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Steam Support Sucks

Posted in Games,Uptime by Elliott Back on October 1st, 2006.

If you’ve ever played any Steam-powered game, you know that their distribution model requires a user-account which is licensed for whatever games you’ve bought from them. Their top games, according to rating, are Half-Life 2 (HL2), Half-Life (HL), Counter-Strike (CS), Counter-Strike: Source (CS:Source), Half-Life 2: Episode One, Darwinia, Day of Defeat: Source, SiN Episodes, and X2: The Threat. Apparently, though, account authorizations aren’t working properly, and their support page is dead in the water. When I signed in today to kill half an hour on CS:Source, I got the following error message:

“Disconnect: This Steam account does not own this game. Please login to the correct Steam account.”

Naturally I’d like to visit their Steam support page, but I get a timeout when I try to load the page:


In other words, Steam is telling me that I don’t own the rights to play the game I bought from them, and refusing to listen to me when I want to complain and let them know that I do. Sorry Steam, Valve, et al, you’re wrong. I really did buy that game:

Dear Elliott Back (Steam account name: exxxx),

Thank you for your recent purchase. Counter-Strike: Source is now available in your Steam “Games” window. To play, just double-click on the name of a game in this list.

Your credit card has been charged as detailed below. This email serves as your receipt.

Product Cost
Counter-Strike: Source $ 19.95

In their purchase email, they include steamsupport@support.steampowered.com as a support email address, so I’ll definitely be dropping a note. I’m not optimistic, though, since many other Steam or CS players are experiencing the same issues. Valve / Steam must have rolled out a new patch without thinking about how it would hammer their servers.

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227 Responses to “Steam Support Sucks”

  1. James says:

    I am trying to recover my account..so I try to contact steam support…it asks me to sign in…if i don’t remember my account information, how the hell am I supposed to sign in to contact support…what a joke. Screw steam

  2. zombie player says:

    I am done with steam I paid for a game I should be able to play it when I want and there is always problems with it so I am just going to get the pirated version and will never buy a game that has steam associated with it again

  3. dan says:

    ok. I agree with all the complaints here. If you lose your account or games, There is no getting them back. Especially if you downloaded the games. It is like you never really owned what you paid for. Someone on here said be happy with what you have. **** you. Dumbass doesn’t know what the **** he’s talking about. No one is a satisfied customer with not getting what they paid for so **** off steam and valve. You should be shut down and forced to refund all those you fucked plus a thousand dollars or more to each person who is dissatisfied.

  4. guest says:

    the shift from physical media to digital downloads is very bad it is so bad they are going to lose a lot of people i am one of them it take on cable to download a game 5 hours and 25 mins that sucks and it is not going to get any better they think this is going to stop the hackers it will not i will not pay for any games i have to download at all

  5. Kyou says:

    I don’t even play PC games anymore!! I’m too busy looking at **** Japanese Girls all day anyway!!

  6. Matt says:

    I don’t use steam and try to avo9id it at all costs. The main issue I have is how every major gaming company is going towards Steamworks. And for what purpose. The only games that should ever require steam to run are valve/Source and games actually bought through Steam’s service. If a game was bought from a store on a disk, then WHY THE **** SHOULD IT NEED THE STEAM SERVICE to install and play it? Bethesda pulled this **** with Skyrim and all Skyrim did and still to this day does is continue to give random CTD (Crash To Desktop).

    It’s almost like everyone thinks games cannot be run without Steam. What’s going on with game companies total and utter lack of independence these days?

  7. Luc Dutrieux says:

    Hi everyone,

    Just wish to say that I purchased Sniper Ghost Warrior, Sniper Elite and Alan Wake Games at Incredible Connections retail stores here in South Africa. The total came to approx R 1000.00 South Africab Rands. A pity I did not research Valve and Steam before buying these games. In South Africa broadband comes at a premium. It would seem all these games must be downloaded with their patches / updates each requiring about 7 Gigs to download. Well guess what. I’ve decided to throw these games in the rubbish bin – since no one else can play them after they have been registered. The reason – non existent support – unrecoverable accounts and just not worth the candle. Speaking for myself I will be very certain to leave any games with the Valve or Steam logos on their shelves in the future. Which planet do these guys come from and how can any game publisher support these guys? To hell with them.

  8. Mike Canavan says:

    How can anyone support steam? there are actually people defending them here! Are they steam employees?? Everyone of you DEFENDERS deserve too die a slow, horrible death. Ive bought Football Manager 2012 twice – once off ebay then once brand new today still in its cellophane wrapper. The ebay one was duplicate CD key – fine, i went and bought it brand new….it said duplicate key again! Now here is the worst REAL problem. They are utterly uncontactable by phone?? Lets have 2 camps here – people who have no issue with resolving probs by email only….and people who DO and demand a company has a contact number when it goes wrong. I will be in the demanding camp. Lets all meet on a field and i will utterly leather the other bunch of bell ends all round the place. Dont defend these tossers? they dont provide a contact number. I hope all steam employees drop dead them thieving scum!

  9. johnny bravo says:

    Steam is useless if this is the future of gaming ill go back to tabletop gaming and dice rpg…. I feel no need to continue with steam ….they made me hate skyrim.

  10. Pat says:

    used visa to buy game will not run. no support will ask visa to stop payment.just save all your doc,s of no support. that may get there atenate

  11. grizz says:

    funny how 6 years later this is still relevant. Steam just not seem to learn. I just bought Dirt 3 from them and cant play it cause they will not give me the CD key yet they were quick at taking the money out of my account. Seems like the only option now a days is to buy the games and when they fail to work pirate the game you just paid for. Its sad really.

  12. Brendon says:

    Steam is a thief and a liar. I bought the original game from steam and when my hard disk re-format and i try to install the games again, i get message like duplicated cd key.

    I delcared war against steam as a Gamer and I urge you all to do the same thing. All Gamers of the world declare war on Steam and you are my brothers. See steam PC Original games and start boycott them refusing to buy. Me fro Singapore.

    • Ed says:

      Steam are bunch of thieves I purchased Fall Out New vegas from Best Buy about 4 months ago , I lost access to my old account so i opened a new one I have sent them all the proves and pictures of disks , key stickers and also the original receipt-twice in over 8 days period they asked me again to send more clear pictures which I did again I used 600dpi-high settings on my scanner , then they told me the purchase was made over 90 day ago and they cant help me , I sad it doesn’t say anything about expiry date with steam games anywhere on back of disk box or their website policies , I dont want to waste my time with steam affiliated games ever again

  13. Noah Grove says:

    You are so right. They literally never help on anything! Check out my help thread over 3 items that I lost, how Steam Support doesn’t give a damn, and how they could have given me my items back in less than 5 minutes.

  14. David says:

    I dont know if anyone here can help… but i formatted my computer about 8 months ago. I tried to install Sniper Ghost Warrior once again on my computer, but its been so long I cant remember my account info for steam. I still have my disk of the game with the keycode on the back of the manual, but this game that I have paid for is not installing because i cant remember my acct info. STEAM SUPPORT IS TOTALLY IGNORING ALL E MAILS AND REQUEST FOR ASSISTANCE!!! CAN ANYONE HELP??
    Thank You.


    • Noah Grove says:

      Hi David, usually they ignore you for 5 days at the max, then they respond with the usual: An employee has responded to this inquiry, Hi , We don’t give 2 ***** about your problem, we are just going to tell you that it is all your fault and we’ll settle at that! And they never respond again. I would complain to gaben

  15. Sam says:



    I have purchased Civ5 at a Target store in Bronx about 8 months ago. I paid $50.
    Well, this Steam thing has totally made my experience miserable.

    Civ is the only game I play, if I play. So I don’t play too often, but when I want to- it is always a problem to launch the game. Or my steam password is wrong (by the way it is virtually impossible to change password at Steam’s website), or it says that my Internet
    connection is bad (and it’s very good), or Steam is updating itself and then pushes these advertisements on me but the game never starts.

    The bottom line is: I have my password, I have my perfect Internet connection, and I possess the original Civ5 CD but I can never enjoy it.

    As I said civ was the only game I would play, well I hate it now.

    Just refund me, thanks,


    Hi Sam,

    Unfortunately, we cannot give refunds for our games; for that you would
    need to try the retailer you bought your game from.

    However, I can try to help you with your Steam issues. Have you by any
    chance tried using Offline Mode? If you switch Steam to offline mode,
    you should be able to play your game without ever needing to connect to
    the Internet. Steam should stay in this offline mode even across reboots
    of your computer, so each time you launch it, you should be able to get
    in to Civ V hassle-free.

    As for the advertisements: you can turn these off in the options if you don’t wish to see them. When logged in to Steam, go to View -> Settings,
    then to the Interface tab, and uncheck the box at the bottom labeled
    “Notify me (with Steam instant messages) about additions […]”

    Another thing you could do is to create a shortcut directly to
    Civilization V, which will make it so that you don’t need to manually
    launch Steam before you can start launching Civilization V. To do this,
    right click on Civilization V in your Steam library, then select “Create
    Desktop Shortcut”. You could then put this shortcut wherever is
    convenient for you.

    Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help out. I definitely
    want you to be able to enjoy Civilization V with as little trouble as possible.


    Hello Sam,
    Steam is used for the DRM of CIV V, steam is a easy to use system which allows you to access and use your game on any PC (must be within spec), without the need to have the Disc in the drive, updates are also managed automatically when you login to Steam.
    Please see the following website:-
    The Key in the box is no longer a secure way to authenticate games,
    If you are connected through a router please ensure the following ports are open:-
    UDP 27000 to 27015 inclusive (Game client traffic)
    UDP 27015 to 27030 inclusive (Typically Matchmaking and HLTV)
    TCP 27014 to 27050 inclusive (Steam downloads)
    UDP 4380
    For more information please take a look at the following website:-
    If the problem persists, please do the following:-
    – Open Steam, then go to the Steam entry at the top left of the Steam Application
    – Select Settings
    – Switch to the Downloads + Cloud tab
    – Try changing the Download Region to another region
    – Click Ok and Restart Steam.
    Kind regards,
    Technical Support

    I have already reinstalled both civ and steam previously. I don’t believe this solution will do it. As I said I’ve had it.

    I want my money back, I’ll return your cd.

    Please don’t make to drive to the local BBB office with my computer (that by the way exceeds the tech requirements needed to play the game) to demonstrate that your product doesn’t work.


