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Google sucks. It just sucks!

Posted in Google,Quantitative,Search,SEO by Elliott Back on February 14th, 2006.

I own a web property, a little wiki called Gold’s Gym Sucks, which I am slowly fleshing out with information about the business practices of that company. I hope for it eventually to become a repository of information about them and a warning to other consumers. To succeed, I need to rank well in search engines for the general terms “gold’s gym sucks” and eventually just “gold’s gym” or “gym” or “gold’s.” And, in Yahoo and MSN, I’ve succeeded. Google is another story.

Let’s take a look at MSN’s SERPS (Search Engine Result PageS):

MSN:  Gold's Gym Sucks

1) Gold’s Gym Sucks Wiki
2) Elliott Back dot COM
3 – 7 ) Random pages

Now, Yahoo does just about the same thing:

Yahoo:  Gold's Gym Sucks

1) Gold’s Gym Sucks Wiki
2-8) Random pages
9) Gold’s Gym Sucks Wiki Location Page

Now, take a look at Google, which just sucks:

Google:  Gold's Gym Sucks

1-3) Random pages
4) My blogtopsites listing
5-10) Random pages
11) My homepage

The actual link to the wiki is buried somewhere way far down in the results. Why does Google penalize me? I’m the best ranking for that term, and yet, because I’m a new site, or few people link to me, they don’t like me.

Update: Google doesn’t actually suck, so this page which ranks (at the moment) number one for the term is a hopeless misnomer. It was written at a time when I was having trouble getting a term to rank because the website on it was so new, and untrusted by Google. Ah well.

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102 Responses to “Google sucks. It just sucks!”

  1. TheBigOne says:

    There is also secret societies like Skulls n Bones and the Illuminati that are trying to make a one world cashless system and are fighting each other on how best to make it work.

    WW2 was a MAJOR test drive using pitting Hitler and Stalin at each other’s throats which now the big corporations are either Globalists or Communists stemming from this.

    In WW2 the US Government had contracts with big businesses to help make products for war as we were way behind in man power but when WW2 was over the US Government kept the contracts instead of declaring them void during peace time or semi peace time which shows to me the Second World War has never really ended but gone into covert.

    There is no in between except for little users like you or I.

    The word *You* doesn’t even exist in big corporation and never will so the governments worldwide need to get their heads from their *** and stop protecting big corps as people.

    There is a huge scary relationship between Big Brother and Big Business trying to give us an illusion of choice and if people don’t wake up we will kill ourselves in electronic war fare.

    I foresee homemade EMP missiles fired from offshore ships being the main weapon used for warfare to cripple infrastructures of developed countries which will lead to civil war when Big Brother forces it’s arm.

    • Google Chrome is using and storing my web search history without my consent. Supposedly you can erase your history but their “simple” method does not erase your history. They claim to want to know and store your search history so they can tailor (send ads) better. Really irritating. So far I have contacted google 5 times about this. All they did was send a glib note about history erasing that does not work. Google has become Big Brother. Apparently if you do not go into every possible area of your computer, the little camera of you using your computer can be going without your knowledge or consent. Absolute breach of privacy and unacceptable.

  2. TheBigOne says:

    The reason nothing gets fixed about Google’s broken products and services is that the majority of complains that show up on the first page or two is usually childish insults like *F you Google!* or “Google is ****” type comments which you can actually Google “Google is ****”.

    I think in the mindset of the company all they see are those kinds of insulting comments so they lump all complainers as childish insults ignoring people like who now how to say their piece without resorting to swear words.

    Same with positive reviewers since they don’t usually cuss unless it’s to name call someone who hates Google like some users on here who thought they could hide their shill attempts.

    They assume all positive reviews like Google 100% so if a person says “While I like Google BUT…….” Google will still take that comment as 100% love ignoring the rest of the speech that has ideas on how to fix things.

    Google sees the world in black and white me thinks and I can’t help but wonder if teenagers are running the show and a couple of trained monkeys for tech support.

    I think it’s damn stupid of them to lump everybody together like that as either all positive or all negative. It’s always somewhere in the middle.

