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iPhone “No Wifi” Greyed Out Problem

Posted in Apple,Errors,iPhone by Elliott Back on November 8th, 2008.

Are you an iPhone 3G user with a “No Wiki” greyed out on your settings? Do you see this when you access your phone’s settings?

For me, I’ve only seen it once. I have a first-generation iPhone. The solution and fix for this problem was simply to do a soft reset by holding down the top power button and the home button until it restarted, at which point the wifi was working again. As another point of reference, I use FIOS and have the ActionTec router they supply.

You should also check out iPhone WiFi Problems (aka greyed-out “No WiFi”) from earlier this year, where he indicates that for him, it was a hardware failure:

I have to say, after hours of working through all the things other people have tried, I am finally at the same place – I am pretty convinced that my colleague’s iPhone at least, is also a solid hardware failure.

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140 Responses to “iPhone “No Wifi” Greyed Out Problem”

  1. Rodney says:

    I am having probs with my Iphone 4s the wi fi is grey and cant get on was told to put in freezer for a while but let bat go dead do U suggest this my warentee is done

  2. Kemesh says:

    My wifi option is not listed on the settings..i checked the mac from device info it has got mac address .. can anyone give me the solution

  3. NS22222 says:

    putting my phone in the freezer for 10 mins and the reseting network settings worked for me :) thank you to everyone that helped :)

  4. Ian Mercado says:

    You guys may think this is funny on a 4 year old thread, but my solution was to remove the phone from its plastic protective case. All the resetting in the world would not help, but removing the phone from the plastic case suddenly allowed it to connect to my wi-fi network. Guess the signal strength is getting weak for whatever reason.

  5. Taylor says:

    so i have pretty much the same problem, but i got this cause i am on holidays abroad, and so my iphone has grayed out the wifi and i would really like to connect it! none of these solutions are working for me ^ mine really isnt a hardware issue as i only get this when i am abroad :/ any solutions?

  6. Matthew says:

    Allowing the battery to discharge and leaving powered off overnight worked for me. Tried this twice before wi-fi un-greyed in the menu.

  7. Anton says:

    I honestly think were screwed…, i tryed something to my itouch, i put it in the freezer for 5-10 minuets and the wifi started to work, but hours later it didnt work again, i put it back in the freezer but it didnt work again….yup..were screwed

  8. Sue says:

    Iphone Wifi Greyed out. Tried everything even master reset. Turned of 3G and then did soft reset and OMG, there it was, after 4 weeks of not having it, 10 soft resets and a master!

    • Mick says:

      Thanks Sue!! That worked the first time. 3G off then soft reset. All good!

    • happy as larry says:

      Holy Cow Sue you are my saviour!!
      I had tried everything (or at least so I thought) and nothing worked.
      I have been without Wi-fi for like two months now and had pretty much given up.
      But you came along and saved my phone.
      And the best thing is it was so bloody easy!!
      Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

    • Darren says:

      i’m on 4.2.1 i soft reset and it still didn’t work:(

    • Omar says:

      This didn’t work for me. I’m on a 3GS with 4.3.3

    • karen says:

      Hi, what do u mean by master reset and soft reset?
      I’m having a wifi grey out problem and it’s really annoying.

  9. Mark says:

    Finally sorted I THINK
    1st problem today, black screen, tried reset as advised but didn’t work just returned with exactly the same so plugged into mac it synced then display came back.
    Next problem No Wifi (greyed out), did a soft reset and my wifi was showing again, so everything’s ok again. FOR THE MOMENT and UNTIL NEXT TIME.

    • beachdrug says:

      Wow, being a born skeptic about most things and agnostic about others, I was really surprised that my greyed out no Wifi Iphone actually came to life after 15 minutes in the deep freeze. Maybe the little miniature monkeys inside lost their brass family jewels ‘:-Q

  10. Johanna says:


  11. Andy says:

    I dropped mine in water. Fixed everything except wifi by using hairdryer and leaving in bag of rice. Had wi-fi issues, it was greyed out. Did reset network settings, it didn’t work, did it again, it didn’t work, did it again, IT WORKED!! So 3rd time lucky! So worth trying 10 times at least I reckon, probably needs to be fully dried as well.