    Sam Mintz

    Sent hastily from my iPhone ..Please excuse any typos

    Hello Sam,
    Refunds need to be taken up with the retailer, if you like me to further assist you to play the game please send us a DXDIAG report from your computer and I will be more than happy to help you. To do this:
    – Hold down the Windows key on the keyboard and press “R”.
    – Type “dxdiag” and click OK.
    – This will open the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.
    – Click the Save All Information button at the bottom.
    – Save the file to your Desktop with the name “dxdiag.txt”.
    – Reply to this email with this file attached.
    Kind regards,
    Technical Support

    Sam to 2K

    Retailer wouldn’t accept open cd back, so lets process this transaction directly between y2k and I.

    I don’t understand why I need to perform these diagnostics, also I don’t know this terminology, drm, dxdiag, what does even mean?

    Also, I specifically told you that I have the cd but you tell me how to do without. Why do I need all that? No plug&play, no good for me.

    Can you please consult with your supervisor, I’ll give you my cc account number- refund me. Give me the address and i’ll mail the cd back.



    Hello Sam,
    Thanks for your email; The term DRM means digital rights management, this is the software which ensures the consumer has ownership of the software they are using and the dxdiag is a Direct X diagnostics report which has information pertaining to the hardware configuration of a PC, this enables us to determine why a piece of software is working as it should.
    The CD and Download version of the game are exactly the same, once you have installed the game on your system you don’t need the disc unless you wish to reinstall the game on an other PC, Civ V is played through Steam.
    With regards to a refund; your contract of sale is with the retailer and you will need to discuss refunds with the retailer.
    Please send me a copy of your dxdiag and I will be happy to assist in resolving your issue.
    Kind regards,
    Technical Support

    I guess it isn’t big deal. Okay, thanks

  16. hawkster78 says:

    Steam really sucks. I dont care what you butt kissers might say but I just purchased Sonic Generations and now I cannot get my cd key to activate because they say its a duplicate and being used on another steam account. Emailed their support at 5:30pm EST still no response at 10:00PM Demanded they get back to me within an hour or I ask for a full refund and get a xbox disk. Thought I could save money buying it via digital copy but if these guys are going to be taking over the digital downloads then I’d rather spend the extra 20 bucks and get it for the console.

    • jackalope says:

      Steam: the condensation rising off of dog $#!+ that has been collected in a baggy and transformed into a state of the art content management/delivery system by one seriously fking magical fairy with a twisted bent and loathsome disgust for gamers.
      Steam Support: 3 clown boxing chimps and a cat humping dog smelling their own earwax, wondering where it is that the time went, begging the fat debutant hit the high note and kick the collective steaming stool rendering them a strange fruit like venture.
      my hotmail account was hacked, so I closed it immediately…my fault…I forgot it was the account associated with steam.
      OC’d my machine a month later, bam! Steam thinks I’m on a diff machine and wants to verify who I am..viola—sends an e-mail to before mentioned account.–therein lies the problem.
      I submitted service ticket 1 week ago, day later get a cut and pasted response with a list of probs and solutions. I find mine on the list and promptly respond with proof of purchase from 3 games (auth codes scanned with written out ticket number.) 6 days later. Still no access and no response from support.
      I will be surprised if they exist as a company 10yrs from now.

      • Matt says:

        Im just waiting for Gabe Newell to die so the company could remove or fix steam and work on half life 3 the reason they dont reply is because they are too busy shoveling food into Gabes mouth

  17. Rod Ball says:

    steam is a total rip off, i gave up playing games because of the **** you have to go through a person buys a game they should be able to play it with out all the bs.only thing im stuck with a bunch of games i cannot play. i do hope some one will complain to the better business bureau, i know i have but like anything one person cannot get it done, so until something changes i gave up playing computer games.

  18. lowdog says:

    I purchased Call of Duty Black Ops retail. What does steam have to do with the game. I forgot my password & it’s impossible to get a new one. I’ve contacted the so called steam support requesting a new password and all I get are verification codes and b—s— reset keys that don’t work. Steam sucks.

  19. Michael says:

    I just tried to buy a game through them and was told my card got declined for a BS reason – they still felt the need to charge me though! So great, not I have a charge on my account and no game. These fuckers are just thieves and for some dumbass reason, Bethesda is going to require them for Skyrim on PC.
    Its about time to visit their offices with a bomb.

  20. painkiller1961 says:

    why do idiots stick up for monopolies?

    gabe stole the steam idea from chuck e. cheeses thats why the kiddies like it so much alot of shinny bells, buttons and whistles to distract you while their DRM tracks your every movement and transaction like the patriot act for online gamers.

    for pc only vets this is a freedom fight and steam is nazi germany.

  21. Isaac Sokol says:

    Ok so… here’s an idea.. if you don’t like steam. DON’T BUY FROM THEM :O that’s soooo complicated.

    If someone feels the need to say “Oh but they are the only service blah blah I live in butt **** egypt blah”

    Well guess what.. that means this is as good as it’s going to get and bitching about it won’t help. So SHUT THE **** UP and be thankful for what you have.. it’s better than nothing.

    • Michael says:

      Why don’t you shut up? I bought a Steam game, my PC died and I needed to reinstall. You can’t. Period. And customer support doesn’t. I won’t buy another Steam game but why should I be happy about paying for the first one I can’t play anymore?

  22. bfb999 says:

    um my email is invalid now and ur stupid steam security locked me out of my games…cant even play em offline! this is the gayest bs ive ever had to deal with…maybe u ******** from steam should stop penny pushing and get a phone so people dont have to go through all this bs to contact ur fagget asses….either u send me a way to get back on my accounts or i will sue for steam STEALING my games THEFT IS THEFT whether its corp or not

  23. Brian Anglisano says:

    Same bull I own Civilization 5 I can’t play it anymore because Steam support sucks I try to do research on games before I buy them and Steam is not always on the box

  24. landon fehr says:

    i think we should start a petition or something have steam banned from all game sales and releases

  25. Mahyar Emi says:

    I’m from Iran…I have dozens of problems when I wanna buy an original game..cuz there are non here in stores…only pirate games…so I bought COD BO in a VERY complicated way…I played it for a month…then it disappeared…just like that…ever since(like 8 month) I was trying to get it back…The Fckin steam asked me for a photo of the game CDKEY in it’s box and another scr shot from the game library in my steam account…I sent them those photos…7 days not ******* answer…including the other 8month it is almost a year…
    I also got SCC in summer sale …I downloaded the game with like 40kb/s!!!! It’s even worst than EA’s ORIGIN (of sht) …
    so it took me a lot to download…
    the funny thing is that I couldn’t play it like 2 weeks later and steam said I need to re-download the game….I tried the backup..not a chance…
    funnier thing is that like 1 week later that mess I logged on to steam…game was running properly…no download no installation

    I also having problem refreshing server browser in tf2 and connecting.

  26. Adrian O'Neill says:

    Having problems myself with steam, they just dont asnwer my messages at all. Bought a game from them, and they did not give me the correct access code. Ive asked for the code and they just dont reply. i have a game I cannot use. This is the second time they have totally ignored my contacts

  27. john says:

    I hate steam, I hate how your forced to use it’s software to play games. I hate the fact that that it’s buggy as hell, for example half-life 2 death match multiplayer isn’t working but team fortress 2 is.
    It’s obviously not my firewall and it’s a hassle to send them a message about it because first they want you to browse through all the forms and then you have to make an entirely seperate account. I mean why can’t you just email them?
    It’s just a crappy service that is extremely bloated and pointless. Also alot of people talk about “steam sales” well believe me those are only deals on OLD Games, new games are often much more expensive.
    For example Brink is 20 dollars on amazon and on steam it’s 50 dollars!

  28. JOe says:

    Yes I agree Steam is a very poor service and has very poor service. You also can’t resell any games that run through steam whenyoru bored withtem, My suggestion STAY AWAY FROM STEAM GAMES

  29. I am in 100% in agreement with you on steam support sucking it has been a night mare try ing to install and i still can’t get connected to the game play and I get sent all over the place with steam support when trying to find the cause. I am throughly disscussed with this purchase.

  30. yaron papo says:

    i’m frome israel and got my own problems with my son’s account at steam.
    what is the legal way to fight them?

  31. C. John Smith says:

    I bought Civ 5 a week ago, and I haven’t been able to play it. Steam or Civ5 or both is defective.

    I want to fight back!

  32. KC says:

    It seems as if these problems are coming from a very small population of steam users. If you check the official forums (where you should be complaining at, not some 3rd page google search site) you will see that barely anyone has a problem where it doesnt get fixed. Again proving the theory, you cant please everyone. Anyone reading these comments please keep mine in consideration as well. Yes Steam doesnt have phone support. But a quick look at their forums, youll see lots of ppl being helped by prompt email responses..etc.

    • vishee2906 says:

      you pay for it you want it to work idiot. there is no support idiot.and what are you doing here idiot?

    • Holly says:

      And what do you do when the damn site doesn’t acknowledge your account even after three purchases and downloading steam? I can only log-in to purchase, not to ask for support or to post in the forums.
      I’m not looking for legal action here, I just want to play my game! Which I can’t.

  33. painkiller1961 says:

    PC’s are Harley’s, Console’s are Vespa’s and steam is a facebook for children

    • mwp419s says:

      Steam SUCKS. I bought a game at best buy and it doesn’t clearly mention anything about this STEAM thing. If I spend 32.00 then I should own a physical copy of the game not some ghost that only exists in there databases. Remeber back in the day when you could buy a game and actually own it, play it when and how you wanted it. Screw technology im gonna go play NES, at least i don’t need the friggin internet for that.

      • Mike says:

        I totally agree with you that this steam ghost account has the power over me that I have to play the game on thier requirments not mine, I bought HL Black ops, and forgot my pass and user, and triend to install it on my new pc, and I contacted steam, and did not get np where, I installed another HL game, but the steam account that was configured to my previous gam,I was unable to play this game Now I got the new sniper game and the same ****. let me know what the heck to do anybody, so cannot play steam games ever again. sucks

  34. Not You says:

    I like this blog was written in 2006 and people are in 2010 still bullshitting about Steam support. Don’t ***** here, go to the Steam forums and ***** there, maybe you’d actually get your problem noticed/fixed. But even still, I take these stories with a grain of salt. It’s not Steam’s fault, it’s stupid customers like the ones writing their ‘gripes’ here.

