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How to Fix a Wet iPhone

Posted in Apple,Hardware,iPhone by Elliott Back on June 14th, 2008.

If your iPhone is broken and won’t turn on because you dropped it in water, got it wet in the rain, or spilled your favorite drink on it, don’t worry it may be repairable. The first thing to try is drying it out. Don’t try to turn it on, don’t plug it into anything, that may only increase the damage, or damage another component, or electrocute yourself. Instead, dry it out with a hairdryer for a while, and then spray compressed air into the earphone hole at the top, and the dock-adapter hole at the bottom. If you’re lucky, at this point it will turn itself on automatically!


If this doesn’t work, follow the instructions here to open the base of the iPhone and proceed to dry out your internals. Note that this is a dangerous procedure and will void your warranty. Please don’t open up your iPhone! It’s probably a better idea to just take into the Apple store and let their geniuses figure things out.

(Note: the iPhone can be “reset” by holding the top power button and the circular “home” button at the same time for a while)

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495 Responses to “How to Fix a Wet iPhone”

  1. sofia says:

    i dropped my iphone 5 in my pool and tried to dry it i turned it on and it worked for a while but then it went off and i cant turn it on what do i do¿

  2. Ashley says:

    I got tea under my front camera! I need help! I don’t have any rice either! :(

  3. Daniela says:

    My phone gel in a cooler of water for a couple of minutes I don’t know what to do at this moment I put it in a bag of rice I need help

  4. Jessie says:

    I went to the beach and I placed my phone under my jumper and I went in the sea for half an hour to a hour and wen I came back my phone was hot and it was turned off I tried several times but it won’t work what can I do?

  5. Brett says:

    So today I went to my friends house to go swimming in his pool. I forgot I had my phone on me. I was in the pool for about 30-45 mins. I have it in rice and had it in there for about 8 hours and 30 mins and still won’t wooorrk!!!!! What do I DOO?!?!?!?!?!

  6. lilllian says:

    Is there a easy way?
    I mean like really easy!

  7. Samantha says:

    OK so I dropped my IPhone in pepsi a few weeks ago and I thought itll just dry if I left it alone. well now it will blink and lock itself/unlock itself and I cant get anything done not even sending a simple tex message without it locking itself. it makes the simplest tasks so difficult and nearly impossible. HELP ME!!!:(

    • Monique Boyer says:

      People- don’t listen to advice!!!! You may damage your phone further. Further- NEVER EVER use a blow dryer to dry it out. Simply put your phone in rice and be patient. Obviously- the rice needs to be uncooked. If you are very imoatiebpnt -vacuum out the iPhone at any of the iPhone openings before placing it in the rice.

  8. Samantha says:

    So I dropped my iPhone in pepsi a few weeks ago and I just left it alone thinking itll dry. Now it flashes on and off by itself and I cant do anything even send a simple message without it locking itself. HELP ME PLEASE!!! :(

    • shaun says:

      that happened to me just let it dry for about three days it should work by then if not go to apple

  9. Cami says:

    ok I went swimming with my phone in a lifeproof case thinking it would be ok when I got out of the water I noticed water had gotten into the case when I opened it I dried it off and tried to turn it on it works but water is trapped in the glass and the home button doesn’t work what do I do

    • RORY says:

      put your iphone in a sealed container filled with rice, completely cover the phone in the rice but dont lye the iphone flat , leave it at a bit of an angle, leave it in a warm dry place for 36 hrs,, that will get rid of the water , condensation from your idevice,,,, best of luck cami

  10. Jake says:

    No homo but i love you! I freaked out when i got my phone wet INDSIDE MY LIFEPROOF CASE. And i was online about i buy a new iphone when i thought id give it a last desporate attempt. So i cleane out headphone jack and restart iphone and BAM plays music again

  11. Toni says:

    I did something stupid I had my iPhone on me when I got baptized with a life proof case on it. After I came out the water my phone was wet. I took it out the life proof case and and notice the screen was mess up. I tried to turn it out it when to a blue screen. On my way back home I turn up the heat in my car and let it blow into my iPhone. That didn’t do nothing I home put in Macaroni noodles didn’t work had no rice. Later that night I used my blow dryer and when the phone seem dry I turn it off and on and it worked. So I would recommend rice and blow dryer.

    • Lori says:

      Thanks! Dropped mine in water today for only a few seconds put in rice for two hours everything was working except for sound saw this post and took out of rice and blew dry on low cool setting for 25 min sound is working again thank goodness!! Thanks sooo much!

  12. Soph says:

    —-HELP—- So yesterday my friend accidentally dropped my iphone 4 on the ground and the top shattered a bit. On the exact same day I went to flush the toilet and my pocket was open. My phone fell in. It was in there for about 20 seconds until I got it out with a spoon. I’ve tried the rice thing for a day now, I’ve tried turning it on and it’s not working at all!!!!!!! The LED light went on a couple of times and then off. HELP ME PLEASE I CANT AFFORD TO BUY A NEW PHONE. —-HELP—-

    • Toni says:

      Use blow dryer, rice, and vacuum with a holes at the bottom of your iPhone to get dry in the in side

  13. Alyssa says:

    I dropped my phone in the toilet 4-5 days ago. It was in the water 3 seconds, max. Stupidly, I tried to turn it on and the screen started blinking and then it went completely black. It dried in direct sunlight for 2-3 days and that didn’t work. Now, it’s been sitting in rice for 2 days. I’ve tried plugging it in to a cable & I’ve also tried turning it on again multiple times. Still, nothing is happening. HELP.

  14. Shlomo w says:

    Forget rice, never works. Cure is as follows:
    Shake phone lightly to expel excess water from openings at top and bottom.
    Get a shallow dish or disposable Ziploc food storage container the phone will lay flat in, a 5 inch square will do.
    Lay phone flat, then pour in isopropyl alcohol which is $1 at store. Drown the phone, give it a shake or two while submerged. This sounds stupid, but the alcohol will displace ALL water. Let it soak a minute.
    Pull out phone, drain from openings, sponge or q-tip excess from openings. Tilt it every which way to get out as much as you can. Get rid of alcohol, down the sink is fine, rinse container.
    THEN the hairdryer, 6 inches from each opening on WARM not hot, shake a little, no more than 5 minutes per opening.
    Let it sit for at least 4 hours to thoroughly dry inside.
    Plug in adapter to phone first, set it down flat and THEN plug in charger to outlet. Should power up and work fine.
    If not, proceed to Apple store and this time buy the insurance.

  15. Paige Wallace says:

    I dropped my phone in a puddle and it turned off and I knew not to turn it on so I blow dryed it for 15 minutes and it was good as new, this article saved my life. Thanks a billion

  16. Tracy says:

    My phone got in the washing machine. I know this was dumb, but I tried turning it on, at least two times. And then I plugged it in the charger, and several minutes later the flashlight turns on. :/ I used a blow dryer around the open areas of the phone before I plugged it in.
    About a minute after I plugged it in (which I know I wasn’t supposed to..), it vibrated twice.
    Right now, the iPhone still has its flashlight on. I don’t want to try and turn it on because I’m afraid something would happen.

  17. louise says:

    hi I dropped the top end of my iphone in a cup of tea and now my speakers wont work I can only hear calls on speaker phone no sound like music not playing no locking tone help please

  18. ERIC says:

    i went swimming. forgetting that i had my iphone in my pocket. i was swimming for an hour or so. i realized that i had my phone in my pocket. i left the phone in a bag of rice. it had not worked. ( last month) i checked on my phone and it turned on. but the battery is always on low when i charge it. and when i take the charger off the apple sign pops up. any suggestions?

    • sidd says:

      The same has happened to me , how did you get it fixed or has it not changed please reply!!

  19. brianna says:

    ok so i dropped my iphone 4 i the toilet and i made a huge huge mastake and turned it on a couple times and it flickered and i didnt know what to do so when i got home i used my blow dryer and put it in rice for 24 hours and it doesnt want to work i think i fried it but i am really sad and pissed and my self can you please help me and tell me what to do about it because i have no idea what to do and i need my phone like really bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Jennifer says:

    Hi so this is my story.I was washing my hands & my iphone 4s was right next to me.I didn’t think it would fall into the water,& next thing you know it falls in the sink.I quickly then took it out & wiped it.Then I made a mistake.I turned it on & it started to blink,& it started to get hot.I started to panic so I then tried clicking buttons & trying to get the water out.I then turned my phone off after 5 mins,and after that I put it in rice.Its currently in rice,but will it work or have I damaged my phone since I had it on?

    • Ed says:

      Forget the rice. Take off any covers and remove any Sim chips. Use a hair dryer on all the open ports and connections. Keep hair dryer about 6 inches from phone and let it go for about an hour then move to another port. It dried my iPhone 4 in 5 hours after a dunk and swim into a pool!!! Restored back to 100% with no issues

  21. Madeline says:

    dropped my iphone in water.. was in for a split second. didnt seem to bad, but for some reason, shows headphones, of which I do not have. can only hear calls on speaker. text tones do not register, and cannot play music. yet phone still rings and everything else seems normal. just sounds are effected. Any way to fix?

    • Emily says:

      I have the SAME exact problem, did you get it fixed yet?

    • Ed says:

      Forget the rice. Take off any covers and remove any Sim chips. Use a hair dryer on all the open ports and connections. Keep hair dryer about 6 inches from phone on a medium setting and let it go for about an hour then move to another port. Powered with charger and it turned on with screen still wet. Turned off and continued drying. It dried my iPhone 4 in 5 hours after a dunk and swim into a pool!!! Restored back to 100% with no issues

  22. Amber says:

    I washed my moms iPhone…haha. She just got it two days ago and it was only in there for about 10 minutes maybe, well we’re trying the rice trick, hope it works! And I really think a lot of us need life proof cases…

    • jb says:

      DONT GET THE LIFE PROOF CASE. IT SUCKS!!!!!! That’s y my phone is broken now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • CD says:

        Totally agree with you about the Life Proof Case.It’s a Waste of $80.I wish that I never trusted the damn thing. Now I am hoping that by some miracle the rice trick will actually work.

    • Ed says:

      Forget the rice. Take off any covers and remove any Sim chips. Use a hair dryer on all the open ports and connections. Keep hair dryer about 6 inches on a medium setting from phone and let it go for about an hour then move to another port. Placed back on charger to see progress. Screen was wet. Turned off and continued drying. It dried my iPhone 4 in 5 hours after a dunk and swim into a pool!!! Restored back to 100% with no issues

      • Sam says:

        Theonly reason you don’t trust Lifeproof cases, jb is because you obviously don’t know how to use it. I suggest not judging something when you only about 12.

  23. hay says:

    Help!! I dropped my iphone into water and could not off it even with forced shutdown button. Now the screen will blink on its own every few minutes.

    I have put it into silica filled ziplock bag now. But there is still 20% battery life.

  24. Dida says:

    My iPhone4 got pretty wet while outside running. After drying it as best I could, it seemed like the home button was stuck down since it kept going to Voice Control and I couldn’t shut it down because whenever I did the “Slide To Power Off”, it would just do a restart instead of shutting down. I put it in a bag of rice when I got home, but didn’t have the patience and it kept butt dialing anyway since the home button seemed to be stuck (and I couldn’t turn it off). So…I vacuumed all the obvious places as best I could, then I did what I did when my home button was gunked up last time and didn’t work so well. I dipped my finger in rubbing alcohol and worked it around the home button getting in real good along the edges. I probably used a drop or two total of rubbing alcohol. All better now, worked great… again! YouTube has a good video on this: “Iphone 4 Home Button ignoring clicks – Fix w/ Rubbing Alcohol”

  25. claudia says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU My IPhone fell in the toilet .I tried the blow dryer then the rice thing and NOTHING!Then I pressed the top power and the home button simultaneously And it came to life . It seems to be working but is there something I should do to prevent it from eroding .

    • Ed says:

      Yes continue drying with hair dryer. See my other post to this problem. Zero screen issues and fully restored. Everyone amazed

    • Greg says:

      I dropped my iPhone in the toilet and dryer it with rice. This worked great, but now all my music sounds like ****.

  26. Hoponpop says:

    These phones are made in China, the only magic remedy is to drop it into the uncooked food of those who made it! Try rice… I hear this works best.

  27. Aphrodite871 says:

    my 3 year old son decided he was going to play on my phone in the bathtub and dropped it (i didnt know he had it) and it wasnt working so I’m trying the rice thing now and im hoping it will work. when i was drying it off, the flash began to blink then it stayed on, but went off again.

    • Dann says:

      did your iphone worked again? its happening the same to my iphone, the flash blinked for like an hour and now went off, and the iphone still doesnt work

  28. Tyrone says:

    I found my iPhone sitting in a lil pool of bourbon In the bottom of my bag that a sat my can in it fell and went everywhere the iPhone still works but the speakers are playing up they choose to work when it wants what do I do? How to fix!?

  29. Adam says:

    hey guys my iphone got wet and i tried the rice thing trick didn’t work…
    but my iphone only works when its plug in does anyone know why?

    • Daria says:

      that happened to my sister once. we tried everything possible but gave up and called apple. they said the best thing to do is buy a new iphone and so we did. now my iphone got wet and it works but it ont charge and we are currently doing the rice thing so hopefully it will be fine

  30. Pacheco says:

    Well, this is my story.
    I went out a weekend to a kind of Island with a few friends, bought my Iphone 4s on the friday b4 leaving to the Island, on saturday night, went to the loo and accidently dropes my iphone b4 i started takin a piss, took it out as soon as i saw it drop,maybe less than a second under water. I thought it didnt get wet enough to **** it up, so i just sticked it in my pocket again. I noticed my pocket was gettin extremely hot, it was the phone with a black screen, nd wouldnt turn off. I started blowin it, nd finally it went off. Battery died i think. Monday when i got back home, tried to turn it on, didnt work, and then remembered battery had died. So i tried charging it, the battery chargin went on, but was goin off right after 10 seconds.

    Now i wont do ****, HELP PLEASE

    • john says:

      i had the same problem but mine was in the water longer there are special bags at ace and most other hardware stores called Dry Nows that will fix that but i still have a problem with reception

  31. Ashley says:

    dropped my phone in the toliet. I left it used the blow dryer and also took it apart and put it in a bag of rice over night. This morning when I woke up, my phone still won’t work on it’s own, but if I put it on the charger my home screen pops up and it tells me to activation in progress and I should plug it into i-tunes?? What does that mean I should do, I don’t know how to plug it into i-tunes.

  32. Lisa says:

    My phone mixed with water 4 days ago. Finally after having it in ziploc bag with rice, vacuuming the ports for 10 minutes, leaving in on dashboard of car in direct sunlight, and blow drying it for a short time, I plugged it in last night and now have sound (texts coming in and phone rings) but no display at all. Anything else I can try?!


  33. mitali says:

    hey guys my iphone got dropped in a bucket of water. I dried it off completely and luckily it works again but the problem is that, it switches off unexpectedly anytime and switches on by itself immediately and because of this I keep on losing my chat history. Please help me what to do!! Need help

  34. Wacko Jacko says:

    So, I boiled the rice for 30 minutes, threw in my Iphone but it still didn’t work when I pulled it out. So I went on the web and saw the bit about using a hairdryer, didn’t work. Then I saw that most of the people using the hairdryer idea had first dropped their Iphone in the toilet. So I did that. Viola, took it out, blow dried it,now works perfectly.

  35. SammyJ says:

    Dropped in the Loo – maybe 3 seconds tops. Screen went black. Stored several hours in rice -still didn’t work. Used vaccum/suction method and “voila” – screen came back! Stored in rice again but this time placed on heating pad. Vaccumed a second time and all is working except speakers (which are in and out.) If I lose speakers, I can deal. So happy rest of phone working. Good luck.

  36. Miranda says:

    Hi, My iPhone (brand new from insurance after having 2 stolen – not having with phone – what do the iPhone gods have against me?!) fell into a drain when I was unlocking my bike! Thankfully a lovely passer-by dived in and got it for me. It’s been sitting in rice for a few days and then a friend dried it out for me in his dehydrator (he’s a raw foodie) but reported that it still doesn’t work. I’ve plugged it in and joy of joys – it’s powered up! BUT the top 3 rows of the keys don’t work so I can’t use my password! There’s no other signs of water damage on the screen or anything and it appears to be charging fine and isn’t hot (I had one go for a burton down the toilet last year and although it did recover, it did used to get hot charging) to the touch. Does anyone know if it’s likely to recover this function? I do have Genius appointment booked for tomorrow, so fingers crossed as that’s my 3rd phone in as many months and I can’t claim on insurance again for a year! Thanks

  37. Yu Ri says:

    Hey guys,
    it REALLY works. I had dropped it into my sink and it seemed to be dead forever. It wouldn’t work whatever I did. It was late in the night, so I just went to bed and was desperate.
    On the next day, I searched the web and heard about the rice solution. I bought some rice and felt really stupid when I put my iPhone into a tupperware of rice and closed it. In the next two days, I tried to turn it on – maybe I shouldn’t have done so but anyway I did – and was convinced that my iPhone had gone and that I needed to tell my parents, save money and buy another mobile phone.
    I left it in the rice for another 3 days without taking it out. Today I opened the rice box and showed my dead iPhone to my parents on Skype. Then I tried to turn it on and it WORKED. It worked as if nothing had happened.
    So guys, just wipe all the water off your wet phone you can and put it into a box full of raw rice for a few days. It sounds like wonder but it’s really worth trying it

  38. Jocelyne says:

    I dropped accidentally my phone in the toilet. I picked it up immediately, dried it with a towel followed by cold air from hair dryer. Then put it in a Tupperware of uncooked rice for 48-36 hours. Tried to turn it on during this period but no sign of life. After 36 hours I attached it to the charger and kept it around 2 hours then WOW… It turned on by itself, charging normally but no sound. Keep it charging for around additional 3 hours. The sound is back working. My phone is alive…..

  39. Jason says:

    So I boiled the rice with the iPhone for about 45 minutes. Then set it to dry but nothing. Am I missing something? Please help!

  40. promee says:

    I was on a holiday and i fell in a lake with my iphone in my hand. I dried it off and turned it on. It worked for a few hours then it went of. Then i turned it off again. I then turnes it on and got this colorful lined screen. I kniw it still works because i can hearr the tone of my messages. Please help me.

  41. mily says:

    i dropped my iPhone in the loo,, and picked it out straight away and panicked so i blew the blow dryer on it,
    then the screen wouldn’t work i have had flashes and sounds but the screen won’t say on i need help what do i do

    • chris says:

      hey i know its been a long time but figured i would let u know for next time when u get ur i phone wet get a q tip and twist it til its small enough to fit in the headphones port and twist it all around this happend to me i could only use bluetooth until someone suggested that and instantly it started working

  42. Symdrome666 says:

    1. Turn off the phone ASAP, do not attempt to try using it right away, you may further damage it.
    2. Break out a blow dryer and a 00 philips screw driver.
    3. Set the dryer on high heat on high setting. Blow out the opening orifices first, headphone jack, sim pin ejecter, around all buttons, and around the dock connector, mic, and speakers, also around the screen.
    4. Open the phone up, examine how wet it is, if not much moisture, simply blow dry all the insides for a couple minutes at a time, letting the insides cool off in between, once it looks all dry. Close it up, throw it in the rice for a few hours if you feel the need to, and your beloved phone should work as it did before.

  43. Andrew says:

    FYI if you find your phone is wet. NEVER EVER TRY TO TURN IT BACK ON! This may cause further damage by short circuiting important components. If it has been submerged, leave it in a bag/container of rice (any rice but I always prefer white). Leave it in for a couple of days dependent on water submersion level of Iphone. If that doesn’t do it, try this method, be wary of having hair drying too hot try on the lowest setting. This method is also great for just little water spills onto your phone.

  44. Jon says:

    Left my phone outside and the morning dew got to it. I used the hairdryer for about 2 minutes and set it in rice again. Lets see what happens…

    I set in it rice over the night and it seem to get rid of the fog in the camera lens.

  45. mramz says:

    hi… so my iphone dropped out of my pocket and fell in the toilet. It wasn’t in for very long before I pulled it out and immediately started drying it with a towel. It was still on but the speakers wouldnt work and it kept on displaying an image that pops up whenever i put it into my ihome even when it wasnt on my ihome. I had to go to soccer practice and when I came back the apple logo and a fozen spinning wheel was on the screen. It has only been about 5 hours since I dropped it in the toilet. What should I do?!? PLEASE HELP!! Has anyone else had the same problem???

  46. Shane says:

    I got my phone wet then dried it and it’s working but the screen is very dark how do I fix this

    • me says:

      okay this is going to be the most craziest story yet i was cleaning my makeup brushes with a homade con cotion with my phone recording it so i could post it on you tube next thing i know bam it fell head first into the mixture i immediatly grabed it out ran to the nearest towel and dried the goo out of it i hit the home button and it worked fine except part of the screen was dark ony a corner so i immediatly put it in rice then after searching then realized i should take off the casw when i did the whole thing had the watery goo mess under it i cleaned it and then put it in rice the phone had died cuz it had low battery to begin with is there any yhing else i coud do please this is my 2nd iphone4s scine the other was stolen anything i can do please

  47. susan says:

    Dropped my iphone 4s in water when i plug it in to charger it turns on but wont send or rec txts or let me get on internet or call out?