    • Trenton says:

      Mine too.My wifi still dont work.

      • donna says:

        i have the same problem have a 3gs and dropped in water only had the thing a week lol x its fully working but have no signal 3g or wifi so can’t make a call or message from it etc. also think i damaged battery as it only powers on with mains charger connected. any ideas appreciated x

  12. imike says:

    hi there, has anyone found a way to solve this NO-WIFI probs? i have tried almost every other step but no luck. Pls help

  13. Miguel says:


    I have installed sysctl calls

    maybe that was my problem!!!

    if i use mobileterminal and use the commands:

    sysctl -w security.mac.proc_enforce=1
    sysctl -w security.mac.vnode_enforce=1
    sysctl -w net.inet.ip.forwarding=0

    The Wifi Button works!!!!!


    • JJ says:

      how did u install sysctl calls?

    • flavio says:

      thank you ! wifi worked again when i moved sysctl_calls.sh to /var

      #cd /etc
      #mv sysctl_calls.sh /var/mobile

      now i can start it manuale


      thanks !!!

  14. marriel says:

    What if the no wifi issue is caused by water damage? (mine fell in the pool) What should I do?

  15. Jennifer says:

    This happened to me. All i did was connect my Ipod to my computer, then go onto the WiFi part that had gone from the grey ‘No Wifi’ To ‘Not Connected’ and waited a short while. Then the internets came up and I picked my one. Sorry if this doesn’t work, it’s just a suggestion because i did it and it worked :)

  16. AGENL says:

    I guess there is no solution for this problem

  17. pappu says:

    yesterday i buy a iphone 4.but i dint have any wifi option as the same the picture shown up side.i was re-install ios 4.2 and also network setting.but alawyes no wifi.pls some body advice me what i have to do.thanx

  18. GhostChild says:

    no wifi, i put iphone in freezer for 5 mins and work again, WTF

  19. mohd nazreen says:

    i have a problem too.. My iphone 2g no wi-fi.. It”s greyn out too.. what i should i do? the version is 3.1.3 and the modem firmware is 04.05.04_G.. differrnt from above mentioned from other guys.. Please advise..

  20. ahoy_2 says:

    the soft reset mentioned above worked for me too! thanks everyone!

  21. dylan says:

    my iphone wifi doesnt work!!!! i have tried everything from resetting the network,updating the software,new simcard… can someone tell me wht i can do my last thing i want to do is take it to APPLE and if i have to can someone give me the address… and can someone tell me wht to do!!!!1

    • Mpu gandrink says:

      Just using ziphone 3.0 to fix your wifi problem

      I’ve try and worked perfectly…

      Just try guys

      • Andy says:

        Ok ziphone 3.0 but what os should be installed on Iphone? What steps to do with this software?

        thanks for your help

  22. Mike says:

    Is it possible to have a solder connection problem for the WiFi, yet have the Bluetooth work, perfectly, or is this an indication of a different problem?

  23. Eileen says:

    Have the same problem. Apple store said yesterday that it was a hardware problem. From reading a lot of posts about this, it appears to me the problem is that the hardware is overheating. I recalled that when I upgraded to the 4.0 OS that my wifi came back for about 2 weeks. I thought the software upgrade fixed it. But now that it went off again, it occured to me that the other thing that happened was my phone was turned off for several hours. I never turn my phone off for several hours, so today I tried it, and my wifi came back. I’m sure it’s temporary, but if it just requires overnight shut-down, I can deal with that better than I can deal with buying a new phone.

  24. shahzad says:

    i have iphone 2g ,it how a nowifi problem ,i do this trict but problem did not solve.

