid 1and1: (91)5025976
    Telf Movil Gerencia – Esteban Egea 1and1: 679-701-233
    Fax Oficinas Madrid 1and1: (91)4337770

    E-mail Estaban Egea 1and1: esteban.egea@1and1.es
    E-mail Central Madrid 1and1: centronegociosretiro@grupopinar.es

    Un Saludo y recomiendo usar los Derechos de Protección del Consumidor que nos Protegen de Abusos de Empresas como 1and1, asi como pedir y cumplimentar hojas de reclamaciones.


  181. Edwin says:

    I was a 1and1 customer for years, they “used” to have excellent service (from my very low traffic websites). I had a couple of sites with them, nothing special, use hardly any memory or resources, and got maybe 20 hits a day LOL. Yet, I’m constantly getting a “Service Unavailable” page when I check on any of my sites through them. I contact CS and they respond that it’s up and running with no issues, yet I see I’m on my sites at that moment making screenshots as proof. Not just me either, as I verified with at least 3 other friends during the course of the day. Chronic problem, yet they claim there’s no issue. After several months of this as well as my database sometimes getting reverted to a previous backup several times (I loosing over a weeks worth of data from it). They suck, if you use them, move. If you are looking for hosting services, stay away from 1and1.com!

  182. vicaya says:

    Everyone go file a complaint against 1and1 at BBB www.dc.bbb.org/report.html?national=Y&compid=1040770

    I regretted that I gave them a chance for my money as well. They sent my account to collection after they expired like people mentioned here.

  183. Santiago says:

    Hello. I was looking to host few website to create a family album and personal profile hosting some .net 3.5 and Silverlight (Practice). Well I send and email during the weekend to the support and sales department. I asked the tech. department to see if they support .net framework 3.5 and they say no. But, Sales in the other hand , I send and email asking if they support .net framework 3.5, Silverligt and they say yes. So now I am so confuse because sales say yes and the people who work with those server directly say NO. It looks like Sales dept. is trying to make a commision base on things that they probably don’t know and they you get stuck with an annual contract or using an account that cannot support some of my apps. That tells me Not to trust 1 and 1, When 2 differnt departments say something different about the types of services and framworks that they can support or not, means that they do not know how to communicate internally and at the end, the customer will be the only one affected.

  184. tim says:

    Rotten, filthy, duplicitous ********. They deserve to be drowned in monkey vomit. I contracted for a year’s service, never received the SW package. Got sick of chasing them down, didn’t bother canceling, credit card expired a year later…… I then get a letter from a collections agency 6 months later – 1and1 never sent me a letter, when the FOLLOWING YEAR’s renewal fee didn’t go through on the expired credit card they sent my account over to a collections agency without ever attempting to contact me. Hate them.

    And they tacked on a $18.95 fee for sending the account to collections. And it took an hour for me to cancel service with them.

  185. Divainc says:

    Fortunately, I learned how dirty 1and1 could be and immediately created another very closely related domain name with another registar and begin hosting at separate hosting company. I learned not to have the domain and website hosting managed by the same company. And, NEVER use 1&1.com for anything and review any hosting company by googling it first for scams or unethical practices.

  186. lpower says:

    BY the way, the regular customer service and tech support people are good; it is the supervisors in the collection/billing that are totally awful. Paid my bill two weeks ago and my accounts are still locked. Another serious advice – DO NOT register your accounts under the same name or company name. Once you owe 1and1 money, they would lock ALL your accounts, even those that are current. So register your domains or hosting accounts under different names or ID, that way, only the account that is delinquent would be locked. I still cant believe 1and1 has the guts to lock ALL accounts, even those in good standing – it doesn’t matter if the amount you owe is $5, they would totally shut all your websites down! A website that is down for a couple of days, would rarely regain traffic or trust, so you are effectively out of business and you still owe the money, for 1and1 and NCO Financial do not give a damn.

  187. lpower says:

    1and1 is Gestapo like. They reported me to NCO Financials, which is another Gestapo like organization. Even after I paid the amount they told me I owed, my account was still locked and 1and1 supervisors would not listen or even attempt to listen. Once they report you to NCO, you are in for gestapo like tactics. Once you have an issue with 1and1, you are dead in the water. My frank, first hand experience, AVOID 1and1 like the plague. It is not so much their technology or pricing, but their billing department and the collection agency they use NCO financial. I call on the Pennsylvania State Attorney General to investigate NCO and 1and1 business tactics. I have never had any serious issues with godaddy, but 1and1 big time! Their customer service is the worst in the world, avoid them or you would be sorry.

  188. dan says:

    1and1 is a scam. they have unfair billing practices and will rip you off. stay away from them

  189. Oh, it even gets worse. I’ve posted a blog documenting how 1and1 has managed to bring my site down for the last 8 days – and still they don’t have a resolutions. 1and1failure.blogspot.com/

  190. John Smith says:

    1and1 is BY FAR THE WORST HOSTING COMPANY I HAVE EVER USED. Their effin servers go down everyday, and tech support is incompetent. I’m pulling all sites off their server as quickly as possible.

    For those of you who read this, and work for 1and1. FU! Your services SUCK!

  191. sharath says:

    Its other way round, 1And1 Sucks and F*** us royally. They know how to keep charging us, even after we downgrade or cancel. They know how to keep charging year after year. The B**** at customer service is all attitude – mister you got screwed.

    DH – amazing people. Just be the same friendly people, cant stand another mafia.

  192. I never had a problem with 1and1, till yesterday when all my sites went down around 5 pm. Here I am over 24 hours later, sites still down. Totally unacceptable. Their shared server goes down, I lose potential new members, money and my patience.

    This is insane.

  193. Fermin says:

    “CODE” read this “FU”!!!!! You probably work for them

  194. CODE says:


  195. George says:

    The ******** sent me to collections over an alleged $18 bill. My credit card was still (and is) still valid. I have cancelled the service, they won’t accept payment, and I get dunning letters from an outfit called NCO Financial (www.associatedcontent.com/article/379575/nco_financial_systems_incorporated.html). Coincidentally, 1and1 and NCO are both Pennsylvania corporations that work in lockstep, and even if a card is valid they will claim the payment was refused, IMMEDIATELY refer the matter to collections (1and1 to NCO) and charge an $18 fee for the process. They know there is no way the refused payment can be proved one way or another.

    It is a stupid and greedy way to do business. I had done business with them for years, Now my modest, but steady, income stream has stopped with my cancellation and movement to a new web host with integrity.

  196. Fermin says:

    Just dealt with 1&1 and they suck. They sent me to collections for a service I canceled, but they were still charging me. My credit card expired, so I was getting billed for a canceled service. So I asked them if I didn’t pay for a service why was I still getting billed. I ask them if they didn’t pay for there gas bill or water bill they would be cut off. So why don’t you do they same with me. I didn’t pay you so cut me off. Don’t send me to collections for a 6.99 bill. I ask them for a manager and they said they were all busy, so I left them my number and have yet to received a call.

  197. Dean says:

    1&1 Stole my domain name.

    Unfortunately I was stupid enough to use the free domain with hosting package. When I cancelled their hosting I was unable to regain control of my domain despite offering to pay.
    I was told I would have to purchase it once it became offered to the public. It was never offered to the public and is now registered to 1&1.

    Their behaviour is dishonest and they are arrogant.

    Good luck in your quest to discredit them.

  198. I’ve been running into a similar problem with 1and1. Read more about 1and1’s anti-customer behaviors at An Open Letter to Andreas Gauger, CEO of 1and1 Internet AG, who finds his customers inappropriate.

  199. Aaron says:

    Below are some complaints I sent to 1&1 after a very frustrating and trying experience with their company over the past week in 2008. As soon as my accounts are unlocked, I will be moving all hosted domains to another company. I have never had such poor customer service nor have I ever felt so helpless and frustrated. I have recommended numerous people to 1&1 and now am forwarding this to them as well. 1&1 has been a wonderful company to me up until this last week when I had to deal with their customer service. This is the letter I will also be sending to the US main office as well as United Internet in Germany. Hopefully they’ll take this information and change their system so this never happens again. Read below:

    To Whom It May Concern,

    Friday, April 11, 2008, I was baffled to learn three of my domains were not only delinquent but 1&1 had sent me to collections and locked my account. My credit card had been stolen in 2007 and I had forgotten to update the card on the account. I am a web designer and currently hold over 70 domains with 1&1 and my business also has a business server.

    I have never worked with a domain and Internet provider that didn’t try an alternative method of contact about upcoming payment or delinquency. I think sending me to collection over $16 was a bit unnecessary. Even more troubling is I have over $400 in charges coming up in May that would have been billed to the same incorrect card had this incident not occurred. I have a client rolling out a City website that is one of the sites delinquent. They want to launch at their board a week from today as well as go live to the public. The web designer working on this site was trying to get in to the account today and that’s the ONLY reason I had found out there was an issue.

    After calling 1&1 and explained my predicament, I was given a code to call a collections agency to take care of the $16 late fee plus charges for being late. I immediately called the collections agency to pay the bill and she promptly gave me a confirmation number and told me to call 1&1 back and give them the confirmation code.

    Upon calling 1&1, I explained my situation again to the service rep which said he could not help. I was told I would have to wait 3-4 business days before the account would be unlocked. I asked for a manager and I was rudely greeted when he got on the phone. Actually, no greeting was given at all. “Is this about the 4 day business day policy?” he barked. Later I realized the service rep (Josh) had not honored my request to speak with a manager.

    I told Josh I had no idea why I had never received 1&1’s emails regarding the three default accounts but I asked Josh if he could update my email account online because I was afraid the other large amount of domains I held was already behind as well. Very curtly he let me know not only would he not change my email, he would also not change my credit card information to ensure it was updated. I was traveling in Sacramento and did not have all the 1&1 account information with me. I would not be able to change any of my information until I returned from my trip.

    I had the great pleasure of telling my client they’d be locked out until next week possibly ONE day before their release. The 1&1 staff had absolutely no sympathy for the situation and was no help. 1&1 also informed me that they were no longer “required” to take the confirmation numbers from the credit agency and would not assist me in getting the account unlocked. I took this to mean that Josh could have helped me, but he didn’t feel like it and I deserved what I got for going delinquent. He also told me he couldn’t give me his last name because it wasn’t “policy.”

    Shortly after we ended our conversation, an email survey was sent to me regarding my experience with customer service and Josh’s entire name was listed in the email. I gave the service poor ratings and pasted the above in the email survey.

    I’ve been a big advocate of 1&1 for some time now and have referred several clients. I was about to move over another 50+ domains from IPowerWeb. I will now start looking for a new home for all of my accounts and I will never refer your company again. Furthermore, this letter will be sent to all of my clients that I have referred to you to warn them of your customer service.

    I’ve been in the service industry for some time and the way I was treated today was unacceptable. I’m sure you deal with a lot of dead beats in your business that just are lazy and don’t pay their bills. I have never been one of those people and I don’t appreciate being treated like one over an honest oversight. Especially from a company that didn’t do all it could have done to avoid this situation.

