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Best Buy Sucks, Arrests Man for Paying Bill

Posted in Best Buy,Deals & Savings,Law by Elliott Back on April 7th, 2005.

Apparently Best Buy had a man arrested for paying his bill with $2 bills. Besides the sheer idiocy of the whole thing, what about customer service?

“I’m just here to pay the bill,” Bolesta says he told a cashier. “She looked at the $2 bills and told me, ‘I don’t have to take these if I don’t want to.’ I said, ‘If you don’t, I’m leaving. I’ve tried to pay my bill twice. You don’t want these bills, you can sue me.’ So she took the money. Like she’s doing me a favor.”

He remembers the cashier marking each bill with a pen. Then other store personnel began to gather, a few of them asking, “Are these real?”

“Of course they are,” Bolesta said. “They’re legal tender.” A Best Buy manager refused comment last week. But, according to a Baltimore County police arrest report, suspicions were roused when an employee noticed some smearing of ink. So the cops were called in. One officer noticed the bills ran in sequential order.

Best Buy

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107 Responses to “Best Buy Sucks, Arrests Man for Paying Bill”

  1. best buy are thieves I purchased a 500. phone watch that was broken I had to take a taxi there I am 70 years old, on oxygen and disabled. they stole from my social security check. thank you bob

  2. Milin says:

    First of all all the customer that are on here complaining about the service they get at Best Buy and how they are abused at a best buy store are toatl idiots, I mean what do you expect form people who are there trying to help you out and solve your problem, but all you idiots do is yell and scream thinking that you will get your way by screaming and yelling at a poor customer service personal who only is following the rules and regulations of the company. I want to see some of you idiots run a business, I do and see *** holes like you all the time yelling and screaming and I just show them the door. Oh the other thing about the best buy service plan, most of you think it’s a rip off then guess what then when you product brakes, then go to the manufacture and not to Best Buy, because it’s not their fault it’s the manufacturing problem and you go deal with them or buy the service and have a peace of mind. And I can testify for Best Buy’s service works and is not a rip of like you dumb asses think it is.

    • sasnak88 says:

      Wow, you really know how to run a business with that kind of language and customer support. I’ll bet its booming for you! For what its worth, I found out why our local worst buy has a 1.5 star rating today, its because they really really do suck! I’ll just wait a month or two and there will be a whole new set of employees cycle in and I’ll go back, always happens like clock work!

    • Lon Ernie says:

      You drug addict ******* go back to your mothers basement **** head. Best Buy Sucks ****!

    • McLovin3533 says:

      Thank you, Best Buy shareholder.

  3. David says:

    Whenever I go to Best Buy for something, their requested price is absurd. I get a kick out of using the internet on THEIR Mac display to log onto Amazon and purchase the same doodad or cable for 50-80% off. Today I needed a DVI to HDMI for my new gaming comp. Bestbuy wanted $40.00 for their ****** Dynex. Amazon sold me the same cable & attachment for $8.00. Money saved, $32. Cost of using Best Buy’s own resources to help their competitors, Priceless.

    • James says:

      I can tell you that all the accesories you buy at best buy are marked up. The $50-$120 HDMI cables are a joke. Best buy gets those cables for 3 or 4 dollars. How do I know? I used to work there and the employee discount was about 5% above best buys cost. I used to walk out of the stores with 80 dollar cables for 5 dollars while customers are struggling to buy one. Don’t listen to the employees when they tell you you need a really good cable because you don’t. They mark up their accesories 1000% sometimes. Besy Buy is a joke and they scam you. I wouldnt even buy their services, and once again I can say that because I worked in geek squad. I used to have to take these things called “learning lounges” (best buys way to train their employees without ever having to really do anything) that promoted you to cheat customers out of money.If you want good product keep buying from amazon and even new egg. Same product for a lot cheaper and you dont have to deal with a cheat of a company

  4. Man says:

    To Shawna:
    “Your Store”? I dont know whats wrong with people thinking they “are” part of these companies.
    Please, realize,, they want you to have this “company culture” in order to make you a slave that loose sleep for their money, while the stockholders are enjoying life on their yatchs. If you ask the owners, they dont identify thenselves with the business, this is just ‘money’ to them, it doesnt matter if they sell potatos or TVs.
    I laugh everytime poor souls think they are part of the company. Slaves,, thats what they are,, defending with their life a company that is going to fire them on any morning.

  5. Cupcake says:

    They make large address labels and if you put your complaint in writing, you can put 1,000’s of these labels all over the city. You can even put them on merchandise at Best Buy.

  6. Shawna says:

    As an emplyee I first want to say sorry for the crapsome people deal with at some stores. My store will do everything we can to make the customer happy but we also have to make a living. Do you know how many times someone will try to return an empty box or one with rocks/bricks in it? Or try to return a cd with ” Walmart exclusive” plastered all over it yet swear up and down we sold it to them? Is the system perfect? No, but we have to judge each case as it walks into our store. It makes me mad when good stores have to deal with the messes made by poorly run ones. So don’t bash the company as a whole and don’t get mad at the stores who do the right thing but can’t always do what you want them to do. And please, treat us with respect! Yelling and screaming and abusing us will not make us want to help you more. As a society we have to stop rewarding bad behavior, it’s like a child who throws a fit because you won’t buy her that toy and you give in. Now she knows every time she crys she will get something. We understand that things can be frustrating and will try to get things done asap, but let’s all be adults and work together. Thank you for hearing me out. Because if you have ever worked retail you know how people can treat the workers and just put yourselves in our shoes. We don’t make the rules we just follow them, we can bend some we just can’t break them.

  7. cage says:

    Goodbye Best Buy!

    Dear Best Buy,

    I am writing to let you know that I will no longer be shopping at Best Buy. I am sending a copy of this letter to every one of my friends and family and everyone on my email list. I am asking each and every one of them to forward this letter to all of their friends and family as well.

    I have been a Best Buy customer for the past several years. I have spent thousands of dollars on computers, monitors, TVs, and other electronics for my home and my business.

    I have enjoyed Best Buy’s credit card with it’s option of no interest or long term payoffs.

    Today I got a letter saying that you had cut my credit from $3K to $350.

    I have never been late with you or any other creditor. I called to ask why and was told that you were doing this to a lot of your loyal customers.

    I know you will say that this was the bank’s decision and that you have nothing to do with it.

    Well, this is notice to you, other than sharing this story with all who will listen, I will no longer have anything to do with you.

    You have lost yourself a loyal customer, as well as my family and extended family in this area and our friends.

    Goodbye Best Buy!

    • rob says:

      you cant fault bestbuy for something the bank that approved and then lowered your credit.

      • BB Employee says:

        As an employee, I can tell you it has to do with the bank, not with us. We run through HSBC, it would be them who docked you.

  8. BBYMEMP says:

    Ok let me start by saying, what is up with every single one of you who decided to complain about Best Buy having a problem with spelling? I emplore you, go back and read. All of you douchebags and douchebaggets have a problem with spelling….. Just a thought here buuut that could be an indication as to why you are having so many problems?? Get an education, READ the return policy, READ your reciept, and FOR GODS SAKE READ THE MANUAL TO YOUR PRODUCT!!

    Protection plans… They are WORTH IT. I’ve seen sooo many customers who dropped their laptop, had a surge kill their tv, destroyed their phones, blew the speakers in their system, and even scratched games! All you have to do is make sure you have your material together when you bring it in, TREAT the situation importantly from the get go (we are all humans, we make mistakes, we need to be pushed to create a sense of urgency sometimes)

    If you’re having a problem DO NOT walk into the store with an attitude because if you do then you might as well just turn around and go ******* yourself because you will get the same treatment right back! Again we are humans too. We get pissed off just as easily as you so keep that in mind.

    I will admit SOME stores have some pretty bad employees and problems with customer service but that is the same for any retail store so get the hell over it.

    I’ve worked retail in many different stores and positions. I go FAR out of my way to help the customer. So far at times i inform the customer that shopping on tigerdirect or newegg might be better for them.

    Stop bitching. Didn’t your mothers ever teach you if you don’t have anything good to say don’t say anything at all? If you are so unhappy with Best Buy go shop at walmart or target or radioshack and see how much help you get there!


    • rob says:

      Well said BBYMEMP
      NYC 1531 “The Show”

      • Tony Casiglia says:

        Best Buy price match policy and holiday return not spelled out when purchasing a lap top for Christmas. My wife purchased a new lap top for me for Christmas. The price was reduced on Decembe 4,2010 By $50.00 and another $50.00 on December 5 ,2010. Best Buy claims pice match and holiday returns are 14 days only. I was within the 30 day time frame however Best Buy insists its 14 days only. No place in the store or on the receipt states 14 days only for price match. The match was Best Buy to Best Buy.Circuit City is gone. Maybe if enough people stop shopping at Best Buy maybe they will go the way of other companies that go out of business. Best Buy is why the internet will live on and on. Last Christmas I had dealings with a company called camera jKings. Service was superior and they were only to happy to cooperate. A new Camcorder was purchased and then up graded to a better model. Transaction could not have been easier if I did it in person.They could not have done enough.
        I was a new customer and my first purchase from Camera Kings and this was the way I was treated. Best Buy needs to learn how to treat there customers bfore its to late. The econmy is tough enough with out abuse from a store like Best Buy.