  48. Chester says:

    So, I dropped my phone off a 80 ft cliff, and it’s at the bottom of the ocean. I need help! What should I do? Do you know if any scuba divers would take my phone a bag of rice? What does the phone do with the rice anyway?
    I’m so frustrated! My blow dryer’s cord will DEFINITELY not reach the bottom of the ocean and I don’t have an extension cord. Can I borrow somebodies? PLEASE HELP ME! I WANT MY PHONE…NOW!!! What do I do? This blog is my last hope.

  49. Beto says:

    I really hope someone could help me here because my situation is just weird. I put my iphone in some wet place and it was there for like around less than a minute but from there my iphone was working correctly but noticed that the led flashlight was on and it didnt wanted to turn off so i decided to reboot the iphone but even when i turn it off the led light was still on that was weird and when the phone was on again now the touch screen wasnt working like everything was working except for the touch screen and if i see it really close i can see water inside the mirror so i just leave it off but the led light is still on eventhough the phone is totally death with no battery the led light is still on what should i do?? please heeeeeeeeeeeelp!!!!!!!!

  50. missinmylife says:

    ok so i droped my iphone 4 into the lake and i jumped in after it and my clothes got all wet.. ugh but anyways i was FREAKINHG out cuz like my phone in my life!! so i dried it off and i tryed it, it worked THANK GOD! but i still put it in rice….. and then i was in the car for a little bit abd i was texting off it and then the screen went red and then black and my alarm goes off and everything and i can trun it off and stuff but it wont work and its been in rice for 4 days..

  51. Aamir says:

    I dropped my i phone 4 in aqarium n i turned it on after two days n its camera is not working……
    Wat should i do please help me and its not in warranty

    • Charlie says:

      The post about the compressed air is a winner. I dropped my iPhone in the toilet yesterday an d didn’t realize until today that the sound wasn’t working. I was pretty annoyed cause I am traveling tonight and don’t have 3-4 days for it dry out using the rice bag. But I saw the post about the compressed air do decided to try our sodastream which use a co2 canister. A few squirts of air later and the sound was back. Magic. thanks heaps

  52. Victoria says:

    Okay so I left my phone in one of my friend’s bag while we worked out and she had her water bottle in it that happened to leak. I don’t know how long it was in there but it was a little wet. (My phone was in a wallet, but the wallet was soaked). Anyways, I tried calling my friend and the sound wasn’t working :/. I could only hear my friend on speaker or if I had my headphones in. Also if I turned my music on it wouldn’t work (only if i used headphones.) I knew that rice had worked in the past for my friend so I put my phone in rice for about 10-15 mins until I started reading this site and saw the hairdyer idea. So I took my phone and my hairdryer and put my hairdyer on COOL and aimed it at the speakers and the headphone hole. I did that for about 5-10 mins and i turned my phone on and it started working again!!!!!(: I was so happy. Well I hoped this works for someonee else.

  53. ismail says:

    I am a real stupid.my iphone was dropped into a glass of water but i could not see it though it was near to me.it was in there may be 20 to 30 mins.now i put it inside rice. lets see what happen.

  54. Melissa says:

    So I dropped my iPhone in a river… Well I was walking in the shallow side of a river and fell in and my phone went with me. Haha anyway as soon as I fell I bounced back up got my iPhone and shook off all the extra water and towel dried it. The screen still worked so did all the buttons but the sound didn’t work! I drove home and got my hair dyer set it on ‘cool’ and aimed it at the speakers for 5 minuets. I tried it again and it works perfectly!!! Thank goodness cause I can’t live without it!

    • Miles says:

      Thats cool. I was at my bud’s boat house and dropped it in the riv. Three days later me and my bud went diving for it and found it. I put it in a bag or rice for a week then just let it sit out for a week and IT TURNED ON. It was in the river for three days!!!

      • Todd says:

        Hey Miles…I just freakin jumped into the pool with iPhone4 in pocket. I read your post and am trying rice. Did you wrap phone up first before putting in rice, and what kind of bag did you use, plastic ziplock or paper. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Todd

  55. Robin says:

    Has anyone dropped his Iphone in a washing machine?????

    • richard says:

      yes do u know wht to do if that happens

    • Nanci says:

      Yep, I washed mine when it was in my bathrobe pocket. :(( Immediately took it out and put it in rice and set it outside in the sun all day. It now works almost perfectly. No music out of the speakers, but I get all the rest of the sounds (phone ringing, message notifications, etc.) perfectly. I wonder why the music won’t come through the speakers? Headphones are fine.

      • Cyndi says:

        Nanci I did the exact same thing, even had it in my bathrobe pocket! Makes me sick and so mad at myself because this phone has also been dropped in the toilet 2 times. I’m praying the rice, the Damp Rid, the compressed air, cool hair dryer and vacuum will be enough to bring her back to life.

  56. Zkay says:

    The rice thing totally works! My kid’s drinkie with water spilled in my bag and my phone stopped working. After reading the comments here, I turned off my phone, left it in a container with rice for four hours, and then turned it on – It works perfectly! Thank god!

  57. brittneyycarterr says:

    So my phone fell into some dirty kitchen water in the sink when my gma called me…. it didnt get fully wet but the bottom half did and now the screen looks like ugly…i quickly grabbed my phone and put the cool setting on the hair dryer and put it by the end of my phone then i remembered someone metioning about rice so i took my phone and i placed it into some uncooked rice. then i read about the heated rice so i heated it for 30 seconds and put my phone back in the rice and i can see the moisture going to the top lid but my phone screen flashed on and i looked at it and the home button doesnt work at all… what do i do?

  58. Brittney Carter says:

    so i dropped my phone in some dirty kitchen sink water and it wasnt fully submerged but just the bottom part of it i quickly grabbed it out and took my case off and but the blow drier on cool and but it on the bottom of my phone then decided to put it in rice… its been around 2 hours being in rice and it turned on by itself but i noticed the home button doesnt work. im not sure if i need to give the rice more time or what…. please help

  59. Chay says:

    yes rice does work plus if you have an Iphone or any other phone get a tub with a seelable lid eg:clip box or lunch box place some rice down on the bottom or the clip box or lunch box then also put some salt in there to then place your phone on top of the salt and rice make sure you dont get any salt in the charger hole or any other holes eg:speaker,headphone then seel the box and place it in a walm place and leave it for 3-4 days then take yiur phone out and simpaly turn it on if it is an Iphone do the same when the apple logo comes on the screen will go dodgy so keep tapping the screen not hard untell it stops then it will go to standby mode if your Iphone dosnt turn on then try plugging your Iphone in that WILL! work

  60. She says:

    I aslo dropped mine in a toilet

  61. Julz says:

    I’ve been hearing people dropping their phone in the shower, the bath tub, spilt drinks on it and other similar stories. Here’s a new one for ya. I dropped my iPhone in a creek near my house -.-
    It fell out of my lousy pocket and into the water. Luckily my boyfriend reached in and found it. But that took about 1 to 5 minutes of searching through cloudy water :(
    The screen slowly faded away when I tried turning it on which wasn’t the best idea and now I’m soaking it in rice. Although it took us about 30 to 60 minutes to walk back home and find a bag of rice – which probably didn’t help the situation. Anyhow, I tried connecting it to see if it’d turn on, then I blow dried it and now around the edges of the screen have turned a shady white and I’m scared that the hairdryer might have melted the screen a little bit :-/
    I didn’t do anything smart as I just wanted it to turn on. Anyhow, does anyone have any suggestions?

  62. amelia says:

    i was at a music festival and right at the beginning of the day vodka spilt all through my bag and soaked my iphone.i turned it on straight away because i had no idea what to do and it worked but then slowly faded out. i left it just in my bag all day then when i got home put it in rice, 3 days now and still no luck. does anyone know if rice will work with vodka, or anything else i can do?

  63. morglenn says:

    i so have the weirdest experience ever…

    i dropped my iphone 4S in the toilet two days ago and grabbed it out within about 15-20 seconds. i immediately wrapped it in toilet paper but the screen faded out before i could turn it off. i hit it against a paper towel for a while and got a good bit of the water out of it. it slowly began to show up again, but i couldn’t really see anything but the clock. then all of a sudden, BAM! it was working full force again. i even plugged it in to charge and everything was fine. it worked perfectly the rest of the night and the yesterday, but when i got back into my car after soccer practice, it gave me the low battery screen. i plugged it in when i got home and it came on with 83% battery. i took a shower, came back to it, unplugged it and i got the wheel of death. it kept giving me the low battery screen after that… it’s in a bag of rice now and the SIM card is out, but i don’t have confidence that it’s going to work… i need my phone :((((

  64. Me says:

    I dropped a glass of water on my iphone 4 and after a few seconds of pure shock i carefully picked it up and dried it with some toilet paper and it works tottaly fine!! How could that be?? I have’nt charged it yet cause of all the warnings that it might damage it from the inside, but my battery’s about to die! HELP ME

  65. Samantha says:

    I was taking a bath and listening to my music as usual, when i grabbed my phone to change the song it slipped out of my hand and into the water, i grabbed it and jumped out. It was probably three minutes until i got uncooked rice. I took out the sim card and placed that in rice and the phone itself. then i placed the cups on the window seal where there would be sun. I then read this and took out my hair dryer and tried to blow dry my phone and the sim card, after 5 minutes i put it back in the rice and back on the window. Did that cause more damage? How long should i keep it in the rice? PLEASE help, I leave for Vegas tomorrow and need my phone!!!

  66. xia aracena says:

    it really dose work i dropped my i phone 4s in the toilet and i can use it again

  67. Jake says:

    My iphone 4 was dropped into a pool about a year ago. My friend tried to turn it on immediatly after, which wasn’t the smartest thing to do. After that I threw it in some rice and I didn’t use it for a few months. Eventually I went and got the battery replaced and the phone worked fine. The only problem is the camera wont work, both the front facing camera and the rear facing camera. When I open the camera app, the shutters stay closed and it wont work at all. Is this a software issue, or are the cameras broken? Thanks!

    • Sandy says:

      I want to know what you found out About cameras not working! Mine was already on when I got wet! Everything works but camera! Immediately after I got it out of my pocket and looked at it.. The flash on camera was on! I thought it was flash light app at first.. By the next morning.. The light was off and all works but cameras!

    • Joyce says:

      Omg…this happened to me too…i put it in a bag of rice and after a few hours i open my phone and my camera was still working but it was blurry cause there was still moist in the camera lens. I turned it off and after a day i turned it on and everything works but the camera. :/ Did u ever get yours fix

  68. carly says:

    so i dropped my phone in the bathtub but snatched it out within the second i dropped it in. it works because ive left in rice over night and while i was at school. the only think is that my Home button doesnt work!!!!! and as you know this is a BIG issue. i cannot close the icons. i need to use my iphone asap. if i bring it to at&t will i have to get a new phone? can they JUST fix the home button to where i wont have to get a new one and all my stuff will have to be gone… or is there something i can do at home??? HELP! i dont really wanna bring it to at&t but i will if i have to or should

    • Felipe says:

      So u have two options. Either jailbreak ur device if it’s not done already.. With the activator tweak I never use the home button so that would be a solution. Or change the home button… Here in Colombia the entire thing cost around 80 dollars… If u r in the states then surely it will cost half the price

  69. Andrea says:

    I never thought I would have to go through this again. A couple of years ago my iPhone 3gs fell into the sink. I turned it off immediately, then checked around on the web for solutions. So, I plunged the phone into a bath of heated uncooked rice in my crockpot. You could see the moisture coming out of the rice and the phone condensing on the glass lid. I kept wiping that off, eventually turned off the crockpot after and hour and left it there for four days. I guess the heat was too high, as there we’re a few micro cracks in the plastic near the sync port. My husband then took it to Apple. They said to keep using the phone, since it turned on, until or unless it crapped out. They said water damage is progressive and the phone would keep loosing function if the rice hadn’t done the trick. Well, that phone is still working today, nearly three years after the incident, with no loss in function. Now, a similar thing happened to my iPhone 4s. So, this time I heated up the rice to the point where it is warm, but not uncomfortable to touch. This is after removing the sim card and wrapping phone in a kleenex to keep any rice dust out. I have turned off the crockpot, but plan to monitor it and rewarm later. I hope this works this time too!

  70. varun says:

    call it a miracle or call science- 7 days ago my IPHONE 4S was lying in a pool of water in my car for over an hour until i realized..it wont start or respond..the whole camera lens andglass covers were filled with water..apple voids warranty due to water damage..i was paranoid until i read an article on the internet and for the last 1 week i kept in a bag of ‘uncooked rice’ and a week later- ALL WATER GONE AND ITS WORKING COMPLETELY FINE !

    • Burgerboy118 says:

      I dropped my phone in a sink of water just before christmas, The sound stopped working but all the apps work,then i read about putting it in rice for a day or 2 i did that then about a week and a half ago it kept turning itself on and off while charging, i bought a new battery and opening kit it made no difference so dont try that idea. it wont even turn on now.

  71. Dee says:

    The other night I was at a party and my Iphone accidentally slipped out of my back pocket into the toilet. It was submerged in water for no more than 2-3 seconds since I snatched it out quickly. I checked to see if everything was ok and to my surprise everything worked just fine. It didn’t even shut off after the plunge as I’ve seen other Iphone’s do in demonstration videos I’ve seen online.

    I can still receive calls, send out and receive texts, turn my phone on and off,go online, get notifications etc. The only noticeable damage was this error that kept popping up “This accessory is not optimized for this iPhone” even though nothing was connected to the phone, but eventually that even stopped happening and all appeared normal. My camera lens on the Iphone appeared to have little droplets of moisture and the camera’s quality appeared to have been affected but it still works. Being that this is the first time I have ever dropped my phone in water I didn’t know what to do, so I kept my phone on since everything seemed to be in working order. Once I got home I even plugged the charger and it was still able to get a charge just fine…Little did I know however that everything I did was harmful to my Iphone. I should have shut it off immediately once I found out everything was in working order. Charging it was also a big mistake since I could of fried my phone internally. So far all of done is placed my Iphone (wrapped in a stocking) in a sealed container of rice with some silica packets and I’m still currently waiting…I’d say it’s been about 6 hours since then.

    So I’d like to know what I should do next. How long should I wait before I turn it on again? How long should I keep it in rice? And Also I’d like to know if anyone has had a similar experience to this? and what the outcome was. I don’t want to attempt to take my phone apart since I wouldn’t know what to do and risk damaging it further. Sorry for the long description, I just wanted to be thorough since I want to every chance possible to save my phone. Don’t know if this thread is till alive or not but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to post.Thank you!

    • Maddie says:

      The same exact thing happened to me today at about 3pm west coast time. My phone fell into the toilet out of my sweatshirt pocket while i was cleaning. I also grabbed it immediately, and everything seemed to be working (I even text messaged my friend saying “I dropped my phone in the toilet”) and she told me to turn it off. I went to put it in rice and then began researching what to do. I figured that since it never turned off on its own like all of the other internet stories say happened, that it might be working ok. I also checked the water damage “notifying” spots that turn pink/red when wet, and sure enough, they are. I am tempted to turn my phone back on but I am worried that it can still potentially short circuit. Please let me know what you ended up doing and what you would recommend!

      • allannah says:

        i did the exact same thing at work today, as soon as i picked it out i had it under the hand drier for about 5-10 mins, then sat it on a towel on top of the radiator. i never switched it off either untill just now when i read these stories, the only thing i can see wrong so far is the screen is patchy as if there are droplets of water or something. i have my phone in a sealed bag of rice just now but will have to take it out in the morning for work. will let you know how i get on

  72. Perry says:

    The rice trick worked well for me. I dropped my iPhone 4s in the toilet. Although I have it in-cased in an otter box, it still got wet. Less than 5 sec in the water. I took it home and placed it in a bag of white rice for 36 hours. It’s working like it never was dropped in there. AT&T will still replace the iPhone 4s 32GB for $199, but I think I’ll keep what I have for now at aleast.

  73. emily says:

    i just know dropped my phone in the toilet.i grabbed it within 5 seconds. the screen imediately began to get darker and darker. but i have no idea what it looks like at this point for it is in a bag of rice

  74. Worried says:

    I dropped mine in the toilet and grabbed it out quickly and it still worked just fine but after about an hour it started to do little but out of the ordinary things and i am a little bit scared. It was in another language and it randomly unlocks and locks itself and goes to the ‘slide to power off’ screen..it also won’t make any noise and when i try to adjust the volume it has (headphones) volume thing but there aren’t headphones in… it also had a message saying that it was too hot and couldn’t operate and all i could do was sos call. please help, i’m not sure if it’s going to do worse things or whether it’ll just stop in time :S

    • celia says:

      ok i lost my iphone 4 i have 3 lovely children .. to which i found my phone only thing is it has a broken screen and its wet REALLY wet like out in the rain for 2 days wet …. reading this i have it in a bag of brown rice .. dont know if the rice has to be type .. but brown rice is all that was in the cupboard . so i am being cam and nice dont know if it was me that left it outside or one of my darling girls that love walking around with me phone at any chance they get .. apart from that am hoping this whole rice thing works .. as for the broken screen i have ordered one on ebay from hong kong and i am going to fi it myself as i cannot afford at this time to get it fixed … so heres to all that hope ….:(

  75. shannon says:

    The whole of my drink leaked in my bag which meant my iphone 4 got soaked, it must of been in there for about 15 minutes. I took my phone out and when i got home i plugged the charger in and it came on after a while of just the apple logo coming up and then it swiched itself back off. It then make this ticking noise from inside? I’ve put it in a container of rice so hopefully this works as my insurance has run out!

  76. Soncrae says:

    NEED HELP!! my son dropped my phone in my coffee everything works except the part i hear from, can anyone help me???? i also have apple one year warranty but i am not sure if they cover this! please help me thanks

  77. tony dooley says:

    Use a vacuum cleaner if possible. If you want to try and suck the liquid out of the inner parts of the phone, try using a vacuum cleaner. Remove all residual moisture by drawing it away with a vacuum cleaner held over the affected areas for up to 20 minutes, in each accessible area (take it in turns with a friend). This is the fastest method and can completely dry out your phone and get it working in thirty minutes. However, unless the exposure to water was extremely short, it’s not recommended to attempt to turn your phone on this soon. Be careful not to hold the vacuum too close to the phone, as a vacuum can create static electricity, which is even worse for the phone.

    Best bet is the rice method, or the dessicant packets you get in some items

  78. Yannick says:

    Ok check it out heres my story. I was walking home the other day and I rolled my ankle. By the time I got home I drunkenly stumbled over to our pool to dunk my swollen ankle in. I got in and swam around, probably for 15 minutes. I Jumped out, soaked, and had a few more brews. It was another 15 minutes before i noticed my iphone 4 in my drenched shorts. I panicked, and laughed, then the anger came, finally denial. I plugged the phone into the charger. nothing. Totally dead. A few of my housemates suggested rice, which i had barley any of. I put it in there until the morning. Again I plugged it in. Nothing. Then I found 4 Selica Gel packets and added those to the mix. I left the house for the day and on my way home went to the supermarket to see if i could buy more. They had none but they did have those moisture absorbing things that go under the sink or in a closet. It was like 6 bucks so I got it. I cut it open and poured the little white beads in with the rice. I checked it about 5 hours later and the phone was wet. This had done something it seems. Another half day later I plugged the phone in and for the first time it came to life. I could see a small amount of water damage, a white glow around the bottom of the screen. But everything else worked, some texts came through and I made a call. Before long the reception died. I turned my phone off with the intention of turning it back on but alas, it refused. I did a restore, and plugged it back in but all the came up was the apple logo and eventually it prompted me to plug into I tunes. However when I unplugged it from the charger it died instantly and Itunes wouldn’t read it. Today I woke up and put it in the sun for a short while. I decided to open the phone (it’s a hassle I know, use a scalpel, or even a really small philips head) the inside was dry but i sat it in the sun for a short time. Then i put it back in the Rice, Selica Gel, absorbant bead mixture. 3 hours later I plugged it in charge, same problem. I left it in charge and had a sleep, and just woke up to a string of text messages. It seems to work fine now. Its fully charged, no visible damage, home key sticks a little but barley. I didn’t use a hairdryer or a vaccumm or anything else other than what i described. I still havent put the back on again. Good Luck. Also if you fix your phone it isn’t a miracle. God doesn’t even exist.