  3. Mikee says:

    I remember back when Google was new, it beat the **** out of searching on Yahoo, AltaVista, Excite, and Lycos. I used to be able to find anything online with only one or two Google searches. Now the only thing that Google can find so quickly is sites detailing how Google search sucks and can’t find anything quickly.

  4. C. Wang says:

    I quit Google completely and now use Yahoo. I hate how Google changes your search results without your consent and eliminates words completely or changes them. When we type in the words exactly, we mean them. “Showing results for (this word). Search instead for (your word)” is not what we want. And Google is such a control freak.

    I not just quit Google, I also gave up on Google Chrome as well, for related reasons. Seriously, if Google were still like what it was 10 years ago, I would still use it. But now it’s completely gone downhill. All they care about is money. It’s all monopoly, folks. It’s just sad.

    • A. perna says:

      I simply simply agree. Adding, Google is creepy.

    • TheBigOne says:

      Please let me know when the US Government stops treating corporations as people and end the big business/government contracts from WW2 and start raising tariffs to make it undesirable to trade with slave labor nations like China.

      They will NEVER be equal and the USA will collapse because of this false mindset.

  5. Denny Gregg says:

    Google sucks! It spies on people for a corrupt government. It spies on people for money. It spies on people because it is perverted. It spies on us because ultimately it wants us to be its slaves. If it had a mother it would sell her into slavery for a dime. Google is part of the global bankster/oil monopolistic oligarchy that destroys free enterprise and the vast majority of us live in abject povery while they live abject luxury. Help pass the 28th Amendment to the Constitution—corporations aren’t people, and money is not speech. Seperate big international money interest from our government—end Congressional bribery!

    • TheBigOne says:

      The reason nothing gets fixed about Google is that the majority of complains that show up on the first page or two is usually childish insults like *F you* or “Google is ****” type comments which you can actually Google “Google is ****”.

      I think in the mindset of the company all they see are those kinds of comments so they lump all complainers as childish insults ignoring people like you who now how to say their piece without resorting to swear words.

      Same with positive reviewers since they don’t usually cuss unless it’s to name call someone who hates Google they assume all positive reviews like Google 100* so if a person says “While I like Google but…….” Google will still take that comment as 100% love.

      Google sees the world in black and white me thinks and I can’t help but wonder if teenagers are running the show and a couple of trained monkeys for tech support.

      I think it’s damn stupid of them to lump everybody together like that as either all positive or all negative. It’s always somewhere in the middle.

  6. Fuck Google says:

    Google sucks and will never go away because they are
    a DARPA/NSA data mining operation.

    Google only returns the results that have been paid for the most.

    I found this page by searching “Google sucks ****.”

  7. Jack Off says:

    When I feel like jacking off, I use Google.

  8. donglefritz says:

    I searched for “google sucks their own mom’s balls” and here I am. I’m pissed because I can’t search for escaped characters even if in quotes (ex: ‘\e’). I don’t even know what the hell is going on anymore. How do we even know if we’re getting what we really want? I suspect that 90% of the time there are better pages than my google results but how would I even know? I hate all the big search engines. I need some of George Carlin’s “Fuckitol” pills.

  9. SacSmokes says:

    I googled “Google Sucks” because I was pissed they suspended by AdSense account. Google is more than happy to take my money, but won’t give any back. You suck Google – your business practice will be the very reason you will be out of business. You have lost sight of what made you who and what you are today.

    • Ellen Umbar says:

      My name is Ellen Umbar of the U.K. and I hate Google because they cancelled my blog about masturbation. Masturbation is out in the open, a healthy and satisfying way to release sexual tension. I have masturbated since I was a pre-teen. I am not in a relationship currently and find that masturbation is my only form of release.

  10. mab says:

    My main gripe with google, now..

    .. is how the updated google doesn’t give you what you want in a search.

    I’m trying to find bird musculature, which used to be all over google..

    I exclude words, especially “***” “bodybuilder” “bodybuilding” “man” “apron” “car” etc, and what do I get? *****. Nothing but *****, a ****** diagram of a pigeon, and nothing even remotely related to birds.

    Ive tried using “muscle anatomy”, etc. Still no help.

    Seems the only thing google is useful for these days is porn, wikipedia articles, and “what you need, when you need it” type pages..

