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Why Sarah Palin Sucks for VP

Posted in Politics,President,Religion,Science by Elliott Back on September 7th, 2008.

Sarah Palin, after winning John McCain’s VP nomination, has been in the news a lot these days. Photoshopped and real pictures showing her in her beauty pageant glory days have been flooding the web, while incriminating Youtube videos exploit her poor camera performance and public speaking ability. Everywhere I look, no one can take her as a serious contender for the Vice Presidency.

But that’s not why I think Sarah Palin sucks. I don’t care about her looks, her messy personal life, or her pregnant teenage daughter. I care about what she’s done, and what she’s willing to do, in office.

Sarah Palin: Eminent Domain

Sarah Palin, while mayor of Wasilla (1996-2002), decided to build a $15M multi-use sports facility as her legacy. However, when the city failed to close the $125k deal on the land where she wanted it built with the Alaska Nature Conservancy, they went ahead and began to build anyway. On someone else’s land. Sara Palin then invoked Eminent Domain law to sue the developer who held title to the land, Gary Lundgren, who eventually won the court case, and settled with the city to the tune of an additional $1.7M.

Sarah Palin sucks because she is willing to try to steal private property from its rightful owners for her own good.

Sarah Palin: Book Bans

According to Time, Sarah Palin, “asked the library how she could go about banning books” because some of her constituents believed they used “inappropriate” language. Sarah Palin also threatened to fire the librarian, Mary Ellen Baker, for not giving “full support” to the mayor.

Update: the following list of books Sarah Palin wanted banned, courtesy of Liveleak, looks similar to every other list I’ve seen of books the Christian right has wanted banned.

Update 2: The above list is a complete fabrication, a copy-paste job of an older list of books banned over time. Some fact checking shows that books late in the Harry Potter series are on the list, which came out after Sarah Palin’s inquiries into book-banning. The truth of the book-banning incident is apparently a rhetorical inquiry into how the librarians would react were she to issue the order… still scary…

Sarah Palin sucks because she is willing to censor anything that doesn’t fall into her narrow set of beliefs.

Sarah Palin: Creationist

According to The Lang Report, Sarah Palin in 2006 said in a gubernatorial debate, “Teach both. You know, don’t be afraid of education. Healthy debate is so important, and it’s so valuable in our schools. I am a proponent of teaching both.” In spite of courts having (fortunately) ruled that teaching creationism is a violation of the separation of Church and State, electing someone with Sarah Palin’s beliefs will inevitable continue the Bush legacy of eroding America’s scientific prominence.

Note that the education arena is not the only area where Sarah Palin’s policy may have been shaped by her religious views. Her Pastor Kalnins believes in the “end times” or “last days,” and that Alaska may soon “be the refuge” for those fleeing the apocalypse of the world. These beliefs are absurd.

Sarah Palin sucks because she’s willing to compromise educational policy for her own personal religious beliefs.

Sarah Palin: Homophobe

I’ll submit the following quotation from The Bilerico Project, which lays out the facts fairly well:

Palin said she’s not out to judge anyone and has good friends who are gay, but that she supported the 1998 constitutional amendment. Elected officials can’t defy the court when it comes to how rights are applied, she said, but she would support a ballot question that would deny benefits to homosexual couples. “I believe that honoring the family structure is that important,” Palin said.

Sarah Palin sucks because she believes homosexual couples are inferior to heterosexual ones.

Sarah Palin: Racist

Sarah Palin’s attitude towards native populations living in Alaska, or black Barack Obama, indicates that skin color matters to her. The LA Progressive article Palin Is “Racist, Sexist, Vindictive, And Mean” sheds some light:

“Sambo beat the bitch” may be everyday language up in the bush. Whether it – and the outlook, politics and worldview Palin reflects when she says such things in public – should be part of a presidential campaign is another thing altogether. The comment says as much about McCain as it does about Palin, and it says a lot of things about Americans who overlook such statements (as well as her record) and vote anyway for McCain.

Sarah Palin sucks because she refuses to treat those she views as different as her equals in politics. America is a complex country, full of differing cultural groups and interest; only a president sensitive to the variety of man can successfully navigate the American melting pot.

Sarah Palin: Anti Sex Education

Sarah Palin oppose the “right to choose”, and advocates abstinence-only sex education. The Huffington Post quotes her saying, “The explicit sex-ed programs will not find my support.” This is a problem, because abstinence-only sex education is futile and ineffective, and has been thoroughly debunked. Reading statistics like “by age 18, about 71 percent of U.S. youth have had sexual intercourse” would lead one who cares about America’s youth to teach them safe-sex, not tell them a “no sex” message that will be ignored.

Update 3: For the other side of the story, you should read Newsweek’s great Sliming Palin: False Internet claims and rumors fly about McCain’s running mate story. Although I feel many of their anecdotes are just trying to muddy the waters, no issue in politics is black and white either, and this certainly deserves the “fair and balanced” treatment. Isn’t life just shades of gray?

