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How to rip a DVD: A Tutorial

Posted in bit torrent,bittorrent,Computers & Technology,DVD,Law,Movie,Movies,P2P,Rip by Elliott Back on December 26th, 2005.

It’s now been at least 6 years since I wrote this post. If you want to rip a DVD easily, you should use a modern tool like Handbrake!

Want to rip a DVD? Ripping a DVD to xvid or divx avi is really quite easy, if you have the right tools. You’ll first need to download DVD decrypter and auto gordian knot (autogk). DVD decrypter allows you to rip the raw DVD video and audio data off of your disk drive, decrypt the CSS protection, and finally remove any other protection schemes, such as Macrovision. AutoGK is a package of codecs and a GUI interface that will take the raw DVD data through an AV processing pipeline to produce a single windows video file.

Step 1: RIP

Put in a DVD and launch DVD Decrypter. Choose IFO (Information File) mode:

DVD Rip Guide 01

Now make sure you’ve selected a destination for your files:

DVD Rip Guide 02

Now you need to find which program chain to rip (PGC). Pick the one that’s the longest, or in the case of a TV dvd, the episode you want to rip:

DVD Rip Guide 03

Everything’s set up. Just click the green arrow and wait about twenty minutes, after which you will have a set of files which look like this:

VTS_01_PGC_07 – Stream Information.txt

The whole ripping process shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.

Step 2: ENCODE

Launch AutoGK and select the first .vob that you just ripped as an input file, and set an output file name:

DVD Rip Guide 04

Now you need to select audio (choose the first one) and subtitles, if any:

DVD Rip Guide 05

If you’re ripping a TV, set the preferred size to 350MB, if you’re ripping a movie, choose either 700MB or 1400MB, depending on your preference:

DVD Rip Guide 07

Finally, click on advanced settings and choose MP3 VBR 128kbs:

DVD Rip Guide 08

Then click “add job” and “start.” After all this, you’ll have a log that looks like the following:

[12/26/2005 9:07:27 AM] AutoGK 2.26
[12/26/2005 9:07:27 AM] OS: WinXP (5.1.2600).2
[12/26/2005 9:07:27 AM] Job started.
[12/26/2005 9:07:27 AM] Input file: J:\VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_0.IFO
[12/26/2005 9:07:27 AM] Output file: J:\Output.avi
[12/26/2005 9:07:27 AM] Output codec: XviD
[12/26/2005 9:07:27 AM] Audio 1: Unknown language AC3 2ch
[12/26/2005 9:07:27 AM] Subtitles: none
[12/26/2005 9:07:27 AM] Format: .AVI
[12/26/2005 9:07:27 AM] Target size: 350Mb
[12/26/2005 9:07:27 AM] Custom audio settings: VBR MP3 with average bitrate: 128Kbps
[12/26/2005 9:07:27 AM] Started encoding.
[12/26/2005 9:07:27 AM] Demuxing and indexing.
[12/26/2005 9:08:30 AM] Processing file: J:\VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_PGC_04_1.VOB
[12/26/2005 9:08:30 AM] Source resolution: 720×480
[12/26/2005 9:08:30 AM] Found NTSC source.
[12/26/2005 9:08:30 AM] Source aspect ratio: 4:3
[12/26/2005 9:08:30 AM] Analyzing source.
[12/26/2005 10:28:40 AM] Source is considered to be hybrid (mostly NTSC).
[12/26/2005 10:28:40 AM] Looking for optimal hybrid thresholds.
[12/26/2005 10:28:45 AM] Found threshold of: 1.38
[12/26/2005 10:28:45 AM] Output will contain 38690 frames
[12/26/2005 10:28:45 AM] Decoding audio.
[12/26/2005 10:29:16 AM] Normalizing audio.
[12/26/2005 10:29:28 AM] Encoding audio.
[12/26/2005 10:31:57 AM] Audio1 size: 17,708,400 bytes (16.89 Mb)
[12/26/2005 10:31:57 AM] Overhead: 1,547,648 bytes (1.48 Mb)
[12/26/2005 10:31:57 AM] Video size: 347,745,552 bytes (331.64 Mb)
[12/26/2005 10:31:57 AM] Running compressibility test.
[12/26/2005 10:35:01 AM] Duration was: 3 minutes 4 seconds
[12/26/2005 10:35:01 AM] Speed was: 12.61 fps.
[12/26/2005 10:35:01 AM] Compressibility percentage is: 55.96
[12/26/2005 10:35:01 AM] Chosen resolution is: 560×416 ( AR: 1.35 )
[12/26/2005 10:35:01 AM] Predicted comptest value is: 73.79%
[12/26/2005 10:35:01 AM] Running first pass.
[12/26/2005 11:02:56 AM] Duration was: 27 minutes 55 seconds
[12/26/2005 11:02:56 AM] Speed was: 23.10 fps.
[12/26/2005 11:02:56 AM] Expected quality of first pass size: 76.04%
[12/26/2005 11:02:56 AM] Running second pass.
[12/26/2005 11:42:42 AM] Duration was: 39 minutes 46 seconds
[12/26/2005 11:42:43 AM] Speed was: 16.22 fps.
[12/26/2005 11:42:43 AM] Job finished. Total time: 2 hours 35 minutes 15 seconds

Step 3: WATCH

You’re done. Delete all the non .avi files and enjoy the fruits of your ripping.

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570 Responses to “How to rip a DVD: A Tutorial”

  1. Jessica says:

    Seems like to only work with windows.
    I personally use MacX DVD Ripper Pro to rip DVD to my Macbook Air. Works great!

  2. manikandan says:

    thanx great tutorial man

  3. Newbie ripper says:

    Hey so im trying to rip my first DVD (for personal use) The fellowship of the rings which is almost 3hours long but after DVD decryptor finished i was only left with 1hour and 44 minutes of the movie. In the program before i ripped it, the PCG i selected said 2:58:10 which is the correct length. Any ideas why i didn’t get the entire movie? It copied both the beginning and ending scenes but somewhere in the middle has been cut out. Thanks

  4. alen9331 says:

    i like this one so much and i have used leawo dvdeipper for a long time .it is similar to this one and what the differ is leawo one have a “divice option” which bring me more convinient .

  5. Gar says:

    please, can any body help me on how to rip a movie to my computer including the subtitle?

    • Hippy007 says:

      Not sure but, try going into the Advance Settings (near the last step in this tutorial), Subtitle Options and check “Use external subtitles” or “Display only forced subtitles”. If these do not work, then I have no idea.

  6. Luis says:

    I ripped a movie using DVD decrypter using option to skip error CRC then used FixVTS to eliminate CRC and then use VIDCODER, all fine except that the length of movie show 13+ hours when in real is about 2 hrs

  7. Jeyakumar says:

    Thank a lot Elliot.

  8. dsds says:

    awesome! thank for the tut!

    • Sam says:

      Hi, Read all your posts and reply, would still like to know how I can put all the VOB files back as one movie when I convert them into mp4. I store hundreds of movies in my external hard drive, and all of them are in Video_TS folder, which combines with many BUP, IFO & VOB files. When I want to convert them into videos for my playbook, they all come in many seperate files. Can you let me know what I did wrong?

      • Hippy007 says:

        Go to Tools\Settings.
        In File Mode, make sure File Splitting is None.
        Now IFO Mode, File Splitting should be None.
        Hope this helps.

  9. aerojkumar says:

    gr8 help
    thanx a lot

  10. asdfghjkl says:

    there r a lot of comments posted here.
    I’m just wonderin if copying the dvd to your hardrive is the same as ripping.

  11. .... says:

    i cant select subtitles.
    is it possible?

  12. Jennifer says:

    Why will some dvds stop midway and retry and retry and retry? will it ever work? is there something wrong with the dvd that no matter how many times it retries it will not work or should I just let it keep retrying? thanks

    • kushal says:

      I think it might be caused by the scratch. it also happened to me. till now all the DVDs that i couldn’t rip totally happened to be having a scratch on it.

  13. Alice21 says:

    Hi, I have a problem. I succesfully ripped one of my DVDs. Everything worked. But when I tried to rip the same DVD again (with different dubbing), AutoGK completely stopped working – I couldn’t open it. I tried everything, even re-installing, but it’s not working anymore :( Please help. I have Windows 7

  14. petar says:

    Pls can u give me link of an youtube tutorial i cant find anywhere

  15. There should be something written about how it takes over two hours.

  16. EASIEST WAY says:

    please, instead of going through all these steps, download Handbrake program at www.handbrake.fr
    I know i sound like a **** but I really think it’s a better option…

  17. nigel says:

    I can’t believe this has been around since 2005! Works great! Better than any other ripping program I’ve tried. When I play back ripped AVI files off usb stick on my DVD player, I always get issues with audio-sync or freezing or something… but not with the method described in this tutorial. Thankyou thankyou thankyou!

    • Hippy007 says:

      I totally agree with you nigel.I was using AVS Converter and it sucks. Many problems and way to many optoins in my opionion. Did many of my dvds, works very nice.

  18. Hippy007 says:

    First of all, thank you for this tutorial. It works wonder but, I have a slight annoying problem. After everything is done, I have 2 extra .avi when I set my Custom Size to 1400mb. I have a cd1 and a cd2 along with the 1400mb movie. When I set it to 700mb, I get a cd1 and my 700mb movie. I checked my settings many times and can’t seem to find the solution. Or is this normal?

    • Hippy007 says:

      Did some more research. I needed to set a 700mb clip at 699 or 701 and 1399 or 1401 for a 1400mb clip. Same for 350mb. Now I’m getting one clip.

      Also, in AutoGk, after you load a clip in both Input and Output File, hold Ctrl+F9 and this will bring up a hidden window. This might help some people out there who are having problems with the screen ratio.

      • Rival says:

        hi, im new to this, so i’ve ripped the dvd and have 6 VTS-02 etc files, there playable, but i don’t know what im supposed to do with the autogk programme because all im producing id “agk_tmp” folders with avi files only showing audio and there not combined, any help? cheers

  19. ?? says:

    I tried it 3 times and all I got from an hour and ten minute long dvd I go the first 2 minutes. Any help?

    • Hippy007 says:

      After you use DVD Decrypter, try playing the VOB file(VTS_01_1) first before using AutGK. Can it play the whole clip? If yes, in AutoGK, inside the Audio track(s), is everything checked?

      I’ve only had Audio Stream 0 AC3 and it always checked.

  20. Michael says:

    Thanks a lot for the information! I’ve just tried with a DVD and it works great! The process of ripping takes a while though but at least I can now rip a DVD, thanks you!!

  21. Kevin says:

    I decrypt using this software from a dvd and then use Handbrake to format for IPOD. But lately I am getting the version in a different language (other than English). I checked and am not sure how to correct? Any ideas

  22. pau says:

    I have a problem here.

    I managed to rip the dvd but subtitle not appear.

    I do select subtitle in subtitle option.

    please help

  23. ialami says:

    Great thank you for this, just a lottle note, I rip the VOB file to my external hard drive then play it in PS3 works great.

    • Tomas says:

      I have a problen when i transfer it to my ps3, the volume goes away, any idea why this might be?

      • first-timer says:

        I am having the same problem. i ripped 2 dvd and transferred the files to my ps3, 2 of them work no problem with sound. one of those just looses the sound.

  24. marco says:

    hey quick question, under the biggest PGC, there are two “angles”
    it looks like this
    PGC 1 [2:12:42]
    angle 1
    angle 2

    and i cant start the rip unless i select one of the angles (i cant just choose the PGC) what are these “angles”?

    • Zoolook says:

      Under DVD specifications, each program chain (film in laymen’s terms) can have more then one video (in much the same way as they can have more then one audio track), though this is increasingly rare. Most standalone DVD remotes have an angle button, or the player itself should have a menu option somewhere, to select which video stream you view.

      Personally, I would try angle 1 first since unless the player is specifically pointed to angle 2, it would play angle 1 as default.

  25. Alice says:

    This process has worked wonderfully for me the first few times. However, now when I attempt to start the first step (selecting the files I want to rip), it will continue to say “Parsing IFO files…” and never leave that stage. No files ever show up on the right, and I have to go to the task manager to exit the program. Does this have to do with a copyright issue? Please help if you can. Thank you!

    • Hippy007 says:

      Try downloading DVD43 for free. This will get rid of the copyright issue. Hope this works.

  26. pasolini says:

    great tutorial and i managed to do all. but…the subtitles… after ripping an italian movie i used subrip to make an .srt file. i could’t find any option to make agk include subs. but (again) even the gimp and bs players show in title bar that there are subs i don’t see them while playing.
    thanks for any suggestion.

  27. elle says:

    sounds good post, and how about for mac? any suggestion or recommendation?

    have you used tune4mac dvd converter pro? not for sure if it good enough

  28. klever26 says:

    the while process usually takes 1 hour.

  29. andrew hing says:

    Great tutorial here. However, there are some issues that need to be addressed. Insure that the hard drive that you are writing the initial VOB file is formatted to NTFS not FAT32. FAT32 wont let you write a file any larger than 4gb. Secondly, ensure that you set the file splitting option to none (tools > settings > options > file splitting), otherwise you VOB will be split into several different parts that the autogk wont be able to deal with

    • Hasnain says:

      Man i’ve used this tutorial and found out that it does not gives much power everything is defined in autogk but this program goardian knot gives us option of everything so if you want to know how to use it email me at.


  30. Ted says:

    The DVD ripper burner mentioned on sharewarepile.com does have a simpler interface and it is a free download. But it also carries advertisingware with it. Make sure to be running a current antivirus software when you install it so that the malware file that is carried with the DVD ripper is stripped out during the installation.

  31. Anderson says:

    Thanks ,good program
    But I guess it’s a bit complicated , I use a program called [DVD Ripper Burner] which is much easier to be used & it has an a very cool interface .. www.sharewarepile.com
    maybe u should try to update ur interface & simplify it a bit & it would be Better :)

  32. zul says:

    auto gk..is very long to rip….

  33. gr8leo87 says:

    For all the guys who are getting multiple .vob files of 1 gb should check the file splitting option of the stream and select ‘None’ for splitting.

  34. Zac says:


    DVD decrypter splits my decryption file into 5 vob. files. when i use AGK do i add all 5 vob files to convert, or do I just use one vob.

    also is there a way to combine all five vob files to one file?? when using DVD decrypter??

    • Brent says:

      “DVD decrypter splits my decryption file into 5 vob. files. when i use AGK do i add all 5 vob files to convert, or do I just use one vob.

      also is there a way to combine all five vob files to one file?? when using DVD decrypter??”

      You have to go into settings and under the IFO tab, change the split files option to none.

  35. Sue says:

    Wow, clear and concise, I’ve never done it before and it worked first time!! Thanks Elliott!!

  36. Robin says:

    Hey .

    This tutorial works very well indeed.
    I was wondering if you could help me a bit .
    I have VCD’s , that means 2 disks.
    I want to make them a single file and then rip them to make them in the axxo format .
    So 1. how to make them a single file ..
    2.So after i make them into a single DVD( dats after you guys privide with a solution to it)how do i get to choose a that single file into the decryptor as it only selects DVD from the drive .
    So i need to burn 1 another DVD for it ?

  37. xXCasperXx says:

    Everytime i do this, the file comes out to be like 1.2/3/4 gigabytes….. its never 700, but the quality is nice. Other then the quality, nothing works. Im on Windows 7…. um yea, just help please.

    • vnqejkbvk says:

      “the file comes out to be like 1.2/3/4 gigabytes….. its never 700 but the quality is nice”
      700gb is a bit big, eh?

  38. paul says:

    I keep following the steps, but when I chose the ‘biggest chain’, it always burns in the several chains. What am I doing wrong?

  39. beginner says:

    for someone who had absolutely NO idea how to do it it was so easy. thankyou!