    Google just sucks now.

  11. Chicagoray says:

    I think they’ve grown too large and monopolistic and the government leaves them alone because they’re working hand in hand and one day all this info they’ve collected on us by the little bone of “google dollars” which we all got sucked into for the promise of dollars turning into pennies in return for our banking info and emails is beyond frightening and they destroyed me and my blogger blog which at one time garnered 2-4000 hits day and hundreds in ad dough until Obama was elected and I switched over to rabid Obama bashing. It’s all on paper for anyone to see on the blog and It’s only there now to serve as proof of their content blocking.

    Good luck and hopefully Americans wake up and realize this monster is out of control

  12. Search says:

    gmail sux still get the spam.

  13. I hate Gmail because half the time there is no way to read your mail; I don’t no how many times in sheer frustration I’ve opted to just dileat my mail because there seems to be no way to read the God damed **** !!!!!!!!!!!1

  14. marcol says:

    google sucks because they tell u to join and when u try to join you cant.they must be racist like yahoo,s comment screeners

    • Chicagoray says:

      Ya know strangely Yahoo is the only major site that hasn’t blocked my IP as I tell people what I think about Obama and such and they don’t like it.

      The net is now a corporate playground and they’ve ruined it like everything else in the world/

  15. Raven Harper says:


    This is a petition to change google back.

  16. Bob says:

    One of the reasons Google sucks is because people try to get their site listed in its search results. Your like screw up the entirenet.

  17. JP says:

    I love it…people “whining” about people “whining”. Hahahaha….awesome!

    Isn’t that what the internets is for? It’s a digital “soap box” where anyone can express their disdain for anything.

    Finally…the people have a voice!


  18. a says:

    I like how the largest tag in the you came from tag cloud is Google.


  19. Anonymous says:

    Im not gonna read all those posts. Imma set it straight everything people complain about is so irreverent, ignorable, and/or idiotic to the point where it just dilutes peoples minds with fruitless info. Google is one the best things that have happened to the world. So quit whining and do something constructive.

  20. Anon Emouse says:

    They’re too busy “inventing” “new” cr*p and “features” that nobody needs instead of fixing existing mickey mouse limitations like image search having a max result of 20 per page instead of 200 per page or more like most people want.

  21. Peter Griffin says:

    I searched google sucks balls and this came up

  22. Howard says:

    Sponsorship that works as censorship.
    Cause those who pay gets highlightet, and those who dont pay or dont get troug a approved controlled canal get neglected.
    So much interesting that is impossible to find I have to call the people that has it out there to get the exact adress.
    Totally legal stuff.
    Means there is a lot of interesting stuff that I will never find.
    I look forward and applaouding the new nets comming up without google, greedy controllers that censor internett for their own profit.

  23. Dave says:

    Google has sold out and is all about making money now so whatever they can try to compare prices on why Google sucks because that’s what I got when I became angry at Google and typed in how bad it sucks into the search bar so yes Google you mindless piece of garbage enjoy how you have nothing to offer unless i want to compare prices with your sponsors.

  24. Ryan Poyar says:

    My website has been up for over two years and until recently it wasn’t even ranking for its name “Ray Poyar Auto Sales”. The only way to get to it was to type in the URL into Google. Now 3 months later and after submitting 100’s of back links and doing everything I can to make my site “Google friendly”, it still does not rank. The only thing that it ranks for is its name. Even small variations of the name don’t show up. On the other hand in Yahoo it ranks for much more than its name. Sadly, Google Analytics report more new visits to my website from yahoo than from google and yahoo has 80% of the market!!!!! How screwed up is that. Google’s algorithm is getting too complex and needs to be FIXED. The only thing they have going for them is speed and look. Their search engine is simply the fastest hands down and it is visually appealing to look at.

    Ray Poyar Auto Sales

    Ranks top 5 for all variations of bad cred cars and buy here pay here in ohio or any city near cleveland for yahoo. Doesn’t even show up at all (not even on the 20th page) in Google. What is wrong!!!!