Update 4: Check out what Matt Damon thinks of Sarah Palin:

Matt Damon Rips Sarah Palin –

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27 Responses to “Why Sarah Palin Sucks for VP”

  1. Troy says:

    sarah palin is a patreot a true real AMERICAN that love her country i think all who hate her is cause you people is gellis of her. you all comunists and hate AMERICA. i work in the steel industree i work hard and earn a honest living i dont not take handouts from nobody. when im not working i take pleshere in playing bass guitar AMERICAN made bass guitar. i drive AMERICAN made trucks I ware AMERICAN made cloths im am proud of AMERICA. i thank GOD and pray in church for what me and my family got and thank GOD im AMERICAN. so to all of you atheeists comunists who hate sarah palin get a life cause shes is gonna run for presadent in 2012 and win big and get out that stupid obamma cause hes so dumb and hates AMERICA. you got my vote sarah you ROCK.

  2. Sarah Palin sucks because she is a dangerous Dominionist who wants to merge a false notion of subduing nations for Christ (even though Christ drew a separation between church and state saying his kingdom was not of this world) and neoconservatism which wants to take over world resources and power through endless war.

    Sarah is the most dangerous person because she brings a religious zeal to neoconservatism. Very DANGEROUS to world peace.

  3. Samuel says:

    Exactly. Sarah Palin doesn’t care about anything. She looks weird anyway. McCain is McLame!!!!

    She doesn’t even care about the environment. Pathetic.

  4. jam says:

    Not to mention she is will not put polar bears on the endangered species list, which would help these vanishing creatures, because it would supposedly interfer with oil drilling.

  5. C. Thomas says:

    Sarah Palin: Eminent Domain
    Eminent domain sucks. Politicians all over the country are now using this since the Supreme Court made ED legal. Sucks but Sarah is far from being alone in her use of this ****** abuse of power.

    Sarah Palin: Book Bans
    Yeah. There are some books that I don’t want in my kids library and it is up to parents to voice their opinion on books they find objectionable. Or, we could just be like most Americans and just send our kinds off to babysitting, er, I mean school and not pay any attention to the content of their education.

    Sarah Palin: Creationist
    As a life long (41 years now) Agnostic that has never had a day of organized religion teachings and does not believe in organized religion let me just say that a) my Agnostic beliefs are not better than anyone else’s and b) I do not fear schools teaching kids that the big bang is possibly the creation of an unknown being of higher power. Who the fu%* cares?

    Sarah Palin: Homophobe
    Palin has said (and so has Biden) that she supports civil unions and believes that these unions should be afforded the same benefits as traditional marriages. I don’t see how this position is homophobic. If it is then I better call my homosexual best friend tonight (who is perfectly fine with the concept of civil unions) and tell him that I am a homophobe.

    Sarah Palin: Racist
    A waitress in an Alaskan diner that wishes to not be named said she heard Palin say this? Oh come on. That’s all we’ve got on her? Please. She may be a racist but I’ll need more proof than an un-named waitress at an un-named restaurant.

    Sarah Palin: Anti *** Education
    Abstinence only is a bad policy. It’s definitely an option that should be taught. I got *** ed in 7th grade biology. It was two weeks and was taught from a biological (scientific) perspective. Nothing explicit was necessary and everyone in the class understood what a felopian tube was that sperm traveled down it, how the sperm got there in the first place and what happened as a result of all of this activity. I don’t know what an “explicit ***-ed” program is but if it includes video or pictures of intercourse or any other sexual acts I don’t want the school teaching that Sh&% to my kids.

    Having said all of this if I were to be asked if Palin was ready to lead this country should McCain kick over I would have to say that I wished she had more experience. Which is the same thing I would say about BO.

    Basically. We’re all screwed.

  6. SAVVY1 says:

    I can’t believe that anyone would take Sarah Palin seriously. She is being used as a pawn by the Republican party. She’s power hungry and has allowed herself to be used. I can’t imagine anyone being stupid enough to think that this woman is in any way ready to lead the greatest nation in the world. We are not voting for the President of the PTA or the Booster Club!!!! This is serious, our country is in trouble and we need someone in Washington who will be able to help us rebuild our standing in the world and I don’t believe that this “soccer mom” has what it takes. I makes me angry that people are willng to overlook her total ineptitude because she is “cute and folksy” she actually makes such a fool out of herself with the smiling and winking. She acts like a small town hick instead of someone running for the Vice President of the United States. Sarah Palin Not Ready to Lead!!!!!!!

  7. taylor says:

    obama is a vote for the future, its where america needs to go… mccain is an idiot and he proves it everyday (we all have countless examples of him being dumb) and as for palin, she is just getting used ( that poor woman I might feel sorry for her but i disagree with everything shes said and done, especially the lies)

  8. Mit says:

    Sarah Palin is a kook and should not be allowed anywhere near the white house. I used to like John McCain even though i consider myself about as far left as you can get. But this VP pick shows that he has seriously lost all credibility and judgement. Every single point made above is exactly why this entire nation should not vote for the republicans in November.

  9. […] Disclosure: I think Sarah Palin sucks for a VP pick. […]

  10. Elliott Back says:

    Howley, Jim, and Bob, I just got back from work and read your comments. Thanks for pointing out the Newsweek story; it helped clarify Sarah Palin’s book-banning incident, which didn’t even get to the list stage. As you can see, I’ve updated the post with that, and a link to the Newsweek piece.