  25. truman says:

    mine did the same thing when i dropped it everything worked except that the wifi sais “no Wi-fi” and i tried to soft reset by pressing thoes two buttons butt it still doesnt work. help please…

  26. Elario Simon says:

    I got the grey wifi screen to come out by nolding home key and the reset button at the same time to the top but u need to keep holding it till the screen blanks out and you see an apple show up then release the buttons the grey wifi came off on my fouth try but now no netwlrks are showing up and I can’tnot join networks but I think the main prob is the os 4.0. I suggest downgrading to3.1.2 or upgrading to the latest version ill let u know when im done. Any suggestions as to why i cant connect seeing that my wifi is activatedall it does is keep loading.

  27. Brittany says:

    Mine is doing the same thing, this freaking sucks. I forgot my password to reset my facctorys settings and it won’t reset either! It wasn’t doing this until I updated to 4.0 and the battery is worse than ever! It dies like 3 times a day and if I go to bed with it having a full charge, it dies in the middle of the night… I need help! I use my wifi every day/night

  28. mike says:

    it showed da same thing to mine.. i opened safari and it showed me the available networks and it turned it on by itself

  29. NAz says:

    I have the exact same problem. I dropped my ipod in the water a few days ago, after dryin it in the rice pot, its fully working except the wifi which is greyed out. Whats the solution to this?
    I tried restoring and its not working

  30. Masoud/Afghan says:

    Hi, I got the same problem please somebody help.

  31. TheCurve says:

    Just do that soft rest like the person said. and it fixes everything

  32. shattaz says:

    everyone who is having a wifi problem its the midboard problem it has to be replace the motherboard has fried the wifi cables and has to be replaced because it was on extremely long.

  33. MasterG says:

    Go into Settings — General — Reset —

    Reset Network Settings

  34. Ajeesh says:

    I am going to through my iphone 3g, its bullshit

  35. alex says:

    mine has greyed out on wifi and ive earased everything and all that comes up is a blackscreen showing itunes and the ipod charger and yet it still wont work please help me :( x

  36. donald says:

    hi ok i dropped my ipod touch 2gen in the toilet a couple months ago it was only in there for about four seconds the wifi has been grayed out since is there anything i can do at all to fix it anything will help

    • amber says:

      hay did you get your thing fix i have has the sam eperance and mine is grayed out… how did you fix it?

      • anna says:

        the same thing happened to me… everything works except for the wifi. it is grayed out, and it wont let me click on it. i’ve tryed refreshing it by holding the home and lock button… but nothing works.

        • vic says:

          same happened to me need to repair!!!!
          im in despair!!!!!!!!

          • Abe97 says:

            OMG same bull with me, is there anything we can do. some one please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! theres no video tutorial or anything on this problem.

  37. Buck says:

    My wifi has been greyed out for the past few mounths, this is my 3rd phone for the same problem, WTF…. Is there any way to fix this????

  38. eddy.NY.718 says:

    yo my wifi been greyed out for about a week now i tried to reset network setting and all settings still dont work . I restored it and still dont work.
    what going ppl HELP needed!!!!!!!

  39. atarax1k says:

    Every time I look this up, I find out it has something to dow ith the baseband being corrupted. Not saying that it’s not a hardware failure, but it’s most likely a corruption of the firmware. I’m yet to figure out how to fix it as all the information is for older devices…

  40. DarkHelmet says:

    My wifi was fine until updating to iOS4, have reset it, restored it to factory, soft reset still no luck!

  41. Eva says:

    ok… reseting it didnt work. I have tryed EVERYTHING!! HELP

  42. Stephanie says:

    I have an iPhone 3G and has the same problem that has been posted above, I have tried the soft reset as well as re setting the network settings and nither worked. I also checked for water damage and there is none. Any other suggestions???