    • hoi says:

      ehm i must disagree with you steam support just plain sucks the only way to contact them is by email and if you include in that email the fixes your tried they simply ignore that and send you automated emails with fixes you allready listed as tried but not working. so in the end you have to send dozens of emails to them without ever getting a fix,

      • Chris says:

        shut up steam rocks the ONLY problem iv’e had with steam was YEARS ago (probably 2005-2006 or something I can’t remember) was with my retail HL2 game. It installed and ran great, but eventually The Sims 2 crashed my computer (DONT GET IT EVER IT WILL **** YOU) and we got a new one. I reinstalled HL2 and it asked for a CD key and I entered it and it kept saying it was already used. Anyway after HEAPS of **** like scanning the actual paper CD key on the cd envelope and sending it etc etc I gave up and re-bought the game. It was cheap to re-buy and Im over it. In fact it was MUCH cheaper than what I bought it for at the shops (steam was like #19.95 with CS:S and retail cost about $50+). I agree it has some problems but I mean what doesn’t? Steam is great and Iv’e saved hundreds from buying from them. Not to mention the online play is really good with VAC.

        • n dubz says:

          steams wank m8 it wont let me play any games i bourght from them i double click the link to play and it says its loading but after 10 secs it dissapeares and nothing happens.

        • David says:

          Mate…..There are LOADS of problems with steam!!!
          It’s the worst nightmare of a place ever because you get sent around in circles and NOTHING works!!!

    • vishee2906 says:

      and your a @## i cant get home front to install cant get a hold of support in any form so please tell me whats not there fault.cant even get a support account to set up it tells me i set it up then tells me i didn’t.steam support sucks and i will never purchase another steam based product.

    • painkiller1961 says:

      you lose more than dignity when getting fucked over by DRM

  35. David says:

    Steam is the biggest rip off company I have ever seen… the support is worse than trying to speak german to a frenchman with downs syndrome and they do nothing but steal money from customers then lock their accounts for un-said dumb reasons. I had my account hacked, after not using it for 2 years…. I remember my account, its email, and alternate email, then he tells me my secret answer is wrong, after emailing me and telling me my account is up for use again…. Yet I can’t log into it, and am now out 7 different games, that I can’t ever play because I was dumb enough DL them from steam with no hard copy or CD key….. **** STEAM THEY ARE CROOKS

  36. Upset User says:

    I will never buy a Steam product again. I bought a game I really wanted to play. I did not want to buy access into a sucky support system and now I have to deal with the SUCKY STEAM SUPPORT system so I can play the game I already bought. I hate STEAM so much that I will tell, tweet, twitter, facebook everyone I know and tell them to boycott STEAM products. STEAM SUCKS!!!!

  37. Ken says:

    Steam’s latest cockup is the release of the Jedi Knight series of games. Only one game ran on my comp, and it was the oldest one in the series (Dark Forces with DosBox). The Steam forums are full of so-called “fixes” that don’t work, or are outdated already because ATI has to upgrade their drivers every three days.

    On the other hand, I bought the X-Gold collection and the first two Serious Sam games and they run without a hitch. Where the hell does Steam get off selling games that won’t run on modern systems?

    I’m having my credit card company block the transaction and I’ve sent Steam a support ticket telling them that I’ve done so. I’ve also uninstalled the games. If Steam decides to block my account, I’m not sure what I’ll do, but I may consider my legal options.

  38. Bridget Fisher says:

    Steam support is known as the worst support on the internet. Mostly because as others point out steam is simply a scam where they take your money and then offer no service to support the products or their service. Many games they sell even include viruses and spyware that damage your computer. Sorry but until they can resolve those issues I am sticking with the direct2download service.

    • Bob says:

      Wow, I wonder which online service this is from…

      Steam have NO viruses or spyware!!

      • Chris says:

        yeah, I don’t have any idea what that ****** is on about. If Steam gave you viruses you could sue them. I think hes getting viruses from direct2download. WHat an idiot.

  39. Roy a Desmazes says:

    I bought 45 or so games from steam and none of them work now that steam has changed their Format, I can’t even log into my account let alone trying to contact support which is impossible because they made up some new rule that you have to have a diffrent log in pass code and user name which I never knew of and to get that number and log in pass code you have to contact steam support, which I can’t because I don’t have my alias user name and pass code. So its like they stole the games I did buy and all were not cheap.The only reason I think you can’t directly contact steam is because they are located in the bottemless pit and they don’t accept calls there. Steam is just another word for thief and cowards.

  40. james says:

    I bought empire total war like 6 months ago in the UK, Im now living in Jordan but have lost all the CD’s exept cd 1. (i also have a new laptop now) I went onto steam and am now downloading it off them as i already owned the game its free. (good)
    NOW. Here my question. theres no tech support (by none i mean pure ******* idolness, so Il ask my question here. Once my download has finished (16.5GB) later i hove no CD key anymore. will I still be able to play or is there gonna be some kinda cyber tease?

  41. Chris L says:

    I’m done with Steam. A friend bought me a gift thru Steam. I get the email, click to activate it … and nothing happens. My friend checks his account to see what went wrong … his Steam account was closed! WTF! Tried emailing Steam support, they take their sweet time and you get NO straight answers and BS. They said my friend’s account was reopened – No it wasn’t. They have his money, I have no game. If I want a PC game from now on, I’ll get it at Gamestop or eBay. I want to be in control of what and when I play games.

    I’ve heard too many horror stories of people’s Steam accounts being locked for no good reason. Oh yeah, Steam is cool until you have a problem like … you buy a game, pay for the game thru Paypal …. but the game doesn’t show up on your game list. You contact support, nothing happens, so you file a dispute at Paypal because after all Steam took your money and in return you got zilch. And that is a big NO NO at Steam. Never ever file a dispute at Paypal or your account gets locked. You are at the mercy of this ruthless company whose security is vigilant to the point of being crazy and it’s like they assume you are always guilty first.

  42. steamsuk says:

    Even the words “Epic Fail” cannot express the degree of steam fail.

  43. Mike says:

    Extensions that work:
    They are three digits, and if you type them in look room numbers in a high school, they go to various voicemails. I have left about 10 messages threatening legal action, and have not received a phone call or an e-mail in return, and have not had somebody pick up once.

  44. MB says:

    I agree totally, I bought some games yesterday and it won’t download, says “Scanning Steam for licenses updates…” and hangs there. I put in a support ticket but no response, it’s infuriating.

  45. Pete says:

    I made the mistake of selecting the save credit card info. The next time I made a purchase it failed. Retyped credit info. and it went through. Next thing I’m locked out of my account. 10 icons for 10 games I paid for that won’t launch. I’m into day 4 trying to get this sorted. You give them money, own nothing, and have no control over anything? I’m done with future purchases.

  46. prophet says:

    425-889-9642 then type in the extension 20 or 202 it goes to a guy named steve mcqueen start trying random extensions tell them we want a contact number, I will press charges for my money lost in steam.

  47. Michael says:

    I new the minute that i had to go on steam to play a game there were going to be problems.Never mind that they have your information. Steam support only support what they want to and never mind even trying to get any real support. Forget even trying to e-mail them. They are in my mind the worst form ever to come along for a gamer and a total rib off. I highly recommend that you should only by a hard copy game and not one offered by steam or that is required to use steam.I have two computers and purchased two of the same games from steam to host andplay a local network game. While you havent seen any thing yet.

  48. Peter1945 says:

    The whole steam support thing is ****. They have no intentions of supporting you and just send you round in circles. They are a complete set of morons, just making things complicated for there customers. I can’t believe they have any!

    I have tried to log on to my account, but they don’t let you do this untill you have responded to their email, which says:

    “Please validate the email address you registered with by clicking on the link below”

    Would you believe it , there is no link (or I can’t find it) so you can’t log on. I can’t believe these people are so stupid. They don’t no how to make things simple.

    If anyone can find this “LINK” please tell me how. Meanwhile I am just saving myself money, because I can’t buy any of their add on’s

    In short they are not fit to be in business.

    • Car says:

      We had to go into the account and “change” the email address – by this I mean reenter it and submit. Then we got the email with a link to verify…. We’re in limbo today since they declined a credit card that works just fine everywhere else in the world….. Good luck

  49. GamesKillIQ says:

    Someone must Lawsuit steam for cheating buyers selling unsupported games and for their hide ouy no phone support…
    they dont have a phone cause they will get all the times phones calls like this
    =hello steam support
    -Yes can i help you sir
    -Yes please bend over and put the phone in your *** you motherfucker cause im coming there right now so worm up your ******** cause i will put my pc in Your *** you ******* thiefs and liers!
    _line closed-
    Another “happy” customer of Valves Steam platforms of lies and greed.
    now you know how they feel when you discover the games you bought are not supported any more even if they were released in 2009…cause STeam sells junks!

    • prophet says:

      425-889-9642 then dial an extension the one I tried was 202 it goes to a guy named steve mcqueen leave a voicemail! START TRYING OTHER EXTENSIONS

  50. Adrian says:

    Steam support is absolute ****,i was playing some Call of Duty MW 2 when i got into a hacked match,at first, it did not seem like it was hacked, but after i killed someone,think it was the host himself, he corrupted my game making some graphical errors appear on my screen and they did not dissapear even after i reinstalled the game.Opened a ticket to steam,did not get any response.So basically i’m unable to play the game anymore.

  51. Pvt.Joker says:

    Jesus christ. Ddos attacks, hogging bandwidth?

    No wonder the support is so bad. listen to yourselves! youre basically talking about making it worse than it already is!

    My entire account just got fucked up so i cant access any servers making multiplayer unplayable. im mightily pissed off about still not receiving any support, but that dosent mean im about to go **** it up for even more people!

    Calm the **** down before your little tantrums ruin it for everyone.

  52. Willyman says:

    WTF? i think I found something odd, there are several different VALVE emails that are all the same, but yet different and only a few work? is this a temporary problem?

  53. Willyman says:

    Well thats odd, same thing happened to me, but I sent VALVe an email, and got a reply in less than two days, they found an error with a purchace and fixed it for me, but now my MCAFFE is blocking all my steam games, so I’m busy making a file to work around it if it will work.

  54. Kyle says:

    I had my accoutn stolen yesterday and it has been more than 16 hours since I submitted my support ticket without a single word from them.

    • dean says:

      Thats happened to me too, i got my account hacked yesterday and i havnt had a reply and its been over 14 hours since i sent it

      • Serj Kravik says:

        Could you be anymore ******* stupid?
        They have to go through thousands of support tickets a DAY, and you’re complaining that you can’t get on your account in 14 hours? I think you kids need to go outside.