  40. Rikki says:

    Heyy, don’t know why anyone would have a problem with this process.

    Simple, easy…relatively quick. I wasted about 3 hrs ripping Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure from the DVD, putting it through DVD Decrypter: took about 45-1 hr, AutoGK: took about 1 1/2 hrs, then Free Video Converter 5.0 to Windows Movie Maker: 1 hr.

    Now I have the most ‘excellent’ DVD. Best quality yet. :)
    I hope my friend won’t mind. LOL.

    Cheers y’all.

    • Om Nom Nom says:


      But seriously, yeah…easy steps.

      Simply BOGUS if you can’t get it to work.

      I’m off to watch my newly acquired Half-Baked on my newly burned disc.


  41. Mailman says:

    Hay i wanna do this but on some movies theres like commentary at the start? how would i get rid of them?

  42. Daphney says:

    I am trying to figure out how to rip DVDs onto my external hard drive. I got to the step about launching AUTOGK, but I’m not having much success. Can someone help me figure out how to launch AUTOGK? I would greatly appreciate it. My email address is daphneylee@yahoo.com.

    • Matt says:

      Do a search on your computer for “autogk.exe” and launch it from there, or try to find it in your program files\autogk folder. First run will open up VirtualDubMod and you have to accept the license agreement at which point it will begin.

  43. Dickie says:

    If your having issues with your audio, failed convertions etc.
    Try using your second .vob file as your imput rather than the first, which is normally just trailers anyway.
    Hope this help

  44. Gnome says:

    i have recently got into all this to put movies on i phone hae that down pat now by creating one .vob file and then converting it with prism & or x media recode into mpeg 4 or th h.264 format i think it is. Only thing now is some ofthe discs are getting old and i now have no idea how to now burn this one .vob file or mp4 files into a format my dvd player will read tried using Dvd Decrypte the iso write metod unfortunately it does not recognise the file in either format when i try to open them so can u please help someone i am totally lost and frustrated


    • Adam says:

      I recommend using dvdSanta, it converts any media file (avi, mpg, mp4 etc.) into a DVD format, and then writes it to a DVD which will then work on a DVD Player

      Hope this helps

  45. tyke says:

    So far so good. took a while to finish but i can say ia m happy with the ressult. Now to convert the 1000 films to avi so i can save them to storage.freeing up some space will get me some brownie points from the missus
    thanks for the info

  46. jasonvman says:

    my log wont go past :
    [4/28/2010 4:17:07 AM] AutoGK 2.55
    [4/28/2010 4:17:07 AM] OS: WinXP (5.1.2600).2
    [4/28/2010 4:17:07 AM] Job started.
    [4/28/2010 4:17:07 AM] Input file: C:\Documents and Settings\jason\My Documents\VTS_01_0.IFO
    [4/28/2010 4:17:07 AM] Output file: C:\Documents and Settings\jason\My Documents\My DVD Backups\My Documents.avi
    [4/28/2010 4:17:07 AM] Output codec: DivX
    [4/28/2010 4:17:07 AM] Audio 1: English AC3 6ch
    [4/28/2010 4:17:07 AM] Subtitles: none
    [4/28/2010 4:17:07 AM] Format: AVI
    [4/28/2010 4:17:07 AM] Target size: 1400Mb
    [4/28/2010 4:17:07 AM] Audio 1 settings: VBR MP3 with average bitrate: 128Kbps
    [4/28/2010 4:17:07 AM] Started encoding.
    [4/28/2010 4:17:07 AM] Demuxing and indexing.
    EXCEPTION: Job aborted
    [4/28/2010 4:20:20 AM] Job finished. Total time: 3 minutes 12 seconds
    [4/28/2010 4:20:55 AM] AutoGK 2.55
    [4/28/2010 4:20:55 AM] OS: WinXP (5.1.2600).2
    [4/28/2010 4:20:55 AM] Job started.
    [4/28/2010 4:20:55 AM] Input file: C:\Documents and Settings\jason\My Documents\VTS_01_0.IFO
    [4/28/2010 4:20:55 AM] Output file: C:\Documents and Settings\jason\My Documents\My DVD Backups\My Documents.avi
    [4/28/2010 4:20:55 AM] Output codec: DivX
    [4/28/2010 4:20:55 AM] Audio 1: English AC3 6ch
    [4/28/2010 4:20:55 AM] Subtitles: none
    [4/28/2010 4:20:55 AM] Format: AVI
    [4/28/2010 4:20:55 AM] Target size: 700Mb
    [4/28/2010 4:20:55 AM] Audio 1 settings: VBR MP3 with average bitrate: 128Kbps
    [4/28/2010 4:20:55 AM] Started encoding.
    [4/28/2010 4:20:55 AM] Demuxing and indexing.
    EXCEPTION: Job aborted
    [4/28/2010 4:22:24 AM] Job finished. Total time: 1 minute, 29 seconds
    [4/28/2010 4:22:45 AM] AutoGK 2.55
    [4/28/2010 4:22:45 AM] OS: WinXP (5.1.2600).2
    [4/28/2010 4:22:45 AM] Job started.
    [4/28/2010 4:22:45 AM] Input file: C:\Documents and Settings\jason\My Documents\VTS_01_0.IFO
    [4/28/2010 4:22:45 AM] Output file: C:\Documents and Settings\jason\My Documents\My DVD Backups\My Documents.avi
    [4/28/2010 4:22:45 AM] Output codec: XviD
    [4/28/2010 4:22:45 AM] Audio 1: English AC3 6ch
    [4/28/2010 4:22:45 AM] Subtitles: none
    [4/28/2010 4:22:45 AM] Format: AVI
    [4/28/2010 4:22:45 AM] Target size: 700Mb
    [4/28/2010 4:22:45 AM] Audio 1 settings: Auto
    [4/28/2010 4:22:45 AM] Started encoding.
    [4/28/2010 4:22:45 AM] Demuxing and indexing.

    anyone have any ideas? no errors appear it just stops :(

    • x3ns0r says:

      go to the output folder/agk_tmp/

      and see if anything is going on in there (details view) if the file size is increasing it means AGK is doing it’s job

  47. Tim says:

    I also am having trouble with the aspect ratio after using autogk. Is there any way I can make the avi files in 16:9 instead of 4:3?

  48. Freddo says:

    I have just used your tut to successfully convert my dvd to a 700m avi file. everything works except the audio is out of sync what have I done wrong?

  49. shafiq says:

    tq for the tutorial :

  50. Matthew says:

    Great tutorial! But I have a question. When I transfered the .vob files from the DVD to my computer, I got 5 separate .vob file (none exceeding 1GB in size). How do I get all the files into one continuous video file?

    • Nag says:

      decryptor has under /tools/settings/IFO mode tab the option to say file splitting none. this is what you have set to 1Gb by default.

      • Colin says:

        Will the video still work if it’s 5 separate files? I’m currently attempting but it’s taking a long time and I was just wondering if anyone already knew. Thanks!

  51. KUpo says:

    This tutorial was very simples yet truly awesome. Thank you.

  52. Jessy Colla says:

    I am a video&flash fans, as to DVD ripper,i like Leawo.
    as to SWF converter,i like Moyea.

  53. Joost says:

    Hi Elliot,

    Just like to say thanks!
    Tutorial works like a charm…
    Much obliged!


    Hey, i follow all the steps but when i use the auto gk it loades up somthing called VirtualDubMod ???
    and the autogk will close and i will be left with taht :(

  55. cree says:

    I have tried every possible audio arrangement but I keep getting the following message:
    [3/27/2010 2:43:30 PM] AutoGK 2.53b
    [3/27/2010 2:43:30 PM] OS: Windows Vista (6.0.6002).2
    [3/27/2010 2:43:30 PM] Job started.
    [3/27/2010 2:43:30 PM] Input file: C:\Users\chris\Desktop\Anchorman_1\VTS_08_1.VOB
    [3/27/2010 2:43:30 PM] Output file: F:\Chris’ Movies\New Folder\VTS_08_1.avi
    [3/27/2010 2:43:30 PM] Output codec: XviD
    [3/27/2010 2:43:30 PM] Audio 1: Audio Stream 3 AC3
    [3/27/2010 2:43:30 PM] Subtitles: none
    [3/27/2010 2:43:30 PM] Format: AVI
    [3/27/2010 2:43:30 PM] Target size: 700Mb
    [3/27/2010 2:43:30 PM] Audio 1 settings: VBR MP3 with average bitrate: 192Kbps
    [3/27/2010 2:43:30 PM] Started encoding.
    [3/27/2010 2:43:30 PM] Demuxing and indexing.
    [3/27/2010 2:48:38 PM] Processing file: VTS_08_1.VOB
    [3/27/2010 2:48:38 PM] Source resolution: 720×480
    [3/27/2010 2:48:38 PM] Found NTSC source.
    [3/27/2010 2:48:38 PM] Source aspect ratio: 16:9
    [3/27/2010 2:48:38 PM] Source seems to be pure FILM.
    [3/27/2010 2:48:38 PM] Color correction enabled.
    [3/27/2010 2:48:38 PM] Output will contain 140148 frames
    EXCEPTION: Audio is not found.
    [3/27/2010 2:48:38 PM] Job finished. Total time: 5 minutes 8 seconds

    I feel like I did something wrong in settings in Decrypter.

    Any ideas on how to fix this?

  56. Benjamin says:

    EXCEPTION: Open avi failed.

    What is this?

  57. Akil Walker says:

    hey i need help ….after i finished the first step right …it says i have to launch autogk..i dont know how to launch it…is there anyone who can help me…..please respond to me at akilwalker@yahoo.com

    • RAGS says:


      I) If we download DVD Rip of a movie, burn it on a DVD and play on TV, will it have regular options mentioned below ?

      a) Subtitles On and Off option
      b) Special features like “behind the scenes” or “Interviews” which may be available in the DVD

      II) If you download the DVD Rip of a movie and play on a computer will it show the regular options mentioned above?

      III) If answer is “No” to above two questions, how can we download the files of a movie which will have above options when played on computer or when burn’t and played on TV.

      Thanks and regards,

      • keithryan says:

        If you want to do the best of the best for copying dvds such as renting them and copying them to dvd (i am not saying to break the law) use dvd shrink great quick program and will literally duplicate the dvd

      • GMC says:

        If you want to have a “top menu” for a film or films, program or programs you’re burning to DVD, you need a bit of disc authoring software.

        Nero is a very popular one (Nero is a large multi-media suite, so be sure to get the part of the suite you need.)

        Also, if you have some video editing software already, many of these have disc authoring modules, and you may be able use that to author your DVD discs. It depends on if the software deals with the video file type. If it doesn’t in the first instance – don’t give up but go and search online for a codec pack and download that, like Vista Codec Pack or K-Lite Codec Pack (which are usually free).

        I’ve just tried to burn a full film I bought by download as an MP4 file, but my program, Cyberlink Power Director v7 Ultra won’t accept the film to burn, so I’m trying codecs now. I hope to report back. It’s best to get an up to date authoring program, as if you want to pay less for an older program, it may not deal with all the common download file types and codecs now.

        • GMC says:

          Also, as Keith Ryan suggests, it can be a task to fit a long film onto a single layer (4.7 GB) DVD in its full resolution and frames. So you’d need software to do that – many authoring programs include that feature and there are also DVD fit and shrink programs to do it separately. Just don’t assume the authoring program and the fit program will accept each others’ files. They probably would if they’re recent enough.

          If your DVD writer drive is a dual layer drive (DL – nearly all state DL on the tray front) you can use dual layer DVDs to write onto, which take around 8 GB. Naturally you’re much more likely to get your film on there in good resolution. Also dual layer DVDs with a DL drive can be used to write up to around 1 hour of High Definition video files which you download or make yourself to DVD. These will play in nearly all Blu-Ray machines (but not in DVD players). The dual layer discs are more expensive, but still affordable, buying them in packs of 8, 10 or 25 etc., searching around for good prices and good reviews of disc packs which work well from somewhere like Amazon.

          • GMC says:

            Sorry – I forgot the parts about extras and also subtitles. Authoring programs will do this for you. If an authoring program doesn’t have a specific extras facility, usually it wouldn’t matter, it can just add the extra film parts as more chapters at the end. So you can skip there from the top menu, and the film would play them automatically after the main feature.

            But, it is tricky to fit these things onto single layer DVDs in the resolution and frame count (and other quality issues) which make you happy.

  58. akiGR says:

    Man, i said to myself, i’m gonna learn how to rip a movie. Learning IT stuff has never been easier. A million thanx.

  59. Lee says:

    Hi, I have followed your tutorial and all I get is an agk_temp folder with small vid files in it. 3 and all are 6-7mins long..no movie?

    Ive only just read through comments and figured out how to burn it as 1 file. How do I convert it properly as one 700mb+ .avi file?

  60. aLoff says:

    thanks for this simple tutorial elliott, always did wonder how to rip dvd’s and thanks to you i can now have fun experimenting with the apps you’ve advised using. Remember people, you don’t ALWAYS need to ask someone for help, simply looking through the options on these apps can provide you with the answers.

  61. aLoff says:

    ok if you want 1 single vob file, then in dvd decrypter click the following.

    Tools – Settings…
    Now click on the IFO Mode tab and on the left hand side you’ll see an options section, make sure file splitting is set to none instead of 1gb.

  62. Alex says:

    Hi, I have Decrypted my movie as an IFO file as described & PGC was auto selected but after AutoGK I ended up with 3 1Gig AVI files which are all differant parts of the movie, has anyone any Idea what I am doing wrong ? Alex

  63. chris wu says:

    My ripped DVDs do not have subtitles both in multi IFO and Iso (single file) format.

    • aLoff says:

      rip as IFO, then use the IFO file as the input in autogk, this should bring up the subtitle options.

      • RAGS says:


        I) If we download DVD Rip of a movie, burn it on a DVD and play on TV, will it have regular options mentioned below ?

        a) Subtitles On and Off option
        b) Special features like “behind the scenes” or “Interviews” which may be available in the DVD

        II) If you download the DVD Rip of a movie and play on a computer will it show the regular options mentioned above?

        III) If answer is “No” to above two questions, how can we download the files of a movie which will have above options when played on computer or when burn’t and played on TV.

        Thanks and regards,

  64. Sirs:

    I wanto to rip a DVD video music to CD audio. How I can get that?


    Jorge Villanueva

  65. Ali says:


    Thanks for the tutorial, I do get the best video quality from this. However there is no audio. When I preview, the audio is there fit and fine but it does not come out in the final file.

    A couple of guys have also complained about it, however only one person has replied with probably AC3 problem, but I have it installed since years.

    Please help…

    Best Regards,


  66. […] could help him? I found this though. You should try reading about ripping, encoding, etc… How to rip a DVD: A Tutorial — Elliott C. Back anyways, after you rip and encode your dvd's, you'll need to upload them, try to follow Geezer's […]

  67. Loens says:

    Waist of time!

  68. ae nick says:

    nick was this really the last thing you thought about in 2009??? LOL

  69. Nick says:

    Ok iv done some research and I need to change from PIO to DMA but the advanced option is not availibe to change it. I have the intel version some one pleaz help im at a loss i cant find any way to get this changed.

  70. Nick says:

    Is there a way to change to read rate? Mine is running between 0.1x and 0.2x. It says 8 hours to complete.

  71. Sportbilly says:

    Fantastic. Does exactly what it says on the tin! Daughter got a media player for Christmas and I had no idea how to put a DVD onto it. This tutorial was so simple and worked first time. Yes it takes just over 2 hours for a DVD to change but as people have previously said, it has to!!

    Thanks a lot

  72. Ashes says:

    DVD Decrypter was great, but AutoGK was slow as hell. 2 hours and it didn’t even finish analyzing the first vob file and i have 4 more vob files to go.