    I’ve been on the phone twice with your staff today as well as the credit agency. Now I will spend further time sending this via mail to several people on the 1&1 staff as well as United Internet AG including Andreas Gauger, Ann Marie Tropiano, Ralph Dommermuth, and Norbert Lang in hopes this never happens to another customer. I had been very impressed with your company until today. I’d hate for another consumer to have the same experience.

    A simple letter or a phone call from 1&1 would have saved us all time and money. Both my mailing address and phone number, by the way, were correct on my account. Now I have the issue of restoring my perfect credit thanks to 1&1 which will require AMEX verifying the stolen card with the credit agency.

    For your future customers, I hope 1&1 reconsiders its policies and considers sending out a late notice via standard mail or a phone call if someone goes delinquent. For us in the web industry who handle multiple domains and several clients, it’s not always easy and this seems like a simple courtesy that saves everyone grief, time and money. If email is the only way 1&1 plans on contacting customers, please allow a second alternative email address so it has two chances to reach a customer should one go bad or change. This could very possibly save this from ever happening again. And please consider changing your three to four day restart policy. This practice seems unnecessary, unproductive, and frustrating. It’s done nothing but make sure I never want to work with 1&1 again.

    Update: Monday, April 14, 2008

    Today I called the credit agency again and wanted to make sure the charge went through and to check and make sure this didn’t go on my credit report. I’m extremely anal about my credit and looking to buy a house this year.

    The gentleman confirmed that my account had been billed and everything should be set to go. I wish someone would have let me know it was not a reporting agency. I stressed a lot over the weekend.

    When I got back into town from Sacramento, I had a letter from the credit agency telling me of the delinquent account. I wish I would have got one from 1&1 a few months prior letting me know to update my account before sending me to the collection agency.

    Update: Thursday, April 17, 2008

    Thursday, April 17th I was still nervous because the account had yet to be unlocked and my client was sending me emails asking the status. I called 1&1 to see what was happening. While I was on hold waiting for a manager, I looked at my bank statement to be sure it had charged my account.

    Sure enough my account had been charged April 14th for around $46 and it showed an origination date of the charge at April 11th. I told the rep the situation and she passed me on immediately to a manager. The manager (Ian) informed me that the account had still not been paid and he said he even logged in to the NCOF’s (credit agency) system and it showed it hadn’t been paid. That would have been nice if they would have checked that when I called them Friday after I paid and wanted them to check with the confirmation code.

    As you can imagine I was again baffled and upset. I told him I had even called 1&1 back Monday to confirm with the confirmation number that 1&1 refused to take it down. I had discarded the envelope I wrote the confirmation number on while I was in the car.

    Once again I was told I had to call NCOF with the code given by 1&1. I asked if I could have his direct extension and if he could help me have this fixed so my client could have access by tomorrow morning. He said he could get it turned on in the morning as Germany would get the request early as long as I could get this fixed with NCOF. He feared that NCOF had charged the wrong account!

    Off I go to NCOF once again. I give NCOF the number 1&1 gave me and sure enough it shows I had not paid. I told the woman I had my online statement in front of me and even a number attached to the charge. There was no record that I had ever called and she couldn’t find the charge. I was given another number at another department at NCOF to call.

    Now I arrive at a separate department and speak with Mr. Williams. He is as baffled as I am and we start digging into the system. Come to find out, either 1&1 had given me the wrong number or I had written the number down incorrectly. My payment went to another delinquent account!

    I found this extremely upsetting since she asked to verify my name and I believe my address before we even started. How could my bank debit card get charged under a completely different name? How could my address mismatch not be caught? I don’t know who to be upset with here about the charge. I dare not call Citibank as they would freeze the account and cause even more problems.

    I explained to Mr. Williams my predicament with my client and I need his help. He tells me to fax my bank statement over along with a note stating what we had discussed on the phone. I did and the fax was sent 2:50 PST. I figured I would call Ian and tell him it was in the works and perhaps have him speak to Mr. Williams so he knew what was going on.

    I wait for the fax to go through and print out the fax receipt and started trying to call Mr. Williams back to ensure the fax had gone through. I keep getting a voice message saying they’d call me back and to leave a message. The third time I finally left a message and wanted to tell Ian so he could set things straight in their system and set things up for the unlock Friday morning.

    I dial the 1&1 number and enter Ian’s extension.

    “The billing department is now closed. Normal business hours are from 8-5 EST.”

    As you can imagine my stomach dropped. Ian had not informed me about the time difference and I am not sure I he had set up for the unlock to go through.

    I called NCOF again only this time I call the original number and ask them what happened to the other department. She informed me they too are on EST and would not be until morning!

    1&1 nor NCOF had told me we were on a time crunch. Ian made it sound like he would set up the unlock if I got back to him with the info from NCOF. I had sent Mr. Williams a personal bank statement and was now unable to verify if he even received the fax. I was under the impression that both were available and willing to finally help. They were not.
    I had even asked for Ian’s extension and I couldn’t even reach his voice mail.

    I am so flustered and angry that my card was charged to someone else’s account and that 1&1’s staff couldn’t take the time to help me out when it was obviously important. I only spend $2,000 with 1&1 per year which I know is not much. But I have never been treated so poorly as a customer. Just once in my whole experience, I wish I were treated the same way the people I was dealing with would like to be treated (especially from management).

    As soon as I can get my accounts cleared I will be moving my entire portfolio elsewhere before you can charge me for the other 70 domains I have with your company. Even after I sent the past review, I received zero contact from 1&1 regarding this matter.

    The last note I sent had a few suggestions as I hate people who just complain and never offer any solutions. I think I’ve run out of constructive ideas and I don’t feel anyone on the other side would listen anyway. 1&1 is an excellent company to work with unless you really need their help.

    I am completely helpless at this point and I have let me client down. I feel horrible. They’re upset but not nearly as upset as I am. I have spent numerous hours dealing with this issue and now I will spend a few more taking the time to move all my accounts.

    For all you readers, make sure you keep numbers handy for any domain accounts you may have and keep your credit card current. You have absolutely no control of your experience if you go delinquent. I realize that going delinquent was my fault. I’ve been in school and working full time. I never expected to have the truly horrific experience I had with these two companies over $16 and a stolen credit card.

  200. Be sure to carefully browse the charges on your credit card, in the years to come.

    1&1 doesn’t seem to be bothered with charging you fees that you already knew about and others which have never been mentioned — even once your account has been “properly” cancelled.

  201. cutey says:

    well 1and1 is not that bad. You know they are actually very good. Only dumb customers think they are bad. Some customer do not actually know what they are doing and putting all the blame to 1and1.

  202. unregistered says:

    Leroy said:

    on September 28th, 2007 at 6:31 am

    Yeah, my experience with 1and1 is similar to Deborah’s. I think that no service is perfect (and I’m not saying anyone’s suggesting that). For me email support is usually replied to either the same day or the day after. Phone support is horrid (Because it ain’t free and can take a while), but again, the phone support on my broadband service is the same, yet the service is great.

    I don’t think that 1and1 is the most newb friendly service (if it’s not in the the faq or help sections, your only hope is google or technical support, but when I’ve asked tech support for help on stuff via email, they’ve be able to provide it.), it’s more a service for the competent/comfortable technology person.

    I think if you really want to benefit from a service like 1and1 (and any other for that matter), there probably 3 main things:

    1. Know what you need and what your getting (and what your not getting).
    2. Expect there are gonna bee problems
    3. Don’t be surprised that for some things your gonna have to learn it yourself (either through books, school, google or other media), this one is pretty unavoidable (As far as I remember, 1and1 never promise there gonna do/teach you everything out the box,)

    I think if you want a less do it yourself approach you have to use something like website builder plus or homestead or some other more template driven/hand holding service like these.

    One things for sure, even with some of the best and most well known services in the world, there’s always a few horror stories. This is especially true when you have a company with hundred of thousands to millions customers. Look at the amount of xbox’s that went dead or the amount of sky plus boxes that failed and had many problems or the ntl service now owned by virgin media that caused many customers to lose all the sky stations or how many customers in the uk that are overcharged by big electricity or phone companies! All these examples are big well known brands and companies, yet with some major problems and customers with equally horrible and wrong experiences. Unfortunately, nothing is perfect in a fallen world friends…

    Very well said….
    Even Microsoft is one of the most hated company in the world.

  203. Hope says:

    1&1 is a joke!

    Terrible service..Bad website.. Bad customer service..Even BAD Collection agency!

    I registered a domain with 1&1 for a year. I let the domain expire..However 1&1 auto-renewed it..One day I got two mails from their collection agency – NCO Financial.

    I talked to 1&1 to let them know that I didn’t want to renew the domain, but apparently their policy is to auto-renew the domains. This was not at all apparent in the sign-up process. Customer service was not at all helpful..

    So, I got stuck with two bills to pay – $29.99 for the auto-renewal (that I didn’t want) and $18.95 as a collection fee! I called the collection agency number and it took me 4 tries over a matter of few hours to have finally someone pick up the phone! Then they wanted $7.95 as extra fee if I used a credit card!! I downright refused..The only way to not have the $7.95 fee is to use a check, which is what I am doing now.


  204. Tommycat95 says:

    I am the latest scam victim. I had a domain that I did not want to renew and did not bother to renew it except that I had agreed to their year renewal. I was not completely aware of that and tried to explain to them about that, but no, they would not was any of explanation about that. They sent my account to a collection agency and now demanding me to pay $30 for a $7 domain registration renewal. And, then they send me an email about how I felt about their service. 1and1 sucks big time and all the jerks that are part of that company. They will send your account to a collection agency first to make sure that they get more than what they really deserve. I am done with them.


  205. victim4872862 says:

    over two years worth of posts here and nothing has changed with 1&1 Ripoff INC.
    wish id seen this when i signed up the first time around, or at least more recently–would have saved myself some frustrated banging the head against a brickwall.
    sent me an invoice for $30, charged me $80.
    repeatedly ignored requests for receipts
    locked out of service but still paying for it

    do not do business with these people–they care little about existing customers except as revenue stream, and like any corporate entity they don’t care much if they poison the “stream” because there are always fresh victims

    we’ll see if they actually honour cancellation agreement and promise of refund now that ive read here the experience of other victims.

  206. Joe says:

    Well, ive been using 1and1 for over a year to host my personal page and a family web site. I’ve had no downtime at all it seems and up until last week i had a small issue with a cron job not executing correctly. Well to make a long story short i emailed them about it only to NOT receive a response…at all. In fact it was actually quite funny, because after 5 days i received a customer survey about their response time LOL. So i decided to google 1and1 and i found nothing but a boatload of complaints, and ive already started transferring my domains from their system to namesecure and once im through ill be going elsewhere, i suppose im lucky to have the advantage of doing this before i go to cancel, that way they wont be able to hold my domains hostage.