  55. Dean says:

    I am going to try and get Trading Standards involved in an issue I have had with Steam, which I am thoroughly disgusted with. I bought a game called M.U.D TV through them and it simply will not run. After 30 or so e-mails back and forth and various unhelpful suggestions, Steam are refusing to refund me for the game not working. My PC has all the right spec. to run the game and Steam have been unable to pinpoint why it doesn’t work. The dialog box says it is a Steam error and that the game is unavailable. The last suggestion was to uninstall McAfee and see if the game runs (which I am not prepared to do, just for a game). It is ludicrous that they will not refund me, after weeks and weeks of trying different things. They have not bothered to answer my last e-mail about forwarding my complaint to trading standards. I fail to see why they should keep my money, for a game that just doesn’t work. Steam support is absolutely awful, in my experience.

    • Lolzalot says:

      Really c**p website. I can get it up but it gave me rubbish advice when fixing my games and i had to spend 3 days figuring what the hell to do with steam.

  56. Tony says:

    I have been waiting for three days to retrieve my initial account information. Steam has no support. They are horrible and I promise you that I will not buy another product that uses steam. I’m done with them.

    • Steven says:




      • john says:

        haha its probably your computer, and internet so dont ***** here about you not reading the system requirements

        • hovercatz says:

          Why do you think that its his computer? lol.. MAYBE he checked it! This is a page for people that have steam problems. not you posting as u think ure the best

  57. so much hate in you guys says:

    also, guys, look at the DATE of the post –> 2006!!! Since then, all of these problems has been resolved (99% of them)!

  58. so much hate in you guys says:

    Wow, you seem all to hate Steam…
    As a Steam user for over 2 years, personally, it’s actually well done. YES, there ARE bugs, but what software doesn’t have them?

    Good sides:
    *Auto-patches (even thought there IS a delay because the patches need to be uploaded to Steam servers first before being availaible)
    *VAC (I personally HATE cheaters, and VAC is one of the best cheat detectors (don’t look at Modern Warfail 2, because the implementation of IDTech 3 engine and Steamworks and VAC is rather poor), if you look in CSS there are almost no cheaters, only times to times only 1)
    *Being sarcastic, Steam, is how the Ubi DRM should have been (who is even playing Steam offline? I can’t pass without Steam friends)
    *Quality of their games (CSS + HL saga + TF2 + Portal + etc…)

    Down sides:
    *Rather big updates (but who doesn’t have a broadband internet connection today??)
    *Can’t think of anything else right now…
    *The long delay’s during a launch (some patche may be showign 0%, so to “brute-force” start the DL, just double click the game to start it and it will force the DL)

    I never had any errors with Steam and idk if you know but 80% of games purshased over online distributions are on Steam, which proves how good it is. You may think I am a fan-boy of Steam, and I would say that I am maybe, but Steam sales and promotions made me move from The Pirate Bay to Steam, which is rather a good thing. And now my account is worth 871.99$ CAD.

    • Kurt says:

      Lots of us do not have broadband and do not have access. The only reason I have anything to do with Steam is because I bought Mount and Blade: Warband.
      Of course the activation server will not connect so I cannot even play the 30 dollar game I bought. I was able to update Steam and create an account, but activate my game? Not!!
      Maybe I cannot connect because my connection is too slow. 3kb/sec and no way to have it any faster.
      No support of course.

  59. ChunQ says:

    WARNING: Steam’s customer support is totally non-existant! I recently purchased Left 4 Dead 2 to play offline. It will not play the game offline until you update. I have been unable to update the game and have recieved no support in the matter! This company appears to be a snake-oil, carpet bagging, pole smoking bunch of scam artist. I would not recommend anyone to buy any of their products. I feel like I have been robbed by a two bit hustler!!!! What a bunch of loosers!!!

  60. steamydude says:

    wow i feel really lucky. every problem i have had steam support was in straight away. my account got hacked nearly 2 days later all fine. online sever issues 1 day later, fine. i really do feel sorry 4 u guys with all these problems. steam if u are reading this put you support a bit better together. more people than me need your help out there on steam

  61. Lieveo says:

    They Really need to go out of business.lets shut the fuckers down…When I get my money back I am gonna download SO many pirated games to make up for it…
    I along with ALLOT of EX-Steam users agree with me.
    No this is not whining, this is the truth, They cant take 1,000,000’s of dollars in games from us and just ignore me, or any of you. I hope something is done soon. There isn’t much one person can do to contribute to the downfall of steam though. Some one should DDoS the S-H-I-T out of them. (Google it if you don’t know what it is) And someone should get a Lawsuit on them!!!

  62. Vince says:


    If enough people file a complaint we should be able to start getting results…. Just fill out the form and send it in…I think its the only way we can bring steam to justice..

  63. Vince says:

    Wow, I really think it is all a scam… just call the number and no matter what you press you get some bull answer from a voice that sounds like a joke…..Please someone start a lawsuit… I dont know how but if someone does I am all in…

  64. Chris says:

    Wait till you hear this ****, I have sent in 18 Emails, and there is no answer back. I have called 5 times, and its like they only use the phone for takeout, or 5 minutes of support. I am about ready to go to court over this ****, I have lost 3 accounts, and they do nothing. What am I to do? Sue them, Kill them, or Both?

  65. David N says:

    After using the Steam service since it’s inception I have added tons of games, hundreds of dollars worth in fact. I have never had any problems until recently. Someone from Europe hacked my account and sent gifts with a (possibly)stolen credit card to other people. Steam disabled my account. I have spent over a month trying to get my account back to no avail. All they will do is write me back and say that the credit card owner has to call and dispute the charges. I have been getting this same speech every time I open a support ticket.

    Basically what Steam/Valve is saying is that a loyal customer means nothing, and a thief has more rights than I do.

  66. the number is useless everything is usless the only way is to go knocking on there ******* door i hope steam goes out of buisness if they want more money why dont they tend to there ******* customer support ******* **** WIPES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. SteamDespiser says:

    “Brian says:
    2/10/2010 at 7:34 pm
    No, you are not alone. I have the exact same issue.

    However, when the gift failed I immediately paid for it again through Steam and less than a few hours later my account was disabled. I am on Day 2 of trying to get their support to re-enable my account.

    I have several hundred dollars worth of games that I am no longer able to access for no reason at all.

    I filed a complaint with PayPal and the FTC.

    If things don’t change soon, I will get the ball rolling on a class action lawsuit, since their user agreement will never hold up in court.”

    Add me to that Class Action lawsuit. I pre-ordered Supreme Commander 2 and I can not get past the main menu. When I left a message to there support site, my reply was “a third party” takes care of their technical issues. Really? A third party? They do not know how to get their own game to work?? (Steam’s name is on the box, its their game too.) Besides, you can’t play any of Steams games without a Steam account, I don’t care who developed it!

  68. kenny says:

    STEAM SUCKS, is a ******* mess, they seem to be husteling people, never used it, because when I had it, it ******* anoyed me, now I have to use it to play a cracked game, YES ******* A CRACKED GAME, suck my **** steam support

  69. mikev says:

    I own many games all callof dutys all a n ps I got the last call of duty got the last a n pred crashed my system got all new system I could nt use my old user name messst around for hrs with support to no aval now I have to buy a new call of duty to play that they made there money ON ME all right all of steamvalfsss sucks ***

  70. MADMAN says:

    Yeah the number is to funny no matter that number you push its please leave a message on out voice mail and someone will get back to you with in 48hrs yeah right! i had my account hacked and im still waiting for them to get back to me i gave them all the information and a copy of the purchase receipt its a open and close case and i have heard nothing from them —-ing bull–it

  71. DESTROY STEAM says:

    Steam sucks. I can’t understand why people like it. I just bought a game (and now I am waiting for steam to update it. I’ve been waiting 20 min and it still says 0%). Game developers must be incredably lazy. Also, the idea that people know what you are playing and when doesn’t endear them to me either.

    Anyway, if you want to shut Steam down simply keep downloading your software. Just leave you computer on and download big programs all the time. Once you’ve got the program delete it and start again. Steam can’t afford to lose that bandwidth all the time…

  72. dangles20 says:

    the useless ******** steam are i got my steam account stolen emailed 4 weeks ago but phoning them didn’t work either there service is ****

    OH phone number is – 425-889-9642

  73. SteamHater says:

    Man..! I have left 3 messages with Steam, asking for my “Duplicate CD Key” error to be fixed. Sure, I moved the game to my third PC now, but still provided proof that I’m the legitimate owner of the Orange Box copy I wanted to install on my Win7 upgrade. No such luck; been waiting for 2 days now, and I’ve had it with Steam!! This is the last time I buy a Valve/Steam game; screw ‘em! I hope they go belly-up soon, a**holes!!!!

  74. STEAM SUCKS says:

    **** IWNET TOO

    if you wanna laugh, heres the “valve” phone number

    the son of a ***** says he’s they’re out of service if you push 8
    **** steam…bunch of small **** workers
    2 mm peener

    • Willyman says:

      well, I called VALVE, but got a reply. so whats to laugh about?, but yeah most of the time we all get that dumb *** message, that is most likely a lie.

  75. Tyler says:

    steam support sucks. they take forever to get back to you and feed you bullshit once you get ahold of them. **** them

  76. Left4Dead2 Gamer says:

    So I tried to buy the 4 pack of Left4Dead2 for me and my friends and it keeps saying that my credit card is declined, so I tried another one, that didn’t work. I then tried my PayPal account. Nothing. I have tried calling over and over again for some sort of support. I sent emails with no answer. Whoever starts that class action lawsuit let me know I want to join.

    • Chris says:

      I am right behind you man, they won’t get to me at all, and its been 3 weeks for my last account. My 1st account is still under work, but no answer, and my 2nd one is gone. They called me a, “Hacker” and banned my IP Adress.

  77. Nokiaman says:

    Steam and Valve sucks!

  78. Brian says:

    No, you are not alone. I have the exact same issue.

    However, when the gift failed I immediately paid for it again through Steam and less than a few hours later my account was disabled. I am on Day 2 of trying to get their support to re-enable my account.

    I have several hundred dollars worth of games that I am no longer able to access for no reason at all.

    I filed a complaint with PayPal and the FTC.

    If things don’t change soon, I will get the ball rolling on a class action lawsuit, since their user agreement will never hold up in court.