    • Stray says:

      I don’t care if you’ve had a bad day, you’re a minimum wage idiot, so that’s a personal problem!

    • Derf says:

      Your a jerk whoever you are. Bestbuy has the money and definitely the manpower to enforce good if not great customer service by their staff. You should ask your Mom about how customer service was when she was younger. The problem is there aren’t enough people complaining. In this case if you have something bad to say, then say it or things won’t change. If I walk into Best Buy pissed that the device I bought with my hard earned money was lemon or didn’t perform the way they said it would, they should be trying to make me feel better for being misled or sold faulty merchandise. That is what customer service is, they are supposed to service the customer positively. You need to read a book or get a clue Woof Woof.

      • Unr3a1 says:


        Just because you spent your hard earned money on something that was defective in box, does NOT give you the right to walk into the store you bought it from and treat the employees like ****. If you walked in yelling and screaming at me, I would not help you, and that would be my right.

        Just because someone works in a retail store does not make them an idiot. If anything YOU are the idiot for thinking this way.

        • Gail says:

          I have never treated Best Buy Employees like **** but Best Buy Corporation has a habit of taking advantage and the habit needs to stop. I no longer shop at Best Buy and especially dislike the Geek Squad (who walk around like they are some kind of Gods …… all so full of themselves ……….. and really don’t have the knowledge that they imagine that they do … LOL).

    • Marco says:

      That would be “receipt”.

  9. Phil says:

    Best Buy??? Biggest misnomer in history!

  10. David Driscoll says:

    I would like to share a small story. Brought my Computer to Best Buy to have it fixed (all they did was reformat my HDD and reinstall the recovery disk) at the tune of 250 bucks. But, the ting that got me, was that they STOLE all my 1GIG Ram sticks and replaced them with 512mb crappy ones!

    Be sure to know whats in your box and be sure it is there when you get it back!

  11. anne says:

    I will never ever ever walk into a best buy again. they have the worlds worst customer service even when their own line of products breaks they can’t fix it.

  12. jana says:

    Check YOUR BAGS BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE STORE! I bought a set of earbuds and 4 other items and didn’t check the bag till I got home. The earbuds were not in the bag but did show on the receipt as paid for. I called the store and was told they checked the computer and it said there should be 10 in the store; and they counted 10 on the shelf so SORRY, they don’t know what happened to mine!!! I pointed out that there could be someone in the store with one in their hand ready to purchase. Still, all they said was SORRY but feel free to call back tomorrow and see if it turned up. Rediculous!!!

  13. JDogg says:

    Wow there’s a lot of hate out there. As a former employee, I can certainly empathize for both sides. Returns. So how many of you know about the 14 year old that bought a Gameboy game, took it home, carefully opened the bottom of the cellophane wrapper, took out the game, replaced it with something else about the same weight, then tried to return it. I won’t tell you that it was the third time the store was burned and just so happened that the kid went to the same C/S rep that he had screwed over before. So for those people that buy something and the box looks brand new with manufacturer tape, only to find something else, more than likely that you’ve actually been screwed by one of your fellow consumers.

    Or how about the guy that brings in a stereo receiver that he wants to return. No receipt, nothing. He claims he received it as a gift. When C/S denies it, he starts wandering around the store claiming to be looking for speakers to go with his “recently aquired” receiver. I start talking with him about various speakers to match, asking what he’s going to be listening to and suddenly he “suggests” that maybe I could return it for him?!? Just another fraud scam I’m thinking, so yes, I ask him to leave “MY” store. Interestingly, he doesn’t get upset, but instead, very appologetic. He hooks up with another associate, to which I have to explain that I’ve asked the gentleman to leave the store and why.

    I can not speak for anyone else, but I can say with absolute certainty that I did my research on the products that I sold. I never pressured anyone into buying anything they did not want, and very often, encouraged them to buy something that they “needed”, not what they “wanted”. Nearly every day I bent over backwards to do everything possible to help our customers, at times even straightening out mistakes by other stores, even though it might have messed up my stores “reads”, and sometimes it is very frustrating for the employees to deal with some of the store policies, but they’re there for a reason.

    A few posters here have quoted the “Fool me once,…”, well, the same goes for businesses. We once had taken back a CD or DVD that was still in the Target package. No accolades for that, but I bet it hit some thread about how stupid the freaking C/S rep was. Best Buy, along with many other retailers, used to have much looser return policies, but when you have to deal with hundreds of thousands of dollars in shrink (yes, and that’s at the store level), you change your policies. Going to the airport these days is such a pleasure, isn’t it.

    Incidentally, there is no law, anywhere in the US, that requires a retailer to take back a defective product (I know, go ahead and challenge me on that one, but you better have the actual ordinance or statute ready…). Defective products are warranteed by the manufacturer, not the retailer. For the retailer, it’s simply customer service policy, and yes, often it’s up to interpretation and can actually be refused at any time.

    And lets clarify Service Plans. I had many, many customers glad to have purchased them, and others not so glad. There was another electronic/appliance retailer in our area that thought service plans where a huge moneymaker, until they found out they actually had to honor them. It put them out of business. Service Plans, especially on expensive electronics, can be a lifesaver. In Best Buy’s case, If a defect is found, and is unrepairable DURING THE MANUFACTURER’s warrantee, the full Service Plan is still in effect. Best Buy simply returns it to the manufacturer for a credit, saving the customer the hassle. After the manufacturer’s warrantee runs out, then Best Buy swaps it out at their expense, which is why the Service Plan is considered “fulfilled”. In most cases, the value of the swap is greater than the cost of the Service Plan, so most of the time, when the Service Plan has to be used, it’s a deal. Plus on many electroics, Best Buy’s Service Plans cover a lot of things manufacturers don’t, like power surges, heat, dust, humidity, etc., and let me tell you, there were some claims for stuff that was so obviously abused, that were honored when I personally didn’t think they should be. I always told my customers that purchasing a Service Plan was their choice, I never pushed, but that I’d rather have them come in 2 years into a 4 year TV plan and tell me that they were so happy they bought it when lightning struck and fried their $4k Sony LCD (okay, I’m dating myself here), than to come in without the plan and start yelling at me because no-one would do anything for them, including Sony, because it was out of warrantee.

    Sad to say, there are a lot of people that you just can not make happy.

    Again, I can’t speak for anyone else, but I was at an awesome store, with a lot of awesome people.

  14. noshi says:

    Man I have to agree with some of the **** here and have some bad qualms about the ***** trying to defend a company that refuses to stand behind it’s sales.

    Whatever. Learn to file suit guys. Sue them for double of what you lost + filing fees. Onward…

    Do not buy from Best Buy unless you have enough knowledge and confidence to:
    1. Setup your own PC and build one from scratch with parts.
    2. Price compare to every vendor imaginable. That means ebay.com, amazon.com, newegg.com, buy.com, overstock.com, frys.com and even gauge average street value using google shopping.
    From my experience a majority of items on best buy are sold at a much higher than necessary cost. Don’t bother going there. At least fry’s has at times good sales that are worthwhile.

  15. Bunny says:

    So we bought a new TV with the 3 year’s to pay it off deal they have. So it takes 3 weeks for them to ship the TV. Guess what it’s the wrong one. We call them and tell them that they sent us the wrong TV. They say it’s not there fault. It’s the shippers fault. Well Bestbuy hired them to ship so I think it’s there fault. They come next week to calibrate the TV and set it up. They still refuse to give us the right TV and will make us re-pay the set up fee’s because they sent us a different TV.

    Two years ago it took them 4 months to fix my laptop and then they sent it back to Colorado when we told them we moved to Virginia 3 times. Twice before me moved and one when me got to VA.

    I hope they don’t mess up with the TV like they did with the computer. One thing’s for sure. I am no longer a Bestbuy customer. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me Twice shame on me. Well I’m not going for a third.

  16. Shawn says:

    I dont like best buy, prices arent the best and the return policies are horrible.

  17. bsbuster says:

    Wow some racist **** here. Both Emanuel and Creste should be shot in the ******* head for even thinking the things written here.

  18. Creste says:

    Emanuel is emblematic of all that which is wrong with the black race. He is self pitying, blames everyone else for his problems and is ignorant beyond belief.

    Hey Emanuel, you want to quit? KFC is hiring!

    Maybe you’d fit in better there, plenty of your own kind working at that type of place. And maybe if you do a good job you might even get some free chicken, I bet you’d like that wouldn’t you, boy?

    So you better get used to working for us white folk because just like your ancestors you’ll be doing it until the day you die.

  19. Creste says:

    Even though I’ve never had a problem with Best Buy I still don’t like them. For some reason I just don’t trust them, it’s just a vibe I get. I’ve only shopped there about three times in so many years and each time I had to take back whatever it was to get a refund but I never had any problems there either. I’ve never had any dealings with Geek Squad and I can’t imagine why anybody would, although if people are stupid enough to hand over their computer to someone wearing a clip-on tie and a name tag then they deserve what they get. Maybe Best Buy will go out of business one day or maybe not, either way Wal-Mart is just across the street.