  207. slimetoner @ yahoo.com says:

    On your favorite shared web hosting, say we put up a website like youtube.
    Upload a single, one and only, 20mb video.
    Let’s disregard uploads.

    QUESTION (without abusing or “using too much much cpu”)
    1) what web hosting?
    2) how many people can view the video at the same time?
    3) how many people can view the video each month?

    i know that dedicated hosting is more suitable, but
    is there any shared web hosting where we can put that kind of website without running into any “too much cpu”, “abuse”, or other similar problems.

    – slimetoner @ yahoo.com

  208. Sally Trauco says:

    I paid programmers (I know zilch about tech issues) to add a shopping cart to my website hosted by 1and1 and after 3 months of the two of them putting me in the middle of it, I find 1and1 to be incompatible for what I needed them for. I closed the website in Sept 07. I was billed thru the end of Dec which was my contract with them…okay so imagine my shock when in Jan I receive another bill. I call 1and1 billing and though they are not sure why I owe them, they suggest I pay it. I tried 3 times over the last 3 weeks to call to pay and the office has been closed due to inclement weather, president’s day and another time the machine said I should call between 9-5 even though it was 11am when I called. I found out today when I emailed their billing that the account was sent to collections two weeks ago. The collections agent said this is a common thing that 1and1 does to their customers. It appears that what they sent to collections is the amount billed in Jan plus another month thrown in for the fun of it. I am expecting to be billed every month for the rest of my life now and then have it turned over to collections without any written notice. It is like a bad marriage you just can never end!!!!!

  209. shuwang yan says:

    Today my website’s is down because 1and1 internet disabled the website’s admin control panel since they failed to charge my credit card for the monthly hosting fee which is around $7.

    They did that without my notice ,they did not even give me email notice. Suddenly, my website is completely down and I had no idea ,but I can only called 1and1 internet customer service
    I made three calls and every call keep me waiting about 18 minutes. After the 3rd call (5 hours later) ,I checked my site and it was working eventually. I should have transferred my domain name 1 month ago if I have knowledge about php and my sql.

    I hate to deal with their customer service.

    Last year, when I want to cancel my VPS package, I called them and did it according to what the rep told me. But their cancellation procedure is a little complicated and tricky. Only after one month that my credit card was debited one more month’s fee did I recognize that my VPS is still active.
    Actually, this is my only site which is still hosted by 1and1.com . I have transferred the other 5 websites to other hosting company since 1and1.com left me such bad bad experience

    One more thing which is worth pointing out is that 1and1 internet continually send us email so frequently and I can only delete their email every time .I don’t even read its since I know 99% of them are all spam emails. They keep bombing my email address for the whole year. I am not against company sending valuable emails to customers, what I am against is you can not send customer emails too many times.

    What I am writing this about article is everybody who is considering a web hosting company should carefully research before you make your decision. Of course, I don’t recommend 1and1.com.They throw the most dollars onto the major business related magazines and they ever buy 10 pages whole page ads on one famous tech magazine. But what they deliver is the world’s worst hosting and very bad customer service.I am very curious why such a crook company can still survive in a competitive hosting marketing.

  210. BYTEmeCITY says:

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    Darn happy we came here to see the comments from all the folks. Looks like the people have spoken, apparently this registar/host is not a company “we could afford to risk our business on”.

    Ultimately, that’s the point. If we invest in domains with them, and they risk our business model by in any way hampering our ability to manage those domains, we could be damaged.

    By the way, if your interested, I think you folks might be interested in the service we are building a network for. BYTEmySITE Website Monitoring.

    A blueprint for your Website to achieve the success you deserve, requires an ace in the hole like 24/7 presence, and a dirt cheap way to monitor your Website uptime.

    Visit www.BYTEmySITE.com to have your website uptime tested. It’s FREE and you can have it tested every 2,5,15,30,60 minutes, from cities all over the world.

    By the way, mention this post in email to support at BYTEmySITE and you will get a FREE upgrade to PREMIUM SERVICE absolutely free for life. Great deal, just like to know when my posts are read, and help webmasters succeed.

    John London,

  211. nina says:

    1and1 is the POSTERCHILD OF BAD SERVICE. Its like you are in the twilight zone, getting punk’d, and are on mtv’s boiling point all at the same time. Except you don’t get paid a hundred dollars in the end 1and1 just jacks ALL YOUR MONEY. They also have the worst user control panel interface i’ve ever seen. They make everything purposely confusing so you have no idea how to keep track of your records. SKETCHY SKETCHY PLACE STAY AWAYY!!!!!!! Oh and don’t think they’ll change either, they wont because they make money off of you this way. SLIMEBAGS.

  212. simon says:

    forgot to add, last year, I wanted to cancell several .com domain names from 1&1, they made it hard for me, asking me to fax forms to them, then they said they didnt get them, this went on for so long that 1&1 renewed the unwanted domain names and debited my account.


  213. simon says:

    1&1 has got to be the most ignorant service provider I have ever used, I have used 1&1 for 5 years, paid them £1000’s of pounds in fees, then all of a sudden they say they didn’t get a payment for a pissy little £10.56 and passed it over to a debt collection agency, 1&1 REFUSE to take my payment for £10.56 instead I am expected to call a premium rate number to their debt collection ageny to pay them £10.56..

    STUFF 1&1, once I have finllay paid somone this £10.56 I will be removing ALL my accounts and will never use 1&1 again


  214. 1and1 Complaints says:

    Quantity over quality, check!
    Outsourced support with language comprehension issues, check!
    Predatory billing practices, check!
    Excessive site down time, check!
    Might as well throw your money out the window, check!
    /Buyer Beware

  215. Alex says:

    1and1 is to be avoided at any cost. We have had so many problems with them and are looking to transfer all our domains and our hosting package somewhere else.

    The generic copy&paste messages, inaccurate replies and just plain rudeness can not be tolerated any more.

    1and1 is the worst company I have ever dealt with. EVER.

  216. Mike Jameson says:

    Been with 1and1 for years and have a good hosting time there.
    Need to lnow more call me 860-633-3361!
    I run 1500 domains with 5 registers and 1and1 gets the F-Period!

  217. 1and1 really, really, really sucks!
    I started trying on Dec 5 to transfer my domain. I have called their help center in the Philipinnes more than 30 times – not a pleasant experience – they tell you everything is OK, then send an e-mail to you telling you to fax a form. I faxed it more than 50 times, seriously (I sat and fed copies into the machine for 30 minutes), but they “never received it”, wow, really bad service. Perhaps their fax is out of ink?
    After 6 weeks, much frustration and stress, I gave up and told them to cancel the order. Surprise, all of a sudden, they took my domain, charged my credit card (I beleive they will try to charge for 2 years of “service”), and now want $40 for me to have my OWN domain back.
    Really, I have to say THE ABSOLUTE COMPANY IN THE WORLD, please don’t do business with them. I really wish I had researched them before I tried to use their services. I am now working with the Attorney General office in my state to recover the charges, since apart from the stupid people who answer the phone, there is no-one to talk to – it is like the company is just a scam,

  218. Larry says:

    1and1 is the absolute WORST hosting service I have ever dealt with. My site has been locked for quite some time, and I cannot get an answer from them as to why. I have emailed them several times, and no response. When I try to call them, their system tells me to “call back later” when they’re not “busy assisting other customers.” Got through (finally) to tech support, but the tech did not know why my site was locked, and told me to call back in the morning. I am cancelling my account today.

  219. Jon says:

    Man, after reading all this, I’m definitely switching over after I can’t host all my files on a free server I have. Thank goodness I only have domain name registration with them, and that’s it! I just updating my billing info, otherwise I’d switch right now… Oh well. I haven’t had any problems with my domain name registration, but I haven’t tried their hosting, and apparently am not ever going to now…

    Good luck to those having troubles.

  220. Jay says:

    1and1’s tech support is the worst I have ever encountered in my 10 years operating online business’. These idiots barely speak english, are difficult to understand and are nothing more than phone reps hired to give you the runaround & **** you around.

    My server was hacked & upon notifying 1&1 I was told 24 to 48 hours to have backup installed, yet it’s now been a week & backup is still not online.

    1and1 is entirely incompetent & does not give a rats *** about their customers.. Their tech support is the worst I have ever dealt with in the last 10 years & I’ve been hosted with several dozen companies.. 1and1 is by far the worst ever!!!

  221. Fundysdotcom says:

    I currently use 1and1.com. I have been very happy with them. The ease of setting up my site was great compared to others. I do agree their spam protection is a joke. But their prices are cheap as hell and you can’t beat their prices on domains. Also, it’s true that their cust service guys are hard to understand. I am now getting ready to upgrade my sites to joomla, so I am looking at other hosting companies because I am not sure how the control panel that works easy for my basic sites will work for joomla. Hope this comment helps. fundysdotcom

  222. Bud says:

    1and1 are the worst hosting company I have come across…. My 8 servers are down right now due to a network outage. This will be the fourth time that I know of. No need to call, the call volume is so high the call does not go through…. The best part is when they finally answer and I ask what happened they say “Nothing was wrong, it must have been your server.” It’s so amazing that they assume no one is technical and can’t determine what happened.

    So now I sit and wait for my servers to come back online….

    Did I mention that their tech support is based somewhere in the philippines and they have NO clue about anything….

  223. Dan says:

    My dedicated server is completely down right now, so I call tech support and the message tells me that there is a high call volume and to avoid an extended wait I should call back another time. NP, I think, I’ll wait. Speakerphone is my friend, no biggie.

    Then the call hangs up on me. Huh? I call back thinking it must be some sort of mistake and get the same deal, hangs up right up on me.

    To avoid an extended wait please call back another time. Click.

    What unbelievably terrible service.

  224. Scott D says:

    Today my account was locked saying I hadnt paid my bill since november,
    granted my card did decline in november but I had updated my billing details

    My server went offline and i called the billing department who said I would need to speak
    to the debt collections agency which I wasnt happy with, i asked for a supervisor which they again said was not aloud and I would have to write in.

    So i threatened all sorts of action and they put me through to Mrs Khan in there legal department
    I told her about my issues, and she tried to fob me off saying that I would need to deal with the debt
    collections agency, which again i wasnt happy with, so i told her i was willing to pay and would only pay 1and1.

    She told me this was impossible, so I told her that again this was a load of rubbish that and they had the capabilities
    to take payment if she would take the initiative to try and fix this problem, she told me she would call me back in 30mins

    Half hour later she calls me back and takes my payment (wait i thought this was impossible?!) and gives me 3 free months hosting on all my servers.

    The good thing was… she called me forgetting to withold her direct line… +441753490524

    I hope this helps anyone else who has problems with 1and1 at the moment.