    So i aborted after 2 hours of “analyzing source”, do a bit of googling.. then found a plugin which let me process vob files in virtualdub. and that did the trick. about 15 – 20 minits per vob file. Then use virtualdub to combine all the avi files.

  73. Nick says:

    Why has no one answered the question about copying the entire disc as is to another recordable DVD to be played in a DVD-PLAYER!?!?!? Menus and Bonus Material and all! IT really sucks how I have to read through all these comments while eveyone else’s already answered questions are answered again and again?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  74. I don’t really know how to thank you. I was literally lost in translation here and you saved my day…
    Great tutorial. Can I translate it to portuguese-br (yes, I do live in Brazil) so people here who don’t know english can use it?
    warm regards

  75. Jeremiah says:

    this is all the info

    [12/3/2009 11:26:21 PM] AutoGK 2.55
    [12/3/2009 11:26:21 PM] OS: Windows Vista (6.0.6001).2
    [12/3/2009 11:26:21 PM] Job started.
    [12/3/2009 11:26:21 PM] Input file: C:\Hancock\VIDEO_TS\VIDEO_TS.VOB
    [12/3/2009 11:26:21 PM] Output file: C:\Hancock\VIDEO_TS\VIDEO_TS.avi
    [12/3/2009 11:26:21 PM] Output codec: XviD
    [12/3/2009 11:26:21 PM] Audio: none
    [12/3/2009 11:26:21 PM] Subtitles: none
    [12/3/2009 11:26:21 PM] Format: AVI
    [12/3/2009 11:26:21 PM] Target size: 700Mb
    [12/3/2009 11:26:21 PM] Started encoding.
    [12/3/2009 11:26:21 PM] Demuxing and indexing.
    EXCEPTION: Bad index file.
    [12/3/2009 11:26:21 PM] Job finished. Total time: 0 seconds

  76. Jeremiah says:

    Waist of time it just says

    EXCEPTION: Bad index file.
    [12/3/2009 11:24:57 PM] Job finished. Total time: 0 seconds

  77. Jason Ong says:

    Works great. Managed to rip my favorite Japanese movie with english subtitles in less than 2 hours.

    ありがとうございます! :-)

  78. Kien Han says:

    i tried it but has many VOB file instead of just one
    is there anyway i can rip it into a single AVI file

    • David says:

      If you selected IFO mode in the first step, then you can use the IFO file as the source for the re-encoding. That way it’ll automatically find all the bits correctly.

      • widz says:

        I tried putting the IFO file as the input in Auto Gordian, but it won’t come out with an Output name..

  79. Don says:

    It did not get the audio, just the video.

  80. Ed Simms says:

    Thanks for this easy to follow step-by-step guide..
    I was a devout Fairuse Wizard user until recently, when it just started freezing up on me at approx. the 25% point of every rip attempt. Nothing I did fixed this problem, so I googled for alternatives and found this page.
    Not only was my first attempt successful. But in my opinion the quality of the resulting rip was noticeably better then with FUW.
    I’ve had about a dozen successful rips since then with zero failures.
    I’m a convert..
    Thanks again.

  81. Pete says:

    Thanks a bunch … 2 great pieces of software that do exactly what they say… makes the job some much more chilled… Thanks again ;o)

  82. sTVRV says:

    Clone DVD is better
    Version: 4.x
    URL: Clonedvd.net
    s/n 64E78SSDJP5 Name:PLANET EARTH

  83. John says:

    Excellent information! Thank you for putting it out there for us to use. The first couple of times I followed the information in this tutorial it worked just fine, but now all of a sudden it has stopped working. I can’t figure out why with my limited skills. Can you help me? After clicking the green arrow to Decrypt with DVD Decrypter, the section labeled “read rate” goes up to around 1400 kb/s for only a few seconds, then it goes down rapidly to 0 kb/s and remains there indefinitely while the section labeled “Read Errors” shows “[x number]retries”. Is something wrong with my dvd burner drive (which I’m using to read as well)? Is it a software issue which might require a re-installation of DVD Decrypter? Is it just impossible for the program to decrypt these particular discs? I’m lost here! Please explain this in as simple and straight-forward language as that in which you wrote your tutorial. I’m no dullard, but I do not understand video decryption/encryption as well as most on this site might. Thanks again!

    – John

  84. Louie says:

    This is AWESOME!!!!
    Kudossss to you

  85. Bree says:

    I seem to be having trouble ripping my DVD movie with the dvd decrypter program so that it comes with SOUND and using AutoGK in such a manner that will bring it all together in ONE SINGLE PIECE as in ONE file… instead i am getting FOUR seperate pieces of the movie and NO SOUND at all… AutoGk wont even let me SELECT SOUND in the options ANYWHERE…. can someone please help me?? E mail me at thedarknessbecomesher@yahoo.com if anyone can tell me how to do this right… im so close and yet… no cigar.. lol XD

  86. Heather says:

    Ok, I have a problem. I did everything you said to do, but when I try to play the finished AVI file on Windows Media Player it comes up with this:

    ‘Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file.’

    Someone help me please? I really need this video clip!

  87. Heather says:

    Takes a while to do, yes, but it gets the job done. Thank you so much, you explained everything clearly and simply. You’ve been a great help!

  88. Try Emicsoft DVD Ripper, the best dvd ripper for ripping any dvd video

  89. Sasori says:

    Sweet man, tnx a lot…
    Well, I’ve used the program “XviD4PSP” to encode the video and it worked pretty well too. =D
    Tnx for the help

  90. Shaun says:

    Just letting u guys know

    When you do this it allows you to watch the movie on your computer as one file not like 20 little clips.

    U can also burn it to a disk but there isn’t any Menu, well i don’t have a menu.

    Its really good program if u have the time..

  91. m0053 says:

    it does take it a bit to do, but it’s a simple process and my laptop is handling it very well, so I don’t mind the length

    thank you much for this <3

  92. george says:

    working gr8 so far, except it seems to be using too much cpu, running a ‘new’ dual core 2.4 HP. I have closed every other runnning program, but my computer (notebook) is running way too ‘HOT’, no pun intended.
    Any suggestions before my computer cooks itself?.. aside from buying a mac.

  93. wenling says:

    Hi Pisal,
    You need to convert DVD to avi, wmv or something else and then burn it to VCD with Nero.

    Personally I am using iSkysoft DVD Ripper and I am satisfy with it.

  94. Pisal says:

    I want to convert DVD file and burn it into VCD so that I can play the VCD with my VCD player. Any idea? Please help!

  95. lonegunmen says:

    you forgot to say that when ripping large files go to settings, ifo settings, and set file splitting to none. also i use next video converter. its a bit slow but they all are and its generaly reliable.
    srry for spelling lol

  96. Erika Nicole says:

    Thank you so much! I’m using the new AutoGK (I think) and it’s working perfectly! Great instructions.

  97. Kase says:

    one question, after using the autogk program to succesfully burn my first dvd, all of a sudden the whole program has slowed down for me.. now the compression stage in autogk takes 10hrs for me running at a speed of 0.22fps, and that’s not even including the first pass or second pass, which takes about the same time each, so the amount of time total is really over a day just for one movie now.. is there anyway i can speed up the “fps”?

  98. littlekey74 says:

    I use aimersoft dvd ripper as well

    And why I downloaded the free version from this site, is there any difference.


  99. DVD iPod says:

    Aimersoft DVD Ripper is the most powerful one that I have used before. It has great power to rip DVD to video of all formats. You can free download here:

  100. jay says:

    I ended up getting 6 .VOB files…
    help please.


  101. JS studio says:

    Thanks. Super program. I have super speed computer and he ripped 4.7 gb for 3 minutes.


  102. reece says:

    when i did it the video worked perfectly with great quality but there was no audio? What do i do ?

  103. nikki says:

    I’ve finished it but now I have a video file without audio and a mp3 track which is the audio of the movie
    what Am I supposed to do to get the audio track with the movie?

  104. dave says:

    15 minutes for me…:)

  105. kacie says:

    Auto Gordian Knot has been going for 5 hours now & its been running second pass for over two…

  106. zagnut says:

    Wow…you’re all nubs

  107. dan says:

    Mac The Ripper – I am using this too for Mac OS

  108. Alice says:

    It is a useful guide, but my iMac can’t load the program, so I search through Google with the keyword “Mac DVD Ripper”, and find another Mac DVD Ripper software

  109. sz says:

    Mine is done in like ten minutes.
    Maybe your computers are just slow :p
    exiting all other programs will help…

  110. huss says:

    Hi mate u forgot to add, before u delete VOB files, to make sure avi files work.. :P
    I almost lost everything :)

  111. kingleo1 says:

    this is the best way to rip ur movie dvds.. the decrypt (dvd decrypter) then compress (auto gordiant knot).. just remember to set the decrypter to produce 1 vob file by preventing file splitting in the IFO mode (by default this is set to limit output files to 1GB, make it none)..

  112. makeitso says:

    Is it best to select the file splitting as none on DVD Decrypter given that AutoGK only lets you select 1 vob file?

    • reply says:

      you should be able to select the produced ifo file even with multiple vob files. they will be made into one avi.

  113. JoBoo says:

    Just backed up a couple of DVD’s and it worked great. It was the last thing I did prior to shutting down my PC (2-day old Dell Studio XPS 13 with 2.66 Ghz Core 2 Duo, Vista Home Premium 64 bit SP-1). Vista will no longer boot. I’m not blaming technique or software above but I am wondering if there is a compatiblity issue with the Vista 64-bit edition. Any ideas? Could very possibly be a hardware issure but all diagnostics are passing and I have tried to reinstall the Dell image…still no luck….????

  114. L. Richards says:

    Am I missing something. There is no option to wav. Also, 128kps for mp3 is very bad quality. It might sound good on those wee little ipods or whatever, but play em on half decent stereo and it sounds awful. Nobody should ever encode at 128 if you want high quality music.
    You need to use Lame encoder (Variable Bit Rate (320max when needed – Joint Stero) or at least 256 constant bit rate.

  115. markors13 says:

    Isn’t this illegal? I don’t care if it is, but it seems quite easy if it is illegal.

  116. ??????? says:

    Um Ive Clickt AtouGK After Download And It Never Works

  117. jenn says:

    thanks so much! just ripped pulp fiction, and only took 2hrs 14 mins. probably wouldve been quicker if i hadnt been using my pc during, and hadnt set it to 100% quality :P but hey, still pretty quick. thanks, i can now watch my families dvds at uni :)

  118. Dan says:

    After i press start job, the job is canceled because it can’t do something with the sound? any ideas?

  119. Damian says:

    After an evening of experimenting with DVDX, with nothing but a minute and a half of green lines to show for it, this worked perfectly first time! Favourited. Thank you!

  120. Thomas says:

    I usually don’t leave comments for blog posts, but this is the exception to that rule. I think it’s incredible that it is indeed this easy to do it, and I think you did a great job on this article.

  121. Dan4409 says:

    All… or someone :-) I may have lost myself in all the responses, but me too I have and issue… the sound is about 2sec late… I can not seem to find a clever answer on this issue, can someone maybe explain this to me again (a little guide for an idiot please :-). Some work fine but some don’t :-(

    Thank you

  122. jaye says:

    I’ve used this tutorial countless times and it’s absolutley fabulous! I have a question that I didn’t see answered above. I have a protected .avi file (from amazon video on demand) that I’d like to copy (or at least un-protect). I tried used DVD Decrypter and AutoGK, but neither will work since the file is already an .avi. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!!!

  123. Jen says:

    The time it takes is totally worth it. About 3 hours for a 2 hour movie. I did exactly as the instructions said and ended up with a perfect movie at the end. Thank you!!!

  124. axxo says:

    if you have patience you will suceed especially as time is on you side you live to 120 whats 2-3 hours for a dvd? nothing

  125. justin says:

    Wow…Although it took several hours (45 minute episode = 3-4 hours), it worked perfectly. Thanks.

  126. John says:

    A lot of people use FAIR USE WIZARD these days. This method can take longer but produces much better quality, especially if you are ripping to a 700-800mb size file, (Scene Standard)
    This is the only ripping tutorial you will ever need.

  127. Tachyon says:

    Hey thanks a lot for this guide. It really helped me out.

  128. gunit says:

    What do you use to burn an .avi file to a blank DVD. Decrypter says theres no file in the folder I’m trying to use for the source.. ?

  129. lbrtdy says:

    Thank you very helpful.


    No you just have to do it on the first .vob file and it’ll automatically link all the other ones and produce one .avi file. Hope this helps!

  130. Elysium says:

    Took me 55 min for a movie

  131. Elysium says:

    maybe because you dont have the program called Auto Gordian Knot

  132. Quaadir says:

    this was a good tutorial but the audio didnt work

  133. stampede says:

    i need a quick answer please. is it needed to do the same with on vobs if there is more than 1 from a dvd or if one is selected to encode the hole movie. please a quick answer.

  134. VeroG says:

    Thank you, this was very helpful.

  135. geminialpha says:

    ultraslow or not working hotlinks to ?.gravatar.com and pagead2.googlesyndication.com make that the page wil not fully load
    reason for frustrating my browsers?

  136. geminialpha says:

    this page is getting way too long: all my browsers finally crash. I use ie7;maxthon classic;maxthon2 and firefox

  137. Name says:

    Tnx, that really helped me out!

  138. Uden says:

    obviously, unless you are actually ripping it from an ISO, which the DVD Decrypter gives you the option to do so, you go to Mode then ISO and then choose Write, pretty much really easy

  139. Garrett says:

    uhhhhh….the AutoGK window has an output field as like the second thing from the top…try going to that place on your computer.

  140. Garrett says:

    test the output before you burn it onto disc?? if it doesn't have the right audio track, decrypt it again and use a different audio input…

  141. Garrett says:

    use Avi2DVD to convert it and ImgBurn to burn the files…both are freeware

  142. Bear says:

    how do I then make it back into a code/format that can then be burnt onto dvd and played on a dvd player

  143. jefflin says:

    helpful article, why not try to wondersahre dvd ripper, it can do the same things and with powerful video editing function. Check it at below:

  144. Gooner says:

    Just a note to people experiencing long periods to do this…GET A NEW PC.

    I have a P4 2.53GHz with 1GB RAM and it was taking about 5 hours. I just bought a PC with a Q9450 2.66GHz quad core processor and 4GB RAM and it'll do a movie in roughly 50 minutes, less than half of the duration of the actual movie itself.

    Also, this guy has taken the time to put a step-by-step guide down in “writing” so that others can use his knowledge free-of-charge. Complaining about the advice, which certainly does work, seems more than a little ungrateful to me and would not encourage me to do anything else for the unpaying public if I were him.

    And finally, if you're too thick to follow the instructions, maybe you should have your PC taken off you whilst you learn to read.

    So, Elliott, thank you for this excellent post!

  145. I use the easy to use dvd ripper to rip dvd on computer with 3 steps www.convert-video-dvd.com/dvd-ripper.htm

  146. Working on this now, I already downloaded the decrypter but that was as far as I got I was getting some messed up conversions, hope auto gk works out, cheers.

  147. jesse says:

    it keeps coming up with an i/o error. where should i go from here?

  148. Anon says:

    Great tutorial, helped me a ton.

  149. MichaelSF says:

    hey! first of all, thank you very much for this guide, it even helped a newb like me ripping dvds. just got a little question. i always took the first option for the audio stream, which worked good in every ripping so far, but yesterday i ripped 2 dvds and got the avi-file in english language (german is needed) .. is there any sort of code so i know which one is german? any tricks? if anyone knows, drop me a mail or something!
    Thanks a lot Guys

    • reply says:

      once the files are ripped in dvd decrypter, play the vob files with vlc (videolan.org) to check that you got the right chapter and/or audio stream(s)
      normally the audio streams are labeled in the stream processing section of dvd decrypter

  150. vessi says:

    so where do I find the file after it has been converted?