  20. emanuel says:

    on every bestbuy meeting we have managers and sup’s keeep tormenting employees as to how were down in this and how we suck in that. SOO as soon as we opened for business that day an old lady returned a **** load of stuff that was sold to her a week ago. turns out someone sold her stuff that she didnt even know how to use. managers got supper pissed that we took advantage of a customer. WHAT DO THEY EXPECT IF THEY KEEP BITCHUNG AND MOANING ON HOW OUR NUMBERS SUCK!!
    MANAGERS DO NOT HAVE EMPLOYEES BACK! and if i need a price discount override they threaten to called it underboarding and fu#$%#king threaten to fire me.

    im sorrry but if a customer spends 3000 on a computer then yes mr white **** manager i do feel that throwing in a free DYNEX mouse witch costs 8 dollars the right thing to do.
    **** brad anderson and **** shultz and annyone else that gives *** guidlines for BB stores.

    i always rip off customers just so my managers can shut the **** up about how wer down in revenue or how accesories is at 2%. wtf do they expect? wer in the middle of a reccesion god damnit!

    managers husstle us as tho wer on commision. we get paid ****.

    and geek squad charges for a diagnostic even tho its such a simple setting that requires 2 min of fixing. by doing it for free the customer will spread the word as to how great bb is. BUT NOOOOO BB is a total rip off. and even tho i am a top employee there they still treat me like **** and i want to quit sooo many times but no one else is hiring.

    managers should be happy customers dont just buy from amazon where its soo much cheaper. they are dumb *** arrogant brainwashed white upper class idiots and act just like the republicans.

  21. George Venturini says:

    Best Buy should change their slogan to;
    It’s the least we can do because at Best Buy “We do the least we can do”
    I will NEVER shop there again. About three years ago I purchased a 32” flat screen t TV for a little over 1,000. I also purchased a 4 year extended warranty. Three years later it stopped working correctly. Geek Squad showed up about a week after I called for service. I had to take a day off work to be there because a weekend appointment was a month away. He took one look at the problem and told me that it couldn’t be repaired because the part was not available. (Remember that point as it becomes important later) At that time he advised me that it would have to be replaced. Another week passed and I hadn’t been contacted like I was told I would be. So I started making phone calls. I guess this woke someone from their stupidity coma, because I then got a couple calls back. I was given a code number and was told that I could use it to get a replacement TV of “equal value”. This doesn’t sound too bad however, there are two catches here.
    1. Once I received this TV it would terminate the extended warranty I paid extra for. They use the word “Fulfilled”. I use the word “screwed” I don’t see why. I paid for four years. I would now only be getting three. Actually twenty five months to be fair. It’s not my fault the part isn’t available. When I questioned this I was told, “It’s all in the warranty brochure.”
    YEA ******* the warranty brochure you get AFTER you pay for it.
    Sorry but Four Years should be Four years.

    2. When I get to the store they show me the replacement. It’s a similar model selling for 379.99.
    Now maybe math is different at RIP Off best buy but my calculator says that 1000 is not the same as 379.00. When I questioned why, I was told that technology has changed in three years.
    What the hell does the level of technology have to do with customer service? I don’t want a
    new TV, I don’t need new technology …..All I want is the one I bought to work.
    Good thing this didn’t happen one year into the plan I would have lost three years.

    So here are the lessons I have learned:
    1. I will only shop at best buy if I absolutely need to.
    2. Extended warranties aren’t worth very much. So read them and ask questions before you buy one.
    3. Don’t expect ANYONE at RIP Off best buy to give a rats *** about customer service.

    PS To the overly defensive guy who posted
    “For you guys complaining about Best Buy let me ask one question. How is your multi-billion dollar electronic business running? That’s right it’s not and Best Buy is the biggest consumer electronic store out there.”
    What the hell does the size of RIP Off best buy and whether or not I have a store have to do with anything? Your attitude is EXACTLY the problem. Just because RIP Off best buy is huge DOES NOT mean that they have the right to take advantage of their customers. You are a FOOL does that mean I can take advantage of you?

    • bsbuster says:

      Dude read the brochures given to you at the time of purchase, it is a service contract, which states that once Best buy replaces the product the plan is fullfilled. Now your own words, “was told that I could use it to get a replacement TV of “equal value”.” They have used the word value. Value of any electronics depreciates over time.
      For example you buy a BMW today and 5 years down the line you do not expect the selling price to be the same as your purchase price!
      As far as the policy being fullfilled. When the product that was suppose to be covered under the plan does not exist how can you expect the store to continue protecting it. Its like saying, I bought a piece of candy at the store, now that I ate it I expect the store to keep giving me candies simply because I paid for one. The point of the plan is to save you money on a new television. so you don’t have to spend the same amount of money again when you buy a new television.

  22. haha says:

    best buy sucks ***, they act like they treat customers right and want customer centricity but at the same time they push to sell their products!!**** FACES!

  23. Lalk says:

    I LOL at everyone earlier talking about shopping at circuit city….how’s that working out for you?

  24. Jimmy says:

    I recently purchased a $300.00 amp from Guitar Center with all quarters. I knew it was unique, never been done and didn’t feel like cashing them in at the bank or putting them in a coin exchange machine. The manager had absolutely no problem taking the $300.00 in quarters for the amp. The quarters were in $20.00 bags and then 5 of those were then put into a single bag then making three big bags totaling $300.00… They had a coin counting machine in the backroom and wanted to just run them through the machine making sure there actually was $300 there. No problem, 15 minutes later I walked out of Guitar Center with my new amp and now the employees have a new story of the crazy quarter guy. As I paid for it I asked if anyone else did something just as odd and they told me someone bought a $1,000 guitar in $1 and $2 bills (mostly $1’s). I almost used the other $300 quarters I had with the ones I just used to buy a TV at Best Buy… I now am glad I didn’t as I am sure they would of called the police on me as well….

    I do have a recent BB bad experience but after it has been resolved I will post what happened.

  25. sighguy says:

    Just sent BB this message…
    BestBuy must not need sales very badly in this economy! I was in the Brentwood, TN store on Saturday (04/11/09) and saw the Toshiba – Satellite Laptop with Intel Pentium Dual-Core Processor T3400 for $399. I did not have enough time for the purchase due to a prior appointment on Saturday but was finally able to make a trip after work tonight to purchase the laptop. The price is now $429 (not $399) and I was told “the price is the price” and although I had seen it on Saturday for $399, BestBuy was no longer interested in selling me the laptop at that price. The salesman seemed indifferent as if to suggest “take it or leave it”. I left the store amazed at the arrogance of not willing to accept MY money when I offered it at the price I had seen just two days prior. It’s not the $30 difference that annoys me; it’s the principle of the matter. No need for you to give me the corporate response of how your prices are set for the benefit of all customers, blah, blah. The bottom line is that you snubbed my offer to purchase one of your products. I’ve always thought that BestBuy was overpriced and a rip-off to the general naive public. I’m hoping another electronics store will come to the Brentwood/Franklin area to provide us with a more customer-service oriented experience. If you have any suggestions where I can buy the laptop mentioned above for $399, please let me know. For now, I’m still looking for a comparable model. Thanks for wasting my time and energy. I’m not sure why I even typed this comment. I doubt you really care.


    • Rob says:

      first of all i know exactly which laptop you are talking about and that laptop is only 379. on top of that their ad somes out on sunday and goes all the way until saturday. just because you couldn’t take the 2 minutes it takes to buy the laptop you want to ***** about a policy that every store in the world has. plus that laptop might only last you 6 months to a year. the reason i know this is because i know people who bought the previous model in january and they are already being serviced for faulty hard drives and motherboards. so if you really wanna talk about the “principle” of the matter the principle is the ad price is set for the week. the store gets a vendor kickback for that 30 dollars when its on sale, when its not on sale the store takes a hit on that. granted it’s only 30 dollars if they did that for everyone it adds up quickly. plus it’s basic business, stores exist to make profit.

  26. Best Buy Guy says:

    Hmmm… alot of Best Buy Haters here I see… and I don’t blame you all. I used to work for Weak Squad, as a “Double Agent.” I finally quit after a few months working there and couldn’t stand the way we rip off customers. They are way overpriced for services that they perform that probably won’t solve the problem when it comes to you your computers. Doesn’t matter what’s wrong with the computer, its always gonna be the same story shoveled to the customer “Bad Hard Drive, needs replacement, Offer data recovery/backup…$250+.” I had a buddy of mine buy a brand new laptop from the same store I worked in. I disconnected the hard drive and had him take it back after 3 days. “Weak Squad” on the 11th day after purchase said that the laptop had a faulty motherboard to begin with and they were happy just to refund my buddy’s money. Kind of a shady way to show their incompetence but if they can’t figure out something simple like that… those kids should not be working there.