  225. Steven says:

    I’ve had a few domains with 1and1 for a few years and never had any issues. I liked their free privacy guard option to hide your contact info on the WHOIS lookup while having it be legit and I’d even used to recommend them. However, two days ago I got a call from a debt collection company asking me to call them. I telephone them back to find out they say I owe 1and1 $25. This had me a bit confused as I don’t know why I’d owe them $25 and this was the first I heard of it. It turns out when they attempted to bill one of my auto-renewing domains for $5.99 my credit card was expired. I mean I’d only had their services for close to 3 years without updating my card.. something one could easily not notice off the bat. They sent one e-mail to me with the subject line “K####### Reminder” (###### represents my customer number apparently) that said my credit card had been declined. This looks like Spam and I never read it. Did they call me, send a follow up e-mail or an e-mail with a normal or urgent subject line, send me a mail via U.S. Postal mail, or even put anything in the 1and1 admin panel message center? The answer is NO. They just wait a month and turned me over to a collection place and tacked on $18.99.

    Absolutely despicable customer service and piss-poor notification. There is a responsibility of the customer of course..but this I find truly appalling and outrageous. I highly encourage anyone to stay away from a garbage company that treats customers like this.

  226. Anonymous says:

    You hear a lot of bad things about these guys. But they’ve worked fine for me, only domains. The interface is very easy and fast to navigate compared to Go Daddy IMO. Support answers quite quickly, 1 hour or so to day. So I don’t have a reason to complain.

  227. John says:

    Well I have several websites and domain registered through 1and1. I am getting ready to switch them all over to another hosting company. They keep charging me at 10 months for my domain names. Shorting me 2 months. When I want to cancel something it will tell me that it is cancelled but I still get a charge. I spend half my day on the phone with someone who can’t understand what I am saying trying to get charges taken off my account. Big waste of my time.

  228. host says:


  229. bill says:

    IMO, the hosting is actually good. what is **** to me is their tech support! not even familiar with simple php. holy cow!

  230. Jay Y says:

    Never use netfirms either! I used them for a few months and noticed their servers frequently went down. When I tried to download e-mails, I was often denied access. The only solution was wait and wait. The tech support sucks big time, extremely slow. So if you are out looking for a new hosting company, don’t get hear netfirms!

  231. David says:

    LOL I was just going to register a new domain and maybe hosting at 1and1 I wont now.

    Thanks for saving me a hassle

  232. martin says:

    The above does not suprise me – 1 and 1 have just charged me a years fees because I did not cancel my web site for the second year. I never even used this site. This is how freindly this company is. Loads of people must get caught like this and they know it. I will never use them again.

  233. orange juice says:

    Hello ,

    I got scammed too. As a loyal customer who bought hundreds of domains from 1and done, they make it hard for you to cancel within 3 business days.

    1 and done’s control panel is very slow in processing which makes it very hard to cancel within 3 business days. I’ve called customer service bunch of times to resolve the situation but no response from them.

    I called FTC and reported the company to the government for breaking the law. Why breaking the law? There is a law called right of rescission 3 day period. Consumer have a free look for 3 days and may return product within 3 days without questioning.

    My advice is to find a company who provides 5 day free look, not 3 days and make sure they have responsive customer service..

  234. mike says:

    i’m glad to see everyone said bad things about 1and1, they really do suck! I called them and no one speaks english. the book they give you to down load isn’t even close to what the site says. The work I do is with the goverment and I plan to have them investigate the company. Call the BBB about them, they get sick of hereing about 1and1.

  235. Carl says:

    1and1 are low-end service providers who make money by quantity, not quality.

    I was using them to hold two domain names for me at the “bargain” price of $5.99 each. Payment was annually from my credit card. When my card was updated earlier this year to its new expiry date, they send me an e-mail regarding one of my accounts, asking for the updated info. I did that. However, the e-mail(s) that they claim to have sent for the other account, I never received.

    Long story short, they promptly forwarded my “delinquent” account to collections – a $5.99 amount (which collections bumped up to $18.95). My conversations with 1and1 “support” got nowhere, and apparently to them it is worth sending a client’s $5.99 bill to collections, rather than having repeat business from them.

    I am cancelling my accounts with them today, and transferring to Bluehost, with whom I’ve never had a problem and who actually listens to client’s concerns.

    1and1 = cheap ********.

  236. AK says:

    Got my CC info leaked from 1&1 and used by a hacker to pay for hosting. 99% confidence with proof.

    Tried to tell them that there seems to be a problem with either hacking or internal leakage. Guess what – they said we will pass it to the admin. I expected a 5 star fire alarm.

    They did not even ask for any details. Did not hear anything back. So, if YOUR credit card was used without your authorization, check if this is a card you using for paying for 1&1 services.

  237. […] Here. And here. And here. And here. And here. And here. And here. And here.   « 1and1 Sucks! |   […]

  238. mark says:

    I completely agree that 1 and 1 is completely unprofessional. I have been a client for 6 years and THAT IS IT. TODAY WAS THE LAST STRAW. I WOULD ENCOURAGE ANYONE THAT WANTS TO OPERATE A PROFESSIONAL INTERNET BUSINESS TO GO ELSEWHERE.


  239. None says:

    I never had a problem with 1&1, but my sites are at worst a couple hundred megs apiece of static HTML. It seems that the general advice here is true: don’t buy a lame shared server package and expect that you can host your big fat memory-leaking PHP scripts right on top of it. If I ever need a dedicated server, I’ll just get a T1 and roll my own.

  240. tommy says:

    i only work with people who are willing to help you and 1&1 is not very good at that

  241. jay says:

    webfusion.co.uk do very good servers, been with them for over 2years now, all other hosts have closed me down for high cpu usage as i run a cgi based chat script.

  242. Chris says:

    I set-up BankRaid a few years ago to highlight my battle with 1&1. A couple of years down the road and it all became too much too handle – and too costly as well. Too many folk ‘out there’ were writing to me asking for help. So, now I’m taking a different tack. I cannot afford to be so charitable and need some recompense for all my efforts. I’m proposing an alternative way forward. As it appears that 1&1 are virtually beyond the law, inasmuch that regulating agencies (both government and on the internet) seem reluctant to help the consumer, I thought I’d set up my own hosting company and try and attract customers – hopefully many from 1&1! Just seems that this is the only way to go. Please visit www.bankraid.com and see how life can be so much better!

  243. Leroy says:

    Yeah, my experience with 1and1 is similar to Deborah’s. I think that no service is perfect (and I’m not saying anyone’s suggesting that). For me email support is usually replied to either the same day or the day after. Phone support is horrid (Because it ain’t free and can take a while), but again, the phone support on my broadband service is the same, yet the service is great.

    I don’t think that 1and1 is the most newb friendly service (if it’s not in the the faq or help sections, your only hope is google or technical support, but when I’ve asked tech support for help on stuff via email, they’ve be able to provide it.), it’s more a service for the competent/comfortable technology person.

    I think if you really want to benefit from a service like 1and1 (and any other for that matter), there probably 3 main things:

    1. Know what you need and what your getting (and what your not getting).
    2. Expect there are gonna bee problems
    3. Don’t be surprised that for some things your gonna have to learn it yourself (either through books, school, google or other media), this one is pretty unavoidable (As far as I remember, 1and1 never promise there gonna do/teach you everything out the box,)

    I think if you want a less do it yourself approach you have to use something like website builder plus or homestead or some other more template driven/hand holding service like these.

    One things for sure, even with some of the best and most well known services in the world, there’s always a few horror stories. This is especially true when you have a company with hundred of thousands to millions customers. Look at the amount of xbox’s that went dead or the amount of sky plus boxes that failed and had many problems or the ntl service now owned by virgin media that caused many customers to lose all the sky stations or how many customers in the uk that are overcharged by big electricity or phone companies! All these examples are big well known brands and companies, yet with some major problems and customers with equally horrible and wrong experiences. Unfortunately, nothing is perfect in a fallen world friends…

  244. Deborah says:

    I have been with 1 & 1 .com since 2004 and I have two websites with lots of pages on them. Both of them are high traffic websites and we have never had any serious problems with them. I believe one of our websites went down once for three days because they had a bug in their system which happens to all of them.

    We do have some problems occasionally with their 24/7 Support System but if we get a person who has no idea of what we are talking about then we just hang up and call back until we reach one that can help us. Many of them have actually put what we needed on or fixed the problem them selves and if not they talk us through it.

    We have unlimited pages and we can’t beat the price anywhere and we have around 40.000 hits a day on one and 25,000 hits on the other. I think some of you just have mo idea of what you are doing or how to handle things appropriately. We have always received good service and help and have never been overcharged.
    Deborah Shrira

  245. greffe says:

    One and one have the worst customer service you can get.
    With there phillipine accent and noisy pone line it is difficult to understand them.
    They are simply reading quick answer without giving you the information you need. Now five day of downtime. I am now escalated at the administration level … wow it is the third time this week.
    Don’t subsribe with them, it is a waste of time and money.

  246. Callum says:

    I have been trying for months to cancel domain names with 1and1. I have been on their ‘contract’ site and set them all to cancel, but for the last SIX MONTHS it has said ‘request being processed’. If I e-mail them, they tell me to call them (on an 0870 number of course). When I call them, the line goes dead after waiting for a few minutes.

    Bottom line: If you register domain names with them, they make it very difficult for you to cancel. They charge your card, and if you try and stop the payments, they send threatening letters. They are crooks, plain and simple. Other domain name providers let you cancel by simply clicking a link. Go to 123-reg.co.uk instead.

  247. Gunjan says:

    I have been using this company 1and1 for quite some time. They have been moving their customer service to phillipines. I wish to register my frustration with 1and1 support. A ticket was created on friday morning in which our mailboxes were locked, and I responded back immediately. Yet the mailboxes are still locked. and when I called on friday around 4 pm. the department was already close. Is this really 24×7 customer support. What am I suppoed to do now… I am at the mercy of 1and1 and its policies… We realy lost a lot of bbusiness… and due to 1and1 lousy customer support (phillipines is very irritating, coz they don’t even understand and are so limited) of 1and1 we now have unsatisfied customers…

    We have been a long time 1and1 customer, and wish to bring our frustration and agonies…
    We need to be heard….

  248. brad says:

    i had that same problem with the control panel when i was working on www.shoprocco.com

  249. Mike says:

    Setting here waiting for 1and1 support so thought I would see what others thought of 1and1. I have a half dozen different shared web hosts and 1and1 is the worst.
    I hate their webpanel – it’s difficult to navigate and makes no sense to me. Plus, it’s horribly slow.
    I called today because my account was locked because of credit card problem. Got the cc problem resolved and wanted to call 1and1 billing. I couldn’t find a phone number for billing. They do have a billing email, but I wanted to talk to someone so get my site back up. So, I called the only number I could find – support. After about 10 minutes of holding, they said they could not help me (had a hard time understanding him, he didn’t speak great English) and gave me the billing number – couldn’t transfer me. So, I call billing and hold for another 10-15 minutes and get the problem taken care of. I ask the billing person why their billing number is not on their website – he says, in a condescending way, that it IS on the contact page. I can’t find it.
    I have 3 more months to get everything moved off of 1and1. There are a lot of quality web hosts out there, I would not go with 1and1.