  151. Cam says:

    After ripping the DVD plays the first second of each chapter(?) then skips to the next automatically. No sound.
    First timer

  152. Roger Pepitone says:

    Try this:
    Only convert chapter 2. Timing on subtitles will be off.

  153. me says:

    great, one small detail. You use the .IFO file to encode under AutoGK not .VBO

  154. […] Originally Posted by aliec8 I downloaded "Total Video Converter" and I can’t get it to convert the video files from my DVD into a common format such as WMV, MPEG, or AVI, or into sound such as MP3 or WMA, which it says it can do. I’m not sure what the problem is. Thte files are in a form called ".IFO" which I could only get to play on InterVideo WinDVD, and nothing else. I’m trying to convert it so I can upload (part) of it on to YouTube, but nothing is working. So, any advice is greatly appreciated. First rip de dvd, then convert it. Try this tutorial (for example): How to rip a DVD: A Tutorial &mdash; Elliott C. Back […]

  155. Maria says:

    Hey thanks for the suggestion, I am having some problems though. When I did it only processed the sound, no film. Could you or anyone help me with this?
    Cheers, Maria

  156. Robbie says:

    Freakin' Awesome! Worked like a charm.

  157. FiL says:

    Thank’s all worked great.
    I ripped Timeline [2003] which is 1 hour 55 min long.
    Total time to finish job 1 hour 30 min 11 seconds.
    File size set to 900MB
    Audio bit rate set to 128k’bps VBR
    Codec used Xvid

    Hardware used
    Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0Ghz 1333 FBS
    4GB Ram 667

  158. Kwabena says:

    This was really good. I did not have to go and buy any expensive software to rip and backup my dvds. Thanks

  159. corey says:

    awesome tutorial works all the time sooooooooo easy a monkey could do it

  160. lazerer says:

    You can easily finish DVD Ripping to AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV, MPG, MPEG, 3GP, 3GPP, MPG, ASF, FLV, VOB, WMA, M4A, MP3, etc. with its super fast speed and high quality.


  161. cameron says:

    and to add onto that, the audio disappears at the end =[

  162. cameron says:

    yeah i have a question. the DVD i ripped also had the theatrical trailer on it, and i ripped that and it worked fine. but when i ripped the actual movie, the audio was there, but very very LOW. i checked the settings for it and the audio settings i used were the same as for the trailer i ripped. i dunno what the deal is, can anybody help?

  163. Krista says:

    I got the arrow to turn green ^_^ I had to choose a subcatagory under the input

  164. Krista says:

    ugh my code didn’t work and I can’t get the pic to paste either…

  165. Krista says:

    what’s wrong with it?

  166. Krista says:

    my arrow isn’t green, why is that? My pc is dvd-reader compatable, although I have to use vlc ever since my harddrive was erased (bad virus). I can’t click to start the rip.

  167. corey says:

    and high quality tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  168. corey says:

    worked like a charm even i put in one vob file it did all seven awesome even got audio took like 2 hrs awesoooooooommmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  169. lau says:

    Well…. I know this wonderful program called Magic Dvd Ripper it works great, and take as long as the movi lenght great quality and none of those hazards you’re taking about here

  170. kurt says:

    ok gave it another try with some help from past posts. it’s working very well now other than the sound is about 1 second delayed from video. i’ve seen others post this same issue with no posts to resolve this. can anyone help?

  171. kurt says:

    i set it up overnight and when i checked it in the morning it took over 8 hours and still was not done. i’m gonna give it another go….

  172. omskie says:

    great! thanks very much! wahahaha!

  173. harry says:

    thanks dude! it works!

  174. metalisa says:

    it works 10x a lot

  175. Kyle B says:

    Hey guys, can anyone help me out?
    Every time I use this method, I can’t get the avi files to be longer than a minute. Is it a problem with DVD Decrypter or AutoGK?
    Everything else (quality, audio etc) works great, its just the length.
    Thanks in advance

  176. jonathan C says:

    Can someone help me the movies I transferd are like zoomed in …
    I would say in a 150%
    is there a setting I should change?
    Thank you

  177. Sara says:

    I used this guide and it worked out pretty nicely, but is there a faster way?

  178. Chris says:

    Well mate, its working fine, but I dont know what took you so long to rip. Im already at “Encoding Audio” and its only been a few minutes.

  179. MJ says:

    Man this is my 3rd attempt. I’ve trying to rip the beginning of a DVD that was done professionally to get the music. Everything works as described in instructions except one big problem. NO SOUND. Why? anyone know why? I have Vista as O/S is that why?

  180. corey says:

    It’s pretty good but some of the movies i tried to rip finished with the audio out of sync with the video which is useless.

  181. Bisaley says:

    The whole thing can take up to 2-3 hours…
    Windows Media Player i think only Rips Cd’s not sure…
    Like right now, im ripping a DvD…
    I wait like usual
    After done, go to the folder you ripped it to and you will have the .avi
    with cd1 & cd2 with the 1400mb
    others optional
    I mostly rip DvD’s because the TV shows are a little harder

  182. Frankie says:

    Why doesn’t (or how do you) Windows Media Player RIP DVDs?

  183. lisabiziou says:

    Hi ,
    i just wanna say, after the first few problems, and after reading all your comments, im ripping in 5 minuites, recoding in about 2 to 3 hours ( sometimes one and a half ) , i make one complete avi file of 700. and its going great.
    But the clue is to read all the comments. i found if i follow the guide by elliot to rip my dvd, with DVD decrypter( choosing in settings the default plus in file mode and IFO mode NONE under file splitting. this give me one complete file.
    The i go into start/ my compter/ local C disc/ program files/Auto GK in there i open VDubMode and in that i open the program VirtualdubMod. In virtualdub in the menu at the top choose video and tick on Direct stream copy, DO NOT CLOSE VIRTUALDUD JUST MINIMILISE IT TILL WHOLE MOVIE IS RECODED. Then open autoGK and follow elliots instrutions further.
    good luck
    By the way i have one movie that wont rip but this is because of some new protection, not elliots program.

  184. Jose says:

    I’ve been using for about 2 weeks now, I found a movie that for some reason didn’t get audio ( only the first 5 sec). I am going to work again on that movie. It has taken about 2 hours for a TV show, and a little over 4 hours for a 100 min movie. I am going to try different transcoding ratios and see if time varies.

    By the way Quality es Excelente!!

  185. Paul says:

    A great process that’s helped me convert a lot of my DVDs into a more useful format. I’ve always been a bit intimidated by ripping them, but this straightforward guide makes it easy.


  186. Sam says:

    Well to be honest guys if you look at the time it took it was 2 hours. He showed you the whole process. Thanks by the way it worked great.

  187. HIRU says:

    Great tutorial and works fine for me including subtitles, follow all the steps given and download autogk 2.45 from the web, it’s totally FREE and install all the components in it. u will be prompted for everything including for subs. when running autogk……….

    once again excellent tutorial….thanx a lot

  188. thehay says:

    “Job finished. Total time: 26 hours 24 minutes 47 seconds”
    lordy.. somehow i dont think ill be doing that again any time soon.. unless i get a new computer..

  189. thehay says:

    lol.. 15hrs and 20mins later.. the damn thing is still only on Demuxing and Indexing.. its a 2hr40min movie.. but it still cant possibly take that long..? im on the verge of giving up.. >

  190. momokoyc says:

    As ripping DVD, I prefer using Daniusoft dvd ripper, it’s easy to use and rip full DVD without lost, merge more DVD chapters together into one single file, the Converter will auto-shutdown your computer when the conversion is finished with multi-thread conversion.

  191. NYC says:

    Sound is about 0.5 second ahead of video.. (I only played few minutes of the video…don’t know if it goes further out of sync or corrects as it goes along.) Any way to sync sound and video? Thx in advance.

  192. ramrodTM says:

    dang this is awesome, but it takes too long

  193. lisabiziou says:

    HELP: everythings going great im making backups of my dvds, with this system, but i got one dvd that i for the life of me cannot rip. i just cant understand it, but wen im ripping it, after a few minuites, i get the message that i dont have enough resourses to rip it.(By the way this is in the first stadium, with the dvd encrypter,) But i do, i have more than enough resourses. anyway then all my programs disapper in the All programs list, and of course in the end i crash. Ive tried everything, forceful ripping with key, without key, and i just cant get it to rip. Is this dvd maybe protected in a new way?? Can anyone help, cos i wanna back it up. The DVD is memoirs of a Geisha, its PAL 2.
    ive also tried selecting a diffrent PGC, but with no luck. It has about 40 cells, Could that be the problem.??

  194. Cookie says:

    AHHHH I LOVE YOU FOR THIS!!!!! Its idiot proof! I thank you for your jeniouse!

  195. small jane says:

    try “E.M. Free DVD Copy” , it can rip dvd to any format.

  196. Bill says:

    I ripped and converted a DVD to an AVI file of 700mb. When I click on the AVI file WMP starts for a minute and then crashes. When I click on the file again, windows explorer crashes. Anyone else experience this?


  197. akaqueenbee says:

    thanks maan.. :D

  198. Mikey says:

    The weirdest thing about this is that I know I’ve decrypted two films almost this length before and I don’t remember how… help? Anyone?

  199. Mikey says:

    The only question I have is: why are my files split into “cells”? There is a cell 1, cell 2, and cell 3 but when I check all 3 and run the decrypter, it just derypts the first. That makes the ripped file “incomplete”, with the end of the file missing by approx 1 minute. After that, I check only cell 1 because the other two are during the credits and don’t really matter. It still tells me the file is incomplete. What should I do???????????

  200. lisabiziou says:

    ive made a big fault, i got it wrong about the files of 5,78 GB. wat it is, is in the end my folder with the finished files has one big file of the film in very good quality of 5,78 GB as well as second file of 700MB also film in slightly less good quality. .

    So my question is now, that wen ive finished i have a folder with diffrent files + 700MB full film one, in this folder is another folder called agk-tmp, which contains all the diffrent files and componants from the film rip, wat do i do with this folder and the other files.
    and sorry for the mistake and once again thanx to all of you, .

  201. lisabiziou says:

    hallo i have a problem, ive ripped now two full lengh films and the quality is really good. but on my second rip and recode, my end product has come out as 5,78 GB in size. please wat am i doing wrong. and can i compress it to again to around 700mb.
    oh and one other question after the whole process im left with , the full lengh film file but also other files, one of which is a folder called agk-tmp and some other files, can i just delete all this or not, and just keep the full lengh film???
    and this was a great tutriol. i read greedly through the whole thing and have learnt alot ,
    Thank you so much all of you

  202. Roger Gordon says:

    Many thanks for this! This will help me with something at work (surprisingly).

  203. PandaSneeze says:

    Try using Videora ipod converter :)

  204. Steve says:

    hey guys,

    the .Vob files will be played by VLC media player if you dont mind the extra space being taken up on your HD. i got a 2TB external so i dont mind, but the .avi compression is worth it if you dont have the space.

    great tutorial and great software…..well done that man!

  205. Jorda says:

    Is there any way to compress the file after you are done this process? I want to put it on my Video mp3 player but the file is too large. Thanks

  206. Sean says:

    Can I just rip snippets from the movie instead of the entire movie?

  207. sienster says:

    thanks for this tutorial. great job!

  208. Richard X says:

    How do I select an output file, folks? I have the input file there, but nothing happens when I click the icon at the side of output file :(?????

  209. Annacrusiz says:

    Cheers for that a great guide much appreciated, keep up the good work. Now i dont have to cart all those stupid disc around.


  210. tinar says:

    This works like a bliss for me, thanks so much for posting it!! My life is so much richer now that I know how to do this. :D

    Anyway I thought I’d share some experiences.

    It takes about 4 and a half hours to complete the process on my computer. My computer has a 1.9GHz processor with 1GB RAM. I tried to do it on my laptop once, which is 1.6GHz and 500RAM and it took 9 hours!! So, one advice I have for anyone is – be really patient with it. AGK may look like it’s not doing anything for ages. It will launch VirtualDub which will also look like it’s doing nothing for ages, and prompt command windows and so on, just ignore them. Perhaps it’s best to just leave it to rip the DVD overnight.

    One more thing that happened to me once which may be worth pointing out is about choosing audio tracks in AGK. I have some DVDs that I bought on ebay and their first language was Spanish or French, so the English track was not the first one. The way to tell which track is which is to look into the Stream Information file that DVD Decrypter makes, and look for something that looks like this:

    0x80 – Audio – AC3 / 2ch / 48kHz / DRC / Español / LBA: 46 / PTS: 00:00:00.287 / Delay: -80ms
    0x81 – Audio – AC3 / 2ch / 48kHz / DRC / Catalan / LBA: 47 / PTS: 00:00:00.287 / Delay: -80ms
    0x82 – Audio – AC3 / 2ch / 48kHz / DRC / English / LBA: 48 / PTS: 00:00:00.287 / Delay: -80ms

    – for example. In this case track 0 would be Spanish, track 1 Catalonian and track 2 English. So you would pick “audio stream 2″ in AGK, for this kind of a case.

    Do not under any circumstances tick all tracks. You’ll get all audio tracks over one another and you’ll have to do it all over again.

    My 2p. :)

  211. stevezilla says:

    sorry about that, are you ripping in IFO mode?


  212. stevezilla says:

    Jake, are you ripping into multiple VOB files? Or are you doing this…?

  213. stoltobot says:

    Been using GKnot since uni many moons ago. New one has a lot less features and I’m a little rusty so this tutorial helped a lot. Who are these trolls who keep saying ‘it doesn’t work’ or ‘don’t read this tutorial’? Have a go kiddies, you’re obviously doing something wrong so have a look and fix it instead of crying like little spoilt babies that need every piece of information spelled out for them in detail.

  214. Aixcheer says:

    Nice DVD Ripper guide, but it works for Windows user only.
    I always use Wondershare DVD Ripper for Mac to rip DVD movie on Mac OS X, my friends recommend it to me, it works great!

  215. Jake says:

    My DVD is still ripping after 7 hours! Any ideas on why it’s taking so long?

  216. Jake says:

    My DVD has been ripping for 7 hours! Any idea what is wrong?

  217. Biggs says:

    Great tutorial and software.

    It works nice and I haven’t anything I couldn’t ‘backup’. :P

    The encoding actually seems faster on a single core processor rather than using a dual or quad core cpu.

    On average it’s take about 2hrs 30min. to get a 1/5 DVD or about 900mb on an AMD +3200 XP cpu with 1 Gb of Ram. This is a really old computer but it does good job.

    Thanks again,

  218. TfcIan says:

    Seems to work good, first attempt I messed it up because I ticked two audio by mistake so I had the directors comments and the voices on it. Just hoping the second time works.

  219. Debra says:

    Shaun: If you read previous comments, you’ll see that your question has already been answered. However, in light of the fact that there are an insane number of comments and it’s annoying to read through all of them, I’ll answer again. :)
    In Auto Gordian Knot, select the .IFO file instead of one of the .VOB files. That’ll make sure all of the .VOB files become one .avi.
    You can also change the settings in DVDDecrypter so that it doesn’t split files into smaller chunks.

    This is how to change the settings:
    1. On the main menu, select “Tools,” then choose “Settings…” from the drop-down menu.
    2. Select the “IFO Mode” tab.
    3. Look under the section which says “Options”
    4. Go to “File Splitting” and select the drop-down menu next to it. Choose “None” to get DVD Decrypter to stop splitting up files. Or choose a larger number if you still want it to split, but less frequently.

    Also, I meant to say this in my first comment: Elliott Back, thank you so much for this extremely helpful and clear tutorial. You’re a life-saver!
    Also your Latin title for your blog makes me happy. Yay classics!