  27. Dirk Gently says:

    Ummmm…you morons. If you’re going to counterfeit a bill, would you really counterfeit a $2?

    Engrave plates, find an intaglio press and commit a federal felony for $114?

    Generally counterfeit bills have the SAME serial number. It’s a hellofalot harder change that number…and if you were faking them, why not print a random number on each bill? It’s no harder.

    Any cashier with half of a brain can tell if a bill is real or fake. And besides, they had his NAME, ADDRESS, TELEPHONE NUMBER and the license of the car! What a bunch of lunkheads.

    OMG you are such dumb kids here. It’s SAD! Several of you are even dumb enough to work for Best Buy.

    I’ll go without rather than deal with those morons. The last time I went there, I was trying to find a printer with PostScript. Nobody, even the “Geek Squad”, knew what I was talking about. When I explained what it was, they told me that was a very special thing I would probably have to buy from a special store.

    So I went next door (literally) to Office Depot. They had around ten printers with PostScript. Some with true Adobe PS3, some with PS3 emulation. I bought an HP 2840 for $800 and we liked it so much we bought four more.

  28. h says:

    I think some of you need to realize there’s a difference between Best Buy ******** you over and an employee ******** you over. They aren’t always mutually exclusive. And those of us working there have to abide by policies that we have absolutely no control over. Most of the time people’s problems could have been solved had they read their receipt or f u c king paid attention to what they were signing/buying. Frankly, I don’t think I get paid enough to give a damn about most of you. Working there is damn near unbearable. Between managers riding your *** if you aren’t constantly berating customers, asking if they need help etc etc and customers not paying attention to anything and then pitching fits like 6 year olds, screaming in public and at employees like its our fault..some days I just want to walk out. Best buy really does suck, but it sucks much more working there and having to deal with both managers and customers. Next time you’re pitching a fit stop and think about it before embarrassing yourself. Usually it’s not going to make the part timer behind the counter care any more about you because you are just one of many people that come through acting like children each day.
    Additionally, I can’t believe anyone would be fooled by the title of this “article.”
    “Arrests man for paying bill”..jesus grow up.
    Obviously the bills were suspicious. The cashier was just covering her *** because if she takes fake bills she’s going to get in trouble. If they were suspicious enough to get the police involved then whats the problem? Yes, some of Best buy’s policies are unfair, but not accepting bills that were likely fake isn’t one of them.

  29. mike says:

    I guess I am another one of many people screwed by Best Buy and the Geek Squad. I brought a sony laptop into the Best Buy store for service and asked that it be sent back to sony. I broke the dc connector on the back of the laptop that needed to be replaced, the key board period and back slash did not work and needed that fixed and what is the left mouse key button was loose and I wanted that fixed. Also if they could would they replace the dc connector on the AC adaptor if not it was ok. I had to give them a $84.95 deposit. On the service order they added touchpad doesn't work properly and as far as what I asked for on the AC adaptor they typed please test the ac adaptor to see if it needs replacement. Est approval $112.15 but would call me at the service center with another one. Well I was up set when I found out it did not go to Sony, it went to the Geek Squad. New estimate $497.77 so where they typed what they did checking out the ac adaptor I figured there must have been something wrong with it. When I finally got the call I made the 45 minute drive to pick it up. They told me that it needed the OS repaired because it will only log into safe mode. Windows normal mode freezes at loading screen. Was ok when I last turned it off. I made out a check for $377.15 and left the store with the old parts that they replaced and my laptop. When I got home I attached the new AC adaptor to the computer and pluged it in. Turned on the laptop and nothing. I noticed the light on the adaptor went dim and I have never seen this before so I unhooked it and hooked up the old adaptor, turned on the laptop and it came on in the safe mode, went back to a prior date and fixed that. Got out the old volt meter and tested the dc voltage on the new adaptor and it read 3.4 volts, checked the old one 19.7dc volts. I called the Best Buy store and told them of the problem and was told to bring it back and I would get my money back, I told them that I only got one ac cord that they send back so I was keeping it. Two days later I make the trip back with the defective adaptor well they would not take it back, hinted in a round about way that I could have switched them and I approved the work order. Well we went back and fourth, now they are going to call the service center and see what can be done well now they can not call them because they do not have a phone and have to do everything electronic and its a seventy two hour turn around. Feeling bad for the people waiting for service behind me I said give me a call, took the defective AC adaptor and left. Well I waited a couple of weeks and nothing from them. I emailed Best Buy Customer Service and finally got a call from the Best Buy Store, they offered me my deposit of $84.95 back, the Defective adaptor cost me $111.49, no way. A second call back from them said the only thing they could do is give me a gift card for the price of the adaptor. I paid cash and want cash back. They up set me so much I told them to keep it and I will take it as a learning lesson not to do business with Best Buy any more. I got an email from Best Buy Customer Service and she said that she stands with the store and that is all they could for me. So here I sit with a defective part that I am going to hang on the wall to remind me and everyone not to do business with them. They also said that I could send everything back to the geek squad computer ect. so they could check everything out and maybe I might get my money back. I wished I looked at all the problems on the internet with them I would have stopped given them my business many years ago.

    • mike says:

      My post of 2-7-09 above 12:05 am
      A week or so later I got an email from the Customer relations and also a call from the Best Buy store. I guess after giving it some thought they sent me a check for the defective ac adaptor. So I guess we can thank them for that. After all I had to go through I still will not do business with them………..MIKE

  30. user says:

    yeah shop at circuit city lol how is that working out for you

  31. user says:

    you are so dymb, MFW does not cover most problems suchs as normal wear and tear, dust, ADD, Virus, and so on, so good luck

  32. Andrew says:

    how does best buy suck they were in order. That is the number one sign of forgery

  33. Gman says:

    Best Buy please go out of business!!!

    Their customer service is the worst I have ever dealt with. They will lie to you and don’t even try to ask for a supervisor, they told me that they would call me back within 24 to 48 hours 2 weeks later no call.

    I got a gift card for Christmas and made the mistake of ordering an Ipod online. I got to the store and they said that they did not have the one I ordered in stock. They had another one in stock so I said I would purchase that one. The customer service(they don’t know what that means) person said that my gift card had been charged for the Ipod that they didn’t have and would not be credited for 24 hours. This customer service idiot said I could just pay for it and use my gift card later. I left the store pretty mad and started calling 1-800 best buy – don’t ever waste your time they are complete idiots. I went to a different store hoping a manager could straighten this out Best Buy has cornered the market on incompetent people. This manager couldn’t understand what the problem was.

    I never got an answer to the question why did they charge my gift card for something they did not have.

    I HATE BEST BUY!!!!!

    • Rob says:

      the reason why is because you bought it online. the card gets charged for the product and then the item if you want store pick up is sent to the store in order for someone to recieve and hold the item for you. now if the item wasn’t set properly as a display then the inventory system could still think they have one. or someone could have stolen the item because circuit city sold all their magnetic keys for a dollar after they went out of business and because of that are getting sued hard. but if the item was marked wrong in the computer or stolen the computer thinks there are more than there actually are. thus allowing the order to go through. now without a receipt they cant return it at the register. it does suck but it’s the way things work.

  34. Megan is a Fraud says:


    Fyi – you are so wrong on so many counts. And, just for your info, best buy managers DO NOT have to have a degree. And, Geek Squad repair people do not have training, they are “self taught” geeks. And! the return policy of best buy is at the discretion of each store and the manager on duty's attitude and mood that day.
    And yes! I know this because I one worked for Best Buy and YES! They will screw over a customer given the chance! That is why I no longer work there! Becasue I stood up for the customer! And! If you are not an employee and have no complaints about Best Buy then why are you even cruzing this site?

    • erin says:

      i used to work for best buy too, i was fired because my aunt, which doesn’t speak english, went in the store to buy a t.v. that was 399.99 right. when the salesperson was done with her the bill ended up being 845.62!!! she came up to me before she paid and asked why so much and when i looked my co-worker (which didn’t know i was her nephew) said, i just made i big sale on this dumb B*T*h……i was not happy and i told her she did not need all that stuff, she already had a stand, they wanted to charge her for installation which it didn’t need cause it was a 32″ t.v., they signed her up for the credit card and put insurance over the warranty, i cancelled the stuff she didn’t need and since it was not “manager approved” i was fired for “theft” which made me mad because i was only defending my family. Best Buy is crooked in many ways, i would advice shopping smarter, best buy sucks.