  250. Jem says:

    It’s funny, they won’t remove someone despite reports of copyright infringement (which is the problem affecting me at the moment) and yet they removed you without warning. I think they’ve got their priorities cocked up.

    Oh well, I’m boycotting them now and moving all my domains to a new provider. Their loss, not mine!

  251. Robert Franks says:

    I’ve used 1and1 for over 3 years. I have about 60 domain names and host 20 sites using their Business package – these sites are all very low traffic (100 hits/month) basic HTML. I’ve found the domain registration system fairly straigtforward and not had any problems with that. The basic shared hosting for simple sites has worked well and given good response times. I’ve also found the FTP access works well and their are easily accessible stats to print out for my clients.

    However I tried to host a Joomla site with them last year (hence why I upgraded to the Business account in the first place) – again a low traffic site with less than 200 hits/day. The response time was terrible (up to 30 seconds per page), so I hosted this elsewhere. Response time for a shared service from another host provider was better, but the problem can be the latency for the first page called up (ie if no one has been accessing the site, then its got to load all the modules and refresh the cache etc – if another page is called up/another user can access the next page in less than a second) – strangely the busier a site, the faster the response time can be for new visitors.

    So I then bought a dedicated server, falling for 1and1’s value server, in order to radically reduce the latency. This was an unmitigated disaster from two points of view:
    a) I suspect that servers go into a sleep mode if not used for a while to save power etc (this makes sense). So initial latency for that first page seemed to go up to 15 seconds from a cold start – thats the only reason I can think of anyway.
    b) There were several technical faults with the server which meant I could not access any of the files on it, the control panel was not able to operate on it at all, and of course the website was offline. This happened 3 times, and the last time lasted 3 days despite emailing 1and1’s dedicated 24×7 line. I still don’t think they figured out what the problem was (likely a duff server or ethernet port connection). I ended up paying for 2 months service plus domain transfer fees between my two packages.

    Recently I have tried to run a joomla site again on the Business hosting package and found the performance pretty reasonable. They limit the size of database to 100MB and traffic to 40GB/month which seems reasonable. I plan to try this option again for a low traffic site and see how it goes. This may be because they are policing the use of high traffic sites like yours on a very low cost shared basis. Frankly, if you are getting 40K hits/day then really you should expect to pay a bit more than someone getting 40.

    I have emailed and called 1and1 tech support a few times over the last years. Apart from the problem with the dedicated server, I’ve got a response in about a day. I am fairly knowledgable, and thus ask clear questions with as limited a response as possible.

    So to sum up, I think you get what you pay for. This is a very low cost, mass market provider with standard systems that work well when used in that way. They do not provide good customer service, so don’t expect either to be walked through simple basics of setting up a eCommerce site or get detailed analysis of why your PHP4 isn’t working. If you just want somewhere basic to register domains and host simple sites then they are low cost.

    The ISP I used to host my high traffic database sites was webmasters. I have found their tech support amazingly rapid (typically 5-10mins email turnaround) and competent – e.g. they figured out a permissions issue for me (2nd line support) within 24 hours. However, you do need to a buy a separate hosting account (at 180 dollars/year min) per domain – I found their documentation on this very confusing – they do allow add-on domains but these must either redirect to a subdirectory or forward to the main domain. They typically share 300 domains per server for the standard accounts, and you can upgrade to a VPS with 6 domains sharing at a higher price or a dedicated server if your traffic demands it.

    So basically you get what you pay for.

  252. tommy says:

    After comparing 1&1 hosting to Newwebdomain.com/hosting i have found the domain control center of newwebdomain to be mush easer to use. I also do not like 1&1 for their Customer Support it sucks. newwebdomain walked me threw the whole process and it was very easy to understand.
    best of all there’s no set up fee and no annual commitment required with newebdomain.com yes newebdomain cost only $1 more for hosting but I got a free $20 google adWords credit, and a $50 microsoft adCenter with my purchase so my hosting was free you cant beat that!!

  253. john says:

    I bought a website about a month ago, spent a heap of money on it then i went to 1&1 to change the registrars details. Instead of just changing the details they change the hosting location to there empty page, not knowing what the dns was for the site im going to have hassle.
    thats about 10 emails back and forth with no answer they have not took not of the old DNS just changed it.
    i wont be using this company again

  254. David says:

    I have had a horrendous experience with 1and1. I have been a client of their since 1999 – have given them increased business at one point hosting with them over 100 domains and recommended them to my clients. By blogspot – an activity which takes time – has been born out of my sheer frustration with them. They are so incredibly inept, customer unfriendly and downright incompetent that I am in the process of taking my sites, one by one, off them and hosting them with United Hosting (they are high traffic sites). 1and1 deserve to go out of business!

  255. fortissimo says:

    I have had problems with 1and1 recently, also. They have managed to screw up a domain name I recently registered with them for over a month. It is a month after I registered, and the DNS still doesn’t work. I never had problems with 1and1 before this. Regarding hosting… I am smart enough not to buy my hosting from 1and1– I use Dreamhost, and that works fine for my low-traffic sites.

  256. YoYoHead says:

    I’ve been with them for 3 years and all has been good for the most part. The only thing is the occassional outage. Oh yeah, plus don’t use their email system. ;)

  257. Chris B says:

    I have been with 1and1 for 8 years and never had a problem.

  258. josh buermann says:

    They deleted my domain without notifying me (the auto-renewal failed, with no indication at all of a pending balance or billing failure when I logged into the account, let alone an email) and after a week and a half of telling me they’d put it back up without any additional hassle now that I’d paid the renewal fee they asked me to send in the redemption forms and the 40 dollar fee because the techies had deleted the record. Once I had did that they told me I still had a negative balance, when I called their billing department the billing department told me there was no balance, and that it’d be up in 1-3 days. 4 days later I call to find out why it wasn’t up yet and we run through the negative balance thing again, they confirm again that the balance is settled, and then explain that they won’t redeem the domain and that, get this, they don’t know why.

    “Email complaints”, they tell me.

    After about three weeks of jumping through hoops and getting jerked around on 1-3 business day increments they can’t even fulfill their own ICANN required redemption policy and jack my domain for their sedo parking scam. They’re a bunch of pirates.

  259. Paul says:

    Sorry that should had been TPS boys and girls

    1&1 smell like *****

  260. Paul says:

    Latest email

    Do Haveafarto sound like 1&1 to you? :D

    Dear Sir

    Reference number: 935033329491

    Through the last week we have been carrying out further investigations as to your account.

    1&1 today have confirmed that your account has never been cancelled and the balance is still outstanding.

    This balance will need to be paid to ourselves.

    You can contact us on telephone number 0870 1258809.


    Arvato Finance

    arvato finance services Limited
    The Hall
    HU17 8HL
    United Kingdom
    Tel: 0870 1258809
    Fax:01482 883572

    They were told not to use the email paul.mason14@ntlworld.com anyone may send an email there and it will bounce back mailer:daemon because I shut it down because of the spam and I had informed 1&1 months before I shut down the account.

    On another subject do 1&1 sell of customers telephone numbers?

    Since I stopped trading with 1&1 and reported an issue with TPAS I haven’t received one caller about insurance or mobile phones… odd innit!

    Bring it on boys

    Bring it on!!

  261. 190br says:

    I cancelled my 1&1 after two years of headaches and 18 months later I had credit collectors calling me. Never again and will never recommend.

    PS they never collected either

  262. cbmeeks says:

    Man, I was looking for a VPS solution and stumbled on this site.

    Glad I didn’t go with 1and1. I have some friend here at the office that love it but they don’t really use it that much.

    Now I need a good VPS solution (or dedicated server).


  263. rocco says:

    I have tried 1and1 for 6 weeks, the dedicated server i used with them crashed and was not backed up, everything i had on the server was lost and before i new it i had 50 people comeplaing about their page not coming up. it took me over 5 long days to back onto a new server with newwebdomain.com. 1and1 sucks, they did nothing to help me. the support did nothing about the problem, i emailed and was told it was my fault telling me a had to many pages. since i have switched to newwebdomain.com i have had great service they really helped me out a lot and the support was great. see for your self Newwebdomain.com get you the results you expect.

  264. Eric Steffen says:

    THANK YOU! I was going to sign up with them. to you and all else who state they have fradulent and un-ethical practices thank you. I guess value-price shopping isnt enough.

  265. Doraville says:

    Uber – do you work for 1&1 ? If you dont and you really get such service you surely are a minority.

  266. I guess we need to keep away from them and tell as many people as we can to do the same.

  267. Kuku Rigu says:

    Every 3 months they put their **** on my credit. Its like cancer — .. sadly it always comes back. Hope someone shuts them down once for all.

  268. gd says:

    they indeed are bad. to much load in db’s/box.

  269. Dasher says:

    I ordered a dedicated server 2 weeks ago and I still haven’t got it. They say there is a technical problem with the setup and it will be resolved. It hasn’t been resolved in a long time. I sent several mails to complaints@1and1.com and no response. I will let you know how long it takes for them to set it up. Their FAQ says 24-48 hours for set up. Don’t believe it. It looks like 4 weeks or longer.

  270. John Sinclair says:


    Within 20 minutes of placing an order with GoDaddy, I now have my 2 domains and hosting space along with email.

    And it cost less than 1&1!

    Why I ordered with 1&1 in the first place, I’ll never know…

  271. John Sinclair says:

    1&1 Don’t want new customers

    Nine days ago I ordered a 1&1 hosting package with two domains in the name of a Ltd Company.

    1&1 wanted a faxed proof of address which we sent immediately. But as a Ltd. Company, the address is already on the Companies House Register (which I can’t fake). I can easily fake a utilities bill – just scan it in, change the name and address and send it to 1&1!

    I have emailed several times, and spent a few pounds on their premium rate helpline.

    In the last 9 days they have:

    – not registered the .com domain (leaving it for someone else to register)

    – not registered the .co.uk domain (leaving it for someone else to register)

    – not set up an account

    In short, if they treat a new customer like this, how will they treat an existing customer?

    I’m outa here!

    The problem is, where do I go? Godaddy?

  272. jakethepeg says:


    I’m on the phone right now to them as I got charged £10 for norton internet security which i hadn’t even used!!!!