    • s says:

      “Also if you fix your phone it isn’t a miracle”. True

      “God doesn’t even exist”. False

      • John says:

        Seriously – spouting the ‘god exists’ nonsense on a forum like this! What a crock of ****

      • vicki says:

        Darling.. you must think you are pretty powerful to make such a statement with out any proof.. Spend your time proving that he does though.. it will serve you better when your life is over. God Bless you! will pray for God to reveal himself to you as he has for me, but you have to be seeking him, not ignoring his existance. Love to you!

    • Miracle says:

      God isn’t here to fix your iPhone problems, especially for someone that has the nerve to write something as ignorant as that.
      Go buy yourself a new phone.
      Sincerely, Miracle

      PS. Not even I worked for you. :)

      • Problem Solver says:

        SHUT IT!! Does it really matter if she doesn’t believe in god? WELL? This isn’t a religious site? You guys think you’re so nice and saintly? Well screw you… Was she the one cussing or being a Royal B? NO!!! You “saintly” people were. You guy can have your opines but that doesn’t mean that you have to share them with everybody else. If you guys are so “Nice and Saintly” for believing in God then why if someone simply doesn’t believe what you do… Why should they go to hell? You think we deserve to be torrid for the rest of our lives because we didn’t believe in God? WOW! Nice people you guys are… See you in Hell!(:

    • John says:

      God does not care if your phone works or not. He has better things to do…

  79. MissMyPhone says:

    my phone fell in the toilet for less than 10 seconds. i put it in a bag of rice for 4 days, i opened it up to make sure there was no more moisture in the phone. In total i had not plugged my phone in for 7 days. Once i put it on the charger, it prompted me to plug into iTunes, once i unplugged it from the charger, the screen went black. Plugging it up to the computer has not helped. The apple start up screen just keeps flashing on and off. I am at a loss and don’t know what to do. Can someone please help?

  80. chris javier says:

    i left my iphones beside my drink and fell asleep when i woke up it kept on vibrating ang no no msg alert was making sny sound when i recve texts but when someone calls it ring, a prompt always comes out “this accesory is not optimized by iphone – you may experience noise caused by cel;lular interference and decrease in signal strength” then after that the sound goes of….i tried to blow dry it by nothing happens, anything else i can do? thanks

  81. amanda says:

    I dropped my iPhone 4 in the toilet last night around 11pm,I snatched it out of the water within 5 seconds of it dropping into the toilet. the phone itself shut off before i could shut it off and i freaked out (i had been drinking) so i dried it off, and stuck it in a bag of brown rice and continued on with my night. In the morning around seven my phone turned on for about one minute and started vibrating with all my missed calls then it shut off. it is now 4:30 pm my phone as been in the bag of rice for roughly 18 and 1/2 hours, and it turned on. everything works, no damage. :D

    i feel soooo lucky :) and so thankful because i treat my iPhone like its my child (so for future reference when i have a child and i drop it in the toilet I’ll dry it off and stick it in a bag of rice haha)

  82. Pete says:

    I have an iPhone 4 that got wet while playing golf. I had the phone in the cup holder of the golf cart. I didn’t see any water in the cup holder but… Anyway, I didn’t notice any liquid on the phone but my phone kept saying the accessory is not ioptimized for this device and your signal strength might be weak or something like that. I took it to my I.T. Guys at work and they confirmed that it got wet. They took a can of compressed air that contained Tetraflouroethane and tipped the can over and squirted the very cold liquid into the data port on the phone for about 5 seconds moving the tip back and forth covering the entire data port with now frozen liquid. To my amazement the sound immediately started working. My volume up and down buttons worked immediately, I got clicks when I locked and unlocked the phone. everything worked as it should. Until the phone warmed up again. The I.T. guys said that freezing the phone confirmed that there was still moisture in the phone and that I needed to put the phone in a bag of rice for a few days to completely dry out the phone. Worked like a champ for me. And the compressed air is a great way to test.

    • MARGARETTE says:

      I dropped my phone in the toilet and the phone was retored thanks to dry rice overnight but I noticed that the WI-FI button is grayed out. I am able to go on line but I can’t switch it back and forth. There might be some wet spots left inside the phone so I put it in rice again this morning hopefully, the WI-FI will work again. if anyone has any solutions, please let me know.

  83. tee says:

    its work……XD my iphone 4 damp,,everything fine except i cant hear any sound from my music n video.after browsing about this problem i try to dry it with hair dryer 15 minutes…then put it in rice bag but after 10 minutes i felt stupid..so i dry it again with hair dryer 5 minutes n sucking the earphone hole 5 minutes and felt 100x more stupid give up i try to turn it on n suprisingly its work!lol.

  84. paul bosch says:

    My ipone 4 was completely submerged in cranberry juice for 30 minutes and didnt work at all
    I left it in a sealed bag of rice for 2 days
    plugged it, nothing, then left in plugged in for 5 minutes and it turned on

    • Dar says:

      I spilled the same thing. Did you try charging it before putting it in rice and if so – did it appear to even acknowledge the charge?

  85. amy says:

    hey guys,
    so yesterday morning i was washing up and texting at the same time with my iphone 3gs, stupid i know!
    then BAM no iphone, where was it? UNDER the water!
    i pulled it out as fast as i could and panicked! i had no clue what to do. so i took the case i had on, off and left the phone on like an idiot, just to see the damage. it started off small but gradually got larger and larger over the screen until my phone eventually turned itself off.
    i was devestated.
    i put it on the radiator for 5/6 hours, it turned on after and the damage was still there but not as bad as before.
    i had it in rice over night, and now i have it in rice on a radiator as my uncle says it would work a charm, and its working!!
    the water has almost gone, but it has left damage which was expected.
    i didnt want to look like an idiot putting my phone in rice, but seriously it works!!! so dont just stick it on the radiator like i did, put it straight into a sealed box of rice, and if your radiators are on, put it ontop of one over night and i guarantee your phone will be working soon!!
    im never washing up again!


  86. Jon says:

    I dropped my iphone in the toilet at the bar. It had an Otter box on it which I think helped. It got super hot and wouldn’t come on. Then just the light would come on. I put it in a container of rice near my dehumidifier for about 24 hours. It wor’s now, but it wont get wi-fi and the camera won’t work…plus I think it has an STD. Good luck to everyone though. I didn’t think mine would ever work again…be patient!

  87. James says:

    My Iphone fell into a bucket of paint thinner! while I wash washing out my paint brushes.
    Then I rinsed it off with gasoline as a solvent cleaner. When it didn;t turn on I threw into the barbeque for ten minutes, let dry and cool off. It now works fine!

  88. Lambert says:

    **** the iphones this sh#!%#$% needs to come up with something to cover it when you try to go to the pool of an hotel and you get all FU##@ up to remember it wasnt cover….fu#@$@#$ sh#$@#$…

  89. Gary says:

    I took it in the pool with me for a few minutes before realising it was zipped up in my swimsuit boxers’ pocket. Dried it under hand dryer, then sucked the water out the dock and the sim card slot with my mouth… before that I also shook it like crazy to get the water to spray out.

    The home button didn’t work at all for a few days and voice control kept coming on and off randomly.. but now two days later the whole phone works pretty much most of the time including the home button… sometimes it randomly resets tho, and the compass doesn’t work anymore..

    i also store the phone in a container full of dry uncooked rice to absorb the moisture..

    Cheers, and good luck everyone!

    • Sharon says:

      Thank you sooo much you saved my phone

    • Brittany says:

      I have tried to turn my phone on a few time and put it on the charger for a minute or two twice before I read this…but initially I blew in all the ducts and put into a bag of rice within an hour. do you have any additional tips?
      thank you.

    • Katy says:

      Mine is doing the exact same thing. I am going to try that and hope it works!

  90. geo says:

    i got my phone wet in the rain. the flash light is on and wont turn of, that is all that is on, the phone it slef wont turn on :/

    • arri says:

      Oh lord, i have a problems same as you, the flash light is on while the phone was turned off. and now your phone won’t turn on?, i hope i had more lucky. now my iphone still on the rice bag.

  91. joe says:

    I was on a boat with my 3gs in my pocket when my friend thought it would be funny to push me in. phone was dead when i got out so. i put it in rice for 2 days, no dice. I took it apart dried it out for 2 more days, no dice. Is it repairable or junk?

    • Kz Babb says:

      Another thing that will work is Silica Packets.
      You know when you get new shoes or sometimes its in medicine bottles and on the packet is says “DO NOT EAT”, well dont eat it but use it as an absorber! Get acouple of them and put them in a bag with your phone. Lay the bag (with your phone inside the bag) out in the sun and leave it there. Not everyone has the packets though so get as many as you can and mix it with the rice, i did this and my phone works good as new!
      I hope this helps.

  92. Ilene Quinn says:

    Thank you so much. We were sitting outside and the automatic sprinkling system went on. Too much. A hose broke overhead and it was Niagra Falls on us on the patio. Fortunately my phone was under something and didn’t get soaked. But I sure was drying it out. I didn’t lose power but I could barley hear anyone or anything. We did the hairdryer and compressed air and we are able to hear better on the phone and ipod than we could before. Thanx for giving us your advice. Your answer really gave us relief.
    Again our thanx. The Niagra Falls on the Iphone couple

  93. Blessing says:

    well on a friday @ church camp i sort of left my broken purfume bottle in my purse and it spilled all OVER MY STUFF!!!!! so it didnt really damage anything but it got in the screen plus my phone was already deade cuz i forgot my charger
    2 home so now i tried the rice trick and its been a while since i checked on it soooooo….. what should i do sumbody PLEEZ HELP ME!!!!… PLEASE

  94. cherilyn says:

    i was so stupid.i bought a lipton ice tea in a bottle, put it in my bag with my iphone, had no idea it was spilling out. The tea got all over my bag and my iphone 3gs. when i got the iphone out it was already dead. there was an apple store there so i quickly rushed to it, then the apple person synced my phone and still didnt work. i tried to blow dry it yesterday for only like 5 mins and ive got it in a bowl of rice right now. its been there over night. the next morning i didnt see any water on the can lens so i assumed it was already dry. i tried to turn it on but it wont work. so now will it decrease the possibility of it to ever come back to life? thanks in advance

    • cherilyn says:

      i synced it to my laptop (windows 7) after 2 days of being in a bowl of rice, then it showed some lines, now it just shows white screen. i tried everything including the pressing both of the home and top button and other stuff but it wont work. itunes detects it but when i click restore it keeps on saying error 1604.. what should i do? will they be able to fix it in the apple store? i bought mine in another country and now im staying in a different country. what should i do?

  95. Hannah says:

    i dropped my iphone 4 in the toilet! i tested the headphone jack and on/off/lock button and sound, and camera. everything was fine. about a day later the main (and only) button on the front, is very very slow to respond. and i can no longer double or triple click, this takes all my battery from all the open apps, help!!!

  96. kerrie says:

    thankyou so much for this info it saved my phone :) i only just got it and spilt a brew on it i did what you said and it came on on its own after a blow dry :) thanks

  97. Adam says:


    I went fishing last night and as soon as I was headed for the water to start wading out to fish i was brutally attacked by yellow jackets so in a fit I jump into the water with my iPhone 3Gs in my pocket it was wet for no more than 5-10 seconds. i dried it off and have it in a bowl of rice currently. It wont stop vibrating but the phone is off occasionally a red LED light comes on in the top left corner of the phone and i have no idea what it means. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Will Mr. iPhone ever work correctly again?

  98. jessica_renee says:

    Being the wonderful girlfriend i am i washed my boyfriends brand new iphone4 in the washer then put it in the dryer and ran it twice!!! we just turned the phone off and chucked it as a loss. but then we turned it on today and it WORKS! it comes on and the screen is just fine except it comes on with the no service and in different languages and says i need to restore itunes. but everytime i take it off the charger it shuts off.

    is that due to the water damage or to the fact it has been dead for a few months?? just want to know if it is a loss or still can be saved.

  99. matt says:

    I just washed my iPhone in the sink, thinking it was my eye glasses, cuz the glasses were in the other hand and my brain was thinking of other ****…well, aka, **** happens…
    well, when the iPhone gets wet, the first thing I notice is the sound thingie is interupted. it flashes the silent then no silent thingie. and the clicky text sound doesn’t work…
    anywho, the water dries out. don’t freak out people.
    I got my iPhone wet before, did the same thing…just let it dry.

  100. sj says:

    little while ago, i was clicking a pic from my i phone4 in kithen n i didnt realize my hands were a bit wet . just a tiny drop of water came on screen n then i saw a distorted image of the object i was clicking..n then immediately the phone went off. i tried to switch on but is not turning on. i wiped off wid towel n blow dry for a minute or so…not turning on…..please advise

    • Shana says:

      ive got the same problem! every time i put it on the charger it stays black but then the apple comes on then goes back off and it does this over and over!

      • shonna says:

        yeah, i dropped my phone in the toilet and my screen went black and this apple symbol appears what do i do ?

        • sh says:

          same thing is happening to mine. the apple just appears for awhile then goes away and comes back again. i tried resetting it and nothing happens.. any luck??

  101. brianna says:

    i got wet in the rain & my iphone4 was in my pocket it got pretty soaked but when i pushed the home button it was still on then i dried it off and it worked fine. but when i set it done for a minute n then came back it was cut off n wouldnt come back on, HELPPPPPP!

  102. Greg G says:

    Thanks for the info.
    Got a iPhone 4 put it washing machine accidently for 3min flat after i realised it was in the wash.
    What i found was i could see moisture on inside of the camera lens, did not turn on or plug into power source, kept using my wifes hair drier & dried pout lens till no moisture was present, did this for a few times
    All so this might helpt dry out the phone take out the sim card to have more holes to vent the phone i could feel warm air come out the ends. do this repeatedly, then turned on iphone it worked halaylouyah
    I noticed with the phone turned on on a white background moisture marks under screen so i kept using the hair drier when the phone got hot i put it in a bowl of dry rice to remove moisture 3hrs later phone is ok

    Thanks again for the info


  103. Adam says:

    Hey I am lucky. I dropped my iPhone 4 into a cup of sweet tea and immediately took it out and shook it so the tea came out and then I tried to turn up my ringer and it didn’t work. I tried to go to my iPod and there wasn’t a music volume sliding thing at the bottom! I restarted it. The volume was back but it sounded awful! The sound went back to normal after like 3 days and it didnt get slow. The only thing that is wrong with it is that the home button sticks down sometimes

    • chris says:

      the only reason your lock button is stiking down is because it was SWEET tea E.G. there was sugure in the mixture making it sticky, just keep pressing it and it should stopstiking

  104. Brittany says:

    My boyfriend spilled coke on my iphone 3gs, and it was the tiniest amount. it only got on the back, but my phone won’t stay powered off, and some error message keeps coming up saying something about “celluar interference” the speakers won’t play music out loud and the lock and swiping noises aren’t working. please help!

    • Sam says:

      I dropped my phone in the sink, it was only for a couple of seconds, but I had the same problem you did, I found everything worked except when I called people I couldnt hear them except on speaker, and music wouldnt play and it wouldnt turn off. I took sim card out and put vaccuum cleaner over the holes and it worked within minutes. Its in rice just to make sure, but it all seems ok now

  105. Lindsay says:

    well i have an iphone4 and i was at whataburger and my friend spilt my poweraid on my phone but it wasnt even that wet. Then i noticed after a while it i couldnt hear the other person when i was talking on the phone. Then it started to shut off. I could get it on for a little bit but then it just finally decided to die. So today i thought id dump it in some water to get the sticky out.. (stupid) then put it in some rice, cuz that what i heard to do? but i just tried blow drying it and nothing is happing!

  106. abcdefg says:

    I accidentally washed me iPhone 3 and now i have dried it, blowdried it and charge it but the backlight is really dim and i have made sure that i put the brightness in settings on full! How do i brighten the screen up?

  107. Sooshay says:

    Hey I dropped my cell phone in a sink full of water like last thursday.. I took it apart & dried it & left it apart for the whole day but during my 5th hour one of my friends decided to tun it on.. it tuned on but then shut off & now i cant get it to turn back on.. It charges & all the buttons light up & possibly work but the power button its been left alone & apart for a week now & i still cant get it to turn on.. It not a contract phone…. I got it from wal mart & it doesnt have a removable sim card. Its an lg cosmo & all i really want is my contacts if there is no way to get it to turn on can you please help me??

  108. Carla says:

    I was so stupid, and I thought my iPhone was a super hero. I took it to the bath tub with me and it got wet, but not too much I thought. Guess what? The home button doesn’t work, it is slow and the sound comes ******. I’m fucked. Help me please |:

    • Andrew says:


      Yesterday, instead of putting my phone back on the table, I instinctively just put it back in my pocket. Well that turned out bad since I was at a Pool and proceeded to jump in the water. I realized it about 5 minutes later and just set it out to dry. My phone didn’t work at all and I checked both of the water damage indicators to see if they had been tripped. The headphone jack indicator had turned red so I took a q-tip and cut off the fuzzy part and then put the end in bleach and stuck in down the headphone jack. About 5 minutes later there was no trace of red left. Since there was water under the lense I went and bought some silica gel packets from the hobby lobby down the street. I left my iphone in the package of silica beads until I woke up the next morning. The water from under the lense was gone and the phone still would not turn on.

      So your probably wondering why I’m bothering to tell you this when your problem is much different then mine. Well, if by chance your iphone is still under warranty, I would simply complete the process that I explained above. Once the phone has lost its ability to turn on or function, other than the water damage sensors the apple geniuses are not able to run diagnostics on your device to check for hardware failures. This is, of course, a last ditch effort, and in my case the only option other than paying for an entirely new phone.

      I apologize if this method is a bit too extreme, but when I walked out of the apple store with a refurb/new (Genius said the ones they swap out for broken phones could be new or refurb, but they do not know which)iphone 4 and the smirk on my face, i knew it all had been worth it.

      Hit me with and email at stayalive25@yahoo.com if you have any other questions. Please dont send me emails if you simply want to critique my grammar.

      • lala says:

        i was getting out the bath a few hours ago w my phone in my hand and i was reading somehting on fb when i fainted! i was out for about a minute and when i came round i saw my phone at the bottom of the bath but fb was still on. i grabbed it quickyl and dried it and blew all the holes.it kept shutting down then starting again and telling me ‘this device is not compatible with…’. i then proceeded to put it in front of the gas heater for a few hours. it is currently off and air drying. how did urs turn out? any tips? HELLPPPP

  109. Laura says:

    I dropped my phone in sink whilst brushing my teeth this morning it was only in there for literally 2 secs i dried it with hairdryer 2 and everything seems to be ok but could bits break later? its still on and working as normal!! please help!!

  110. Keira says:

    Hello. I dropped my iPhone 4 in my bathroom yesterday. It sort of submerged in about 1 and a half inches of water for like, 5-7 seconds.
    It had a hard cover case on it and it was hard to get out, so I couldn’t. I dried the surface with a towel and check everything – the camera was fine, everything was except it was on headphones mode even when there were none.
    I had that problem solved last night though (I read somewhere that sucking on the earphones jack could work – it did! I dried it out before I started sucking like an idiot for 30 seconds and there was sound again!)
    But today I wanted to take pictures and both my cameras (front and back) weren’t working. I tried restarting and all, but still nothing.
    I’d like to dry it with the rice-in-bag technique and all, but my mom would think it’s weird because she doesn’t even know it got wet. And plus, I can’t even get the hard cover out!
    Is there any way I could fix this? I really have to get this fixed without my parents knowing! :P

  111. Precious Love says:

    Someone help me, i accidentally dropped my apple iphone 3gs in the bowl with water. And get wet, on that time someone calls me on my number. And dont know what to do but to answer. But i wont hear anything from the caller. All i do is to get dry on the Hand dryer and it turns on a minute then it was black again. Now i used to turn it off. Because i was scared if it will damaged the other parts. I am now so worried, please help me. What should i do? Is there any possible to fix this back? Please give me some advise. Please please please… Thank you very much. Your immediately response is highly appreciated. God bless.

  112. emmasue says:

    Like everyone else, I foolishly got my phone wet (dropped in the toilet for only seconds; is a 3GS). The screen worked for a minute, then faded and the backlight went out. I towel dried it, then used a blowdryer on both ends, then put it in a nylon sock inside a ziplock bag of rice and a few silica gel packets. Planning to let it sit overnight. Have a few questions though:
    1) I put it to sleep (with only the top button) while blowdrying it. Should I turn it off with both buttons?
    2) While I was blowdrying it, it was turn itself on and sometimes a red LED light left of the earpiece would turn on. What does this mean? I’d never seen the red light before…
    3) Is there any chance the backlight will return with drying, or should I just start the process of ordering a new coil now? (And how do I find someone locally to replace it if I go that route?)
    4) Finally, if everyone works but the backlight, what is the best way to retrieve my info. No idea when I last sync’ed with my PC (b/c I dont’ use iTunes). Should I try sync’ing with the PC? Or if I take the phone to AT&T and want to upgrade to a iPhone 4, can they transfer the info without my PC being involved?
    Thanks much for your help!

  113. Dane says:

    Hi i dropped my iphone in a bucket of water. everything works fine except my home button. someone please help!!!!!!