  25. southvole says:

    Google does suck. They closed our adsense account with no reason given, no debate, nothing. There were a lot of good original content sites in there. Then a week later they knocked them all out of the index too. The index is a public resource in my opinion since they are a monopoly on search. So they have no right to dictate what the public can and cannot see especially since they are removing good sites from view. Something has to be done. Nobody wants a corrupt international censor motivated by vendettas.

    • Daniel says:

      Lads get a life. You guys have way too much time on your hands. Have you nothing better to apply yourselves to?

      • kenjamen says:

        you are a ****** Daniel. You sit here and criticize others for making a valid grievance and say they have nothing better to do. Well here you are, being a loser commenting for no reason. I agree with southvole when he says that they have a monopoly on the market and should not censor results. If you don’t see that then you’re stupid. If you don’t worry about that then you’re ignorant. I am 100% anti-censorship and **** you for being the massive idiotic that I fight against daily.

  26. ted says:

    google doesnt suck, u do suck…

  27. Valtiel says:

    Google sucks, here's one reason. Google toolbar suggested I add a Dictionary button. So's I did. Then I tried to use it and it was like, “ohh, woah, dude, hahaha, dude. What I meant was, TRANSLATE…. Word's sound a lot a like when you're this high man….” Then I tried, and Tried, and TRIED to find any way to get that god forsaken button out of my face, because you may not know it but I have SEVER ANGER MANAGEMENT ISSUES. And there is no way. No quick “remove this button”, nothing on any Google page I could get linked to about preferences, just a big “!@#$ YOU” and “What if they made ~pizzas~, with ~donuts~ ON them? Dude… That would be ____” And on and on. People hate on Microsoft because it doesn't implement the features tech savvy websites tell people they need, but you know what, at least they come through on making it easy to do what little they do. And that's not just my two cents, that's 15 bucks. Now go get a haircut and lay off the pipe, Google. Oh, and one more thing, a rich prostitute, is still a filthy *****. Period. So take your haystack of sponsored links I pilfer through every day and !@#!$%!^^*&*^&!##$#!*!@$%*%*#*#$ @#$**#%$$@*# !@#&$^%%$%#^@ !!!!!!!!


  28. VIMTO says:

    i love google





  29. will says:

    google sucks now, i really want to complain about this i dont care if they provide a contact mail or not ill complain about it anywhere on the web so much, that its in randomly posted on sites etc. im searching for something, i type in bio-metal midi-download or im searching on things like music-theory whatever i thin is most important in my life then i get this **** clicking on a link after typing in the google search box and this website horneymatches.com appears, i click back and look at the website the google link of my search is, and it deosnt say horneymathces.com!!!! WTF! the link i click has some midi site which makes complete more sense! this is googles way of advertising its ******* annoying!!! ill have someone create me a personal search engine when i get rich or find another search engine ****!

  30. David K says:

    googles algorithm is ****. if they were as good as they think they are they would be able to detect virus’s, and malware in pages and not index them. Ranking, by counting links that point to a web site is crazy. The most popular site is not necessarily the the best site, or contain sound information. Some of the most creative people in the world will never be listed in googles database, simply because no one has linked to them. I, personally, would have thought that in the 21st century, with computers in almost every home, we would not be searching. We would be looking up things and FINDING answers that were reputable. Instead we have a mass confusion of misinformation and another self indulgent money machine, that has its main focus on who we are and what are we doing…
    I use OpenDNS and, google and everything they own, are blocked. My website disallows the google spider, since they are not going to index me, they do not need to steal my content. I am only one person in billions, but I sleep well, knowing I do not feed the monster.

  31. Sorin says:

    I search with google gold`s gym suck, and the first page is your homepage… i think you kind of gelous dude… and yes, you suck

  32. I am seeking people with Google Horror Stories to post on my site www.googlehorrorstories.net. The purpose of my site is to build a repository of first hand experiences that will travel the Net to eventually put pressure on the big G to resolve some of thier most basic problems. The more people who get involved and the more people who syndicate the articles the better chance we have of making a difference. Please feel free to post your article today!

  33. Hugh G. Rection says:

    Google wants to suck u off thats why dude be careful.

  34. speedy tim says:

    oh yeah, you need to start a page for ‘MSN sucks’ and ‘yahoo sucks’. while this page is number one result for ‘google sucks’ in the google search engine, it is not on the first page of results for both MSN and yahoo.