  220. Debra says:

    On G’s VirtualDubMod fix (for speeding up the second part of the ripping process) – there is a way to change it so that the default is direct stream, so that you don’t have to open up VirtualDubMod every time you try to convert a file.

    1. Open up VirtualDubMod (again, do it before you run AGK).
    2. Go to “Options” on the toolbar, and select “Preferences…”
    3. Select the “Main” tab.
    4. Look under “Video defaults”
    5. Next to “Video mode,” select the drop-down menu (which probably is set to “Full processing mode.” Select “Direct stream copy”

    That should change the program so that Direct stream copy is the default for video, so even if you forget to open up VDub before you run AGK, it won’t take 10 hours to convert the file!

    I share Josh’s question regarding MPEG and AVI files.

  221. Josh says:

    So I have a question, and was wondering if anyone could help me. I did the tutorial just fine and it works wonderfully. However, I would like to convert directly to an MPEG and not an AVI. So first of all, does AUTO GK do that? And if not, what program takes the VOB file and converts it directly to MPG? Thanks! (Email me if you can. I would really appreciate it!)


  222. Shaun says:

    Hey, i was just wondring u know how u only did one AGK Encode im doing a movie so there is like 6 files. do i just make new jobs like i did for one of them and when there all done right click play with Vlc?

  223. raj yadav says:

    that’s a great help to people like me who wants to save some space on hard drive.


  224. Suraj Kumar says:

    great, thanks!

  225. Laurie says:

    Two questions:

    My end product avi had great audio, but the video was in slow motion and stuttered.

    Also, when I took the .avi file into Sony Vegas to edit, it would only allow me to consider the file an audio track rather than placing content in video AND audio tracks.

    Any thoughts?

  226. pstr says:

    Auto GK took 7h 35 min to rip my dvd and didn’t work. All to avi take 1h 28min to rip and works well. Shame that it do not multi langueage aduio or subtitle..

  227. Adam says:

    Your info was gr8 but it came out as lods of VOB files

  228. bill yao says:

    Freeware do better:Free DVD ripper,HandBrake,DVD Decrypter,DVD Shrink

  229. Eric Cartman says:

    Great Tutorial, thanks! The Encoding process took me 19 hours (!) for a whole movie, but it worked fine in the end…

    Some of you mentioned the problem that DVD Decrypter splits movies into several VOB-Files – I had the same thing, but I just gave in the first VOB as Input File and it processed the others automatically. In the end I got a complete one-piece avi. (Though I didn’t find a possibility to add Subtitles).

  230. anonymous says:

    Awesome. It took 5 hours and 39 minutes but now I can put mash on my Ipod.

  231. the pimp talked says:

    nice tutorial it rally help……….

  232. bob says:

    Great guide! Thanks for sharing this tutorial. It iiiiiiiiiiiiis very helpful to us fresh men.

  233. NCardia{S@T} says:

    And to think, I had to rely on YOU guys to RIP everything and post it on some torrent site…. Would you believe this was my very first fish off the google search?

  234. Jeff says:


    DO NOT INSTALL ‘DVD Rip N’ Burn’ program.


    If you don’t install the bloatware then it will terminate ripping after 5 minutes!

    Shame on you Mr. Ripper. Advertise your bloatware elsewhere.

  235. M says:

    Used this tutorial to rip a DVD from work and put it online and it worked perfectly! Only took about 15 mins for a 2 min video. Thanks a bunch!

  236. victor says:

    Hi, this works excellent!!, thanks for post it. I have ripped several stuff but in one DVDrip the sound turned out out-time. Did I do something wrong?, or its just an isolated error.

  237. Shail says:

    Great tutorial- Thanks. But there’s one problem. I rip the dvd into .vob files and run AutoGK on these. At the very end of the (rather long) process , I get an error message (something to the effect of a particular file is use- can not access) and clicking the OK button closes AutoGK. I have an *.avi file, but it doesn’t have audio on it. Any ideas?

  238. Paul says:

    This guy above is a different “Paul” than me who has replied in the past by the way. This guys definitely got a mental problem. SHEESH! Cool it bud! The owner of this blog should definitely wipe out his replies and he can also wipe out this one. VERY non constructive. Go find someone else to vent your anger on. JERK!

  239. Paul says:

    Mr Ripper,

    Your software requires the installation of some adware software but it will work fully. I was very disappointed. I know you are giving the software away for free, and good on you, but maybe put the fact that you need to install this adware stuff if you want the software to work fully. If people then still install it, then it’s their choice but you should tell us first before letting us download it and try and install.

    • reply says:

      false. the real applications contain no adware, spyware, etc. if you got any of that, you’ve been duped.

  240. Paul says:

    I really am astounded at the incredibly stupid questions that have been posted here. Taking out the errors that people are getting, there are very few questions that are not answered in the tutorial if you guys bothered to read it.

    Why are you guys complaining it takes so long? This is a tutorial telling you how to do it, he isn’t selling you something. If you want it to take a lot less time, buy some software or shut up. The software that does all of this for you is FREE! That’s right, somebody spent all their time writing it. If you don’t like it, move along and try something else.

    For those of you asking how to rip the files to DVD, please use Google. If you don’t know how to burn those files to DVD you shouldn’t be getting involved in ripping DVD’s in the first place. Jesus.

    For those of you asking how to rip episodes – read the bloody tutorial, he tells you how to do this by using the IFO mode.

    This is a great tutorial but no wonder people shy away from writing these things when you have to put up with idiots, moaners and people incapable of reading.

  241. Kathy says:

    Thankyou for this great, idiot–proof tutorial! :)

    Just one question about the duration of the process. If I don’t actually need the audio, only the video (yes, I’m ripping to make MVs), can I uncheck the audio track box and shave a bit off the time required? Or will it make no difference?

  242. Oliver Rodbard says:

    Great tutorial – I can download the AutoGK software but I keep getting an error message when I try to run it “an installable virtual device driver failed Dll initialization. Choose close to terminate the application.” Has anyone had this problem? can anyone help? Thanks, Ol

  243. Simon says:

    Great tutorial, took a while though.
    Anyone who wants the process faster try xilisofts programs. you have to pay, but its worth it, for a one click thing. even better, try a cracked version if ur stingy :P never tried, bt it might wrk and save u some money…
    have fun!

  244. Angelia says:

    I love this process and the tutorial. It has worked everytime and I run it overnite. BUT I have one issue I can’t resolve. On one movie I am trying to rip, no matter which file I choose I get the commentary. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG????? Any suggestions?

  245. Tommy says:

    Great tutorial! took a long time though

  246. rich says:

    Auto Gordian Knot error: “Video compression error: The source image format is not acceptable. (error code -2)”

    You must have selected Divx as the compression method. You must have version 5.x of Divx installed (not 5.5, or 5.6, or any of version 6). Otherwise select xvid for compression.

  247. Dan says:


    I had the same problem with the dvd maker, i now use Windows media center and burn the dvd that way. I’ve had similar problems with the media center at times as well. The best way to combat the problems is to store only the file(s) you want to burn on the particluar dvd in the folder labeled “videos” and you should be ok. Let me know how it worked.

  248. Knowlton says:

    OK some one please help me i have gone through a few guides but i have a dvd and I need to do a full copy of it with all the menus and features everything needs to be included. then I need to be able to put it on to another dvd

  249. Dave says:

    WOW after reading that it sounds easier to just buy the DVD, Do you have anything like DVD ripping for the computer beginner?

  250. Patrick says:

    fyi, all…..if you have vlc player or a similar media player, you can open the vob file directly: close to lossless quality :)

  251. Paul says:

    Here is a great link for “Clarisa”:

    That should take you to a forum devoted to AutoGK subtitles!

  252. Paul says:

    Again, I have to refer you all to a great resource for all of your DVD ripping questions.
    For questions about AutoGK:

    For any and all DVD ripping questions:

    They, as do I, only promote using these tools to back up material that you have PAID for. So there are strict rules on what you say there. But they have helped me out greatly there. I was having some audio out of sync problems, and they guided me on how to fix that. For that I am GREATFUL! Thankx Doom9! :) Oh yeah, and thanks for this tutorial EB!

  253. Amal says:

    Great tutorial! Took 6 hours for a 4 hour DVD. The only problem I now have is Windows Movie Maker shuts down when I try to import the avi file in there. I keep getting a message from “Data Execution Prevention.” Any ideas?

  254. clarisa says:

    I really can’t get the subtitles work. I’m ripping a non-English film right now, all the ripped files doesn’t have a single subtitle. As far as I know, the subtitles in DVDs are excluded from the main film file, how can I integrated that when I’m ripping?

    I have done several methods but none of them worked. Example, instead of putting the VOB as the input file, I placed the IFO. But nothing happened, same with regarding the advance options, I ticked the ‘display only forced subtitles’ box under the subtitle options, but it didn’t worked either.

    That’s the only problem I’m facing when ripping, all the other components, such as the audio works fine. If there’s anyone who had the same problem as mine, and worked out a solution, please reply here, or send me an email at clarisa@ends-tonight.net.

    Thank you!

  255. Tony says:

    Thx man! only one problem. i dont know why, but after i ripped gundam seed and made it avi, it only has subtitles wen i play it in windows media player. when i try to use VLC media player or any other media players there are no subtitles. i right click and select ‘subtitles’ and it says ‘track 1′ and i select it but the subtitles dont come up. does anyone know wat the problem is?

  256. Devilish says:

    Excellent and helpful work here man, I have great sound n quality and this brotha aint complaining! Thank you very much!

  257. Julia says:

    When ripping a TV show DVD containing multiple episodes and bonus material, how can you tell which PGC to select? I can’t see anything in the PGC that would indicate what’s what, or what episode is what. Even choosing the longest time didn’t work for me. It ended up being bonus material. Hehe. Thanks for your help!! :)

  258. Tom says:

    Thanks for this. I have been struggling with other DVDrip tools for a while now. This method is simple, free, and produces perfect quaility rips in reasonably quick order. Cheers.

  259. Paul says:

    Hi Ian,

    I see no one is answering your post, so I thought I would chime in. I haven’t experienced that error, but I have had a DVD where many errors occurred, and the DVD wouldn’t rip. What I tried to do is download a different decrypter. Here is a download for another one: www.dvdfab.com/free.htm

    My favorite is still “DVD decryptor” but I have heard that if your DVD has the slightest amount of even small scratches or smudges, it errors out. So the DVD of mine that wouldn’t rip with DVD dectrypter, did work with “DVDfab decrypter”. Just an option you may want to try. Let me know how it turns out.

  260. Ian says:

    Hey I’m getting these three messages and it won’t rip right…
    W 21:06:44 Possible Structure Protection Found!
    W 21:06:44 3 areas have been marked as ‘suspect’.
    W 21:06:44 Dummy sectors will be inserted where necessary.

    Then when I run the rip I get this…
    W 21:08:11 Arrrrgggh! Too Many ‘Pack Header Not Found’ Warnings!
    W 21:08:11 ‘Pack Header Not Found’ logging has been halted for now.

    Any thoughts on how to fix it???

  261. anonymous says:

    Thanks, really helped me out here :) good and easy to understand your guide.

  262. yousof2080 says:

    For the people who are complaining about anything involved with this tutorial,

    I am a 13 yr old kid and I followed this and i ripped a movie with crisp audio and video quality playback just as i would expect it on television…. all i need to do now is out it on disc and away we go so there is nothing wrong with this and thank you very much buddy it means a lot to me :D

  263. Kelly says:

    I found this website again! It beats the rest for what it purports to teach. Great work!

  264. […] February 7, 2008 at 4:42 pm (App, DVDrip) How to rip a DVD: A Tutorial […]

  265. Paul says:


    I really hope someone who knows how to do that will answer your question, but if not, here is a forum that people actually respond to questions of this nature: forum.doom9.org/ Last I checked, the site was out, but I’m sure it should be back up and running soon. The downside of that forum is that it takes 5 days to post in it after you sign up. :(


  266. Sahar says:

    Hi, thankyou for posting this guide, it seems really helpful! I’m a beginner at burning and ripping DVDs and I got confused while reading the tutorial. I want to put an episode I downloaded off the internet onto a DVD (or several episodes onto a DVD, if possible) and I’m not quite sure if this tutorial is for that? What would you call it if its material from your computer onto the DVD? Burning or ripping or what? LOL i’m sorry i’m terribly new to this @_@;;
    Please reply back! :)

    • aLoff says:

      the process of transferring the dvd from disc to your laptop/pc is “ripping”. “burning” is the process used to transfer files onto a cd/dvd. Look for either a burning guide or use a burning program like nero to place material on your hard drive to cd/dvd. Hope this helps you out

  267. Andrew says:

    For anybody getting the “the process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process” error, I moved the file to the root directory and disabled google desktop for an hour, and it worked afterwards. Not sure which was the fix, though.

  268. Michael says:

    Hey, I did everything that you showed and I’ve actually ripped a few DVD’s already but for some reason now when I try to rip the DVD and put it through AutoGK instead of getting these 3 files
    VTS_01_PGC_07 – Stream Information.txt

    I get about 9 of those files, I know that its the movie but for some reason now its in peices. Does anybody know how to fix this?

  269. Paul says:


    I’m in no way an expert at this, I have only tried about 7 videos now, but what I have noticed is that sometimes it is a matter of how much RAM you have. I have gotten my laptop to work great a couple of times, but on some movies, I have to use my PC that has more RAM to get a movie to sync correctly. Then there are a couple of movies, Chicken Little and Pink Panther, that I cannot for the life of me get that issue corrected and I have yet to take an out of sync video and try and fix it. Here is a site that deals with this issue: forum.doom9.org/ and here is the AutoGK forum: forum.doom9.org/forumdisplay.php?s=82b256067d7be0926b993cebc5b87d16&f=28

    Sorry if I’m not a big help, but hey, no one else seems to answer these! ;)

  270. Kevin says:

    Quick question. I have ripped 2 DVD’s so far and everything seemed to work fine after burning them. Upon watching the burned DVD’s I have noticed that the sound is delayed just a bit. You can see a mouth move, then shortly after the sound comes. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

  271. Jack says:

    Thanks Paul, big help!

  272. Paul says:


    I have used this process to get 4 movies on my Ipod so far, but it takes a bunch of work. Not only do you have to use the process above which should create an AVI file, but then you have to convert that avi file to mp4 format. Then you have to put that mp4 into itunes and then sync it to your Ipod. I posted a link that sends you to a GREAT free program to convert files to mp4 format and here is that link once more: worldtv.com/blog/guides_tutorials/flv_converter.php
    This is listed as an FLV converter, but I assure you, it converts almost all other formats. I have even used it to convert Divx files. Make sure you pay attn. to the comments at the bottom of that link if you have problems. I was frustrated, then read the comments and figured it out right away! Also, don’t be shocked at the POOR quality of mp4. It cuts a 700mb file to about 250 or so, so much quality is lost. It looks better when put on your Ipod because of the small screen.

    Another free program that I have not had luck with, but hear raved about is called: “Super”. You can find that here: www.erightsoft.com/SUPER.html

  273. Maine says:

    The error “The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process” is caused by Symantec AntiVirus – see: forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=93554

  274. Jack says:

    What settings shall i choose if i want to transfer the ripped files to my Ipod, or is that impossible??

  275. Paul says:


    The way described above converts a full length DVD movie (5-7 Gig) to a 700mb or so avi file. Does DVDShrink do this also?

  276. disgracie says:

    I found this looking for a faster way to rip. What I do now is DVDShrink and click “convert to ISO file and burn with DVDDecrypter” and voila…one click.

    This way looks WAY more complicated and filled with ways to mess up. DVDShrink and DVDDecrypter are free….why mess around with all this??