    I don’t like Palin, or any politicians that bring conservative religious extremism into their policy decisions, but I believe in the spirit of debate. This post isn’t a troll.

  11. Howley says:

    There is no discussion here, just another moron baiting for comments to drive traffic to this site of his. I appreciate the likes of Jim and Bob pointing out that everything here is false. I am taken back by the number of morons who believe this junk though.

  12. Bob says:

    As for the comment by “Hutchins”-USE YOUR BRAIN! Those pictures going around that purport to be Palin, like the bikini/rifle shot you are talking about, ARE ALL FAKE! Haven’t you ever heard of Photo Shop? Even topless pictures of someone looking slightly like a younger Palin have been circulated. Look at the latest polls, this stuff is just galvanizing the Republicans and making Palin into a very sympathetic person. If you want to lose the election, continue the sliming of Palin, it will ensure her victory! If you want to win, maybe we should get back to talking about the issues! How is it possible that after 8 years of GWBush and his 28% popularity that after both conventions, McCain has a solid lead in the polls? How is that possible? It is because of Sarah Palin and the reason she is in the spotlight is mainly because of the sliming that has taken over in the last week. I know a woman who usually votes for the dems, who says that as a career woman, she can totally identify with the **** that Palin has been put through and how it is totally sexist. Guess what, she is considering voting for McCain now! All of you people who are wrapped up in the sliming of Palin are MORONS! You have totally lost sight of what is really going on here, a presidential election, we can win on the issues but we will lose if we sink into this morass. GET BACK TO THE ISSUES!

  13. Bob says:

    Just like the last comment, you really should check your facts here. Newsweek has a piece on the internet sliming of Palin and you are covering several of the issues that they mention as being some of the internet lies that are circulating. Your normally interesting web site has been reduced to equivalent of those stupid forwarded emails people get from their dumb brother-in-law!

  14. Jim says:

    Ummm. I was looking for a web template and stumbled on this article.

    You might want to research your data a little. Each one of these assertions is false, dreamed up by little idiots on the web.

    Of course you can hate Sarah anyway, but do you really want to just pass on false rumors? Remember the gossipy little twerp in school that everyone hated because they made life tougher and more complicated for everyone because most of the stuff they sad wasn’t true? And remember how they hurt people, some of them badly? That’s you right now.

    Just trying to help. You may not want to be that guy.

  15. Jerry says:

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  16. Matt B says:

    Great list. To me it is plain that this woman is a power-hungry fundamentalist, religious zealot, yet I know intelligent people who actually think she is great. To be honest, it completely blows my mind that anyone could take Palin seriously. I also find the thought of her sitting one heartbeat away from the presidency to be frightening enough to keep me up at night.

  17. Ed says:

    My opinion of Palin has changed dramatically in the past two days. Do a search on Wolf hunting in Alaska. From planes

  18. Erica says:

    I’m appalled by this VP pick, and what’s worse, people actually love her! It frightens me because this country actually voted for Bush for 2 terms! What is the matter with this country?! She’s an advocate of killing wolves from helicopters, which is frankly, BARBARIC; and she doesn’t believe in saving the Polar Bears? What is the matter with this country? I will move out of this country if this ticket wins. And if it does win, best pray McCain doesn’t die.

  19. hutchins says:

    I just received photos of Palin in an american flag bikini holding a rifle and another of her in a hookers outfit…Is this who we wnat for our vice resident….poor white trash…classless….i would like to send them to everyone but i need an email. they would’nt paste into the blog

  20. JimmiBoi says:

    okay: “your similarly gendered lover” – idiots!

  21. JimmiBoi says:

    D Kelly – From what does the family need to be protected? Are you afraid you will be tempted to run off with a same *** lover? If not, what possible threat is there to you and your 1950s version of a family?

  22. L.davis says:

    one more correction on my part here…. the email I read claims Palin’s hubby “works” for BP oil – not as a vice pres’.

  23. L.davis says:

    Oops – I thought there’d be a chance to edit my statement above before it went thru. Sorry folks for my mispelling.

  24. L.davis says:

    According to the charity group Defender’s of Wildlife… Palin’s husband is a vice pres’ to BP Oil. I’m wondering why I haven’t heard about this from any other source yet. Anybody else out there no about this?

  25. Sue from FL says:

    I can’t believe anyone in America would consider a hockey mom to be president. All jokes aside, the woman has no clue what she is doing that is why 10 days after being picked as VP they are letting her do *ONE* interview with ABC television. I’m sick to my stomach since americans were dumb enough to vote for Bush all those years. I’m moving to Canada if the corpse and this ****** from Alaska make it to the oval office.

  26. D Kelley says:

    “but she would support a ballot question that would deny benefits to homosexual couples. “I believe that honoring the family structure is that important,” Palin said.” I give her a A+ for that alone. She is right the family structure needs to be saved.

  27. David says:

    very well articulated. Bottom Line…she is an evil C..t

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