  114. Melissaa says:

    I gavnt dropped my phone in water but yesterday i was sun bathing and kept my out the sun the most i could and theni put my phone on silent and it vibrated and then i looked and the screen and it vibrated again saying it was off silnet and it wasnt and it kept doing in so i turned it off and back on and it still did it also then i went to bed and put it off charge the same place i normaly put it woke you and it was red hot i also notice that the battery wasnt fully charge does any one np what it is

  115. Tia says:

    I dropped my phone 4 down the toilet and it was in there for a 4 secs, i took it out and dried it with a towel, it was still working but i put it in a bowl of rice to soak up etc, but it turned itself off. so i left it in the rice on a window sill over night and the next morning it still wouldnt turn on until a plugged it in and then it came to life, but however when i unplug it it switches off again then when i replug it it resets its date and time again, and i cant unplug it without it not working, help???

    • tinner105 says:

      Your battery is shorted.
      Stop turning it on and off leave it off.
      Honestly the rice is just a temp fix. Water and elect don’t mix. Corrosion is taking place right away and you have to stop it or it will eventually destroy the phone. I’ve seen these under a microscope.
      There’s no way to avoid it you’re going to have to take it apart.
      Plenty of YouTube video on that. Take out the mother board, get some 91% alcohol from CVS, ask they have it. soak it in that. If you can remove the metal covers over the components, and use an old tooth brush and scrub it all up good.
      if you know someone with a ultrasonic cleaner even better. if you cant do it find someone that can.
      I repair a lot of wet iphones. I always replace the battery, they short out easily,and once the phone is apart its easy to get to. They lose some uumph after a year anyway. And i use a heated ultrasonic cleaner with 91% alcohol to kill the corrosion. The LCDs go when they get wet, backlight too. (I sell the backlight coil on EBay) you can contact me if you need any help.
      I help anybody who asks customer or not.
      So if you need help contact me.

      • Debbie says:

        I left my iphone 4g in my pocket and put in the washer. As soon as I realized I fished it out. It set in rice for 3 days. This morning it turned on when I plugged it in to the charger. An “Emergency Number” comes up and it changes from one language to another. It wants you to enter a phone number and the touch screen works, but in the upper right hand corner it says “No Service”. Is there any hope for it or do I need to chunk it. If there is hope, what should I do?

        • Angy says:

          Hi Debiie!! same happens to me when I plugged it into the charger, and when I plug it to the computer it just appears the apple, its been on rice like 5 days; let me know what happened to yours or what you did please

          • Barb says:

            I was having the same issue as Debbie and Angy. I removed the SIM card and hit mine hard with the shop vac until all condensation left the camera lens. Once that happened, I plugged it in and prayed to Steve. Although I still have water marks on my screen, all seems ok. Will have to wait to see if I have to replace the battery, but it looks good for now, with the only side effect being my ears are still ringing from the vac!

            If the battery needs replaced, I will just google for “iphone battery replacement.” Last I checked, a kit was running under $20.

      • VIn says:


        Could use some help in getting my iphone working again.

        Thanks Vin

      • Manas says:


        I woke up in the morning to and saw a white screen on my iphone 3gs when i switched it off using home + sleep button it went off but when i tried to switch it on again it did not switch on.

        My phone was kept next to a desert cooler i dont know if that is the source of the problem.

        Request your help…

        Manas ..

  116. daniel says:

    ok well i was brushing my teeth and looking something up on my iphone 3gs and it slips out of my hand into the sink. instead of turning it off i was trying to turn it back on (i know, mistake.) it turned on, i was happy, but the sound wouldnt work so i went to settimgs>sounds and messed with the ringer volume and i could hear the ring tone, but right then, the screen went almost black. i restarted my phone, and it was bright for 5 seconds, then it went black again and stayed black. does anyone know how i can fix the screen to get it bright again??? please help me! And how do i get it to stop thinking headphones are plugged in because apps dont make any sounds and when i change the volume it says “volume(headphones)” please please help!

  117. inimitablyme says:

    Well I feel a lot better now. I was holding my iPhone while hovering over the sink after washing my hands and it fell in … it honestly got more soap-foamy than wet, but for some reason, while everything else was fine, the iPod music and YouTube sounds wouldn’t work. Not really sure what happened, but it’s propped up in front of a fan right now, so I’m hoping that’ll work. I don’t have rice at home… XP

    I’ll comment back on how it goes in case there’s anyone like me out there.

    • Susana Jorge says:

      Mine fell in the toilet yesterday. Spent all night in a rice bag. Everything is functional except for the sound coming from some apps (iPod, YouTube,…). I keep getting a message like “Your sound accessory is not recognizable”. Has anyone had this?

  118. idiq says:

    Dropped my phone in the sink while I was washing my hands. It was in the sink for less than 30 seconds. Removed protective Incase from phone and towel dried it. Everything worked fine expect for the ear speaker. Panicked, let off a string of curse words, Googgled my problem, and calmed down. Sprayed compressed air in the ear speaker, headphone jack, and adapter holes. Then I put the phone in a knee high stocking, which I tied it up, and put it in a bag of rice. Two hours later, phone is functioning fine and most importantly the ear speaker works!

  119. Audra says:

    When i went to go use the restroom, my iphone fell out of my back pocket. I quickly reached into the toilet and grabbed my phone. i then through it in the sink and ran water over it for a split second to get all the pee off, yeah i know; stupid. i dried it off then started to shake the water out of my phone. it would NOT turn back on. about an hour later i had it sitting in the cupholder of my boyfriends car and it randomly turned white with the little apple sign for about 30 seconds then shut completely off again. i quickly went to walmart to buy rice and sandwich bags. its has now been in the rice for about 40 hours. i tried to turn it on and it does nothing. I am in need of help, my phone had over 1000 pictures of my niece growing up and over 300 hundred contacts. what do i do? has anyone else done this exact thing and had their phone work again? please email me or reply to this! thank you! audramcanally@yahoo.com

    • me says:

      Mine fell in the toilet as well. plug it into youre computer and you should still be able to remove all youre pictures. as for youre contacts im afraid youre out of luck.

  120. NAZIA says:

    OMG…thank you Sooo much. i droopped my ph in water this mornign and the speaker was done! i couldnt hear anything….and after reading this pge and your trick, it worked instantly !!!! thank you!!!

  121. bdw says:

    i have a touch phone.. i had a glass of water with a hole and my phone sat in water all night. blow dried it and let it dry. it comes on and charges, buuut my touch screen does not work at all. help?

  122. dudewhere'smybimmer says:

    i have a touch screen phone. sitting on my nightstand was a cup of water with a hole. my phone sat in the water all night. i blew dried it and let it sit…it now turns on and chrages but the touch screen does not work at all. help??

  123. Megan says:

    My phone is the cherry chocolate LG model they dont even make anymore and i hav had it for four years! i love this phone so much and now i have to get a new one!My phone has endured a lot.i spilled a tiny bit and i do mean i tiny bit of water on my nightstand and it got on my phone i wiped it off and my phone was fine then it dropped about two feet onto carpet it seemed fine but when i opened it a few minutes later the screen wouldnt let me see anything but i could still call and take pics etc. now when i got my other phone i couldnt transer over my pics because i guess i forgot to save them to the card! any advice on how to get my phone working again? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. kylie says:

    i dropped my iphone in a river for about 10 seconds a month a go n it makes sound but wnt do anything help me

    • cpahispano says:

      You can get a free CelluDry bag at www.celludry.com. It is the best gift you’ll ever get. Rice contains talcum which can be as corrosive as water. Next time you you ride, on the beach, or a rainy day put your cell in the dry bag for protection. You can use your phone while it is sealed inside the CelluDry bag.

  125. gojanur says:

    i dropped my iphone in bath tub,i removed it out & dried it wit rice, i switched it on after 2days, everything is working but battery is not getting charged & charge drained outin jus 10min!!!
    what to do????1

  126. Zochin says:

    my 1 year old son pissed on my Iphone 3gs. and it is showing airplane mode and charging is impossible to this environment and it is wont stop vibrating and water drop on my cam lens, sometimes sound is not working? should i wait until battery die. i read on internet and buy some rice and put it into it. Now waiting and begging God to work it out. I’ve tried many times reset all settings and hard reset for it. May it cause badly for the iphone. pls help me what should i do

  127. urban man says:

    I was hunting in the outback when a beast bunted the side of my transportation sending my iphone into the mudd. Now it wont work. What to do?

  128. Victoria! says:

    I dropped my phone outside and didnt realise, it was in the rain for 2 hours. I have dried with a hair dryer and most of the water seems to have left (the camera lens is clear). When i was shaking the water out the itunes connect icon appeared on the screen! does anyone know what i can do? PLEASE HELP!!

    • Veronica says:

      Hello Victoria,
      Sorry abour your phone. My son brought his phone the second week on January. On January 21, he dropped in the toilet. I read through these blogs. It really helped. My son turned his phone off immediately. He shook all the water off his phone wiped it off. We put the phone in a knee high stocking tied it up. Then we placed the phone in a ziploc bag filled with about a pound of rice with several silica packets. You know those packets that come in your brand new purse or shoes. I then placed it on the cable box so that it would get heat during the night. In the morning I placed it under a heater vent so the heat could blow on it when I was at work. I have central air heating. The bag was approximately 3 feet from the vent. We waited 24 hours. My son took it out of the bag pushed the top and bottom botton to reset. It works like it never fell in the water. Remember, rice, silica packets, knee high stocking, ziplock bag and heat is all you need. Your phone may have to stay in rice a few days longer. However, do not turn your phone back on until you visible see no water damage under the lens. If you see water lines wait or you may damage the phone.
      Good luck

  129. Brando says:

    Thanks for the info! I went riding my ATV in a creek, and accidentally sank it, and myself, my iPhone was in my pocket. I came home took the screen removed screen, and dried it out but the screen wouldn’t come on AT ALL, it would vibrate when I put it on silent, and made the tone when I plugged up the charger. I just needed to reset it :) Thanks again!

  130. Megan says:

    Sooo a hairspray exploded in my purse.. all over my iphone.. any tips? i know this isnt like water.. its a sticky mess.. i hope its repairable!

  131. vanessa says:

    well here’s a new one… phone on charge overnight, my daughter comes into my bed in the middle of the night bringing her glass of water… yep my beloved iphone fell into it and sat there for god knows how long…. hoping it didnt fry on impact… it was plugged into a powerboard where my computer was turned on as well and my computer was still on so im hoping for a revival… does anyone know how long insurance companies take to get a new one to you and if its covered for water damage? :( devastated!!!

  132. baldonado61 says:

    My iphone 4 went into the drink and after 4 days of DR. rice bag it started to work but will not catch wifi? any ideas plz help

  133. Emma says:

    Hello, yesterday my iPhone got a bit wet, so I dried it and it works properly, but when someone calls me, it only vibrates
    and there is no sound!! I don’t know wat to do to solve
    that problem..!!

  134. Jason says:

    I dropped my iPhone into the sink while washing the dishes (that’s the last time I offer to do that) – totally went haywire and then shut down completely. I used the hair dryer, air compressor, rice (for 4 days) before deciding to turn it back on. I plugged it into my computer and the back light came on but nothing else – I thought it was cactus. After about 10 minutes iTunes opened and it started synching but still no screen. Left if overnight thinking it was a hopeless situation. Woke up and discovered my 5 year old playing Angry Birds with it this morning. There is hope!

  135. Suzzettee says:

    I dropped my phone in the toilet on the day of my daughter’s wedding!! I dried it off the best I could and rushed to an ATT store. They suggested rice so it has been drying since saturday…today is day 4…I made it through the wedding day with the help of friends’ phones but now I am desperate…my lab puppy was shot and killed by a menacing neighbor and it was a case of mistaken identity. I need my phone today to show the D.A. the videos and pictures of my dog to support my case!! I tried connecting the charger yesterday and it came on but very dim…it charged to 100% and then drained to 10%…the slide bar appeared in several different languages!! I need help!!!

    • Dreama says:

      Suzzettee, are you able to use the computer to check your ATT account online? Does it have a SIM card? Prolly, you can upload some pictures?

    • Lexi k says:

      The same happened to me. With the screen and battery draining and ring in different languages. I let the battery die and put it in a bag of rice overnight and in the morning when I tried to charge it it worked again. Good luck!

  136. GG says:

    I threw my bf’s iphone in a dam (a very big pond) it’s still in there. It’s been in there for over a week now. Do you think if I get it out & dry it, it will work? lol

    P.S I threw it in there because he was being an ***!

  137. Chaya says:

    Man, I felt like a complete idiot when my iphone, which I keep in my back pocket, feel in the toilet this evening. It was only in there for about 5 seconds. I shook as much water out of it as possible. Dried it with a towel. Took out the sim card. Used a blow dryer on cool to blow air into all of the openings for about 30 minutes and now everything seems to be working fine. Thank God!!! Leave in a bowl of rice over night to suck out any left over moisture just in case. It makes me feel a little bit less like a dunce to see so many other people have had similar experiences.

    • Brian says:

      Thank God for rice!!!

      I dismantled my phone, towelled it dry, hairdryed it on cold, then left it in a concealed container in a pair of tights nestling amidst brown rice.
      My phone is now working again, there is a little water damage on the screen but I’m contactable again!!!!

      PS if you are going to dismantle your phone, beware you need a sturdy hand and a lot of nerve. I do a lot of small detailed work and I found it difficult to but ribbon 3 back in.
      And don’t use a tool to remove the front as it will damage it, use a suction pad. I used a cheap suction hook.

  138. Fred says:

    iphone fell in water now people ring me from the backend they hear the phone ringing but I dont from my end what is the solution

  139. nemo says:

    Last summer I was touring the Battlefield at Gettysburg and got caught it in a huge thunder storm. My iphone 3Gs was utterly soaked and the back light failed. After reading several articles I took apart my phone and found that a coil had failed. I’m an engineer so I ordered a replacement part, min. order six. After a little delicate soldering brain surgery it works again. If anyone is interested I’ve got five more coils which are currently on a 3 month back order at Digikey.

    • Mike says:

      nemo, I would like to buy one of your extra backlight coils. Please let me know if you still have any left. Thanks, Mike 425-753-5686

      • nemo says:

        The the inductor is an air core coil labeled 6R8. Part # VLF3012AT-6R8MR59. Available from Quest Components. Manufacturer TDK Corp. I have 5 of these but you should know that unsoldering and replacement is non-trivial. I used a fine tipped iron under a microscope. My result has been excellent. You might also want to remove corrosion from other contacts/connectors, etc as you see fit. Initially I had some trouble seating the ribbon cable from the display but after banging it with a hammer all is well. ;) Also your area code is is mine too. $5 each.

    • gerry says:

      Nemo, to make the long story short I have no clue how to open my i phone, everything is working perfectly except the backlight, I will want to buy one of those but honestly I dont know how to do it, is there a website where I can see how to do it.
      Thanks in advance

  140. Diana says:

    Thanks so much to everyone who shared their stories/solutions. I felt much less stupid about dropping my iPhone in the bathtub. Only for a couple of seconds, and it didn’t get fully submerged. But it exhibited many of the same problems others mentioned. Screen went dark, then eventually came back. But the phone and speakers still wouldn’t work and I kept getting that strange error message about a non-compatible accessory.

    I didn’t look up what to do right away because I thought it might just sort itself out. But after a few hours when it didn’t seem to be getting any better, I found this site and decided to try the rice trick. A few friends I spoke to recommended strongly against trying heat, or any kind of forced air (either hairdryer or compressed air) so I just bought some instant rice and some knee-high stockings (on the recommendation of one of the folks who posted above) and that did the trick. I put the phone in the stocking to prevent it getting any rice in any of its ports and then put it inside a ziplock bag filled with the rice.

    The phone is now working perfectly again after about 24 hours in the rice bag. I waited until all the condensation was gone from the camera lens to try to turn it on again and VOILA! Like it never happened. Good luck to anyone else who runs into a similar problem. I hated to even be without my beloved phone for even 24 hours.

  141. Weathertech7 says:

    Drop in to my Mountain dew. I fished it out.With in minutes it went dark.I found this post. It does work. I opened my phone used a hair dryer and the canned air. 5 hours later it is back. I will seal in rice just in case.

  142. jd says:

    My 1 year old son has a game of dropping my iphone 4 into the toilet,, this is the 2nd time, 1st time, it soaked in toilet water for at least 10 minutes before it was found, I took out the sim card and hairdryed it for at least half an hour, let cool for half and dryed for another half, it stayed on the whole time although kept switching to sos mode and back after drying finished it worked fine, Now im currently doing the same life saving technique,,, Really hope it works this time round. Going thru most replys, etc on the web it seems hairdrying seems to get the best results.

  143. juliene says:

    my infant vomitted all over my pristine new iphone. it immediately started showing some non-compatible accessorie message and some lines and the screen got really dark (though you could see the normal screen vaguely). i washed the vommit out of the charger part and the screen was still tinted very dark (i checked, it wasn’t the contrast setting). i set it sitting up all night (no charger)and let it be..in the morning the normal screen flickered once.. and then i hooked it up to a charger later and now everything looks normal.. 2 problems- 1 there is condensation all over the camera window (no camera usage for me now) and 2) the screen works sporadically (what’s an iphone without the screen working?!?!?!)-so i can’t end calls, etc. and it calls people and enters apps at random. i did the compressed air bit. still not working. any suggestions?

    • Andreoo says:

      Ma’am comparessed air can damage the mother board in the phone. Ask any computer person. Try this ghetto trick called Andreoo!!. I named it after myself when I got my last, “I don’t give-a-damn attack” cause my phone didn’t work anyway.
      Step 1. Wrap the iphone in three of the fluffiest padded socks you have, take it out of your otter box if you have it in one and tie it up in a fluffy towel.
      Step 2. Place it in a full load of clothes in your dryer–seriously set it for 60 munites.
      Step 3. Take it out and see if the mist is till in the camera lens. (It will be, but it will go away in about an hour or so)
      Step 4. Press and hold the button at the top and the button circle button at the bottom at the same time until you see the apple come on.
      Step 5. Say please baby work, Please work baby several times. The sprit of your voice and faith will have your phone working better than it was when you bought it. I am telling it will work!!!Yes you can always save the I phone from wettness.
      It will blink on and off. Works with Ipods also. I used to wash my Ipod in the washing machine all the time and I leared how to fix it. If you dont want to do this. just leave it in the car with with windows up in the hot sun on your dash. But please DO NOT preheat your oven to 425 degrees turn it off and place it in there with a towel under it because it might melt! Promse me that!!! Also I wouldn’t know wouldn’t know if it would melt or not but I’m just saying–okay…

      • E-Tech says:

        Just a thought: clothes dryers have been known to create static electricity. Static takes out far more circuit boards than compressed air. The chief danger in using “normal” compressed air is actually static. Putting sensitive electronics in a static-intensive environment without ESD protection is a very bad idea. DO NOT put your phone in the dryer. Stick with the IPA and a hair dryer.

  144. JenaH says:

    I have a iphone 3g. It was in my bra while i was dancing and i think the moisture got into my phone and now i cant use the slid bar to open my phone(get to my apps.) Everything else works on the home page. Like i can play my music. I need help. Can i save it???:(

  145. ian says:

    I fell into a creek whilst crossing a log. My 4 day old iPhone4 was soaked. I used my gf’s blow dryer to dry out all the ports and pressed on the home button and sleep button simultaneously for about 20 seconds to reset the phone and now it works like a hot damn.

  146. Sandra says:

    My friend dropped his iPhone an older verson 2nd gen3, in a toilet. It was dead. Att said may it rest in peace, it’s gone, let go of itand give us more money. My friend is disabled and Att didn’t give a rats ***, they are the worst greediest company I have ever dealth with one guy at Att was kind he suggested putting it in a bag of rice. Right after my friend dropped his phone we went to spary it out with an tire air compressor it still would not turn on. My friend went without a phone for a week he was really suffering. I felt so sorry for him I went to my storage and hunted down an old Att go phone I had. I took it over to his place popped out the sim card from the old iPhone and was showing him all the features of the go phone, then I said let’s just see if your iPhone will do anything if I put it on it’s charger then the all mighty iPhone spirit apperaed with a tiny red battery icon! A miracle occured within 1 hour he had a green battery and all was perfect just like he never dropped it!!!! Its the amazing iPhone 3g!!!!!

  147. strumAUke says:

    I dropped my iphone in an outhouse toilet at a campground. I was peeing and the phone rang in my pocket. I went to answer it and, as I took it out of my pocket, I fumbled and dropped it, it took an unlucky bounce and fell right in the pit. I had to almost put my whole body in the toilet to reach it. Luckily, but I guess also unluckily, it landed on a pile : ^( I grabbed it and cleaned the **** off with my shirt and shut it off. I luckily brought rice with me so I put the phone in the bag of rice. When I got home 2 days later, I took the iphone out of the rice and tried turning it on, but nothing. What do I do now? Am I SOL and JWF?