    10 mins on tne phone and still waiting!!!!

    what complete jerks

  273. Fern Dumas says:

    1and1 SCAMS –
    Just received an e-mail from 1and1 , wanting me to sign up to GOOGLE adwords under their umbrella . (www.google.com/1and1 )
    Is Google demeaning themselves to that extent ? Imagine being linked to 1and1 ( YUCK ! , PUKE ! )
    1and1 Internet is a company with an unsatisfactory report from The Better Business Bureau . 1and1 ripped me off , and have the nerve to contact me , to capitalize from me through Google after robbing me . To me they are lower than the lowest and are now trying to pull new stunts.( PS, Once your free clicks are gone, if you want out and you do not give notice , 1and1 will cash In and you will pay ! )
    Watch entrapment due to small print:: :
    *Terms: Promotional credit must be applied to a new AdWords account within 15 days of creating the account and is valid only for new Google AdWords customers with self-managed signup accounts. Advertisers will be charged for advertising that exceeds the promotional credit. Advertisers will need to suspend their ads if they do not wish to receive additional charges beyond the free credit amount. Subject to ad approval, valid registration and acceptance of the Google AdWords Program standard terms and conditions. The promotional credit is non-transferable and may not be sold or bartered. Offer may be revoked at any time for any reason by Google Inc. One promotional credit per customer. Advertisers with self-managed signup accounts are subject to a $5 activation fee. Offer valid only for sign ups through the URL provided for the promotion. Expires 03/31/2007.
    Google and AdWords are trademarks of Google, Inc. and are registered in the US and other countries.
    Your 12 digit promo code must be entered into the designated field under “Billing Preferences” in the “My Account” section of your AdWords account – which you will be able to access after you set up your Google AdWords account.
    DOES GOOGLE NOT SEARCH 1nad1 complaints at Google ?
    (PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: I did not receive the infomation herein from Google, but from 1and1 Internet . )
    .Copy being sent to Google and C/C to be posted at

  274. Jack says:

    Great. They didn’t prepare for the new Daylight Savings Time changes in North America and now their server times in North America are all off by an hour.

  275. Fern Dumas says:

    Why not keep your cool and use The EASY BUTTON

  276. martin says:

    the website is rubbish they should be closed down for good.

  277. martin says:

    webmail 1&1 is **** i agree with you i could not even log on after i had strted an acount.

  278. Mike says:

    I just read your rants regarding 1 & 1 internet services. I’m trying to prepare myself for possibly having similar problems . I’m working on having a backup plan, but in order for that plan to work I still need to be able to forward my domain if they shut me down for using too much load. When they shut you down, did you still have the ability to log-in to your control panel and forward you domains ? Or did they shut that off also ?
    Thanks, any help is appreciated.
    Best, Mike

  279. Robert says:

    They did the exact same thing to me, I was no where near my limit and they just shut me down

    Now I can’t even backup my files because ftp isn’t working

    the worst hosting on the plant by far, their quotas mean nothing

  280. I am a Grandmother of two boys. I work full time and needed to make extra income. I signed up for a eshop with 1and1, I have had issues ever since. I am not computer savvy and lost my search and back buttons and a friend has found errors in the search engine. They respond to me, find someone with script knowledge to help me! They are horrible. How can they mistreat people like this. They make you pay for six months because they know what they are doing. Even if you get a refund they have made money off of the interest on your money! What a clever way to screw Grandma! I am so depressed over this because I have invested a bit of money getting an offline credit card processing co and such. They ignore my emails and when they do respond they ask a stupid question that really has nothing to do with my site like, what package are you reffering too? idoits I have a hosting that I got be mistake because it did not work for me and it is inactive. If they had looked into my problem they would have seen that I said eshop! I think I will cut my losses and cry in my soup:(

  281. Irma says:

    Hello all. I was looking to vent how horrible NETFIRMS is and I find another host to avoid. I am a newbie but starting out should not be impossible and I am glad I am not going to host with Netfirms anymore. Their own incompetance saved me that misery. Getting real information is worse than looking for a needle in a hay stack. NETFIRMS SUCKS AND I WILL AVOID 1 AND 1.

  282. Ryan says:

    You wouldn’t believe how happy I am to see your post. I thought I was the only one, I have also had problems with ssh access and they have shown me terrible customer service.
    Unlike you I only receive a measely 700 hits a day so I dont think it has anything to do with my traffic. I am a beginer and it could be my fault on the ssh issue, but it has been over 3 days and they haven’t contacted me. I had another technical problem a few months ago when they I first started, and they also took 3 days to respond, and only after I threatened to cancel service.

  283. Fern Dumas says:

    1and1hosing.com is not the best and is perhaps **** as to making my case. However my filed complaints to ICANN
    Internic, The Attorney General of Pennsylvannia, The Federal Trade Commissions have some credibility as I already won one case out of two. I will grant you
    that booting 1and1 Internet out of America is a huge challenge and it has to be done through the appropriate channels. Many of the links which I have are simply to express my views on Guestapo tactics and vent my frustrations about my own particular case.
    The not so idiotic issue , is to protect the integrity of the bill of rights , the observance of fair trade and business practice rules as set out in the constitution of The United States of America.
    In conclusion , If this was only a bit of hot air. The Better Business Bureau , would not have 1and1 Internet ‘ s record listed as UNSATISFACTORY , and 1and 1 would not have all sorts of people reporting them to all differnent agencies claiming they have been robbed , bankraid.com would not be in existence .
    Re : 1and1classactions.com
    Whether you read it or not in 1and1 Internet’s contract , I have not waived my "CLAMS" (like oysters)2.1.7 – and I have not waived my rights to trial by jury , nor to class actions. I have waived nothing , and 1and 1 will not be held unaccountable for eternity as they so seem to claim.
    1and1 I asked you politely where are my 173 domains.
    The constitution does protect everyone even if they are not articulate. Being **** at making a case Mr English is a prerogative they can afford it comes with the 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.
    If your happy and you know it clap your hands!
    Moi , je suis Le Blogue et 1&1 , ils ont pris mes noms Francais lienfr.com C’est a moi and it will not work. 1fax.biz

  284. Fern Dumas says:

    idiotic rubbish on this thread ?
    Yea ! Someone obviously was not locked out of his account yet , and his 173 domains where not taken off the Internet at 1and1internet ‘ s whim.
    Someone was not threatened to be taken to collection irrelevant of the 100 percent customer satisfaction Guarantee or 90 day money back guarantees.The problems start at the root and degenerates all the way in every direction. Check the T&C , idiodic? Mr. English let me tell you you waived your "Clams " 2.1.7 .That is the only part of the 1and1 contract I can relate to as not being quite idiotic, I believe it is factual.My clams would be in their pocket had i not cancelled my credit card

    • Clyde says:

      If 1 and 1 is so bad, how do they continue to do business? All this bad press should have shut them down. Ya THINK?

  285. john England says:

    I have read all the complaining idiotic rubbish on this thread. How can you nerds be so naive that you do not realise that in order to rip off an ISP company , you have to be better than you think you are. You are getting what you pay for. No more, no less. And, you are **** at making your case.

    I use 1and1 and I get exactly what I pay for,– without any problem at all. I get the odd hiccup, but as I play to the rules, I get EXCELLENT support, and never any query about closing, opening or amending contracts. Wake up, people, you are out of your depth. Instead of complaining I would suggest that you post a properly researched solution to your "IQ50" accusations, so that managers at 1and1 can see what you are on about.

    The point I make is that they are still in business, and you have problems; doesn’t that tell you something?

  286. Babie says:

    Valueweb host is very good. You can find a lot of reviews about Valueweb on the website www.hothosting.info/en. Also, Valueweb is trusted by many of its customers. Obviously, there can not be a very perfect host, since these hosts are of many different features.

    The clients should buy a host which meets their needs perfectly. For example, if a person has some experiences with Linux, he or she may choose the host which supports ssh so that it can achieve its perfect performances. Moreover, the e-shop host users can choose a kind production which could provides more after-services.

    Go to www.hothosting.info/en and have a look, there must be some suitable methods for you in choosing the right hosts. You will know more about the web hosting!Enjoy!

  287. Bill says:

    you should run your own host guys if you dont want downtimes, if you will encounter downtimes in your server you can just easy shout to yourselves..

  288. 1&1 User says:

    Amazing. Type in any host and you find complaints. I have 8 existing accounts and countless other that I have cancelled. Never the first minutes trouble. I have transfered domains to 1&1. I have transfered domains away from 1&1. I use their hosting, their DNS services and never a minutes trouble. They even emailed me ahead of time to let me know they were updating the php on my server. Last MAJOR host I used did it without warning and broke all my my zend optimized PHP across (at that time) 6 domains. Some of you need to take some responsibility for your own actions or lack there of and drop the victims mentality.

    1&1 of course is not a perfect hosting company. Neither are any of the others. For instance, their WebMail application is the worst I have seen, iPowerWeb uses vDeck. I found it to be one of the best WebMail clients I have used.

    If you find a host that does not have a website dedicated to how bad it is, then chances are you are dealing with a second tier company with a subscriber base so small as to be insignificant. Wal-Mart sucks, we all still shop there.

  289. Jon says:

    1and1, I’m done!

    I’ve had it with them. I purchased a package with them around the first of Dec. 2006 (two months ago!) so I could build a website for my new daughter who was due in a week. I spent the whole week building the base of the site. Nice simple platform! Finally December 7 comes and Aimee is born. I uploaded a **** load of pictures, we kept her name a secret and sent everyone an email once I got the pictures in that same night. Within 3 days I had 150 hits and 30 notes in my guestbook. 4 days later and one week after she was born, the site goes down. Not only did it go down but it stayed down for 2 days. Nobody could see it. Finally Sunday morning I woke up, and the site was back up. But my counter was down to almost nothing which is no big deal. But the big deal was that 18 of the 30 notes in my guestbook were gone. I called and bitched like I had been for the past few days and they said they would fix the problem. Never happened! Those shmucks sent me an email describing the problem, then the next day they said everything was fixed with my site, but never was. A week later, site goes down again! Site comes up a day later, now I am down to 1 note in my guestbook! Now I’m about to flip! The same day my cousin in Florida, whose daughter I named Aimee after, writes a note in my guest book, within 2 hours, it disappeared. He was so happy to see his late daughter’s name used again in the family. His daughter died in a car accident in Florida just about a year before Aimee was born.

    Here is a copy of the emails from 1and1:

    As you are probably aware, 1&1 experienced a major problem with the server your website is hosted on in the last few days.

    I am writing you today to personally apologize for the prolonged downtime which you experienced. Please allow me to explain what happened and what measures we have already added to prevent something like this from happening again in the future.

    – On Thursday 12/14/06 the RAID system of the server had a major filesystem problem. All attempts to fully repair the filesystem unfortunately failed.

    – When restoring the data from our backup system we encountered some performance issues which greatly reduced the speed of the restore operation.

    The machine is now up and running again with all the data available to us through backups restored.

    As a result of this incident we made changes to our communication and reaction policies to make sure you will be better informed in the future.

    Considering the amount of time our services were unavailable to you, we will credit one (1) month’s hosting to your account in the next few days, which will result in the date of your next bill being pushed back one (1) month. Please note that any additional items, such as domains will continue their normal billing cycle.

    We thank you for your understanding and your patience. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.


    Sebastian Moser
    Customer Services
    1&1 Internet Inc.


    Now, when I originally called about the problem, they told me they were servicing the server. Not that they were having problems with it. Now here is the "all problems are fixed" email:

    Thank you for contacting us.

    The webdatabase has been restored from a backup off the server. Please
    check this information within the control panel.
    Thanks for your patience and have a nice day.