  79. Ken says:

    My account on steam has been disabled. I dont know why this is, but just a couple of days ago I got a steam gift from a friend for MW2, I installed it and everything was fine, I fired up my machine to play tonight and it says my account is disabled.

    I cannot play any of my several games, even games I bought off the shelf like L4D2. It has become tied to this account and is unplayable. This should be illegal for a company to take away games you have purchased. Where are the law suites? I am waiting for an answer from steam on this issue. Anyone else have this problem?

  80. ENRAGED says:

    Steam is just awful…

    I cannot log into steam to play Modern warfare 2 anymore. When i try to log into steam i get some error saying ‘your purchase is still being processed’ When i haven’t purchased anything in several weeks! i get the same error on my other account too. There is no support or fix that i can find for this problem and the steam site is slow and annoying. I need to make a new “support” account to get support!? wtf. so i do it and then don’t get a verification email, i resend it several times and retype my email address.

    It is unbelievable that steam has suffered from the same problems for over 6 years now! When will they fix their ****!

  81. Intruder says:

    Business Contact and Profile for Valve Corporation
    Name: Valve Corporation
    Phone: (425) 889-9642
    Fax: (425) 827-4843
    Address: 10500 NE 8th St
    Bellevue, WA 98004
    Website: www.steampowered.com
    Original Business Start Date: June 1995
    Principal: Mr Doug Valente
    Customer Contact: Mr Doug Valente – (425) 889-9642
    Industry Classification: Internet Services, Computer Software Publishers & Developers
    BBB Accreditation: Valve Corporation is not a BBB Accredited business.
    Additional DBA Names: Valve
    Valve Software

  82. mother of peed off steam user says:

    and another one. Am in the process of trying to get my sons steam account back up and running after it was hacked. He also has hundreds of pounds worth of games that he stands to lose. Reading all this has made me wonder if perhaps Steam dont just screw up random accounts periodically, offer the worst customer service/support I have ever encountered until you get so cheesed off you give up on your old account and start again from scratch, spending yet more hundreds of pounds?? The support on their site is so hard to use its almost obstructive so nothing would surprise me – given how common a problem account hijacking is you’d think they would have a hossing great “account hijacked? click here now” button slap on the top of the homepage, which they would if they gave a sht. I manage a website in the UK and there is no way we could get away with this type of shoddy service. Ok rant over!

  83. Dave says:


    Well i got charged for agame i dint buy won the dispute on paypal (so i thought) steam have disabled my account (over 300 pounds of games) will not re instate until i pay for a game i never ordered or never downloaded its blackmail ,im 52 and cant believe they can do this

  84. Nevyn says:

    Well.. Just to add one more to the bunch.

    Steam does not want to run the updater at launch. Complaining that Im not online.. which obviously is wrong. So now I cant play my games, that I paid for. I cant download them again, cus their in the steam account.. that I cant use cus I cant update steam.

    Do I get any support from steam? NO.



  85. terry h says:

    i just want a steam tach. support phone # this is bull@#$%

  86. Mike A says:

    This will be the first company I bash. I don’t like doing this, but that’s how horrible their service is.

    I have been using steam for 4 or 5 years now. I buy tons of games with them and everything has been great. That was until I forgot my password. I could still play because my password was saved into my steam client on my computer, but I couldn’t do anything more.

    So, I went to the website and did “recover account”. When I put my email in (which is also my account name since I’m one of the old school steam customers) it would return “account does not exist”. This obviously is wrong, I use the account every single day almost for the last 4+ years.

    I decide to send their support team an email. Should be an easy fix, right? Nope. They proceed to tell me I need to prove it’s my account. Well, that’s ridiculous. There is no account dispute, everything is the same as it always has been. After 7 emails of me trying to explain to them the problem every possible way I can think of, they DISABLE the account. Now I can’t even login to steam on my computer anymore! Since then, I’ve sent 4 emails and have gotten no reply with any substance to it.

    At this point, I am begging them in each email to have a supervisor read the email. I am so frusterated and feel so screwed over. I don’t think after this experience I will ever give my money to Steam again and feel peace about it.

    Steam, if you read this, get your support together. You have to service your customer. If you get this area of your business fixed, you will absolutely dominate the PC gaming world. The service currently is really really poor.

  87. rishav says:

    steam sucks..i want to kill those guys..till 2 days back my team fortress was working..now it says disconnected: this account doesn’t own this game..i want to kill someone

  88. Cas says:

    First I will sorry all of you for my bad language…I’m from Denmark….a very agressive country. At least I’m making it one to live in.

    Many will agree me…many will not.

    I got some **** to tell Valve….just listen (and by Valve I also meen Steam cuz that program are Valve’s infernal machine)

    Valve did fail in release of the L4D2 demo in time…..yes I know why but thats technical.

    Valve did fail to let me “play L4D2 the moment it’s released” I was waiting for an hour or so before the Steam klient was thrugh searching for updates for my Steam games. It was only ONE freakin game that needed to be unlocked

    Valve did fail to log me on their support side…it tells me that no user exists with that login info but when i try to make a new account just to get in there, it tells me that another user is using my e-mail AND username. Well dooh…that’s me! Funny…theres no problem with login on my computer when I want to play my games in Steam.

    Valve did fail in L4D2 achievements….after 20+ hours of playing I lost all of my 27 achievements, so did my friends and every gamer I have read about. I was trying to catch the achievements once more but then I lost 1 of 14, 5 minutes after achievement and all of my collective achievements (Ex. “Complete a campaign using only melee weapons”) was reseted.

    I don’t know what to do….seems like I got no chance to complain to Valve about all this so I just continues to suffer from their incomplete games and total failure Steam klient.




    at first i thought they were okay, because they helped me get my hijacked account back. And i checked all my games and all and they were fine except that my buddy list was messed up

    i haven’t gone on steam since then, but when i did a few days ago. My CSS was vac banned. i filed a complaint saying that i didnt do anything wrong and all they said to me was

    “we checked out system and its legit, but we cant tell you what you did. You have to go and make a new account and buy the game all over again” blah blah blah


    i want to call em up and yell at em

  90. Deebo says:

    Meh. Ive had steam for a long time. I always use the remember my password option so today when it asked for a password I was lost. I dont know my password or my recovery question, I know im an idiot. So i took a few scans of my retail bought cd keys and everything and made a ticket. I made it a few hours ago im hoping ill get helped since i provided like a ton of proof. Im really angry because I have tons of games on steam and tons of friends and also servers ive donated to for special privelages and if i get a new account i loose all of those to. They really need a phone number.

  91. pissed off says:

    this ******* blows i cant get steam to work motherfuckers do something you pricks i just paid 60 dollars on a ******* game i cant even play what the **** is that get off your lazzy asses and ******* do something also get a motherfucking number ********

  92. sean says:

    Steam Sucks Big Time!!!

    I bought Counter Strike Source over 3 years ago and made my account with the CD key registered. Just a month ago, I changed the email address on the account since i no longer had it. So Steam goes ahead and disables my account, and when i contacted their ‘****” support, they wouldnt re-enable the account because i did not keep my CD key paper that came with the game as proof of purchase. I gave them all my other info on the account and they wouldnt budge.

    So after 3+ years of loyalty, they have lost me and any person i meet as a customer.

  93. Randy says:




    Who wants to take the chance of purchasing games from steam when if you have any type of issue, you are unable to get the answers you need. Most questions are very simple and could be answered in just a few moments.. I’m just playing my games the traditional way and purchasing the disk.

  94. fuck steam "support" says:

    i am so furious right now i cant even begin to type about how much steam sucks ***

  95. Jeff says:

    Steam support is the biggest piece of shi*t on the internet, it won’t let me log in to my account and whenever I try to fix it, and it says it’s sending an email, it doesn’t. I seriously think Steam is the worst thing I’ve done to my computer.

  96. Robert says:

    I am going to be starting a class action suit against STEAM, more to come soon, will post it on a web-site here for all of you to join in.

    • James says:

      hurry it along… its stupid that they can bream my game and then not except financial responsibility because i bought it at target.. well i can even use the blasted dvd.. i got to dowload it at a snail’s pace and then it doesnt work?? now what i want my money back.. everyone knows its not targets fault the game doesnt work

  97. Claude says:

    Hey, listen to this, I have a steam account and its scew up because, I got ride of my computer, a few months ago ok, and now today, I got myself anew computer so I get everything ready and install steam, everything was working fine till when it log in, I went to my games, no more games, go to my friends, no more friends, I got nothing, and I don’t wanna be paying for a game I already bought, what can I do?

  98. fuck steam says:

    My old hard drive had a steam game installed along with my account and after it died I tried to reinstall the game to another computer and get my account back. Too bad I couldn’t remember the account name so when I had them send me a e-mail with the information I get nothing. So I make a new account and to my surprise the e-mail that is suppose to be linked with my old account is able to make a new one. What the ****. So now I’m stuck with a waste of space and money of a game. Never gonna buy a steam game again. Can’t even play offline, ******* ridiculous.

  99. SteamHacked says:

    I too was hacked recently and Steam support has been completely unresponsive. I will never purchase a game from them again.

  100. FUCK STEAM says:


  101. jay says:


    My son’s account got stolen and so I goto their support site and it’s AWEFUL. Requests I submit are IGNORED. Not a single peep about a response. Not even an acknowlegement of receipt. Then the search for a phone number. NONE to be found!
    Valve/steam has NO phone support AT ALL.
    Seriously!? what is is? a mom and pop shop?
    Hands down the WORST company treating their customers like this. WTF! GOTO HELL VALVE/STEAM never buying your ****. I’ll infact PIRATE ALL and SEED ALL YOUR ****!

  102. Aldai says:

    This is the first and the las time y pay for a game.

    This fuckers dont even have balls enough to answer to their disapointed customers. Make yourself a favour and dont ever buy throught STEAM. Its a BIG SCAM.

  103. madarash says:

    My account with Steam I hadn’t use in 2 year when I went to load Fear 2 I steal had my password and account name but it said it was wrong. Contacted support 2 day no response if I had known that Fear 2 was a Steam game I would not have bought it. I will never buy another Steam game again. They are constantly f*****g up something.

  104. Fuck Steam says:

    Steam disabled 5 accounts, mine and my friends. Because we were more than 1 account on our internet.


