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Saddam Hussein’s Execution: Hanging Video

Posted in News,Politics,Video by Elliott Back on January 3rd, 2007.

This video shows the execution of Saddam Hussein, convicted to death by hanging for his crimes against humanity. It doesn’t appear to be particularly graphic; the only clear parts show Saddam being placed on the gallows, yet the content may be unsafe for work or children:

SaddamHusseinExecutionVideoLive –

The video was filmed by members of the guards who had smuggled in cell-phone cameras. Prosecutor Munkith al-Faroon threatened to stop the execution when observers began jeering, but did not, a PR mistake in hindsight.

Update: Apparently Saddam’s hanging has sparked a series of copycat suicides. I find it strange that children would copy anything they see on the internet; this is sad indeed that the death of a murderous dictator can affect the innocent.

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20 Responses to “Saddam Hussein’s Execution: Hanging Video”

  1. muhammad nura says:

    the hanging is not proper is only god can judged this case, also now sadam was death iraq they still on presure from american. but let me tell u god will multiful islam than any false religion in this earth. i pray to god almight to honour sadam with paradise, Amin

  2. Tom says:

    Is it just me, or is there nothing I will not masturbate to on the internet anymore?

  3. Chris.: says:

    They should have cut out his eyes, the f(,,,,,..)king ideot!!

  4. Chris.: says:

    They Should Have tortured him for the ammount of innocent people he had killed!

    • Russell says:

      true that like the medevial times were they stretched people with horses but insted with
      M1 ABRAMS tanks. then cut off his fingers and toes burn him and then hang him. but with all honesty they should of burned him alive

  5. dontworryaboutmyname says:

    i dont think that he needed to be hanged, they did him a favor, he should of had gone to prison for life. also i was reading some of the responses, lonedogs, you said that saddam was responsible for 9/11, no way it was osama, but since the US government couldnt find him they had to go with the next best thing, saddam. why? i think it was more because Bush wanted to finish what his daddy couldnt back in the late 80s and early 90s. also the gov. had to bring someone to an execution to maintain peace here in the country and not reveal what a failure the WAR ON TERROR was. wasnt the war on terror targeted towards al qaida, HOW IS SADDAM INVOLVED WITH AL QAIDA??? where is osama???
    I know that saddam was a very bad man, but he got executed the same way he executed his victims, so what does that make the iraqi government??? So now that saddam is dead, the iraqi gov. is working, why is bush sending in more troops. because its an INVASION. also i agree with hellonearth. GOOD GAME AMERICA. but it also may not be over just yet for the US.

  6. hellonearth says:

    What a joke.
    He is most likely dead, not for what he’s "done". Remember, before the first gulf war the US stated that it would stay out of Arab affairs, then we invaded Iraq, in the name of freeing a little nothing country that was slant drilling into Iraq’s oil fields. This time Iraq and Saddam had nothing to do with 911, but they did switch from accepting the US dollar to the Euro for their oil. Which decrease the value of the American dollar, other countries were and are still going to switch, i.e. Iran. Now we are getting to go to war with them. what will be the reason for invading the countries.

    In the end this is all about protecting Americas own ***, well money and status. Thats it, fake terrorism, made up theats, it’s all ****. If we are safe now that Saddam is gone and Binladin is on the run, ask why must we have a national ID card by June 2008, and if we don’t why will we be arrested. The American government is hunting terrorist, me and you.

    If you think free, live free, and ask questions about 911, and a number of strange going ons, you are a terrorist. If you ask the questions, they don’t send a tank into your house, but they use normal everyday citizens. "your not a real american", is most likely what you will hear.

    I am tired of it, since when was it that to "be" an "american" meant that you must agree with every other ******* and ******, whoes idea of "livin’" is going to work, coming home, getting fat, never reading, believing anything they see and hear the government do, and watchin’ football.

    America is dead, game over, we are seeing the final and last gasp of the american empire. farewell.

  7. ginger snaps says:

    You guys are all fucken stupid! of course this video is real they wouldnt have put it out on the news if it wasnt and where else would he be huh? our goverment wouldnt of let him go. and if you think he should of had more pain your stupid too cause getting hunged would kill you and nothing hurts mnore then death you stupid frucken nasty *** aids infested ingrown **** hairs herpies up your asses go to hell

  8. Robbierr says:

    Sadam is a little ***** should suffer more during the .

  9. We got Sadam And we WILL get you too Bin Laden, You You will suffer if you arent already you stupid piece of !!!!!!!!!

  10. lonedog says:

    They should have made him SUFFER more for what he did to his own people and for 9/11 he was a no-good worthless piece of ****!!!!!! I hope he rots in HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. SamPatel says:

    A new new video was released today – pretty gory.


  12. Jack Loomi says:

    That war was made under false statements and had no reason to start.It was an invasion of Iraq pure and simple! No WMD, Saddam was not a danger for anybody. He did not have any kind of weapon to put any country in danger.Saddam had nothing to do with the WTC.
    Never forget that Saddam was a very good allied of the US during the war against Iran.
    Why he killed the Kurd? Because the Kurds were against Saddam and tried to kill him and take Saddam ‘s government. If something like that would happen in the US ..I will be curious to see the reaction of the Government.
    We had a good exemple with president Kennedy. Where are are the witnesses?
    The Iraqi court was not legal!
    The trial was not legal!
    Saddam did not have the attorneys he asked!
    The execution was disgusting! The world is not civilize yet!
    So, why we killed him? Because he executed the people who tried to kill him.
    So, what now? Do you have any idea how to stop the bloodshed.
    Saddam needed to be judged in Den Hag. Period.
    What I saw on video was a pure cold blood murder similar to a Sicilian vendeta !
    Nothing to be proud of !

  13. simo says:

    This video is real, and was taken by a phone camera, and I did not like the way he was executed and the sentenses that were told to him be4 that, I am not with death penalty, and I was looking for a life time jail.

  14. Andrea says:

    Yeah I also think that the video if fake I really dont think he’s dead I think he’s still alive

  15. Cibbuano says:

    Years ago, those Faces of Death videos were ultra-popular, now there’s no need – we’ve got YouTube

  16. Elliott Back says:

    If this video didn’t exist, we’d be sure he’s dead. Now, with the video, you’ll see all kinds of conspiracy theory and debunking begin to flower.

  17. Rob says:

    Is it just me or does anyone else thing that this video is a fake?

    Surely, even a camera phone operator filming would manage to capture the moment the noose was put over Saddam’s head.

    How can we be sure of the authenticity? It could be one of Saddam’s stand-ins.

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