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iPhone Hate; iPhone Love

Posted in Apple,iPhone by Elliott Back on September 20th, 2007.

So I’ve had my iPhone for two days, but I can already tell that it’s a love hate relationship. It’s so well designed that I can’t help but love, but at the same time there are just things that don’t work. I’m not talking about the Apple iPhone Bugs List, just things that don’t work the way I want them to.

Stuff that Sucks

Unlocking your SIM

First you have to Jailbreak the phone, bypassing activation, then you have update the software on the phone from an Apple restore image, and finally you have to flash the modem firmware. It will take you 1-2 hours if you’re technically stupid and have a Mac OSX unlocking guide or a windows unlocking guide. All this, just to get it working on T-mobile or Verizon.

The headphone jack

So now that you have your $399 iPhone you want to plug your $299 Shure or Bose headphones in. Well guess what, you can’t. The iPhone headphone jack is recessed into the case so that only Apple’s super slim plug can fit in. Your only choice is to perform surgery on your electronics, or buy an adapter:

Your iPhone after headphone accessory

A smart aftermarket accessory maker will find a way to produce a plug that makes the top of the iPhone flush with the case.

Only 8 GB of Flash

The iPod Touch has 16Gb for the same price. As flash memory is rapidly falling per GB, next year should see 16GB iPhones, possibly up to the 32Gb mark. Early adopters will have to wait, however, and live with their paltry 1000 songs and a movie.

Battery Life

The iPhone’s battery dimension are 43.6 x 50.5 x 5.4 mm, and it is rated at 3.7 V and 1400mAh. Yet, with everything (Edge, Wifi, Bluetooth) turned on, it might barely last you five hours. So what should you do? I’ve looked around for higher-rated batteries in those dimensions, and been unable to find anything that perfectly fits… yet. Within a year, I predict 2400-3200 mAh batteries will come on the market to double your battery life.

Telephone contacts formatting

I expect when I enter someone’s name into my phone it will display “Back, First”. However, the iPhone is cool and trendy and omits the comma, leaving you with “Last First”. This is much harder to read.

Now playing

When I hit play on a song, please do not stop it, ever. Not when downloading x, y, or z, on a telephone call, in some random context. I want my music to play!

Things to Love

3rd party apps

Sure, it’s a pain, but once you do unlock and jailbreak your phone you can easily install some pretty cool apps, including a decently accurate faux GPS app from Navizon which triangulates your position from known cell phone towers and then pins you to Google maps:

Your apps know where you are!


I am really liking the built-in 2MP digital camera and great touch-interface for it that covers the entire display. It blows away every cellphone camera I’ve ever seen, although I know there are some Asian cellphone cams that top even it. It’s nice to see an American manufacturer paying some attention to the cellphone camera.


This is controversial, but coverflow is one of those “I’m better than you features” that you can show off to collective “oooh” and “aaah”. It’s totally useless, but so cool, which counts for a lot.

Visual music browsing


I just said the battery sucks, but if you do turn off wifi and bluetooth, it tends to last longer than my old iPod. I haven’t been able to drain during my commute to work, at work, and then back home.

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8 Responses to “iPhone Hate; iPhone Love”

  1. By Passing the activation code has been a very tight head ache
    I have been very depressed by the work

    Now where will i insert the headphone jack

  2. Shane says:

    As always, I agree with Marina. :)

    I love my 3G. The battery is not great, but compared to my last 3G phone (blackjack) the iphone is actually much better.

    I turn off 3G when I don’t need it so the battery lasts longer. When I’m going to watch Hot For Words on You Tube, then I turn on the 3G.

    Also, I turned off Push. I just have it check for emails every 30 minutes, which is fast enough for me.

    I also turned off location based services from being on all the time. That saves battery too. So I just toggle it on when I need to use the GPS or something. WiFi can drain the battery too, just as with all phones.

    But when I just turn the things on and off as I use them, the battery easily lasts me a full day now.

    And as a last resort, Kensington makes a really cool battery pack that you can plug into the iphone to give you enough juice for an extra 3 hours of talk time, or 5 hours of internet surfing, and it charges back up the main bettery while it does so. It costs about $40 and it’s pretty small. I take it with me if I will be away from a charger for a long time. I love it!

  3. julle says:

    They’re freaking expensive, cheapest is 800 euro’s over here in the netherlands…. that’s like 1280 dollars for 150 minutes/text messages a month for 2 years…..

  4. HotForWords says:

    I LOVE my new 3G.. EXCEPT for one thing… my battery dies after about half the day! This is even after turning off my push stuff… I think next I will have to turn of the 3G.

    I DO use it all the time to check my youtube videos though and at high-speed it’s awesome! Hopefully the next update turns off all internet stuff unless I take my phone out of sleep mode. I’m thinking the push doesn’t need to work unless you push the front button.. as there is no indicator light for new emails anyway.

    What do you guys think?

    Your trusty philologist

  5. Costas Chara says:

    Verizon? Verizon is not a GSM company I believe.

  6. […] I just said the battery sucks, but if you do turn off wifi and bluetooth, it tends to last longer than my old iPod. … apple iphone, bose headphones, t mobile, headphone jack, iphones, aftermarket accessory, mah batteries, guess, verizon, battery life, modem firmware, gb, love, m…The iPhone headphone jack is recessed into the case so that only Apples super slim plug can fit in. … Yet, with everything (Edge, Wifi, Bluetooth) turned on, it might barely last you five hours. So what should you do?… source: iPhone Hate; iPhone Love, Elliott C. Back […]

  7. Sia says:

    I am very tempted to buy one they look gorgeous! But seeing that I just bought a brand new htc (which I love) and I have had now for a little while my video Ipod (which I also love), well lets just say it won’t be happening any time soon. They both serve me tremendously well. Ipod at the gym no cell allowed… and when I’m on the go it’s just the htc cell phone which has everything I need. So who knows,maybe (more than likely) the next iphone generation will be for me.

  8. Will says:

    How is the headphone jack adapter? I might end up getting it because I don’t want to blast my ears out on the bus by using the standard headphones.

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