  35. Tired of Best buy says:

    FIrst in re Geek Squad… the individuals hired by Best Buy are only hireable by Best Buy. 99.8% have no formal education in the repair of computers. You would have better luck having the teen next door repair your computer and save yourself some serious money.
    Second in re Sales Associates… while 50% will try to sell you a product with much tap dancing and mirrors, many are honest in thier lack of knowledge. And, if you could talk to most Associates one on one you would find that they are disheartened and have loss all faith in their supervisors and management. Managements job – to attempt to brainwash the associates into believing the redoric put out by best buy.
    Thirdly – if you order something on the best buy website for store pick up, dont count on getting the product when it arrives. If you do a preorder cross your fingers that your copy is there when you go to pick it up. On two occasions I have prepaid for products only to find out that management told the sales associates to sell the product to other customers.
    Fourth forget the “minimum” per store in sales ads. On one sunday I was at the doors when the store opened to purchase three different items. In the five minutes I was in the store, did i mention that only 3 other customers were in the store, all three products were “sold out.” Sold out my foot, they never had the product. But! They were willing to sell me another product, a “better product” at a discount. Did I mention that the subsitute they wanted to sell me cost more then the product in the ad?
    fifth – best buy stores have computers for customers to look up prices, but when I have looked up a product on one of their computers and gone to check out I have found out while at the register that the price was higher than on the website computers. Shoppers check the best buy website you will find the price to be less than in the store, regardless of the “best price available” statement on their store website computers. And if the store website computer says they have items in the store, dont count on them selling it to you. I have heard “we are holding them for an ad” more then once.
    So best buy shoppers.. beware! Best buy shoppers be smart shop at Circuit city!

    • do not buy anything from best buy they are thieves and liars. I am 70 years old and used my social security to but a phone watch that was broken they would not exchange it i am out 500 I had to take a taxi there who waited for me they manager is an idiot. thank you

  36. marthachavez24 says:

    quiero pagar mi bill

  37. Melissa says:

    I always love listening to clueless people complain about Geek Squad…. NO, they don't always give your hard drive back, and no, you don't always get your data back, either. Remember those forms you signed before you turned your computer over? Should have read them. Also, if you wanted your private data backed up, you should have backed it up and taken it off your hard drive before you handed it over to a crowd of strangers. (Who are mostly ALL 24 year old men… I'm sure they respect the sanctity of your homemade porn collection.)

  38. G. Qutifan says:

    Where shall I start? How about BEST BUY SUCKs … ROYALLY!!!

    I live in suburban Chicago; where unfortunately we have a Best Buy (WORST BUY) store in almost every suburb around, which makes it difficult to ignore them, So when few weeks ago I got the Best Buy Sunday advert marketing a Compaq Presario Laptop for $399.00, I thought that would make a great Christmas gift for my 10 year old, that way he has his own and will leave mine alone, he can practice speed typing, do his homework, e-mail his grand parents, and with the right parental control settings, he can search the Web for school assignments, even download games and cheats for his WII, PSP games.

    Will they didn't have that item in stock that Sunday or any another day since! Even when the price increased to $449.00 they continued to advertise the same item, but none in stock to be had.

    Then this week they had another good deal, or so I thought, this time it was for an HP G60 for $499.00, a good deal for what the Laptop offered, except this time they sent me on a wild goose chase, I drove from the Woodridge store to the Lombard store on to the Orland Park store and finally ended up at the Joliet store, and every time I’m told the item is out of stock although I made sure the previous store called ahead and talked live to someone in the Computer Dept. to make sure the Laptop is in stock and to hold one under my name.

    Well let me just say that “BEST BUY PERSONEL INCLUDING STORE MANAGERS ARE A BUNCH OF MENDACIOUS AND BUNGLING FOOLS” from the folks in the Woodridge computer department to the idiots at Lombard and Orland Park stores (Brian was helpful but clueless), to Ian (Manger) and Stephanie (Computer Dept.) at the Juliet store whose Customer Service skills are severally lacking. All were oblivious to the features and specification of the goods they are selling, (which by the way is printed on the side of the manufacturer’s packaging), they had no idea what they have in stock, and as far as I’m concerned the Best Buy Computerized Inventory System can’t keep track of the fingers on one hand, which makes me speculate on how many millions is Best Buy losing in misplaced inventory?

    At the end of the day I drove over 100 miles, after which I decided “I’m the bigger fool” for giving them another shot at my business, LESSON LEARNED.

    The sad thing is, in this economy where fewer retailers in the field, will only encourage a sub par vendor such as Best Buy (WORST BUY) to further mistreat and take advantage of the consumer.



  39. d1234 says:

    bought computer online for store pickup, indifferent employees screw up order; however, I was helped by one store manager who was excellent.

    Take the computer home after purchasing $299 service plan from Geek Squad. After turning computer on and performing an update I receive an error message that my copy of Windows is not genuine. Then the hard drive got corrupted. The Geek squad's idea of service after I brought the computer back was to tell me that I would have to send away to HP for recovery disks. They blamed me for not making recovery disks right away – I had the computer for a total of 45 minutes!

    I spent 45 minutes to an hour arguing with them – finally a manager comes over (Mauro) and decides to exchange the computer without a restocking fee. However, he made a big point of letting me know what a favor he was doing for me.

    Overall it was a terrible experience. The Geek Squad plan is a rip off – they give terrible service and are not all that knowledgeable. The one semi-competent person in all of this (Mauro) came off as an arrogant jerk who still made me wait an hour before exchanging the computer.

    Best Buy seems unfamiliar with the principle that if you sell someone a defective item, you should replace it with no questions asked. I brought a computer home and it was unusable within 45 minutes. They made me jump through hoops and I can't recommend the store to anyone else.

    The only satisfaction that I take is that all the a-hole employees posting here will be out of work as the economic downturn intensifies. Let's see how smug you are then

  40. BestBuy_GoAway says:

    Supposed employees of Best Buy telling disgruntled customers to “Suck it up”.
    That sounds exactly like a Best Buy employee. I have listened in on their conversations, their always 3 or 4 huddled around somewhere blabbing to one another and getting paid to do it.

    Best Buy is going straight down hill. When a corporation screws over enough customers the people will go else where.

  41. alex says:

    Yeah Best Buy sucks, they broke my blackberry that i bought there and told me it was my word against mine. I brought my phone in because I had bought one of those invisible sheilds, you know the one that says “army strong” and “if scratched return for another”. Well it had scratches and I brought back and a manager told me “no we will not return it, take it up with the company”. It had only been 35 days since i bought it too. Then after loosing my battle with two mangers I went home to find it wouldn't charge. The charging port was loose. I called and went in to Best buy and they finally agreed to pay the $60 repair fee. After waiting four weeks for my phone to come back, I got it back with a sticker that said “beyond economic repair. Blackberry said they would fix it, but for a $190. Best Buy said they would repair it or pay for half the cost of a new one. And since i didnt buy insurance on it (my stupidity) a new blackberry cost $499. So they screwed me and don't care. I have written a letter to sprint, blackberry, better business, and best buy explaining my troubles. Be ware when shopping there, they will get you.

  42. SR08 says:

    Haha, you're not a BB mangar you silly person!

  43. Ron T says:

    Best Buy customer relations sucks. I will never purchase any items from them again and advise all readers to do the same. I have a serious issue with their billing practices and called to speak with an person who works for an out sourced company out of the country. With the state of the economy in this country I can understand why jobs should not be sent out of the country to self centered foreigners who hate Americans and laugh under their breath with their unwillingness to help a displaced U.S worker in a finical critics and attempting to resolve a billing issue. Corporate America does not need a finical bailout but the citizens of this country do. Hundreds of thousands of us are out of work because of retail companies like Best Buy. Sorry to be on my soapbox but I am tired of being treated like scum by a foreigner who states that they are only following company policy.

  44. Megan says:

    Hahaha — I actually do not work there, thanks. I have never had a problem with them. Ever. What happened to you was definitely and most profoundly wrong. That employee had absolutely no right to talk to you like that, nor did she have any right to lie to the other employee.

    I am a very satisfied shopper with Best Buy, and what happened to you, for lack of better words, sucks, but I wouldn't let that discourage you.

    You have obviously taken my previous statement with a little more hatred than I intended for it to have.

    My regards,

  45. renie02 says:


    You are obviously a Best Buy employee. You have got to be kidding me. What happened to me inside the Melville NY store, was not a matter of misunderstanding the store policy. Frankly they could have charged me a 10% restocking fee, and I would have left satisfied. I have never been treated like I was treated at the Melville NY store by this young woman named Geriann, who I understand no longer works there. Simply because I stated to her “I will never buy anything at this store again”, she told me if I did not like it I could get the F*** out of HER STORE. Frankly I was shocked that she would dare speak to me like this and when I asked her what gave her the right to do this, she said that if customers say ONE BAD THING about her store she has the right to throw them out of the store. Then, she told me I HAD TO SPEAK to the stereo guy about my broken transmitter. I was so shocked by this that I did, and I was escorted to the area, escorted like I could not be trusted. Come to find out that the reason she did this was so she could get this guy to state that I had broken it myself, which I did not. The story that this woman Geriann concocted was amazing, I guess since she knew I was going to call Corporate Customer Service, she had to get a way to cover herself. Since that day, I have never bought anything at a best buy store. I would no longer feel compfortable shopping there. I shut down my credit card, and none of my friends have bought anything there either. From what I have seen on the internet, and from the amount of claims against Best Buy with the consumer protection agency and the better business bureau, I am not alone. And, since you asked how is it working out for me since Circuit City is in bankruptcy, it's working out fine. I order from Amazon.com, or buy.com and can tell you that if I have a problem which is rare, it's taken care of immediately, which is more than I can say for itself. Best buy reputation speaks for itself. So do me a favor Megain, (AKA BEST BUY EMPLOYEE), call back under your rock and stay there.