  105. NorCal420 says:

    After taking a three year break from HL2, I reloaded it on to a new PC from the retail CDs, and Steam tells me I’ve never owned the game. I beat it in 2005. I don’t have CD keys (I’ve moved 6 times since 05), but regardless, my account shouldn’t be any different than the day I left it.

    Customer support has been less than helpful. It take three days to get a response asking the same question they asked three days ago. I’m ready to give up…

    There is a point to this post, don’t worry:
    Valve has an ‘F’ rating witht the better business bureau: www.bbb.org/alaskaoregonwesternwashington/business-reviews/internet-services/steam-in-bellevue-wa-27030704

    “BBB Rating
    Based on BBB files, this business has a BBB Rating of F.
    Reasons for this rating include:
    Number of complaints filed against business.
    Failure to respond to complaints filed against business.
    Number of complaints filed against business that were not resolved.
    BBB does not have sufficient background information on this business.”

    Looks like there is no hope for the suckers that bought Steam products…

  106. Joe says:

    For real, steam support consists of a few walkthrough web pages IN THEIR STEAM MODULE that tell you next to nothing….. oh and btw, if you cant get steam running or your internet connection isnt working…. your not playing any games OR seeing and tech support
    NO phone number
    NO email address that i have ever found
    and their games are a bit fidgety, if you are a novice you could DEF have some trouble.
    I had a problem where my firewall reset itself(god knows how). Anyway, since it changed me or one of the other PCs to DMZ mode, the proper port was not being forwarded, and…. steam wouldnt run!! making alll of the steam games not be able to run.

  107. jlsnhjkfd says:

    this is not the topic but i want to get cs source for free for my steam account can someone help me plis

  108. Ralphaf says:

    Wtf i bought CS:source, but when i try to activate it, it says that the KEY is invalid… is it serious ?

  109. Grim says:

    What amazes me even more is that the first post on this thread is from 2 years ago and things are still shameful.

  110. Grim says:

    Am I ever glad to find this place.

    I bought CoH last week from the STEAM network and all of a sudden today it “Can’t connect to key server”. This was all after me having to at random reset my password and having the game simply not respond to launch commands for an hour.

    Their support is a joke too. I am flabbergasted that a company with such a major network would not have a direct support line. Instead, I found through the forums, that they typically only answer between 3 to 5 business days.

    What that says to me is, “Thanks for your money, but you can wait until next week to play”. And with that statement I’m making the assumption they will contact me. From what I’ve been reading, STEAM’s ability to respond to anything is a myth unto itself.

  111. Ihatesteam says:

    Well i just bought cod 4 on an account so im like YAY OMFG I GOT COD 4 Play it for a wekk log off my account to go n my other one go to play some cod 4 BAM INVALID USERNAME I TRYED EVERY PASSWORD EVERY USER NAME IVE EVER HAD I WASTED A HOUR DOING THAT so i said oh look retrive lost steam account alright cool cool send email YES sends me an emal and BAM …. log on my msn NO EMAIL WTF So i email there support I GET A F::#!1!#!%! ERROR SO I DO IT AGAIN it works what do you know NO EMAIL FOR 2 WEEKS THANKS STEAM YOUVE MADE ME BUY MY GAMES OVER 3 TIMES IVE SPENT 200$ DOLLARS ON THIS **** I WANT ANSWERS OR MY GAMES BACK AND MY ACCOUNT Btw there number is 425-889-9642

  112. Nkaysi says:

    Okay, I need the phone number to steam alot.
    They banned my acc, for NOT using any 3’rd part programs or cheating at all. I have tried to open 2 steams at the same time, one with one user, the other as administrator, when that happened, i got banned for aimbot. Now i can play on not secure servers, well thats not all. I can’t contact them on their website, cause i can’t log in, the simply refuse to know my steam ID , name or email totally.
    I have called my lawayer to make sure this was all illegal, and it is way illegal what they are doing, not letting me play or have any chance to get in contact with the producer of this game. Now if anyone could get me a number, it would be easy for me to move on, thanks.

  113. darren c samuell says:

    steam help sux..it gives you no information on anything, and what looks like a help option just refreshes the page, i paid 40 dollars for two games and 1 wont download after 15% the other is fully downloaded but cancels itself

  114. Sam says:

    “i am very confused right now because I have
    an old account of the steam support and i have an old incident report.
    This report was replied to, with some solutions however they didn’t
    work. The old report was about a Team Fortress 2 which I had purchased over
    steam and it won’t download. So I followed the instructions that were
    sent but sadly this only made things worse. I can no longer log onto
    steam at all, and all of my other games( counter strike: source, half
    life 2) have been unistalled on my account and i cant log onto my account… Now I can’t even log into my
    steam support account. I tried to make a new steam support account but I
    can’t continoue because I am not recieving any emails to verify this
    account. If I can not get an response that will fix all of these issues
    then I am asking that I be given a full refund of my money for all of
    the games that;I have under steam. I don’t want to do this but I
    will because I haven’t recieved any appropiate response in the past
    month.” Its so hard to be nice to people who refuse to help you, looks like maybe i should dump steam and go for WoW… BUT I WANT MY MONEY

  115. bill says:

    yes mate you go for it with your imaginary lawsuit get a grip !

  116. andyde says:

    Can we say classaction lawsuit???? There is a lawyer that is involved in many class action suits who never turns down a good fight. He is a multi-multi-millionare! Anyone willing to join this fight. I don’t expect to make a dollar off of it, but if it brings ‘Steam’ to justice, I’m all for it.


  117. Someone says:

    I cant too connect to any server steam account does not own this game what to do to fix that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. MattM says:

    FYI… This is a legal issue. I do customer management support for a multi million dollar company as well as IT and legal consulting . If any of our customers purchased product, and did not receive it, it would be our responsibility to remedy the issue/s. Otherwise, the customer not only has the right to litigate for financial compensation, but also any time or business lost because of the problem. Steam needs to manage their public financial responsibilities, otherwise they will no longer be seen as a serious investment for log term growth. This is important to me for two reasons. I currently have an account that is not functioning, as well as advising individuals in their investments up to including game developer and distributors. “Loss of confidence” are two words you need to avoid in any business.

  119. Konai says:

    WTH I just typed this once but I’ll try it again .. I have steam working on my laptop .. and believe that sometime within the next two days i may eventually get done installing HL2 .. my ? is this .. can i transfer the files from my laptop to my desktop after all the updates are done?

  120. Konai says:


  121. Steam update says:

    solved the problems.

  122. Wolf says:

    all the above stated complaints seem very valid to me and ignoring the “violent messages” by one or the other participant I have to agree with the points made. There seems to be no end in sight either and thousands of people will continue to buy these products and run into THESE PROBLEMS. Costumer service is a must for any product especially one that requires complex systems to use them on. No phone support is preposterous and the inability of the internet support staff to cope with the inquiries is not just an insult to the consumer but has to be an insult to the game developers as well, since I don’t see a team of designers and technicians spend months and years to develop an exciting new game, put their heart and soul in it, only to see it fail in light of support issues? Angry voices stating that all this is s…t and f… up ??? That cant be the end of that. I am a professional and stand behind my product and if it comes to my attention that there is a problem I will try everything to fix it! So perhaps some of you with a quick mind and fingers on the keyboard can find a way to contact the designers of above mentioned games and ask for their help!?

    just a thought

    Good Luck to all of us!

  123. I agree says:

    I actually pay to keep adds off my computer for the very same reason. I have however enjoyed playing half life for years problem free using steam, Until recently. I downloaded Episode 2 and right after killing the 2 guardians the game freezes. I know its the game otherwise I would not have played it for hours before the freeze, I came here looking for awnsers and did nt find any, A lot of you could do a file search for the file clientregistry.blob file delete that and restart steam. Some of you would have your problem solved by doing that, If you want to manually search its in program files,,,,steam.
    Best of luck all I hope I helped someone and maybe someone will come along to help me,

  124. J. Axelson says:

    Thought I might post my experience. I fully understand the reasons behind it for marketing and piracy. I went and bought a copy and was excited to be up and playing. OK I need to register, that’s fine. What the hell is the interface. Keeps telling me the update is working, not really however. I had to re-configure my router for it to actually update. Then I have this bandwidth vampire sucking up resources reminding me of all my friends who were foolish enough to use AOL. No problem I have the badwidth, but I still don’t like it. Once the Steam BS is done I get this window up. Ok, OK I know there is some place here to actually activate the game. Kind of reminded me of trying to cancel my friends AOL accounts. They were more than happy to allow me to purchase the game again that I just bought online, but alas no activate button. Finally after dicking around for a while I found it. So all in all probably like 3 hours to get the game up and running. I enjoyed the game, but once I was done it went in the circular file and I will never buy another product from Valve. I know some like the instant update/marketing stuff, but I pay for that bandwidth and I use it. If Valve wants to pay me to view there adds fine, but they are using the bandwidth I am paying for to send me who knows what and ads limiting my download options while I am playing. You know that whole multitasking thing.

  125. drez says:

    I had a problem with steam when it first came out, it made it so that I couldnt play Counter Strike or Day of Defeat anymore at the time… Since then I “rediscovered” Counter Strike Source etc… I had been running steam with a few games recently and then all of a sudden I went to uninstall Counter Strike Condition Zero and EVERYTHING WAS DELETED. Of course I try to find someone from steam who can help me, and days later I have heard no response and just have seen that everybody else in even a similar situation hasnt been helped at all by them, so I am forced not to support their pathetic excuse for a company anymore, no matter how fun and addicting the games are.

  126. david says:

    they are just money grabbing ******** they don’t care about all the problems, Ive been downloading company of heroes all day and the download stops or downloads at a low speed. when i click launch game to try and start it off again i get steam servers are too busy or other error messages. downloading a game i bought hours ago , buyers should get top download priority to download full paid games. its not fair i wish i went the shops to buy it. it would have been a lot quicker and i could have burned some calories instead of braincells stressing over steam.

  127. klite says:

    425-889-9642 here is a number i came up with for steam 3 and a half hours and thats what i came up with

  128. James says:

    My Counter Strike Source keeps crashing, and steam dont have anything on there website to help me i did a steam scan and it says that the problem is Norton Antiviru firewall, ive tried everything but have had no success if anyone counld help me it would be great..

  129. Doodad says:

    Steam 14258899642
    Names to put in for voice mail.
    1. Newell
    2. Lombardi
    Link to file a complaint at the State of Wa attorney General.

  130. Joe says:

    HELP! WOW i brought cs 1 time and they fkin charge me 3 times? any help? fkin mad.