    If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Tristan Curtin
    Technical Support
    1&1 Internet

    If you get 1and1, you will have no fun! They never even bothered to email me to let me know the site was down, not once. Not even after they told me they set up a better response. I would say my site has been down at least once a week, including yesterday morning since all this started happening.

    I am done with 1and1! They can kiss my A$$. Not the left side, not the right side, but right smack dab in the middle!

    Off to "Go Daddy"!

  290. plumsauce says:

    Well, now a word on their domain name services.

    Just finished paying their $40.00 redemption fee to get back a domain that they expired. What a run around!

    Well my bills say Feb/03 and today is Feb/02. Seems to me it should have expired tomorrow!

  291. William Orr says:

    Several months ago, I deleted the external domain at 1and1.com. I canceled the account and disables their ability to chargr my credit card anymore. I stopped using the associated email and went about my way. I have been charged every month since. This is what I think happened; When I canceled my account, they were supposed to send an email confirming the cancellation, when that happened, I think a trigger was pulled that put me in a neverending billing cycle. I’ve recently reactivated my domain and I am now getting billed for no service. You are right about customer service, there is none. If you are thinking about using this company, please reconsider!

  292. fraudcop says:

    Do you have names of the CEO of 1and1.com…… they suck

  293. Neelesh says:

    They suck big time. Their email is the lousiest!! Spam filter is a joke.

    Support is farce. They have a set of monkeys sittingin Philippines who just know how to say 2 things – Sorry and our admin is looking – you are better off breaking your head agains a stone. And even to do that you wait MINIMUM 30 minutes. Technical problems happen, but what makes difference is response and fixing them to a clients satisfaction. In this – 1and1.com are the worst….I mean the worst possible one can be. I am a web developer – referred them so many clients – but no consideration. I deal with other hosting companies – they have decency to call back and inform or resolve issues – with 1and1 – forget it!!

    Sites go down for 24 – 48 hours – Nothing is done.

    They DO NOT CARE!!


  294. Fliman Tuner says:

    ………………………..1and1 SCAMING…………………………

    If I knew 1and1 was that weak, I would not hesitate to not sign up with them. They charged me an extra $29.97 for website buider plus and cancel my account and package and account 2 days after i signed up with them. What kind of company tricked customers like this. Even that I told them not to proceed with the transaction, they charged anyway and caused an overdraft in my checking account. And they also denied to refund any of the $29.97 that they charged for 3 months even that my account is inactive after 2 days. They did not care about the overdraft fees either and left me stucked with $160, all of it for me to pay the bank back. Their customer service really sucks. 1and1 is a scam.

  295. Garrett says:

    GoDaddy.com has some amazing offers. We are running a site that gets around 17 million hits a month on a dedicated server through them, and have had nothing but amazing service and support. Its like GoDaddy is a hosting god, our server has been down once in its time there. It has had numbers of DOS attacks and scripts hit it. If you need to install something and don’t know how? Ha, screw FAQ’s, call GoDaddy and a server admin will do it for you. Its absolutely amazing.

  296. 1and1 is a terrible host. Dreamhost rocks!

  297. Jason says:

    If you want some really good web hosting go to www.greenlush.com go to the contact form and write a nice note and explain what 1and1 did to you, and maybe we might be so kind enough to give you a few months free.

  298. Javier says:

    Yeah, I am waiting for my dedicated server…no support at all..

  299. Yoni says:

    Well, I would love to thank you guys for the advice, I was about to get a deal with 1&1 when I came across this site. I am currently hosted with NetFirms. PLEASE DON’T EVER MAKE THAT MISTAKE, DO NOT GET NetFirms either. That is probably the worst Host provider ever seen. My site goes offline EVERYDAY including Server errors “EVERY SINGLE DAY” plus connections time out :( grrrrrrrr…. Anyways back to topic. I’m glad I hit this place. 1&1 is History dor me too. So many people can’t be wrong when they say the have issues, Although I don’t believe it is so bad as the issues I have with my current Host… Still trying to find a Provider able to understand what customer support + fare service is….

  300. uber says:

    I’ve had my 1&1 account since July 2006, and I’m definitely renewing. I have NEVER had a problem with them, and all my support queries were solved within 8 hours.

    Everyone has their experiences, and mine continues to be excellent!

  301. David says:

    I have several small websites hosted on 1and1. For the most part all is well. There is, however, a security problem with windows hosting. It is not possible to set a file permission to write/modify but not read. That is equivalent to chmod 622 on unix. The reason is to store information obtained from a form in a password protected file. It one time that was possible on their windows server, now it isn’t and complaining to them doesn’t seem to help. The solution, of course, was to move that website to a linux server and reprogram my .asp as .php.

  302. Ross says:

    1and1 is one of many oversellers on the market and is by far one of the worst. Most of their support is in the Philippines and can only reformat accounts, do yourself a favor and chose a reliable hosting provider.


  303. I totally agree with Des. I had a similar situation earlier this year. 1and1 had instructed a debt collection agency threatening me with court action without any prior notice that my account was over due.

    My ‘overdue’ balance was 10.45 yet they sent me collection notices for 20.45 which is absurd! I called them many times only to find that I have wasted time and money waiting for some one to deal with my query. Unable to get an answer initially via email or phone, I foolishly paid this balance to get the collection agency off my back to find that I had not been overdue. This is such a ridiculous situation.

    I would never use this company again. This example has only reiterated how bad their communication, management and procedures are.

  304. Des says:

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t like 1and1. I called to cancel my account in January, and thought they had taken care of it. Then in August I start getting collection notices. I called the company to complain. I don’t understand if I called to cancel why isn’t the damn account cancelled by now. And, better yet why didn’t they try to reach me for payment before sending me to a collection agency. The people who work in customer service act like robots. They’re cold, unfriendly, and have no solid info to offer. The people at the collection agency were more helpful then they were. I still don’t understand why you have to jump through hoops to cancel the service when it sucks anyway. All in all I think they offer terrible service, and I’d never use them again.

  305. 1and1arecrap says:

    IMPORTANT Please read….How to get you own back on 1and1!

    Run a search on top search engine like Google, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves

    Search for the terms “1 and1″ or “web hosting 1and 1″.

    When you see the 1 and 1 sponsored advert, click on their ad, which would cost 1 and 1 up to 2

    If we all do this, we would in max out their online advertising costs and thus they would not recieve new customers.

    Please post this in similar forums.

    For immediate redemption get searching, and click on those 1and1 ads.

  306. VIP says:

    I tried to use 1&1 as a registrar and couldn’t! Seriously! The first time I tried to transfer a domain name fron another registrar so I followed the procedure and the final screen read that I would get an email with login instructions within 24 hour. Two days later and nothing, so I called them and they told me that my application was flagged so it discarded it. I think they should have sent me an email or something.

    Feeling a little concerned about their service I decided to try them out by registering a name. I went through the process again and saw the final screen that said that I would get an email within 24 hours. Well, the next day the email came, but it didn’t have login instructions. Instead it said that my identity cold not be verified so they wanted me to fax my ID to them. I don’t know about you but I am not faxing my ID to a domain registrar! Who do they think they are?

    I think I’ll skip 1&1. They make it too hard to sign up. I guess I have to stick to that other company with the egotistical dude.

  307. Azuka says:

    I’ve never really had any problem with 1&1, except when I tried analyzing my logs. Now common sense would tell you that for each domain or subdomain, you ought to use either a different log structure for each, or different log files.

    I contacted them and tried getting them to see reason but they maintained that that was the way things were done around them. I’ve got a site — www.zatechcorp.com and some subdomains.

    In my log file, ‘/’ could refer to a request coming in for www.zatechcorp.com/, azuka.zatechcorp.com/ or any of my other four subdomains. How the heck am I supposed to know which is which?

    I’m delaying transferring for a while because I’ve read quite a lot about 1&! transfer woes. I’ll just wait it out till the end of this year, then make the move to Bluehost — I think they’re pretty solid.

  308. ljun says:

    DH is just as bad. I’m planning on leaving them to go to 1and1. Someone new. DH is horrendous, and they’ll also shut down your site without telling you prior!!!!1 :X

  309. Brian says:

    they screwed me over so I click on their google adwords :)

  310. mika says:

    no matter how you post here and say such a hosting service sucks it will only bring you heartaches
    especially 1&1 !!! it has millions of customers!
    the only or much people with problems are from US
    who thinks they are smart *** guys but in reality they are totally idiots! brainless!
    thousands of post, millions of cases will not help or pull down a company any company for that matter who is already well established!

    • Joe says:

      your full of shi…………..1and1 1&1 type these url in by hand and see what you get things are funny with this small group located in Modesto Ca. of The self proscribed things they say are big is a bunch of ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be posting a lot of information on this very small very small group of f..k brains low life’s lower than the lowest form of life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. his post says that they have millions is not true I dare them to come back on to dispute this . Do you know how to find url’s to see if there taken, and thin type in these jokers url see what happens I have a lot more to add to this THERE just a bunch of crooks SMALL TIME VARY SMALL let 1&1.com come back on this AND DEAL WITH ME????????????? OVER……..

      • webmaster says:

        You’ve got a lot of grammatical errors dude! Better send yourself back to school before posting your non sense response. ;)

  311. Sara says:


    I own my own website and I have created one for an organization. My website runs on a company server in Toronto and I have no complaints about them at all (9thsphere).

    The organization I designed the website for on the other hand, is registered under 1&1, and it makes me bounce of the walls. Everything is payed for, have to ID and the password, I have yet to find a way to actually log into the account to start uploading files. I’ve sent emails, I’ve read their FAQ’s etc. It just doesn’t want to log in. It basically makes me want to hit them on the head. I hope they reply before Christmas!

  312. FrugalYankee says:

    Well I never hosted with these bozons and they have given me a million headaches. Somebody registered a phishing web site using my name and address (but not my phone #, and the email addy on the WHOIS contact info was in China). I only found out because DROA tried to trick me into “renewing” the domain name. I contacted both 1and1 and their scummy German parent company, Schlund (it should be called “Schund” that would be more accurate) and they ignored me. Several months later 1and1 tried to put a charge on my credit card. When I notified my credit card company they canceled the card and issued me a new one. So what does 1and1 do? Send a DEBT COLLECTION AGENCY after me! That was when I got mad. I called their billing dept and was told that I would have to prove to them I never ordered service. I told them that if they cannot figure out that a mismatched name and address and email addy in China add up to fraud, they do not deserve to be in business. I filed a complaint with the Pennsylvania attorney general www.attorneygeneral.gov/complaints.aspx?id=451 and suddenly the same jerks who could not be bothered to give me the time of day could not move fast enough to fax a collection of lies to the Attorney General’s office saying that they had taken care of it PRIOR to them getting the complaint. The AG’s office wrote me and said that unless I responded, they would consider it closed. HORSE PUCKY! The bozons went ahead and renewed the domain for another year! Plus I do not know if the debt collection agency put a black mark on my creidt file or not. So I replied in detail. Let them chew on that!
    Take it from me, the crooks at 1and1 Internet will blow YOU off, but they will NOT blow off the PA AG! If you think you have been done wrong, file a complaint!