  46. Megan says:

    Um, wow.
    Has common sense failed the human race entirely??

    What you did is fraud. (and yes, contrary to your strange mindset, that is, in fact, illegal.) I find it hilarious that you would even openly admit to what you did over the internet. You should be ashamed.

    By inserting a DVD into the player, there is absolutely NO way that you could have possibly cracked the LCD. No way. Also, if you're going to try to pin it on that particular product being “faulty,” then maybe you should leave out the part where you bought the item “3 or 4 weeks ago.” If I worked for them, I wouldn't return it either.

    To all of you complaining about the Return Policy:
    It's written on almost all of their literature, and even on the wall next to customer service in most stores. Just because you didn't get your way does not mean that you should act like a two year old to make it so. Come on people — we're adults, aren't we?

    Large Bones,
    I'm not sure exactly where you find pleasure in questioning one's education, but might I assure you that through rigorous research on this most controversial company, each manager must have some type of degree. My advice to you: if you decide that is really the route you want to go, do so in an educated manner. Your spelling was atrocious and might I add, your grammar and punctuation could use a little touch up as well.

    All of you complaining about the Geek Squad:
    Do YOU know how to fix your computer??
    Obviously not, considering you had to pay someone else to do it for you. Until you are more educated on how exactly to treat and/or manage a desktop or a notebook, keep your mouth shut. You sound ridiculous.

    All of you complaining about your credit cards:
    As mentioned before by Jeff, Best Buy's credit cards go through HSBC, as you might have NOT read in the literature given to you at the time of applying for the card in question. Therefore, there is not ONE single thing a simple Best Buy employee can do for you. Not one.

    Jeff explained exactly what I wanted to, but I feel the need to urge you to comprehend that.

    As for the story, which all of the posters here have not even taken into account, due to their being preoccupied complaining about events they feel are the faults of others and not themselves…….. The employee was absolutely correct in everything they did. If the ink spreads, it's questionable. That's what the pen is there for. How many times have ANY of you had to accept tender in ALL $2 bills? This is not a common practice. Therefore, the employee in question did nothing wrong.

    Also, to all of you now shopping at Circuit, tell me, how is that going for you now that they are filing for Bankruptcy Protection?

    Suck it up.
    The reason I do this is simply because no one else will. When I make a mistake, (I.E. not reading literature handed to me; not taking into account the CORPORATE policies that neither the managers nor employees of ANY store, for that matter can do anything to change; or anything of that nature) I own up to it. I do not whine. I do not shift the blame off to anyone in order to save my own self esteem. I take responsibility for my actions, and I do NOT spread slander over the internet.

    Some of you could learn a vast amount by following my example.
    (Not to toot my own horn or anything.)


  47. renie02 says:

    I totally agree with the comments here. About 2 years ago, I tried to return something to a best buy in Melivlle NY. It was a sirius transmitter. A young lady named Geriann, for some reason decided she was not going to take it back, accused me of breaking it, and told me to leave the store. She accused me of being a criminal, and had me escorted inside the store like I was some kind of criminal. I called Customer Service but to no avail. I have never steped foot inside the store since.

  48. Jay says:

    Best Buy Sucks!

    I will never buy anything from this ripoff company. They are the worst. They instructed me to buy a ink cartridge for my printer, which when I got home did not match my printer. When I went back to exchange the cartridge they said – now they didn't carry this cartridge. So I said fine give me my money back.

    They no. They could not do that.

    They offerred me a store credit. I said no. I need that money to by the correct cartidge.

    They said no. The would not do that. I said I bought the printere here and you told me which cartrdige to buy. And now even though I was willing to get the correct cartdridge from you (which you don't carry any longer) you are not willing to give my money back??????

    What a freaking rippoff store!!

    I will never buy anything from such a rippoff organization.

    I would urge anyone to think twice before doing business with this ripooff organization. They are the worst of the worst!

    • erin says:

      i used to work for best buy too, i was fired because my aunt, which doesnt speak english, went in the store to buy a t.v. that was 399.99 right. when the salesperson was done with her the bill ended up being 845.62!!! she came up to me before she paid and asked why so much and when i looked my co-worker (which didnt know i was her nephew) said, i just made i big sale on this dumb B*T*hi was not happy and i told her she did not need all that stuff, she already had a stand, they wanted to charge her for installation which it didnt need cause it was a 32? t.v., they signed her up for the credit card and put insurance over the warranty, i cancelled the stuff she didnt need and since it was not manager approved i was fired for theft which made me mad because i was only defending my family. Best Buy is crooked in many ways, i would advice shopping smarter, i hate when people are taken advantage of and through working there i learned they are cold hearted

  49. SAM says:


    Well I guess nobody is going to answer to my previous email, its a shame that Me and my family have been buying there forever and a company as big as Best Buy dont care anymore for customer satisfaction.

    I will go forward with my complaint and post this email to whoever I have to, maybe this product should be recall!

    To Whom It May Concern

    About 3 or 4 weeks ago I bought an INSIGNIA DOUBLE DVD PLAYER for my pickup. About $500
    When I bought the lady at the store said that the 4 year warranty that I purchase will cover anything.
    Well yesterday while changing the movie, the lcd screen cracked, there was NOT excesive force used when it was closed,
    it was not closed by the lcd either I just think it was an out of box faulty item.
    Well I took it to the store in Mcallen Texas on Ware rd and Exp 83, I spoke with some of the associates and even
    Ricky the store manager and I try to explain the situation and all of them keep insisting that we like broke it on purpose by some kind
    of an accident, this was not an accident we did not drop it or hit it by all means.
    I dont get why your associates are asking me to go the other store on Jackson and exp 83 and take up with that manager
    I think that is so unprofessional, also why is he telling me to call Insignia and ask them about warranty, isnt that why you go to store for customer
    service and expect associates to do that for you because that is why they get train for right, ?
    He is telling me I cant do nothing for you, thank you and walks away believe me that will make any customer upset.
    I was going to go the other store but I will not bother because I figure that he will probably will do the same then.

    I just hope management takes some action and I get some kind of response or I will go forward and post my complaint to
    consumer protection and the WEB also. At least some people will know what they are in for or go through.


  50. Gary Bing says:

    Statute of limitations ,hugh! A little knowlege of the law will bite you in the *** all the time.

  51. Gary Bing says:

    to Todd s justice, Sept 23rd post. I’m not a judge nor an attourney nor banker or clerk of a small claims court or even remotely connected with Best Buy. But I can tell you this, seeing enough Judge Judy and having requisite common sense any Best Buy employee from the state in question can sue you in small claims court (a fee of $50 plus $35 to serve summons by marshall in California). Or just with a phone call to the District Attourney’s office (they will forward it to the right state and municipality, may even be a toll free call. I’ve seen this on the TV many times.” I’ts called fraud, Einstein: judgement for the plaintiff plus court costs, and i’m sending a copy of this tape to the proper District Attouney’s jurisdiction. You have more to say? I’m done . I’ve issued my verdict , I’ve got other fish to fry, which reminds me it’s lunchtime.”

  52. Dr Telco says:

    Best Buy Warranty Sucks: Here’s my story…My daughter bought a Canon camera…new cost with warranty approx $320.00 dollars with a 2 year warranty. After a year and a half the camera stopped working..no problem I thought since we had a warranty. I took the camera to the Best Buy in Riverside, Calif. After waiting a few minutes a Geek Squad leader inspected the camera and said it would be shipped out to their repair center. Here is where the problem started…according to the repair center it would cost more to repair the camera then what it is work….so they decided to send it back without the repairs or without me getting a new camera. I’ve talked to the manager a few times without getting any satisfaction. I tried to expain to the manager that I paid for the warranty and expected to have it repaired or replaced…No deal from the manager…I’ve spend over $10,000 dollars the last few years at the Riverside Best Buy….I can guarantee that I will never spend another penny at Best Buy. I will update with more information once I take the Best Buy manager to small claims…..

  53. Todd says:

    Do what I did last year on vacation and get even, justice, your money back and a great sense of returning power to the customer. I ran into lots of Best Buy **** over a return that was indeed covered by policy, yet I could not obtain even with my roommate working behind the counter. So after consideration I went to four separate Best Buys out and away from my local area while on vacation. I purchased items I liked and always wrote a check and always for under $200. Then I called my bank and stopped payment on all four checks as they were defective – I claim defect if returns are denied for reasonable reasons and was simply waiting for BB jerks to take me to court so I could explain but it never happened and now won’t. This folks is not a returned check scenario…as in you can not legally be placed on a returned check list. One group tried and I told them I did not bounce a check but placed a stop payment and they removed me from their reporting and returned my check to Best Buy – I could sue the reporting check company and BB jerks as this is actually false credit reporting violating federal law but it would cost too much and who cares. My claim was faulty merchandise and now they have to pursue me in small claims court which is very expensive and it’s very unlikely the company would ever pursue it as they would spend more then they could recover. I also placed an electronic stop payment so an electronic payment could not run through my account – like a debit card transaction. It gets better…I live in another state then the bordering one where I made my purchases. I can’t be forced legally to return to that state for a civil hearing…laws don’t allow it for suck small amounts. The result is they have to sue me where I live which laws make difficult and it is also more expensive for the company. The only better way to do this to Best Buy would be to actually close the checking account after stopping payment on the checks, then there is no account to attempt to electronically access. So now we are even Best Buy. Thanks for the free digital camcorder, Blue-ray player and video games. I have now made a profit off of you and it’s been over a year so you can’t legally sue me anymore. Now that’s justice! Shove your returns where the sun won’t shine except at your life partner love in fest.