  35. speedy tim says:

    i once found an article saying how to ‘cheat’ the google algorithm. they said something about making 100’s of pages that link to each other, and then to your page. each link to a page increases its ‘google rank’ which allows its links to concur more ‘google rank’ for the linked page. im not sure if it has to be clicked or not. but if you find the page, im sure it will help

  36. Harbone says:

    I suspect that Google is actually manipulating traffic for its own ends or, at least, the ends of its higher-paying customers. I dislike their policies abroad as well. Thank you for putting up this website.

  37. You all suck. I get the ImpressIon that you all just want to get a top rated search tag lIne to create more traffIc for your own sIte regardless for what the user Is searchIng for. ThIs is one of the many reasons the net Is not that much of a trusted resource for research. The search results should provIde InformatIon about the query, not about those who are postIng the answer, or whatever Item It Is to make It seem that It Is the answer. It Is almost fraudulant behavIor what you are doIng. tryIng to work around a scrIpt. You are all a bunch of whIners. and yes I capItIlIzed all my I’s, what are U goIng to do about IT!?

  38. jeff says:

    I dont have a web site or upload videos but i have come to hate google for not having any customer service. how much damn profits they need anyways!!! i complain sometimes and i want a response or the problem fixed, i hate being ignored. !!!!!Google sucks!!!!!

  39. larenc says:

    for real goog is da boxes
    i has boxes of google for u sven
    i has boycoot too

  40. sven says:

    because of simple minded people like you – Stuck in little boxes!!!!!!

    Get out of the box. BoyCott Google, and Unfortunately MicroSoft

  41. sven says:


    I have had www.tsabc.com up for over 8 years. I am not a big programer but i can build a website. I am a poor simple little dirt farmer. Myself an some other organic farmers started the tri state area bio-ag coalition tsabc to promote nutrition and sustainable agriculture. Not meaning to plug my site just set the picture for you.
    After receiving a bunch of nasty remarks from neighbors and friends (and i didn’t understand what it was about) people were accusing me of operating a credit card scam and phishing and identity theft.website. Then a friend showed me on their computer the WARNINGS of PHISHING SITE ….. BUNCH OF BUNK!. I tried to contact MSN about it Finally found the reply to the notice and all the time to post a reply to MSN. the Notice kept popping up all over my site. after notifying MSN again about the PHISHING WARNINGS were causing me and my business much distress and total shutdown from customer use and support and filing a claim with Microsoft, MR CARLOS de LAWER replied from Microsoft to officially notify me my claim for Losses caused by the UNJUST – UNLAWFUL WARNINGS from MICRO SOFT PHISHING SOFTWARE FILTERS. and my claim was flat denied. I replied informing MIrcrosoft that i will be filing charges with the state attorney generals office and filing suit in local court. THE NEXT DAY — SUCK *** GOOGLE pulled my site totally from their index. NOT A WARNING

  42. Ciaran54 says:

    I typed google sucks into google to see what would happen and this came first. Happy now?

  43. Username says:

    Google DOES suck, mucho grande! They screwed me on the adsense scam. They made it so I cannot edit my Blogger account. They bought and ruined Youtube. They are control freaks that abuse their clients and members. They’re criminal.

    Screw Google and Youtube!

  44. someone says:

    It seems Google will implode in on itself. WIth 50-75% of websites not visible on Google in the long run they will have to submit to become a search engine based on content or be part of history. Why on earth would you search on Google if you cannot find what you are looking for? If they cannot meet that need people will figure it out and will move on never to look back. They are having a lot of luck with the newby, but over time people figure these things out. Google has also left the back door wide open for a competitor to eat them alive. I think Microsoft may be going for it.

  45. My azz was here says:

    I just searched on Google, it gave me ****, I searched again with more settings and keywords but it gave me **** too.

    I typed into the Firefox Searchbar -> “google”… it showed me their own site,
    ityped Google sux and i found that

  46. p rittenhouse says:

    Google sucks big time. Try finding intellegent information and you are out of luck. Google panders and pimps to the highest bidder. That is fine for commercial interest, but I for one am sick and tired of lame response sites, pandering sites and just plain useless sites.