  43. Goomba141 says:

    Great post….you wrote “Are you an iPhone 3G user with a ‘No Wiki’ greyed out on your settings?” I think it’s “no wifi” but it doesn’t matter. :)

  44. supaafly says:

    I had tryed everything my itouch is done no wifi is bad for me. To help other out, there’s no help. The main board had fried the wifi. So the maine board would have to be replace sucks.

  45. billy stodolski says:

    this is making my life suck

  46. StoneHead says:

    Dude you are a god…Thanks for the info…Worked a treat…

  47. Michael says:

    go to setting, General, all the way down to Reset, than reset network settings

  48. Tina says:

    When i go to hit wifi, the wifi button is greyed out. What should i do? ive tried restarting but it didnt help what so ever.

  49. Glenn says:

    i have a problem just searching for wifi. Can somebody help me??

  50. faceless says:

    Well I have the same problem as everyone and well looking for a way to fix it. and i think its due to water damage cause thats how it haved to me to chech if it is water damage look under the headphone jack and if it pink inside then it is water.

    • ruthie says:

      yeap mine is like that also.. though how do i get the water out. and is it permanently damaged

  51. mohamed says:

    so I there new solution in this issue

  52. Ian says:

    my ipod(1st gen 8gb) stopped workin an =d i had to reset it. after i did this problem happened to me. i tried reseting all settings and network settings and it didnt work. have yet to soft reset r fully reset yet

  53. Shubham Agrawal says:

    man dis really works……u r gr8….dis is awesome…..thanks……

  54. John says:

    I went jogging yesterday and my ipod touch (first gen) was touching my skin, I think my loss of wifi problem happened due to it heating up or water from sweat, but I think it was more likely the heat. I tried the freezing technique but it didn’t work for me. I would expect taking it to Apple for servicing would cost as much as purchasing a new ipod.

  55. ChaunieBella says:

    So i have a 3rd gen Ipod touch, same problem with me, ive tried reseting it while plugged into the computer and just in the settings and nothing works, and everytime i try to do the soft restart thing it just takes a screenshot, im not sure if im doing it right, any suggestions?

  56. Shane says:

    no restore needed..just turn on and off (i have a 2g iPhone running on t-mobile)

  57. Mediumjones says:

    Greyed out WiFi on my 1st Gen iPhone for about 1 month now. Soft Reset, Factory Restored, Jailbroke, tried all of the above to no avail. Even tried freezing it overnight inside 3 freezer bags. Booted up in the AM just fine but still greyed WiFi.

    Definitely broken hardware.

  58. cesar says:

    please post let all know if it works for you

  59. cesar says:

    i dont know how or why but after trying everything to fix my grayed out wifi i came across someone that said they fix it by putting it in the freezer for about 10 min it worked for me!!! make sure you put in ziplock with tissue for condensation spread the word!! try before you do what i did update iphone to latest unlockable software (which did not fix problem) try before all else!! i also rest, resored, network, master, you name it i did it so try first

  60. Diane says:

    i tried soft rest, resetting and erasing all data and settings, restoring as new phone, restoring from backup and NONE OF IT WORKS.

    The last time i used wifi was at an airport
    could someone hacked into the phone?
    apple support were not any help only saying they would charge to fix it

    is it an apple problem?
    my first Iphone was a lemon and now i have a 2nd iphone that plays up but is out of warranty
    can anyone please suggest a fix that actually helps

  61. vang says:

    go to setting and reset the network then reboot your iphone and it work that is how i did it…

  62. Spironic says:

    Thanks a lot for the original post! I tried a respring on my JB iPod touch, but that didn’t do the trick and for whatever reason I never tried doing an actual reboot.

    Reboot worked! :D

  63. IC says:

    Same prob.. Greyed wifi on a 8gb 3G with no hope of recovery.. The genius bar let me know I could get a replacement for the price of a new Iphone. Genius! They get to refurbish my old iphone and sale me a new iphone at the same time.. Pure Genius.