    • Syndrome666 says:

      That’s too funny. In your case I’d turn it off first, rinse off the outside or use alcohol based wipes, nothing too extreme. Then open up the phone, gut all the components, wash the back cover, speaker/charger/mic unit, and glass screen cover. Blow dry the charger/speaker/mic unit with hot air set to high blow dryer setting. Then dry any remaining moisture on the loose components (I.e. motherboard, antenna, flex cable, screen, buttons, vibrator, etc) assemble everything back, blow dry again for security measures, then assemble it back together. By the way, do not blow dry the battery, bad idea, just dry it thoroughly and just dry it with cool air if you can. That’s all, phone works like a charm after blow driving it thoroughly. Do not try powering on the phone after it got soaked, it’s common sense. Dry everything thoroughly first befeore attempting to start it up again.

  148. Lloyd says:

    I jumped in the pool and forgot to let my iPhone out :( I put it in rice dot two weeks it still dosnt work. What do I do?

  149. Marc says:

    my iphone got drenched in the rain today, I took the cover off (with the instructional video) and padded it dry and made sure the 1,2,3 connectors were secure. Works like a charm now. Thanks for this post.

  150. jamie says:

    Ive been out shooting with some friends (just targets) and spilt some beer on my phone!
    It suddenly wouldnt work! I love my I phone and I have put it on the radiator.
    You fellow I phone users can understand just how worried I am at this monemt. Oh dear Lord PLEASE let my phone work once again!!
    OH man I am lost without my bloody I phone!!

    • Claudia Puri says:

      God me too! Except half a bottle of Pepsi Max emptied on my phone in my handbag. I immediately took the sim out and have either spent long periods hairdrying it, or leaving it on a radiator-but 24 hours later, the home button still won’t work. Everything else seems fine. To get back to my home (apps pages)I have to switch it off. It’s soooooooo irritating! I’m lost without it.
      How did your’s fare in the end?

      • Magenf says:

        I am having the same situation with my iphone. It got soaked while watering plants so I blew it out, which seemed to get rid of some of the excess water under the screen and in the speakers. Everything was working just fine until someone called me. After I ended the call the home button would not work, so as of now it has been in a baggy full of rice for a little more than 24 hours and the home button will still not work and there is moisture under the screen again. Suggestions?

  151. Jon says:

    I dropped my Iphone in a bucket of milk the other day. I picked it up ASAP but to my suprise it did not stayed on. After A cuple of days in the rice cooker My phone did not turn on. I did enjoy some good chunks of cheese build up out of it. Thanks Moo Moo IPhone.

  152. meg says:

    i dropped my iphone n water i can turn it on but it dosnt ring and the light dosnt come up its just a dark screen

  153. Jasy says:

    My iPhone fell in water a month ago and idk if I can still find a way too fix it … When I turn it on it just has the apple logo the it ***** down … Is there still a chance too fix it ?

  154. matthewJ says:

    mine fell in a toilet so it was turned off immediately and is wrapped up in a towel on the radiator

  155. Guy says:

    My friend dropped hers in the toilet, I followed your instructions and it came back to life (actually I didn’t use the compressed air, just the hair drier for about half an hour) The first time I plugged in the charger it flickered and the touch screen wouldn’t work, but a bit more with the hair dryer it was fine. Taking out the sim card seemed to help get the air inside. It was definitely wet inside as the camera lens had droplets in it. Thanks!
    BTW, If she had a silicone type cover on it, it would not have slipped out of her pocket…..into the toilet.

    • lewis says:

      i was stood in my bath room with my iphone in my jumper pocket ,not even using the toilet but the lid was up :( and i must of lifted my jumper abit for some reason and plop in it goes,i stood there n waited for my head to take in what had just happened and once it started bubbling i stuck my hand it and took it out ,didnt even have a case on it ..first thing was on my mind ,get the ipod touch and search wet iphone and found all this

  156. ryanm says:

    um i dropped my iPhone in the toilet and i took it out as soon as i could. when i got it out i imediatly dried it and took the case off to dry the back part. it was working but the vibrate wasn’t. i thought it was going to be fine but in like 5 minutes or less it completely shut down. i put it in the charger(being the ****** I am) hopeing it would work. it would show the apple logo and then show a bunch of lines and shut off again. i took it out and tried to restart it by pushing the home button and the power one. 5 black lines started to come up and now im leaving it alone. i have no idea what to do. help please?

  157. LisaF says:

    I dropped my iPhone into a glass of water last week and after several days of rice and more days of leaving it in a box of desiccant it still doesn’t work. I sure wish it did. :(

  158. tlev says:

    My iphone was in the washer for about an hour and a half with hot water and an extra prewash/rinse. So far no luck but I tried the hair dryer and compressed air. Now it is in rice. Lots of water than come out but I am not hopeful and kind of afraid to take it apart. Maybe I should…

  159. Ralph says:

    Got my I-phone in pool today#%$@* Read everybodies hints. Put it immediatly in a bag of rice when I got home. My neighbor met me at driveway, told him what happened and he ran & got his food dehydrator (for making beef jerky,etc.) only had it in about an hour or so, but when I peeked a minute ago it had powered itself on and I actually saw something that resembled my homescreen instead of a white screen. Will let y’all know what outcome is!

  160. Polly W. Krakker says:

    Our iTouch went through an entire washing machine cycle, and a few rounds in the dryer. First, we put it in a bag of rice for about 2 days, then I let it dry for about another 5 days, and now it works just fine. The important thing, as it says at the top, is to let it completely dry before trying to turn it on so nothing shorts out.

  161. Elissa says:

    I dropped my phone into the toilet with the cover and picked it up within 5 seconds. I tried to dry it off with a hair dryer and thought it was ok but although it turned, it could do everything but making a call.

    I then went to my telephone provider to have it fixed/changed, only to find that liquid damage is not included in the Warranty. They could even know that there has been liquid damage as the top headphone jack and the bottom charger jack had an indicator that would turn red if it comes in contact with water! Darn it, Apple!

    I went home, read this forum and tried drying it off with hair dryer. And now it works perfectly!! I’m gonna still put it inside a ziplock bag with rice, just to make sure.

    It’s encouraging that other people have faced the same problem and are sharing it with others! Thanks you guys!! :)

  162. Nathalia says:

    I have a tendency to listen to music while in the shower and I went to change a song and (yes I know quite stupid of me) the water from my arm filled the top of my iPhone including the home button…i quickly dried it of with a towel…it turned on/off fine but when I made calls you could barely hear anything asides from lots of nice (imagine a robot voice if you will)…I panicked and put the blower on the “earpiece” but in cool…for about 10 seconds, I made another call and it was all perfect !

  163. sim says:

    I dropped my i phone in a bucket of water, it was submerged for about 20 seconds. It died completely and it has been at least 12 hours since and i have not been able to try any of these tricks yet. do u think its too late??
    i have it in the dryer now inside heaps of layers and am hoping this works!!

  164. Floyd says:

    I left my iphone on my windowsill when I wnet to sleep last night. It then rained on my phone for I’m guessing like 30 minute before I woke up. It was still functioning at the time, but the back was very hot. I turned it off and left it under a warm light for the night. Now, it won’t turn on, and when I plug it into my computer the apple logo comes up for about a minute and then it just turns off again. Any ideas?

  165. Steve says:

    I jumped into a lake, Iphone in pocket, and swam for about 45 seconds before realizing. I took it out of my pocket very sad, it was full of water. and inoperable of course. I got home, and figured, well it’s screwed anywYs, so I wrapped it in 4 socks, threw it in the dryer with a load of clothes on hot for 60 minutes. pulled it out, and sure enough, it was so hot that I could have boiled an egg on it. let it cool for 10 mins or so, and I powered it on, and I’m typing on it now, it actually cleaned the dust out of the screen, haha. this technique works, I swear by it. HOWEVER, my home button still doesn’t work, which is a pain. but I’m gonna throw it back I. the dryer for another 30 and hope for the best. I’ll let u know what hAppens :)

  166. Michael says:

    I accidentally dropped my iPhone in a glass of vodka/cranberry juice. UGH!!!!! I did what any parent of an iPhone would do. I panicked, screamed like a girl, and gave my iPhone mouth to mouth resuscitation. Yes, I blew into the earphone jack. After about two minutes, my iPhone came to life. It blinked and did some weird stuff, so I kept blowing into it. After a couple more minutes, it seemed to run like normal, but continued to blink. I sucked as much moisture from the earphone jack as I could and left my iPhone upside-down over night. Now, it runs as good as new. I saved my baby. I should be on Oprah.

  167. Lauren says:

    I dropped my iphone in a glass of water for maybe 5 seconds, two days ago. I put my phone in rice, and used silica gel and though it looks completely dry, it won’t turn on. I am completely bummed.

    • Kelly says:

      Hey! My husband jumped in to the river on Monday with his in pocket. When I got home I looked on you tube and found out how to take it apart. Then I placed the two pieces in a bowel and covered them with instant rice. Less than 24 hrs. I Took it out put it back together and put the sims card back in and it works perfect. I hope this helps.

  168. leanne says:

    I used the hair dryer after dropping mine down the loo….mine is starting to work, just now waiting for the screen to clean up.

  169. Irene Ng says:

    Hi, i put my i phone in the bag without realising that my water bottle was not close properly. The water spilled out and there s some water droplets on my i phone. I quickly wipe off. The phone is still able to function properly, i am able to listen songs, answer call. But is it safe?

  170. Robert says:

    Leave it out in the sun on a hot day to evaporate all the water. Putting it in a bag of rice might work, but it can’t work better than the sun. You want the water to evaporate and rice won’t cause that, it will only absorb what has evaporated. You don’t need something to absorb the vapor, you just need it out of the phone. Heat will cause evaporation, so find heat. Just don’t turn it on before it’s dry or you’ll cause short circuiting across more parts. It’s this short circuiting that can damage your phone, not the water per se.

  171. robpod says:

    DO NOT force air into the phone with compressed air or hairdryer. This only moves the water around potentially causing more damage. You need to absorb/evaporate the water very delicately. See posts on using rice or silica gel packets.

  172. aime says:

    an iPhone can be dried quickly and easily by using DRY-ALL wet cell phone emergency kit. just place wet phone in the bag seal and wait 48 hours.

  173. Darcy says:

    I dropped mine in the pool about 36 hours ago. Ive had it in silicon for about 30 hours since and I’ve now got in on the heater vent. It’s still not working. No one else’s seems to have the same problem as mine though. Mine keeps vibrating over and over again whenever I pick it up. At the start the screen flashed white every once and a while but it has since stopped doing this. Has it gotten worse? Any advice?

  174. ian.harmer says:

    Hi all, I recently had to jump fully clothed into a pool to rescue someone and then realised my iPhone was in my pocket !! The screen display had disappeared completely and there was no sound. After gently blowing a hairdryer over the phone and into the orifices for about 15 minutes on a warm setting, everything came back and it has worked fine ever since.

  175. KGreene says:

    I dropped my iphone 3GS into about 1 1/2 inches of lake water. It was completely submerged. I retrieved it within about 5 seconds, and promptly dried it off, turned it off, and let it sit for about 30 minutes. When I turned it back on, it worked fine, but with no sound going out or coming in. When I got home, I used the super suction tubey thing on the vacuum to suck out water in the various openings (headphone, charger, etc). Then I put it in a ziplock bag with white rice overnight. After picking the pieces of rice out of various Iphone orifices, it worked perfectly. I synced it, restarted it, and all is great and wonderful. From a science standpoint, I think what saved this is that it didn’t go deep. The deeper into water your Iphone goes, the more pressure there is pushing into the openings. Even just a few inches makes a huge difference.

  176. josh says:

    youtube dissasembly for your phone. it is easy. with the screen and otherpiece in two wrap them both in a towel really well. then put it in your dryer on the low setting leave for a hour at least and then everything in your phone should be dry. you have a 50/50 shot at it working again

  177. Ruth says:

    Question – should the rice be in a bowl or opened bag of rice, or should the container be airtight? My son jumped in a pool with his phone in his pocket and my husband thinks the airtight idea will hold moisture in, so he submerged it in a bowl of rice. Can someone with a successful ending let us know?

  178. tierra says:

    i dropped my iphone in water and now the home button wont work and it has no sound

    • Char says:

      mine is the same thing (if that’s what that button is called) I had left my phone on a chair and my daughter’s water leaked on it, when I realized what had happened I dried it just by leaving it (it was a hot day) out in a towel and it works, except the “home button” so now every time I want to change apps I have to turn it on ad off, I was just wondering if that rice thing worked for you?

  179. Jack says:

    dropped a 3gs in the toilet, screen was flickering and displayed an airplane mode message, unusable. I fixed it completely by first shaking water out, then vacuuming the holes on the phone, then opening the phone up and putting it in rice for a couple hours. After that and an itunes restore, it’s back in action. I don’t recommend a hair dryer or compressed air cuz that’ll just push water further in and possibly melt fragile components with the heat from the dryer.

  180. Terra says:

    THANK YOU!! This helped my situation.

  181. Thom says:

    Thank you very much. I also used the flexible hose part of my shop vac and squeezed it to seal so it was drawing with full force through speaker, dock port etc. That brought it to auto-restart. I then shot it with compressed air. Then I repeated the cycle. I will leave it overnight in a zip-lock with rice. I will wait until tomorrow to try it. BTW – it fell into a pan of anti-freeze that I had drained from my car. At least it wasn’t brake fluid.

  182. Kiera says:

    i dropped my Iphone 3GS in the river, the inside of the screen is wet and it wont work, i dont see how the rice trick will make it work though as i have already tried using a hair dryer to dry it bt my phone just keeps freezing…PLEASE HELP!?

  183. rod says:

    my i phones dead i walked into the bathroom at a canucks game and some fat basturd drunk out of his mind turns around walking into everyone and spills his entire drink into my hoody pocket with my i phone looked at it and it must have shut down right away so at the moment im trying to blow it out with some dust off pc cleaner spray and blow drying have batt charge signal but still i have not tried to turn on ill get back to you after i leave it in some rice,i miss my iphone

  184. Carrie says:

    Thanks for the tip! My iPhone lost sound (phone would only work on speaker mode) after I used it in the rain. Several hours later, after reading this, I used a hair dryer for a few seconds and the pressurized air in the places suggested. Success, thank the Lord!

  185. Jerrt says:

    Dropped mine in the water. everything worked but sound. I could use headphones but noone could hear me. I could call but couldnt hear anyone unless I had headphones in. the rice in a bag overnight worked.

  186. Carrie says:

    I dropped my iphone in the sink. It was submerged about halfway for less than 3 seconds. It was still on when I pulled it out but soon … it died. I thought it was done. I took it apart when I got home and removed what little visible moisture I saw and used a hairdryer on the cool setting for a few minutes. I put it back together and stuck in a ziploc bag full of rice for 3 days. I pulled out and plugged it in and amazingly it worked fine!

  187. Jaiz says:

    My iPhone (3 months old) is totally lost when it fall at the sea shore. I did nothing for couple of days before I sent it to iPhone dealer at KLCC (Malaysia). The sad news from them, the salt water cause a bad damage to its motherboard. All the circuit gone. No warranty for that kind of damage (according to them). iPhone centre can’t fix it and ask me to go to other phone shop which offer phone repairing services. **** !

    They just advice me to purchase another new iPhone. What a bullshit services they offered to me. Off course I need another new iPhone because that’s the best phone so far. WIthin 3 months, I have to pay for RM 5000 for 2 iPhone. that cost is nearly to AUD 1666.00 or USD 1600.00. TOO expensive RIGHT !

  188. Steve says:

    I went out on my Seadoo and forgot my Iphone was in my pocket and fell off not only once but twice both for at least 5 mins apiece, realized had phone in my pocket later and did all the things that I prolly shouldnt have done, first I did nothing for a couple hours, didn’t turn it off or anything. Then the first thing I tried was to put the phone in the dyer on a drying rack on med. for a hour or so tried to turn it on nothing, plugged it in, the Apple logo showed and tried to reset, nothing. Back in the dryer for another hour then tgried all again and the phone actually turned on for a about a min. then off again. I then opened the phone up and blew warm air on it for about an hour from a small space heater then cool air, plugged in it turned on for about a min. again then nothing, in the mean time I found this site, thinking I had totally wasted the phone I thought OK I’ll try the rice in a plastic baggie over nite and see, after about 24 hours in the baggie with rice the phone works. I how no idea what actually dried the phone out but it works and this phone had to have been under water for at least 10 mins. time and then nothing was done for a couple hours. Yes there is still a little water under the screen but all seeems to be working ok and it seems to take a charge. All I can say is these phones seem to be pretty tuff, so if you and your phone take a swim dont panic, When this happens again with mine I will not turn it on and prolly try the rice and baggie trick first, if no baggie and rice, I think I’d open the phone up and try and put some kind of air on it. GoodLuck all, Steve

  189. Danni says:

    I was going into the bathroom to brush my teeth & my iPhone was in my pocket but not very secure, i turned around very quickly to the sink and my iPhone flew out and into the toilet! i was freaking out as i’m 13 and it was late, everyone was in bed. I shook every little bit of water out then wrapped it up and but it under my lamp for awhile. I went online to see what i could do and a pretty common suggestion was rice; i had none. zilch. Something else i heard was coffee? i put it in a bag of coffee and it worked! although some coffee got stuck so now i can see afew water marks so i am leaving it to dry naturally.
    Any better ideas as i have no rice or sillica packets? :(

  190. Roz says:

    hey guys i dropped my I-pone under water just couple of hours back.. tried drying it and also have kept it into rice bag just waiting to get it turn back soon……. plz plz let me know if any one of you have any more ideas to to get my I-pone fixed…………

  191. Kim says:

    Well… I had my phone sitting in the cup holder on an elliptical at my gym… Little did I know someone had spilled water in the bottom of that cup holder and just left it there. The speaker/mic/docking area sat submerged in water for a good few minutes before I noticed the airplane mode message popup. I was confused by it because I’d never seen it. I pulled it out and that’s when I discovered that there was water in the bottom of it.

    I immediately turned it off… Though, it didn’t really matter because apparently the iPhone has the power to turn itself back on…just to tell you that the device is not supported and cannot be charged… Sigh. So after fighting with it over and over I just left it on and shook as much of the water out as I could.

    When I got home that night I stuck it in a baggy of rice and prayed it would work in the morning still. I had some trouble with the sound initially… No sound at all, then it would only stay on at the lowest setting… And then finally I had full volume back. Only to wake up to silence in the morning. But I found if I turned it to silent and then back normal the sound came back. And it’s been back ever since!

    I’m still getting the airplane message, but not near as frequently as I was… So hopefully it completely disappears over the next couple of days…

    • Ninnna says:

      I did the stupidest thing to my beloved 3gs… I bought a new screen protector, and tried to stick it on without bubbles, but my nerves bugged me and I sprayed it with the liquid for cleaning windows. The message about some incompatibility came on screen and the back light stopped working. There are bubbles in the screen, I left it in the rice, and I pray for it to come back to life. It is working, but the back light… nope. But the funny thing is that I left it in integral diet rice, I don’t have the plain one…

  192. Kate says:

    on saturday I dropped my iphone in the toilet. It started weirdly vibrating and got really hot until I am assuming the battery died. I was at a pub crawl so the first time i could do something about it was a few hours later and i stuck it in a bag of rice. ive been alternating using cool hair dryer and keeping it in rice. then today, I used 2 cans of compressed air on it. just plugged it in and it is still doing the weird vibration thing (when will that STOP? cause it is annoying). It is recognizing that it is plugged in, but it wont charge. This morning when i plugged it in it turned on and it seemed as though everything worked until the battery died. And I can still see water under the screen. I am hoping the phone lives! I just bought some silica gel packets so when they get here ill stick the phone in a bag with them. Until then, im going to keep doing what i have been doing. luckily i am not completely without a phone. I still have my first iphone which works fine. I just miss my 3G and good camera and all my pics.

    • Kate says:

      ok i know I just posted. but now my phone turned on and it is charging. I can still see water under the screen. And now the home button doesnt work. hoping the rice and silica packets do their job

      • Kate says:

        its been a couple of days and it still doesnt work. I stopped charging. There is no more water under the screen, but who knows how i can get it to charge again. I just got the silica packets, so right now the phone is in a bag of those.

  193. NM says:

    Another good news story. I too dropped my iphone in the toilet, OMG!!!! Whipped it out before I had time to think about how gross sticking my hand in a toilet is. Dried it off and turned it off hoping for the best. It kept turning itself on, each time I would turn it off. A message about an audio accessory not being compatible also kept on appearing. I dried it with a hairdryer, I then read about the rice trick so I took out the sim card, put it in rice and then in a very, very low oven with the door open for about an hour. When I say low I mean very low, I was so paranoid about melting it! Then I put it back in rice for 3 days. Anyway, I just pulled it out, charged it up and it works perfectly. Yay and Phew!