    ‘s justice

  54. Mike says:

    You all need to do a few things:
    1. Stop blaming other people (or faceless corporations) for your problems
    2. Learn to see things from other people’s shoes. If someone steals a video game out of its case from best buy, and you buy it, there is no proof that you didn’t just take it yourself. If Best Buy let people return them; EVERYONE ON THE PLANET COULD GET FREE VIDEO GAMES AND THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE WOULD LOSE THEIR JOBS AS A CONSEQUENCE. Similar to the Geek Squad issue. If you hire someone to fix your roof, and if he can’t fix the problem, you still pay him to come out and diagnose it. Computers Diagnostics are no different. Imagine if you were the person writing the checks for the people who handed out free labor in servicing a laptop.
    So please, stop bitching or go shop at Wal Mart.

  55. Steve says:

    I ordered a Dell Laptop and a case through bestbuy.com but picked it up in store. When I got home I noticed that the case looked a lot different than the picture on the website so I tried to return it for a refund. The store refused the refund because there bestbuy.com system was down; they gave me the option of in store credit but said a refund would be impossible if I did that but if I wanted a refund I would need to come back another day. The employees were rude and when I asked for a manager the girl insisted that she was the store manager, when I pointed out that her name tag said team leader she insisted that she was indeed the store manager, RIGHT!

  56. William Strevel says:

    I have a washer and dryer I bought from Best Buy. Within the first year that I had it the machine stopped spinning the bleach water out and that stained dark clothesto a point of not being wearable. I purchased a five year warranty. I am being tansfered everywhere, no one is returning calls, the General Manager in Southaven, MS. are not returning calls or even trying to communicate, and I am stuck with a washer, dryer and two pedistals with a five year non functioning warranty.
    I will never return to Best Buy to purchase anything ever again. This is the nightmare customer service I have read of with other people . Now, I am experiencing it. Best Buy will not treat you well, they have sold me a faulty machine, and I am just stuck with it. Best Buy, they really

  57. G says:

    Wow… to everyone who is complaining about Best Buy employees “making” you buy something is ridiculous. Employees don’t make ya’ll buy anything. If you grown *** people, make grown *** decisions. But don’t cry in 2 years when that laptop breaks and you gotta pay another $750 to get a new one. and to everyone who is complaining about the credit card… Best Buy nor their store employees have anything to do with HSBC. Stop complaining about the store when its the bank that screwed you. Oh and Matt and Beth… Sorry you can’t pay your bills and went into collections… if you can’t afford the stuff, don’t buy it!

  58. Jeff says:

    “cathy” I have see you posted on several sites like this one… I just thought you might like to know… Best Buy is not the bank… the credit card you used and the company you had trouble with is the bank that issued the card. Get your facts right. As for “tim” and “billy”… same thing.

    ED… sorry you feel that way about the service… as for you buying a 4 year service plan… I think you were mistaken… only ever offered 3 years at the longest… and yes a laptop does have to go to the service center (called Geek Squad City and run by Best Buy) because there are over 900 stores and way to many parts to keep in every store. Shipping is done by UPS and goes 2 day. Average repair time is 2 to 3 weeks. As for you having to pay for your last repair after only having it back for a month… there was a 90 warranty on your last repair as stated in the paperwork you were given and your computer would have been shipped in as a redo and the service center manager would have been informed of this so the repair would have been expedited. As for the service plans… I, as a computer tech with over 25 years working on computer and many certifications, would recomend a non-tech get them… unless you know how to diagnose and repair a computer it is worth it… even more so on a laptop and the accidental dammage plan is well worth the extra… a new lcd would cost you a new computer in most cases.

  59. Billy says:

    Best Buy is a little shady. I had to return a laptop because it had a dead pixel. I was charged the 15% even though I was buying another laptop the same day.

    Had trouble with some credit as well. The checks seemed to be getting there late even though I would mail them a week before they were due. $40 for each late fee. I quickly paid off my bill and I won’t be going there again. Costco has better deals. 3 year warranty with most of their stuff anyway. The only thing I’ll buy from them again is new released which happen to be cheaper there than anywhere else. Other than that, I’d try to screw with them as much as I can. As always, buyer beware.

  60. Cathy says:

    BEST BUY does indeed suck! I will take the suggestion to shop at Circuit City from now on. J& R in NY (jr.com)has awesome customer service and they ship for free on a lot of things. I bought a Dell computer at Best Buy and was talked into signing up for a Best Buy credit card and paying that way for the computer. I mailed my payment on the 1st, it was due on the 14th. They charged me $29.11 for a late fee and when I disputed it they said they’d remove it. When the next bill came they only removed $14.50. When I called back they refused to credit the difference even though they already said they would. It still has not been resolved.

  61. Andrew says:

    Best Buy should definately change its name to worst buy. Overall poor customer support, incompetant workers, and outrageous pricing for installation, delivery, and home computer “repair”. They will stop at nothing to rip you off.

  62. Tim says:

    That sucks so much… after Best Buy screwed around with me, my life and my credit I got my revenge (which I wrote about at www.qxpi.com/bestbuy ) and I wouldn’t have been surprised if they tried the same trick on me if they’d caught me!

  63. Ed says:

    Bought a Toshiba laptop 4 years ago with a 4 year Best Buy warranty. The extended warranty cost something like $300. Had it fixed the first year, and Best Buy did OK on that fix, except that it took a month. I also have to admit that we got a couple of replacement batteries from the warranty, so that probably saved us $75 per battery, although the last battery we got only lasted about 4 months before it noticeably started to lose its battery life.

    Year 2: The power jack started to get wiggly loose and was hard to charge it without keeping an eye on it and wiggling it all the time (common on Toshiba Satellite laptops), so took it in again. BB kept it a month+ again and we picked it up and got it home and discovered absolutely nothing had been done to it, they apparently just kept it for a month and then gave it back in the same flaky condition. The power plug was as loose as ever.

    Finally it got so bad we took it back in again for the same power jack problem. They said they put in an entire new motherboard, but I think it must have been a used motherboard because it was better but after only a month the power jack failed worse than before we took it in, and we could not even charge it at all. Except now the warranty is over.

    So I had to ship it off and pay someone to fix the power jack out of my own pocket this time only a month after the warranty.

    After my experience I would not recommend buying a warranty from Best Buy? I recommend buying a laptop that is on sale for $400 or less (basically a disposable laptop), hope it lasts 2 years. If it does break use the money you saved from not buying a warranty to pay some local shop $250 to fix it, plus it will only take a week to have a local shop fix it vs a month at BB, or another option if it breaks is to sell the broken laptop on eBay for a couple hundred in as-is condition, then buy a brand new laptop for another $400 (which is only $100 or 2 more than a warranty anyway.) There are places on the net you can send your laptop battery in and they will send you back a reconditioned bat for about half the price, so no reason to buy an extended warranty just to get free batteries.

    The most irritating part is BB doesn’t blink when they say it will take a month to fix it. Who can be without their main computer for a month? Our laptop was in the Best Buy shop 3 times for a month each time (or more). Out of those 3 times they fixed it once. 33% success rate is not worth the price of the warranty. I can see why it takes a month, because they apparently do not fix anything in house, and ship it to 3rd parties and it might be in shipping a week to get there and a week to get back and a week in the shop.

    These are just my true experiences with a BB warranty. I don’t hate BB, and like to go in there and look around at the gadgets, and they do have some employees that are extremely knowledgeable, (maybe 1 out of 5 or 10) but I will not buy a warranty from BB, and I find that I go to Circuit City a lot more now. Or buy from Newegg, or Tiger Direct and get the item in an amazing 2 days most of the time lots cheaper too.

  64. Steve says:

    Best Buys SUCKS!!! I bought a 40 inch Samsung LCD tv from them and brought it home to find that the screen had been cracked in shipping. I brought the TV back no more that 30 minutes later to the store and the store manager told me to basically F off, He said how did he know I didnt drop it trying to wall mount it or something. He gave me the number to samsung and told me to take it up with them.


    I even called 1800 Best Buy and asked for the Distric Managers contact info but they refused to give it to me……


    All they would do is transfer me to some automated conflict resolution center via phone where they asked for my phone number and then they basically repeated what the tool at my local Best Buy said. There was nothing they could or “WOULD” do.