    Google, you may have the edge now, but if you don’t grow up and clean up, you will go the way of ATT, The Big Bells, and all the other monopolies. You can only fool all of the people so long, and then the natives get restless.

    The sites that you present first are either stated sponsored sites or overt attempts to pretend to be impartial. You are a useless sourse of information.

    Pandering, pimping; that’s what you do best. I would love to have the opportunity to use Northernlights again as my search enging. Google, you suck big time.

    May you be blessed with all the government control of monoplies, ripoff companies, and young ignorant useless providers of information. Using the old fashioned paper encyclopedia is faster, more efficient and factual than using pandering pimping google.


    saying google sucks and then displaying their ads on your site, DOES NOT MAKE SENSE!!!!!!! either you like it or you hate it, IT CAN’T BE BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S Google does suck!!!!!!!
    P.S.S heinzkitzvelvet also sucks!!!

  48. heinzkitzvelvet says:

    WOW! When you tell someone the truth that they don’t want to hear, it really hits home, doesn’t it? If the truth sucks then keep lying to yourself so that you may feel comfortable in your “Superior Ignorance.” It makes no difference to me.

  49. heinzkitzvelvetsucks says:

    heinzkitzvelvet sucks more than google.

  50. heinzkitzvelvet says:

    I think that if you people think google sucks so bad and they are such an evil corporate monster and monopoly and blah blah frickin’ blah, then you should quit crying and go research, develop, and procure the capital to build your own search engine and put google out of business. I mean you’re all smart enough to complain about a free service that is there to help with the gathering of information. So obviously you have the brains to do it better than them,right? Mr. Casidy if you don’t want to view porn then turn the “damb” filter on, That’s what it’s there for. People who sit around and ***** and complain about something as trivial as how google makes their money, are just losers looking for something or someone to unload their misery and malcontent upon because they’re total failures and they can’t bare the thought of actually standing up, on their own two feet, and taking responsibility for their own abismal failure of a life. Cryin’ about google…. That’s like bitching about what’s on the tv! Change the channel or shut the stupid thing off and go do something with your life. You people are like those blithering idiots that picket wal-mart because they sell for less. Because they took the time and effort to work out a superior business model, suddenly they are the bad guys, they are the evil conglomerate. People in this country are so frickin’ spoiled it is unbe-freakin-lievable. We got the best life going on this planet and it’s just not good enough. People just are not going to be satisfied until everything is in ruins are they? What are you gonna ***** about when it all falls down on top of us? Because it WILL fall down on top of us. We are the new Rome, people, make no mistake about that. What are you gonna complain about when the real hardships hit this country, and your families. I bet everything I got it ain’t gonna be google.

  51. The reason Google sucks is because enough people concentrate on SEO for their pages that if you have a good SEO team you WILL rank well on Google. Their organic listings are becoming less organic by the day.

  52. Cassandra says:

    Right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Google DOES suck!!!!!!!!!!!it never goves you the right information! Yahoo is MUCH better

  53. Gary P says:

    I have tried many search engines in trying to find a stock symbol for a reorganized energy corp. When I tried google sucks because of no links showing up for what I was searching for; this pops up.
    I also tried researching the Corps Web(s) and still no stock ticker or symbol. You would think they want people to buy their stock. Anyway, another reason goggle sucks and does not deserve to be in capital letters. google just SUCKS….

  54. Gor almost a hole year on google I have been searching and searching just to see how I can get videos on my PSP. Now for almost a hole year I have found NOTHING!!!!! I am not really one for yahoo and I do sometimes use MSN but the only REAL reason I even damb well BOTHER with google is because I put my site on it!!! Also I am sick and tired of damb well PORN being on google images it just pisses me off! Also when I try and do every mother ****in thing to get my site off of google IT DOE’SNT WORK! And sure it may be one of the best freakin web searches on the planet but it just SUCKS beyond all reason. For any Parents who are reading this … DO NOT , REPEAT , DO NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN USE GOOGLE cause they have some sick **** on there server.

    To close this I say the last thing that comes to mind.
    To anyone who is reading this I say I am Cledus Cassidity and I am Damb well Pissed off!