  194. pam says:

    I promised if I got the baby (3G 2nd generation) up and running I’d post here and say how I did it ’cause if I got it running it would only be from the advise I found here.
    Wednesday afternoon – 2-3 secs. in the toilet bowl. No idea that turning on and off bad idea. So I kept turning it on and off. went on fine but barely any back lighting on the screen. Then it didn’t work then on but barely any back lite, then it came on fine for a brief min., and then it gave up the ghost.
    When I got home I found this sight. First thing I did was lots of sucking at the dock and at the sim card slot with the vacuum (I have a pretty powerful vacuum) Then rice overnight, more vacuum bin the AM, and turned it on. Was fine except didn’t recognize the SIM card. Back in the bag of rice for the day. Home tonight – still couldn’t recognize the SIM card. Scanned through the blog to see if this problem showed up in other’s posts. Found no solution specific to SIM card problem but did find reminders of steps not taken – so I did the hair dryer for about 10 mins or so and canned air for about another 10 mins and some more vacuuming. AND Just got my phone and text messages in and I’ve made a call. Haven’t tried all the apps and such but at least I know the phones back and there’s no problem with the screen.
    THANK THANK YOU to everyone who has posted here.

    • pam says:

      I take it back. After about a half an hour it quite recognizing the SIM card and nothing I could do could get it back. AND I HAVE A early morning phone appt.
      I even tried restore on Itunes and that just wipped everything out and didn’t help the phone recognize the SIM card. It’s back in rice with the SIM card pulled. If I can’t get it to work should I go to the local Apple store or an AT&T store?

      • pam says:

        The end of the story is I went to the AT&T store (not an authorized dealer but an AT&T store) and they fixed the SIM card problem no questions asked, no charge.
        And the sweet dear is working like new and has been for about 36 hours now

  195. Carl says:

    Well i had a problem like this: It got wet, than I dried it. Than i tried to turn on..it went on with 1 hour than i played World War..XD… than it turned off again and i got it on for a while
    and than it shut off and now when i turn on it wants me to connect it to the iTUnes to restore it. Well i restore it but than it starts to go on but again wants to connecnt to itunes (even that it is allready connected) & wants it restored and till now I still cant get it Work. endless restoring!! Ive been to apple with it. They said that the middle button will rarly work but the SHUT button it could work sometimes & sometimes not & so it is. What am i going to do? Replacing is 650$ …

  196. Linus says:

    If you should happen to run your iPhone thru a complete cycle of laundry, all the way from fill, to spin to rinse (yes, my wife did this, I am told I shouldn’t leave jackets around with cell phones in the pockets especially if the dog woofed on it).

    Don’t panic. Put your phone in a tupperware full of uncooked rice and some silicon packs that you might find in shoe boxes. Leave for 3 days, do not plug into anything in the meantime. After it is all good and dry. Plug it in, it may have to go thru a reset, but it should work.

  197. You’re the best!!! I dropped my phone in the tub while listening to an Usher CD. And then I found you. You’re the best!!!!!

  198. bob says:

    IT WORKED! sat for a week nothing! sprayed with air, not thinking it was doing anything, about to take it apart! BAMM!! bumped the ON button, WAMMOOO turned on! WOOHOO!!!

  199. David says:

    Just wanted to add my two cents. I recently dropped my 3gs in the pool for 1 second. Pulled it out and could not turn it off. I just had to let it sit and destroy itself. I didn’t know about the rice trick until the next day. The rice trick got it up and running again, but it has a lot of the problems already mentioned: power button doesn’t work, it will play the ringtone, but no sounds. I called a repair guy that fixes just iphones and he said that it isn’t worth fixing wet iphone problems because down the road more issues will arise. He suggested just taking it to apple and dealing with the replacement cost.

    My tip to people here is if your backlight isn’t working, try going to your brightness settings and adjusting them, it made my phone’s backlight suddenly work.

  200. maricela says:

    my huspand iphone drop in the toilet 4 a few sec. he made a call to see if it work and it did just 4 that one time and then it turn off by it self.
    We have it in rice 4 2 days now but i don’t see any thing but a apple logo in the center of the screen. PLEASE some help!! what alse can we do?

  201. Greg Parr says:

    Dropped a 3G in the tub this morning for about three seconds. Came out wet and non-functional. Lots of shaking brought the unit back to life, barely. (Got the Apple screen, no boot).

    Several minutes with a blow dryer got the unit to boot, but no sound and no backlight. That returned after several more minutes.

    Dodged a $500 bullet! (Or having to upgrade my wife to 3G and use her 2G as punishment or, worse, my 1G!)

  202. kh says:

    mine got wet during golf game (raining) in my pocket at 6pm, put everything as mentioned above between 7pm to next day 2pm. The phone woke up for awhile at 8pm at very unstable state and went coma then. Felt very impatient to wait 7 days for the rice therapy, so i brought then phone to service center. Got it done within 3 hours at $60. It has been 2 days without trouble.

  203. Beth says:

    I dried my iphone out in rice and with a hair dryer, everything works, but the screen is very dark now. I have it back in the rice. Does anyone know if there is hope for the screen? Does it still need to dry some more? BTW my tip is to put the phone in a knee high nylon before putting in rice so that the rice doesn’t get into the phone.

  204. Lorrain says:

    I dropped my preciuos iphone in the toilet yesterday and everything that many others have written about happened; the screen flashed, then there was lines on the screen, then she slowly went to sleep. OMG, I thought, she is dead. Then I remembered that my coworker had used a hair dryer on her phone, so I did the same. I used both warm and cold air, then I let her air dry over nite and started off with the hair dryer again this morning. I then said a little prayer and plugged her into the computer. At first she didn’t respond, but after a minute the screen was black and I noticed a barely there battery symbol. After about 10 minutes she woke up and now she is fully functional. We were so happy to see each other again and I promised her that I would never let that happen to her again.

  205. GJV says:

    My iphone 3G dropped into a glass of beer in the cars cup holder, when I noticed 3 minutes later the screen was completely white with horizontal lines, then faded to black, then started turning on and off like crazy, finally after reading this blog used the rice method and after 24 hours after the battery ran out inside the rice bag charged it and Magically the phone worked!! This rice thing is miraculous !! At the beggining frequently the “this hardware is not made for this phone…” message appeared but not anymore!!! It is working perfectly! THANKS!!!!

    • SarahJean says:

      A glass of beer? In the CAR’s cup holder?! Sounds really safe. But thank God your phone is okay.

  206. Jeannie M says:

    Omg I read over all these posts last night and I saw that some people were having luck with their phones working again after being in water so I gave it a try before bed. I didn’t have any uncooked white rice so I had to use…get this…cous cous! lol! I poured it in a bag and put my phone in with it and this morning, it was completely back to normal once I used some canned air to get the cous cous out of the headphone jack. :)

    I’ve had a really bad cold and the other night I was gathering up my Zicam spray and my phone and a few other things to head to bed and I was nyquil’d to the gills and so not thinking too straight. The Zicam and phone went in the same pocket and my phone got leaked on. I didn’t know it until the next day when the apple sign was slowly blinking on and off and nothing else worked unless it was plugged into the charger.

    I was so upset since my phone was an anniversary gift from my husband and I haven’t even had it a year yet. And I LOVE my phone and I am never careless with my things and they last forever usually. I hated having to tell my husband I might need to replace it. But now, thanks to all of you who posted your comments, it’s working and he doesn’t have to buy me a new one!

    You guys are terrific!

    Jeannie :)

  207. Jenny Strode says:

    I was desperate to calm my 10mo boy for just 10minutes while I checked out at the store. I turned on some music from my iPhone iPod and handed it to him. He proceeded to drench the top of the phone and the earphone hole. The phone would make calls, but I couldn’t hear without the speaker mode on. As soon as we got home, I put it in front of the hair dryer for 10+ minutes and it was perfect! Thanks for the info. Jenny

  208. Rio Joahill says:

    I woke up to find my Iphone (3GS) in my fish tank (long story); any way long story short alarm was still going off while in fish tank (it went walkies into tank); so i put it into a plastic sandwhich bag then that into a sock; folowed by putting that in a dryer at highest setting; speakers on iphone now works and I can make clear calls; and the phone is charging; still going to get a new iphone as I love my iphone.

  209. KiKi says:

    My iphone was in an otterbox when it was dropped in the toilet. (Clean water, LOL). I removed it from otterbox immediately, shook out as much water as possible and dried with hairdryer for 15 minutes or so. And THEN, this is the thing that really saved it. Put a piece of tape over all openings–docking slot, ear phone plug. Submerge it in rice and place in a 115 degree oven for 12 hours. If there is still visible condensation on the screen, put it back in rice and oven. It is working like a charm. No problems at all.

  210. JohnEcane says:

    My iPhone 3Gs got wet, thrice and Apple replaced it every single time, not necessarily with a new one but refurbished ones I presumed. I’ve tried couple of Stores prior to finding one that would succumb. I live in the middle of Metropolitan Los Angeles, so Apple Stores are everywhere… making the stores easily accessible to me.

    The ploy is to find the busiest branch and set up an appointment online with their Genius Bar at their busiest hour… After having gone to at least 4 Stores, I noticed that the less customers there are, the more time the helpers would have, to inspect your device, hence the “busiest hour” which would consequently lead to these helpers not caring much and treating you just a number due to the volume of perturbed patrons they need to tend to. The easiest way for them to placate you and get rid of you, is by simply replacing the product without so much as going through the proper routine and scrutiny.

  211. Pete says:

    I found a very simple solution… I put it in the trash can and I went to the Apple Store to buy a new one. Voila! Problem solved!

  212. Ben B says:

    I was sitting near the ocean in Hawaii when a big wave came and splashed my stuff — iphone was inside a bag and got a little wet. phone went crazy for a while, then I hoovered it, used a needle to extract sand, and put it in rice & waited a day. Day 3 I did a hard reset and most things started working, including phone functions. Day 5 it said “SIM not detected” and my phone hasn’t worked since (today is Day 7). Is it because I was using T-Mobile in the US on an HK-bought unlocked 3GS? Or is it still because of the water? Is the salt water going to damage the electronics/Do I need to get the thing washed with mineral water by a professional? The phone is back in rice & I’ll try silica packs too. Someone said to let it dry for a full week before turning it on again. Patience! Thanks!

  213. jm says:

    I haven’t even had my iphone 3G S 18gb for two weeks and i dropped it in the toilet this morning. the air mode thing came up, the speakers aren’t working and the screen is somewhat messed up. it’s now sitting in a bag of rice with the voice control screen randomly popping up and saying that ‘this device isn’t compatible with this iphone’ or something, it has nothing plugged into it. i’ve taken the sim card out and in another eleven hours or so i plan on seeing how it’s doing. good luck to anyone with similar issues.

  214. Bermy man says:

    Well my I took my face of my phone and put a blow drier on the inside, like a few days later it has a patch of water looking stuff but my 7,8,9, dial buttons don’t work, and I found that that part of the phone, what ever apps i have up, dont work so I have to scroll up or down to run stuff, but I cant use the 7 button to delete voice mail. any suggestions any one? Does anyone sell spare parts for these phones? like I need new touch pad

  215. Apex says:

    My iPhone was submerged in an overflowing creek yesterday for probably close to 5 minutes but i searched the creek bed for it and found it! I put it in a bag of rice overnight and now its 100% operational, the battery pack isnt fried either. Hell it even turned on right when i pulled it out of the water (I hit the power/lock button), but then powered it down and its been smooth sailing since (knock on wood).

  216. Bermy man says:

    Well I have the best ! washed my phone in the washer machine in my Flight suit pocket. Dried it with the hair dryer, turned it on, screen looks like it has soap in it,and i get the air plane message. Bottom key pad dosn’t work. Most of u guys just drop in water for a few seconds, but to have it washed with soap,spun dry,and sat over night, I think is asking a bit much. any suggesting for getting the soap out?

  217. stupidme says:

    I dropped my iphone while having HOT OIL hot pot (google chinese hot pot if you don’t know what it is). I was so stocked when I dropped the phone and didnt know what to do for nearly 15-20 seconds, the soup was boiling! Took it out, dried with tons of paper napkins and it didnt turn on. I used a hair dryer to dry it for about 10 mins and its sitting in a bowl of rice right now. My situation is very different from everyone else because I dropped it in a hot boiling oil soup!! I’m not sure if the rice can soak up the oil tho…..pray pray pray!

  218. Bill Wright says:


    I used this and it works great, just put phone in bag and it will dry it! Cheap to!

  219. kashif says:

    hi.. my one yr old daughter took my 2g iphone in her mouth and may be it was in her mouth for couple of minutes. after that i took it from her wiped with a towel and what happened next that the upper half of the screen stopped working completely but the lower half is fine, i am unable to turn off my device took it to the service man and he told me that i require a new screen! is there any way someone can help me???

  220. Lou says:

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU to this board – it worked!!!!!! dropped my iPhone in the loo at work on Thursday – I shook out as much water as I could and got the message about a non supported device being attached and did I want to put in on airplane mode… then it died – I nearly cried…

    Got home, checked on the internet about what to do – found this site – hoovered the phone out – and placed in a bag of rice and sat on a radiator… which was all about 2 hours since it had happened…

    Friday evening – I tried plugging it into the computer and it was a dead black thing… wouldn’t switch on… nothing

    Left in the bag with the rice until today – Saturday morning – one last try before getting on to the insurance company… and it’s back… just like before – not found anything wrong with it so far – have sent emails, texts, received and made phone calls and everything so far (touch wood) seems fine…

    Thank you everyone on here – I thought I was doomed…

    And good luck – it really does work to all those who stumble here trying to find a miracle cure for your own iPhone…


  221. Chrissie says:

    Here’s a new one… was helping my son do his homework at the table, when his hand flew out suddenly knocking his full glass of lemonade over my iphone. In my panic I picked it up and quickly ran it under the tap – probably making it worse! But I figured that water would be better than sugar through it…
    Anyway, removed the sim card and blowdried it on “cool setting” which has helped and sat it on top of the external harddrive to dry out for awhile – seems to have helped. Speakers seem to be the only thing now that are not working correctly (initally it was ringtone and screen as well)… we’ll see how it progresses, but thanks for all your tips and advice. Will give it one more blowdry and return to the heat of the external harddrive overnight – hopefully my precious phone will come back to me! Good luck everyone! I’m in Australia, so glad to hear the fixes are universal!!

  222. Gary Horsman says:

    I brought my iPhone to the washroom at work, but my arm got caught in the headphone wire and it tumbled into the bowl. I panicked, but managed to pull it out after it had been underwater for about 1.5 seconds. Luckily, nothing else was in the toilet.

    I dried it off, sprayed compressed air into the dock connector, speakers, switches and earphone plug and then googled ‘iphone toilet drop’. The recommendation from most people was to cover it in rice to absorb the moisture. I was lucky I found a Thai restaurant that was willing to sell me a bowl of uncooked rice.

    Forty-eight hours later, I managed to plug it into my Mac and it was working. The only thing is that there are intermittent hairlines in the display, but otherwise it seems to be fine for now. I’m covering it up again in hopes that it will take away any remaining micro droplets of water.

    Thanks internets for the tips. And good luck, because if you’re reading this now, this has probably just happened to you too.

  223. clizbiz says:

    Well, if nothing else, this string has made me feel like less of a moron for dropping my iPhone in the toilet. It’s sitting in a bowl of rice right now and I’ve already tried the vacuum thing.

    My condolences to everyone. And now I must return to my ‘PRAY’ position…

  224. sarah says:

    Yeah!!!! My water bottle spilled in my bag. I let it try in rice under my comp for two days while vacuuming it with my hand vac for ten mins here and there. Bugga works like new.

    Thanks for the advice, and big alohas and mahalos.

  225. Beth Crutchfield says:

    My daughter accidentally dropped my i-phone in about 1 1/2 inches of melted ice and a small amount of diluted diet dr. pepper. The phone was only in there for about 2 seconds before I yanked it out. I dried it off, and since I could still see the screen, I thought it was fine. I realized a little later something was wrong when the home screen button wouldn’t work. I went to the AT&T store and they referred me to the Apple store, who told me on the phone that they could do nothing for me – except provide me with a replacement phone for $199. So, after researching, I tried the hairdryer and now have the phone in a bag of rice. I am praying so hard that my phone will be O.K. I got it for Christmas, and it is absolutely the BEST gift I have ever received!

  226. bre villa says:

    idr0pped my iph0ne in thee t0ilet at w0rk an ish00k thee water 0ut as much as p0ssible and let it air dry fer m0nths and itried it t0day and it w0rks!

  227. Rich says:


    So I dropped my phone in a cup of water (random, right?!) for two seconds and the phone shut down.

    Now don’t get grossed out… I had dropped my precious iPhone in a puddle before and SUCKED the water out and it worked fine, however it’s a miracle I didn’t catch malaria LOL.

    FIRST, what happened was the phone would not turn on, however when you put it on a charger, the itunes connecting to the apple logo came up, however it wouldn’t be recognized on the computer and when you took it out, the phone would shut off.

    THEN, after leaving it in rice for 3 days, the phone has magically turned on and almost everything works except one thing.

    The phone won’t charge/connect with a computer; it has to be connected using the actual plug. This is good because yes it charges, yes it plays, yes it makes calls, however I can’t update my iPhone at ALL.

    Do you guys think this is a temporary effect or permanent? Has this happened to anyone else?

  228. PW says:

    Thanks so much for this post and all the comments above. I left my phone outside at a friends house, and it got rained on all night, the rain was heavy as well. Phone wouldn’t turn on after I got it back and I was devastated… There seem to be a bit of water in the phone, my boyfriend could suck water out from the hole for docking!
    Used hair dryer on cool heat and blew into the docking and headphone hole for a good 10 – 15min each, then I went and got the compressed air spray and sprayed into it for about 5 min each. It still wasn’t turning on at that point, and I was too scared to plug it into anything, so could have just been the battery.
    Decided to try the rice trick, put it into a ziplock bag and covered it in uncooked rice, left it for a day, and have just plugged it into my mac, its been recognised by itunes, sync, the screen is fine and seem to be able to send / receive calls, internet without any issue. Cross my fingers that’s all going to go fine from here. I might chuck it back in the rice bag during the night for a week just to make sure that all the moisture is sucked out of it.
    Definitely getting phone insurance from now on.

  229. Richard says:

    Also dropped mine in toilet for a couple of seconds. Did the rice thing, had it in the sun, used a blow dryer and even put it in the oven (on low) for a while. The phone was dead but now when I plug it in it is recognised by itunes and yesterday did a sync. The only problem – the screen is completely blank. Nothing. Any further ideas?

  230. Steve says:

    So I spilled a glass of water on my phone the other night. Woke up and the phone still worked, it didn’t have too much contact with water, but the backlight wouldn’t work. after reading about possibly remedies, I left it in rice for 24 hours. When I turned the phone on again, it worked perfect. Now two days later, the backlight won’t work again. Should I put it back in rice, or will this not cure the backlight issue?

  231. Michael says:

    I dropped my iphone in a bowl of milk. lol…I know, a little strange. It immediately started talking about airplane mode. I smacked the milk out of it for a good 10 minutes. There was no sound coming out of the phone. When I tried to call someone, you could not hear it ring. When they answered, they could not hear you. I used the dryer on it for about 10 minutes and it seems to be working great for now. I am going to put it on rice just in case. The phone was submerged for a good 10 seconds. I fell asleep on the couch, heard the phone ring, looked at it, and laid it back down on what I thought was the table. Instead of the table, it was my daughters bowl of cereal. Good times!

  232. Rebecca says:

    I dropped my phone in the tub I know stupid right. Anyway once I saw the phone go immediately fished it out n tapped the water out as much as I could. My phone keeps turning off and one and white screen comes on. My screensaver came on once, the plug your phone to Itunes came on once but other than that the phone keeps on powering off and on. Immediately turned to the internet to find a remedy seeing that I ran out of warranty. Now the phone is in a bag with rice and hopefully it works. Did anyone have a problem like mine’s where it keeps on powering on and off and sometimes a white screen comes up? HELP!!!!

  233. Lauren says:

    iphone been in a bag of rice for 5 days. when i plug it into mu computer, itunes does not recognise it.. when i plug it into charge a black screen comes up with a white apple symbol. then screen goes dark then nothing. help!

  234. Robert says:

    Let my wife borrow my iphone to play one of the apps. Bad mistake. When she got done she put it on the armrest/middle seat in our car while I was driving. I didn’t see it and when I put on the brakes I heard this kerplunk sound. in front of the armrest is my big blue plastic cup. She had my coat over it so no one saw it in the cup for like 30 minutes. The phone would not turn off and had a screen I had never seen before with a charging symbol. I stupidly took the phone apart and then after drying it out tried to plug it back in – nothing. The phone just vibrated over and over. Found this website and am now trying the rice method. Praying it works.