    Best buy does not stand behind the products they sell and for a company that make 150 million net profit a day as someone posted above that is mindboggling. I have purchased over 4 big screen tv’s from Best Buy over the years and countless other electronics, but no longer.

    In small print on their website at the bottom throw in a ton of other legal **** it states that “they reserve the right to refuse and return”

    I have since turned to Circut City for all my major Electronic purchases.

    Best Buy can KISS MY ARSE!!!

  65. matth says:

    heyyy bigmike, rot in hell you stupid fob

  66. JoeD says:


    direct to Circuit City Corporate

  67. harry says:

    I hate Best Buy because as a former employee they made me work like a slave, cut my hours, constantly harrased me, black balled me from working another job, and wouldn’t alow me to go to lunch break. They are extreamly racsist and most of the managers I worked with were high on drugs like meth. You have to F U C K someone to get a full time job and they have some of the most god awful looking females working there. Oh yeah,most of the managers that work there steal and try to blame it on other employees like it’s their fault. You should never shop there out of respect for humanity and your self.
    This is all true I swear!

  68. SJW says:

    Great business ethic, manager. I hope your bosses rip you off when they tank the company like Enron, Woldcom, etc. To the customers. Take these ******** to court. Small Claims court for false advertising, etc. It doesn’t cost very much and is a royal pain the *** to these businesses, so they will often offer to settle as they don’t want to spend time going to court. And the more people that take them to court, the better. Maybe they will catch on or they will go out of business and throw these ******* employees out of “work”.

  69. Leola1134 says:

    As a manager at best buy all i have to say is this, who gives a **** about that 1 out of 100 people that are unhappy, its your own damn fault for buying our crappy comps or going over your return policy and then leaving mad because we couldnt refund all or most your money, do you really think a corp. that makes $150 million a DAY (actual gross daily profit) gives a damn about you.. You can take your dumb***es to circuit city and we really wont care. You think best buy sucks well theres 99 more for every one of you that loves us sooo were still gonna be the fastest growing electronics retailer, You retards….Cry me a ****in river.

  70. BigMike says:

    Best Buy Suck!! I hate Best Buy.. Will never shop their again.. They make you wait 10 to 14 days, to get your money back..I paid with cash, and want my cash back. If I need to return somwthing. I want My money back that same day. I got a check back 2 weeks later. I will never buy AT Best Buy!! They are crooks.. Best Buy!! Sells junk laptops for low price. Then want to make you pay big money for repairs. I got over on them. I made them returen My laptop. With no problems. I still got to keep my 15% restocking fee. Only because I think they suck! BEST BUY? Worst Buy!!

  71. Fred54 says:

    A couple of simple rules would make thing go much easier.

    1) NEVER EVER buy an extended warrenty. They are underwritten by 3rd partys with no skin in the game. Besides if they were such a bargain nobody would sell them. First the store then the manufacturer who has more skin in the game than the store..More to lose, harder they work, simple as that

    2) Learn about the consumer protection laws in your state. They trump any “store policies”.

    3) in 45+ years of buying consumer electronics I have NEVER had a situation that couldn’t be resolved with a polite “win-win” approach in writing or on the phone. If the store won’t do whats right move on to the manufacturer. I have never not be able to get a fair resolution to a product disatisfaction issue using this simple approach

    Fred from Boston

    • ryan says:

      actually to the guy who said never buy an extended warenty, it all depends on what type of product, i bought a computer 6 years ago with a 3 year warenty and it died after 2 so they gave me a brand new cpu better than before (which i then got another 3 year warenty on) after another 2 1/2 years that one had a mother board problem and best buy was too ignorant to fix it so i got a brand new laptop. so my opinion is if your going to be using the product ALOT and running them heavly i would suggest the watenty. you might have to deal with alot of incompedence, just make sure you read what they cover, and only give them a cpu with nothing you need back on it

  72. large bones says:

    Hey pissed guy do any of those lieing SOB’s have anything more than a HS diploma? Best buy is the biggest rip off and the customer service sucks! Liers cheats and thiefs how can you even stand going to work there knowing you ******** some hard working person out thier money? You could rod convience store with a clearer conscience.

    • bsbuster says:

      First off, after reading your English I am not sure about you having a high school diploma yourself. Secondly, if you have issues with best buy go to circuit city….ohhh wait, you mother fuckers took them out of business by not shopping there, so go ahead and **** off.

  73. pissedguy says:

    now you guys can bash on best buy all you want, but you know some of US who work there do a good job. i don’t know what store your shopping at but i know at mine, we do what we can to help our customers. Yes we know, we don’t always have the best deals, but you know something, all that stuff that everyone complains about is stuff that bugs us too. You know how many times a day i have to tell people why our service plans are worth it. Do you think i enjoy following the same customer around for hours trying to figure out why they are there? I have been with BB for a long time, and it pains me to see what **** service that people get, but don’t forget that we don’t nag your, or get your stuff in late on purpose, we just do what gets our bills paid. And if that means that you might get asked to buy a magazine, than yes ill ask you if you want one. I don’t mind you bashing the Company of Best Buy, hell we all know it needs work, but keep in mind the little guy trying to get through college.

    • PhoneOrderScrewUp says:

      I don’t blame the employees for what I’m dealing with, even though it was a misentered address that’s caused my issue.. That’s an east mistake. I just think the company policies aren’t right. I have to wait 2 weeks to get a credit card refund that I ordered a month ago and never got. So I’m paying 2 months of interest on nothing. I unfortunately can’t get the part anywhere else so I have to reluctantly reorder. I work in retail and a refund can be issued that same moment it is decided.. The hold up makes no sense at all.

  74. Alex says:

    Yup agreed, I bought a digital camera with the premium warranty. I couldn’t ship it back to the Online return center so I had to drive three hours through a snow storm and the warranty wasn’t linearly prorated, each day was more expensive then the last so I ended up paying $60 for three days of coverage for the camera that I was returning in the box. I would have shopped Circuit City but there were no sales people and no items in stock. Sigh.

  75. SCCAXION. says:


    TRY BEST BUY OUTLET and 2NDTURN, ON EBAY!! Ran by dealtree.com,

    Together both companies show off our country’s worst

    customer service skills!!! They top the most rude and most unfriendly attitude towards the customer! And American Consumer!!

    EBAY CARES little about anything other than how much money they make

    off these classless clowns!! So EBAY IS also a BIG part of the problem!!

    Dealtree employees will give you the same LOW “CALIFORNIA STYLE”

    customer service that you get when you go to a Best (worst) buy retail store.

  76. matt and beth says:

    Best Buy does suck and they like to add charges to peoples account, and send them to collections because they don’t know how to send bills out at the correct time or to the correct address….They should let people pay bills right in the store so this does not happen.. When people are told they have paid on line and have no computer don’t you think that is a problem let alone not even having a checking account… What ever you do call me again and blow up my phone on a SUNDAY thats special. get off my *** till you can get it right. EVERYONE WHO SHOPS THERE BE WARE WATCH YOU BILLS AND EXCANGE OR RETURN POLICY……………………..

  77. Phil says:

    I just got ripped off by Geek Squad too. They didn’t fix my
    computer, and they are still charging me 250 bucks and
    won’t refund it.

  78. chaochou2 says:

    After 2 months at the Geekpuke Squad, I am finally getting my HP computer back today. When I dropped it off, I had come from an IT shop that had run diagnostics on it and had found the C drive was bad; I told the Geekiot that I wanted that hard drive back and he said confidently, “No problem. We always give your hard drive back.” I re-iterated that there was private data on it and I wanted it back, not recovered. “Understood. No problem”.

    Next week I got a Geek-call telling me that both my hard drives were bad (actually, I had to TELL THEM the machine had 2 drives, not one) and they would NOT return my hard drives. But he was happy to ask (extort) for “$250 and up” for them to “attempt” to recover my data.

    So after fighting Best Buy for 2 months, supposedly the famed Geekiots (who never seemed to know what the other Geekiots or corporate said or had done) had replaced the both hard drives once, the motherboard twice, and attempted uncounted numbers of OS re-installs…

    I get to see if my computer even works AT ALL! I’m not taking any bets….

  79. Junestone says:

    There is no truth in the name Best Buy. It is absolutely the worst decision a consumer could make unless they KNOW FOR CERTAIN that once a product is purchased they will NEVER need to go back to Best Buy about the product. This includes if the product is broken or if there is NO PRODUCT in the box. Best Buy simply doesn’t care. They would sell you air packaged as a video game if they thought they could and then, once you opened it and found out it was only air, they would deny the return and keep your money. They are crooks and should not be in business.

    • hjkl says:

      I know for a fact that if you went back as soon as you opened that item and there was nothing inside that they would return it.

      If you owned a business and a customer said they recieved nothing in the box and came back a week after they purchased the product you’d be a little suspicious too so don’t talk until you think about it from all sides. who ever you delt with was an idiot but don’t put a whole companys name down for it.

      • steve says:

        Actually no, that’s not the case with Best Buy. As a former employee who worked there I know what their policy is and on certain items, if they’re opened, they will not return it, at all. If you walk out of the store, open it, and walk back in, they will refuse to return it.

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