  277. k says:

    Thanks Elliot!!!
    the best and simplest tutorial I’ve seen. glad to find you first. I also tried several programs / methods of doing this. I think your article here is the best!

    easy way to rip TV/mini-series/Movies on DVD to CDRs in straight forward steps.

    note: ripping 1 HR movie/TV show takes about 2 hours on my machine, dual-core 2.13 GHz or so, 2GB RAM, 80GB HDD.

  278. Aaron says:

    Ive done my dvd…put in on to a blank disk tried it in my comp but theres sound but no picture? can anyone help?? plus doesnt work in dvd player either! can anyone help? wb

    • aLoff says:

      when you convert a file to “avi” format, not all dvd players are compatible with this format. Why you would put it back onto a disc after ripping i’ll never know, but simple method would be to use nero as a burning tool as this will make your avi file compatible with most DVD players. Hope this helps.

  279. Paul says:

    So far, 4 out of 5 videos came out to perfection! I am so impressed!! After struggling with DVDx, this is AWESOME! By the way all, this doesn’t seem to be a forum style setting where our questions will be answered, so here is a link to a Q and A type of site just for AutoGK: forum.doom9.org/forumdisplay.php?f=28

    The thing that sucks is you have to wait 5 days after you register to be able to post. :(


  280. YY says:

    How do you choose between XVid and DivX?

    Which one is better, and in which instances?

  281. THAPAN says:

    I followed the instructions and everything is working great! Thanks!

    But how can I get the .avi file to rewind or fast forward during playback? It will not allow me to. Its not that big of deal but it would be nice.

    also will there be a trick to burning it on to a DVD?


  282. MIke says:

    Great tutorial! took me about 45 mins for a 2 hour movie, but the only bad thing is you need AC3 filter but i can live with that ,

  283. felix says:

    i have just finished compressing after about 3 3/4 hours. i was compressing to 700mb but the clip has come out 66mb and around 5mins long. what has happened? when i play it, it just just from scene to scene

  284. felix says:

    how long would you estimate a 2 1/4 hour movie would take to get compressed down to 700mb?


  285. Dang says:

    I got the audio to work by downloading the AC3 filter as well as setting the audio type to “Auto” in Advanced Options for AutoGK.

  286. the[Rev] says:

    to burn a bought dvd onto a blank disc, which programs work the best?

    • aLoff says:

      Nero 7 is my preference, i’ve upgraded to nero 9 and it is way to processor intensive and looks more complicated to newer users also. If you want it done simple and easy look for nero 7.

  287. drcshine says:

    to Johnny Five:
    You may try this DVD ripper, the ripping speed is fast, it take me about 30 minuters to rip a 60 minutes DVD movie

  288. Brad says:

    First off, thanks a ton for this tutorial. My question has to do with the output when ripping a dvd using IFO setting. After selecting the longest portion of the movie, I am left with 3-4 vob files and they are all quite large. Which one do I use, and why is it creating so many vob files, when i am selecting only 1 portion of the dvd, per above?

    Thanks again!!!

  289. JPFranca says:

    Great! Very simple and straight forward. MANY thanks.

  290. Paul says:

    Hey, I have been playing around with this for a few days now, and I am finding out that doing DVDDecrypter in “IFO” mode is extremely important! I never have luck in putting a “Vob” in the input section either. Using the IFO mode, should leave you with only 1 IFO and a few VOB files. I put the one IFO in the input and had some luck so far. It also seems like the computer you use makes a HUGE difference. The audio is out of sync when I use our desktop computer, but have had better luck with my Dell laptop. Go figure! As far as how long it takes, I suggest you find something else to do to pass the time while it’s working. The last movie I did took over 5 hours! But after, it was done perfectly.

  291. Johnny Five says:

    Holy ****, this takes WAY too long. Is there an alternate way to do this?

  292. Erik says:

    Worked very well for me… time was not a concern either

  293. Fizzix says:

    It appears if you go in DVD decrypter > Tools > Settings > IFO Mode tab, you can set it up to rip as chapters. I’ve not tried this.

  294. winnie the pooh says:

    tried couple of programs all bad ones hope this one will work
    if ya want the job done good ya have to got some time…

  295. Paul says:

    I also here of this converter being raved about: www.erightsoft.com/SUPER.html But compared to the flv converter, it is SLOW, and I have never gotten it to work right. So if you play around with the flv converter, you will find how easy it is to convert from many formats in like a half hrs time. The only advice I give is to READ THE Q & A at the bottom of the flv converter page! It helped me not to pull ALL of my hair out. :)

  296. Paul says:

    Just like Ryans comment, if anyone wants to put these movies on their Ipod, I have been doing it for a while now. What you need to do is convert from avi format to mp4. Here is the best way that I have found to do it. Follow this link: worldtv.com/blog/guides_tutorials/flv_converter.php I am not very computer friendly, but with some playing around, I got it to work, and it works QUICKLY!

  297. Ryan says:

    I was able to rip a DVD and play it in windows media player, but it will not work at all with Quicktime or itunes…i want to be able to put this on my ipod….what do i do???

  298. anomynous says:

    brilliant tutorial, works fine, i finshed in about an hour, but might have been shorter as i was away during the last bit so i dont know. realy simple to use and decent software.

  299. Confused-movielover says:

    Jeez, it still sounds needlessly complicated to me, the humble PC user, who knows nothing about code or decryption. Why can’t you just rip DVDs in Windows Media player like you can for CDs? Not all of us can download Tv shows and films! not all of us have a credit card! how else can i out video on my ipod now?

  300. […] permalink Here’s an excellent tutorial by prabs : DVD ripping for noobs. Another link recommended by him is How to rip a DVD: A Tutorial by Elliott C. Back Start ripping now!!! […]

  301. CJ says:

    To all you A-holes complaining about it taking too long (i.e. several hours) and how that was never addressed in the tutorial:

    Let me point out that he gives you a full activity log for a typical AutoGK cycle with all the timestamps and it clearly shows that the process takes several hours. From 9:07 to 11:42. There’s even a thing at the end of the log that tells you the exact elapsed time.

    Don’t complain about what’s not in the tutorial if you won’t read the tutorial.

  302. Robert says:

    I wanted to turn the file into a DivX format, but when I clicked on DivX it said that my DivX was not the right version and would only let me turn it into an Xvid. I have the Combined Community Codec Pack on my computer, is there a different DivX version that I need? Thanks.

  303. Mike says:

    hey guys, thanks alot, im in the process of ripping a dvd right now! the only question i have, and maybe this was already in the posts but, how would i copy just select sections of a dvd. say i know a where a scene i want is between 1 hr 10 mins 4 secs and 1 hr 11 mins 17 secs, how would i copy just that section only, and scrap everything else? thanks alot guys, still new to this stuff…

  304. Sami says:

    OK so I got my problem fixed… I would like to tell you all…. DO NOT RENAME THE VOB FILES…

    ok… so if you do you lose like the end 5 minutes of every video… that should be in the dummy manual

    anyway… to the people that say it takes to long… well ya it does.. but it depends on how much RAM you have on your computer… I’m running on a very small 256MB RAM… and so I can get 2 and a half episodes done over night when I’m sleeping… so if you want to cut the time… update your RAM… otherwise make sure you aren’t doing to many things at once while doing this… if you’re browsing multiple websites and downloading stuff.. or playing games… ya it’s going to take a lot longer than if you just started it and left the computer alone till it’s done.

    I’ve tried ripping with other programs because I don’t like how long this takes… but the quality is always **** compared to the results I get ripping in this way… so if you want crappy quality video.. then go ahead and rip with something else….
    otherwise even if it takes you forever like it does me… I say rip video in this manner.. the quality is amazing… though if you are ripping say anime episodes… I suggest switching to 233MB instead of 350MB… it’s still just as good quality wise… and it’s better than any anime episode you can download offline.

  305. Calle says:

    OMG I was looking all over for help like this. Thank God for Elliot!

  306. RBorchert says:

    Well, like quite a few other folks, I’m getting the error “the process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process”. Has anyone found a solution to this problem?

    I’m running on Vista. I wonder if this could be an incompatibilty with Vista. Anyone having success running it on Vista?


  307. tripolar says:

    Thanks for the effort, Elliott.

  308. Scottley says:

    Only took me 15minutes to rip a 2 hour movie…………..nice

  309. Aniket says:

    Awesome Tutorial…
    Ripping my first DVD now…

  310. Anders says:

    Many think this takes to long to do. I Suggest u try out DVD2MPEG instead of autogk. DVD2MPEG just needs a couple of minutes instead of hours.

    Good luck

  311. Sami says:

    Ok so at this point I’m really angry.
    The software works great.. on the setting of 350MB
    well for an anime episode 350MB on my computer for 1 episode is a bit unreasonable… so I tried the 233MB option…. well it works fine but the last 4 minutes are always missing on my completed file.
    I’ve gone through 2 weeks of ripping files from a season of anime
    (takes about 4-6 hours and episode because I have really low RAM)
    any ideas why my episodes aren’t complete? Since everything I’ve done is the same… just changed the file size from 350MB to 233MB
    I’m about to try doing a 350MB file again and see if the whole episode is intact but I really DON”T want a whole season of episodes at 350MB
    Even at 233MB the folder with 26 episodes is at 6GB, I’d really like to not have to make that file almost twice the size by having to do everything over at 350MB

    Any suggestions at all would be nice.

    If anyone can help send me and email titled “dvd ripping help” to


  312. Anton says:

    chur man!
    works brilliantly! even though it took multiple hours to finish. I guess it is meant to though. None the less, it still rocks.

  313. schofieldsheretosavetheday says:

    pobo you’ve done something wrong or your computers rubbish, then again it could be both, works fine for me

  314. Kazrath says:

    The process works fine. For those having complications.. Well maybe you should not be trying anything even remotely technical as this whole process is pretty easy as the tools do everything for you. If it is taking you 3 hours maybe look into buying a somewhat modern PC as I just completely ripped a DVD movie in about 45 minutes on a barely above stock Dell Inspiron 9300.

    For people asking how to only rip a portion.. You can’t directly. You will need to rip the DVD and then use a program like Sony Vegas and do some real video editing. There are plenty of tutorials on how to edit video available online.

  315. pobo says:

    It has taken about 30min and the ripping part is standing still at 0%. **** program, nothing works.

  316. drcshine says:

    Nice guide, but this way is fit for only Windows User, if you’re Mac user, you can use this free DVD Ripper for Mac, it can help you rip DVD on all Mac OS X.

  317. annie says:

    hi guys,

    i received error at virtual dub process = The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process…. what could possibly go wrong here? please help… i’ve tried for so many times already.

    anyone have idea, pls email me zaharani.bustami@gmail.com


  318. Mya says:

    i’d also like to say that i’m really not into computers and usually i don’t have a clue but this tutorial made it sooo easy!! thankyou so much!!

  319. Mya says:

    THANKYOU SOOO MUCH!!! although it took AGES it was well worth it!!! yay, i’m so excited it actually worked!!!

  320. TJADAM2 says:

    Great Tutorial!!! I have used this to rip approximately 10 movies. However, every movie I rip does not include chapters. I thought this was just part of the program, but I see in the “Tools” section in DVD Decrypter that you can add chapters, but there is 8 choices. Can someone advise what I should pick so the movies will be ripped with their chapters in place? I also don’t have the title menus.

  321. Great tutorial… I agree DVD decryptor is the greatest :)

  322. Ian says:

    never mind…DVD decrypter’s fine.
    now the auto gordian isn’t working. PLEASE HELP!

  323. Ian says:

    DVD decrypter is not working; a blank icon just came up when I installed it. It just says that they’re “searching” for the file when I try to open it. Any suggestions?

  324. makili says:

    Man, Elliott C. Back is awsome!

  325. Mr Disappointed says:

    Well now I know, it asked what audiotrack I wanted to use and I got to pick between 6ch and 2ch and I figured 2ch (stereo) should be enough hehehe.

  326. Mr Disappointed says:

    God…damn. Everything went smooth, a 2 hour movie took about 1½ hour to finish. Audio is synced, picture quality is perfect, subtitles are fine – but it ripped the commentary audio track, LOL. However when playing the VOB’s in Media Player Classic, there is no commentary audiotrack. Wonder what went wrong…

  327. HolyGeneralK says:

    Just another option to consider…Look at the VLC Media Player. Although the world of options is not as great, it is simple to use and create videos straight from a DVD. You don’t even need to rip the DVD to your computer to use it!

    However, most importantly, it’s blazingly fast! I did an 18 minute video in just under five minutes, whereas the method described above has taken about 10 minutes and its only 6% done!


  328. tokk says:

    This was useful however i think itd be better if things were explained, i mean its fair enough saying “choose this option, choose that option” but if you tell the reader why then they are more likely to remember because they understand and also it makes it easier for them to work out when the other options might be useful.

  329. Stan says:

    I have looked for a decent ripping guide for some time, and then I happened onto this. This is an excellent and succinct guide, and I recommend it to everybody looking for advice on ripping DVDs. Kudos to the writer; very well done!

  330. Ermis says:

    To david : Use a free program named “dvd shrink” for that. Search google for it .

  331. Ermis says:

    thanks man, it worked and it was very simple !

  332. Don says:

    does anyone know if any of these intructions/programs would work to rip a karaoke dvd/vcd to my hard drive? i want to be able to use Windows Media Player for example to play the songs with video. thanks.

  333. David says:


    This is an incredibly easy program to use. Your tutorial was step by step and was a huge help in cutting through reading.

    Takes about 3 hours to do it all, but it is well worth it The end result is a crisp clear perfect copy on my computer.

    Thanks so much !!!

    Now I would like to know, how I can burn this to a blank DVD. I tried one program but the guys tutorial was in broken english and he totally lost me.

    Is there a simple clearly instructed free program to copy the file on my computer to a DVD?

    I thank you in advance. Great program and terrific instructions!!


  334. PaulC says:

    What is the procedure if I want to rip ONLY A SECTION OF AN EXISTING DVD? In other words, I want to extract video from the original DVD beginning at a certain starting point (hh:mm:ss) and ending at a specific ending point (again, in hh:mm:ss). I then want to re-burn this section onto a fresh DVD, or leave it as an mp3 file and burn it onto a regular CD.

    Please advise.


  335. Lauren says:

    I recently downloaded AutoGK and followed this simple tutorial to make all those messy files into one simple .Avi video file.
    i wasnt entirely sure which single file i put in the “input file” section
    so i just put the first VIDEO_TS.VOB in
    anyhow, i hit start and all that and when it had finished it appeared as a .Avi file, however when i played it the Audio was incredibly out of sync with the Visual.
    Any ideas as to what i have done wrong and what to do correct this would be really appreciated, coz tbh it’s really starting to piss me off :)

  336. Jen says:

    Takes a while but its about as simple as a free ripping program gets. Thanks for the tutorial

  337. Ross B says:

    Hi great tutorial I was wondering though is there anyway to make the file 16:9 ratio as opposed to just 4:3 as I can’t find a menu for this on autogk?

  338. Roshan says:

    Eazy!!! and it works too…. it took about 3 hours, but then, the dvd was aroung 6GB.

  339. Vanessa says:

    I can’t get sound on mine either. :(

  340. Bez says:

    question: why do you want to convert it to avi? you can already play the dvd file on your computer and on your dvd player after 20 minutes.

    • aLoff says:

      conversion to avi makes the file smaller meaning you can fit a helluva lot more dvd’s on a drive. why use 4 gig of space for 1 film when you can use less than a gig?

  341. Bez says:

    question: why do you want to convert it to avi? you can already play the dvd file on your computer and on your dvd player after 20 minutes.

  342. Bez says:

    question: why do you want to convert it to avi? you can already play the dvd file on your computer and on your dvd player after 20 minutes.

  343. wheat says:

    Hi Jack,

    I totally agree. Please let me know when you have a release version of your free, idiot-proof, easy-to-use DVD ripping software available. I appreciate your philosophy (simple and to the point), and I also look forward to the outstanding free service I would expect from such a visionary.