  55. John says:

    “LMAO search google sucks and this shows up. This is how i found this. LOL”

    Ditto…I am actually doing research on Google right now stemming from some very interesting findings I have gathered!

    Does Google make a penalty personal? Yes they do. If you cross the line of webmaster guidelines they can make it personal…e.g. ban every domain that they know of (WHOIS lookup) under your name!

    I have always been a supporter of business has no emotion but when Google makes it personal, I take exception to that. They are the greatest automated information source on the planet! Can they be trusted?

    There is only one collective body that has more power than them…us (the people). I am making a series of videos about the hidden agendas of Google. They will be free to the people. I am not interested in selling them. Some of this stuff is SOOOO juicey.Subjects like Click Fraud (over 40%), hidden suplimental results, Matt’s rat patrol (Paid links), hidden PR, out and out lies to webmasters, what is LSI and why Adsense has become a complete waste of time, just to mention a few :-).

    Do I use Google for information? Yep, they a e the best!
    Do I trust em? No freaken way

  56. LMAO says:

    LMAO search google sucks and this shows up. This is how i found this. LOL

  57. Google Sucks says:

    The “Do No Evil” Corporation Falls Short in Suppressing Anti-Google Websites; GoogleSux.com Goes Online

    Over the years, Google Inc. has meticulously acquired Internet domain names such as GoogleSucks.com, GoogleSucks.net and even GoogleSucks.org – thus pre-empting their use by critics. But apparently, the public relations people at Google have overlooked a popular misspelling of the word ‘sucks’. Recently, a new anti-Google website went online at GoogleSux.com

    GoogleSux.com lists several major grievances against Google such as their near-monopoly domination of Internet search market, cooperation with China on Internet censorship, privacy concerns and last but not least – their arrogance. It also features a free speech comments area, where any visitor can share his or her opinion on whether Google sucks and why.

    The site even has its own t-shirt store with t-shirts and hats criticizing Google. The one-word designs feature words such as “Greedle” and “Big Brother” written in rainbowish colors.

    When asked about GoogleSux.com‘s mission, the site’s spokesman Matt Doggs said: “Google is one big PR stunt and has been from the start. They managed to convince the world that they’re a cute harmless puppy on a mission to save the world. But in reality Google does do evil and a lot of it. The purpose of GoogleSux.com is to expose it!”

  58. tonto says:

    Hey Guys/Gals,

    Remember that google gets paid for their ranking system, not to say that the non payers probably fall into the fair ranking system.

    This is called “Business”.. Maybe Google 2 or ThatsWhatUExpect will not take advertisement payment and provide desired user results from searches. I’m sure a few smart people can come up with some categories that follow peoples desires (i.e. user search policies). We just might just have to subscribe (pay) to this service, but at least then we would be able to to credibly down play searches. So, don’t bust the technology, bust on Google Greed. If someone is offended by this. (Googles) Open up the non advertisement searches for cool people.

    Anonymous (I hope)

  59. Mike says:

    I first started using google, because what ever i typed in the search box, it delivered what i wanted to see, through the years they have added all the adds, and i understand that. however for about the last year, i have entered terms to search for, and all i get is places to buy ****. i use a search engine to search for infomation, not to buy ****. when i want to buy something, there are much better sites to look at. that is why I agree GOOGLE NOW SUCKS!!!!

  60. yo says:

    alsoo…… basically you should be thankful becuase people are finding this site on google. GO GOOGLE!!! and serioussly why did you make a site about this?

  61. yo says:

    i typed in google sucks and this is the first website that appears. =]
    i like google though. its VERY helpful.

  62. iwashere says:

    I searched Google.com and found this page…

  63. michael jackson says:

    your moms saint suck

  64. michael jackson says:

    your mom sucks

  65. someone11111 says:

    yes google sucks big time, they charge website owners so their results would be on top, and results are measured by how many people access website even if it has nothing to do with what you are looking for, and also gives retarded results that have nothing to do with what you are looking for, it’s cheap the way it displays results according to the country’s location where you do the search from, there was a time it was very good, but now it just sucks big time.
    It’s an american company, just cares about money and not quality.