  131. MiniMoose says:

    Shadow said: ” messages or “This game is not yet ready to run…” messages or “This game is not available to play offline…” messages, etc… I bought the games, Steam/Valve, now please let me play them!”

    This is the exact same thing that happens to me too. I bought the game..and nobody said anything about it not being able to be played offline.
    Beyond idiotic…I’m beginning to loose more and more respect for this company. Why does success equal hybris?

  132. Chris says:

    The Phone Number listed above does not work, I bought BioShock and it charged my Credit Card but says on stream that the order is still processing.
    I guess I will be disputing it on my cc and downloading it on some torrent site.
    Seems like the peeps that crack the games offer more support then these fortuion 500 company’s that are too cheap to offer phone support.

  133. DivineSniper says:

    man i dont have this problem but does any1 have the number for steam cuz i was hacked with a trojan and cant get on my email or account because of the trojan so i cant get my password


  134. Shadow says:

    I too recently purchased some Steam games — waited a long time for them to come down in price and then snatched-up HL2, SiN Episodes, and Dark Messiah, but I cant play any of them. Nowhere on any of the boxes was it stated that for Single Player you had to be connected to the Internet and you had to download updates for dozens of hours before playing. I live in a remote region where there are no Cable Modems or DSL options, only [spotty] Dial-up, so downloading updates just to play a game for me is basically impossible, and I can’t return the games because I opened them and I can’t get anyone at Steam to respond to my emails. I finally chose the game with the least amount of download time (SiN Episodes) and, after 26 hours of downloading, the game still won’t run — I get either “…Steam is unavailable, try back later…” messages or “This game is not yet ready to run…” messages or “This game is not available to play offline…” messages, etc… I bought the games, Steam/Valve, now please let me play them!

  135. MorgHuxer says:

    Cool…looks like I’m not the only one…I’ve reinstalled steam three times now each time, I’ve had to download all the games that I’ve already bought again!!…Why does the uninstaller not give you the option to keep the installed games!!! I have got to restart tomb raider for the fourth time…AaaaaaaaaaaaaGGGGGGHhhhhhhhhhhh….but I think this is related to Windows vista as well. I have an XP machine which works fine…never has the same problems as vista…Can anyone tell me what the point of Windows Vista is?

  136. Fan BOy says:

    Buy a real computer *******!

  137. Hulk says:

    Steam bad. Steam Hurt. Steam make Hulk cry. HULK SMASH STEAM!

  138. Marty says:

    Last Fall I saw the Novint Falcon, and just had to get one for myself.

    The Falcon is a 3D force feedback game contrller.

    It has several arcade style games that come with it to show what it can do. The only major game that uses the 3D force Feedback is HalfLife2,…. so I bought HalfLife2, more than a month ago.

    So I could practice in preparation for the Novint Falcon.

    Steam was slow to get installed but it seems to be installed okay. But HalfLife will not start. Just plain WILL NOT START!! I wrote their help desk twice, and have not received any help so far, just the automated reply wih my case number and a staement saying I will get help when they can get to me.

    If they are over a month behind on answering help requests, I sispect I will never get to use my Falcon in HalfLife2 games.

    My Falcon arrived last Friday. But HalfLife wont start and Steam’s help desk wont help.

    Bad Steam, very very bad!

  139. BloodRaideN says:

    Steam is telling me i do not own Dark Messiah…i find this hard to believe because I have the box sitting right next to me now with the EB Games receipt in it.

    Not only that, but it didn’t even mention on the box it required steam to play. And then not only did it require steam to play, but also 26 hours of patch downloading at 12kb/s. Now that really set me off, FFS STEAM AT LEAST HAVE PATCHES AVAILABLE ON WEBSITES SO WE CAN DOWNLOAD AT OUR FULL SPEED!!!

  140. ViperSniper says:

    They suck and they have destroyed my account, I logged in 2 days ago now I cant login I can make a new account, but of course I have to re-buy all of the games, what am I supposed to do, STEAM IS DUMB!!!

  141. BlackDragon84 says:

    i just bought HL2 from steam with my card and the first time they declined my card (becuse i didn’t put my information right) so i tried agien and this time put it right. so it acepted it later when i looked at my pending transactions i noticed that i was charged twice (both for the failed atempt and for the game $19.95) so i emailed there billing about it (as there support site sugests)

    so far no reply and from what i c here as well as other places i prob won’t either (get a reply) if anyone has a actual Number for billing so i can get the extra $20 charge off my card that would be helpful

    email it to me at: webmaker88@hotmail.com

  142. Russell Alexander says:

    I’d be glad to join in a class action lawsuit. These ******** at Steam have wasted a ton of my time with their idiotic “schemes” to prevent piracy and their friggin’ updates (and yes, I turned off the dam update after it screwed up for the 30th time. Didn’t help, it still “updated”). I like HL2, and would love to try some of the other games, but it just isn’t worth it. I don’t even play online, just single player – and I can’t do that because Steam won’t work properly.
    So count me in!

  143. William E Daugherty Sr says:

    Well I know now that I’m not the only person having problems with Steam.
    I do think we need a Class Action Lawsuit.I mean they are just taking our money and running to the bank laughing at us.I called thier billing dept.cause I bought with a Credit Card and was going tyo have the charges removed since I can’t play,they were supposed to call back in 24hrs its been over 2 weeks now.I’ve even done all the support site has said to do but still no response from them.They might have gotten 70$ from me but they’ll never get another dime,and I do hope some one is an attorney out there cause I’ll gladly get on board with a class action lawsuit.

  144. Electricray says:

    Steam has always had poor customer services the support they offer is a joke. There are few companys today who can afford to adopt such attitudes towards people who have paid them money !
    i have played games thru steam for some time , and always heard from other people how bad the help they recieved was.today the 15th of april i was playing a game when i recieved a message from an “automated messenger” saying that someone was trying to access my account from another loaction and to confirm my login password ! lol
    i foolishly keen to shoot somebody entered my password and 20 mins later cant get back into steam as my account is safley in the hands of some little guttersnipe i have emailed them 3 times as i fail to see how hard it its to sort out my account ..used by someone else ! how hard ?

  145. Vin says:

    “loosers… ive waisted enought time”

    You, sir, are a moron. Next time please don’t use regional words like “twat” – we don’t want people working out where an embarassment like you is from.

    Don’t ever try to talk down to another person again, you abject apology for a human being.

  146. rapido says:

    bougt hl1 2yrs ago loved it, got hl2 06′ holiday set worked for 1 wk returned to the store ,said steam sucks they said ok to a creidit so I got hl2 single and halo. tried to load new game and it will not load .took that back and they would not give a refund but handed me yet another hl2 game I don’t think i should open it . it seems that i can;t fully uninstall steam and the residue has corrupted any action with the GODDAMN site totally steamed in Mass.

  147. Grunt says:

    Well SpacedMonk, how long have you been working for Steam? It’s interesting to see that your message looks very similar in tone to the answer we receive from Steam. The only difference was your flagrant use of profanity which seems to be implied in Steam messages, but never stated. In other words pure arrogance. Thanx for offering the rest of us “great unwashed” the honor of your vast untapped knowledge. I guess the search for intelligent suggestions to real problems will continue. As of this date the “Steam Servers” are DOWN and have been for 2 consecutive days. This is not a “Windows” problem! And Steam has made itself conveniently unreachable as usual.

  148. SpacedMonk says:

    Wow, You all sound like a bunch of loosers to me. Can you Cry any harder??? how many of have hacked a steam game??? you all need to grow up. I came here looking for some help to solve this "The memory could could not be "read"." problem when all i see are a bunch of ****ups bitching and hatespreading about steam, cause really they just wana hack it and play for free. ****’n noobs. i figured how how to fix It now. and it aint steam ist actualy a **** up with your windows installation. but i ain gona tell any of you cause your a bunch of lazy cowards who look to ***** on the net, instead of spending that time on solving your problems. hate steam sound like a good topic. in my experience most problem are user-****ups. actually steam problems are few and far between and usually soon updated. if your problem persists its not steam its YOUR configurations. for your information steam saved valve, and continues to enhance many game every day. ive waisted enought time on you twats.

    eat **** and die

    • James says:

      ur an idiot… im perfectly willing to pay for a game and play it.. problem is i paid for it and i STEAM gets to decide when i play it. or even if i own the game…

    • Diane says:

      To those who think most of us are bullshitting, I bought my games from target and got one months use and now the site says I don’t have an account.
      The game has a few problems as is.
      Even made a new account and right after all is done my account does not register.
      I’m no moron or scammer just a normal person spending my money on a scam.
      I give them a week before I write to the general consumer complaint form and most likely take this to court.

      Feel free to write to these people also.


  149. Ron says:

    You are all correct, Steam/Valve sucks. Unfortunately all consumers of Valve’s retail games are in the same boat, you can’t get a refund from the site because the game was bought in a store. The game cannot be played even if there are no error messages because their server cannot handle the traffic. What is needed is a class action lawsuit. The only solution is that this company is put out of business.

  150. dank800 says:

    here is the number, it gives you another number to call

  151. jason says:

    God dam………………..
    I saved my username and password for steam and i have never needed to type it in or anything with all the updates and patches for about a year I didnt think i would need my password and i lost my cd key! i knew my username since it was saved onto my comp. so i went to the site and typed it in to the thing to recover my password….. turns out, they say its INVALID! ive been playing off of steam for so long with cstrike scource on an invalid account bullshit. well. i tried the email thing and they havent given me a responce yet! its been 5 months and im tired of this ****…..

    I think they havent had a phone number for support because of all the god dam complaints!


  152. Steve says:

    I too have had problems with said Steam. I received a copy of half life 2 as a birthday present, installed it and have been playing it for about a week. Now, when I try to log on, I get an error message saying "Steam has encountered an error and will now close. When I tried to contact the support group with my user name and password, It said they were invailed, so I tried to open a NEW account. I get an error message saying my e-mail address is already on the system and I need to go back and correct this before I can continue. Now how am I suppose to fix this problem if I can’t evern contact them. Like this site owner, WHERE THE HELL IS THE GOD DAMN PHONE NUMBER!!!!!

    • sean says:

      I am having same problem with call duty 2 on Pc same problem your having it will not let me put in a new password sent a tex to them I got a reply ya got to open a account which I have. They sent me a verifaction code & secret answer to type in did that which was ok put user name in but would not let me put a new password in.

