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Design Mashup: WordPress Stats v.s. Google Analytics

Posted in Google,Web 2.0,Wordpress,WP by Elliott Back 3 days, 5 hours ago.

Google just did a makeover on their Google Analytics package, completely revamping their UI. We won’t get to play with it for a while, though, because they’re slowing rolling out the new version across all their myriad users. Undoubtedly this strategy has two business-centric side effects:

  1. With a slow rollout, they can fix any bugs in the application which they might have overlooked. By the time the 95% start to use it, the 5% will have made it perfect.
  2. They can make it sure it scales. As they add site after site, they can accurately measure how much of their distributed grid will have to power the new, heavier UI.


I don’t have access to a live version, but this screenshot looks a lot the newly announced free stat tracking app from WordPress. For comparison, here’s a screenshot from their web page:


I won’t argue that they’re the same, but the style is similar–and WordPress came way first. Copying or unconscious emulation? You decide.

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