  64. MH says:

    And… has anyone else actually had confirmation that this has resulted from a hardware issue???

    As many have mentioned, there was not change physically to the phone when it started happening. It literally happened in front of my eyes while I was holding the phone.


  65. MH says:

    Same problem… tried everything except freezing it. Never jail broken my phone. No water as far as I know… just started happening!

  66. Giorgos says:

    suggest to turn it back?

  67. Giorgos says:

    call from Greece. I have the same problem…please help

  68. SHALASHASKA says:

    I have a question. My wifi greyed out like 2 months ago..I used to reset network settings and it occasionally worked. it all started when my iphone got jailbroken… now though..it has stopped responding to resetting network settings and its still greyed out…but my bluetooth is working fine…i noticed that my bluetooth and wifi have the same address…so my question is…do they belong to the same hardware?? and if so…how can i rewrite the wifi address??

  69. james says:

    high i just got a ipod touch and im tired of ******** around can somon tell me how much one of these new wi fi chips are

  70. DrDax says:

    I don’t know about hte rest of you, but there are 4 water sensors in the iphone. So they know if you’ve got water in it!
    So be careful when freezing it!

  71. DrDax says:

    I’m on my third 3G replacement due to dead wifi chip. This happened twice when jailbraking with blackrain.
    Advice: turn off wifi before doing anything to phone with 3.1x
    Apple are seeing lots of dead wifi phones so the engineer said

  72. m toney says:

    the freezing method worked for me but it only lasted for about half hour and went “gray” again. could be a hardware overheating problem.

  73. Mark in Edinburgh says:

    I had the same problem. After trying all the tips I had found on the net I decided to take it to the Apple store in Glasgow. The guy at the genius bar said the problem is being caused by a burnt out wifi chip and promptly gave me the choice of a repair or a new phone.

  74. din says:

    what is exactly causing this greyed out “no wifi” thing??? i had some research and these are what i found out:
    1. some says it’s because of water damage, maybe water spills
    2. because of the new version of ipod: 3.1.2. one said that after they updated their ipod, 2-3 weeks later then this prob occured
    3. because of jailbroken ipod. some says this might cause the prob.

    WHICH OF THESE THINGS CAUSES this problem? can someone tell me..please

  75. raje says:

    did u switch the iphone off before u put it in the freezer? i have the same problem :( please help

  76. HT says:

    Try restoring network over and over , this will solve the problem..

  77. Yay2010 says:

    If you can try to literally freeze your phone/iPod my wifi was grayed out for a few weeks now and I remembered seeing something about freezing it. And I am in illinois and right now it is like zero degrees without the windchill but yeah I put it outside while I smoked for like not even a minute or two and now it works! No lie. I didn’t believe it either. It’s worth a shot and good luck

  78. Liz says:

    This solved the problem after a long time trying to figure it out!!!!!

    Many Thanks :)

  79. florence says:

    Me too. having the same prob. tried restart and reset network. what can I do? need to send back the phone?

  80. zap says:

    help, grey no wifi issue after upgrade to 3.12 from 2.21, tried restore already, it cant help…

  81. manny says:


  82. tad says:

    just last night my ipod touch 1st gen had the grey no wifi. i tried doing a network reset and soft reset and it didnt work.

    this morning i plugged it in my computer, unplugged it and then tried soft reset again (home buttom + top button) and i checked the wifi


    i fell in love with this ipod when i first got it, and just waking up after the problem and checking online to see that many others had this problem, i started to feel a little discontent about this product.

    well it works again, love pretty fickle

  83. Yannick says:

    I jailbreaked my 3g 3.1.2. and after jb wifi greyed out.
    Now i just tried soft reset and – i couldnt believe it – it worked.
    Thx bye 

    • Amit says:

      Could you please help me .. I am facing the same issue just unlocked and jail broke 3g .. 3.1.2 firmware …

  84. Jean Paul says:

    still didnt fixed the problem please HELP ME !!! grey No Wi-FI

    • Jay says:

      how’s your iPhone?still got problem with your WiFi?i used to have the same problem,the option is greyed out with “No Wi-Fi”. I tried shutting down, reset, restoring the whole iPhone, etc. to no avail.but it’s ok now since last night.i almost lost hope.the last thing that i tried is to put my iPhone in the freezer for 10mins.cover it first with table napkin and put it in a ziplock.it works for my iPhone.if you run out of options,better try it.