  66. Orangutan says:

    One of the weights used in Google’s engine that is often over-looked is the method in which you construct your web-page. It prefers that you use the heading tags (H1, H2, et cetera) amongst a few other things. These things are often over-looked in modern web-design.

  67. iktikn says:

    GOOGLE SUCKS and so do all who say it doesn’t.

  68. panter says:

    o google is fine, i use it always. the problem is that they getting more comercial and sells our data. (wich is not proofed). and it getting more and more to an institution, without any qualification. for exampel is firefox using google for check hov seriosly a website is. WHY is google telling me what is good without beeing transparently them self.

    sorry for my miserable english.

  69. a pedestrian says:

    I dont see how it sucks, its just attracted by the profits, and you do too, from the ads on your sites.

  70. peter says:

    @nifelazawe _ you little sick **********. if you like google that much. HOW did you get to this site??? And it is not about using google. Google is like a junkie, whos drug is information. So if i am looking for information – google has it. It is more about how google is acting and present the info. They killing other engines, so i can’t find information anymore whitout using this monster.

  71. nightowl007 says:

    Google sucks azz and that is no doubt!!!!!! I can’t find **** on this search engine…matter of fact I can’t find shiiiiitttteee on any of them. Google should stop taking bribes and start doing what the people want!!!! RESULTS THAT MATTER!!!!!!!!!

  72. nifelazawe says:

    Well… people if google sucks, just stop using it. You cant change anything so go back using your yahoo or whatever to search your craps and stop talking about how google sucks. They earn more money and respect more than you will in your lifetime.

  73. poogle says:

    google going to be a poo-gle …. all full of ****..

  74. vouiasdnvo9 says:

    omfg google does suck

  75. stuoooob says:

    OMG google is teh suck they ate my dog bad bad google i ehard they r communists and capitalists and facists and have big ears BUR

  76. Dan O'Phelan says:

    Google sucks because they do not let the public know that they are not neutral in their searches; instead you bid, like at an auction for the best results (ranking) for your site. So it’s all about the money. As an attorney who has a large family and a small practice, it is very hard to compete with larger firms willing to pay more for a better rank or for that matter various companies. Yahoo, netscape, alltheweb, and various other search engines rank me in the way that I should be ranked for the searches for my law office, but Google–they punish me; they especially punished me when I cancelled my ad. Google ad sense was the only search engine I had an ad on and the only search engine that marginalized my business. They truly and absolutely suck.

  77. Hey do you know what else sucks? Horses.

  78. WTF says:

    your all *** google pwns.

  79. The Google paradigm is at least frustrating. One of my sites is just over a year old, PR5, No. one for the key terms on MSN, Yahoo, and the smaller ones, but it has been number one on Google, first page, first return five or six times in the last six months…stays there for 5-7 days and then disappears for nearly a month. So, I “googled” “google sucks” and got this site.

  80. Babbler says:


  81. HippyInASuit says:

    Google sucks because they censor the videos on Google Video. Alex Jones’ Martial Law 9/11 is constantly “unavailable” and they’ve reset the statistics foir that documentary and his other film, Terror Storm,” several times. Aparently they’ve censored videos from Iraq as well.

    Then there are the censored areas of satellite images…

  82. I totally agree that Google Sucks! My site, www.gostate.org, is the only site in the world dedicated to “California State University San Jose” and ranks No. 2 on both Yahoo & MSN for that term, but I’m buried on page 3 on sucky old Google.

    Hey Google, you suck! You’re Sandbox algo is broken. Go to heck!

  83. The Anti Big Brother State says:

    You want to know why google sucks? Than here it is!


  84. Nic Edwards says:


    I am not a cowboy. YOU slow down.

  85. kylie says:

    i kind of like google and y does it suck ?

  86. G-Force says:

    You have to understand that google ranking algorithym is one of the most complex if it is not THE most complex. But, it is not complex for nothing, it is complex to deliver the best results to his users. One of the important criteria of the google ranking it is the age of the site. If your site is new, it may take a lot of time for your site to get to the top of google. But even if you haven’t been able to rank well for the terms Gold’s Gym Sucks, I want to congratulate you for being #1 result for the search of Google Suck.

    • Miro says:

      google sucks becouse it does not show what im looking for but commercial links so it becomes worthless

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