  235. Lauren says:

    dropped my iphone down the toilet (like a lot of people.. glad im not the only one) its in a bag of rice at the moment and has been for a few hours now. i dryed it with a hair dryer first. ive only had it about 2months. i hope it works!

  236. bcus says:

    My iPhone went into the dark cold load this a.m. As I’ve recovered other cell phones from water damage – like my son jumping into the river with it in his pocket – I knew the drying out can be done. For a while, I tried all the drying techniques, then decided I needed to get it open to air it out. The instructions I found were not encouraging, so I took out the sim card only and returned to the forced air drying attempts. Then I reasoned that maybe it was out of charge, since it had lain in my jeans pocket all night before going into the front loading washer (less water) for a clunky spin (I heard it, but didn’t recognize its cries before someone came over and asked why I wasn’t answering my phone) – so I may actually be dealing with more than just water damage. Anyway I plugged it into the charger, and it turned on for the first time since its injury. There were a few quirky things going on, and, yes, I can see the water behind the screen. So I turned it off, I think; it is still blinking the screen apple off and on periodically. My research on the Apple site turned up the option of OOW service, Out-of-Warranty service which does cover water damage, and they send you a refurb or new iPhone for $200. So, I’ll keep trying to revive this one, but that is not a hideous option for worst case. Thanks for your helpful posts. Will try to remember to follow up with my outcome. For right now, a few squirts of air, then back in the silica bag.

    • bcus says:

      FOLLOW-UP: After several days of my iPhone being in the silica/rice bag, and still not drying out, I consulted my Mac guru who suggested putting it in a foil-lined, vented shoebox with a 40W light bulb (on) to accomplish the drying step. I have a gooseneck desk lamp with metal shade vented on top. So, I put that down in to the top of the large ziplock bag with the phone on top of the rice and pricked pinholes all around the bottom. After 2.5 days, no more moisture behind the screen, and everything works, except the home key is still a bit sluggish – sometimes dicey getting back to home screen. All apps work as far as I can tell. One thing I wouldn’t go again is the rice, as I got a kernel in the sim card slot that was the dickens to get out. I first noticed it when I tried to slide the little carrier tray back in there and it didn’t go easily. Then there was a white spot on the screen, I guess right where the rice was inside. It was lodged, but I gently tapped the unit on a leather wallet, and eventually it came out – wasn’t really sure what it was before then, thought it might be a chip of silica. Anyway, watch out for such possibilities; putting a piece of fabric over the rice before laying the phone on it would help prevent introduction of kernels into orifices. Wanted to offer what I could to this forum, as I’m happily back to playing Scrabble with my iPhone. Thanks.

  237. PSL_UK says:

    Thank You Thank You Thank You.

    I was watching Home Alone with the wife and little lad on Monday (27th) night with my iphone next to me on the couch. You never know when you’ll need it do you. I moved to stand up and nudged my phone which nose dived straight into a glass of white wine. I grabbed it out within three seconds and everything was fine, but then it just turned off and wouldn’t come back on. Anyway, I left it on a radiator overnight and then looked on this site in the morning. I immediately grabbed my phone off the radiator and began the hoovering process, for a good fifteen minutes. I then left it in a little rice filled coffin wrapped in a towel back on the radiator for 24 hours. It was a difficult time, seeing it there and being constantly tempted to try to turn it on. Anyway this morning I took my phone out of the rice and off the radiator and it still wouldn’t turn on. It’s the end, I thought. But then I hooked it up to my PC and a red battery symbol appeared. Next it asked for my PIN number. Now it is back on and fully functioning. Happy new year everybody!!

  238. ChumDouglas says:

    I just found my phone on the side of the highway after it sat for nearly 12 hours. I’m guessing since it was so cold out, the snow didn’t have a chance to melt and my capsule rebel case protected it as well. Everything still worked but to be on the safe side I popped the sim out and used the hairdryer on it, now it’s in a bag of rice. We’ll see what the verdict is when I wake up.

  239. af says:

    I have had success with several handheld electronic devices using this method:
    First dry the device, and then remove any user removable covers or preferably, depending on device, the whole case.
    Place the device on a heating pad turned on high overnight. The idea is to dry the unit out as rapidly as possible without overheating it. I do not wrap the unit in the pad, only place it on top of the pad. I would expect this would be similar to using silica gel which also sounds like a reasonable idea. I have not tried it but it seems that heat would work faster and therefore might be preferable.

  240. mxbrn says:

    My one yr old fell into our Koi pond and I jumped in to save her. I slipped while bent over to pick her up and thats how my iphone got wet. Agin like you read above, it was just for a few seconds. The screen got super dark, but was powering off and on. I tried to shut it completely off, but i’ve only had the damn thing for three days and am a bit unfamiliar w/ it. I removed the SIM card and sucked the hell out of it w/ the vacuum for about 15 min and it came on and off twice, each time w/ a bright screen. Then I completely shut it off and now have it baggie w/ rice and an old silica I found. I crushed the beads to try to refresh them. Wish me and my 3 day old Gs luck. I will update tomorrow.

    • mxbrn says:

      It worked! The screen was dark at first, but when I touched a few buttons it came right back. I went to my down loaded apps and they would not come up. No sweat. I only had the thing for 3 days and only had two apps on it. I didn’t like them any way. The next one I down loaded works fine. it’s like nothing ever happened. SWEET! Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences.

  241. michael altamirano says:

    i droped my phone in chocolate milk! i tried the hair dryer thing and its slowly coming back to life so far it only works on speaker

  242. chee says:

    Hey!! I can see the White apple Icon after charging it for some time!! still not responding yet, but sure joy to see that apple again… hope it will come back on soon.

  243. chee says:

    Drop mine in the toilet.

    Tried the rice method after 1 day, but it still not working. How to know if it was completely dry yet ?

  244. Morgan Mason says:

    Dropped in toilet at noon yesterday. Someone at work told me about the rice. But first I also used dust buster to suck out water. Held to car heater on my way home, put in baggie of rice over night. I used minute rice thinking it would absorb faster if it cooks in 5 minutes! (who knows?) Took it out every now and then only to find those streaks of water and funny flickering. This AM took it out of rice, hooked to MacPro and it came right on. Is now syncing, charging and the start button works!! Thank you so much for your advice. And it made me feel better to know that other people drop their iPhone in the toilet!

  245. alex says:

    My iphone fell into a big cup of iced tea and I tried turning it off but it wouldn’t stay off it kept turning on and giving me the choice to put it on airplane mode then it turned off after an hour my bf got the smart idea of pluging into the computer but it worked and it turned off again now it won’t turn on and its been a day even if I plug it in it gives me the apple sign and it turns off can I still save it? I dnt have any rice and I’m going insane and will apple just charge me 200 for the phone help plz!!!!

    • alex says:

      I just found the rice I will update on wat happens I’m praying hope it works but how long till I see something happening or should I wait? I’m not pacient but for my phone I will leave there a week if I have to. so how long till I take it to apple store?

  246. SOPHIA says:


    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!! X9578927095829358098525

  247. Jessica says:

    omg i dropped my iphone in the toilet!!! i blowdried it and now its in a bag of rice and silica packets… :-( hope this workssss

    • hanna says:

      Hey, Jessica!!! Did your phone ever start working? I dropped my iphone in the toilet two and a half days ago and it is still not working. I am freaking out. Thanks!

  248. kimIphone says:

    phone got wet for about 4 seconds. fully functions except no back light, and it gives me the accessory mode error. i have removed the sim, and have it setting in rice at the moment. HAs anyone had any luck with a non working back light. should i give up and try apple or maybe a phone repair shop, HELP HELP please.

  249. Kaycee says:

    This method worked for me. My iPhone feel out of my sweatshirt and into my dog’s water bowl. It was fully submerged for less than 5 seconds, and it everything worked but the sound when I recovered it from the dog’s bowl. Hairdryer + compressed air fixed the sound issue…good advice!

  250. mez says:

    i dropped my phone in the toilet last nightfor not even 5 seconds and it had a white screen with lines on it it wouldn’t turn off so i left it on my desk over night so i think the battery finally ran out and turned it self off cause now it won’t turn on at all, totally unresponsive. i was reading about the rice thing so iam trying it now.
    god i hope it works i haven’t even had it for 4 weeks

  251. reeco says:

    was on the motorbike undertaking the 30 mile journey home frm work,i was wearing a semi-waterproof jacket and it started raining about 5 miles in to the trek.my iphone was in the pocked and now wont work,i plugged it into my laptop to see if i could work it but a message came up on the computer screen saying,”iphone in recovery mode detected”. does this mean my phone will work again or not?

  252. Robin says:

    My mother just got her iPhone wet during a fishing excursion. She first tried blowing it dry, leaving the drier on cool and facing the phone for approximately 6 hours. This failed utterly, so I finally convinced her to let me try my remedy.

    Place the phone in the refrigerator.
    Just stick it in the fridge.

    I have heard cautions issued about the refrigerator method, so if you can I would instead follow the tips found here www.popularmechanics.com/technology/how_to/4269047.html#at. However, the benefit of the refrigerator is that it works very quickly- I’ve never had anything take more than 4 hours to return to at least partial function. As it mentions in the article for which I have provided the URL, the key is to NOT become impatient or turn it on. Don’t even turn it on to test if it works- if you dropped the thing in a foot of water, I promise you everything is NOT ok.

    Anyway, just another weapon in your arsenal.

  253. lawlcopter says:

    well heres one,yesterday i was taking a shortcut through the forest that i have done almost evrday for the past 3 years, its been raining for the past couple days and the creek i always cross was overflowing, yet i could still cross th same log over it, i cross it in 1 piece and decide to jump.. my iphone slips out of my pocket and falls right into the water. i got it out in about 5seconds, i dried it as much as possible and its sitting in a bag of rice, probbably my 6-7th phone ive had -.-
    hopefully it works
    i dont want to turn it on because i dont know if its had enough time to dry

  254. Ijaz says:

    Well i was walking with a friend from school and it was raining pretty hard. It was in my pocket and we decided to have a race so we ran all the way too my house (5 mins) i looked form my iphone,paniced, went outside looking up and down for it found it like 10 mins later, dried it with a napkin and shook out the water, now its in a bag of rice. Am hope it comes back soon. And it works ok but sometimes the screen blanks out and voice command is always going off like (no music is play) (calling *****) but the screen is useable and the apps work but the speakers dont sound as loud, screen blacks out (still on) and the voice controls going crazy.

    anything else i can do?

  255. Mark says:

    Well I dropped mine down the toilet, and its completely screwed.

    If these idiots who designed this thing allowed people to take the battery out easily, I could have simply done that and dried it out (as ive doen with other phones that got wet)

    This phones starting to piss me off… So restrictive. Jailbroken the second the new one comes through the door.

  256. karen says:

    going against house rules

    Well I hate to say this but you all are making me feel better about drowning my little precious white iphone… My fishing story… I went against my own personal rule about fishing, water and iphone.. one of these things don’t match,, I went fishing with my husband today a cool fall afternoon in the midwest.. I was fishing on a bucket on a slanted rock,I had drank 2 beers and my hands were cold from the beer and the temp outside . I pulled my iphone out of my pocket and fumbled it like a bar of soap and watched it slide down the slanted rock into the water.. I cussed looked up at my husband and drove my hand into the water to retrieve my phone… I rescued it from the lake and handed it straight over to my husband and the screen read.. ” This accessory is not made to work for an iphone” this of course cracked us up! My husband quickly shook out the phone out and put it in his pocket..while in his pocket i receive a couple of text.. it would not go off and I could not hear or talk to anyone.. Not able to get home right away went to friends house she had rice bag full and waiting for the patient (iphone) to come in the door.. when we got home we have put bag of rice wrapped ..(iphone in bag) in a heating pad for it to dry over night.. I am a student energy healer and i actually did some energy work on my phone to give it some good MOJO! it i can heal a iphone I have a new career path to pursue! will let u know outcome!

  257. Katya says:

    Well, I had mine on my seat and a “lovely” dog decided to jump up in my seat and I told it to get down it wouldn’t. So I pushed it and its big paws sent my iphone flying into a cup of water great!
    Anyways so where i’m at right now is…my phone will work but it has now backlight. Has anyone had this issue as well? I’m trying to decide if I should give up on it or not. The only other thing I can’t do is zoom. I’ve had it over the AC, in rice, used the vacuum. I don’t know what else to do any advice…I’m going insane without my phone!

    • kimIphone says:

      did you have any luck with your phone. mine got wet last night and i think the only issue is the back light. i have it in rice right now, but im wondering if i should give up, try to take it to apple or maybe find a phone repair shop….

      • Steve says:

        I too have had the same issue, my phone was fully underwater for about 2 seconds. Everything seems to work the same, except the back light went out just like you other two ladies. How did you ever resolve your issue?

        Email me at onemysticdawn777@gmail.com


  258. Claudia says:

    My second generation iPhone got wet. At first it didn’t even have a screen showing. The screen has come back and there is a warning message “No SIM card installed”. The touch screen does not work. I took it to the Apple Store and the genius looked in the ear plug with a special light said it had been wet and they wouldn’t touch it. I have tried the rice procedure but there has been no change for several days now. Should I just accept that it is ruined and move on with my life. I can get a new 3Gs for $199 from Apple/ATT.

  259. Goldie says:

    so i got a good one…i don’t think that anyone has said this one yet…well..i was play call od duty zomdies der rise…n my two year old daughter decided to use my phone for spongebob on youtube(she always watches it)…so then i hear her saw mama phone….WATER….so i asked her wut did she want…so she repeated it for a few times…but i was so caught up in the game and just ignored it…then wen she finally brings me my phone its flashing on the lock screen n the apple start screen…then i try to turn it off…but it finally does turn off…then wen i finally get off the game…i realized wut she was saying wen i picked up my phone and it was soaking wet with sink water…hen i asked her y she said she got it dirty wid chocolate n gave it a bath…NO JOKE…seriously…now i tried everything blow dryed it…bought the compressed air…now it turns on when plugged in nothing wrong with the screen…but funny thing is that i think the phone died from not charging it in the first place…but not sure…because i know that i didnt charge it since yesterday…but im just prayying to GOD that’s its ok….keep you guys posted…but please can soneone tell me if my phone will be ok…

  260. Kurt says:

    Was walking home during a decent rain with my iPhone in the front pocket of my hoodie.. I was listening to music when all of a sudden it got real loud and the earphone control wouldn’t work.. I took it out of the wet pocket and put it in my dryer pant pocket til I got home about 5 minutes later.. I blow dryed on cool for about 20 minutes (also using the backside ‘exhaust’ of the blowdryer because it creates suction) and I now have it in a bag of rice sitting on a heating pad on low.. I hope this works or I’m going to kill someone.. I don’t think it got too wet, I wasn’t in the rain that long and it was far from full submersion but we’ll see.. *fingers crossed*

  261. jade says:

    dropped my iphone wrapped in an otterbox in the boat launch for like an hour before i found it. took it home and took it all apart and blow dried it and put it in the bag of rice and it comes on but the only way i get service i have to be right by a tower any help ????

  262. Luke says:

    OK, here’s a new one. I was downstairs working when I heard a thunk upstairs above me. I assumed it was one of the children so ignored it. About 5 mins later this really annoying noise was starting to get to me – I suddenly twigged it was the alarm on my iPhone. Ran upstairs to see that the iphone wasn’t wear I left it on the windowsill. The vibrate alarm had made it go walkabout and it had decided to take a dip in the full bath below the window sill!
    The phone seemed to be working fine but I have removed the SIM and am using the old Chinese Rice trick just to be sure. Will keep you posted!

  263. Ed says:

    anybody’s iphone 3Gs got wet here and restored? How did you do it?



  264. broodbaby says:

    oh and just got home found out ive been done by rouge insurance company so not coverd lol, its haveing a rice and silica soak on top of tv at mo

  265. broodbaby says:

    phone in shorts poket,jumped in pool swam 400 meters then straight in spa 20 min luxurious soak followed by 2 miniute ice cold power shower and 15 mins in steam room,u gota laugh

  266. Terry says:

    I was driving to pick my wife up from work. I set my Iphone into the cup holder in case she called while I was driving. I didn’t realize there was about 1/3 inch of spilled soda pooled at the bottom of the cup holder. The phone was sitting with the computer connector right in the soda. It’s now spazzing out, app not supported message, turn on airplane mode question, etc. I can make and receive calls but can only get into any app for about five seconds before it kicks me out and spazzes again. I am trying the rice method with fingers crossed.

    • Terry says:

      Update. I gave it three days and it didn’t fix it. The bottom button used to get out of apps doesn’t work. Off to apple store today to buy a new one.

      • Terry says:

        2nd update. Funny thing happened at the apple store. I showed them how the bottom button wasn’t working and….wha la…it worked. So I’m keeping the phone. I still get the “this app not supported message” all the time but just close it. Everything else is working. It did spaz out yesterday for about 2 hours, but then started working again.

  267. jim says:

    my phone went through the wash for about 5 minutes the screen had water in it so i shook it all out and used a blow dryer it is in rice any suggestions o and this phone worked fine after i dropped it into a sink for like 4 seconds

  268. Rick says:

    Wife put her iPhone in rinse cycle of laundry. I could not find anyone who sold silica, but I found this product DampRid which is meant to remove moisture and musty smell from stored linens. After 3 days phone revived. The only strange thing is that it is showing the battery icon like it’s charging when it’s not. Strange, but not not a huge issue.

  269. andrew says:

    Unless you guys have any better luck, the rice or silica thing will NOT work with a white screen. Sorry guys…just reporting back on my situation. Your screen is dead. I actually took my phone to a place around here that fixes damaged iphones and mine is back in working condition again as though nothing was ever wrong. They had to take it apart, replace the screen and the processor as well as a few other parts and because it was in salt water, they had to do a mineral rinse of all electrical parts as we all know salt will eat away at anything electrical. Good news: works again. Bad news: $240 to fix.

    Mike: do not think that it will work forever. The salt is in your phone. Even if it dries before you turn it on…the salt will remain and believe me, it will eventually kill your phone. Sorry bro…you need to get that thing clean asap.

    Best of luck to you all especially the ones with white screens. My wallet and I feel your pain or the pain you are about to experience.

    • andrew says:

      …called AMEX and it looks like there is a good chance I will get reimbursed for the iphone as my card carries accident insurance. I should know within 2 weeks whether it is covered. Will report back when I have an answer. I guess it’s a good thing it happened after only a month of ownership.

      • andrew says:

        Good news. They decided to cover my expense for the most part. I’m only out about $40. Not too shabby for a fixed iphone that went swimming in the ocean.

        Lesson learned: take the ******* blackberry to the beach.

        • jennifer says:

          my iphone also took a dip in the ocean. what is the name of the company that cleaned it and repaired it. woudl love to mail my iphone there.

  270. Kevin says:

    Similar story to the last 2… I dropped my phone getting out of my car, and didn’t know until the next morning… It had rained and gotten my phone wet… the water sensor is not triggered (unless there is a second one I am not aware of (not in the headphone jack). I can call the phone and answer it with a finger swipe… and I was able to turn it off with a finger swipe… but the screen is all white… I’m going to try the rice and vacuum things… it’s my work phone and they aren’t covering squat… great… looks like I’ll be unavailable for a few days…

    • Stephanie says:

      There is another wet sensor, it is where you plug your phone in to charge, just under the prong. Kind of hard to see unless you hold a light under it.

  271. mike says:

    ran in ocean with phone. it was dead so nothin should have shorted out. u think it will work if i just wait for it to dry

  272. Aimee says:

    i went out lastnight and for whatever reason decided to put 2 full beers in my purse…. not so smart… they dumped everywhere and my phone was in there… in my drunkeness i didn’t understand why it wouldn’t work… so this morning i realize it is just a white screen… it completely works besides you can’t see anything… trying the rice and hoping it works… if not i guess ill try the kitty litter or the silica packets!!!

  273. andrew says:

    Well, here’s a little variation on the toilet story. As hurricane bill is approaching our coast, I decided to paddle out this morning. I didn’t realize that my iphone decided to catch a few waves with me. I ended up realizing it was in my board shorts immediately upon entering the water and hopping on my board. I ran out immediately so the phone was barely wet for more than maybe 7-8 seconds.

    Ironically, it still works except the screen is white. I have done a hard restart and also restored it. Nothing…still just a white screen and no responsiveness. I can still hear when I get an email and I can call people if I use the voice dial option.

    anyway, it’s in some rice now although I am not that hopeful that the rice will correct the white screen issue. Damn…I’ve only had this thing for a month. A victim of Bill, I suppose.

  274. k says:

    my phone went into the toliet thanks to my 4 year old. Shook the water out, dried with hair-dryer, then it sounded like an internal fan or motor ran on the phone for about 45 seconds…not getting any response from trying to turn on the home key. Has anyone else had the “motor sound” run before??
    Was it my phone dying?