  85. maher says:

    yes I have the same problem


  86. matty says:

    does soft touch reset delete files, contacts?

  87. Angie says:

    I tried the “soft reset” by pressing the home and power buttons at the same time, but the iPhone just tries to power off. Is there another way to reset it?

    • Chris says:

      Hold down the two buttons until you see the Apple logo, ignore all other things you see or don’t see on the screen, i.e. the slide to turn off or the blank screen.

  88. Rick says:

    I have the same problem with it grayed out, it happened right after I upgraded the software. None of the solutions above work. I don’t know how it could be that the wifi adapter in the phone is broken if one minute it worked and the next minute after the software update it did not.

  89. sabu says:


    I have the same issue. I have bought a iPhone 3g from UAE open market which is officially unlocked by apple. I have the same issue of wifi grayed out > no wifi issue. When i bought the iPhone 3g, it come with 3.0 os and later it is upgraded to 3.1 b3 and got the issue with wifi.

    I have followed steps which are listed in resolution (all the three).
    Then i have downgraded the same back to 3.0.1 (after gr8 effort). But still i get the same issue. Could anyone suggest any steps which can help me ? could any one guide me, if this HW issue or software issue ? Any help in this regard would be highly appreciated.

  90. Curtis says:

    I am already on my 2nd iPhone 3G. First one just kept searching for Wi-Fi and would never find. Now my 2nd iPhone has this issue with grayed out “No Wi-Fi”. Tried reseting network settings, reset all settings and erasing all content and settings and still grayed out. Looks like I am making a trip to the Genius Bar again for my 3rd phone. Maybe I will get lucky by complaining and get a 3GS. That would be cool.

  91. edgar says:

    if all of apple steps do not work wifi chip is broken..

  92. Nonnie says:

    Got to Step three. Wiped it clean but now when I turn it on, even with a soft reset, I only get the pineapple. Can’t get to “Settings” or anything else.

  93. anonymous me says:

    just tried didnt work :(

  94. anonymous me says:

    does soft reset delete your music apps or are they still on?

    • Sin says:

      so my iphone 1st gen was automatically updated by itunes which was my fault cuz i 4got to cancel it and didnt realize it went through =/ had a long day at work…

      so i initially lost phone service and had my wifi…so after about 5days of no service…i restored the phone like 3 times until it finally brought up my phone service..(btw it was jailbroken/unlocked) then all of a sudden i lost my wifi..

      my initial reaction why can’t i have both! well soo I’ve been having this problem now of no wifi..i just restored my phone again this morning..i’ve tried everything except freezing it!

      what can i do?! my wifi is really important when i’m in school! its my only way of getting emails to and from my professors during the day =[


  95. Jeff says:

    I had the same problem and the wi-fi just came back when I got home, to my home network. It didn't recognize any network that WASN'T my home network, however.

    This is a software issue.

  96. Del says:

    Unable to use Wi-Fi with iPhone or iPod touch because there's no Wi-Fi address listed for the device

    * Last Modified: July 10, 2008
    * Article: TS1559

    * Old Article: 306067


    * iPhone or iPod touch appear to be connected to a Wi-Fi network but cannot use Wi-Fi for checking email, surfing the Internet, or other data transactions.

    * On the device, when you tap Settings > Wi-Fi and then tap next to the network, no values or entries for IP Address, Subnet Mask, Router, or DNS appear.

    * The device shows no Wi-Fi address (Tap Settings > General > About and scroll down to Wi-Fi Address).