  313. peter says:

    I have just taken up the reins of a website that was hosted upon a 1&1 shared server. The site had been disastrously amended by a user on an IP address within 1&1’s ownner’s domain space , that is Schlund + Partner.

    A very worrying situation security and trust wise with 1&1.co.uk, their technical support is outsourced to somewhere in Asia I think and thus far have failed to acknowledge that a commercial client has suffered loss of online business due to 1&1’s (or Schlund’s) failure.

  314. billy says:

    try out webhostingbuzz.com i heard that they are very good

  315. Tim MMF says:

    Wow, that sucks they both have shafted ya. But I guess the good news is that you get a ton of traffic to your site! I don’t use 1and1 for hosting but I buy all my domains through them.

  316. Daniel C says:

    I got the NCO on my credit report too!! I cannot believe they can do such. I never gave them my social security number, yet they somehow got it!!

    I called NCO and told them they have my SS without my permission and will bring this up as fraud to the feds and anywhere I can and they removed the $30 line of my credit, but this needs to be addressed – its rather scary what 1 and 1 does for $30!!

    I would be scared to owe them over $100 – they might send Toni Soprano on you.

  317. […] Elliot Back: 1and1 Sucks […]

  318. Elizabeth says:

    1and1.com is BY FAR some of the worst service I have ever received.

    I signed up for their WebsiteBuilder Plus package because the site listed a 60 day money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with the program. No loss to me, so I decide to try it out. After less than 2 days, I really dislike the program, so I cancel it. This week (a month later) I get a charge on my credit card from them for over $30 for 3 months of WebsiteBuilder.

    I email them and am told it turns out I didn’t cancel the package properly the first time around. Then I say that I will cancel it, but want assurance that the charge will be reimbursed as per their guarantee. They email back and tell me that the WebsiteBuilder is non-refundable, and that the site lists that only hosting is refundable, and that I was confused. No refund, in other words.

    I email them saying I will be transfering my domain names (a dozen of so) when they are up for renewal next year and that they will no longer be getting any of my business. I tell them I will also be cancelling my affiliate account, and will be calling my credit card company to get the WebsiteBuilder charge charged back.

    So I get this snarky email back from the billing department telling me how to go about cancelling everything with them…

    Dear _____ _______, (Cust: XXXXXXXXX)

    Thank you for contacting us.

    Your account has not been cancelled. We have received 2 previous
    cancellation requests , one for Norton AntiVirus, and one for WebSite
    Builder Plus, but to this date have not received a cancellation request
    for your entire package. To cancel your packge, please go to
    cancel.1and1.com, and cancel your services.

    If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us.

    Ian Morris
    Billing Department
    1&1 Internet Inc.

    What a bunch of jerks. I will never give them another DIME. Steer clear. The service here is beyond horrible!

  319. Jake says:

    1&1 ARE CROOKS!

    I had a hosting and an Exchange account with them. The Exchange account was sooooo slow it wasn’t worth anything. So I emailed them to cancel the account. They emailed me back with instructions to cancel on their website, which I did. Now, I found a collection on my credit report by NCO Financials on behalf of 1&1. UNBELEIVABLE. I am calling Attorney General Elliot Spitzer’s office tomorrow, and I recommend each and every one of you to call your Attorney General’s office. THEY MUST BE STOPPED!

  320. Phil says:

    I did a site for a client and after looking after it for them for a year transferred ownership from myself to the customer. Imagine my surprise when I got an invoice/statement from 1&1 6 months later for this customer!

    Apparently they transfer the account to the new person but keep your credit card details! Utter crooks – I am leaving them forever, not just because of this but due to their non extent customer services and arrogant attitude.

  321. Z says:

    These guys are the F8cking worst ever !!

    Scam artists at its best, because they didnt recieve my fax which is part if their requirement to cancel, i get charged 3 months in advance .

    on top of that, because I was under the impressiong that it was “CANCELED”, I get a notice 6 months later that I owe them money with late fee, by a collection agency

    So because they didnt recieve this mysterious fax which I have copies of the transmission , they wont waive the late fee and pretty much told me Im SOL

    DO NOT USE 1and1 at all, absolutely the worst hosting ever !

  322. 1and1 are really poor!

    Ive got a dedicated server with them and it just looses the internet, get about 98% uptime which is C**P!

    Their support is full of monkeys that dont have a clue about anything, you can never talk to anyone with a brain!

    Mind does anyone have brains there?

    Noone seems to be able to help, its everyone esles fault!

  323. Alex says:

    yeeesh. I just bought a 6 mo. shared hosting package from 1and1, and it’s decent… haven’t tried much on it yet, but seeing this is quite disconcerting…

    I had been using BuildtoLearn, but they’ve been going down a lot lately, and I saw the 2.99 a mo. with a free domain (and then 5 free .info’s on top of that) and couldn’t resist…

    Who knows how it’ll go… I have yet to really look into transferring my wordpress blog over. And I just realized the other day just how MUCH I was taking CPanel for granted… the 1and1 interface is pretty crappy, and doesn’t give you much direct access/control to the nuts and bolts of things (server log reporting, blah blah).

    Ah well, we shall see.

  324. kt says:

    Good site, just came upon it while searching for 1&1 info…interesting referring keywords I bet :)
    So, I was thinking about going with 1&1, but maybe not such a good idea after reading this page. Dreamhost looks good, but are they really *that* good and stable? I don’t see an address on their site, just a PMB address, which is just a mailbox at some mail store – are they reliable? Thanks for any suggestions.

  325. Chad says:

    I have hosted a few sites on 1and1. I have had a great expierence with them. I now have a dedicated server with them. Also have two top 100,000 ranked site on alexa hosted on that server.

    9/10 for 1and1 (only problem is that alot of the tech support guys dont speak english that well)

    If you are technical person then 1and1 is the way to go. If you dont know anything then 1and1 is the wrong choice.

  326. Alex says:

    “Don’t go with 1&1″ Strongly agree…

    The worst customer service anywhere (Someone please prove me wrong on this) For some reason all my sites are down at the moment, phoned the helpline which plays a message saying all the linux servers are down, doesn’t give a reason or when they will be back up. Twats.

    I want to move all my sites to a different host, but they’ve got me tied down as i’m using databases etc. and it will be a pain to move. But im trying, and do should any 1&1 users reading this!!!

  327. Colin says:

    Hi, ho wdo I transfer my domains away from them? sucks man, i have tons of domains with them…

  328. Jay says:

    Very much like yourself, I am currently going through the exact same thing with 1and1. Not only have they locked my site, I have been trying to get my files back from them. I have had absolutly no luck thus far. I stopped paying them for awhile, only to recieve the standard letter from some collection company. They didn’t even have the guts to contact me themselves regarding the payments. I have since paid the outstanding balance and after requesting the user name/password to get on my site and retrieve my files, I still have had no luck!!!! I just want to get my files and cancel my account with 1and1

    Advice for those shopping for an internet hosting company DON’T GO WITH 1and1!!!!!!!!


  329. MDS says:

    Dreamhost just gave users private whois on 5.1.06.

  330. Dave says:

    Yeah 1&1 has a terrible responce time when it comes to e-mails… when i say terrible i mean 4 days+ When my subscription runs out i will be moving to a coming that actually understands what customer service is

  331. xSmurf says:

    My bad, I found my answer about the private whois from the DH wiki:
    “At this time there is no way to keep contact info for DreamHost-registered domains private.”


  332. xSmurf says:

    Yeah I’ve had my share of problems with 1&1 to. I’ve had the free preview pkg for a while and saw they were offering free private whois on domains, so I decide to switch to them for my registrar (DNS is still hosted at Zoneedit, but since thye got bought out I’m considering changing this to…) anyway… The transfert takes about a week and *yay* private whois. Finally, this should stop some spam!… but not for long… Two days later the private whois is gone! So I contact them to learn (about 3 days later when they finally reply) that apparently the private whois is not offered with the free preview pkg. So basically what they are telling me is that if I had created ANOTHER account (so more resources on their side) I would have had the private whois!!!
    I e-mailed them a few times back and forth trying to explain how ridiculous that was, but to no avail… On a side note, who the heck has Ruby installed but not Rails?! I’m considering changing to DH soon… Anyone knows if they offer private whois, I couldn’t find it on their site…

  333. Mark says:

    Sorry to tell you but you’re nightmare has only just begun. You may *think* you’ve just cancelled your account, but they’ll find a way to throw some charges on your card within the next year.

    There is simply no such thing as ‘cancelling’ a 1and1 account. Once you are a customer THEY OWN YOU.

    Keep us posted as to when the charges start re-appearing on your credit card.

  334. Yup, the DH guys track sar for CPU usage reporting, makes it easy to find places on your site that are eating more CPU than they should, which helps them keep any one customer from monopolizing the shared hosting resources, etc.

    I know DH has had their issues (my friend Joe Grossberg has had his blog hosted at DH go dark when they had DNS issues recently) but everyone has their issues. How well they operate the other 99% of the time when they’re up, that’s what I find really valuable.

    Sorry to hear you had to learn about 1&1 the hard way. That always sucks.

  335. Julian says:

    Those 1and1 people are just ********, not thinking before they do anything.
    “oh, this sites consumes much CPU. We should shut it off!” “Yah, let’s do that!”

  336. Elliott Back says:

    Yes–although Dreamhost is still hosting me. We’re working out ways to minimize CPU, and they’ve been very good about it.

  337. Wait — you went from 1&1 to DreamHost and DH pulled the plug a day or two after you switched over, walloping their servers?

    Those DH guys are responsive! I’m glad I’m hosting some stuff over there.

  338. That wasn’t so great of them, no. Like you said – they should have warned you first – they suerly should have known about this “problem” before they moved the site!?

    I had wondered what had happened to the site a bit back. It’s pretty impressive just how popular this site is – nice one. Nice clean new theme by the way.

  339. Adrian says:

    Why did they kill the site?

    • WEB says:

      THEY SUCK!

      • lapis heart says:

        1and1.com is criminal I’m glad their collection agency had to pay a million dollar fine

        • honestabe says:

          1&1 Internet ripped me off!!!! Even though it was for $30 NO ONE in the company tried to help. I spoke to a supervisor and he was absolutely no help. In what they explained to me there system is not set up to help their customers, its set up to get their $$ and that is all. DO NOT get any services from 1and1 Internet regardless of how cheap it may seem in the beginning. They will get you in the end one way or another and they dont care either!

          • jane says:

            I just got into this site and i am so new to all of this stuff, I am wondering is E-mail considered like the US mail that if some one tampers with your mail is a fed offence??

        • Clyde says:

          Wait, how was it exactly that their collection agency had to pay a million dollar fine?
          Who investigated them? Did they ever pay the fine, or is it still being appealed? Sometimes these things can be dragged out longer than the Co is in existence! BTW, ARE they?

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