  344. jack says:

    I want an easy dvd ripping software.

  345. MIKE says:

    WOW…..i cant believe how EASY it was. if this cost id say…BUY IT!! but it DOESNT so…..DOWNLOAD IT!!! and yes it take a while but its WELL worth it. le ts say u have 50 movies that u LOVE. and…ur house gets robbed he takes all ur movies but didnt have time for ur comp. ud wish u backed it up on ur comp….woulnt u? i would but NOW….i have MY movies on my comp to watch ANY TIME I WANT!! lol well all i could say is. u should get it.

  346. Ashley says:

    Thanks for this tutorial. After I moved out of my mom’s house and didn’t have my brother to do this for me anymore, I needed to learn how to rip dvds by myself. It’s not hard at all!

  347. amanda says:

    the totorial is great but on windows movie maker it keeps playing in french(i think) how do i het it to play in english and how to i seperate them into frames bc i am trying to make a music video but i cant figure it out could you pls help me ?

  348. […] Originally Posted by SharekhaN There are plenty of free software available that do exactly what this does and the key word is still free . Winavi is a paid software . Its not worth the the money truthfully . The only good part about winavi is the speed . but this falls flat on its head when there are errors on the dvd or any other video file . Agreed plenty of free software and plenty of tutorials too. Here is one which includes open source softwares. Here is the link for that: How to rip a DVD: A Tutorial by Elliott C. Back But are you sure you wanna go through all that hassle. […]

  349. Terry says:

    When I start the DVD Decrypter, the source says “No Devices Detected” even though I have a DVD in the drive.

  350. DJE says:

    Seems simple enough. Can this process allow me to put it on movie maker?

    Thanks so much for your help and time.

  351. Blue berry says:

    Recently I try to convert some segment of my DVDs. I found Daniusoft DVD Ripper is good to use. It could convert DVD to all popular video formats.

  352. Severus says:

    My avi file decided to go in the same folder the IFO file was no matter what folder I tried to make it go to.

  353. Kazuma says:

    Hey where dos the avi file go to?

    the folder you desinated it to? because all i have is the vob files no avi

  354. Miro says:

    I consistently get an error message and I’ve tried it with different DVDs.
    DVD Decrypter runs fine. AutoGK gets stuck at step “Running compressibility test” when VirtualDub outputs message “Video compression error: The source image format is not acceptable. (error code -2)”

    Any suggestions?

  355. Severus says:

    I have the sound now, thank you soo much for this tutorial it’s easy and gives a perfect result. ^_^

  356. Severus says:

    This is a great tutorial and even though it takes times it gives really good quality video.

    For whoever says there is no progress shown, I found that all of the steps do have some progress shown but you have to activate the progress bar/window. It does take a while though, and well, was a bit frustrating to find out that I had to pick file splitting –> none AFTER I did it. Restarting it now, hopefully I’ll have the audio this time ^_^

    Thank you to whoever put that together

  357. Sao Bang says:


    I have a need of ripping a DVD karaoke disk and break them up into individual songs (chapters, I think). The songs would then be played back from the PC and the video signal could be routed to a karaoke mixer via S-video on the back of the PC. Of course, audio tracks must also be reserved as the original too.

    Which software that I should purchase ? Thanks – SB

  358. JPIV says:

    I am having trouble producing a dvd with chapters. The end product always turns out to be one long sequence with no chapters. Any ideas on how to correct this?

  359. K says:

    it didn’t created the .VOB file for me :S

  360. UnknownUser says:

    Say, I like the decoder, but that other **** takes an eternity. Figured out a way to get that done up in only 20 minutes per half-hour. While this still seems a little long, its a hell of a lot shorter than the thirteen hours it took the way mentioned here. What I did was to take the decoded VOBs, used the program PowerISO to make them all into a collective BIN/CUE. Then use the program ISOBuster to open the CUE file, find the VOB files that were put in it when the BIN was created, and right-clicked it, and commanded ISOBuster to extract the file but filter only M2F2 MPEG Frames, and added .mpg to the end of output filename, and vuala, a shiny new MPG file. The only thing with them is that the length of the clip seems to only show a minute or so, but I promise the whole clip is there. the player keeps playing the file to its full length even though the runtime slider fills in. Ahhh, so much faster. The whole thing takes less than a half an hour in this way.

  361. Andrew says:

    Well i just ripped Stay Alive with DVD Decrypter and when i play it the menu for the DVD doesn’t work how do i get it to work??? email me plz


  362. sean says:

    does anyone know if i wanted to add subtitles, how do i do that? which file would i be selecting in order to accomplish this? i ask because sumtimes im burning foreign films that dont have an english audio, such as HERO, JET LI’S FEARLESS, CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON, etc. please email me if anyone knows how to solve this.


  363. Matt says:

    Took an hour for a 3.5minute video on a 2.4GHz machine w/ 1GB DDR2, but I also made it smaller dimensionally so that probably added alot of cycle demand. Still, it worked like a charm, thanks for the tutorial.

  364. MI MI says:

    I have to go to the bathroom

  365. stove says:

    Forgot to mention it took me 30 minutes to decode a full length DVD with a Athlon XP 2800 and 1.5 GB DDR 333.

  366. stove says:

    Bottom line is vidoe processing takes time. Thats the nature of the beast. My solution is to hav another machine or two that will do your dvd processing. Then keep on working on other stuff. Also, read the directions and you can’t go wrong.

    Thanks Elliot for putting this together. Very good tutorial. Cheers!

  367. silentman says:

    Very good tutorial, indeed!

  368. xlledx says:

    Joe- If the sound is delayed by two seconds, just use Movie Maker to cut it off.

  369. Jon says:

    I was able to rip a dvd and can currently watch it on my computer. But how can I burn that to a blank dvd r disc

    • aLoff says:

      simple, download a dvd burning tool like nero, nero 7 is the most simple to navigate. However if you can’t find nero 7 with a keygen then go for version 9. I’d advise using nero 7 if your not sure what your doing though.

  370. stegg says:

    Works like a dream! Many thanks.

    But as mentioned above, you must open virtual dub *before* you run autogk and change the video settings to “direct stream copy”.

    find “VirtualDubMod.exe” in ProgramFiles/AutoGK/VDubMod

    After doing this I cut the run time from around 8 hours to under 5.

  371. Tony says:

    absolutely fantastic, you know that feeling of absolute satisfaction you get when something works so flawlessly? this gave me exactly that, the software is fantastic and thanks to this i do not have to take any of my dvds with me to university! thankyou so much! =D x

  372. Andrew says:

    Thank you very much for this guide, it worked a treat and its something i’ve been looking for for a long time. Finally, an easy way to rip!!

    note to people, you need to be region free on your pc to use dvd decrypter.. follow the links to rpc1.org to get updated firmare and the ‘dvdregionkiller’ program !

  373. Lee says:

    P.S It works for me and no sound delay, and i cant most of the time be assed to post in forums, so i must be impressed !

  374. Lee says:

    The best tutorial i’ve come across, and the best bugfree (FREE SOFTWARE) too, Quality of the avi is great ! yeah it takes a while but all methods do…….. Can you not leave your P.C running when you go to bed ? Cheers Elliot

  375. Jamie says:

    Don’t download or read this, it doesn’t work

  376. joe says:

    The tutorial is good and it really makes this easy. But nobody has answered the question why is the sound delayed two seconds Help!!!!

  377. Alex says:

    The tutorial is great, however, I’m having troubles with foreign films since English subtitles are removed in the final .avi. Any suggestions guys?

    I’ve tried using the .ifo as suggested in lieu of the first .vob file but the ifo file is 80kb and in the output entry in auto gk it doesn’t provide me with an output when i select that .ifo file which is named VTS_01_0.ifo.

    any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks.

  378. Jamie says:

    excellent i had dvds that woulddn’t read on my dvd player i used this and burnt it to a disc and now they do

  379. Jr N. says:

    Correction::: I misread something or maybe I checked the wrong thing.
    In dvddecrypt go to Tools => Settings => IFO Mode => File splitting : none.
    I had done file splitting: none in the FILE MODE tab and not under the IFO MODE tab. That way, your .vob files are not split into 1gb files but are all one.

  380. Jr N. says:

    Easy steps with visuals. A bit time consuming but eh, it is a complicated computer process, can’t really complain too much there. Concerning the problem with the multiple .vob files. I did the file split: none thing and that didnt seem to help as i dvddecrypt-ed again. Still came up with 4 .vob files. in Autogk, select the .ifo file as the input file. I’m doing my Dvd rip as I type, no problems so far, it’s nearly done after 25 minutes.

  381. Bios says:

    Very good tutorial, thanks for sharing this as it worked flawlessly for me.

  382. Tom says:

    Im very pleased ^_^ only took 30 mins in total. Great ^_^

  383. Evan says:

    Bob this is what you need to do:

    GnuGeek said:

    on May 15th, 2007 at 4:34 am

    Regarding those who dont want 4-7 vob files to be decrypted,

    Start DVD Decrypter -> Tools -> Settings -> File Mode (Tab)

    There under options under file splitting (selelect None) From drop down menu

    and u will hav 1 extensive vob file while decrypting

  384. Trav says:

    Okay I did all the steps and it worked great (did take two hours but jason cleared that up) except for one little thing. The entire movie is in shades of pink. Did I choose the wrong part of the globe on the DVD decryptor thing or is it a problem with the programs that happened when i downloaded? for info it was Final Fantasy the spirits within and I chose america/canada

  385. Ren says:

    LoL mine too like 30 mins or so O.0

  386. Danni UK says:

    You need to pick VTS_01_1 Bob.
    Because if you check the file type by right clicking it and then left clicking properties you’ll see its a .vob file. And it says you have to pick the first one, ok?
    And don’t you hate it when they ask you for your e-mail addy, like you don’t know what their going to do with it, I mean, please!

  387. Billy Bob says:

    For some reason i’m not getting any .vob files when it’s done. It only comes out with VTS_01_0.ifo and VTS_01_1, VTS_01_2, VTS_01_3, etc. until 5. I noticed that 5 is the largest file and the rest are 99mb files. But 5 starts at like the middle of the movie. Any help?

  388. raro11 says:

    Instead of the .Vob file as input
    use the .ifo

    => only with movies

  389. Murfinator says:

    Hay Cheers bro

  390. Dane says:

    Hey great tutorial, I dunno if anyone else had this problem but I’ve decrypted my DVD then then converted to Xvid which worked fine..But when I play the video, there is a 7 second sound delay .. Anyone else have this problem? any help? thanx

  391. emooreathome says:

    It took 13 hours to do a full-length feature movie. And when I play it using Windows Media Player the sound is about 2 seconds delayed from the picture.

  392. Steve-C says:

    Thankyou! Very easy to follow. Takes around 2 hours on my Laptop with 1.86GHz Pentium M processor and 1GB of RAM. Results are great! Don’t know if there are quicker or easier options out there but this is spot on for a first timer!

  393. jonathan says:

    can anyone help me i have a dvd movie bump in the night night of the living bread and i was wondering if it has 8 eps and ther short eps like 10 min long i want to put it on youtube web site it onley will hold like a 100 mb

  394. jonathan says:

    can anyone help me i have a dvd movie bump in the night night of the living bread and i was wondering if it has 8 eps and ther short eps like 10 min long i want to put it on youtube web site and like 2 of the ep are are bones and others on this website are saying they get no sound and and the bones eps dont work and i youtube videos need to be 100 mb so if anyone can help me plaes let me no thanks jonathan

  395. Pooooooooo says:

    when i use the decrypter the first part of the dvd doesnt have sound why????its a pokemon one

  396. poops says:

    i want to poo a little

  397. viru says:

    how is the quality?
    superb or allrite?

  398. Niki says:

    Does anyone know how I can put the ripped dvd into an mp4? I’m making a project with Sony Vegas 4 and only seems to read off of mp4.

    • Simon says:

      I have just ripped a DVD into and avi file, but my MP4 requires what they call QVGA.AVI. My MP4 came with a disk of AVI converters suitable for several models of Mp4 units. I simply followed the manual and installed the appropriate avi converter.

      I means 2 steps, but that’s cool…I now have movies on my MP4

  399. nova says:


    i’ve got the hang of this…and it wasn’t hard at all! sure it was confusing at first…but i figured it out and it’s mostly because of you. THANKS SO MUCH

    this certainly opens up a lot of possibilities… :D

  400. nova says:

    okie dokie…i’m doing it now. but i have a question, if the DVD comes in two languages…how do i choose which language i want?

  401. jess says:

    i have some home-videos that have been put onto dvd. i want to edit them on my computer, but i’m not sure how to get the videos onto my computer first. how do i get them from the dvd onto my computer, if they’re just home-videos, not anything copyrighted that has to be encrypted and all that?

  402. Aaron says:

    hey people you know if i use that dvd decryptor to rip a movie how can i veiw it on media player and so i can upload on my profile etc?

  403. Anthony says:

    Wowwww!! this is the best tutorial i’ve ever seen..So Easy To Understand Thank You Very Much..I’m Ready To Rip Movies And Music Videos.

  404. Nick M says:

    Hey, this works great. I’ve copied several DVD’s with this tutorial, and as for the SUBTITLES: all you need to do is convert the IFO file instead of the .VOB (in AutoGK) and you’ll have an option of subtitles. Good luck!

    BTW it does take a while, but not too bad on my high-end comptuer.

  405. Mark D says:

    I get this error message, too. Can’t figure out what else could be running it.

    EDIT: here is the error msg I get from virtualDub: “The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process”. Please help!

  406. Matt says:

    I’ll try this. I tried using DVDX because I wanted to make some tribute videos, but the program keeps shutting down on me.

    Thanks for the info.

  407. GnuGeek says:

    Regarding those who dont want 4-7 vob files to be decrypted,

    Start DVD Decrypter -> Tools -> Settings -> File Mode (Tab)

    There under options under file splitting (selelect None) From drop down menu

    and u will hav 1 extensive vob file while decrypting

  408. Whitney says:

    wow, just wasted 2 hrs and it doesnt even work -.-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  409. drklnk22 says:

    for anyone that wants the subtitles, DONT convert the .vob files conver the .ifo file and it will automatically convert the other files; this is probably the answer for those of you who have the files storing as 1gig separate files. convert the IFO and ur problems will be solved!!!

  410. Tim says:

    I have copied over 50 DVDs using DVDDecrypter and Nero 6se that came with my Sony DVD Burner . These two programs makes an exact copy with extras and 2 channel or/and 5.1 sound. Some DVDs have to be really compressed (double layer) to fit on a single layer DVD so you might have to remove 5.1 stereo or extras to fit. Yes the whole process takes around 2 hours to do but its well worth it.

  411. Insoc says:

    Thank you very much for the effort put in this site to help us all. The explanation was quite clear and the links to the file downloading were accurate and problem free!

  412. IFo says:

    Thank you very much!!!! That is a great tutorial – very usefull and very easy!!!

  413. LArr says:

    I am also getting the “file in use by another process” error just as the 2nd pass starts. Tried different directories, rebooting, etc.. no luck! Any sugggestions? Need this quick!

  414. Nadine says:

    This is excellent! I had trouble the first time doing this, but it was my own fault (I chose the wrong audio channel and made it do the commentary only… lol.), but it is PERFECT otherwise! Thank you, I’d be lost without this!

  415. Ricky Wylde says:

    Is there a way to make XVid encode only once (single pass)? I think maybe the second pass it’s not necessary and a waste of time also.

  416. Chris Sorum says:

    EDIT: here is the error msg I get from virtualDub: “The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process”. Please help!