  153. Rob says:

    Same story after years of automatic login suddenly my password or account are invalid. who know which. 5 days later STEAM has not responded to the email I sent through thier support site. If any of you are attourneys lets get a class action togehter. pathetic, valve was the best, pc gaming is dead

  154. i got a reply from steam it said. My login and password was right but it would not work within steam.What in the **** does this mean. I have a account but cant use it . I HAVE USED IT FOR YEARS WHY IS IT NO GOOD NOW. SOMEONE TELL ME PLEASE!

    • Micael says:

      I got more then one of there games and none of them work or if they do it take all day just to down load there stupied files and what the hell file needed anyways. It should be in the game only fixs should be installed, and that’s if we want them… Im also old and dont have a lot of time for this bull…. They are getting smarter in saling there games. I dont want anything to do with them, but they don’t even put there feture on some of there games so you don’t know it. Velvet Assassin has no warning on its package so don’t but this game it is valve steams junk.

  155. these motherfuckers need to put up a phone number so we can contact these *******.I WANT MY MONEY BACK MOTHERFUCKER,S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • James says:

      hoorah…. anyone know the location of the steam offices?? i’ll mail them the freaking game back… POSTAGE DUE!!!haha

  156. JOGN says:






  158. forresto says:

    Well everyone. I too bought the game, paid $55.00 at EB. Got home, took all night downloading Steam even though I have a DVD. I don’t want to play online, just single player. I can’t install from the DVD. I can’t download it, it was at 16% after 12 hours overnight on a DSL line, it stopped dozens of times and said the servers were too busy and to try back later. It’s been nearly a week since I purchased the game and I have not played one second. I have been playing PC games since I was 15, I’m now 30. I have never experienced anything even remotely like this. I assume that Valve is so worried about software piracy that it has come to this. You have to download something even when you buy the DVD in the store. I am having doubts if I will ever be able to play it. I can’t find any phone numbers not even a pay service. I would pay to speak with someone. I would like everyone at Valve to die a slow painful death. just kidding…..but seriously, this is the lamest **** I have ever dealt with. I HATE VALVE!!!! STEAM SUCKS!!!! I heard Halflife was cool, but I will never know. Time to blow my brains out now.

  159. Jeff says:

    New update from Steam at 8:50PM PST. 1/2 the servers have been relocated and I’m IN!!!!!

    Shoot ya there…

  160. Jeff says:

    Then again, that’s what they’re saying:


    …and if you can get the to the support site…


    Getting to the support page is probably more painful than usual by the number of hits it’s getting. Looks like an on-line poker night…too bad I can’t bring an awp.

  161. Jeff says:

    I doubt this has anything to do with the power outtages in WA and OR. The winds and flooding hit Thursday evening. I live in SW WA and played CZ today without a problem at 2PM PST. Around 5 PM I tried to get back in and had the same problem as the others in this thread.

  162. Clyde says:

    They’re ******* ********. Their product page comes up but the support sites don’t. DON’T BUY ANYTHING ELSE FROM THESE PRICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  163. Ben says:

    I get the following message when I am trying to get into Counter StrikeSource:
    “The instruction at 0x0####### referenced memory at 0x0fc03e2c. The memory could not be “read”. Click OK to terminate the program.” I re-installed Counter Strike Source all together—that didn’t work. I can still play Half Life 2 Deathmatch and Day of Defeat, but it is only occuring with Counter Strike Source. What the hell is up with this? Can anyone help me?

  164. Todd says:


    Seattle’s power is out and that is causing the issues apparently.

  165. Todd says:

    I tried same thing, tried to login and failed to connect Invalid username when trying to change the password, not recieveing email for the “correct” username. Sent an email which was thrown back because I don’t have a “Steam Support” account and that I should make one on the site which apparently doesn’t exist.

    However, I am relaxing nowing that others are having the same issues and not just me.

  166. Andrew says:

    Honestly, Valve fucked up when they cooperated with Steam to run and produce their games. If any of you are long time Valve gamers you would know what I mean because back before Steam was even thought of being used, Valve was using a different network (I’m not sure which network it was) which would run in each game and it actually ran pretty smooth and sweet. Today and all day, I’ve tried logging into Steam and its been saying “Steam cannot connect to Steam servers.” I’ve asked my friends if it’s happening with them and they as well, are experiencing it. The basic thing to this is that Steam is a piece of **** and Valve fucked up by choosing it as a network for its games. Second, steam support isn’t support AT ALL because they won’t help you for **** and they’ll take forever in replying to your problems with bogus answers that most likely won’t work. If any of you have the phone support number for Steam, I would greatly appreciate it
    if you can post it on here once you read this, so I can try my best to give not just myself but ALL users their playability back and to IMPROVE it while there at it.

  167. Mike says:

    I also emailed them asking for my username and password (this morning) and still have not gotten a reply.

    Having said that in the past I have emailed about problems and not gotten any reply at all.

    I too was asked for my password (which I never use as it is saved and has never been requested once since I installed the program) and after entering it was told that the servers were unavailable. I have tried this several times today. When I tried to “retrieve” my “lost account” it told me that my account does not exist.

    Who knows what these clowns are up to?

  168. Mike says:

    Yeah, I have been trying to log into steam all day today but to no avail. I use the service every day as I play ALOT and have had some pretty bad experiences with them. At the moment it is telling me that my username (the same one Ive had for three years) is not valid. I cannot get to the support or forum pages to post or check for problems (IE7 tells me that they are down) so am assuming that they are having serious server issues. I regularly have games reinstalled by the software and at times it tells me that I dont own the games I have purchased. It really is unacceptable, surely there is a way for them to test rollouts and updates before they screw up everyones lives…

  169. bill says:

    I agree Steam has dropped the ball I just tried logining in which I never had to before and when requesting my password to be sent to my e-mail it never did and then tried calling the line was busy, and tried e-mailing support or ANY of thier contact e-mail address’ and they all came back with the website (or page) could not connect.

  170. Rick says:

    Sorry about the spelling but I’m too pissed to deal with it

  171. Rick says:

    I’m having the same trouble right now. Steam won’t connect to the server and no support because of the timed out page. I took 3 years for my friends to talk me into going with steam after Won-THE BEST NETWORK EVER- which always worked, went down. Are Steam and Vista in cahoots or what? Every ******* time I go with “legitimate” software I get fucked around!! I HAVE to used pirated software to be identified as a valid user-this is BULLSHIT!!

  172. SteelWing says:

    yeah, steam sucks, i would play HL2 and when i host i would get C++ errors
    then i started getting the following error
    “the instruction at XXXXXXXX refrenced memory at XXXXXXXXX the memory could not be “read” click on OK to terminate the program” so i went to their support site but wait… they DONT have one they have some stupid see if your question is awnsered in our FAQ page or goto the forums
    so i goto the forums, post a message, and get a bunch of suggestions that didnt work… i’m still getting that error i ran steam crash test and that said everything EVERYTHING was OK so i have no clue….
    meanwhile i can still play CS:S….. and this was.. a few months ago

  173. Neal says:

    Well, just recently steam began having an error, every time i tried to open it. Thinking of no other quick solution to the problem, i decided to reinstall steam. Anyway, steam began to work again, but reinstalling steam, also took day of defeat : source of my hard drive. Now when i go into steam it says you do not currently have any games on steam. I paid for it over the internet, so i have no actual copy of the game. I have written to steampowered, but have had no reply. This is ridiculous, and pathetic. I want the game i paid for put back where it belongs – on my computer.

  174. Honver says:

    elliott, do you still play cs:s? add me to your steam friends the next time you start up steam – cmurder280@verizon.net, and perhaps we can shoot people together

    • DECK says:

      This Question’s Message(s)

      1 Message by you on Sun, 29th Mar 2009 7:07 am
      Well, I’ve installed that game, can’t launch because it is asking for a Serial Number located in the manual….buying it from YOU it does not come with a manual. THIS IS WHY I HATE BUYING GAMES ONLINE, your service JUST INSTALLED the game, the sofware SHOULD KNOW it is not a pirate copy…HOW DO I GET THIS DAMN GAME TO WORK!?!?!?!?!?!

      2 Message by you on Sun, 29th Mar 2009 7:08 am

      3 Message by you on Sun, 29th Mar 2009 7:09 am

      4 Message by you on Sun, 29th Mar 2009 7:11 am

      5 Message by you on Sun, 29th Mar 2009 7:18 am

      6 Message by you on Sun, 29th Mar 2009 7:24 am
      Where dod I get the SERIAL for FarCry2? You show an Unlock Request Code, but when I copy/paste it on the SERIAL line, it states it is an invalid code

      — On Sun, 3/29/09, Steam Support wrote:

      From: Steam Support
      Subject: RE: FarCry2 – [3730-HJXB-2998] [52de0dc9]
      Date: Sunday, March 29, 2009, 10:18 A

      7 Message by you on Sun, 29th Mar 2009 7:24 am
      Where dod I get the SERIAL for FarCry2? You show an Unlock Request Code, but when I copy/paste it on the SERIAL line, it states it is an invalid code

      8 Message by you on Sun, 29th Mar 2009 7:29 am

      • Snipman says:

        When you buy games off steam you must right click the game on your list. When you right click it, a list will popup, from this list you can select manual or CD key.

        As for me, a good friend linked me a site for a beta. So I filled out the loggin, and seconds later my account password was changed. I know I wasn’t cautius since it was a good friend. Right after that they changed my E-mail password as well. Since I used the same password and Steam allowed him to see my Email providor.

        So now I had to change all my password for everything. Starting with my Bank and Paypal.

        Email and Steam required me to turn in forms.

        Really pissed that Valve doesn’t have a Phone number.

        • James says:

          STEAM SUPPORT IS THE WORST!!!!!!! my FEAR 2 game has been broke for like 4 months.. i now have 3 different accounts on steam’s website just so i can post a question to tech support… then the give me a bunch of bogus help that never works…. all i ever get from steam is errors and updates… Their servers are “to busy” for me to play my own games?? what a joke… never had a problem with a non-steam game…. but steam just plain bites.. and whoever is in charge sucks at what they do.. When i spend $50 bucks on a disk of a game .. why cant i just play it??????

          • These guys at Steam Powered should be reported to the BBB abd Complaints.com. I’ve got a feeling that these jokers are a bunch of kids/dorks ripping people off. That is why we cannot get them by phone. I’d like to get them in front of my hands around their throats

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