    • Brenden Elmore says:

      well mine sounded like a electrical wire loose or something wen mine got wet io did the rice thing for like 3 to 4 days and it came on the charging screen but it wont charge??????????? but yea i had what urs sounded like

  275. R says:

    Dropped one iphone in the toilet and never got it to recognize the SIM card, since I kept turning it off like a dummy.

    Went out a bought a new one, and then proceeded to get tons of water on it from the cat’s water fountain.

    WHAT WORKED: Leaving the phone *totally, completely* off for 4 days (yes, four, so have a backup phone like some junky thing), setting it in front of the fan, on a hot surface (Gentle!!), and under a light.

    WHAT DID NOT WORK: Turning it off and on to see if it worked, blow drying it, leaving it in rice.

    The BIGGEST DIFFERENCE: Leave it off for as long as you can possibly stand it. The act of turning it on and off shorts the wires and connectors inside. Stop yourself and have some serious patience.

    THING TO REMEMBER: If you purchased your iphone on a credit card, most credit cards (esp. Mastercard) cover accidental damage up to the original purchase price. Might take you some pushing in this economy, but it’s in their contracts (so they have to fulfill their obligations). Also, don’t forget that (at least when my first one would not work) there is a great eBay market for wet iphones, used for parts. Third, check out some of the third party repair places. I didn’t use one since mine was beyond reach, but it seems they would be more helpful than Apple (who says, “um, yeah, buy a new one.”)

    Good luck!!!

  276. cheers says:

    I just dropped my brand new 3GS in the toilet!! I’ve read everything and it’s now in a plastic bag w/ silica gel packets (thank god for my shoe addiction) The thing is, it appears to be working fine- can make/ recieve calls and texts, connects to the internet, no splotches on the screen… but the speakers aren’t working so I can’t hear anything. Will these come back after drying out??

    • jt says:

      did your phone end up working again ? cos i did that today .. it`s sitting in rice at the moment but my sister went to turn it on for a bit & played games .. but i put it back in rice again & turned it off .. do you think it`ll be okay ??

    • Stephanie says:

      I dropped mine in a gutter, I was drinking, so I dried it off and it seemed to be working perfectly fine, so I tested out the speakers. It worked last night. I turned it off for the night.

      This morning I turned it on and the speakers weren’t working so I am really curios if yours ever started working again.

  277. Brenden Elmore says:

    ok i realy need help my lil brother spilled the acne clean and clear all ver my iphone well i paniced so i pluged it in and the apple logo and the screen turned a real bright pink and then shut off turned back on with a bright white screen now it wont turn on so i was curious so i goolged iphone wet help and i came across this web sight well i used a hair dryer to try and blow all the water out then i pluged it in and still nothing so i am in progress of the rice solution and it is in a cup of rice hidden in my kitchen its been about 8 hours and ive been checking on it from here and tere and i still got nothing so if u can help me plz do so

    p.s i called apple and lied and told them that it was a hardware problem and they still want me to pay 199 to get a replace ment fone and i am not rich so i refuse to pay it so can some one plz help me and if the iphone does end up working ill let ever1 no well im off to work i have to try to gain the money some how

    • Brenden Elmore says:

      ok thank u the rice thing worked but only one problem it stays on the battery charging dead when i first plug it in i left it for like 2 hours and it steel does the same thing…… is the battery messed up plz someone help me????????????????????????or do i just keep it in the rice for a couple of more days……………….. plz respond

  278. IPhone 3GS Hell says:

    No luck for me seeing whether things are working! I can get itunes and my photo reader to “see” what is in the phone, but all I can see is a faded apple in the middle.

    I have tried just about everything but diving back into the pool with it (as I did, to begin with), just so I could sort-of try things over, again, as it were, this time using a new technique. The sad thing is that, just as I was viewing the pool water about to be broken by my hands entering it, I realized that my NEW 3GS was in my left pocket. By the time I splashed, sank due to inertia, and then kicked-off the bottom, with my left hand pulling the phone out of my pocket and thrusting it out of the water on to the deck during this 1.2 second process, it was too late. The phone got hosed.

    The nice thing about the phone is that it has a beautiful black body (as opposed to the white body). As such, it pretty much goes with everything. So, and similar to a Seinfeld episode, if it only had some legs, it could be a miniature coffee table! I can also use it as a mirror, for grooming purposes.

    • karimck says:

      Did your phone ever come back to life? I lost my beloved iPhone TWELVE days ago and I’m crushed. I’m thinking of buying a “wet” one on Ebay since it’s all I can hope to afford. Risky, huh? I’d love to hear how yours ended up–especially if the news is good. ;)

  279. steve says:

    My wife’s iPhone got doused by her spilled vitamin water 2 weeks ago. I immediately shook it out, blew it out with hair dryer on LOW HEAT (didn’t want to fry any fragile components), but the screen was still unresponsive. I put it in a food dehydrator at 110 degrees for 24 hours and it works again. There are still spots and scratches on the screen which are most visible when the background is a light color, so I guess it’s not completely dry yet. Going to try rice and/or kitty litter next to get the last bit of water. The spots are annoying but at least the phone works again.

  280. Amir says:


    Different brands have different ingredients. Find one that lists silica gel only, such as “Fresh Step Crystals”.

    • Amir says:

      I forgot to mention this, since kitty litter can get kind of powdery..
      Either bury your phone in it and don’t move it around
      Pour a bunch of it into something that you can seal, like a cooking pot with a tight lid, and put your iPhone on top of something above the silica. The silica will make the air in the pot really dry, and the water in your phone will slowly evaporate and be absorbed. You’re just creating a very dry atmosphere.

  281. iPhone Blues says:

    Just got knocked over by my dogs as they made a mad dash out to go to the bathroom. I was knocked to the ground. My iPhone fell out of my hand, took one bounce on the deck and then before I could catch it. IT splashed into our pond. HORROR! I jumped off the deck right behind it..Nearly broke my leg…Got the iphone out..Texted a girlfriend to tell her the horror. She said take the battery out and dry it. (SHE IS NOT AN IPHONE OWNER!) Call my husband. He says get off the phone turn it off and put it in rice. WHY oh WHY am I sitting here praying over my iphone in the container of rice. I then immediately go online to read I have to leave it in for 24 hours. NOW I know why the kids almost die when they get their phones taken away!!!! Come on iphone come back to me PLEASE….I let you all know if it works…(If it doesn’t sadness will over take me and my husband will not be able to leave with me-which means he will have to go to the apple store and buy me the new 3gs!)

    • iPhone Blues says:

      Here’s an update to my iphone blues. I left the iPhone in uncooked rice plastic container all night long on top of my cablebox. I watched the rice glow as the iphone turned on and off independently. This morning, I sat the plastic container on its side so that the iPhone was standing upright. (around 7am). At 3pm, I couldn’t take it anymore. I took the iPHONE out of the rice. Placed it on the charger on top of my power adapter for my MacBook. So that it was would still be on some heat! It’s still charging. It turned itself on. Text messages and calls are coming in. (I am not answering them!) As well as the message about this accessory is not…airplane mode yes or no… I am going to let it get a full charge AND then hook it to my iMAC for syncing..Fingers still cross…More updates to come!

  282. joe says:

    great work your advice helped me save my grandfathers iphone he left out side after i was teaching him how to use it

  283. Morty says:

    Accidentally washed and dried mine. It started after it cooled down, but had the weird blemishes in the background. Rice the first night, cat litter after that. You can get all silica crystal cat litter at Pet Smart, it’s the same stuff in the packets. The bright blemishes are gone (5 nights in litter), but there is a weird diagonal line hashing ‘inside scratches’ effect that G mentioned. I am not sure that will go away.

  284. Ed says:

    I just recovered mine after it slipped out of my pocket while sitting rock near a waterfall in N.H. www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ooJTkbCn_c

    I jumped down the rock and quickly plucked my 3g out of the cold spring water. The screen was flashing and there were blotches on the screen. No matter how often I tried to turn it off, it kept turning itself back on. I thought all was lost.

    I dried the phone off as well as I could and a few hours later stopped by a local sporting goods store and asked for any spare silica gel packs they might have. Luckily they where unpacking a bunch of merchandise that had some nice large packets and they gave me a bunch of them!! I also stopped by the local grocery store and picked up a bag of rice.. I put my iphone in a ziplock bag filled with rice and silica gel over night.

    The next day, while the phone worked better, the screen had “stains” or blemishes on the behind the glass.

    I refreshed the rice and hoped to increase the silica gel effectiveness by taking each packet and crunching it lightly with a hammer to break up the crystals. I put the iphone back in screen up sucked out all the air and placed the bag in direct sunlight for a hour or so..

    That did it.. The remaining blemishes were removed and my iphone looks just like new!!

  285. Agba says:

    I got in the Chesapeake Bay with my iPhone in my swimshort’s pocket. First day, it was working only for the emergency calls, the second day, everything was totally gone. Apple store asked for $200 for the replacement which I refused to pay. Kept it in a bag of rice over night. Today, I blew air with dust remover, and managed to run the phone finally. However, the home button still does not function.

  286. Kate says:

    I just dropped my iPhone into a pool for about 3 minutes, it was on and playing music and although I got it out as quickly as possible, the screen was black from an obvious short-out. I shook the water out of it, and then stuck it immediately in rice and then proceeded to blow it dry for about a half hour. Does anyone think there’s hope, I’m getting silica or Damp-Rid later…Please let me know if anyone has had the same type of situation, longer submersion…

  287. Will says:

    I fixed mine by putting a dustbuster right up to the hole for 2 minutes – sucked the moisture right out and now everything seems to be in working order again. Before it would only operate when connected to the charger – otherwise black screen, no functionality.

  288. Rose says:

    I dropped my iphone in the toilet :( it was there for about 6 seconds…I towel-dried it, then used my hair dryer on it..and then I placed it in a rice baggie and just let it sit overnight..Today I connected it to my computer but just a white screen with thin horizontal lines across it comes on..
    Does this mean is dead? or should I give it a little more time to dry? HELP!

  289. Dave Bordieri says:

    I dropped my iphone into a portopotty full of excrement. used the right bag overnight and its good! only problem–its slightly blue and smells like poop whenever i make a call

  290. jillyo1970 says:

    Errrrrrrrrgh! Dropped my iphone on the golf course and couldn’t find it anywhere. It rained, of course (twice) before it was found and returned to me. It turns on, and the top 2/3 of the touchscreen works–bottom third, NOTHING, which means that the keyboard doesn’t fully work and I can’t access important functions…like a full keyboard, etc. It now sits in a baggie with 3 silica packets. Hoping beyond hope…..if it works, I’ll let you all know!!

    • Jon says:

      im having the same problem with my phone. Top half works fine, bottom is unresponsive. Did yours ever start working?

  291. iemvirgo says:

    I dropped my I phone in the toilet for 2 sec. (like most of the people here) then the iPhone started blinking, and after 5 sec. it’s gone, power is off. after thirty minutes of searching how to drain the soaked iphone, I found out that the most common answer is; First, remove the SIM card tray and Vacuum the water out from both ends (SIM card slot and the bottom, a good indication to proceed is when there is no more moisture in the camera lens)when you’re sure that theres no more water inside, you’re ready for the next step. Put a NONCOOKED RICE in a ZipLock Bag and leave your iPhone in there for 24 hours ( I know its tough not to have it with you because your so connected with your device, but I guarantee you it works). After 24 hours plug your iPhone on your computer, your iTune will recognize your iPhone, be patient from this point, wait until your battery is full, then try to turn it on and cross your finger that it will come on, but don’t worry, it will. I tried it three times then the screen came on, thank GOD!

  292. brooke says:

    well i did what was said to do, but it is running ultra slow and i can hardly see the screen which stinks but its on and i got my pictures and everything out of it i needed:)

  293. K says:

    I am in the exact same position as OM above me. I just accidentally launched my phone into the toilet (you have NEVER seen a person toilet dive as quickly as I did). It was only in there for all of about 2 – 3 seconds. It started doing some funky stuff, turning on…off…vibrating randomly, lines across the screen, white screen, etc. Now it’s off. Won’t turn on at all. Is sitting immensed in uncooked rice in a baggie. I am effing praying, because that phone is my own personal Jesus.

    • lili says:

      K—ME TOO! I will pray for you!… someone at my job spilled tea all over me and everything that happened to your phone happened to me.. I hope your phone works.. and i hope mine works : )

    • Liz says:

      Hi K – I would like to challenge you to a toilet diving competition!
      Dropped my iPhone down the toilet – performed the fastest retrieval (should be an Olympic sport), became hysterical. Sadly it died on the spot. Took it back to phone shop – no help, got new iPhone 3GS. I am now paying off two phones over the next 24 months. Hope you had a better outcome.

      • sara says:

        when i took my 3g to the apple store because the mic stopped working, they said it was water damage. though i had never submerged that phone in water, to my knowledge … anyway, they sold me a new phone for $200. same phone, 16gb …
        that was two months ago. 20 minutes ago i dropped my phone right into a glass of water. completely submerged. i am shaking. but so far it seems to be fine. i turned it off right away. took out sim card, shook water out, cool air blow dry and now its in a bag of rice. i hope this works! so far the only issue is service, but that is nothing new!!

  294. OM says:

    just dropped my iPhone in the toilet, caught it quickly, but it got wet. Weird thing is now: it tells me that this accessory is not made to work with iPhone. Nothing is attached to it! after powering off the unit, it self restarts immidiately. I placed in the zip bag full of rice, and having my fingers crossed…

    • kate says:

      mine is doing the exact same thing! same situation, etc. did you have any luck?

      • shaniee says:

        mine is saying the SAME THING!
        not in the toilet
        but did it fix it self?
        i can still use it but instead of my wall paper it says ‘charging is not supported with this accessory’

  295. van nguyen says:

    i dropped my iphone 3G in the toilet last night. I tried to blow dry it and it turned back on. However, the home button isn’t working anymore. any help here? i’m freaking out!

  296. cj says:

    i dropped my ph in the toilet last night. fully submerged i grabed it out and shook the water out as much as i could then grabbed the vacuum cleaner and tried to draw the rest of the water out. By this stage the ph would not turn off it kept turning itself back on which was weird. The circular button at the bottom would not work at all. i could see water in behind the screen. I put in in a sealed plastic bag of rice for the night. Turned it on and made a tester call and everything works fine. THANK GOODNESS

  297. KM says:

    oops I meant it cost $80 – still a HECK of a lot cheaper than $700!! and it’s an 8gb 3G.

  298. KM says:

    oops I meant it cost $80 – still a HECK of a lot cheaper than $700!!!

  299. KM says:

    did the same as G’s post above. phone wouldn’t unlock – touchpad not reactive. took it to the genius bar – saw both water damage indicators and said they couldn’t do anything. said i could buy a new 3G 16gb iphone for $700. suggested i call a local repair shop who said they’re not touching wet iphones. took it to a repair shop i’ve used in the past for my razr phone and $65 later, my phone is fine!! anyone in northern california with phone problems needs to contact MD Wireless!! genius bar – my ***!

    • mark says:

      I’m in Napa, CA. Where is MD wireless? My daughter (no really, it wasn’t me) dropped my phone into the toilet. It was on. It is off now and in a bag of rice. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t have to go to Apple store.

  300. G says:

    My iPhone plunged into the toilet for not more than a 3 or 4 seconds and ive done the rice and silica packets and its still not removed all the water. You can see where a patch sits underneath – almost looks like diagonal scratches – but it is the water. This happened 7 days ago and it is still not able to be used. It powers on fine and asks for my passcode – but since the water is still sitting underneath the number area – it wont respond. I have to wait it out until it is 100% dry – just getting it to that point is taking forever. You people that got your dry so fast are super lucky.

    • cj says:

      i totally think using the vacuum and sucking out the excess water helped in my case.

    • claudia says:

      did you end up getting the water fully out? your situation sounds like mine! i have had it in rice for 3 or so days and it has those scratch marks that are water. it powers, rings, everything but i cant get past the unlock screen. i just put it in cat litter!

    • jye says:

      omg exact same thing it looks loke diaginal scratches and its been a week of drying out some of us nt so lucky

    • steven says:

      trust put it in ure airing cuboard it works done it loads xx :)

  301. Allen says:

    Left my iPhone in the rain overnight. In the morning I kept shaking it until no water came out. Then I blew into the holes. Kept it in a dry place and after a day or two it returned to full function. The bluetooth didn't work initially, but I re-paired it and I'm fine now. NOTE: the Apple store knows when it's been in water! There's a piece of paper inside one of the ports that turns red when contacted with water.

  302. MouatMac says:

    I had to jump into a swimming pool to save my son from drowning and my iPhone was in my pocket and it got completely sub-merged in the water.
    When I got it home, I used a hair dryer and blew warm dry air into both headphone and data connector sockets for about 10 minutes. I then sat my iPhone on my Apple TV, Screen up, over night. Apple TV runs very hot and the warmth of the Apple TV over night will gently dry out all parts of the iPhone. The following morning I connect it to iTunes and iTune thought it was a brand new phone, but game me the option to restore. I did this and my iPhone is now fully recovered. Working 100%.

    • Kelly says:

      Same thing happened to me (son in swimming pool) – I didn’t even realize it was in my pocked until after I gave him CPR… So far no luck on it working though – Given the situation, if all I walked away with was a broken phone I have no complaints! I’m going to try the restore thing (I could get it to charge, so hopefully after more time it will do more)

  303. LUCKY! says:

    VACUUM VACUUM VACUUM!!!So far after i vacuumed its workin i really tried my best 2 get the speakers the buttons the sim port the headphone jack and where the 2 sides of the phone meet i did the hair dryer then the vacuum now im gonna leave it in a ziploc with silica packets for 3 days.

  304. thankyou says:

    Dear god you are a genius!!! I tried the spray thing a whole day after getting it wet and it turned on while spraying. Thanks a lot I thought I was screwed. You're the man, a cadillac of men and a young adonis.

  305. 3iPhoneforme says:

    I had the same problem as I dropped my iPhone running in from the car during a storm. I let it air dry for a day but still still did not work. I found a good article via iphoneatlas.com and stated air drying wasn’t enough. The article said you had to place the phone in a zip lock bag with silica packets and linked to: www.silicagelpackets.com

    I ordered a pack with priority mail and let the iphone air dry until I got them (tough 3 days of my life with no iPhone!!!) and as instructions stated I placed the iPhone in the zip lock bag with packets loosely around them. I tried the phone the next day and it worked, thankfully. Hopefully this can help you as well!

    • Rolando says:

      No, sir, is very simple. My grandson drop my iphone in the my washer machine full of water, i got the Iphone, i took the memory card out, i used a towel to dry it, i got the air dryer and blow cool air for like 15 minutes in the holes of the iphone. i got my iphone working great!!!!!

      Very simple…

      Thank you,

      • Sonya says:

        how do you take the memory card out

        • Elliott Back says:

          You’re kidding right. The iPhone doesn’t have a memory card….

          • Rachel says:

            I think they meant the sim card. Dropped my out of my pocket into my daughter’s tub by accident. The screen is dark. Hopefully it will come back. Trying compressed air and will try the hair dryer next.

          • Michelle says:

            hi! Your sims card is located on the top of your phone next to the power button… Pry out with the little metal thing thy cane with your phone or a small pointed object…. Keep it out during drying process!

            What I did just a week ago, I dried with a blow drier on all low settings, put in rice for about 2 days. After a couple days of being in rice, I plugged it into a wall outlet for 2 days. When I turned it on it did have a hazey cloud on the screen and wasn’t as bright/dark, but after using it the cloud has faided and the color is back! Everything works fine, but the camera doesn’t work and it does a little blinking, but nothing to inconvienent.

            I hope this helps you and that your phone comes back to life! Another inspirational thought us my sister jumped into the hottub with her clothes on and her iPhone in her pocket, after some time went by (not sure how long) it works just fine! Just whatever you do DONT PUSH BuTTONS and try to do stuff! Turn off immediatlry and try what I did! Good luck! =o)

  306. Rezibeh says:

    Take away the “s” from your diagram and you’ve got my strategy: pray. Pray here, and pray there.

    • Champion says:

      I dropped mine in the sink while washing dishes! It was submerge for 3 secs if that and i rushed to turn it off and dry it off! I pull it close to the fire place and then put it in rice! So far im still waiting it out but how long do you think i should wait before trying my luck!

      • Shayla says:

        My daughter dropped my in the tub yesterday. I dried it with a hair dryer and it is now in rice. So far, nothing either. My husband said I should have used cold air in the hair dryer bc heat causes the water to rust to the components. Maybe the hair dryer for me and the fireplace for you were a bad idea. I’m still waiting it out for another day though. Did yours ever come back on?

        • jaye says:

          i dropped my iphone 4 in dr.pepper while i had it hooked up to the audio cord on my radio in the car, it was still playing music while inside the dr.pepper i quickly snatched up my phone and took out the audio cable and proceeded to shake my phone. but then the screen starting going black then it shut off..i have it in rice atm but will that work? or am i wasting time? HELP PLEASE!!!!!

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