  417. Chris Sorum says:

    Help! I’m using Auto Guardian Knot, but in the end I get an error message from the virtualdubmod saying something like “can’t open file because it’s already in use”. But the log file says file finished, and looks just like the one in the example used! And the avi file on my desktop only gets an error msg. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  418. Chris says:

    You need to Download AC3 Filter to get audio For WMP, Because when You set up your Autogt their is a place where you check what audio you want to use, and chances are it was AC3. I hope this was a help!

  419. Ziva says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful guide. It’s a great help. I have one question: How can rip the DVD extras? Is it possible at all?

    Thank you very much

  420. Thrall says:

    AWESOME thanks for the help!!

  421. Van says:

    I´ve been after info such as this. Tks

  422. Stephen says:

    G said:
    To make the change, start VirtualDub, and on the toolbar, open Video and if it is in “Full processing mode”, select “Direct stream”.

    When VirtualDub started, I saw no “Video” setting to open. The only toolbar is at the bottom…just unlabeled symbols…

  423. Toto says:

    I’m not incredibly adept at computers, and I’m a little confused as to why this isn’t working for me. I’ve installed DVD Decrypter and injected a DVD, but nothing changes on the the program’s screen, as though it’s not acknowledging that there’s anything in the tray. I’ve tried more than one DVD, so I don’t believe that it’s a matter of a corrupt DVD. Any help would be much appreciated!

  424. Steve-o says:

    Oh, and now i have another problem, Auto GK wont open. whenever i click the icon it just doesnt do anything.

  425. Steve-o says:

    Hey, is there a way to get arround the copy protection on some discs, because i’m having a hard time copying one of my favorite movies. the info provided is good and it worked for the nonwrite protected movies. thanks

  426. Andrea says:

    Ok, so this worked great for me the first time through but when I went to go and rip another episode from another DVD (from the same TV set, no less) I keep repeatedly getting an error that says “EXCEPTION: Range check error” and it halts the entire process and I don’t get the episode at all. This occurs in the encoding step using the AutoGK immediately after the log window says “Running compressibility test.” Why is this happening and what do I need to do to fix this?

  427. errer says:

    NO AUDIO?! I am having the same problem as a lot of people on here. Movie works and plays fine but with no sound! Can someone let us all know what we are doing wrong. Again, movie works fine but with no sound. Thnx

  428. Carl says:

    Hi. Thanks for the awesome info, although it does seem a bit slow LOL

    Anyway, I’m ripping episodes off a dvd to make a backup. Is there any way to burn the blank dvd using the vob files without converting to avi?

    Seems that would save a LOT of time.


  429. samuel Gartner says:

    hi i have a question i hope someone can help i want to burn certain chapters on a dvd to my hard drive and then wanna burn them to a dvd can someone tell me how to do this and let me know what programs i should use it would be of great assistance

  430. hicks says:

    re Including SUBTITLES using DVD Decrypter:

    I would like to backup some of my US versions of foreign movies, i.e., I would like the backup version to play with english subtitles.

    I have looked all over and cannot find a solution to this issue. Anyone have ideas?

    I tried fiddling with the various choices under stream processing but none worked.

    Thanks in advance

  431. stefan says:

    I can’t get sound. Do I use the IFO file as the input file?

  432. Patch says:

    Hi i have a couple questions if anyone could help. I need to rip a burnt dvd onto my comp and then i need to edit these clips in sony vegas 7.0, now i believe i ripped the dvd succesfully using dvd decryptor and aalso dvd shrink because i wasnt sure which to do. Its a VOB file and when i converted it tp AVI using autogk Vegas still wont play it. Does anyone know how i can rectify this? Thanks for any help in advance.

  433. james says:

    hey i got it to work but the volume dident work is this a common error?

  434. Tom says:

    Hi, have problem with the sound, it comes 2 sek. after in the ready AVI film. What can be the problem?

  435. Tim says:

    Great program!
    The only question I have is: why are my files split into "cells"? There is a cell 1 and cell 2, but when I check both and run the decrypter, it anyway just derypts the first.
    That makes the ripped file "incomplete", with the end of the file missing by approx 1 minute.
    What should I do?

  436. informed1 says:

    As this says about ripping DVD’s.
    Completely incorrect.

    I set it all up to rip and dvd and be done by the time I got done with an 8hr shift.

    Bullshit. 2hrs to encode my ***. It was STILL going on my machine after 8hrs. Dual Core P4 3.2Ghz w/1gb PC3200 DDR. Not a slow machine.


    PS – it broke the DVD down into Chapter VOB’s, re-encoded the audio, and then I cancled the **** before wasting too much time on it and massive file fragmentation all over my harddrive.

    What a load of ****.

  437. Richard says:

    Well numnuts. You need a codec first.. It’s as simple as that. You can NOT play movies wich is compressed to the .avi format. Try K-Lite mega codec pack.. It should help it out, :D

  438. Mr Ripper says:

    You could try www.dvdripnburn.com/ , this is FREE and does it in about 20-40 minutes. Ish!

  439. Scott says:

    I was wondering is there anyway to not have it split after 1 gb.

    • aLoff says:

      this question has already been answered further up, but i’ll put it here for anyone who cba checking back. goto settings on dvd decrypter and goto file and make sure file splitting is set to (none) to get 1 vob file instead of several.

  440. mainsuper says:

    I have been trying to burn from my hard drive to my dvd and can’t figure it out. I have downloaded converters and nothing is working can somebody help me

  441. bleach1st says:

    thx so much for this… i sort of knew how to rip a DVD but this makes it so idiot-proof aka me so THX SO MUCH :D :D :D :D

  442. Michael says:

    can anyone make a streaming video file to dvd format?
    I was trying to download a movie file on www.alu.edu
    But I couldn’t please give any advice.

  443. Amy says:

    When running Gordian knot, there’s a step where you open the processed VOB files and you can set an inpoint and outpoint and safe it as a project file. This is the last step before running it and converting it to avi. in the step you can open all the VOBs at once and save them as a project file. Then, when you convert, you’ll have all 7 1G files in one big file.

  444. gurt says:

    works great, now i can back up all my dvd’s for my PSP thanks

  445. linwen says:

    thanks, this tuto is really useful.

  446. ohman999 says:

    I have a 7 GB movie and it rips it into 7 one gig .VOB files. How do i put them together?

  447. ellechic says:

    TOPIC: Subtitles

    I am successful at ripping the movie from DVD (w/ subtitles) but the ripped version does not have subtitles. How do I go about doing that? I thought it was part of "Step 2: Slect audio track and subtitle track" but there were no options to choose from under "subtitle track". So I tried under "Advanced Settings" selecting "Display only forced subtitles" and "Use external subtitles" under "Subtitle options" but still no luck. Any advise/tips?


  448. G says:

    Speed-up AutoGK (from www.doom9.org/virtualdub_procedures.htm)

    VirtualDub is used by the AutoGK graphical interface during the conversion to avi file type.

    Doom9 says: "Attention: Make sure that you’ve set both Video and Audio to Direct stream copy. Generally when you start VirtualDub Audio is already set to Direct stream copy but Video is not. If you don’t change this it takes hours and it’ll decompress and recompress the whole movie – not a smart thing to do." Also see comment by Jason Hofmann above about recompression using a more aggressive codec

    To make the change, start VirtualDub, and on the toolbar, open Video and if it is in "Full processing mode", select "Direct stream". It seems to reset to "Full" mode the next time it is opened, so open it and check, change it if necessary, and don’t close it before using AutoGK.

  449. Lisa says:

    I want to take a movie and burn it back onto a blank DVD, leaving out some scary parts that I don’t want my daughter to see. Is this possible? What kind of file does it need to be to go back onto a disk? Am I better off using the VCR and a video tape for this project? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  450. jacob says:

    the VOB files don’t appear for me. Just IFO files. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Dan says:

      Try putting the files on your desktop instead of a folder, its what i did, cause i couldn’t see the files in a folder.

  451. bragg331@wmconnect.com says:

    How can you convert a CD to PM3 so you can send it to someone?

  452. Matt says:

    You should probably write somewhere in there that it takes a really long time – something like 2 hours…without any notification of your progress. I’m doing this right now and I had originally thought it would be nice and quick.

    It’s all fine until you get to the first and second passes. Fortunately my first has just finished in under 10 minutes for an episode of Family Guy.

  453. Hitention says:

    Thanks Elliott, this tutorial rocks! Simple and works.

  454. RAJ says:


  455. RAJ says:


  456. maridhia says:

    This is great!
    Although it takes hours and hours and that I the first time didn’t get the subtitle (which was kind of important that time while the film is in chinese), I love it! I’ve been wondering about how one can rip DVD’s, and now I am just so grateful. Thank you! :)

  457. Nichole says:

    I cant get sound…. any ideas?

  458. me says:

    is there any other way to rip dvds without having to download anything?

    • reply says:

      Windows does not come with anything close to useful for this task. Third-party applications must be used. You don’t have to download them, but you will need to acquire them somehow.

      btw, in linux you can # dd if=/dev/dvd of=~/dvdfile
      if you want a direct copy… i used to back up dvds like that.

  459. Elliott Back says:

    If you have two DVDs, uh, repeat this process for each DVD–it’s quite simple.

  460. Mosey says:

    Thanks for the explanation, Jason Hofmann :)

  461. theNanek says:

    You haven’t explained the scenario when you have a DVD that comes in two cd’s (CD1, CD2)

    That’s the tip I need

  462. Jason Hofmann says:

    The reason it takes so long is because most people don’t want to take up 4 gigabytes to 8 gigabytes of disk space per disk. If you are OK with that, you can stop after “Step 1: RIP” and play the VOB files with VLC media player (www videolan org). Or better yet, follow “Step 1″ but rip to a single ISO file (instead of IFO mode) and use a progam called DAEMON Tools (www daemon-tools cc) to mount (load) the ISO file. It will show up as a virtual DVD drive and play just as if you inserted the original disk (with all the features, extras, language tracks, subtitles, etc.)!

    The point of the lengthy step (Step 2) is to take a movie that is already compressed by the studios to make it fit on a DVD (4GB to 8GB), and make it smaller (700MB per hour, usually) so it is easier to store and upload.

    So why is “Step 2″ so time consuming? Because the entire movie needs to be uncompressed, frame-by-frame (there are 24 frames per SECOND) and the recompressed using a more aggressive method (i.e. CODEC – CODer/DECoder) such as DiVX or XViD. The studios compress using MPEG2 which takes up much more space. This requires a tremendous amount of math to do. And your CPU is doing all this math. This is why people who do video editing professionally have some of the most expensive computers – they NEED the speed.

    Hope this helps.


    Jason Hofmann

    • Jasper says:

      Help please. i followed the instructions and ripped a 1hour long DVD. then autoG made it into a dvd 1.3gb, when i tried to set it to 175mb. so now its to big, i thought 1hour = 700mb, how do i change that, any help very much appriciated, thanks.

  463. Emma says:

    Nobody seems to have answered the question that has been asked across the board. Why does it take so long?

  464. world pay says:

    Absolutely great! Worked like a charm.

  465. MArish says:

    Great Site! I was looking for this since, since, I don’t know when….

  466. 1001100x02 says:

    Does take a while, but works as promised..Thanks Elliott!

  467. Alex says:

    Whenever I rip a DVD I don’t get the audio, just the video. What am I doing wrong?

  468. SUMMEROFSAM says:

    Great tutorial just one question, when i import the finished avi to windows media maker and then play the avi. The avi is choppy and the length of the avi is shorten, How do i adjust this?

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  470. adfs says:

    Go to Tools -> Settings then click on the IFO Mode tab. Under Files splitting, select “none.”

    • AnOnYmOuS says:

      thanks mate this helped alot cos i had like 4 .vob files also and was sure it wouldn automatically put them into 1 and convert to avi. thanks again

    • ryan` says:

      thank you so much man saved me i couldn’t figure out for the life of me and started scrolling through the forum with not much anticipation so thanks again that is the only thing not wrong but could be changed about this tutorial so good looking

  471. Badboy says:


    I followed your intructions and I now have a Avi file and a MP3 file. why are they split? wot did I do wrong

  472. Pro Ripper says:

    take’s hour’s for me around 13 hrs.

  473. Reece says:

    I want to copy the music off a dvd, but i dont want the picture, this way i can put live shows onto my mp3 player. Is this possible?

  474. Anjan says:

    Great guide!

  475. Hot Sizzle says:

    hey hmm this take a long time but it works i guess

  476. Elderbear says:

    One can set the output size of a DivX file all the way down to about 175 MB for a “1 hour” TV episode. Tweaking the size a little bit will allow an entire season to be burned to a single data DVD that will play nicely on a Philips DVP 642. If you’re not using a HDTV, the quality is lower than a 350 MB file, but still quite acceptable.

  477. Tashap22 says:

    Why can’t I forward or rewind?

  478. stef757 says:

    what if i want to rip a dvd in which the movie comes in liek 5 seperate VOB files, how can i merge them together after i decrypt them???

  479. Sammy says:

    I was able to use the tutorial to create a .avi from a DVD. It worked great on the computer I used to create it, but when I put it on another computer, the latest version of Windows Media Player couldn’t play it. I followed Microsoft Help’s suggestion of changing my Internet Exploer security to “medium,” which allows codecs to be downloaded to my computer. However, it still would not work when I tried to play it. Any suggestions on how to make this file work on other computers? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for your help!

    • Im a helping man says:

      you can try to download Divx thats a program thats allows you to play avi and other file formates in windows media player. this program suport windows media player.

  480. Max says:

    well i guess i hav problem when i’m was going to encode the movie.. it said something about the interlace.log file ,damn

  481. Test says:

    It takes too long (~ 3 hrs) to rip a file! Is there a faster way??

  482. Bob says:

    ^^^no, not possible^^^

    when i have a 4gb file, it splits the .vob into four files, each about 1 gb…in this tutorial it only shows how to do it with one file under 1 gb so how do i go about converting the four 1gb files into one 700mb file?

  483. Bolle says:


    Is it possible to DVD-rip my VHS-tapes with this method?

  484. Kelvo says:

    Cheers, works great.

  485. Steve says:

    Trav, you need a dvd drive in your computer. one that either burns or plays DVDs.

  486. David says:

    Thanks mate…..

    Realy helped alot…

    Cheers to you!

  487. Trav says:

    I tried to use the this and couldn’t access my dvd.
    Do I need a dvd drive in vy computer to do rip dvd’s using this meathod.

  488. anonymous says:

    I was having trouble getting subtitles, too, but I discovered the solution: you have to select the IFO file with the same name as the first VOB file instead of the VOB file as your input file, and then when you go to browse for an output file, it will suggest one for you. This will allow you to get your subitles.

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  490. Mike says:

    Thanks a lot for your ‘how to rip a dvd’ tutorial – after sifting through various guides and software, yours has been by far the simplest and most effective. Thanks!

  491. rootless says:

    I’ve also had problems getting subtitles. The subtitles option in AGK is always “No subtitles”… so it looks like the VOB files don’t contain that info. I’ve tried enabling Stream Processing in the DVD Decryptor, and English subtitles are checked, but still no luck.

    Any suggestions?

  492. Hybrid Coolie2 says:

    hey this is a goos tutroial. how ever i want the avi file to have subtitles in it. could some one give me the details as to how this can be done please?

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  496. Tim says:

    I’m new to this, what codecs do I need and where do I find them?

  497. Thumper says:

    That looks complicated. How about a tutorial for OS X?

  498. […] How timely is this? Elliott Back has written a quick tutorial on How to rip a DVD. […]

  499. guest says:

    Near 3 hours on this 18:13 movie? That seems too much for me…

  500. Brad says:

    There should be something written about how it takes over two hours.

  501. Nice…Thank you!

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  504. Txrat says:

    Looks good.
    I personally use DVD Shrink to “backup” only the movie and 1st english audio track, and then use AutoGK.. it saves a bit of space on the HD during the process…

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