    This can happen if, during the initial setup of the iPhone or iPod touch, no Wi-Fi address was registered. So while the device can attach to different Wi-Fi networks, it will not be able to retrieve an IP address because the Wi-Fi router doesn't see a Wi-Fi address from the device.
    Products Affected

    iPhone, iPod touch

    First, sync your iPhone or iPod touch to iTunes in order to backup your user info, Contacts, Calendar, and other data. Then, try the following steps in order.
    Step One

    On the device, tap Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Check to see if the device now displays the Wi-Fi address (tap Settings > General > About and scroll down to Wi-Fi Address). If there is a Wi-Fi Address, then you're done with these steps and can resync your settings and your media using iTunes.

    If there's still no Wi-Fi Address, then continue to Step Two.
    Step Two

    On the device, tap Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. Check to see if the device now displays the Wi-Fi address (tap Settings > General > About and scroll down to Wi-Fi Address). If there is a Wi-Fi Address, then you're done with these steps and can resync your settings and your media using iTunes.

    If there's still no Wi-Fi Address, then continue to Step Three.
    Step Three

    1. Restore the iPhone or iPod touch software (this erases all data on the device) using iTunes (see article 305744 for additional assistance).
    2. After the restore is complete, sync your previous settings (mail settings, text messages, notes, call history, contact favorites, etc.).
    3. Now verify if your device shows a Wi-Fi address (tap Settings > General > About and scroll down to Wi-Fi Address).

    If there is a Wi-Fi address, then you're done with these steps. If there is no Wi-Fi address, then continue to Step Four.
    Step Four

    If there is no Wi-Fi address listed after doing the above steps, then your iPhone or iPod touch may need to be repaired. See the iPhone Service FAQ or iPod Service FAQ for additional service information.

    Note: If the device shows an address in the Wi-Fi Address field and you are still having issues using Wi-Fi, refer to article 305715 for additional Wi-Fi troubleshooting tips.


    • Mac says:

      Thank you for FINALLY giving a solution to the problem and a very good step-by-step.


    • Rahul Prajapati says:

      Thanks Buddy. Step#1 worked for me, I have a Unlocked 3GS, 3.1.2 OS, 5.11.07 BaseBand.

      My phone switched off due to low battery, and after I reboot it using Blackra1n – the wi-fi was not available.

      I ran the first step and it worked fine for me.

    • Robert says:

      thanks! big help!

  97. adam says:

    soft reset worked on my 3g iphone v2.2

  98. tcj says:

    Grayed-out wifi here too, just happened this morning after an intensive day sending off photos of our just-born baby daughter. Now I can hardly connect to the network in places like buildings (say, a hospital!) but outside it picks up the signal. Very weird. When I get a free moment in the next few days, I'll be headed to the Apple store to see if I can get an exchange . . .

    (For the record, I also have the new Google app and just played with it for the first time some time last week, but don't see how that could have done this.)

  99. Tom says:

    Grayed-out wifi here too, just happened this morning after an intensive day sending off photos of our just-born baby daughter. Now I can hardly connect to the network in places like buildings (say, a hospital!) but outside it picks up the signal. Very weird. When I get a free moment in the next few days, I'll be headed to the Apple store to see if I can get an exchange . . .

    (For the record, I also have the new Google app and just played with it for the first time some time last week, but don't see how that could have done this.)

  100. Pete says:

    Have had my iphone since day one – shortly after d/l'ing new google app, I started having connection issues on all my radios (Edge, Cell, Wifi, BT) – then, after doing 2.2 update, lost EVERYTHING! Have had to restore the phone several times to get a cell signal, and the Wifi is still greyed out no matter what I do!

    There is only one recent article on Apple's site about this, “Restore Needed” and it is dated only a couple days ago. This is, indeed, something brand new and I think it is a failure caused by software – that perhaps something in the update is bricking phones!

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